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2023.06.04 19:59 Gullible-Bullfrog497 How do I get rid of the stupid snow?

I’m trying to get pictures of an Iceworm for my creative base, but all this snow is in the way and I don’t want it snowing in the shot. I typed precipitation into console commands and it did nothing. I typed weathergui into there, and it did pop up, but it’s not letting me do anything on it. I’m playing this on an Xbox one. What do I do to get rid of this snow?
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2023.06.04 19:59 edupv97 ED / Low libido problems

ED / Low libido problems
Hi, I have had low libido all my life. I'm 25 and natural(I'm not on TRT or PEDs and never have been), and recently did a testosterone blood test to see if my problems are due to low test. But the results says that I have high testosterone. Anyone with the same experience that can help me? What other values should I test for my libido?Can TRT improve my libido? Pic related is my blood test
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2023.06.04 19:58 djblender Need a new outer rim job? Two Twileks One Cup has the best outer rim jobs!
If you are reading this then obviously you are on the look out for a great guild to join. Good News, your search is over.
2T1C is actively recruiting to continue to strengthen 'Rise of the Empire' TB. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a great Guild and wider community as we are a part of the Hive Alliance.
If you want to earn top rewards and gain exclusive access to workshops with some of the top swgoh content creators, then what are you waiting for? Click the discord server link below.
2T1C 480+ when full RoTE 34 Stars and 33~38+ Reva shards each TB 130m Krate Raid and pushing for next box (currently scoring about 175m) Proven TW Strategy and win streak
Raid Times: Krayt launches at 2pm EST/8pm GMT
Require: 9.5mil GP 600 Tickets – 3 missed in 1 month is removal TB Mandatory Discord mandatory TW optional, but if you join it is required to participate
Come and Join The Hive of Scum and Villainy
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2023.06.04 19:58 leuchtender_stern Frustration over accidental self-sabotaging

I'm so incredibly frustrated with myself.
I really need to study for my last oral exam because it's on Tuesday, it's a lot and last minute studying is no option at all and I need a good grade since I'm graduating and it will greatly impact my overall grade and with that my chances to get into my dream course of studies. Despite this I have wasted the whole morning and early afternoon and when I came from dinner now I was really in the mood to continue studying! But I needed to go the toilet because otherwise it would have completely thrown me out of studying in a few minutes so I took my phone with me to quickly look into that one study method I wanted to try out after I finished my overviews and still needed to look into. And bam, that was my mistake, because when I was done looking it up, I wasn't done in the bathroom so I decided to quickly look into something else.
30 minutes went past(and I only have a max of 2 hours today with good motivation) and when I noticed it, I also noticed my motivation was gone. I should have just put the phone aside when I finished looking the method up!
I ruined the chance to finish what I desperately need to finish today due to losing soo much time, losing a big amount of the little time I had left and losing my motivation all because I tried to keep it and start doing something
I just feel so dumb and frustrated and angry and I know that makes it even worse and makes trying to get back into the workflow again even harder. But I just can't help feeling so devastated because I finally had that workflow when not having it made me procrastinate all morning and made me anxious to even think about studying. I was so proud to feel good about studying, to finally start. Just to ruin it myself due to not eating all day, having to eat when I got into the flow and with that ruining it completely. I don't know what to do anymore and now the feeling anxious because I'm not studying and being afraid of not being able to finish what I need to do today is back. Even tho, I now know(because I just spent another 20 minutes being frustrated and writing this) there is no chance at all I'll be able to finish it. But my own frustration prevents me from using the little time I got left and makes me even more behind in the schedule, when I would have been able to make it despite wasting the morning.
Tldr: Trying to keep the workflow after procrastinating and not eating all morning with combining it with taking care of my body made me lose the workflow even tho I had a chance to succeed today and now I'm so angry at myself that I'm taking the chance away to use the little rest time I got. But I just can't stop.
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2023.06.04 19:58 Renskol (30M) Experiencing my first mental health burnout after partner (29F) experienced psychosis

Hi All,
To keep this as short as possible, I’ve been together with my partner for 5 years. Within the first 5 months of us initially dating, I was told by her family that she has schizophrenia after a mental health episode. Since that initial diagnosis, I learned a lot about the triggers, treatment and being involved with her medical appointments to best support my partner. I was positively supportive knowing the positive prognosis provided by my partners psychiatrist. There were no warning signs ever since this event, other than a timeline for when she can come off medication.
We have travelled overseas, interstate, lived together and planned our future keeping in mind of our other goals and ambitions. My partner is my best friend and by far has changed and enhanced my life to the man I always wanted to become. We are fully aware of committing to marriage and a family life with each other.
In September 2022, my partner was burnt out from a heavy work and life schedule. As I have witnessed people go through psychosis before, I knew this was a warning sign. To cut it to the chase, and keeping the people involved very minimal for reputational reasons, my partner went missing for 3 days. I was awake the whole time, documenting and keeping a low profile to find her with her parents. Whilst working with the police with the evidence I had gathered with her parents, we were able to find her in the middle of the night with the police officer and her parents advising to restrain her, and obviously not to hurt.
It did break my heart to see her in the state she was in, saying things such wanting to break up with myself. The police officers at the time did not obtain communication from the station I was liaising information with, making it slightly more difficult and more public attention with some citizens believing I was attempting to assault my partner despite being in front of her parents. Her parents did comfort myself, and I had kept the people including her closest friends informed.
My partner was in a psychiatric ward in hospital for approximately 3 ½ Weeks, with the hospital allowing no visitors during this time. When my partner was discharged, agreeing that being with her parents for a short time during the recovery period was the best way to handle our jobs and for her to receive attention and treatment.
Unfortunately, with her parents agreeing, she was let out far too early and was on the spectrum such as wanting to drink and party. My partner does not drink nor goes out to parties, clubs, raves, or events however I have always been open for her to do what she wants to do. The day after my partner was discharged, she had bricked her phone making herself non-contactable with no friends or people knowing where she was.
Following her parents and the advise from the CATT (Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team), they were on the search for herself again after unable to locate herself. During this time, she did advise one friend of hers of going to an event and did not tell anyone else of her actions or motives. With much concern, and herself making contact with myself she was aware of what happened, and her parents had dropped the concern with the CATT team.
On my end on this same night, she had advised a few of her friends with one advising what she was saying and claimed I abused and controlled her. Knowing straight away that this was false, struggling to think of an example, we later broke up with a nonsense break-up whereas I was still focused due to our shared responsibilities. Her parents advised that with time and medication, that hopefully she would be able to think more “clearly”, and with her parents advising myself that she was physically hitting them during this time.
After hearing about the claims, unfortunately she had gone public on social media posting the claims and sharing videos of our text messages with no evidence of her claims. Being afraid for my career, and her long-term friends starting to question if I was genuine – I was blocked by her friends, and communication had stopped. A few people did show me the misinformation posts spread about myself that led into a 2-month window. I was contacted by the CATT team after the 2-month window being advised that she had relapsed, so I supplied any information I was given to give herself the best support. I did not post on social media on any forms about my private life or relationship, outside two group chats on a high-level advising about the bizarre content that was posted outside the slander.
I was advised by the CATT team and my psychologist to keep the police aware of the misinformation due to cancel culture, with evidenced supplied as I was cut from all communication from her family and friends. No formal report was filed however I was advised to have all communication blocked for my own safety. During this time, I was experiencing worry for the future by having to re-evaluate life, I had significant family and friend issues, a few unfortunate deaths and my mental state had burnt out completely. I did not have any time off from work during this whole period.
After New Years, my partner had reached out to my parents and later to myself. I was startled at first and worried, however she was talking completely normal and realised of her mistakes, actions, and her personal journey. I was treading lightly out of fear and being cut out of communication, until the conversation mentioned that she was not on medication, she rushed a decision and was hallucinating believing that I was “evil” along with her parents. What had sold myself was that I still loved my partner, and she loved myself however with her protective friends and the slander posted, they had advised her not to contact myself.
Fast forward to the present day and she was correct, with me being involved in her new program with a new team including additional psychological assistance. I was identified to be a carer, with no issues and a definitive timeline of events. The re-diagnosis was stress-induced psychosis, with herself addressing issues. We agreed that we will be back together, however I was still caught in the rift of my issues with family, friends, grief, and my career and other income streams having significant issues.
I was living a double life for a few months. I had told my family of what happened and what I want out of life. I just wanted to have everything back to “normal” again. I did not realise of how mentally unprepared I was, keeping in mind that multiple factors did contribute to burning out. My family was very concerned at the time but realised later that I was doing what made myself happy.
As we’ve picked up our plans where we had last left off, my partner at times does not remember the damage caused by herself with my family trying to protect myself. I’m heading to Europe in a week for a holiday with friends as an escape/break from reality, with us moving back in together upon returning.
Although the answer is obvious, I am struggling to return to my “normal” self, as I’m combating both her friends and my family being concerned about myself from the past slander. I am recovered from the event however there was a lot of decisions and actions that was said, with her friends claiming that I have too many “red flags”. These “red flags” have not been identified, characterised, associated with an example or a trait for me to identify and improve upon myself and our long-term relationship.
With a lack of support from her closest friends, choosing to hide away from us, and her younger sister attempting to ruin our relationship with more slander. I am at a point where I do not know how to make healthy actions, whilst I find comfort in ignoring that particular time period on a mental level. I am struggling between chasing my own happiness, whilst on pilot mode and meeting my financial responsibilities being the bare minimum. I have never personally experienced burnout before with such self-diagnosed symptoms including:
• Headaches, unable to eat and physically vomiting water.
• Self-imposed social limitations and not interacting with friends due to no longer feeling aligned with certain values and social mantras.
• Mental factors such as decreased productivity in all aspects including putting my PhD studies and start-up business on hold. I no longer have the same level of passion for my main workplace, with internal politics affected my growth opportunity and income. I do have mortgages to pay off, causing financial stress.
• Body stress factors such as experiencing a lower auto-immune system, including having COVID for the first time, and the flu and tearing my forearm putting myself out of physical exercise for 3 months.
I have actively been speaking to my psychologist, and knowing the feeling of depression from past experiences, we had identified that this is not depression with no medicine to be prescribed to myself. As I know this is a messy situation and with my partner also not knowing why I am taking so long to adjust, I am at a point where I am self-aware of my issues and problems and also traumatised from the experience however I need to move on with my life and make positive life amendments.
As this is my first burnout, does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle my mental health but also be attentive to my partners mental health and to move forward with life?
• My partner and I have been together for over 5 years, I was aware and told she has/had schizophrenia.
• Over the years, we never experienced a single symptom or episode. We are both happy with our plans for our future including marriage, kids etc.
• My partner and I lived together, travelled internationally and domestically. We were both happy with no signs of concern from her family or mine.
• In September 2022, my partner experienced burnout and psychosis for three days. She was found safely and with a minimal group of people who knew details.
• My partner was admitted in a psychiatric ward in the hospital for 3 ½ weeks with zero outside contact, and when she was discharged. She stayed with her parents after being discharged with her mum to look after her.
• My partner went missing the day after being discharged with the hospital and her family asking myself to find her. My partner had bricked her phone and was uncontactable and developed an obsession to party and drink, being opposite to her personality.
• My partner after coming back to her parents advised a few of her friends, with some approaching myself with herself claiming that I “abused and controlled” her.
• Following the advice of her parents, we wanted to give her time to re-adjust however we broke up with no logical reasoning.
• As we had finances shared, I had to be civil and logical with herself whereas she was partying away. She posted slandedefamation on social media publicly regarding the claims with no evidence and a lot of concerned family members and friends approaching myself. She had also physically assaulted her parents during this time.
• My partners closest friends believed the defamation/slander and wanted to protect herself, whereas I was advised to report everything to the police for safety reasons. I understand her family and friends concerns however I was cut from communication.
• My partner had relapsed 2 months later, with the same CATT team contacting me to provide information, in which I did to provide her the best treatment. During this time, her father and I remained in contact out of mutual concern.
• I was experiencing worry for the future by having to re-evaluate life, I had significant family and friend issues, a few unfortunate deaths and my mental state had burnt out completely. I did not have any time off from work during this whole period.
• After New Years, my partner contacted my parents to get in contact with myself. She was not on medication nor has schizophrenia. She admitted that rushed she rushed a decision and was hallucinating believing that I was “evil” along with her parents. What had sold myself was that I still loved my partner, and she loved myself. I want things to return to “normal”.
• My partners new diagnosis is stressed-induced psychosis, in which was more evident with underlining unaddressed childhood traumas she had to face.
• I am happy deep down. I am struggling between chasing my own happiness, whilst on pilot mode and meeting my responsibilities being the bare minimum during this first experience of burnout in all aspects in life. Notably my family experiencing issues, friend issues and support, career issues through internal politics causing financial stress, and my body is physically reacting to the stress.
• I am unable to get out of this pattern for months, and I have been having professional support. I will be in Europe in a week for a holiday.
As this is my first burnout, does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle my mental health but also be attentive to my partners mental health and to move forward with life?
Thanks All 😊
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2023.06.04 19:58 AmericanClassic7 51 [M4F] #Lakeland, Florida - HONEST AD: Attractive, right wing, dominant man seeks younger, fit, conservative woman for traditional relationship and marriage

How are you?
You know how you want to be bowled over and think, whoa, I think I've found my exact match who just fits me so well, it's like we're made for each other?
Yeah, let's find out.
We're not talking perfection or anything, just a really great match that makes our lives seem like our own little Heaven on earth. At least we try and make it that way every day.
With that in mind, here's who I am and what I'm looking for.
Here's what I want in you:
Now, a quick note: I like a woman who shares her ideas and opinions and sees if something holds water when I say what I want done. Not in a sarcastic tone or questioning way, but tactfully and politely. If there's something you wrestle with, let me know. Ask if I've considered this or that, or give me a different perspective to consider. Or just as good, offer an alternative. Say I want to obey you and I will, but would be ok if I... (fill in the blank with your alternative idea) to try and get that same result for you?
Something like that. And if you're the quiet type and just want to obey without much input, I can work with that.
Note: Be willing to talk about sex and answer any number of questions. Ask any you have. Sex is essential in a great marriage, and we need to know if we're compatible with our desires and preferences and what we expect or are looking for. If you're less experienced or a virgin, no worries. There are still things to talk about.
This is getting long and you're not reading fast enough.
You should already be thinking of what you're going to say to me and stand out from the other women.
Hints: I love honesty. It's essential to me. I love longer replies (not just the first ones, but any). Not every one has to be some mini-novel but you get what I'm saying. I love details. I mean, I don't need the "I had this sandwich at 12:32 and it didn't sit well with me, and my boss has this habit where he walks the hall and I keep my door partially open so..."
More like you just fill me in who you are, what you believe, what you like or love, what you want in relationships, anything. "I love swimming, I try to go 2-3 times a week and mountain biking is almost my thing. I went on this trail the other day and it was..."
Or "OMG you described me to a T. You mentioned being obedient and loving to serve my man and I'm like, hey, if he only knew! I'm throwing up a hand here and making my way to the front of the line so you notice me because (fill in the blank with things you love to do)
OR the super honest route:
"You know what, there are prettier girls (I'm doing ok in that area, though ;) and I don't have all of what you're looking for but I do have (list the things you have) and most would probably win if you compared us in some of the things you listed, but I can say that no one will outwork me, no other woman will be as committed to you, or do her best to make your life better in whatever way I can, or love you like crazy (we'll get there) or not let myself go and try and look good. Those things I can control. So if you're looking for an "average" girl but who can offer extraordinary in some ways, and treat you like a king, you may want to write me back. We could have the best relationship!"
You get the idea.
I work odd hours sometimes.
So if you write me (and you should), don't disappear if you don't hear from me right away, or even in a few hours. I will find you. I will write and we'll begin our first chapter in what is hopefully, a wonderful romance that fills us with joy, love, happiness and a peace because we've found that right match for us.
Message or chat. Hit that button and tell me about you. Age and location and anything you want to share. Be willing to trade pics very soon.
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2023.06.04 19:58 ThjodolfHvinir Change actionbar while swapping weapons

I'm playing a ranger. One thing that I really don't like is that I have combos I cannot use when wielding a melee weapon / ranged weapon (greyed out).
I would like to have one actionbar for each weapon (say actionbar 1 and 2) that will switch when I change weapons.
I managed to put a macro on the mouse key I wanna use for it that executes two keys who are bind to switch weapons and actionbar 2 in AoC.
Problem is there is no way to switch back to actionbar 1 because that would mean I need a condition in my mouse-macro. Do you have any advice for me how to get it to work, perhaps utilizing AoC scripts or gui mods?
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2023.06.04 19:58 unofficialauthority I (30M) need advice about unfaithful (31F) spouse.

This is a messy situation, but I need advice.
TL:DR About to buy a house with my wife and 2 kids while she admits to have feelings for her coworker.
So on May 4th, 2023, we had a bad fight. She was upset because she felt alone and unheard, and basically I was too. I ended up leaving for a walk because I didn't think she cared about me at all. The next morning I woke up to screenshots of her conversation with her best friend. She was venting to her about all the mistakes I made and all the reasons she had to resent me. Just trying to show how bad of a person I am. Instead of replying, I went to talk face to face about everything, where she had mentioned that maybe she was better off with someone else. My spider sense tingled, and I pressed on about that (she had mentioned just before about how maybe we aren't right for each other). Eventually she admitted that she had been texting her coworker and had feelings for him. She showed me the messages, and she was pursuing her attraction for him and he was open and reciprocal. Some will consider that cheating, others won't. In her own words, she cheated on me.
So we did talk it out and try to resolve things. She said she would delete his number and only talk about work with him. I decided to try to trust her and move forward with her in the relationship and in our home buying process. I just want what's best for our kids (2yr and 3yr old), and divorce will only make it harder to co parent for us.
About a month later on June 3rd, she was using her work computer and left it open. Whether right or wrong, I felt the need to look at her team's conversations with her coworker to see if she was going to keep her promise. There was a lot of personal conversation there, asking about his interests and sharing hers, so it left me with a lot of doubt. I went to confront her about it and ask if she still has feelings for him, and if she has taken any action to close those doors that she opened up. She said she still has feelings for him and hasn't done anything to prevent infidelity or to preserve her relationship with me.
That's where we are. Just got pre approved to buy a house on June 1st with her. She says she wants to try to save our relationship and get a house. She doesn't want this to ruin what we've worked so hard towards.
Do I trust her and buy a house with her? Do we put everything on hold? Do I leave? I don't know what to do here.
I know plenty of fault can be found on my end. I do my best to recognize what I have control over and where I messed up. But that doesn't justify her choice to betray me and her family.
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2023.06.04 19:57 ABCThrowaway67 How do you find a realtor when you are locating anywhere in the state? How to compete with cash out seller listings when you don't actually have the total cash?

2 Questions, please read all info before commenting! Thanks in advance! :)
  1. How to find a Realtor when you are shopping the whole state? -- I know realtors are typically only willing to put in the time getting you want you want if you are committed to buying in their area. This makes total sense. But my budget requires me to look anywhere in my state (see below for more!)
  2. How to get a cash out vs conventional loan? -- I only have the downpayment and closing costs saved up, as well as some for DIY. I've heard individual buyers can sometimes get a lender to arrange a cash out purchase. Lender suggestions?

Deets: Wfh, single, 60k annual income last two years in self-employment business, looking to buy home for first time as a senior citizen, 125-150k, no lot rent, no or barebones HOA, not afraid of DIY.
Have lurked here for a year reading and learning (and thanks, been learning a ton while I save!). I haven't come across this exact question in this sub. There are a lot of questions about buying from out of state, but my situation is a little different. Due to the nature of my work, I need to be located in my current state, Washington.
Been watching Zillow for a year, and properties in my range (125-150k) do pop up a few at a time, with the right amount of DIY, but are spread out across the state, random places. I'm open to relocating, even across state, depending on the total package.
Do I just contact each realtor for these Zillow listings separately and work with several but not broadcast to them I am working with more than one realtor? I may be missing out on properties because when you work with one realtor they often know of properties not on places like Zillow.
Any tips are welcome! Thanks!!
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2023.06.04 19:57 KingCrimsonLoveTrain How long actually is the tournament?

We have a time for how long the matches are but have we considered the actual length of the tournament? Is the tournament just 1 day or 24hrs? Is it one fight every couple of hours? Is it one fight every 24hrs? Is it 1 fight every other day or 1 fight pre week? These characters in their waiting chambers tell me they have ALOT of prep time and like Apollo. Zeus and his gang had to travel out of valhalla to go to his temple. Hades traveled from the underworld to Valhalla after knowing Poseidon's death which was only 2 fights ago (About an hour in total). Buddha being put of ICU after just 1 fight (around 40ish minutes) The timing is very tricky.
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2023.06.04 19:57 Raxtz1 19m looking for some preferably long term/close friends! Around my age :)

Please read atleast a bit of this post before messaging haha
It’s currently 12:56pm for me. So preferably around the same time for you. (So we aren’t asleep with the other is awake normally haha)
Hi! How are you doing?
My name is Kyle!
I’m from Florida(CST for time zone)
Some of my interests/hobbies include: Gaming,fishing,listening to music 24/7, occasionally watching movies.
I would love to find some friends to play some Xbox with! I have tons of games! A few being Cod MW2, stardew valley, terraria, Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of thieves, deep rock galactic, Diablo 2&3, Apex, gta, rdr2, rust I have like 100 games installed. I’m sure we could find something to play! (Im super bad at games, so I’m looking for people that are casual with games)
I also have a switch! So we could also play some switch stuff :)
Gaming obviously isn’t required for us to become friends! And I wouldn’t like to only talk because of gaming.
Music wise, I listen to mainly hiphop/rap. Stuff like carti,lone,ken,yeat,Summrs, lucki,UnoTheActivist,hardrock, Izaya Tiji,kankan.
I mainly watch horror movies. I don’t watch much these days, but I would definitely be down to watch something together threw discord or something. If you know how to set that up haha.
I love saltwater fishing the most, but freshwater is great aswell! I’m always down to talk fishing!
I’m kinda shy at first, but I’m working on it! I would prefer, if you would be down to voice chat, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker :)
I work weekdays. So I don’t get home till about 5-5:30pm cst. So that’s when I can play games and possibly voice chat.
I can message throughout the day everyday. Feel free to dm me! Hopefully we get along!
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2023.06.04 19:57 jerseyroller Can't get MoCA adapters to connect in a recently renovated home

I am trying to hardwire one of my mesh networking units to improve my network's overall internet throughput, but am having trouble with getting my two MoCA adapters to connect.
Hardware used:
I moved into my home last year, which was recently fully gutted and renovated. Six of the rooms have coaxial plates, and in my electrical cabinet, I found six coaxial cables without connectors. To prepare for MoCA, I bought a cable splicer and added twist-on connectors to all of the cables. I then connected all the cables to the splitter and plugged in the MoCA adapters in the rooms I want to use them, but no luck establishing a MoCA connection.
Troubleshooting attempts:
My one hunch is that a splitter might be hidden somewhere, but based on how I found the cables, I am assuming they run directly to the coaxial plates in the rooms.
What might I be missing?
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2023.06.04 19:57 OddlyLucidDuck Does the podcast get better after they leave lockdown / when they move to once a week?

I started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and I loved the first season or so. I'm currently about halfway through season 2 / August 2020 and it's starting to get annoying. The episodes are blending together because they're mostly a combination of:
Do any of these improve once Zach and Donald start to leave their homes and return to the real world? I can see how this would have been a comforting show while everybody was still in this position, but some of these episodes are not aging well. I know that it seems like I harped on Donald a lot, but I can really feel him getting stir crazy since he took the pandemic so seriously, not even letting his family leave the house for walks in the first few weeks. It seems like most of the foibles that I mentioned would get so much better once he's back to living a normal life.
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2023.06.04 19:57 The_Chaos_Pope How to I help a friend with a potentially trans masculine teenager?

TL;DR version: A long time friend his youngest kid (14 AFAB) has asked to go by a shortened version of their name. Their kid hasn't asked my friend for more than that, no request for pronoun changes yet. He's wanting to be supportive but not pressure them. I want to help in any way that I can but I'm really uninformed on most trans masc stuff because I'm a closeted trans woman. There are the obvious general resources I can get over to him (e.g. gender dysphoria bible, PFLAG, etc.) but I'm still uninformed on the trans masculine experience and any resources more specifically targeting the trans masc or enby experience I can get over to my friend or to their kid would be amazing.
Long version:
Me: a mostly still closeted trans woman in my mid 40's.
Him: A friend that I've had since the early 2000's with 3 kids and a very likely divorce looming over the corner.
I consider both him and his wife to be some of my closest friends around. I met them both when they were dating and I've seen them raise 3 amazing kids.
We'd notably grown apart over the last few years with COVID and me being immunocompromised and starting to transition in 2021, I've really taken to not ever leaving the house but my therapist has been encouraging me to reach out to my friends and family more and trying to guide me through how to come out to them. Anyway, I know my friend and I talked at length about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and how we both loved the hell out of that movie so I shot him a message basically saying "Spider-Man this weekend?" and he replied with an enthusiastic yes. We decided to get something to eat before the movie so we'd have some time to catch up before going to the movie.
Once we're there, he almost immediately starts filling me in on what's been happening between him and his wife and some of the way that she's been treating him and their kids and that she's been staying at an AirB&B for the last month or so (at their couples/family therapist's recommendation)
I start asking how the kids are doing and handling the changes going on; apparently they're all doing a lot better with their mother away from them for the last month; the oldest daughter is 19 now and has been going to community college for the last year and doing well, still living at home. Their second child (son) is 17 and graduating high school next year, he's been doing pretty good as well. And then he went to fill me in on the youngest and he used a nickname for them that I hadn't heard them use before; it was a shortened version and potentially masculine version of their given name.
He didn't immediately go into details or an explanation for the change but this kind of quietly supportive mentioning of a name change grabbed my attention and really told me that I've got a really great opportunity to stand up and help my friend and their (questioning?) kid and I was already really wanting to come out to my friend so I grabbed the opportunity to do so.
Considering the length of our friendship and how well I knew him for his general views on everything (I have pictures of us and his oldest kid at a Bernie Sanders rally in 2019) I expected this to go pretty smoothly but I was still nervous.
I got absolute love and acceptance from him. No hesitation, no questioning, just absolute steadfast friendship. He was happy to hear me talk about my story but beyond that being helpful for him to help me through things, he didn't need it.
I talked a little bit about some different aspects of my decision to transition and a bit about why I'm only getting around to it now but didn't get into the weeds on that. I could rant for hours about how much AGP fucked me over but we only had about 2 hours before the movie started so I boiled it down to about 2 sentences with some of the most generic and cis friendly language that I could come up with on the spot; I'm not attracted to men and that was very much not allowed by the medical community when I first researched transitioning. That's changed now. I let him know that I've been using the feminine version of my given name (honestly, I have a hard time calling it a deadname at this point; very few people have been given my chosen name so far) but I'm still not 100% sold on using that longer term. He accepted that and told me that he'd do his best and he'd use it until I decided to use another.
I'm pretty sure that he picked up that I'd picked up on what he was hinting at by dropping his youngest's chosen name in the conversation and he opened up a little more on it. He was still using she/her pronouns for their 14 year old but went on to note that he hasn't been informed of or asked to use different ones. My friend thinks he's heard their friends clearly using a masculine version of their name but he didn't want to make them uncomfortable by asking any questions about it.
I'm not 100% sure on how long it's been since he was asked to use the shortened name; I'm getting the impression that it's been a few weeks to a few months but I really haven't seen his kids in about a year or so (thanks pandemic) so it's hard to say.
Sorry for rambling so long about this. Anyway, I'm trying to look for specifically for info/help for parents of a trans masc or enby teen. I can get him the resources for general information on being trans but I'm not a parent and I'm coming from the other side of things and don't know a great deal on a lot of the issues my friend and his youngest kid will be facing, especially considering some of the worrisome things that were mentioned about his (soon to be ex?) wife.
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2023.06.04 19:56 miasmicClick652 Nice.

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2023.06.04 19:56 kristin137 Is it even worth continuing this conversation?

Is it even worth continuing this conversation?
Obviously I'm not going to check in on a playful loving lab for only 30 minutes per day. Do I suggest more drop-ins than that or just let it go?
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2023.06.04 19:56 B0rnLow922 "More housing would change the fabric of our communities!" I don't care

Look, no one likes change. Maybe you don't want to see a neighborhood of split-levels and cape houses gradually replaced with duplexes, triplexes, and other multi-family homes. "Our neighborhood is changing!!!" Sorry, but I care more about people finding a place to live than your distress over a duplex being built across your street.
There are valid concerns: How will local communities be able to support these new residents? What if the schools get "overrun"? Here's the point everyone seems to miss: If the people who would use that infrastructure and enroll their kids in the local school system were NOT living or working in MA, then it wouldn't cost $580,000 to buy a 1,400 square foot, 2-bedroom, 2-bath townhome in fucking Bellingham.
You want to keep things the way they are? Fine. Just don't complain when the homeless population slowly seeps into your Whole Foods parking lot and I charge $3,000 to replace a run-of-the-mill water heater. Sorry, I have to figure out a way to live here, so that's what it's going to cost you.
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2023.06.04 19:56 DontThrowAwayPies New Grad Project Manager Career: I can't tell if I'm coping or on the right track

So, I just graduated and I am hoping to be a product or project manager. My training aligns more with product, but project management fits my experiences too and I'd probably have an easier time switching over with some PM expeience / my education bg. So I'm trying to move to a city with good public transport, mainly looknig at Chicago but am flexible for anywhere else that fits the transport bill.
I have 2 interviews lined up this week. One is for an Office Administrator role for a veterinary related business. Job desc was taken down but it's mostly like doing administrative things to help their business run. The other interview is with HomeDepot as someone who schedules installation appointments and deals with customer service stuff for those customers. My question is, do either of these positions really give me skills I can use to help me down my path to being a PM or should I keep looking even if I get either of these roles? I had a busines analyst interview but I struggled to get Teams to cooperate for the interview so it was over the phone and I don't know if that hurt me despite being well. I know being a BA is a more traditional path towards PMing but I want to hear from others if the admin or installation coordinator roles would be good places to gain exp from on my path to being a PM or if I should focus on getting a BA or some other role. Any help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.04 19:56 spacecadet517 I wrote my ex a long letter and sent it to him 1 year ago. Should I contact him again? Seeking advice.

First some context….
I dated my ex for 5-6 months in 2021. We fell hard and fast. He was only living in the city for the summer, and we ended up living together for 1.5 months at the very beginning of our relationship. We were long distance for the remainder of our time together.
I have a history of relational emotional & physical abuse and trauma + coinciding anxious attachment style. The distance was admittedly hard for me… ultimately leading to our break up. We additionally have a somewhat significant age difference and at the time, were at two different “places in life”.
I am 30 and 7.5 years older than him. In some ways, he was more mature than men I have dated around my age/older than me and in other instances, his age and life experience were evident in a negative way. However, the positives and the love I felt for him always outweighed the negatives. Overall, it was a healthy partnership and when I was with him, I felt at peace and like I was “coming home”. I had a lot of fun and still miss his companionship 1.5 years after our break up.
We are now both on the east coast, and he is starting a 2 year grad program a 6 hour drive away from me.
Since our break up December of 2021, we have barely had any contact. Just a few texts, always initiated by me. He does not have social media either.
I drunkenly wrote and sent him a horribly embarrassingly long letter via email late July of 2022. This “letter” is something I originally wrote just for myself in the 1st person in my notes app, however I ended up sending it to him while under the influence. (This circumstance led to me being sober for months and even now I drink far less…I digress) I feel so much shame and embarrassment about it to this day. I of course did not receive a response back from him. I am not sure what I was thinking in that moment but try not to judge my past self too harshly.
It has almost been a year now since I did this. We have not spoken since. I still think about him every day though I continue to move on in my life and have a very rich social and professional life and still attempt to “put myself out there” in the hell hole that is the dating scene.
I have done a lot of work on myself and while I do have anxious attachment style, I have gravitated towards being more “secure”… though I know certain things can be triggered once one is in an actual relationship.
I consider myself an intuitive and spiritual person and something keeps pulling me back to this man. I have been in longer relationships but have never felt this way about anyone else. My friends hear the way I talk about him and know it’s different for me.
I would really love to connect with him again over the phone or even in person but am not sure where or how to even begin approaching that after the “letter” I sent him. I of course want to be respectful as I do not have any intel into his current life. For all I know, he could be dating someone right now.
Any advice on any of this saga? I would really like to attempt to connect with him, possibly with the intention of rekindling a romance or at minimum a baseline friendship that could possibly turn into something more in the future.
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2023.06.04 19:56 dsmoke01 BIYO (MTG079/DRAMAWORLD)

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2023.06.04 19:56 lizakbloblable [TOMT][GAME][PS2][2000s]

help remember the game! it was released around the 2000s on the sony playstation 2. it was a fighting game with various non-standard characters, no plot. you could play together. it wasn't a popular game, even chat jpt can't remember one. I remember something that there was either a devil or a skeleton as a character. misty, it was hell there..
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