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A subreddit for art of the series *JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken*, specifically art geared towards female fans.

2023.06.04 16:39 Shizi_kroc Famous Shinji quote

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2023.06.04 11:47 Quirky-Wino Quirky-Wino ballot banter #2

Captain Planet vs Hedorah This is such a great MU, I absolutely love it, 10/10
Chisato and Takina vs Mulder and Scully Good MU if a little of the connections are a bit generic 7/10
Death the Kid Vs Stocking Anarchy Good MU, personally prefer Nico Di Angelo for Death but solid alt 8/10
Nicktoons Unite vs Black Hat
Not a huge fan of group vs Solo MUs and no connections given 2/10
Sonic The Hedgehog vs Barry Allen (Archie Comics vs DC: Post Crisis)] Pretty good MU, seems fun 8/10
The Snatcher VS the Nowhere King Great MU, really fun, good animation potential 8/10
Jotaro Kujo vs Yusei Fudo (Jojo's vs Yugioh 5D'S) It's fine, I get the connections but both have better 6/10
Ranma (Ranma 1/2) vs Killua (HunterXHunter) Exactly the same thoughts as the last one 6/10
Zanza vs Mata Nui (Xenoblade Chronicles vs Bionicle)] Really great MU, very specific connections, and really good animation potential 9/10
Tartar vs mcu High Evolutionary (Splatoon vs Marvel Cinematic Universe) I love unexpected franchise pairings MUs and Splatoon vs MCU is definitely one of them, really great connections honestly nothing to fault 10/10
Rookie vs Rookie (Sonic Forces Vs LEGO DC Super Villains) It's fine 6/10
Hoopa vs Yubel Pretty good 7/10
Majin Buu vs The Collector
Great MU 8/10
Joel VS Kenny (The Last of Us VS Telltale’s The Walking Dead) Love this MU, good connections and animation potential 9/10
The Auditor vs Father (KND) Fine, fun animation potential 7/10
Kenpachi Zaraki vs Azrael (Bleach vs Blazblue)
Fine, seems fun 7/10
Makima (Chainsaw Man) vs Batter (OFF)] Interesting, like the animation potential 7/10
Mr Game And Watch vs Henry Stickmin This seems really fun honestly, their arsenal bouncing off each other, great animation potential 8/10
F.F. VS Power (JJBA VS Chainsaw Man) Great MU, best for both, 10/10
Omori vs Phonegingi See above
Hatsune Miku vs Hello Kitty (Vocaloid vs Sanrio
Meh, both have better, 6/10
No Pain vs. Superman(DBMlore vs DC Comics)
Pretty good 8/10
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2023.06.04 05:46 ace_tsunami Very accurate point

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2023.06.03 23:54 Stop-Hanging-Djs I don't like how Bleach fights are structured and paced

So with shonen I'd say a majority of fights are decided by hax or bigger number. But even in those series that abuse those story beats, there are usually a decent number of moments in which power or hax aren't the deciding factors. To my memory, this isn't the case in Bleach. Most fights in Bleach are determined by bigger hax/number. Let me try to demonstrate other factors utilized well with other series, that Bleach lacks.
The momentum of the fight and how it shifts
So, in most interesting fights you want to shift whoever has the advantage around or at the very least shift how much of an advantage the overdog has around to keep it interesting. Bleach does do this but usually only in one flavor. It's “I'm winning because now my Hax is stronger or number is bigger due to this power up”. Here are some alternative examples for context
In Hunter X Hunter there were fights in which the winner or person who held the most advantage won not because one power was stronger or had overwhelming hax off the bat, but because the winning combatant was patient and slowly built their advantage. Morel vs Cheetu for example and Knuckle vs Youpi. The momentum of the fight slowly, strategically and meticulously shifted.
Or multiple characters working together in which one uses their power to make a sacrifice or open up an advantage for their teammate to exploit and win the day. Black Clover does this a ton and One Piece is pretty good about this too. How many fights in Black Clover in which the Bulls or other make a play to give Asta an advantage? Or side characters running interferance or supporting the Straw Hats? Doflamingo vs Luffy and Kaido vs Luffy for example.
In contrast Bleach is almost always “I'm overwhelmingly winning, no I am overwhelmingly winning” 1 v 1s. The push and pull in the pacing of the fights are usually too binary in that one combatant has a overwhelming advantage until the other does. Fights aren't usually too close, the momentum shifts are almost always dramatic and they're almost always in the configuration of 1v1s
And on that note
Applying powers creatively
Alright Imma use the easiest straightest example of Bleach not doing this you've all heard before. Ichigo Kurosaki. All he does is slash hard and shoot beam. That's how he fights, and he almost never really does anything different. I don't like it cause it got dull real quick in my opinion. And a lot of characters apply their power sets in straightforward limited ways
Jojo's in which a not outwardly fatal power applied creatively in the right environment can prove deadly. Survivor, Both shrinking stands and most of Jolyne and Josuke's fights etc. Hunter x Hunter with Knuckle, Morau, Kurapika and many others.
There are a lot of examples of novel and interesting applications of powers so I won't go too much farther
An environment in a battle can be written to be integral. And this usually adds a dynamic and unique element to fights as the environment shifting can change the parameters of the fight or the environment can add or subtract a huge advantage to the combatant. Jojo's for example has a ton of fights in which the setting defines the fights. The “cat and mouse” hunt with Josuke vs Kira and the rat fight. Bruno vs Pesci and his brother on the train. In these fights the environment can be a physical hazard that can kill a combatant or grant one combatant a huge fight defining advantage over another.
Even DBZ on occasion tries to have the location matter. Don't believe me? Remember the times the Z Fighters go “Oh shit we can't fight here! He'll destroy Earth!” or “Let me run and hide while we come up with something”. Vegeta was making false moons to power himself up, Picollo and Master Roshi have destroyed the fucking moon to prevent the enemy from gaining an advantage. Villains would blow up the planet because “I can breathe in space and you can't”. Hell even with Frieza, Goku was using the water and the fact Frieza didn't really have good sensing skills to get some good hits in.
In Bleach since they're all float ghosts with DBZ movements, as far as I can remember the environment don't really have any characteristics and as such the setting doesn't matter for the fights in Bleach. For the most part in Bleach if the fights were in a DBZ empty field, an arena with ring outs or a confined house and it wouldn't make a difference. Most we got of acknowledging location in Bleach is the DBZ trope of “we can't fight here because collateral”
Final thoughts/ TLDR;
Do fights always need these factors to be good? No not necessarily. Are these metrics objective criteria for good shonen fights? Of course not. But the frequent absence of all off these factors do make Bleach's fights dull in my opinion. Mostly because imo they're mechanically and environmentally simple and can get real predictable with the pacing and “flow” of the fights.
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2023.06.03 13:53 Over-Specialist3078 El último capítulo de bakuen estuvo entretenido

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2023.06.03 02:26 Jaegartist Eren Jaeger as Jotaro kujo W.I.P sketch (pls give suggestions and tips) :)

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2023.06.02 18:03 LunarFoxZS Why Jotaro Kujo Can Use Dio’s The World Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Analysis

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2023.06.02 16:28 Old_Pollution_7691 Jingyuan in JP = Jotaro Kujo Video not by me

Jingyuan in JP = Jotaro Kujo Video not by me
Lets go!!!
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2023.05.31 03:19 Scar_4_4_4 [LF] Jotaro (9547) Best Friend after reset: 347,619,466

[LF] Jotaro (9547) Best Friend after reset: 347,619,466
I'm looking to actually use my Jotaro, when the best friends reset, I'd like to best friend someone who has Jotaro up all the time, let me know if you do!
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2023.05.28 13:33 RagnaTheBloodedge344 Izuku Midoriya (Deku) vs Jotaro Kujo (My Hero Academia vs JoJo Bizarre Adventure)

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2023.05.27 19:37 Excellent-Growth-815 Here is my fan roster made only using Jojo characters for humanity and the usual gods. Tell me what you think and also if you would like to see other animes. (Didn't include Giorno cause he is too op). Also probably the results aren't realistical but I made them to have a close finish.

Round 1: Josuke Higashikata part IV vs Shiva. Shiva wins
Round 2: Jotaro Kujo/Dio Brando (both have the same power and are very close on power levels) vs Zeus. Zeus wins
Round 3: Gyro Zeppeli vs Anubis. Gyro wins
Round 4: Enrico Pucci vs Poseidon. Poseidon wins
Round 5: Joseph Joestar part II vs Hercules. Joseph wins
Round 6: Jolyne Cujoh vs Aphrodite. Aphrodite wins
Round 7: Diavolo vs Thor. Diavolo wins
Round 8: Johnny Joestar vs Apollo. Johnny wins
Round 9: Jonhathan Joestar vs Loki. Loki wins
Round 10: Rohan Kishibe vs Hades. Rohan wins
Round 11: Yoshikage Kira vs Beelzebub. Kira wins
Round 12: Jean-Pierre Polnareff vs Susano'o. Susano'o wins
Round 13: Josuke Higashikata part VIII vs Odin. Josuke wins
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2023.05.27 18:30 Happygamma123 When Jotaro Kujo Gets Home 1 Minute Before His Mom - YouTube 😂😂

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