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2012.01.24 22:37 tico24 two hundred squats


2012.01.26 11:47 tico24 one fifty dips


2023.03.26 11:28 dawi68 Girlfriends mental health is putting a strain on our relationship

Im 19(M) and we have been togather for about 6 moths. I wasnt awere if any thing being weird until like 2 months in when she told me her history and psychward experiences. Basically I feel super bad, the core of the problems are that she feels super sad for no reason even when I think im being the perfect bf, making me feel down. She cancelles plans on a weekly basis because she not feeling well mentally. Theres acouple more smaller things that to be fair are out of her control but I cant help to feel like I want a normal gf.
Please what should I do, breaking up over this would definitely hurt her.
Im going back to my home country in 3 months and Ill be staying 2 months, so i think I can put the relationship on break and it would be easier that way.
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2023.03.26 11:27 DaChuckBuck Questioning coaching

Recently after coming back to my uni’s team I’m really starting to question my coaches methods. This is my 3rd year and I’m starting to see a pattern of athlete failure not just in myself but my teammates as well, so I’m wondering if any of you in other programs can give me insight on your coaches methods vs mine.
Here’s a sample of our weekly workouts for long sprints:
Monday: 500 (1:10) 400 (52) 300 (37) 200 (26) 200 (27) (12-8 min rest) Tuesday: 25 min long run Wednesday: 5x300 (37) (4 min rest) Thursday: hills 4, 3, 2, 1 Friday: 3x500 (1:10) (15 min rest)
So here’s my thing. Since doing this exact set of workouts for the last 3 years I’ve only gotten worse in the 400m. Not just me, I’ve seen guys come and go who left hs with a 47 or 46 and then not be able to break 49 in college. It’s always the same complaint as I had too “we’re running too fast at practice for too long. And we never do speed work.” At uni our “speed” workouts would be like 6 150s with 3 min rest.
Oh and hurdles or blocks? Screw it you should already be a world champion at that because you’ll never practice it. I barely consider myself a hurdler anymore and even less of a starter.
The best season I’ve had was this year when I just practiced on my own and went to meets for the 60. I start practicing with the team during outdoor then get yelled at when I’m huffing and puffing across the line slower then the asked time, and then beat everyone who does better then me at practice by a good margin at meets.
I don’t know, I don’t hear a lot from other collegiate athletes what their workouts are like but I can’t help but feel our coach is running us into the ground. Granted I’ve always been slow at practice and fast at meets but it seems the harder I try at practice to meet his expectations the worse I get.
So what do y’all think? Should I just shut up and get it done or should I start looking out for myself more like I’ve started?
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2023.03.26 11:27 gimmis7 POTS or a cold?

Hi! I have had cfs for 2 years now and am trying to learn what my triggers are and how I should pace correctly. Up until recently I thought that mental or physical strain cases either a flu like feeling for 1-2 days afterwards or increased fatigue for 1-3 days.
On Thursday I woke up with a fatigue level that I usually would just experience during a flu or cold. It is now Sunday and I still have it, same intensity. I haven't noticed any other symptoms. Perhaps a slightly more running nose than usually, but I am not sure. I year ago i had the same level of fatigue but also other "cold symptoms" (though not so many) for 6 weeks in a row !
Do you think the experience 1 year ago and now this might actually be a crash due to overstrain and a sign that I might be on the borderline to going into a more several state or could it be a cfs body's way to overreact to a flu/some virus?
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2023.03.26 11:24 proferto European clay season 2025

Hi, my wife and I would like to follow the European clay season in a couple years time. Our plan is to move around for 6-8 weeks while the season lasts and to attend every major tournament( and perhaps a couple 250 and some challengers, why not). My question is, approximately how much would we spend only in tickets for these tournaments? Cheers!
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2023.03.26 11:20 gagirlinpc Roommates or Married

I am new to this subreddit and I am sure that my situation is very similar to others. I will give my synopsis below and the advice I am looking for is how to have a calm but FINAL conversation about our non existent intimacy and non existent life together.
I am 45. Hubby 49. Been together for 15 years and married for 12. The 1st 5 years were AMAZING on the intimacy and sex front. We did and still do have no life outside our home as he claims that he has anxiety going out anywhere I suggest. I mention because this does tie into our situation.
In the beginning my husband was always in the mood. Would ask me to send him “pics” while at work. Would take me to adult shops to buy and try new things and wanted to have sex at least 3 times per week.
Because we do not have any social life outside the house together (including him refusing to EVER go on even a 3 day trip to a private beach are where no people would be around to give him anxiety), the resentment on my end began taking a toll on me.
In addition to that, about 5 years ago I started to notice a serious decline in him hugging, kissing, walking up and smacking my booty, etc. Around the same time I noticed that sex had pretty much just ended. About a year into this (on our anniversary), we watched a movie on opposite ends of the couch and he began saying he was ready to go to sleep. Mind you, we PLANNED to have sex that night. I simply went into a spare room and he followed soon after. I was crying and explained that I was so confused on why he basically had nothing to do with me (now both inside and outside the house).
He then broke down and said he had been suffering from ED and that he felt ashamed, etc. I hugged him and told him I was so sorry he had been carrying that around alone. We agreed that he would go to the doctor and be seen, and was given meds to help.
I at that time asked him if it was only the ED or if he had also lost the desire. He assured me the desire was there. In the next 6-7 months, we had sex about once every other week. He was NEVER able to (finish for him), but we did have sex at least.
Well, month 7 comes around and it’s like pulling teeth again for anything. I bring it up and he then says “look, I’m early 40’s and this is what happens and I don’t even have a desire for sex. I was shocked because I had clearly asked him this before and got a different answer. He told me to just accept it.
I was obviously livid. I told him a simple testosterone test could reveal lowT and it would help bring the libido back. He STILL hasn’t gone in.
If I had on a matching bra or panty set in our room he would insist I was laying there “wanting you know what” and he would go sleep in another room.
I know for a fact he is not cheating. I also know that these days I ask when we can do it, he promises next week and it NEVER happens.
Mixing all of the disconnect makes us the equivalent of amicable roommates. He even permanently sleeps in other room. He claims it is FOR me because he snores. I have repeatedly asked him to get back in our room. He says sure and it never happens.
I have for about a year now quit saying anything at all. But I have decided that this is an active choice he is making. It is in no way respectful or the mindset of a husband. And I refuse to live the rest of my life like this.
I am prepared to have a calm, but firm convo for the LAST time to explain that I WILL have a fulfilling life and he needs to step all the way up. I’ve even considered saying that I wasn’t running off to divorce him but I will have my basic nee met somewhere….
And I also get consistent feedback on how I am the only woman he wants to be with and we will grow old together, etc. I mention to say he isn’t looking for an out.
I need some feedback in general and maybe tips on a matter of fact convo.
Ugh… thanks in advance!
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2023.03.26 11:16 OkZucchini366 Is it normal to take on weight after body lift surgery ?

Hello i am a 26 yo female . After going from 242 lbs (110 kgs) to 144 (65kgs) over 3/4 years , the skin around my belly and in my back became loose , so i had a body lift surgery . Just before the surgery i had to quit smoking , and that made me take on some weight 8 lbs (4kgs) . Then after the surgery even though i was eating normal , i still took on 6 more pounds . I blamed it on surgery since i was not moving in the 2 first weeks . But now 8 months after the surgery , i feel like i take on weight much easier than before , and my weight can’t go down 154 even if i try . Could it be linked to the surgery , any idea when my metabolism will go back to normal ?
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2023.03.26 11:16 Boris_the_brexit Challenge #64 - 1070 International Scout 800A (C-Class Las Dunas World Record)

1970 International Scout 800A - C 600

Good day,
This is the tune we made for this week's challenge on Las Dunas CC. I say "we" because Doubiez had enough input that it would not be fair to leave their name out.
The tune managed to break the world record on multiple occasions throughout the week. At time of posting the final achieved time set is 02:24.141
Enjoy :)
Weight 1597 kg
Balance 55%
HP 576
Torque 721 nm
Share Code 157 015 972
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Engine 6.2L V8
Drivetrain Stock
Aspiration Centrifugal Supercharger
Body Kit Stock
Intake Sport
Fuel System Stock
Ignition Stock
Exhaust Stock
Camshaft Stock
Valves Stock
Displacement Stock
Pistons Stock
Intercooler Sport
Oil Cooling Race
Flywheel Stock
Platform And Handling
Brakes Stock
Springs Stock
Front Arb Sport
Rear Arb Race
Chassis Reinforcement Stock
Weight Reduction Stock
Clutch Stock
Transmission Race Ten Speed
Driveline Stock
Differential Offroad
Tires And Rims
Compound Stock
Tire Width Front 195 mm, Rear 265 mm
Rim Style Specialized Asanti AF 134
Rim Size Front 18 in, Rear 21 in
Track Width Front Stock, Rear Stock
Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper Forza Street #1
Rear Bumper N/A
Rear Wing Remove rear wing
Side Skirts N/A
Hood N/A


Tires bar psi
Front 1.80 26.1
Rear 1.80 26.1
Gears Ratio
Final Drive 3.06
1st 3.29
2nd 2.35
3rd 1.84
4th 1.53
5th 1.29
6th 1.05
7th 0.86
8th 0.80
9th 0.75
10th 0.70
Rear 65.0
Differential Accel Decel
Front 100% 100%
Rear 0% 0%
Center 56%
Formatted text generated by the OPTN.club Tune Formatter
Submit bugs, feature requests, and questions on Github
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2023.03.26 11:11 sapphireblueprincess Mark Wahlberg Week Workout Descriptions - Underdog (17 April), High Roller (18 April), Patriot (19 April), Southpaw (20 April), Swagger (21 April), Blue Arrow (22 April) & Horizon (23 April)

Underdog (17 April)
Underdog is a cardiovascular endurance workout that will challenge both the top dogs and underdogs of your studio. Members will battle it out to take the win, will it be the top dogs or the underdogs?

High Roller (18 April)
High Roller takes Benchmark and twists it on its tracks. Work hard and challenge your strength goals. Push for your 10 Rep Max potential.

Patriot (19 April)
Patriot is a cardio-based workout that includes time to focus on recovering the heart rate. Prepare to work hard to understand your body's ability to recover and be ready to take on the next challenge in the following lap.

Southpaw (20 April)
Southpaw is a spicy resistance-based workout that will get members' muscles activated like never before. Muscular endurance is the aim of this workout! Push through the muscle fatigue in the longer working sets and calculate your max reps.

Swagger (21 April)
Swagger focuses on power output in this hybrid workout. Members should strive for strong and explosive movements in this session.

Blue Arrow (22 April)
Blue Arrow will take you on an exciting journey over the next 60 minutes. This workout is a spin-off of The Wringer and will be a combination of teamwork and individual perseverance.

Horizon (23 April)
Horizon demonstrates the possibility of change and perhaps improvement. This workout provides solid lifting sets and finishes with a recovery sequence, to recover and prepare well for the week ahead.
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2023.03.26 11:10 Sylvan_Strix_Sequel [WTS] Substantial Destash: Pens, Mechs, Ink, and More

Hey all,
Got annoyed and deleted my old account, so I've been waiting to qualify to sell again. If any of y'all recognize the name, I'm also the original Sylvan Strix, so I have sold here before. I have a ton of stuff that I've barely used, and I need the space.
As usual, please comment on this post first, as per the rules, and please message me, no chat. It does not seem to work for me, so if you chat me, I will be able to see I have a chat but not read it. Shipping will vary based on what and how much you buy, but lets say $10, and I will refund any difference.
Also, this is a lot to move, and I would like to get it out as quickly as possible. My father just had a stroke, so I'm going to be very busy the net few weeks. Thus, I apologize, but preference will be given to multi-item orders. Thank you for understanding.
Verification: https://imgur.com/a/SD45DEq
Now, onto the good stuff:
Fountain Pens-

  1. Karas Shop Colors Decograph [B]: Comes with original box, f bock nib, rollerball conversion kit, and converter. Minor scratches on threads, body otherwise pristine. Asking $100.
  2. Karas Ink Matte Red and Black [B-]: Comes with original box, black f bock nib, rollerball conversion kit, and converter. Minor scratches on thread, single tiny chip on body. Asking $70.
  3. Sailor PGS Princess Kayuga [A2] BODY ONLY: No box, unfortunately. Pristine, but again, NO NIB. Comes with Sailor converter. I really have no idea what to price this at. Let's say $40 OBO.
  4. Pilot Custom Heretige 912 Translucent Blue [NS] BODY ONLY: Got this only to get the Waverly nib. Completely untouched otherwise. Comes with converter and original box. Again, lets say $40 OBO.
  5. KAweco X Moleskin Fountain Pen Red [NS]: Opened but never inked. Wanted something that could be eyedroppered, but this cannot. Frankly feels kinda cheap as well. Comes in original box, $20.
  6. Jinhao 100 Blue Chip [NS]: Was sent this by accident. Fine nib. $10.

Rollerball Pens:

  1. Pentel Energel Pholography Gold [N]: Used once and put in a drawer, no box. $20
  2. Pentel Energel Philography Red and Black [N]: Same deal, $20
  3. Kaweco Sport Magnetic Silver and Bronze [A2]: minor scratches and of course patina on the clip, otherwise good. Comes with original box (though its been beat to hell). $25
  4. Right Choice Painting Company Brass Click Pen [B]: B for patina only. I got this pen on clearance, and honestly, even though its ugly as all get out, this would be an excellent job site pen if you need one. Clip is amazing and there is literally no tip wiggle. $20.
  5. Autmog Brass Twist [B]: B because of Patina. This is a fun little pen with a delightfully simple mechanism which I just never use. $20
  6. Retro 51 Tornado The Library [N]: Was given this as a gift, along with the matching notebook, but I already have 2 Tornadoes I like much more. comes with box. $40

Mechanical Pencils:

  1. Karas Retraktable Matte Blue and Black [A2]: Barely used, looks pristine. $40 USD
  2. Rotring 600 Gold: Got this from Japan a while ago and drawered it and never used it. Lost the box, so only the pen. $30

Ink (all ink levels are conservative estimates):

  1. Diamine Florida Blue, Steel Blue, Woodland Green, Wild Strawberry, and Indigo. All 95% full. $5 each or all 5 for $20.
  2. Noodler's USS Texas: 90% full. box included but broken tongue Too Dark, $5
  3. Colorverse Dan Hwang: 85% includes box $10
  4. Pilot Black ink: Unopened, no box. Came with gift set. $10
  5. Colorverse Hubble: 95+ %. Something seems off about this one. Cant find any mold in it, but it just smells off. letting this one go for very cheap if anyone wants it. No Box. $10
  6. Vinta Blue Floss: Full, only swatched. Beautiful, but too light for daily writing. Comes with box. $10
  7. Lamy Green: 95%, comes with original box. $10
  8. Sailor Yamadori: 85%, comes with box. $12
  9. Private Reserve Ebony Blue: 95%, comes with original box. $8
  10. De Atramentis Moss Green: Full, only swatched. $15
  11. Diamine Monaco Red Cartridges: 13/20. Comes in box. $5
  12. Diamine Tropical Green Cartridges: 15/20. Comes in box. $5


  1. Pilot Leather folding tongue leather case red: unused, immaculate. $15
  2. Galen Leather Pen sleeves. Unused. $10 each
  3. Sewn peacock sleeve: Unused $5
  4. 3d printed pen and ink stand red and gold: $5
  5. Titanium Bock nib F: This nib has just never felt right to me. $50

Sorry about the picture quality. I like small phones, but the camera on mine apparently sucks for closeups. Please request more pics if you have any doubts.
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2023.03.26 11:09 Whywasit3 AITA for leaving a trip early because of my girlfriend’s “prank”?

I (20M) had a girlfriend (20F) of eight months who I recently went on a what was supposed to be a week-long beach trip in Queensland with her friends and family. She had been planning this trip for a long time and was looking forward to it, especially since I’d get to know them all.
On the third day we planned to go river floating. When we got there I was looking through my bag before I went to change and couldn’t find my trunks. I instead found a new navy blue pair. When I told her this she replied with “oh yeah, that’s the extra one I packed in case you lost yours.” I thought this was thoughtful, I changed into them and we all headed down towards the river.
We all got into our tubes and started floating off. About three minutes in I feel my suit getting baggier, and I I even notice a piece is falling off. I was disappointed that they were a cheap pair but I kept going. Once we hit rapids it got real though. I felt a sudden rush of cold water and I notice my trunks have been torn clear off by the water. I stood up covering myself with just the last piece. Everyone else, about 15 of her friends and family, started to laugh. I was absolutely horrified, one of my biggest fears is being naked in public, and now I was completely nude with no way to get back.
I can’t tell you how trapped and humiliated I felt. I had to spend the rest of the day with the water up to my shoulders, feeling awkward and embarrassed the whole time. Whenever we were in shallow water I was forced to stand up and walk exposed in front of them. They weren’t prudish either, her friends and parents made jokes and comments on my body as we went. Her young cousins made sure to comment on the shape and size of my junk when I couldn’t cover myself also.
When we got back to the beach I had to run covering myself back to my towel. My day was completely ruined. I felt humiliated and angry. When we got back to our room, I was back into clothes trying to forget the day when my girlfriend comes in giggling to herself. She asked me if I liked the new swim trunks, and when I asked what she meant she told me she had ordered a prank dissolving pair in lounge and replaced my other one with it. I was absolutely livid. She had purposefully exposed and violated me because she thought it’d be a good laugh. She even made sure not to pack another pair or a towel. I started yelling and she told me to calm down, saying that it was only a joke.
I left that night, and I didn’t call her the next day. She called screaming at me, acting like I was the one who had wronged her, saying that she had worked hard for this trip and that I was being immature. But I didn’t want to be around someone who would humiliate me, especially considering that her own family and friends would be present. I can understand that I ruined the trip for her, but it feels like her own fault.
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2023.03.26 11:07 viennadoll “Wow you’ve gotten so skinny”

I’ve had body dysmorphia my whole life (legit have memories from when I was like 6 and hating my body) now I actually workout almost everyday for at least 2 hours on my exercise bike and noticeably lost weight which I’m happy about and feel more confident. But I hate the constant attention from family and family friends because literally the FIRST thing they say before even saying hello is “wow you’re so skinny now well done!” Which isn’t a compliment because it implies I was fat before and they said nothing. I was never fat, I was just average. I just hate that weight is the main focal point and I don’t need to hear it, it’s unnecessary and none of anyones business. It’s a sensitive private subject that doesn’t need to blasted for everyone to hear. Anyone relate?
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2023.03.26 11:06 pickleford Just found out my fiancee is pregnant, and now we need to change our honeymoon to Europe - any suggestions?

As the title suggests, 2023 is an excellent and exciting year for us. We're getting married in 2 weeks and had planned for a honeymoon to Mexico in August this year. However she fell pregnant, and we didn't anticipate that her midwife would suggest that Mexico and flying that far would not be advisable, for various reasons. We are also lucky that we only lose a small deposit on our currently booked trip.
We are British, in the UK, and it would need to be Europe really, which I know has many exciting options - although Spain and France don't really excite me much.
Length: would probably about a week. We're both teachers, so limited to holidays, end of July would be ideal, into August.
Budget: ideally it would cost no more than, say, £2000pp. Can push to more if it's something really special. We were spending more than this on 2 weeks in Mexico, but we would still like to do that in the future.
Expectations: Perhaps we need to manage our expectations, but we would like a fair amount of luxury, as it is our honeymoon. She wants as close to a beach as possible, but I'd like to go and do/see some things if possible, cultural sites, areas of natural beauty. We both love wildlife, but understand this is less realistic in Europe. Romance, naturally.
Interests: Food. We want to eat well. This doesn't mean fancy, pretentious good, this means delicious. Italian, Spanish, hearty cuisine, comforting. Drinking is less important. Beaches, as mentioned, or at least the ocean. We like snorkeling. Wildlife if possible. Historic places and cultures different than our own, areas of beauty. Maybe museums.
That's about it! Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll try to clarify.
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2023.03.26 11:06 mrbananamonkey Beginner swimmer: how to move from learning strokes to doing workouts?

I'm about to learn how to swim and have it as my general workout. I will be having my first swimming lessons in a couple of weeks, after which I plan to practice on my own. As a chronic overthinker and someone who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, I am hoping to get as much information as possible before this undertaking so that I can ease my nerves so to speak.
When researching swimming workouts online, I've seen that all of them assume that you already have a baseline knowledge of the four major swimming strokes. What does a swimming workout look like for someone who has 0 idea on how to do the strokes? And how does one move from learning the strokes to actually using them for workouts? If it helps, the first stroke I want to learn is the front crawl.
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2023.03.26 11:05 KittenDealinMama My mother hates me for telling my sister the truth

Originally posted by u/feisty-art9149 in TrueOffMyChest on March 19th, updated as an edit undated.
Trigger Warning: Child neglect, mentions of mental health struggles and self harm
Original post
My mother hates me for telling my sister the truth.
I want to preface this with an apology if it’s all over the place. There’s so much information to sort through and decide what does or doesn’t have a place here. I will reply to what I can and make edits for any common questions/ remarks.
So a little (or a lot) of background is required for this to make any sense. Many years ago my mother had an affair that completely blew up our family. I suppose the affair was the lesser issue, but rather all her other actions that screwed many of us over. For context I was 10, my younger sister was 7/8 and my older sister almost 14- all female.
To start with, in the years prior, my mother had taken out tens of thousands of dollars in loans and credit cards in my dads name, of which he was never aware of. Ignorant, absolutely, but she had always managed all finances while a SAHM. She also managed to make 5 years of GST payments disappear from the business account, for which dad was then charged with two charges (around 100K in fines) of tax evasion on top of the missed payments.
All three of us kids had a bank account set up from young, which our dad had added to so that we would be in a positive position when we were older- for University, or a house deposit, whatever it was that we desired. Being saving orientated even as a kid, I had chosen to put 100% of any money earnt through chores or gifted for birthdays into the account. At 14 when I began working and gained access to net banking I realised mum had drained my account, less $50… only my account.
If that wasn’t enough, her own mother had stored a sum of money in my parents safe that was intended for her funeral. My mother took every last dollar and refused to pay it back- my dad paid it back with interest when he found out.
Due to the tricky financial situation, dad had to travel for work, wherever the trade was needed in that moment. Typically he would leave in the early hours of Monday morning and return on Saturday afternoon. In this time my mother felt it appropriate to leave us at home so that she could visit the affair partner, usually not coming home for days at a time. Nobody knew- we had no carers or access to resource as we lived a 20 minute drive to the nearest town/stores.
This went on for a few weeks before my mum (sometimes) contacted our cousin to come stay with us while she was out… To this day I believe that only happened because the other guy figure out what was going on. Due to timing of people coming and going our dad didn’t know any of this happened to until months later. I kept quiet because I knew he couldn’t afford to stay home.
All this said- I stepped into the parent role. My little sister was kept in the dark as much as possible, I did my best to maintain her same routine so that she felt as little impact as possible. Obviously she suffered, to the point of requesting to sleep in my bed every night for a year, but it seems that she doesn’t remember any of the shitty things that happened back then.
My older sister was very mentally ill, where I had to medicate her each morning and conduct daily body and room checks. Those who know will get what I’m suggesting… To the best of my knowledge our little sister never saw any of this- I didn’t and don’t believe those are subject such little eyes should have to witness. The older sister was also really ashamed and has asked to keep this situation away from the youngest as she had a habit of speaking without realising or knowing the potential damage.
As much as I hated the responsibility, cooking, cleaning, hiding the families dirty laundry; I was also very aware that what was happening wasn’t okay. That if I couldn’t keep it together and matters hidden, that authorities would become involved. Those times were scary but the idea of not having access to and control over what happened to me or my siblings felt like it would be worse.
These are only the first things that come to mind but the details aren’t exactly the point of this post.
Anyway, I guess my younger sister’s soon to be in laws have asked some questions, of which my sister doesn’t have the ability to answer. I would suggest she asked our mother first but the queries would have been shut down. I know she feels guilty, knows that she screwed up, and frankly I hope she never forgives herself for it.
So, little sister came to me and for the first time in 15 years I was willing to give her the answers she was looking for. I’ve always been vague, not wanting to cause her pain, but I’ve started feeling guilty in recent years for not treating her as enough of an adult to make her own decisions. After a loooot of therapy, I have realised that I don’t have to be their parent anymore. My sister cried, I cried, and she apologised for assumption made and words said because she didn’t know any better in the past. She needs and wants time to process a whole lot of information that’s entirely new to her, that has quite literally flipped the way she has perceived many people over the years.
Anywho… she isn’t speaking to our mother right now and that’s where it becomes my problem, I guess. She called me, blowing up, claiming I’ve ruined her relationship with her daughter. That I’m out to get her, resentful without cause and need to stop living in the past. But I don’t see how me being honest about her actions is my fault? Could I have filtered details? Maybe. But I don’t understand why I should have to hold onto the pressure of keeping her shortcomings secret. Maybe it’s time to grow up and pay for the consequences of your actions….
Edit: to add genders.
In the comments:
She’s never taken any responsibility, only made excuses. My favourite was the one for her leaving us to care for ourselves- “you all made it clear you didn’t want to spend time with me”.
I feel like she thought she’d gotten away with it at this point and that’s why she’s mad. To be honest I only told my sister for selfish reasons… we’ve only in recent years developed a close relationship and I didn’t want to lose that if she became mad at me for not telling her anything. I know there was always a layer of resentment towards me for “thinking I was the boss of her”. She needed somebody to be mad at and at the time I was okay with that person being me.
Children (and young adults) get mad at the people it is safe to be mad at. It sounds like you took that anger to give her a safe space and a safe person. Now that she's of an age where she is old enough to hear the truth, where it's safe for her to be angry at your mom without risking breaking your family apart, you've given her the truth. That's quite heroic. I hope you find the peace and space to have a life of your own free from your mother's negligent abuse. You've certainly more than earned it.
OP: I never considered the aspect of somebody needing to be safe to be mad at them. That puts a lot into perspective… thank you. Tbh my mother has no influence over my life or feelings. I stopped regarding her as a parental figure long ago so her opinion of me, someone she really had no part in moulding, means nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I do not place the blame for all wrong doings exclusively on her, but she was certainly the catalyst for most of the difficult seasons. Every action or inaction I’ve ever made has been a decision to protect the other people she hurt which only served to protect her from backlash and I think it’s time she faced up.
In some ways I think caring for them was all that kept me sane. I was so busy and exhausted by the day to day motions that I didn’t have time to reflect on my own feelings or the situation as a whole. Full survival mode I suppose. I appreciate that, a lot. I tried my best… in hindsight doing for them what I probably needed myself.
She was cut out for a very long time. The stolen money (from myself) was the absolute last straw which resulted in me going no contact for about 5 years. Part of me thinks she was glad for that, too, because I’d threatened to press charges against the mystery thief if she didn’t fess up. But because of my sisters age, and her eventually choosing to live with mum, I felt compelled to be civil because I missed my sister. I live 4 hours from my hometown now, so maintaining a healthy distance is really quite easy.
Curious about your dad, how is he doing rn? After knowing the truth, did your younger sister go living with your dad? And did he divorce your mother? And all that money she stole, what was she doing with that money? Did you get any of your money back?
OP: He’s doing really good, but of course had had a long time to pick up the pieces. In his 50s and still working 6 days a week- not because he needs to but because he’s never known anything else. His parents were immigrants so it was quite literally bred into him.
She’s 22 now and living with her partner. She and dad never had a strained relationship but after years of living exclusively with him, decided to spend the next few years with mum. Never any bad blood on either end where she’s concerned. They did divorce long ago, and as much as I find it strange, they still have a relatively positive relationship.
The money…. Literally who knows. Never saw a cent returned though! Dad didn’t know she stole from me until 6 ish years ago. Early on he was struggling and I knew he’d try to put the money back if I told him. He knew something had happened for me not to talk to my mother all those years but I hadn’t told him and she sure wasn’t going to.
Recently my husband and I built our first home and he was insistent on cutting “trade swaps” to save money which I strongly feel was his way of repaying her debt to me. He’s a great dad… has his flaws as every human does, but every step he’s taken has been with the intention of his kids not having to want for things as he and his siblings did.
I only tolerated her in the past to keep my sister close- I don’t trust our mother to not hurt her in the process of getting what she wants. The partners family aren’t stupid and while they will hand out finance they will never relinquish control of it. If they suspect somebody of having ill intent, they’re cut out of all their lives. Mums husband does pretty well for himself and pays all their living expenses, but knowing her past will not give her unbridled access so she has to work to support her spending habit which is probably where the jealousy comes in.
I used to tell my sister that I “don’t really know”, “can’t remember”, or “have only heard snippets of the story”, so not necessarily a lie but definitely deceit by omission.
1st Update:
Aaaand now she’s resorted to posting on Facebook, claiming that one of her “ingrates are spreading rumours to ruin her” JFC 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t even have Facebook, so not really sure what she’s trying to achieve in doing this, but an old family friend called my dad to ask what’s going on. Also, I’m speaking to nobody about the situation? I don’t even live in our hometown!!! If nothing else- she has nothing for me to ruin. No way I’m engaging or sinking to her level but seriously… what a waste of a person. Now the parents are fighting, she’s fighting with her current husband and shit is all around just getting messy. She thinks she’s making people feel sorry for her but mostly she just looks pathetic, if you ask me.
Update 2:
Turns out I REALLY don’t need to sink to her level, that’s been taken care of while I sleep. I guess mums privacy settings aren’t great and that’s working against her. The vague ‘woe is me’ post has been shared by three family members/ friends with a single, but far less cryptic, one liner. I’m told: “oh you mean the ingrate that raised your kids?”, “Should she be more grateful for your affair or the complete and utter abandonment of your three kids” and my absolute favourite (from my granny) “rot in hell you lying thieving bitch”
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.03.26 11:05 Prestigious_Sir3605 I have a strong urge to hurt innocents, I am sure it is not ocd

Hello. This is a repost.
It is hard to describe the urges, my body feels like exploding and I feel extreme emotional pain constantly and I know I would feel the ultimate relief if I would hurt someone.
Before I describe the fantasies I have to say that I know that this is very immoral and I really don't want to act on it.
I can't describe it in detail cause I don't want to get suspended again but it is mostly about violently killing and raping innocents.
I think it is mostly about confronting people with things that they find disgusting is what gets me off.
My main problem aren't the fantasies itself, it helped me to feel good at first but after some time they became urges in real life, this is what really hurts, how my body and mind feels when I have those urges.
My Life was disgusting way before those urges but this made everything 100x worse.
Those urges began when I was 13 or so, I had the urge to hurt my dog, I remember my first sadistic urge, my dog was sleeping and I cuddled with him and then I had the urge to crush him, it felt extremely weird but I didn't mind. The first fantasies were when I realized how I got abused, I fantasized about murdering others constantly after that.
As I said I am pretty sure why I have those urges, I got abused massively in my childhood and my childhood generally was very bad.
In the Kindergarten I was very feared of social contact and didn't talk with anyone.
In the elementary school it got really bad, out of nowhere a "friend" forced me to show my penis, he said he would beat me up if I wouldn't show him so I did even though I didn't want to, another "friend" always touched my nipples and he didn't care that I said that it hurts. In this time I saw sexuality as something disgusting that only works if one person is hurt and I am pretty sure this is why I have rape fantasies cause my subconscious still thinks that even though I am against sexual violence. As far as I know is that they did it cause they were abused by pedophiles.
After Elementary school I thought everything has gotten better but it got worse when I visited my father, he had aggression problems so he had beaten me up multiple times and had to hide in a room and was extremely scared to go out. He also had a disease so he would puke a lot of blood, it was normal for me to see liters of human blood. He also showed me how to hang myself. The worst thing he did was when I visited my grandma and she was sleeping, everything was fine but then he grabbed a knife and threatened me and laughed at me when I was scared, the inner terror I felt. I also saw his corpse when he died and I cried cause I haven't seen a corpse and I was only 12.
After that I came in a new class and everything there was ok but then I got a crush on a girl and I told a "friend" and he said that he tells her if I didn't tell her myself so I did and she was scared and told everyone and then I got bullied, this has hurt really bad cause I trusted her and deeply loved her and constantly fantasized about being with her.
It was a really bad time but I could still feel love back then.
Then my grandma died and the last bit of love in me, I cried so much.
After that it was too much for me, I looked up videos of corpses and people dying to ease the pain and to normalize it for me and it worked but a bit too good, I began to watch gore excessively.
It became even worse when I realized how I got abused, then I fantasized about doing those things in real life and then the urges follow.
In that time I saw the old "friend" and hoped that he is better now but the first thing he does is sexually assault me, I asked him why he did this and he said because he had the urge to, this was very creepy for me cause he probably feels like myself except that he acts on it cause he can't endure the disgusting feeling of that urge.
I tried to break the contact with him and said I didn't like him cause he assaults me and this hurts me even more and he said he would better himself but then some weeks later his friend who forced me to show my penis in elementary school texted me that he would beat me up if I don't give them money, this made me feel an extreme amount of anger.
I told my other friends that he sexually assaulted me but they don't care.
I can't go out alone cause he has many strong people and I don't want to get beaten up my him, last helloween he searched for me to kill me.
I do the same thing I did when I got bullied in the past, not going out and just sitting in front of my pc after school, in the past it works but now I constantly feel the urge to hurt others.
It is kinda ironic how it hasn't changed a bit, in the past I distanced myself from others cause I was scared that they would hurt me and now I do the same thing but cause I am scared of myself.
I am also constantly scared that others will hurt me.
What is also bad is that I am really bad at impulse control, I was extremely angry in the past and destroyed every object in my room but this wasn't that bad cause it was only objects and not humans.
I think the best example of how I feel for this urges is how a person who is mentally addicted to a drug feels when they don't take it for long, they can stop it but will always have the urge to take it and they will also do that if they don't monitor themself but the difference is that while they would just get the drug issues if they don't watch themself I would rape or kill someone.
It is mental torture this pressure that I feel, it is probably one of the worst mental conditions.
I also can't feel love anymore.
I tried many psychologists but it just made it worse. The first and second one said that my problems are too big for them. The third one said that my urges scare him and that I don't have to wonder that no one likes me if I fantasize about others in that way which hurt me.
Cause I tried to kill myself I now have to go to a psychiatry everyday and there a therapist talks with me, but what I find weird is that everytime she asks if I can assure that I don't kill myself or others, for the first point I believe that it is my choice to die alone and for the second question I always feel like a monster.
And besides that I am really scared to talk about this with other people.
And also I am pretty sure this isn't ocd, I enjoy these fantasies sometimes and now they are also urges not only thoughts.
I tried anypsychotics but it just makes the urges worse.
And also in the psychiatry a 10 year old said weird things about murder and cause of that they thought that I told him this cause it matches my fantasies even though I would never tell a child those things, this is what I get I get suspected for weird things just because I am honest with my thoughts to my therapist, this also hurt me, after that I got more scared to talk about my thoughts.
I think another big problem is that I have always lived in my fantasy world instead of socializing but it was all ok until the fantasies became so dark.
My plan is to try therapy until I am 18 (I am 16 right now), then get an apartment, buy the things necessary for inert gas and end my life without pain, I am to scared to hang myself or whatever.
My life is just nothing that I would've called "fun" anymore, in the past I loved it to play with my friends or play games, now all I do is fantasize about killing others or masturbating while thinking about rape, this is just disgusting if I think about it.
I can never cuddle with a future girlfriend without having the urge to hurt her or be with friends without having the urge to hurt them, it just just mental torture for me.
Castration wouldn't work cause many urges are non sexual, the masturbation is just a bit of relief for it.
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2023.03.26 10:55 Acceptable_Accident Due Second Child - Tips and Tricks!

Our second child is due in a frighteningly short amount of time (8 weeks). We have a two year old who is a total dream - not a perfect sleeper but finally into his own bed. We both work full-time, although I will be taking 10 months as maternity leave. My husband is taking 7 weeks paternity from when the baby is born. Our little boy is in childcare Monday - Thursday and will continue to remain there for the foreseeable. We have support in the form of my mum, who lives around 1hr15mins drive from us, but that is about it.
I plan to breastfeed as I did with my first, but we will be introducing bottles as well. We didn't do this the first time around (although we did try, he just never took a bottle without a fight) and I felt a lot of pressure, as I was the only source of food for our son.
Like a lot of new parents, I am anxious about the impact our new arrival will have on our relationship with our son, as well as his feelings about having to share his time and attention with his sibling. Unavoidable at any age of course, but he seems to be developing so quickly at the moment and be so self-aware, that I just want to make sure we're doing everything right.
My husband and I are looking for tips and advice around welcoming a second child into a household - whether these are practical tips such as who should do what, what to prioritise, what to not worry so much about, or tips around how to introduce the baby to our son and how to make sure things stay as settled as possible. Absolutely anything that you learnt with your second! What you feel you did well, or what you may have done differently in hindsight.
We're going to try and make an extremely basic plan of action, so we both understand what our main responsibilities are in the very beginning. I remember the first 6 weeks being particularly difficult with our first, as it was such a shock to the system going from partners to parents, and I imagine it's only more complicated when you have two. Any help or advice you can give as seasoned parents would be gratefully received!
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2023.03.26 10:53 Standard-Crossword38 How many Exercises and Sets should I be doing per lifting workout?

I’m an a 400/800/1600m runner doing around 30-35 mpw. I have PRs of 54, 2:06, and 4:50. I was just wondering how many exercises, sets, and reps I should be doing per workout? Right now im a TON. To break it down (almost all 3x10): 4 upper body, 3 core, 2 plyos, 5 lower legs, 3 hips, and 3 quads/hams. I was just wondering how many exercises and then sets/reps I should be doing every lifting routine? Especially a fullbody one. (I lift 3x a week after hard workouts, tempos, and long run).
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2023.03.26 10:49 Prestigious_Sir3605 I have a strong urge to hurt innocents, I am sure it is not ocd. Is suicide the best option?

Hello. This is a repost.
It is hard to describe the urges, my body feels like exploding and I feel extreme emotional pain constantly and I know I would feel the ultimate relief if I would hurt someone.
Before I describe the fantasies I have to say that I know that this is very immoral and I really don't want to act on it.
I can't describe it in detail cause I don't want to get suspended again but it is mostly about violently killing and raping innocents.
I think it is mostly about confronting people with things that they find disgusting is what gets me off.
My main problem aren't the fantasies itself, it helped me to feel good at first but after some time they became urges in real life, this is what really hurts, how my body and mind feels when I have those urges.
My Life was disgusting way before those urges but this made everything 100x worse.
Those urges began when I was 13 or so, I had the urge to hurt my dog, I remember my first sadistic urge, my dog was sleeping and I cuddled with him and then I had the urge to crush him, it felt extremely weird but I didn't mind. The first fantasies were when I realized how I got abused, I fantasized about murdering others constantly after that.
As I said I am pretty sure why I have those urges, I got abused massively in my childhood and my childhood generally was very bad.
In the Kindergarten I was very feared of social contact and didn't talk with anyone.
In the elementary school it got really bad, out of nowhere a "friend" forced me to show my penis, he said he would beat me up if I wouldn't show him so I did even though I didn't want to, another "friend" always touched my nipples and he didn't care that I said that it hurts. In this time I saw sexuality as something disgusting that only works if one person is hurt and I am pretty sure this is why I have rape fantasies cause my subconscious still thinks that even though I am against sexual violence. As far as I know is that they did it cause they were abused by pedophiles.
After Elementary school I thought everything has gotten better but it got worse when I visited my father, he had aggression problems so he had beaten me up multiple times and had to hide in a room and was extremely scared to go out. He also had a disease so he would puke a lot of blood, it was normal for me to see liters of human blood. He also showed me how to hang myself. The worst thing he did was when I visited my grandma and she was sleeping, everything was fine but then he grabbed a knife and threatened me and laughed at me when I was scared, the inner terror I felt. I also saw his corpse when he died and I cried cause I haven't seen a corpse and I was only 12.
After that I came in a new class and everything there was ok but then I got a crush on a girl and I told a "friend" and he said that he tells her if I didn't tell her myself so I did and she was scared and told everyone and then I got bullied, this has hurt really bad cause I trusted her and deeply loved her and constantly fantasized about being with her.
It was a really bad time but I could still feel love back then.
Then my grandma died and the last bit of love in me, I cried so much.
After that it was too much for me, I looked up videos of corpses and people dying to ease the pain and to normalize it for me and it worked but a bit too good, I began to watch gore excessively.
It became even worse when I realized how I got abused, then I fantasized about doing those things in real life and then the urges follow.
In that time I saw the old "friend" and hoped that he is better now but the first thing he does is sexually assault me, I asked him why he did this and he said because he had the urge to, this was very creepy for me cause he probably feels like myself except that he acts on it cause he can't endure the disgusting feeling of that urge.
I tried to break the contact with him and said I didn't like him cause he assaults me and this hurts me even more and he said he would better himself but then some weeks later his friend who forced me to show my penis in elementary school texted me that he would beat me up if I don't give them money, this made me feel an extreme amount of anger.
I told my other friends that he sexually assaulted me but they don't care.
I can't go out alone cause he has many strong people and I don't want to get beaten up my him, last helloween he searched for me to kill me.
I do the same thing I did when I got bullied in the past, not going out and just sitting in front of my pc after school, in the past it works but now I constantly feel the urge to hurt others.
It is kinda ironic how it hasn't changed a bit, in the past I distanced myself from others cause I was scared that they would hurt me and now I do the same thing but cause I am scared of myself.
I am also constantly scared that others will hurt me.
What is also bad is that I am really bad at impulse control, I was extremely angry in the past and destroyed every object in my room but this wasn't that bad cause it was only objects and not humans.
I think the best example of how I feel for this urges is how a person who is mentally addicted to a drug feels when they don't take it for long, they can stop it but will always have the urge to take it and they will also do that if they don't monitor themself but the difference is that while they would just get the drug issues if they don't watch themself I would rape or kill someone.
It is mental torture this pressure that I feel, it is probably one of the worst mental conditions.
I also can't feel love anymore.
I tried many psychologists but it just made it worse. The first and second one said that my problems are too big for them. The third one said that my urges scare him and that I don't have to wonder that no one likes me if I fantasize about others in that way which hurt me.
Cause I tried to kill myself I now have to go to a psychiatry everyday and there a therapist talks with me, but what I find weird is that everytime she asks if I can assure that I don't kill myself or others, for the first point I believe that it is my choice to die alone and for the second question I always feel like a monster.
And besides that I am really scared to talk about this with other people.
And also I am pretty sure this isn't ocd, I enjoy these fantasies sometimes and now they are also urges not only thoughts.
I tried anypsychotics but it just makes the urges worse.
And also in the psychiatry a 10 year old said weird things about murder and cause of that they thought that I told him this cause it matches my fantasies even though I would never tell a child those things, this is what I get I get suspected for weird things just because I am honest with my thoughts to my therapist, this also hurt me, after that I got more scared to talk about my thoughts.
I think another big problem is that I have always lived in my fantasy world instead of socializing but it was all ok until the fantasies became so dark.
My plan is to try therapy until I am 18 (I am 16 right now), then get an apartment, buy the things necessary for inert gas and end my life without pain, I am to scared to hang myself or whatever.
My life is just nothing that I would've called "fun" anymore, in the past I loved it to play with my friends or play games, now all I do is fantasize about killing others or masturbating while thinking about rape, this is just disgusting if I think about it.
I can never cuddle with a future girlfriend without having the urge to hurt her or be with friends without having the urge to hurt them, it just just mental torture for me.
Castration wouldn't work cause many urges are non sexual, the masturbation is just a bit of relief for it.
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2023.03.26 10:48 ArtisticFurrball It’s been less than a year and I cry every time I think about her…

I had a dog, her name was Pearl and we were inseparable, I will never get tired telling our story. I used to be a very lonely kid, not even my parents have me that much attention and I was pretty much obnoxious to everything due to how lonely I felt. One thing I’ve always loved: animals. They are wonderful, specially dogs. One day at my grandparents farm one of their dogs had puppies. I was overjoyed and went running to see the mama with her pups (obviously from a distance). Then I saw her: the most beautiful and amazing and perfect doggo. She was a beautiful cream-colored puppy with the prettiest black nose. I swear that the moment we saw each other it was then that I knew she and I were meant to be together. I was the happiest 6 year old when my grandpa said I could take her. It was something out of this world, I can’t explain how our bond was. From moment one she was extremely loyal to me and so I was immensely loving towards her. I spent days and nights playing with her and my world became the brightest since then. Even at my lowest she was the only constant I had. I suffered through many things: bullying from family and classmates, constant rejection from others, being alone, not having any friends, being diagnosed with depression as a kid… She was always there for me. I would come home after school and she always greeted me like this. Looking at her smile always made me feel way better about my life. I bought her the best things and gave her the best opportunities I could bringing her to the best vets in our city. Not once I left her alone, every time I could I would bring her along with me and we traveled our country together. Beaches, forests, cities, and countryside: you name it we went together. I always felt as if she was a part of me. I couldn’t explain it but it was as if she and I were a single soul. We were the best friends ever. Then one Thursday as I was getting ready she seemed off so my mom and I went to the emergency pet hospital nearby. When we arrived the vets saw her and ran to attend her. She had entered a shock and there was bloody liquid bubbling out her nose. I was panicking and crying like I’ve never before. I’m not one to cry easily but at that moment I was very vulnerable. My mom had to hold me back to me not to run behind the vets. We spent there more than two hours. After this, I couldn’t go to school and I was so extremely tired from crying that I fell asleep the moment I got home. Pearl had been hospitalized, and was intubated with oxygen. We didn’t care we paid proximately $370 just for her to be ok, she was our Pearl. Then later at 11 o’clock they called us to tell us she had passed away. They had tried everything they could but her body gave up. At first I couldn’t process the shock it was to me. Even saying that days after I kept relieving the memory in flashes and am still emotionally traumatized by watching her die in front of me. I acted extremely cold towards everyone and everything. I just locked myself in my room and didn’t speak to anybody. I kept telling myself I was OK, but I know I was not. At night, when I finally could process what had happened I cried, Innoway I cannot explain. I felt like a part of me had been ripped off and I couldn’t breathe. My mom tried calming me down, but I just simply was having a mental breakdown. Now it’s been less than a year and I know I was just 16 years old and I should be getting over it, but I can’t. Pearl was my whole world, and I miss her with my whole heart every day. I have other tree dogs, but things are just not the same with them. I keep giving them love and playing with them and bringing them places like I would normally do with Pearl. However, I cannot get over that feeling that she’s just not here. I love my other doggos with all my heart and I wish I didn’t feel this way, but sometimes I cannot see myself loving them in a way that’s nearly as much as I loved Pearl. She was something like my pet soulmate, and nothing will ever change that. My family knows that for me talking about Pearl is an extremely touchy subject because I can’t even think about her when I’m already crying. I’ve been writing this and I’ve been crying nonstop. That’s a lot for me because I am a person that even when she’s depressed or extremely overwhelmed, doesn’t cry just keeps to herself. Right now this is something way bigger than me. How do you even deal with the situation? How do you get over a 10 year friendship that was so special? You just simply can’t. I believe I will always have her in my heart. Even after she died not much then a couple of days later I had a dream about her. I was in the backyard of our old house, and suddenly she came to me. After I saw her, I immediately started crying, part of me just knew that was her. Even if I was just dreaming, I knew that was her soul in that very moment. Even when I knew I was dreaming (sort of) I knew she couldn’t be there because she was gone and she had to go. I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to hold her forever. Part of me even wished I was dead to be with her, but I kept telling her that she needed to go, because even if I love her she had to rest. Part of me regrets it every day because after she went away, she has not come back in any dream. However, I know that it was the right thing, she had to rest. I know I am selfish for not wanting her to go, yet I know it was her time. I just can’t see myself without her in my life, I promised myself I would keep on going every day for her because that’s what she would’ve wanted. I know I’m talking as if she was a person here but that’s just how important she was to me. I hope that as I keep on living, she wil accompany me with her soul, and that the day I die, she will meet me in heaven. She has been the purest soul. I know God will take care of her for me and I am sure she’s happy by his side while I’m gone. It sometimes feel as if no one understands the emotional and even physical pain I’m undergoing because of this. I swear the day I got her ashes, I felt as if I was stabbed 1 million times in the chest. I felt great pain every time I cried, holding her urn. And I may never get over this, but I know things will be better end that I have three more beautiful dogs that love me and that can be awesome fur friends. Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest. I hope that anyone in any type of similar situation to mine gets better to, us humans really don’t deserve their beautiful perfect souls. I am sure that they watch us from heaven and that neither they or us will forget about each other. Please don’t DM me. I am OK. This is just something I needed to get off my chest as I said and I can assure you I’m better now. Now I am 17 years old and she’s still 10, she will keep on her age, and I will go on growing mine with our beautiful memories we had.
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2023.03.26 10:31 gyjfczntqa 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





"Please fuck me, Sir." she begged, smiling, "Please fuck your little...whore."
So this must be a dream, right? You overslept, you're late for work, and you're hallucinating.
TDonovan: don’t worry I can’t forget about something like that lol
pulled them down and
And with that, Jade leapt off of Tommy with a wink and scurried out of his room, leaving his door open.
I kept on rubbing my cock, wanking just like I had always done, feeling the pleasure mount, and probably because of the extra stimulation I’d had, kissing Tina, fondling her, watching her touching her own pussy and pleasuring herself, even having her pressed beside me like that, my orgasm abruptly exploded at the base of my cock, much stronger than usual, and suddenly I was spurting uncontrollably.
While fucking Lizzy’s mouth, Nick noticed Danny had begun sticking a moist finger inside of Lizzy’s ass. He was prepping her for his huge tool. This action caused Lizzy to scream so loudly, Nick was sure everyone from the party would come bursting in the room to see what was going on.
"We're going to Heavenly Hands massage parlor," I smiled.
She had been very embarrassed when Sara, the stylist, had asked Melissa to remove her skirt and blouse before sitting down. Melissa had nearly broken and run, but Jacqui's firm look had been enough to ensure compliance. The young coed remembered how she'd felt sitting there facing their clinical detachment, her legs spread wide and held in stirrups, and her body covered by a burning crimson blush.
---------- Just a note: ----------
Suddenly she made a shriek noise and pulled up her shirt to cover her perky b-cup breasts and spun at the same time. Giving me a great view of her tight little butt.
“God that was intense” Kathy croaked out.
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