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Reaching the 50 US State Highpoints!

2013.09.18 05:27 h2ohman Reaching the 50 US State Highpoints!

For those trying to reach the highest natural elevation in any or all of the 50 US states. Post your summit pictures, trip reports, questions, and advice, as well as any recent news regarding trail conditions, access restrictions, etc.

2023.06.04 18:28 Idontknow10304 A letter I gave my crush in a gift bag after graduation. First “love letter” I ever wrote, W or L? (For context we were both student officers and worked a snack cart)

(Crush name), aka Ms. On my butt
You’re the most helpful one of the group. Anything that needed to be done, such as pass out the gift bags at the senior banquet or fill in for someone for cart duty and I didn’t reply fast enough or just couldn’t do it, you would always jump on it. Even when it didn’t need to be done and it was something personal, such as my disaster of a backpack, you would still help out. Really, if it weren’t for you, I would’ve just let it keep going, but because you helped me out I tried my best to keep it clean(I never said it was a good try), both because you were probably going to scold me again and I didn’t want your work to be in vain, mostly the latter. You are also so very kind, I still don’t know what being girlypop means but you saying that made me feel welcomed in the group despite being the only male there as well as someone who usually stays outside of friend groups. You are also just plain fun to be around, even if you constantly remind me that I overcharged (Principal’s name) ONE TIME, threaten to run me over with the cart, and I had to constantly tell you how elevator buttons work, even that was part of the fun. Your personality is something I’m jealous of because I wish I was more like it, and something I like. I like your personality, your beauty(even if I find it superficial to say, I know it matters to you), you. I mean like as in like like. That’s right, I said it, and I mean it. I only wish I wasn’t so much a coward that I could’ve said it earlier and not when we’re going to be nearly 300 miles away. I don’t need you to say anything about this if you don’t want to, I just ask that 1. You keep it between us and 2. That we will remain good friends either way. Keep being you, because you are perfect just the way you are, as (teacher’s name) says.
(My name), aka “That elevator ain’t going to go any faster”
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2023.06.04 18:28 PishaCat Where to buy normal clothes for a body with muscle

I have never been as fit as I am right now. Two years of weight lifting and my quads are getting really big and I love it. But I am having a really hard time finding normal every day clothing now that I have muscle. Nothing fits my legs, butt and waist. Diaper front of all the pants I have tried on. Please help and send me your best brands!
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2023.06.04 18:24 Apart_Brilliant6645 5 month old schedule (day & night)

First time parent, breastfeeding mom. My LO is 5 months old and up until now, we’ve been mainly living on his schedule - meaning we feed on cue, put him down for naps based on tired signals, etc. We’ve noticed patterns but he’s still unpredictable, especially with sleep. He’s healthy and happy so it’s been working so far but my husband and I are feeling run down and tired of living primarily on his schedule instead of our own. I’m also returning to work this month and my husband will take over during the day so he’s looking for more structure.
LO’s nighttime sleep is also all over the place - we have an evening routine and he goes down around 7pm but during the night he can wake anywhere between 1 and 3 times and the times differ. The time he’s up for the day varies widely as well, which makes our start to the day hard and unpredictable. It seems when things start to get more routine, they suddenly change and as parents, we’re feeling wrung out and like we’re doing something wrong.
Any advice on how to build a daytime nap/feeding/play schedule for a 5 month old? And how to get a 5 month old to start sleeping through the night? Should we be following a plan or continuing to live off of his cues? Thanks in advance, Reddit community!
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2023.06.04 18:23 hunicut BF (29M) and I (27F) haven’t had sex in a month…

Hi. My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in a month. I’m at such a loss and don’t know what to do… I don’t like the way I’m behaving in response to this; I feel so desperate, clingy, and childish—frankly pouting at this point.
Backstory, we’ve been dating for two years and live together. As you usually hear in these kinds of stories, we used to have sex all the time in the beginning, sometimes even multiple times a day. Over time, it faded and became a weekly thing. That was totally fine with me… until he stopped initiating it. We got to the point where we would only have sex that one time a week but only if I started it. It’s been feeling like an obligation in his end for a while now.
Anyway, it’s now been one month since we’ve had sex. He doesn’t even touch my leg when we go driving anymore or sneak a little butt grab like he used to. I feel so clingy sometimes because I’m just so touchy in comparison to him now.
It’s also important to mention that back in February, I injured my back while moving. Two weeks ago, it came on with a vengeance, and I now have a herniated disc and struggle with walking. I’ve been feeling absolutely decimated by this—physically and mentally. I explained to my boyfriend that I feel like a prisoner in my body and haven’t felt good for a while now, so it’d be nice to be intimate and feel something good for a change. He said he doesn’t want to hurt me more, and I explained there are ways around it (i.e. sexting, making out, mutual masturbation, etc.). He just said, “Okay.” Nothing has changed or been initiated. They say communication is key, but I don’t think it’s landing… I don’t know.
I expressed my frustration to him, and he talked about how he’s been very stressed with money and the bit about not wanting to hurt me more. We talked through the money problems, and I said he hasn’t tried to use sex as a stress reliever at all; maybe we could try it together to see if it helps. No dice. I feel bad in saying this, but I’m a bit skeptical about his excuses. Yes, we have financial stress; I’m worried about it, too, but I find it weird that he says he’s so stressed yet it appears his sex life/our relationship is the only thing affected. He still actively participates in all his hobbies in a healthy way. He still smiles/laughs/jokes. I don’t understand how it all narrowed in on the sex and intimacy.
I tried talking further with him. I asked him point-blank if he still thinks I’m attractive. He did one of this high-pitched “yeahs” that sounded a bit like he had to think about it, you know? I doubted him, and he said, “Well, you’re crippled right now. It’s not exactly attractive to see you limping around. My manly instinct is to want to help you, not have sex with you.” Okay, so pity-induced repulsiveness? Thanks. I can’t help that I’m hurt right now. I mean, I’m trying to go to the doctor to get better, but it’s a long process. I’m still the same person I was before, and I still want the same things. And even if he’s not “in the mood” or attracted to me right now or whatever, I just feel like someone who loves you would hear something like “I feel like a prisoner in my body and just want to feel something good again” and really listen and try and remedy it…
I love him with everything I have, but I just feel so unattractive, unwanted, and defeated by my inability to totally cure his financial stress... How do I get through to him and reinvigorate our sex life? (I know some people may be inclined to tell me to leave, but for argument’s sake, let’s just pretend that isn’t an option. Thanks.)
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2023.06.04 18:19 ShouldaBeenABicorn Any way to get topstitching with some give without a chain stitch/coverstitch machine?

I got a lot of great help with altering my jeans here, so I’m hoping someone else might have an idea for my last stumbling block. I got all my jeans to where they fit, but the topstitching over the seat of the pants has snapped with wearing them. The seams were served first and then topstitched down, so at least my butt didn’t fall out, but I still need to figure out a solution. They’re a midweight denim 69% cotton/30% poly/1% spandex, so there’s a bit of stretch to the fabric. I did the topstitching with a straight stitch; my machine has a “straight stretch” stitch but it’s not actually straight, it’s sort of lightning shaped. It works great on things where a perfectly straight line doesn’t matter and where the thread is blending in to the fabric, but it won’t do for contrasting topstitching since it’ll be so obviously different from the rest of the pants. I can’t find any hacks or ideas for getting the topstitch to still be a straight stitch from the outside but have enough elasticity to actually stretch other than getting a machine that has chain stitch capability, and I’d prefer not to have to save up and drop a bunch of money on a machine that is only needed for such a limited application…
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2023.06.04 18:17 AbolishtheDraft Isn't it amazing how the United States can drop bombs on Syria, illegally occupy Syria, steal Syria's oil and wheat, and scream about Ukraine's sovereignty at the same time?

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2023.06.04 18:15 MedusaCascde Sleep trained and night weaned - 13 mo

I found myself commenting a lot about sleep training my 13 mo. Posts about older babies usually have fewer responses because most people sleep train earlier. This post details how we sleep trained, night weaned, and dealt with early morning wake-ups. It does not include nap training.
Method - Sleep Wave from The Happy Sleeper book
Background - We moved when LO was 4 months old. I started a new job when she was 4.5 mo and she started daycare at 5 mo. We had originally planned to sleep training but after all that upheaval I was really enjoying nursing to sleep and rocking my daughter for awhile before putting her down. It was the most peaceful time of day for me. Also, it was working really well, so I didn’t feel the need to sleep train at them time. I’d also let the internet get into my head a little about sleep training and was less inclined to try.
As I said, it was working really well. I nursed to sleep, she got up twice a night to eat and that was really it until 8.5 months. Then, we had a never ending chain of ear infections which culminated in tubes at 11.5 months. Sleep was so terrible during that time (which obviously was inevitable) and while it got better, it never really recovered. So we sleep trained at 13 months.
Sleep Training - The Sleep Wave
I highly recommend reading the book. The method involves a sleep routine and 5 minute check-ins with a mantra.
Our bedtime routine: - breastfeeding - diapers and pjs - brush teeth - baby led play (awesome and highly recommend!) - sleep sack - books - rocking and lullaby - put down awake and say mantra
Check-ins: - If she was crying, we’d set a timer for 5 mins - timer goes off —> go in room, say a mantra like “it’s time sleep. We’ll be right outside. We love you.” Then, leave the room. No soothing. - Repeat check-in until asleep - She stops crying but then restarts, restart the timer when she starts crying again - Since I was breastfeeding (and to be honest baby is more attached to me), it was critical that my husband did the check-ins. Once we switched the first night, it was much faster. - We continued breastfeeding overnight until done with sleep training. If it had been 3 hours, I went in and fed her. Tried to put her down awake (didn’t always happen, I didn’t stress it). If she cried, my husband did the sleep wave. -If she cried between feedings, my husband did the sleep wave.
Night 1 - She was overtired. Fell asleep after one check-in by me. But woke up an hour later and screamed. I did a handful of check-ins that didn’t work great. She was standing and crying when I went in. My husband took over. I think after 2 check-ins with him, she went to sleep. She ate twice overnight, cried when I put her down, but went to sleep each time with 1-2 check-ins for Dad. She woke up a few times and went to sleep with check-ins.
Night 2 - cried when put down but went to sleep with 2 check-ins (I think). Ate overnight and woke up a few times but less than night 1
Night 3 - cried when out down but asleep after 1 check-in. Ate overnight twice. I don’t think she cried other times.
Nights 4-5 - I honestly can’t remember. She may have needed one check-in in the beginning or after eating. We were definitely done after 5 nights though.
Nights 6-7 - sometimes she would cry a little but always less than 5 minutes. Started timing limiting night feeds to 5 mins to prepare for weaning.
Night weaning - Reducing time
For a few nights before, I limited feeds to five minutes based on the book’s suggestion. Then, I dropped 30 seconds every other night. She eventually dropped to one feed and then none. If she regressed, I used the last amount of time. We were done in a week. She dropped them all before we hit the final time of 1 min 30 seconds. I think after that you start cutting feeds beginning with the earliest.
Early morning wake-ups - Sleep Wave and Green light
The downside of sleep training is it came with 5-5:30 wake-ups which were never an issue before. At first we just dealt with it but once sleep training and night weaning were cemented for a week or two, we followed the book’s advice.
We used the sleep wave from 5-6 am. The book recommends 6 am (or 11 hours after bedtime) as your okay to wake time. Even if that meant a check in at 5:55am. At 6 am, we went in, made a big deal about it being morning, and got up for the day. I also started using the green light and bird sounds on the hatch to signal it’s okay to wake. But I turn it on manually right before going in because we don’t actually need to be up until 6:30.
It took about a week. She just made it past 6 two nights in a row. Hopefully, it sticks. The book says to expect it to take 2-3 weeks.
Naps - We haven’t napped trained because we mostly don’t need to and she goes to daycare. Before daycare, we did drowsy but awake while we stayed in the room and sang. She learned to nap independently at daycare pretty much right away. Sometimes she wakes up to early on the weekends from naps. We hold her to if she hasn’t slept an hour yet. Since she’s only napping at home two days a week, we’re not going to nap train. Might do it when we drop to one nap if it’s an issue.
This post has gotten ridiculously long and it’s time to go to the playground. I’m going to edit it later. I’m sure there’s mistakes but I’ll post now so I don’t lose it.
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2023.06.04 18:14 svennirusl What should I know when producing music with Airpods Max?

I just opened an Ableton project, where I'm tuning a mastering chain, using Izotope Ozone in my Airpods Max.
I have a better, more accurate studio setup, but I'm out and about, and I have some time to kill.
What I am wondering is: How much are the Airpods "improving" the audio signal using master-chain type technique. Or in other words, fighting against what I'm doing in Ozone.
I'm hoping someone has some data on what dsp is going on in the Airpods products in general, and Max in particular.
Or in general, any recording professionals that own the Airpods Max and have some productive input regarding them.
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2023.06.04 18:12 JimmyDean82 For city block players, how do you..

For those who make only one thing per block. I.e. this block makes green circuits. This block makes gears. Both ship via trains to other blocks that make inserters or belts and the belt block also ships to the inserter block, etc etc.
Do you bring trains in on separate sides for each component and a separate side for the goods out? How do you handle the 4 component recipes?
I’m fairly newish to trains. Current play through is a semi city block with a main bus. Only thing moving via train is raw resources. Am using 1-4 trains double loops and chain signals. With waiting stations at pickup and drop off. But simple logistics. Trains go from point a to b and back, each train is dedicated to a certain function (iron ore to steel smelter block; iron ore to iron plate is different train(s))
I haven’t used circuits beyond setting up pumps for oil cracking when there is excess.
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2023.06.04 18:09 Tigrou777 Block vs Path signals : is there a difference about how they divide tracks into blocks ?

Block vs Path signals : is there a difference about how they divide tracks into blocks ?
A major difference between block and path signals is that path signals "look ahead" and reserve several blocks at a time. Block signals, on the other hand, do not need to know the path. Blocks are occupied one a time, when a train approaches them. Path signals are often recommanded for track intersections because they handle traffic more efficiently.
I think what also differ is how they divide a track into blocks.
Let's consider one horizontal track crossed by 2 vertical tracks. The red lines are the signals :
If block signals are used (for all signals), only one train can use this intersection at a time.If path signals are used, there is a possibility to have two trains at a time, one using the left vertical track and the other one the right vertical one.
Let's see how the game divide the tracks into blocks :
There is only one major block (in yellow). Considering this, it make sense that using block signals only allow one train at a time. Even if it's not what the game will show, it looks like path signals will divide the tracks as such :
Here we have 3 blocks : one horizontal (yellow) and two vertical (blue and purple).
The blue block can only be used if it's free and if the yellow one is free. The purple can only be used if it's free and if the yellow one is free. The yellow block can only be used if it's free and if the purple and blue blocks are free.
Would block signals behave similarly to path signals in this intersection if the track would be divided as above ?
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2023.06.04 18:08 malfunction459 Best Way to Rehome My Cats

(please read everything before commenting) I hope this is a good place to post this.
I am currently in a historically unsafe marriage. My husband is working hard to change, and things might get better, but the truth is, it's too little too late and I don't think we will last the year.
My husband is not a cat lover, but I told him I didn't want dogs. As a result, he ended up getting multiple pets throughout the years which he didn't care for, but I of course fell in love with. All of which I asked him not to get, because I didn't feel we could be responsible pet owners. We have two currently. (we got a second after the first, which was mostly his cat, passed away). Both have been emotional support animals for me and essentially the only source of love I've had in the home. I am not one of those people who call pets my babies, try to treat them like people or call myself their mom, but they are extremely important to me.
My cat Pidge, especially, has been with me the longest. She refuses to leave me when I'm sick or upset. She comes to check on me and snuggles with me during emotional breakdowns, and when my depression and anxiety get too much. She's woken me from nightmares and alerted me to medical issues with my husband. In the midst of all manner of abuse, she was the only one who made me feel wanted in my house.
We are moving in July, and I will be moving in with a friend while we are between homes. Honestly, I'm not sure if I will be moving in with my husband again. He's put in a lot of work, and I'm very proud of him for changing as much as he has, but a lot of his behavior is still just not acceptable, and he may say he's willing to do counseling, but... it's not happening.
I've been looking for alternatives to be able to keep my cats when we move. I do my best, but with the financial abuse, it's hard to give them the proper care they need. I've been looking for a temporary foster situation, but no one has been willing. I totally understand that. I have an amazing community and support system, but it's not their job to deal with my or my husband's irresponsibility.
My cats are suffering from flea dermatitis (I treat them every month and have worked my butt off to kill them in the house, but the apartment complex doesn't treat and they come in under the door. And again, I can't go to the vet). The female is not fixed, though I hope to get her fixed before we have to move in a month and a half (these cats are indoor only). Other than that, they are super well-behaved and in good health.
I don't want to be in this situation at all, but the worst thing I can think about is having to drop them off at a shelter the way they are (black cats with skin problems during kitten season, I don't see them getting adopted) and having them put down.
My husband says he doesn't want to put any more money into their care if they are just going to die. I have my own separate bank account, but it gets emptied regularly and I'm trying to save for a safe place to go if and when we end up divorced. So while I can probably pay for a cheap vet checkup and spaying the female, I definitely can't pay the multiple thousands it would take to board them.
So, here is the deal. I'm not really looking for help with my marriage, I have an amazing community and counselor, and I'm working with them to plan the next steps as my mental health and finances allow. What I need is some help on what is the wisest route forward that will be the most helpful for the cats. I'm going to keep trying, but I don't want to get desperate and end up putting the cats into a situation that would be even worse than a humane euthanasia just because I'm scared. I am trying to be responsible to find them a safe home and I want to keep them if at all possible but I don't want to be selfish and hold out for an option that would allow me to keep them. Does anyone know of resources that might foster the cats, or adopt them out safely? What is the best way I can know my cats are going to a safe home where they aren't just going to be adopted out again, or abandoned or mistreated?
I hate being the person who is irresponsible with their pet. I'm someone who believes responsible pet ownership means not getting one if it's not possible for you to keep them safe and comfortable until they pass, preferably in the ownership of a single person. But what's done is done, and the only thing I can do is ensure it doesn't happen again and take care of the animals I have as best I am able.
I'm in the central Florida area. Any advice, resources, etc, would be so much appreciated.
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2023.06.04 18:02 EngieNeer1968 Don’t Step on Snek - First Contact (Prologue 1/2)

I give my thanks to the ASS (Actively-Shitposting-Scriptwriters) u/Saint-Andros & u/Killsode-slugcat for granting me the knowledge for my first post
As much as I want to get into the main story, I felt like this was needed. Enjoy some:
{First Contact}
[Transcript from the ’Tales of the Theseus’ audiobook, written and narrated by former captain Alexander Keolan]
12th of April, 2119. In less than a century from Humanity's last war, we detected what could only be encoded signals from a source orbiting a gas giant. Being the captain of a surveying vessel was practically a career-killer, but I didn’t care. That sliver of a chance, to find something, someone, out there? It was worth the decreased salary. If only first contact had gone smoothly.
The Theseus was no mighty ship, having barely any armaments except for some point-defense, and its armor definitely could’ve been improved. Being a retro-fitted version of an older vessel, some of my crew used to joke that it was straight from the Fusion Wars\1]). With some of the issues we faced, I was inclined to agree.
Every now and then the drive system would just… stop working. It had a cool-down time to prevent an overload, but every other jump it would shut itself down, and we had to turn it back on with a hammer and some prayers. Issues aside, the Theseus was a good enough ship for me.
Then the drive stopped working entirely.
We were stuck inside a red dwarf system, with only a few planets and a single gas giant. To say I wasn’t scared would be a massive lie. The engineer, Matt Udrey, tried to hammer it back into function, but this time, the hammer remained attached to the drive core.
That was the moment we thought we were fucked.
While survey ships do have increased cargo capacity assigned to rations, back then we didn’t have access to the FTL comms we now take for granted. We were dead in the void, stuck in a star-system and only able to use sub-light thrusters.
Since the drive core was done for, engineering decided to redirect power to sensors, hoping to find somewhere safe to survive. However, instead of finding a landing site or viable orbit, we detected what could only be an artificial signal from the orbit of a gas giant.
We couldn’t figure out its contents due to the massive collapse in signal quality that we suffered while nearing the gas giant, but it gave us hope. A lot of it, in fact. Setting course for the signal, Survey Officer Jay Walken continued to update me and the crew on the signal's content as we got closer.
After an hour of constant burning, Jay informed me privately of the signal's contents. It was a repeating sequence, what I then believed to be akin to our SOS signals.
They were fucked, just like us.
After another hour, we could now see the unknown ship's thrusters firing, but they were flickering, as if out of fuel.Then we stopped seeing their engines altogether. They were trying to burn towards us.
I heard some of my crew utter prayers of various religions, and I proudly admit I joined them. The sound of prayers was broken by Jay.
“We just got blasted with various signals, Captain!” “Are any of them recognizable?” “No, Captain.” At that moment, I felt awful.
I know I should’ve been happy, that signal bombardment was basically handing me a Bridgebuilder\2]) medal, but at that moment I only felt pure anxiety.
“Send the Golden Record, Jay.” “Are you sure, Captain?” “Absolutely fucking not. Do it anyway.” “Aye aye.”
Jay's finger trembled on the comms console as he sent the Record, a modernized version of what Voyager once had.
“Sent, Captain.” “Now we wait.”
An hour passed, and by then the ship could be seen with the naked eye. It didn’t show any visible armaments, which was my first concern, but also didn’t seem to have any external radiators. At the time, it seemed they were way more advanced than us.
Even in a technologically advanced society, engines were still shit.
The ship was sleek compared to ours, with various curves along its hull. The strangest part, however, was the reflective material on the flat portions of the hull. As we waited for their response, Jay focused our sensors on that part of the ship, and we could see very small droplets of something being released into the void, and subsequently being brought back by magnetic fields. Engineering’s curiosity was piqued, and so they redirected our cargo-bays power to the sensors.
The droplets were releasing heat into space, then once cooled, would return to the ship, while the reflective part prevented some of the radiation from flowing back into it.
“Fascinating… a radiator like that could be placed on any part of the ship, and its loss would be insignificant compared to the whole…” Safe to say, the Chief Engineer was wide-eyed with excitement.
“Captain, transmission incoming!” “What’s it say?” “It’s another… Golden record?”
I was completely baffled. On the screen was an identical copy of the Golden Record packet, but with everything being replaced by another species.
“Space crows….”
Jay got to deciphering the packet as fast as possible, but apparently he didn’t need to.
“Warning, system intrusion detected. . . Activating the intercom system.” “This is the Kraytal of the Stellar Wind, are you able to understand us?”
Deathly quiet.
“It seems they’ve already translated English…” “That quick? Captain I’m sorry, but this just seems like a fluke.” “Send an affirmative, immediately.”
A moment later…
“That’s great! It seems your literary collection was quite a boon to bring, humans.” “Hello?” “Yes, Hello to you as well, Human. I am Kraytal Onyx-Drey\3]), of the Sky Breakers Republic. Your closest equivalent would be ‘Captain’.” “I am Captain Keolan, it is good to see you. It seems we’re not the only ones having issues, are we?” “You would be correct, yes… Our engines are not as good as they used to be.”
Ah, the greatest way to connect with anyone: shared hatred of shoddy spacecraft construction.
“Our drive has malfunctioned as well. We cannot exit the system anymore.” “We would be able to tug you back to your system, but you would have to push us to a proper warp point.” “That would be… great, Kraytal.”

[1] - Going from 2078 to 2086, the Fusion Wars were the first wars ever fought in space by humans, over legislation preventing certain nations from extracting critical lunar Helium-3 for their energy infrastructure.
[2] - The Bridgebuilder was a then-theoretical medal made as encouragement for survey captains to search for life outside of Sol. It is now awarded to diplomats who successfully complete first contact procedures.
[3] - The unique naming system of the Cornacchiaris consists of: a descriptor of the shade of black that their wing tips have, and a name chosen by their parents.
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2023.06.04 18:02 Concrete_halls Psychedelics are not hallucinogens, but perception modulators

About a month ago, I wrote a post explaining how I view psychedelics and their effects. It was a lengthy post, though, so I can understand if most people find it to be too much to read. In any case, I believe the concept is valuable and will attempt to simplify the main points of this model into a 3-minute read rather than a 15-minute one.
Although psychedelics are, as you might know, officially hallucinogens, in my opinion, there is a big difference between what I would consider a true hallucination and a psychedelic effect in the way their subjective effects are formed. I consider hallucinogenic effects to be an outward projection into the existing 3D subjective experience, like deliriants and certain psychiatric states do.
Due to the new understanding of neural science in the last 20 years, we now know that the brain doesn't replicate information from objective reality, but reconstructs it by its own rules, which evolved to be useful for us into our subjective experience. Our sensory organs take data A, process it, and make it into our subjective reality B to make sense of it and organize it in a useful way to help us function as modeled by evolutionary pressure.
So, there is objective reality A and subjective reality B, What happens is that psychedelics change the way that information is proccessed and we get to subjective reality C instead. So we go from A>B to A>C, which can explain a variety of unexplained psychedelic phenomena, such as shared psychedelic experiences, better than "telepathy" or similar explanations would. If we think of subjective reality as the desktop of a PC, instead of adding new icons, which would be a hallucination, psychedelics instead change the software itself, making us go to a different operating system.
The difference is in information flow, instead of outward projection to subjective reality, it's a change in information processing in the first place. Although there is not enough research to really understand what happens to the brain under the influence of psychedelics yet, we know more about how the brain works in a sober state. By contrasting the subjective experiences of these two states, we can identify a few potential mechanisms by which changes might occur.
Some mechanisms would include a reduction in the filtration of information, reducing the usual threshold of information accessibility to our awareness from the brain's usual background processes, less strict rules of information processing based on past experiences, changing the grouping of objects both conceptually and sensoryly, synesthesia-type of information output, the same nerve signals repeating beyond their usual limit, etc. Important to note is that, due to our still limited knowledge of the psychedelic experience, the mechanism could be different, perhaps as simple as just our information processing "bugging out", but the result would be the same: a different formation of subjective reality from the same sensory data.
Now, some would argue that evolution would drive us to see more and more accurate reality, as that would give us an advantage. However, as evolution is a mathematically precise theory, that can, and has been tested. When taking into account two factors, accurate replication of reality or focus on fitness, species that focus on fitness traits always come out on top, while those that value accurate representation of reality go extinct almost every single time. Here is a TED talk by Donald Hoffman for those who want a deeper understanding of this concept.
In this context, it would mean that our subjective reality is already an abstraction, we just go from one abstraction to another made from the same data processed in different ways. There is no color red in objective reality as we see it, it exists just within our subjective reality, and in objective reality there is just information in the form of wavelenghts. Alteration in perception does not necessarily equate to hallucination.
TL;DR Psychedelic effects might not be hallucinations as an outward projection from the mind into the 3D subjective environment, but a change in how information is proccessed and formed in the first place, as our sober subjective reality is not a replication of objective reality, but an abstraction made to give us an advantage through the useful organization of data. In a sense, psychedelic effects are at least as real as our subjective experience of color.
Here is a link to the more detailed post I shared last month if anyone is interested in a more detailed explanation:
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2023.06.04 18:02 OpSmash Non visible spine bump?

Hi all, first time neurotic parent. We have a newborn who is only 2 weeks old. We noticed while doing some tummy time that we can feel a prominent spine bone in one area, almost like a bump. It’s right as the bend point/mid back where you would push with your hand if you had a back ache. Below the shoulders above the waist.
The rest of his spine feels like a normal spine, little bump, little bump then larger bump that’s noticeable feeling but not visually pronounced.
He has a check up in the next two weeks for a milestone update but we weren’t sure if this is something we should be alarmed early or if we are just insane.
There seems to be: -no pain on touching -no problems laying flat on back -no problems sitting position -no problems moving joints -no crying or fussing about it
baby rolls around, lifts legs in air, has great movement. It is the bending point where he lifts his legs and butt of ground while practicing movement.
Again, no visual stick out that we can see but you can feel. Should we be concerned or should we be aware and bring it to the doctor. Did anyone else have a bumpy spine?
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2023.06.04 18:01 WDASNYPE RC3X - PVX - NPC/Abandoned Bases - Purge - Weekly

Come check out RustConcepts 3x! Our server is designed to provide a balanced gameplay experience, with a focus on PVE gameplay, as well as moderate PVP combat. Our goal was to create a true PVX experience. Whether you're a seasoned Rust player or just starting out, our server offers something for everyone. We have a range of different plugins designed to improve your experience on the server.
All roaming/farming is PVE. You don't have to worry about someone getting the jump on you while out gathering, or exploring the map. The vehicleLicence plugin allows you to buy a respawnable mount to help you get around, while the backpack plugin gives you more storage space to bring back all those precious resources. Although your base can not be raided, your loot is still up for grabs! Be sure secure your base and containers before logging off, or you could wake up missing a few things.
If PVP is more your style, step inside one of the many marked PVP domes that are spread across the map. We have also added Bradley's to many of these zones. No more waiting for the single spawn at Launch Site. PVP domes have vanilla rules. You can be killed! You can be looted!
To break up the repetition of running monuments, we have the Raidable and Abandoned Bases mods. The Raidable Bases plugin has 5 levels of base difficulty, along with our own custom loot tables for each level. Public raids spawn across the map, or you can purchase a private raid that can not be countered. Abandoned Bases converts a players base into a raidable one once they have been inactive for 48 hours. We also have added Heli Signals and Bradley Drops for more action. The choice is up to you!
If you're looking for a server that offers a well-balanced gameplay experience with a variety of plugins and options to suit any playstyle, RustConcepts 3x is the perfect choice. Whether you prefer PVE or PVP, our server has something to offer, and our friendly community is always eager to welcome new players. So why not join us today and experience all that RustConcepts 3x has to offer? We can't wait to see you in-game!
Ip Connect:
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2023.06.04 18:01 Big-Research-2875 Activation of Egg Metabolism

Activation of Egg

Although fertilization is commonly considered solely the suggests that to mix 2 haploid nuclei, however it's AN equally necessary role in initiating the processes that begin development.


A series of morphological, physiological, and molecular changes that occur within the egg in response to fusion of the spermatozoon with the egg is named is named Activation.
Activation of Egg Metabolism

Mechanism of Egg Activation:

All the activation events happen within the protoplasm and occur while not the involvement of the nuclei. The mature egg may be a metabolically inactive cell that's activated by the spermatozoon.The spermatozoon act sort of a massive secretion, binding to receptors on the egg membrane in all probability via G macromolecule that activate Srckinas, that activate PLC, that via IP3 and DAG increase animate thing factor IV add increase hydrogen ion concentration (alkaline) severally that activate egg.This flux of Ca across the eggs starts a programmed set of metabolic events.

G Protein:

G macromolecule conjointly called G ester binding macromolecule, ar a family of macromolecule that acts as a molecular switches within cell and ar concerned in transmittal signal from a spread of stimuli outside the cell to its interior.

Srckinase Function;

It is non receptor macromolecule amino acid enzyme,that ar concerned within the management of a spread of cellular method like,Proliferation,Differentiation,Motility andAdhesion.

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2023.06.04 17:57 Frontier246 What is Up with Moira?

I get it, HoxPox was a big kick in the butt and paradigm shift for the X-Titles that had been meandering for so long and the big way they started it off was with a huge Moira retcon that basically changed everything we thought we knew about the X-Men's history.
But looking at how they've proceeded to characterize and develop her it still feels like none of these writers really "get" or understand Moira MacTaggert.
One of the staunchest and few human allies of the X-Men, close to several of them, and one of the most caring and compassionate people on Earth...and they turn her into a Mutant who ends up going overboard after she loses her powers and turns into yet another Anti-Mutant cyborg that literally skins the body of a man she deeply loved (Banshee) so she could wear him as a skinsuit.
It would be one thing if this retcon or characterization was rooted in actual content or her past characterization but she and everyone else act like she's a completely different character with none of the substance or history that proceeded it even mattering or factoring into it. She may as well be a wholly different character.
I'm just not sure what the point of it all is at this point.
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2023.06.04 17:57 iamworship FB Livestream Audio Quality

I’m livestreaming sound to FB using Universal Control on the computer, after a PreSonus board
It sounds great in the house, but when I listen over FB it is heavily distorted
When I thought it might be clipping, I added compression to individual channels to set a ceiling to the levels, slightly more aggressively after each gathering, and ultimately I have now added it even to the master channel to catch all of the signal and it still distorts
With no makeup gain added, it seems the more firmly I compress the more extreme the clipping becomes
Anyone run into or solve this issue?
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2023.06.04 17:56 91mini Still learning but got a few beach finds

Still learning but got a few beach finds
I'm still learning and went to a beach on vacation thos weekend. $0.67, a ring caribbeaner, and a bracelet (costume jewelry). Starting to be able to call when it's a pull tab or bottle cap but digging every signal over 16. Any beach advice for me? Using Equinox 800
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2023.06.04 17:55 pacificinjurylawfirm Bicycle Accidents and Road Design: Understanding the Risks and Protecting Your Rights

Title: Bicycle Accidents, Road Design, and Protecting Your Rights 🚴‍♂️🛣️
Hey Reddit community! As an attorney from Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, I wanted to share some important information for all the cyclists out there. We've noticed a significant increase in bicycle accidents as cycling becomes a more popular form of transportation. It's crucial to understand the risks and how to protect your rights as a cyclist.
Bicycle accidents can lead to severe injuries or fatalities due to the lack of protection from other vehicles on the road. According to the CDC, bicyclists have higher chances of facing fatal or serious injuries in crashes with motor vehicles than the occupants themselves. In 2018 alone, 857 cyclists were killed in traffic-related crashes - a substantial increase from 783 fatalities reported in 2017.
To reduce these accidents, improved road design is essential. This includes adding dedicated bike lanes and signage warning drivers about approaching cyclists. Installing speed bumps at intersections frequented by cyclists can also help slow down drivers who might not see an approaching cyclist until it's too late.
If you're involved in an accident while riding your bike, it's important to know your rights as a cyclist so you can protect yourself legally if needed. Depending on state laws regarding negligence related to bicycle accidents, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against any responsible party that caused harm or loss due to their negligence or recklessness while driving near you on public roads or highways.
Moreover, if injured due to dangerous road conditions like potholes or broken signals, you might be eligible for filing suit against local government entities responsible for maintaining those roads.
For more detailed information about bicycle accidents and protecting your rights as a cyclist 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ , check out our blog post here:
Stay safe and ride on, fellow cyclists! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️


If you have any questions or need legal advice, feel free to reach out to us at (971) 277-3811 or visit our website:
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2023.06.04 17:54 Sweaty-Breakfast Struggling with weight gain

I have a history of severe weight fluctuations as a result of my eating disorder. In the past two-ish years, I have gained over 40 lbs and am now considered medically obese. I started gaining after going through anorexia recovery, which unfortunately led me into binge eating again. I feel so disgusted with myself, and I'm on the cusp of relapsing into restricting. I cant stand being so uncomfortable with my body. This has been something that has been bothering me since my weight started going up, but I tried to accept my new, larger body. At the beginning of my weight gain/recovery, I was feeling happier and more confident, but this confidence has dissipated. Within the past few months, I hate myself so much I don't want to look at myself or even leave the house. This has definitely been exasperated by summer coming along. I don't fit in any of the cute clothes or swimsuits I used to wear, and looking for new outfits is so disheartening. Seemingly almost everything in stores for women my size is so frumpy, and seems to signal that at this size, I SHOULD cover my body. I just hate that I let myself get this big again, and I wish I didn't care as much as I do
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