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/BandMaid, a community for discussing BAND-MAID, the all-female Japanese rock band with a maid motif.

2013.06.29 16:48 neogenic Put your Kitsune up!

Once you've heard it, you'll never unhear it. BABYMETAL is a band that you'll either love or hate. Amuse producer Key Kobayashi delved into the unknown and fused Idol (J-Pop) and Metal, creating a sub-group of Sakura Gakuin: BABYMETAL! Having blossomed in Japan, they exploded into the Western world after their first album release in February 2014. Going on to tour the world within just four years of their creation, they really have taken the metal scene by storm.

2011.03.02 22:04 Action Figures, Toys and anything related!

Join us for action figure discussion, news, stock alerts, deals, customs, photography, and more!

2023.03.21 14:27 versingos YesAsia Or Cdjapan Discount Code

You can get YesAsia Or Cdjapan Discount Code by clicking the link. On that page, there are current promo codes, coupons or deals etc. Select one of them and enjoy the discount! Here you go, that is your coupon code.
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2023.03.21 14:08 versingos YesAsia Or Cdjapan Promo Code

You may check the link for YesAsia Or Cdjapan Promo Code. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.03.19 00:55 Wackycat5 HELP

I have a huge problem. I recently ordered a vinyl on cdjapan, while selecting the registered airmail option. It was ordered around the 23th of januari and it arrived in my country not long after. It made a lot of stops till it went radiosilent on the 24th of februari. I got an update today telling me "Arrival at inward office of exchange". Google told me this meant it had arrived in my country, but that couldn't be right, seeing how it's at "Kawasaki Higashi Post Office (Kanagawa Prefecture)". I am extremely worried that I somehow missed my chance and it'll be lost. To rub even more salt on the wound, they removed the "estimated delivery date" option they left blank for a month. Can somebody please help me. If this isn't the right subreddit to ask, please tell me where I should ask this.
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2023.03.17 03:46 yawaraey CDJapan's Export Chart Top40 2023 Vol.11

JPop Top 40
Blu-ray/DVD Top 40
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2023.03.16 03:39 yuyuchix Hi guys i want to preorder a few things from cdjapan and this is my first time using their website, i’m not sure which shipping to proceed with.. cheaper would be better for me but i don’t want my stuff to get lost or broken.

Hi guys i want to preorder a few things from cdjapan and this is my first time using their website, i’m not sure which shipping to proceed with.. cheaper would be better for me but i don’t want my stuff to get lost or broken. submitted by yuyuchix to AnimeFigures [link] [comments]

2023.03.15 04:41 XavierPS4 CDJapan return

Hey all, I recently canceled an order with CDJapan and was wondering how fast they typically refund the amount back. Thanks!
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2023.03.14 11:28 2EM18KKC01 ‘Evangelion Eternally’ Album Cover Art Revealed (via CDJapan)

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2023.03.14 06:43 MichyDeez eyemirror Trigun sunglasses

So went to CDJapan to see if I can buy the sunglasses but then got denied because of rules of shipping prohibited products, understandable. By any miracle, does anyone know any other way to acquire them? By this point I need to be Japan to get them, and I don't feel like ebay is the safest bet.
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2023.03.12 05:35 clessi_a Help locate Johnny by Takaya Kawasaki

So, this song specifically is something that I've been searching for for a while. I use Amazon Music as my main streaming app, and I listened to this song up until it was removed from the app, I can't remember how long ago. It's been nagging on my mind, and I just can't let it go. The song comes from the album Harukaze, which was also wiped from Amazon Music. When I looked it up, I saw that CDJapan allows you to buy the CD, but I've had the link saved on my phone for a while and check up on it occasionally. The CD is always marked as sold out. Other than that, it shows up on the internet for Spotify, but it does not appear on the app (confirmed by a friend who uses Spotify because I do not) and when trying the preview function online (I don't know if it's just the formatting of being online) it does not play. In addition, the text is a dull gray color, not white, so I assume that it's a problem with the song's accessibility. Anyway, this is all the info I can really offer but I hope it helps. I'd like to listen to it again before I forget about the way it sounds (which I barely remember now). Due to it being Japanese, there's probably a language barrier that I will find myself unable to overcome if I ever find anything more about it in the future, but if anyone has any information to share about the song or its album at all, I would be really glad. Thank you!
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2023.03.11 15:33 Daedalus015 Ordering Guide for Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Digital / Physical)

Ordering Guide for Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Digital / Physical)

Image: Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is Available Now!
Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse has finally released! Below you will find a guide for Digital Ordering as well as a Guide for Physical Ordering via Importing through Japan. I also attempt to keep aware of any deals for the digital editions, which I will post here as well.
Latest Official Trailer - The Story Trailer:

Ordering Guide: Digital

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse can be purchased digitally on PC + Switch + PS4/PS5 + Xbox! The Digital Deluxe Edition contains an Artbook with Concept Designs, Developer Commentary, and a Soundtrack. Plus several gorgeous costumes. See details here: Note: Although the KT America site shows screenshots of the Artbook in Japanese, the released Artbook is fully in English!
Current Deals

Ordering Guide: Physical

Physical Orders in Japan for Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse are up across several stores online. This guide will provide an up-to-date list and rough walkthrough for ordering an Import from these stores, for those of us, like myself, who would like the physical media, goods, and perks offered in Japan.

Physical Editions

Physical Game: Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch
Image: PS4 and Switch Physical Game Cases
Note: The PS4 edition includes a free upgrade to PS5 (see KT Product Page)

Goods Box (Sold Bundled or Separately)

Contents: Artbook entitled "Rogetsu Isle Reminiscences" containing a new Short Story about Marie Shinomiya (an early game character), Two Clear Files, and One Soundtrack CD. Note: As of yet, it is unclear whether the collection will contain the art of the digital-only Artbook being sold with the Digital Deluxe edition. For more details about the Artbook, visit this page: Rogetsu Isle Reminiscences
Image: Goods Box containing \"Rogetsu Island Reminiscences\" Cover + Three Sample Pages, Two Clear Files, and Soundtrack CD
Fortunately, KT is offering the Goods Box for sale separately from the game media. So, if you'd rather purchase a digital version of the game (say, on Steam), and then acquire the Goods Box separately, you can do so at a cheaper price. Please note, that some stores appear to be only offering the Game Media + Goods Box bundled together, but most offer it separately at the cheaper price. You can, of course, purchase both Game Media + Goods Box together. More information about the contents of the Goods Box can be found here: Koei Tecmo Shop Page

English / Multi-Language Support

At present we have no official information from KT on which physical editions will contain or receive an English / Multi-Language patch. Since KT has unfortunately been mum about which physical editions of the MOTLE Remaster per region will support English / Multi-Language (if that matters to you) it would be *likely* safer to preorder the Asia region editions.
Update (3.14.2023): We have received confirmation regarding the following Physical editions:
  • PS4/PS5 (Asia Region): English Support Included!
  • Switch (Asia Region): English Support Included!
  • Switch (Japan Region): No English Support.
As for the Goods Box content, we have confirmed that the interior of the Asia region Artbook is in Japanese.

Store Listings

For the sake of clarity, these are organized according to what region the vendor offers. At present, there are several Japan region vendors, and only a few vendors which are offering the Asia editions: PlayAsia, VideoGamesPlus, and XtraLife. Feel free to comment below if you notice other vendors offering the Asia edition, and I will be sure to update this list.
Japan / Asia Region Editions + Goods Box
Japan Region Editions + Goods Box
Animate Online
KT Spot
WonderGoo (via Rakuten)
Yorozuya Shop Beak Takarajima: (search for "月蝕の仮面")

Collectible Items

Various stores also offer unique collectible items, depending on the shop chosen. You can see a listing of those here, kindly summarized and translated by the Zero Wiki:
Image: Preorder Collectible Items Translated by Zero Wiki

International Shipping

Since many from the list of stores are in Japan, some, but not all, will ship Internationally. For those exceptions, it is recommended that you use a Parcel Service, such as the following:

Image: Treasure Japan \"Shopping\" Tab Order Form
It is recommended that you ship via either EMS, Fedex, DHL, Airmail, or Economy Air (SAL). As of 12/14/2022, SAL and Airmail (far more economical options) have still not resumed service due to the pandemic. Tracking is typically provided for EMS, Fedex, DHL, and Airmail, but you should double-check regardless of which option you choose. You also may need to input a Shipping Weight in order to checkout properly. Based on the weights shown at YesAsia's site (which are estimates), they are the following:
  • Game Only = 150 grams
  • Premium Box = 800 grams
  • Goods Box Only (no game) = ~650 grams


Prices and shipping costs likely vary widely, so choose wisely.
Yen to USD/Euro/Pound Converter:
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2023.03.10 10:48 nevew666 Ensemble stars artbook ?

I'm currently in Japan and I wanna purchase merch and artbook of ensemble stars.
While I didn't find anything interesting at the animate at ikebukuro, I did find LOT of artbooks. Problem is.... We can see what's inside. And I don't truly want to buy a book with 90% text and a few images...
I found these ones book 1 the second one with Rei and Koga, and I think the 3rd one with Eichi and Tori.
But also a big one: book 2
And finally, a bigger one : book 3 (actually, not truly sure it's this one, I found on in a mandarake shop but again, no way to know what's inside...
I'd love artbook with illustrations, details on characters and costume, characters sheets. If you know which ones are good, please share :). I'm planning to buy some.
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2023.03.10 02:10 yawaraey CDJapan's Export Chart Top40 2023 Vol.10

JPop Top 40
Blu-ray/DVD Top 40
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2023.03.08 14:38 GrayDeathLegi0n Merch alert: CDJapan listing for 3.0+1.11 Thrice Upon a Time limited edition

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2023.03.08 13:44 PekkaJukkasson Some weeb shit from cdjapan arrived the other day

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2023.03.07 22:25 thief-inthesky Help with Cheri+

Hey all! Since the manga is ending, I thought it would be nice to get, for the first time, the Cheri+ volume it will be on. However, I am now doubting if this is the right volume: ?
The lack of a Given-related cover is making me question it lol.
Thank yoou
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2023.03.04 22:45 IsshouPrism Uta Monogatari Vinyl release on CDJapan

It's a preorder, but you can purchase it now
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2023.03.02 16:22 Shadownessxd My CDJapan haul finally arrived

My CDJapan haul finally arrived submitted by Shadownessxd to BocchiTheRock [link] [comments]

2023.03.01 21:38 Ambyants An Unofficial Guide to hololive SUPER EXPO 2023 and 4th fes concerts [Streaming Edition]

An Unofficial Guide to hololive SUPER EXPO 2023 and 4th fes concerts [Streaming Edition]

hololive SUPER EXPO 2023

What is the SUPER EXPO?

hololive's SUPER EXPO is a yearly in-person convention held in Japan that includes exhibits, performances, and various events and streams. The EXPO usually includes the entirety of hololive production in some capacity, and has most of the content produced put up for free on the official hololive and Holostars YouTube channels. This year includes paid segments, as well as venue-only events that are available only to those attending locally. This guide will be focused on the paid and free streaming segments planned for the two days the SUPER EXPO will be running.

EXPO Stage Day 1

Rough Translation of the Day 1 time table. All times in JST.
Day 1 begins on March 18, at 10:30am JST. For comparison, that is:
EDT- March 17, 9:30pm
PDT- March 17, 6:30pm
GMT- March 18, 1:30am
WIB- March 18, 8:30am
Details on Day 1's events are as follows:
Opening Ceremony [10:30-12:00 JST]
Opening Ceremony (hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Tokino Sora, Natsuiro Matsuri, Amane Kanata, Hakui Koyori
Introduction of this year's SUPER EXPO and it's booths.

Holostars EXPO Walk [12:00-13:00 JST]
Holostars EXPO walk (Holostars YouTube)
Featuring: Astel Leda, Kishido Temma, Yukoku Roberu
Holostars' SunTempo take viewers at home on a tour around the EXPO floor.

holoLIVE Camera (hololive YouTube)
[12:00-13:00 JST]
Livestreaming a fixed point perspective of the EXPO floor.

hololive Quiz Champion [13:00-14:00 JST]
hololive Quiz Champion (SPWN/Streaming+/Free sample on hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Hoshimachi Suisei, Nekomata Okayu, Yukihana Lamy, Momosuzu Nene
A hololive-focused quiz competition featuring hololive members and visitors.

Holostars EXPO walk [14:00-15:00 JST]
Holostars EXPO walk (Holostars YouTube)
Featuring: Kanade Izuru and Aragami Oga
Izuru and Oga take viewers at home on a tour around the EXPO floor.

Cosplay Area Talk and Photo Session (hololive YouTube)
[14:00-15:00 JST]
A look at the cosplay at the event.

Sister Marine's Confessional [15:00-16:00 JST]
Sister Marine's Confessional (SPWN/Streaming+/Free sample on hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Houshou Marine, Shirakami Fubuki, Nakiri Ayame, Usada Pekora, and Japanese cosplayer Enako
Sister Marine hears confessions from guests and fans.

Extreme Physical Fitness Test [15:00-16:00 JST]
Extreme Fitness Test (Holostars YouTube)
Featuring: Yatogami Fuma, Utsugi Uyu, Hizaki Gamma, Minase Rio
Holostars UPROAR!! take on an "extreme" physical fitness challenge.

A Game Tournament without Honor or Humanity [16:00-17:00 JST]
A Game Tournament without Honor or Humanity (hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Aki Rosenthal, Ookami Mio, Inugami Korone, Tokoyami Towa
A gaming tournament where the four participants compete for the top rank.

EXPO Stage Day 2

Rough translation of Day 2 time table. All times in JST.
Day 2 begins on March, 19 at 10:30am JST. For comparison, that is:
EDT- March 18, 9:30pm
PDT- March 18, 6:30pm
GMT- March 19, 1:30am
WIB- March 19, 8:30am
Details on Day 2's events are as follows:
Day 2 Opening Stage [10:30-11:00 JST]
Day 2 Opening Stage (hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Oozora Subaru, Shirogane Noel, Shishiro Botan, Omaru Polka
A look back at Day 1 of the EXPO, and introducing Day 2.

Oozora Police EXPO Station [11:00-12:00 JST]
Oozora Police Station at the EXPO (SPWN/Streaming+/Free Sample on hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Oozora Subaru, Shirogane Noel, Shishiro Botan, Omaru Polka, and Japanese cosplayer Moe Iori
The Oozora Police patrol the EXPO floor, with guest appearances.

=Not pictured=
Holostars EN EXPO Walk (Axel Syrios' YouTube)
[11:00-12:00 JST]
Featuring: Axel Syrios, Banzoin Hakka, Machina X Flayon
Members of the Tempus Guild tour the EXPO with viewers at home.

holoSPY [12:00-13:00 JST]
holoSPY (hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Ceres Fauna, IRyS, Hakos Baelz, Amelia Watson, Calliope Mori, Gawr Gura, Ninomae Ina'nis, Nanashi Mumei, Takanashi Kiara, Ouro Kronii
holoEN play a minigame together where they have to determine which one of them is the spy.

holoLIVE Camera (hololive YouTube)
[13:15-15:00 JST]
Livestreaming a fixed point perspective of the EXPO floor.

Anisong Karaoke [13:00-14:00 JST]
Anisong Karaoke Tournament!! (Holostars YouTube)
Featuring: Hanasaki Miyabi, Arurandeisu, Rikkaroid, Kageyama Shien
A 3D karaoke competition where the boys sing some of their favorite Anime songs.

KOTOBA QUEST [15:00-16:00 JST]
KOTOBA QUEST (hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Vestia Zeta, Kaela Kovalskia, Kobo Kanaeru, Takane Lui
holoID's 3rd gen members take on a Japanese language quest from Lui-sensei.

Ending Stage [16:00-17:00 JST]
Ending Stage (hololive YouTube)
Featuring: Robocosan, Tsunomaki Watame, and A-chan. As of March 7, Akai Haato has confirmed she will not be appearing at EXPO Free Stage events due to health concerns.
Wrapping up this year's SUPER EXPO, as well as touring the cosplay area and announcing the winners of the hololive Creator Contest.

SUPER EXPO Special Stage events

This year hololive is holding various "special stage" events during the EXPO. These Special Stage events are paid content, and require special tickets to attend or watch in full.
These events are: hololive Quiz Champion, Sister Marine's Confessional, and Oozora Police EXPO Station. There is also a venue-only Special Stage event that will not be streamed, where A-chan watches the holo*27 concert with EXPO attendees.
Buying Special Stage Tickets
Special Stage tickets are sold separately through both Streaming+ and SPWN.
Streaming+ Special Stage ticket page:
SPWN Special Stage ticket page:
Pricing differs between the two services, with Streaming+ charging 4,250JPY/31.24USD per stage and SPWN charging approximately 3,500JPY/25.76USD per stage. There is no bundle deal on either platform, you can only buy tickets piecemeal. Refer to the section covering the fes concerts further down for more details on how streaming tickets work.
Dates and Times
hololive Quiz Champion
JST- March 18, 1:00pm
EDT- March 18, 12:00am
PDT- March 17, 9:00pm
GMT- March 18, 4:00am
WIB- March 18, 11:00am
Sister Marine's Confessional
JST- March 18, 3:00pm
EDT- March 18, 2:00am
PDT- March 17, 11:00pm
GMT- March 18, 6:00am
WIB- March 18, 1:00pm
Oozora Police EXPO Station
JST- March 19, 11:00am
EDT- March 18, 10:00pm
PDT- March 18, 7:00pm
GMT- March 19, 2:00am
WIB- March 19, 9:00am

Free Stage Streams

This is where all non-paid/Free Stage events will be streamed:
=Day 1=
hololive Channel main stream:
Holostars EXPO Walk 1:
Holostars EXPO Walk 2:
Holostars Physical Fitness Challenge:
=Day 2=
hololive Channel main stream:
Holostars Anisong Karaoke:
Holostars EN EXPO Walk:

You can also still watch last year's SUPER EXPO streams:
hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 Day 1 stream:
hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 Day 2 stream:

Our Bright Parade, hololive's 4th fes concert

What is Our Bright Parade?

Our Bright Parade is hololive's musical concert portion of the SUPER EXPO 2023. It's the fourth livestreamed concert featuring hololive talent across all it's branches and generations, and the first to feature holoX, holoID Gen 2, and holoEN CouncilRyS. As with the previous fes concert, this will be fully 3D Augmented Reality, with talent moving around the stage and accompanied by a live band. This year has been described as "a nonstop shiny stage where anyone can join the parade anytime, regardless of generation and boundary".

What is holo*27?

This year marks the first time a third concert stage has been added. holo*27 is a collaboration with sound producer DECO*27, and will contain original songs as well as various covers. You can learn more about the holo*27 project, as well as listen to some of the music already produced on the official site here:

When is Our Bright Parade?

Day 1 of Our Bright Parade begins on March 18, 2023 at 6:00pm JST, after the EXPO events for the day have ended. The waiting room for the concert opens an hour early to let viewers settle in.
Day 2 of Our Bright Parade begins on March 19, 2023 at 6:00pm JST, after the EXPO events for the day have ended. The waiting room for the concert opens an hour early to let viewers settle in.
For comparison:
Day 1:
JST- March 18, 6:00pm
EDT- March 18, 5:00am
PDT- March 18, 2:00am
GMT- March 18, 9:00am
WIB- March 18, 4:00pm
Day 2:
JST- March 19, 6:00pm
EDT- March 19, 5:00am
PDT- March 19, 2:00am
GMT- March 19, 9:00am
WIB- March 19, 4:00pm

When is holo*27?

holo*27 takes place during Day 2 of the SUPER EXPO on March 19, at 1:00pm JST.
For comparison, that means:
EDT- March 19, 12:00am
PDT- March 18, 9:00pm
GMT- March 19, 4:00am
WIB- March 19, 11:00am

How do I watch the 4th fes concerts?

First off, you'll want to go here. This is the official page for everything related to hololive SUPER EXPO 2023 and the 4th fes concerts. From here, you can either click the "Ticket" button at the top right, or the big round "TICKET" bubble on the bottom right.
This should take you to the official ticket page. Here you can find a variety of information about the different tickets, the shows, and precautions. If navigating to this page from the official 4th fes site, it will default to Japanese, but if you click the "EN" bubble just about "Important Notes" you can translate everything on the page.
These are the official links for all 4th fes and SUPER EXPO related tickets. You'll want to scroll down until you see either the "EXPO Streaming" or "4th fes Streaming" options.
It is important to note that this page only directs you to the Streaming+ platform. Streaming tickets are also officially available through the SPWN platform, which you have to navigate to here:
The SPWN website may default to Japanese, but you can change the site language to English by clicking an option at the top right of the page. Unfortunately, I've hit the maximum on images allowed per post, so you can check where it is on my previous guide here:
If you're purchasing tickets through Streaming+:
The Streaming+ page for 4th fes is located here: You have the option of purchasing the Day 1, Day 2, or holo*27 tickets separately, or the "Through ticket" that bundles all 3 shows into one. Simply click "BUY NOW", to be directed to the page corresponding to the ticket you are interested in, then you can "ADD TO CART" each ticket you want. You'll be asked for your information, including Country and Nationality, before being taken to a Sofbank page for payment. This page will be in Japanese, but is just asking for your credit card info. Once payment is complete, they'll send you two emails: one detailing your order, and one containing the link you'll use to access the show(s) you paid for.
If you're purchasing tickets through SPWN:
You have the option of purchasing Day 1, Day 2, or holo*27 tickets separately, or the "Through ticket" that bundles all 3 shows into one. Click "Buy Tickets" on any one of the ticket options to be taken to the combined ticket sales page. Here you have to change the quantity on the ticket(s) you want from 0 to 1 and then "Add Tickets to Cart". The SPWN event page for 4th fes should change the "Buy Tickets" option to "Before the Live". Once the show starts/is available to watch, this will change again so that you can access the show directly.

Which ticket should I get?

If you want the full experience, you'll want to grab the Through ticket that covers both days as well as the holo*27 concert. The main difference beyond that is the choice between Streaming+ and SPWN. Streaming+ is a new option this year, I can't say much about it, and it costs more. I've also heard from a few non-US people now that have been blocked from using it. SPWN is what I'm personally comfortable with, it's proven to be reliable for the previous concerts, and costs less.
Ultimately the choice is yours, but for comparison:
Streaming+ - 7,550JPY/55.50USD separately, 21,850JPY/160.63USD for the Through ticket
SPWN- 6,500JPY/47.80USD separately, 19,500JPY/143.50USD for the Through ticket

=Day 1=

4th fes Day 1 performers
Day 1 performs on March 18 at 6:00pm JST. Members from all across hololive are included, and unlike previous fes concerts, new Gens/members are not separated off into an "Opening Act" or "Additional Cast" segment. Each branch and generation is expected to be fully integrated and will perform together. There will also be a group performance of the 4th fes theme song "Our Bright Parade".

=Day 2=

4th fes Day 2 performers
Day 2 performs on March 19 at 6:00pm JST. Members from all across hololive are included, and unlike previous fes concerts, new Gens/members are not separated off into an "Opening Act" or "Additional Cast" segment. Each branch and generation is expected to be fully integrated and will perform together. There will also be a group performance of the 4th fes theme song "Our Bright Parade".


4th fes holo*27 performers
The holo*27 concert takes place on March 19 at 1:00pm JST. Members from all across hololive are included and will be performing music from the holo*27 project alongside producer DECO*27.

hololive Member Watchalongs

Traditionally, members from hololive not performing during the fes concert will stream a live watchalong where they react to the concert as it happens. These streams do not include any images or audio from the event, but are there as a way to share the experience with others.
Day 1
Hakos Baelz -
Aragami Oga -
Anya Melfissa -
hololive ID Gen 3 -
Shirakami Fubuki -

Day 2
Aragami Oga -
Arurandeisu -
hololive ID Gen 3 -
Hakos Baelz -

You can also still check out a sampling of some of the previous watchalongs:
Omaru Polka and Momosuzu Nene's Watchalong of 2nd fes Day 1
Takanashi Kiara's Watchalong of 2nd fes Day 2
Kureiji Ollie's Watchalong of 3rd fes Day 1
Aragami Oga's Watchalong of 3rd fes Day 2

Free YouTube sample

The previous fes concerts have provided a short "free viewing period" of each day of the fes concerts on YouTube. These samples often show the first 30-40 minutes of the concert before shutting down and requiring paid ticket access.
Day 1 sample-
holo*27 sample-
Day 2 sample-
You can still watch the free samples from 3rd fes here:
3rd fes Day 1
3rd fes Day 2

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I can stream through SPWN?
-SPWN provides a page to test your ability to view streams through them here. They accept VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX and DINERS credit and debit cards as payment.
How do I know I can stream through Streaming+?
-Streaming+ provides a page to test your ability to view streams through them here. They accept VISA, MasterCard and Alipay as payment.
Can I use PayPal to buy tickets?
-I've heard mixed things over the years from people claiming they can or cannot use PayPal on SPWN. Unfortunately, I haven't tried myself so I don't have a solid answer on this. I can only say that PayPal is not listed as an accepted form of payment for either SPWN or Streaming+.
When should I buy tickets if I want to watch live?
-It is HIGHLY recommended to buy your tickets as far in advance as possible. Previous events had so much last minute demand that they crashed SPWN's payment system, leading to some people getting charged incorrect amounts of money or missing the live event entirely. Consider this your reminder to buy your ticket beforehand if you're planning on watching live.
There are two separate event listings for both the 4th fes and Special stage events, what's the difference?
-Both give the same tickets to the same events. The separate listings are separated into "JP" and "EN", but this only really applies to the live chat rooms during the show. Even if you end up with a 'JP' ticket, you'll get the same experience as an 'Eng' ticket, it's just the chat room you'll see during the show will be primarily with Japanese viewers.
What happens if I can't catch the livestream?
-You can purchase tickets even after the livestreams end. Your ticket entitles you to watching the event live, as well as access to the VOD of the showings you bought tickets for until April 21, 2023 at 23:59 JST.
Will there be any clips or VODs available of the fes concerts or Special Stage events?
-Any clips or videos of the paid events will be provided by Cover after the event ends. Screenshots uploaded to social media are allowed, but if you see any clips or videos uploaded from outside Cover itself, please report them. VODs are not downloadable from SPWN or Streaming+.
What is the difference between the "open" time and "start" time for the live stream?
-The 'open' time is a period before the show that allows viewers to filter in to the stream and get comfortable. During this time there will be an audience chatroom available, with ads and promos being shown on screen, but not much else.
How long are the shows?
-For the 4th fes concerts, around 3 hours. holo*27 is scheduled to run for 2 hours. The Special Stage events are an hour each. The SUPER EXPO as a whole is scheduled to run for approximately 6 and a half hours each day before giving way to Our Bright Parade.
Will there be translations or subtitles?
-For Our Bright Parade, a member of hololive or Holostars who is not performing may do a watchalong and chime in with translations from time to time. The SUPER EXPO streams on YouTube may have fan translators in the live chat using LiveTL to translate what they can, but these events will almost exclusively be in Japanese outside of the EXPO events involving holoEN or holoID.
Will this event be available in VR?
-There are no plans to feature any VR support. hololive's VR concerts are almost exclusively under the Cinderella Switch branding through VARK.
Can I watch on more than one device/Can I hold a watch party for my friends?
-Generally speaking, you can switch the device you're watching on at least once and cannot watch from multiple devices at the same time. Beyond that, they ask that everyone who watches the shows has their own paid ticket.
Will Tempus be at the SUPER EXPO?
-The only event they are mentioned in is the venue-only StarsPuri exhibit. On March 16, the boys announced they would be doing their own EXPO walk on Day 2 on Axel's channel.
What about merch?
-SUPER EXPO merch is available here! EXPO/fes related merch usually doesn't go on sale until the event is underway and often takes months to ship overseas. Before this year's event, it was possible to pre-order some merch in Japan using the new holo-cart app, but the app was not available to overseas fans.
Is there a way to watch the concert beyond the period it's available on SPWN/Streaming+?
-The fes concerts get released on Blu-ray some time after the event ends. They generally are not sold through the hololive Official Shop, or outside Japan, and usually require ordering through a site such as CDJapan to get it shipped overseas. For reference, you can find the CDJapan listing for the 3rd fes Blu-ray here. The announcement of the BDs will usually be made on the hololive official Twitter or website.
How much would it be for all available tickets?
-If you were to purchase the Through ticket for 4th fes, as well as all three Special Stage tickets, you're looking at spending approximately $254 USD through Streaming+, or $221 USD through SPWN. Please also remember both services charge a fee on top of the listed ticket price. Spend wisely.
Updated: March 25, 2023
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2023.02.28 06:54 answerofthequestion Buy Japanese Manga Internationally

How to buy Japanese manga if I'm living out of Japan? Is cdjapan good? Or Amazon(japan)?
How did you get your copies?
If Volume 1 gets sold out, will it not get reprinted again since the manga has been axed? (I was waiting to start manga collection from next year but I'm afraid volume 1 will be sold out :"-) )
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2023.02.27 17:25 BloodOfToxin Does anybody have this song?

does anybody know where to find the soundtrack song in ep 20 when he reveals himself? cant find it anywhere and I really dont wanna have to check CDjapan and import a CD from japan again just for 1 song lol
(damn they dont even have it on CDJapan :( )
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2023.02.27 15:27 amethystpacifist Yurie Kokubu's Relief 72 Hours Reissue

"First time; long time" points if you get the reference haha. But just wanted to let my fellow city pop lovers know that there's a reissue for Yurie Kokubu's Relief 72 Hours releasing on April 26, 2023. Pre-orders are up on CDJapan
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2023.02.27 02:02 CalebKOnline A buying guide to buying the Splatoon 3 Soundtrack CD! [For people who don’t live in Japan]

Want the CD? Buy it here (shipping not cheap, and you can’t make it any lower)
Want the CD with the limited edition poster as well? Buy it here (shipping will be the same, but the item will be more expensive because it has to bought from another supplier)
And that’s all there is to it! :D
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