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2023.03.26 11:34 heyuiuitsme still yet more ramblings ....

After the incident, you know. Back when i had a temper tantrum and broke all that shit. With a table leg that fell off the table when i was .. idk, i had a pretty big fit over something. Looking back, totally fucking justified.
Anyone in that position would have had the same kind of fit, but i don’t think that’s true. I think anyone else in the same position would have flat killed your ass over that. Truth be told.
Why are butterflies good and moths bad, again. I mean, moths are just nighttime butterflies.
And, they love clothes. That’s why they eat so much. Just fat butterflies that only come out at night. And, spend the day laying up in the closet eating holes in clothes. What’s not to love
They make some kinda silk cocoon, it’s for their babies. So, like, you know. Better than butterflies, they make silk like spiders. So, that’s why i believe moths to be superior to butterflies in every way.
So, you know. I had to act right and be supervised, but idk what the fuck that’s supposed to mean every fucking one of you were right there when i did it, sat there mouths agape watching, so. Like, what you gonna do, supervisor.
They kept going on about it, heather needs supervision, like, saying in the bless your heart kinda way, taunting me. I was mad as hell, and they’re still very much in the wrong regardless of how i acted about it.
Are you fucking kidding me. Nah, still fucking mad. Still mad over it. I’m going to die mad
Oh, it burns me the fuck up inside. I mean, really. You know, and, then, and, then, and, then, and, then. You know. Fuck every fucking one of you
So, i mean. Yeah, how did you expect me to feel about that. Happy for you.
A new character was introduced. We’re going to call him, “thinks he’s ron jeremy” - mustache for short. I think it’s going to be a hot one this year. Real hot. I think we’ll set the record high of all time for this area.
Both in number of days above 100 in a row and all time highest temp.
I couldn’t stand them or having them around after that. I was so fucking mad, and they were so god damn condesending to me. You know, did that and then acted like it wasn’t even a big deal, you know.
And, that ain’t even the only time. That’s just the only time they got caught. They still do that, you know. But, now everyone’s in on it, so … you know, they don’t tell cause they’re getting paid
Loyalty costs, you see
And, you’re a cheap fucking bastard.

Oh, they couldn’t finnnnddd me.
They were claiming that they did not know where i was while i was dating hueser. But, no one knows where she is, ran off, i guess. She’s apt to do that.
So, then, you see, i needed supervision. So, whenever i was there he had to be there to make sure i didn’t get out of line, and you know. Just get on my fucking nerves, that’s all they were there to do. Piss me off.
He said i brought out the worst in him, but the truth is i saw him for who the fuck he was and wouldn’t pretend otherwise.
I realized that everything i’d seen before was just a facade. Personality .. everything, just fake. All fucking fake. Probably not the crying on the floor. That was probably real. But, the rest of it, just fake, fake, fake, fake, mother fucking fake
And, you know. When they knew they had me, there wasn’t no more pretending with me and he was just himself, and maybe he was always that way, but i started seeing it in a different light.
Yeah, i guess he was, idk. Like, a racist fucking prick who hated women, well, not that he hates them, he disregards them. Like, he thinks, like, really fucking thinks that women are only just good for sex or selling.
Like, that’s what he says. So, he’s just so fucking gross to me. All that shit. Who he really is.
And, i mean, if he had such a change of heart from who he used to be and the steps work if you work them …
Where the fuck were you when you got to number 6, or is it 8. Cause i only know drunk ever made amends, and it ain’t you.
Went around to everyone he knew and apologized for his behavior while he was a drunk. And, then never did that again. Pounded his fist on the table and told his wife he’d had enough of her shit, and so she left. He was drunk and being an asshole.
Just arguing over nothing and getting worked up, and you know. Cause he was drunk. When his wife left him, he quit drinking. And, stayed not drinking and agreed to go to church and his wife came home, that went on for over a year. She stayed gone for over a year.
Anyway, that’s the only person who i’ve ever know to make amends. You know, like they say in your good book
Yes, the ex did figure out the secret .. everyone made jokes about it, you know. How he keeps her high like it’s his job. Just weed. I don’t even drink that much anymore. It’s just, you know …
Doesn’t make me interested in doing meth or smoking crack, you know. And, you say that shit to me, welll, she’s on drugs. Mr Fucking Coke Head said i was on drugs.
And, so, you know, pushed me out. Said i wasn’t qualified and that i cost the company money just being in the building. Then, when people asked where i was, or to talk to me, they’d just be like, well, heather hardly has time for us now
And, act all offended, like i just left them in the lurch. But, that wasn’t what happened, they fired me, but then said i just stopped showing up, like, no called - no showed. But, no. they fired me.
I have no call - no showed job before, no fucking lie. Kinda my thing. Lol, no. it depends. Like, you know. If my employer has treated me well, but i just need to do something else, i’ll work out a notice. But, you know…
So, fucking weird, i just had a guest come up and ask for that corner room. The old owner here used to rent it out, you know. To guests at a higher than normal room rate. The manager’s apt. Where that guy killed himself, the ghost.
The ghost in my office. That’s just what happened. I mean, you know. There’s a record of all that happening, so you know. Ran across that in learning my history of the building and then i recalled the gossip about it as i worked there at the time.
It’s weird that she asked for. Just some woman, since she asked for, she had to know it’s here. I told her i don’t have any rooms avail. And, i don’t.
Do y’all ever get bored. I’m pretty bored.
But, he was real racist and shit and i was trying to get rid of him, you know. I didn’t want any association with him, you know. He wasn’t someone i wanted to know and that decision wasn’t made by me, but of circumstance since he’d been in my life for so long
Well, this is a heavily censored document, i had to proofread and delete all the good stuff in an effort to not get sued. lol
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2023.03.26 11:34 KausGo The Missing Upper Moon?

I've seen plenty of discussion about why Kaigaku was Upper Moon 6 instead of 5 and the most common answer seemed to be that he wasn't strong enough for number 5.
I find that explanation really unconvincing. It suggests that you need to be of a certain level of strength to hold a rank, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Gyuutaro was the previous UM6 and Kaigaku seemed quite weaker compared to him.
From what I understood, Muzan can confer the title of UM upon someone (or take it away), but the ranking is decided by their relative strength. It doesn't matter if the guy above you is only marginally stronger or a hundred times better - as long as there is no one stronger than you around, you get to be the next rank.
This also explains how the blood battles work. Muzan doesn't randomly confer titles based on who he thinks is the strongest - demons can battle each-other to move up the ranks of the twelve Kizuki. But if Kaigaku wants to be UM5 instead of UM6, who does he need to challenge? If he challenges Nakime and doesn't win, does he go back to being no.6 or end up no.5?
Also, I actually think Kaigaku might be stronger than Nakime. Nakime has a pretty weak offensive ability and her main strength is in manipulating the Infinity Castle to keep her attackers away from her. So to beat her, Kaigaku needs to be fast enough react and strike and speed is Kaigaku's main strength. Combine that with his breathing technique and the Nichirin sword and its a matchup that actually works in his favor.
Too much about the logic of "he just wasn't strong enough for rank 5" doesn't make sense. So I'm looking for an alternative explanation.

Firstly, I think Kaigaku's rank was appropriate when he received it. We don't know exactly when he became a demon, how long he spent eating people and when he became an upper moon. His master's seppuku doesn't tell us anything because the news of him becoming a demon could've come long, long after he actually became one.
But I think its fair to assume that he was made into an upper moon after Gyuutaro/Daki were killed to be a replacement. And at the time, Gyokko and Hantengu were still alive and hunting for the swordsmith village.
So his ranking of no.6 at the time makes sense and under the normal course of events, Muzan would've promoted him to no.4 once the other two died. But something changes at the end of that arc - Nezuko becomes immune and Muzan's goals change.

We already know Muzan hates the demons he created - he just keeps them around to fulfill his goals. And once the demon slayers are annihilated and he conquers the sun, he'd get rid of them himself. Both these goals are within his grasp once he sees Nezuko withstand the sun. So from that moment onwards, he no longer cares about the relative strength of the upper moons. He'd use them for one last mission and then that's it - he's done with them.
At this point, Nakime's abilities are a lot more useful to him. So he throws her a bone by promoting her. Before all this, Nakime wasn't considered strong enough to rank among the Lower Moons, let alone the Upper and I don't think she could've actually overcome that gap even if Muzan had given her a big dose of his blood. That's another reason why I don't think Nakime was stronger than Kaigaku - but at that point, Muzan didn't care about who was stronger. Just who was more useful. So he didn't bother to update Kaigaku's rank and promoted Nakime instead.

This also had an added advantage - with a no.4 and no.6 in place, it gives the impression that Muzan has already reimbursed his ranks. That there is actually an unknown no.5 around that the demon slayers would have to deal with. This deception could've been a useful way to distract the demon slayers and keep the heat off Muzan himself.

I honestly feel like this explanation works better than simply saying that Kaigaku wasn't strong enough.
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2023.03.26 11:33 lillunarmoon i can’t do this anymore

i’m so hurt and i have been since i can remember. it never really got better, there were periods of my life where i felt like i could maybe live an okay life but the last three to four years took everything that was left of my joy and happiness. i dropped out of school bc of mental health and heavy weed addiction made it so much worse. i was abused and then left by someone i love with my whole heart. i had a breakdown when that happened and behaved horribly. that relationship and person meant the world to me. they still do. i don’t mean much if anything to them now. after that breakup i had the worst year of my life just smoking weed and crying and sleeping and being lonely all day. i tried to manage making some art, poetry or music or drawing but i’m shit at all of those things and everything i somehow do make is completely genuinely shit. the few people i do/did interact with aren’t fulfilling friendships to me even tho i care about them. after that horrible worst year of my life i met someone new and i loved him, very differently from the people before but it was so good. he means the world to me. he is kind and gentle and patient and funny and so much more. and i treated him like shit bc of my fucking insanity. he left me in december and last month we talked again for two weeks and he left me again about six weeks ago, for good. i’m just such a fuckup i don’t and i never will contribute anything worthwhile to society. i hurt and scare the people i love. i’ve been losing hope of ever really getting better and losing my last relationship because of my own flaws kills the last bit of joy, hope and happiness i had left in me. i miss him so much. i miss all of them so much, all the people i’ve loved and who hurt me and abused me but i still miss them so much. and he was the first person who treated me with respect and real love and now he’s gone and blocked me everywhere. just like everyone i’ve ever gotten close to or loved. i can’t even begin to explain all the shit in my life every single aspect of it is just living in hell every day. everything hurts, i don’t enjoy anything, i miss people and places and the past all day and think about how fucked up i am and how i’ll never be happy and how i’ll die alone and how i just want the pain to stop. for many years now the only reason i’m still here has been that i’m too scared of surviving or feeling pain which is pathetic. i miss my friends. i miss my partners. i miss my mum and my family and myself. i wish i could just leave. it’s been my biggest wish since i can remember. when i was a child i prayed to god that i would die. i think about it so much. it’s been getting worse these last few years. i just want the pain to stop. i’m so lonely and heartbroken.
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2023.03.26 11:32 safelyhq-com Scam, Unordered Package, GRA Moissanite Ring Scam, Delivery - San Gabriel, California - I received a Moissanite engagement ring in the mail that I didn't order on St. Patty's Day, just sitting on my doorstep al... #scam #unorderedpackage #gramoissaniteringscam #delivery

I received a Moissanite engagement ring in the mail that I didn't order on St. Patty's Day, just sitting on my doorstep all willy nilly! Shockingly it was a perfect fit, and I have an unusual sized ring finger. Firstly, I'm thinking who does that? Who sends anything valuable without having the receiver sign for it? Furthermore, who'd send me a ring rather than presenting it to me? I noticed typos and grammatical errors on the supposed warranty certificate so that also made me question validity. I was going to take the ring to be appraised but now I'll forego that embarrassment. Oddly enough, having read other reports I now know how my info was obtained....smh
Read full report here
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2023.03.26 11:32 QuickCourage3947 i don’t know what to do

gonna make a longer post soon, but i have to post something now.. if you aren’t interested in the story atm pls scroll down to “STORY END”, where i am asking for some assistance with something and sharing thoughts and feelings
i just woke up, and yesterday i had one of the most amazing simping experiences i’ve ever had at one of my local malls. i walked up to two girls that were working at this little cologne and perfume shop, girl 1 was this asian american girl, with this amazing petite but still hourglass body, forget what she was wearing on top, but she had leggings on which were of course skin tight and showed off the really incredible shape of her bottom half, amazing butt, and legs. she had this absolutely beautiful face, with this beautiful smile that absolutely killed me. this other girl was also of foreign decent, forgive me but i’m not sure what the word for it would be. she had brown skin, indian or something, i also forget what this girl had on top, but she also had an amazing body, (same type as girl one) and was wearing skin tight black jeans that showed off that she also had an incredible lower half. amazing ass, god i’m going crazy just thinking about them. this girls face wasn’t as “conventionally” attractive as the first, but i personally genuinely found her beautiful, and she certainly wasn’t conventionally UNattractive. anyway, i’m going to skip most of the conversation me and these two girls had for now, but at some point during it i couldn’t help myself and i just said to girl one..
me: “would you want me to like, give you money for free?”
girl one: (laughs, smiling at me) “like, as a tip?”
me: i laughed back a little and said “sure” with a smile
i took out my wallet and took out the little cash i had on me, about 7 dollars in singles. i put it on the counter which was between us, and said “this is all i have on me right now, if you want you too could split this?” we have some more conversation and at first they are trying to convince me a little bit to maybe spend my money on myself, but it didn’t take long before they were totally down with me giving it to them. finally girl one grabs the cash that was on the counter, in this absolutely adorable way that i’m not sure if i can describe with words. she did it in this fashion that gave off a feeling of bratty, inconsiderate, ungrateful.. like, after we had the discussion and i had convinced her it was OK for her to take it, she no longer felt nearly as bad about it and kind of grabbed it really quickly and gave off this high pitched “yay!” or “well, okay!”, it was something like that.
anyway, i asked for their instagrams and they both gave me theirs, to which i told them that i would def hit both of them up and asked girl one if she had cash app. “i have venmo, and i think i actually do have cashapp too,” she said in response. at some point before leaving i told girl one that she was insanely gorgeous and i would literally pay just to talk to her, which felt EXTREMELY humiliating to say. i don’t remember exactly how she responded, but i do remember she was very intrigued and not uncomfortable at all, smiling at me the whole time with that amazing smile i mentioned earlier, laughing, and telling me how sweet or kind i was. at some point i said goodbye and left. girl one ends up hitting me up on insta and sending me her cashapp, to which i immediately sent her 20 USD.
insta dm (gist): girl one: “thank you so much!”
me: “you’re so welcome, i can def send you more”
girl one: “Aw okay yea lowkey that’d be fire bcuz tonight Im going out so I’d need money for a drink at the bar”
me: “how much?”
girl one: “Well one drink is like $15 so if I got 3 drinks tonight i feel like $30 would be good but I dont wanna force you”
me: “you’re not forcing meeee, 45 would cover three?”
me: “would you want maybe more than that for something else?”
girl one: “I think $50 would be good for today 😭🫶🏼 i dont wanna take too much from you”
me: “like another 50?”
girl one: “Yeah just like $50 nothing more”
i send her another 50, we have a some more conversation, and after i sent that 50, she does not say thank you in response at all. we just go on with the conversation.
what i’ve written here does not at all fully express everything i was feeling during this experience, it is a very short version but i had to write something though, i had to. i will def make a longer version.
this experience was really something so crazy for me, something i can’t fully describe. but it has led me to this position where i think this may be something that i want to pursue long term, not just as a one off thing. every time i’ve tried to transform myself into an “alpha male” stud or whatever, it has always felt like i’m trying to be something that i’m not, and i always feel as if a magnet is pulling me back towards this type of life, and being this type of person. this feels like who i am naturally. being “alpha” means i have to put on an act, and it feels so wrong. i get a genuine sense of fulfillment from this, really. as crazy as that sounds.. i don’t know what to do. is this what i was born to be? should i actually accept and embrace that?
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2023.03.26 11:31 Natural-Suspect8881 Should we ignore people doing wrong

My country is very corrupt and people do all kinds of illegal stuff here(in India). And then they go worship god as if it will cleanse their sins.
I was on the receiving end of office politics recently and even lost my job because of it. It was also partly my mistake, I had been a bit too egoistic.
Nonetheless, I suffer as a consequence of external factors (office politics) and internal factors (my ego and overestimation of my abilities and the pride of having graduated from one of India's best institute.).
I always complaint about other people doing wrong stuff. For example, my dad was a real estate businessman and used to do corruption and stuff. I used to fight with him a lot for it. Recently he got a stroke and couldn't even leave the house. He is now recovering, but is atleast partly guilty about his previous actions. I too am guilty about shouting at my dad. He is slowly changing. Earlier he used to quarrel and fight with everyone, now he doesn't.
But talking to other people, I realised that corruption in India is not something that only my dad did. There are others doing it at much higher scale. Ministers and big businessmen.
Mu dad started as a poor person ended up upper middleclass. Now thinking about the country and the system itself being shitty, I don't know if the things he did are really wrong. What else could he have done? Everything would have kept him and in extension me poor. He also did work very hard, I remember him never spending any time with me during childhood.
The corruption and inequality keeps wealth inequality in our country much higher. And also reduces chances of social mobility and also makes our country less meritocratic.
I always thought being meritocratic will help me, but then office politics f*cked me up. So should I also do office politics for survival?
I used to a be a good idealistic student, who wirked hard. I used to love science, technology and maths. Now am just disillusioned.
How do I survive a mean, corrupt world without doing bad? I now also have to take care of my parents .
I know that eventually I will die and everything is impermanent, even if am rich or poor, but I can't kill myself right?
I love life. I love humans. I love science, technology, humans, art. There's a lot of beauty in all these things.
I hate power-mongering, hatred, greed, corruption, religious-hatred. And I don't think, humans will ever stop doing this and that I can never not face these. These are exactly the things that makes me not want to live.
I feel like the world is taking advantage of my honesty and innocence and I have start being an asshole. However, I struggle to be an asshole, am inherently good. And I derive joy from doing good. As I age however, I am increasingly put in positions where I had to do bad, for survival. This makes me feel really bad about myself.
Why is life so hard?
I wish I was born in Finland or Tibet or Netherlands or something.
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2023.03.26 11:30 tonnie_taller From a Suicide Expert, an Unflinching Guide to Saving Lives

After 10 attempts and years of suffering and addiction, Clancy Martin describes facing the darkness in his raw memoir “How Not to Kill Yourself.”. Books
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2023.03.26 11:25 SergeyFS My major market mistakes

You know, I want to tell you about my main failures in the securities investment market to make it clear how not to do it. Even though it was a long time ago, I remember a lot like now)
My first failure came 17 years ago, when I was just starting out in investing. Of course, as now, the first thing I came across was huge posters about trading, currencies, the currency market and how great it all is. With passion, I began to learn the basics and advanced techniques of chart analysis, from candlesticks to shoulders.
The result of this knowledge was the first attempts at transactions. I was sure of success. No doubt. At that time I was still working and my salary was something like 400 dollars a month.
Like a true professional, I opened a Forex account and deposited $1,000 there. I borrowed this money. The dollayen currency pair was chosen as a pair for the deal. She has performed best on the charts in the past. The time period I chose was 15 minutes. And here it seems to be! The outlines of a familiar configuration began to appear on the chart, they definitely showed a good income in a couple of minutes.
I made up my mind and made a deal. Of course, with a shoulder. My deposit disappeared in about 4 seconds. I managed to save about $300 out of the required 1000. I was lucky somehow to stop this madness a little before it killed me.
In this lesson, I realized that Forex never again. Never ever.
The second lesson came later. Approximately 7 years after the first. I got burned on the bank's Eurobonds...
Read full article:
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2023.03.26 11:23 imyerhukleberry Revealed: how a false name nearly exposed IRA plot to kill Margaret Thatcher
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2023.03.26 11:22 DarkAlatreon Theories based on the intro? (spoilers)

The intro for current volume has proven itself to follow the events of the volume itself quite well so far. A lot of its beginning focuses on Ruby's deteriorating mental health, then we get some shots with various characters like the mice or the Prince.
But during the "Team RWBY walks and Ruby is visibly more depressed" we get this:
1) Team RWBY on the beach, among trees. Basically episode 1's setting.
2) The city in which the Auction took place. Setting of episode 2.
3) The Red Palace's garden along with its guards. Setting for episode 3.
4) Herbalist's garden and then Herbalist himself. Setting for episode 4. So far so good, right?
5) Jaune with clocks in the background. In episode 5 we learn that he's old now.
6) Ponderstorm's labyrinth, setting for episode 6.
Okay, so we've already established that that part of the intro follows the episodes rather closely.
So what do we have next? Ruby seeing Alyx, Alyx turning into Ruby and then falling into Neo's cup of tea while Neo's shown with some sort of group in the background. So what could it all mean?
1) Ruby might be following into Alyx's steps much closer than she thinks. She does seem kind of detached from reality (in that she just goes through motions rather than feeling anything) and Alyx was said to treat this world as a game where nothing matters. With theories of the story being wrote by Lewis and not Alyx, maybe it could mean Ruby is going to at least try to sacrifice herself?
2) Ruby will find herself at Neo's mercy. The symbolism of Ruby just falling into Neo's cup implies that Neo is going to be in power big time. What she's going to do with that power highly depends on several factors. One is how and how much she wants to exact revenge on Ruby (is she in "kill on sight" mood or "play with her prey" one) and what is her atttitude toward the Ever After and leaving it or staying in it. Maybe Ruby could try and talk stuff out with Neo, warning her about how the Tree works, maybe Neo could attempt to give the Tree a clone instead of an actual person. Or maybe use Ruby as a sacrifice?
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2023.03.26 11:21 AdvisorExpress7063 Need some guidance

So my ex (23F) and I (22M) had a pretty civil break up at first, we talked it out and we decided to (unsuccessfully) remain friends.
While we were breaking up, she accused me of cheating on her with a mutual friend, I denied it and we had a long talk after that. My ex made me swear that I wasn't seeing her, and I truly wasn't; I only had eyes on my ex and it hurt that she'd assume I'd ever do something like that to her after all this time. I knew that we were growing more distant and toxic towards each other so, I decided it was best to cut it off for our own sakes. We still texted and called each other quite a lot and regularly too after that, but we kept things platonic.
Months go by. I laid low and I was working to better myself and move on, only to be hit with more and more losses ( felt like life was punching me in the face over and over again). And it turned out that this mutual friend of ours and me really hit it off. After a while we ended up dating.
While chatting with my ex on a random occasion, I'm not sure how she caught wind of it (since I don't post on my socials a lot), but she randomly interrogated me on whether or not I've started dating anyone. I told her yes, and who it was. She went completely ballistic and took this as a confirmation that I cheated all those months ago. She told me she's rather have me dead and proceeded to tell me that I never loved and cared about her, and that all I cared about was myself; I didn't even say one bad thing to her. She proceeded to say that if she'd ever see my gf or me, she'd kill us. That was a month ago and since then I've gotten very nice messages from most of my and her friends telling me to kill myself, and all that goodness.
So now basically I'm here for two things: Did I really cheat? And do you have any advice for me? I'm really at my last straw and I don't know what to do anymore.
If I really did cheat, it was inexcusable, and I deserve all the backlash for it.
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2023.03.26 11:18 TTFTW1992 'How To Kill Time While Waiting To Die'

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2023.03.26 11:18 bono_212 [TOMT][MOVIE][2000s]J-Horror film that takes place in feudal (Edo?) Japanese village. I want to say there was something involving a disease?

When I was in high school (2002-2006), I started getting really into J-Horror. For those last two years I worked next door to Hollywood Video and had an unlimited rental membership. I basically rented every single Japanese movie they had, especially the horror ones. The movies I watched during that time are mostly memories to me now, but there's one I've always wanted to track down again, because it stood out amongst the Pulse, Ju-On & Ring's of the time.
Unfortunately, I remember very little else about the movie. I just know it was in an older Japanese village (Think more Edo period, than turn of the 20th century), and there was some mysterious thing killing people. I can't even remember if it was a monster or a disease, but something is pulling me in the direction of disease. I wouldn't say it was a great movie, but I just remember that I found it very interesting because it was different then other J-Horror films I'd been watching.
It's possible the movie is pre-00s, couldn't be newer than 2007, and definitely isn't older than the 80s/90s.
Thanks everyone!
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2023.03.26 11:14 AdamKlB Completely torn between an Index or Quest Pro.

Before anyone says, I know the Q3 is going to be coming out around October, and that Valve is... being Valve with the Deckard.
I have a Quest 2, but it's really not doing it for me. My main gripe is the controllers, even coming from a Rift S that I didn't mind I seem to hit the rings together all the time, and also find them kinda uncomfortable to hold. I almost solely play PCVR through VD.
I've decided I want to jump up to either an Index or a Quest Pro, but I'm completely lost as to which. I have a lot of pros and cons for each:




Quest Pro



My main games are really Pavlov and Beat Saber. I've definitely had some issues with occlusion on Pavlov, which really sucks. For the most part beat saber is fine, but latency is annoying. I could play standalone, but I like the mod support.
My entire library is on Steam minus like 2 games and VD.
My PC is pretty good. 12600k, RTX 3070, 32gb RAM. I'm also using a dedicated WiFi 5 router for VD.
Long post, and not the first on the topic, but any thoughts?
TL;DR Torn between a quest pro or index entirely PCVR. Don't want to wait for quest 3 / deckard. Have lots of pros and cons for both.
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2023.03.26 11:13 puneristud [Socialists] How would you convince an average European middle class person that Socialism is better without appealing to conscience?

Let me be clear with what I mean by this. Arguments other than "muh Social Democracy exploit the working class of the Global South," and the crocodile tears that come with it.
Many Socialists are guilty of downplaying Chinese;/Russian exploitation of African and Asian developing countries and always keep saying "SOCIAL DEMOCRACY DOESN'T WORK/HAS A TIME LIMIT BECAUSE EXPLOIT GLOBAL SOUTH." Nah nah nah, I'm not willing to listen to that. In fact most people aren't. It's the same thing as vegans trying to convince people that they are villains to eat meat/milk/honey, etc. because it promotes animal torture or some shit.
While yes, some of what these arguments are do hold some undeniable truth, it's not AS ABSOLUTE as you make it seem Socialists, it kinda makes you feel like a Death Cult of sorts, essentially "kill all Americans and give their wealth to Africans" kind of thing.
I'm also not completely sure why you want to "BAN THE PROFIT MOTIVE RAWRRR." Profit motive has been around longer than any of us have even existed. It ultimately works. Now, I know some of you are gonna point out Climate Change, but see, renewable and lesser-waste alternatives are being built, through crowdfunding/government investment/even Capitalist investment. Fighting Climate Change is ultimately profitable because it allows for continuation of humanity and the Capitalist society, it's ultimately profitable, to quite a few people. So IDK why ya'll blame Profit Motive for Climate Change. From a nuanced perspective, it seems like a natural consequence of Industrialization. Would ya'll prefer to go back to agrarian times where people are constantly dying of the Bubonic Plague?
Continuing with Climate Change, idk how you're going to convince people to not use their air conditioning/heating in unpleasant climate. Our aims should be to reduce the environmental impact of these devices, not to attempt appeal to conscience like many of you do. Forcing people living in tropical climate to not use the AC and people living in the North to not use heating is tantamount to Eco-Fascism.
And also your arguments against "Absentee Ownership" and Inheritance. Time and again it has been proven that accumulated wealth doesn't last long unless you take actual efforts into maintaining it. Yes, hiring an investment banker is also an actual effort, because you still have to monitor their actions, you don't leave them alone, they are essentially advisors who you also allow to act on their intuition on your behalf. I do not see how that is not effort because it creates more employment and keeps your money flowing in the economy for re-use. ( Like seriously, shouldn't workers have the ultimate right to decide what happens with their wealth, even after they die?
A lesser moral and more practical argument for inheritance is lifestyle shock. If a rich person with a non-working spouse and dependent children dies, and their wealth is taken away, it puts the family through a harsh lifestyle shock because they don't have wealth beyond basic welfare to cope. Like, as if just losing the working male wasn't enough, they are essentially forced to live in welfare poverty BECAUSE SOCIETY CAN'T HELP BUT STEAL THEIR MONEY. HOW FUCKING RICH SOCIALISTS!! FUCKING DARE TO CONVINCE ME THAT THIS SCENARIO IS ACCEPTABLE YA PLONKERS!! Ahem, I think most sensible people here would agree that in this specific scenario it absolutely makes sense for the family to keep the passed one's wealth, so that they aren't forced into lifestyle shock.
I don't even understand the arguments that "WEALTH ACCUMULATION IS BAD." WTF?! Unless somebody is buying fucking gold bars and keeping them locked in some closet somewhere, their digital money is already in use. That's the main reason banks fail, because they can't pay all their customers back at once, they've already spent much of the money deposited with them. The wealth is not accumulated, it's all being used. The same is true for insurance and retirement funds.
Finally, renting living space. This is the ONE ARGUMENT of Socialism I find some agreement with. Safe living space should be a right and I support the Viennese Social Housing model for this. If everyone is guaranteed a living space, renting is merely a matter of convenience and not of requirement. And we pay for a lot of services that are just for convenience, so in this specific matter, renting should be absolutely acceptable. In fact, it will enable renters to decide what to pay for the living space, and remove power from the landlord. The landlord's income would be completely at the mercy of the person just using the property for convenience.
Side point if regular Socialist politicians support BS like this: the upper-middle classes (engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc.) would never support Socialism, let alone the rich.
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2023.03.26 11:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Arts] - Book Review: ‘How Not to Kill Yourself,’ by Clancy Martin NY Times

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2023.03.26 11:12 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

Get the course here:
[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.26 11:11 17181012 Crazy alternative ending I just thought of for the dome.

So, during the entire book or at least the second half, Big Jim Rennie is really thankful for the dome and wants to make sure it sticks around so he can keep doing his evil plans.
I'll be honest I don't have the specifics worked out for this like what he would use or how he would get to a safe part of the dome with fans on the other side when before he was in the middle of it, but just hear me out.
So Big Jim is with the rest of the cast or at least the government, maybe Charlie Cox in particular. He knows they want to get rid of the dome so as like some sort of protest from a newly insane Jim Rennie he somehow tapes or glues or just sticks himself to the side of the dome, he's probably too heavy too but I'm sure there's something that could work that he could get his hands on.
So he's like glued to the dome, screaming about how he doesn't want it to go at the same time Julia convinces the Leatherheads to let them go. As a result the dome lifts... with Big Jim still attached to it, now hollering and screaming about wanting someone to help get him off and save him but the dome whisks itself and him into the sky, never to be seen again.
Or you could even say what is holding him to the dome isn't strong enough but the dome lifts so quickly into the air by the time the glue gives up and he separates from the dome he's falling a big enough drop that will kill him.
I dunno I just thought that would be interesting and satisfying if something like that happened. Yet again I don't know how he'd be able to stick himself to the dome in the first place but still.
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2023.03.26 11:11 AutoNewsAdmin [UK] - Revealed: how a false name nearly exposed IRA plot to kill Margaret Thatcher

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2023.03.26 11:10 AutoNewsAdmin [Arts] - Book Review: ‘How Not to Kill Yourself,’ by Clancy Martin

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2023.03.26 11:09 HenrietteMonette I hate myself for being spineless

Long rant ahead kaya tldr: I don't like engineering and I don't want to take engineering for college, but my parents want me to take civil engineering anyways, nothing else. I wasn't assertive enough and so I caved in, kaya when college came, I became miserable and I can't even express my frustrations because my parents are saying that I'm doubting God's power for doing so, because "nothing is impossible through prayers" daw.
I really hate myself for not being able to stand my ground before going to college, to the point na madalas iniisip ko na sana sinadya ko nalang babaan yung grades ko noong highschool palang ako para hindi na nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob yung parents ko na pagtake in ako ng engineering.
Even when I was still in grade 7 reluctant na talaga ako na magtake ng engineering, kasi I'm not really interested sa field na yun and not to mention hindi aligned yung skills ko para sa engineering kasi mahina ako sa math. Sure, mahilig ako sa mga buildings and gumawa sa sims at minecraft, but that's it, it was just a hobby. But no, my parents took that as a sign na para ako sa civil engineering just like my uncles and cousins even though I don't like that field. Ang gusto ko talaga maging doctor or psychologist, but seeing our status, tanggal na kagad sa options yung pagdo doctor dahil bukod sa mahaba yung taong gugugulin ko, mahal pa tuition. So psychology and architecture nalang yung natitira sa mga options ko.
But they also don't want me to take architecture kasi bakit pa raw ako magtatake ng architecture when yung civil engineer naman daw yung mas masusunod kesa sa architect, they also don't want me to pursue psychology kasi "sayang" lang daw ako, because they "know" kung ano talaga yung kaya ko, na kaya ko lang daw gusto magtake ng psychology dahil masyado raw ako naiintimidate sa math, and wala raw akong future sa psychology. But I said na hindi lang yun dahil doon, dahil mas interested talaga ako sa psychology and mas marami naman akong idea about psychology than engineering, but no, parang nagbingibingihan lang sila, they gave me the silent treatment the rest of that day.
Then fast forward, grade 10 na ako, I improved in math kasi nagkaroon ako ng magaling talaga na math teacher, like yung way ng pagtuturo niya madaling maintindihan and mapapafocus ka talaga, but that's another story. So ayun gumaling ako sa math, nakakasagot na talaga ako sa mga test imbes na nanghuhula lang like in elementary school, and my parents took this as another sign na bagay ako sa engineering— God's plan daw (I forgot to mention that my family is very religious). During this time, gusto ko pa rin maging doctor, but just like before, tanggal na yan sa options, I then became interested sa medical technology, kasi interested naman talaga ako sa stem, sa biology nga lang imbes na sa engineering like what my parents want for me. But just like last time, dinismiss nila ulit ako, saying that wala rin akong magiging future sa medtech dahil hindi raw ganun ka common yung medtech.
Then fast forward once again, graduated na ko sa shs and this is the moment na talaga. I already expressed to them multiple times beforehand na ayaw ko talaga sa engineering. Psychology, architecture, medtech, and interior design, lahat yun ligwak kasi mababa naman raw sweldo sa mga yun, so I said why not IT? Mataas din naman sweldo non, in demand din tsaka mas interested naman ako doon compared sa engineering, kasi I started learning how to code while I was still in shs. But ayaw din yun ng parents ko kasi "sayang" daw ako doon, bakit magtatake na nga lang daw ako ng course, yung wala pa raw lisensya (edi sana pinag taxi driver nalang nila ako tutal lisensya lang naman din pala habol nila jk).
Kahit anong pangco convince ko sa kanila, they wouldn't listen to me. I already told them that I don't like engineering kasi nga bukod sa wala akong interes sa field na yun, di pa align yung kakayanan ko sa engineering. Nothing. I told them masyadong risky kung magtatake ako ng engineering dahil mahal tuition, mabigat workload and hindi pa biro yung course na yan, isama mo pa na mahina ako sa math, and sagot nila? Lahat naman daw mahihiling sa Diyos dahil walang impossible. Ginawa ko na ring example sa kanila yung mga kakilala kong civil engineers na nagrereklamo dahil mababa sweldo, to the point that they would rather work in BPO companies, because it seems to me yung habol nila sa engineering is yung "high salary", pero ang sagot ng parents ko? Ganun lang daw yun sa simula dahil mga baguhan palang kami pero after a few years pirma palang daw namin sa isang plan 6k na raw yun.
They also added that if I can't make up my mind sa program na itatake ko for college, di nalang daw nila ako pagaaralin. I'm not against sa option na to, in fact mas preferred ko naman to rather than diving in mindlessly sa isang program na di naman ako sure, especially since kakagaling palang sa pandemic, mahal ng bilihin tapos ang mahal ng gastusin. I expressed to them na in the meanwhile subukan kong magtrabaho nalang muna, sasabay ako sa mga kaibigan kong magaapply as call center. But pinigilan nanaman ako ng parents ko, ayaw nilang magtrabaho ako before finishing college kasi baka tamarin na raw akong mag aral nyan, eh mas maganda parin daw kung may natapos ako. Eh so anong gagawin ko? Maging full-time palamunin lang sa bahay? It's either civil engineering daw or nothing.
They said na subukan ko lang daw, baka magustuhan ko rin, kasi tulad noong nakakatanda kong pinsan, di nya rin daw gusto magtake ng engineering noong una pero bakit siya raw nakaya naman according sa parents ko. Tsaka matututunan ko rin naman daw na kayanin yung engineering basta mag pray lang daw. So caved in, no choice eh, ayaw nilang magtake ako ng ibang course aside sa civil engineering, ayaw din naman nilang ipostpone ko muna yung pagcocollege, most certainly di rin naman sila papayag na maging tambay lang ako sa bahay dahil katakot takot na sermon everyday aabutin ko nyan and I can't run away either like the suggestion of some of my friends na naglayas din, it's not a good idea, saan ako pupunta? Anong gagawin ko? Di biro yung perang kailangan para bumukod 15k nga lang naipon ko from elem to hs, na nabawasan pa kasi mga ipinautang nila mama.
So ayun ce yung tinake ko for college. 1st year, 1st sem came, so far okay pa naman, madalidali pa mga subjects kasi puro mga napahapyawan din naman samin noong shs, kaya nakakakuha pa rin ako ng matataas na grades. But then 2nd sem came, ayun na nga yung sinasabi ko, nag parkour yung grades ko, from easy uno to nanlilimos ng 1 point sa calculus prof para lang maka tres. Dito na nagsimula yung grabeng stress, tapos dagdagan mo pa ng shitty schedule (7:30am to 5:30/7:30pm) kaya di ako makapag self-study ng maayos, traffic, and pressure na makakuha ng matataas na grades in order to please my parents and to get a scholarship grant.
It all doesn't seem worth it for me, di ko naman gusto engineering, mahina ako sa math, yung mataas na sweldo na nga lang yung hahabulin ko na mukhang malabo ko pang makukuha, kaya yung title na "engineer" nalang yung natitira, which is a shallow reason for me para ipursue yung engineering, and it's killing me fml. I can't express my frustrations either, kasi sermon lang naman aabutin ko, na kesyo I'm doubting the power of God daw kaya nagkakaganito ako. Fucking hell, parang ang sarap nalang lumayas sa mundo at buhay na to 🙃. I hate school and yet I'd rather stay there than come home for additional, unnecessary stress.
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2023.03.26 11:08 stupidgirl87 To divorce or not divorce will it get better with help....

this is long and if confusing maybe not the best to post because backstory is needed. I (44,F) have been with my hubby(44,M) for on and off 18 years and there's tons I could unpack why in our 20's we were a mess because he didn't want a gf so I dated other people but we would still hang out and he didn't like I dated but again wouldn't commit....until right before he went away to school and I wanted to go with him but he wasn't ready to move in together (27 at his time w years only dating him) and we broke up officially and I met someone else thought I would have happily ever after with had a child with the new boyfriend and we got didn't last (various reasons but we parted amicably with a plan to share custody) but he never wanted to see our daughter which I hated but because she had so much love with my family I left the door open to see his daughte anytime he wanted he still never did.
one year later when daughter was 1yr old guy who hubby and in in our 30's we became friends again then officially bf gf and he fell in love with my daughter and has raised her as his own. We got married when we were 35 (which funny enough in our 20's that's when he said he wanted to settle down) so 2015 we married he even gave her a ring at our ceremony to show he's marrying not just me but he wants to adopt her and be legal dad. I brought this up to bio dad who didn't seem to care (no more child support)
However right after we got married a year later hubby lost it he had a mental health breakdown and was diagnosed with PTSD and social anxiety and he generally doesn't work well with others so his job was gig work in entertainment industry ...but it got so bad I had to leave
I didn't divorce him right away I was supposed to live with my best friend and her kid like 2 gals going through splits and that turned into a nightmare (let's just say she had low self esteem and dated a guy with 18 DUIs who basically moved in too and I left I wouldn't have my daughter around alcoholics or the first time I met this piece of shit he wanted me to see his d**k and that didn't even phase my ex-bff) Lost the friendship of 12 years too. I knew no one and lost alot of money and possessions moving in with crazy psycho ex bff and her drunk bf and oh his best friend also moved in and slept in their room together like wtf?!? I found a quick place and left...
One year after my now husband and i separated my daughters bio dad died (they had finally reconnected at my now husbands insistence he wanted her to always know she had bio dads family she knows all about her family step brother and sisters) and it hit a nerve I didn't want her "real taking care of her since she was 1yr old" father to end up dead or worse so we reconnected and slowly built our marriage back ( I don't know why I just didn't divorce i had done it before in the other married but maybe my heart wanted him to get the help he needed and he did he started therapy seeing a psych doctor and was back to being the man I loved and married ....
So a year after seeing he was making progress I let him move back in prepandemic and just the pandemic has fucked up so many things like with my daughter she has social anxiety husband also just tries to say he's fine doesn't need certain meds he used to take when we seperated
The reason I'm asking for advise is he refuses now to take anything but an antidepressant and anti anxiety med nothing to help anger at the world issues and mood swings. Or therapy again. This has been ongoing for a year. We fight all the time but are passionate people too so I take blame in fighting too. Lately he has been self medicating with marijuana and checks out for like a week out of the month and he used to be able to smoke when I first met him (he quit when 35 and picked it up again at 43) but now it just makes him sloppy and stupid and then he comes down and gets mean saying I wouldn't let him adopt his daughter I wouldn't go to appointments for mental help....but she gets survivor benefits so I don't know if it's in her best interest for him to legally adopt her that's college money saving every month and it causes nasty comments to be thrown at me about how she's not really his daughter then ofcourse he apologizes and I would go to every appointment but he needs to make them...
After pandemic im the only one working his jobs dried up and hard to get back into. He has tried to get disability for mental health and back issues and they deny him even with a lawyer...I love my job and working so I don't mind picking up extra but I'm tired all the time and he uses it against me.
To add a layer of difficulty we made the decision to have my parents move in with me so they could retire and at the time he was still doing great and supportive and on board knowing my mom also has mental illness that could cause psychosis and sure enough once she retired she got sick but my dad takes care of her and I try to be there for appointments which I would gladly do for him if he would go get help more than Prozac and Xanax he sees a doctor on video because mental health here sucks ...for the last 3 months he's gotten angrier my parents are here and that I work all the time so he's home being stay at home dad which he's awesome at and takes some chores from me like cooking cleaning taking our daughter (15F) to all her school events.
But everyday we fight because he has to be home with my sick mom and that I'm tired and only working all the time. I get it's hard but my dad takes care of her...hubby is just home all day and focused on tHat now. He has said he want to leave but has no where to he says he doesn't like the way I treat him because when he's stoned all it makes me angry like why can't he just wait until night time he'll I would love the chance to some with him at night but can't .....
I have never heard him say he wants a divorce but today I asked if it's too much does he want oneingget thE I have no where to go (he could tell him mom he needs to stay there but won't)
So do I force his hand is it time For divorce because it got so much better and it's almost as as now as it was in 2016.....
Sorry so long let's sum up
TL;DR: hubby of 8 years (on and off relationship since 2004)had mental health breakdown we seperated 2016!he got help meds therapy let him movie back in years later 2018 same issues now are happening again....should I just call his bluff and just divorce?
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