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For questions and discussion about Facebook Marketplace.

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For when you come across "that thing" on the Facebook Marketplace that makes you cringe or even scared!

2019.03.01 17:25 matt1215 Weird Shit Found On Facebook Marketplace

Discussion for all the strange items found on the glorious Facebook Marketplace. It can be strange combination, odd homemade items that people try to sell, or people that just don't have a general grasp of the concept of it all.

2023.06.04 18:15 Blaze00211 Cheap driver for beginner

Hey guys, I’m just getting into golf, and looking for a driver I can pick up for approx $50 on Facebook marketplace to learn with for the summer. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.04 18:09 rpmisop Family Members Hacked Account Help

My mother in law had her account hacked to the point they've changed the recovery methods/info. The hackers are now scamming on marketplace and reaching out to other family to scam for money.
Is there any good way to lock the account down quickly or contact meta/Facebook?
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2023.06.04 18:07 AnonBitch74 I just want to smoke some ribs

I just want to smoke some ribs
We were given this electric smoker for free on Facebook marketplace. We were told it works but it's been stored in their garage forever. My husband and I have had no luck finding a manual for it online. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 18:01 AshleyRae394 Is there any way to confirm hydrostatic rear end is the original?

I have a YTH22v46 bought in 2018. Unfamiliar mechanic took it to look it over after sitting for a few years and is telling me it needs a new transmission (hydrostatic rear end) and a battery. The mower has less than 100 hrs on it and was only used for a single season. Everyone I’ve talked to says that it seems unlikely that there would be anything wrong with the transmission just from sitting. On Facebook marketplace the same mechanic posted in March looking for parts for a similar husqvarna. I’m thinking he may have swapped my transmission with his and is putting the cost on me. Is there anyway to confirm my suspicion?
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2023.06.04 17:51 shaunconnery01 Scam going around Facebook market place

Scam going around Facebook market place
Was just browsing through FB market place to see if something peaked my interest when I noticed a very cheap PlayStation 5. After inquiring about it 2 seconds later they sent me a very shady link. I'm not going to click that link and when I contacted two other sellers of very cheap PS5 they had the exact same thing with just a different link. Be wary if you're on Facebook marketplace looking to get some sort of item that looks too good to be true, because it probably is
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2023.06.04 17:43 tay_tot Making a name for yourself is HARD. (rant)

Hi guys. i just needed a place to rant, maybe recieve some advice. My small buisness journey started about maybe 2 months ago? I quit my job because at the time i was 24 weeks pregnant and just was so sick and depressed that i left my job. since then im now 35 weeks pregnant, and ever since i left work I have been trying to make a name for myself. I want to be able to work for myself, but its very difficult, a lot harder then i thought it would be. I doordash for some extra money, but honestly most days there arent any orders.

I make handmade crochet items. crocheting is a hobby of mine and i like to think im pretty decent at it. i started by making flower bouquets for Mothers Day and posting them on facebook in nearby yardsale groups and on the marketplace. it BLEW UP over night. i got so many orders I actually had to stop accepting orders for a while. I was crocheting 12 hours a day for like 2 weeks. I made ok money i guess, maybe around 200$? i sold these bouquets for dirt cheap though too, 10$ each.. and making 1 took 3 hours so i really was selling myself short.

after mothers day nobody wanted flowers anymore. But people wanted to see me make an Etsy shop. so i did! for some reason nobody followed it like they said they would. but i just kept making random things that inspire me and motivate me to keep creating. So as im watching hours upon hours of videos on how to make a successful etsy shop, i try implementing those tactics... they didnt do much. i know i have to expect only 1% of all people who view my stuff is actually going to buy it. which definately sucks. i got a couple sales randomly one day.. that was from reddit i think. but now im back to 0 sales, and lots of people viewing my site.

everytime i create a new item i share it on fb. nobody actually wants anything anymore. espeiclally now that ive raised my prices slightly. i have an etsy ad going for 1$/day, and its gotten me views but no sales. I know my photos arent the best, but I am coming from nothing. i guess im in the beginning stages where it sucks and i dont have any equipment.. i tried looking for markets to sell at, but since im close to delivering idk how im going to sign up for them. i try signing up for ones that are super close to today, like next weekend or something but you have to sign up MONTHS in advance. and the vendors fee is upwards of 100$ at most places near me!!!! well i dont have 100$ to just give away to a future event in September, or im going to have to make more sales in order to invest that money back into my company by signing up for vendors spots at future dates....

I know Etsy is FLOODED. Im aware of this. Im also aware how hard it is to sell handcrafted things, because they take forever to make, and nobody is going to buy a 40$ teddy bear when they can just buy one cheaper at Walmart. but im still passionate on my work, and selling it to people. I guess ill just keep going at it, give myself a couple years to be successful. I like to remember that the most successful creators took years and went into debt to grow their business.. sometimes that helps me.

anyways thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2023.06.04 17:41 Grizzly-Redneck How to advertise a rental for seniors in Nanaimo

Hello. I'm looking for tips on where to advertise a rental suite in order to reach the 55+ crowd in Nanaimo as they don't seem to be online. My folks (retirees) have a great little suite that they would like to rent out to someone of a similar age but we are struggling to find suitable candidates.
The suite is newly renovated and appropriately priced so I don't believe that's the issue.
We've tried craigslist and usednanaimo but mostly scammers responded. Then we tried Facebook marketplace and got lots of responses but most were young families or groups of students and based on past experience not really ideal tenants for my folks.
Any thoughts on how we can reach people not active on social media. Do people still advertise in newspapers or are there seniors social associations around Nanaimo where we could post an advertisement on a bulletin board or similar?
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2023.06.04 17:10 OnlyOneReturn Can anyone with some MT Bike knowledge let me know a out this bike?

I'm about 5 7 curious if this would be too small or just right? Male if that matters at all. Not knew to biking but we have some great trails and I'm looking to move on from my BMX riding.
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2023.06.04 16:47 Mediocre-Oven3660 Looking for Housing

Hi all I just got a job offer in Sheboygan and I am looking for an 1 bedroom apartment to rent under $1,000. I have looked on the usual places such as facebook marketplace and craigslist and haven’t found many options. Just wondering if there are other places you all would suggest looking. Thanks looking forward to joining the community.
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2023.06.04 16:42 christofifi Modified 510 Elite build

So I picked up a brand new in the box NZXT 510 Elite on Facebook marketplace for $60. I did not realize it didn't have the ability to mount a 240 AIO on the top of the case and I'd already bought the AIO. Originally I was planning on going with a different case but it sold before I could pick it up.
I know I could have mounted the AIO on the front 280 mm fans but didn't want the only 2 intake fans to be choked off by the radiator. So I made a cardboard template and started cutting and drilling holes. In order to make it fit I did have to relocate the led strip that's normally at the top of the case.
I already had removed the front glass panel. Put it in the oven to heat up the tape/glue and removed the glass from the frame.
Then I bought some PC filters and 3m double sided magnets off Amazon and made a new removable front panel filter. I also made one for the top of the case to filter the air coming out the AIO as well as for looks.
Last but not least I liked how the H5 had the one angled bottom intake fan. So I added another hole at the bottom of the case, and put in a 3rd intake fan, as well as another filter with the magnets for it.
The specs are 510 elite, msi pro z690-a ddr5 mb, 13600k, GTX 3060, wd m.2 1tb hd, Corsair vengeance RGB 6000 mhz ram, Corsair ax860 PSU, and deep cool ls 520 aio.
I haven't had it set up for more than a day but so far temps while gaming I didn't see the CPU get over 44°c and the GPU got up to 65°. Eventually I plan on upgrading the graphics card to a 4070 most likely.
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2023.06.04 16:42 cockadooa Does Facebook allow users to leave you a review even if you never sold to them before?

all my reviews on Facebook marketplace are positive because everything I sell is of good quality and I’m honest. A few times people have messaged me about a phone I was selling and in the description said it was locked and i advised them if they read it before messaging me and they say no. Before people buy things i go over everything with them to make sure their aren’t any issues. One guy wanted to buy a locked T-Mobile phone and he had AT&T. I told him it’s locked and won’t work. I sent him a link to another listing of the same exact phone I was selling that he wanted but it was unlocked.
A lot of the time I get messages from people who don’t wanna buy anything but ask me to trade. One person asked if I wanted to trade a iPhone for one of my pixel phones and I said no. Then I looked at my reviews today and noticed one bad review. I was trying to figure out who left that review because most of the people I sold too are regulars who come back and buy more things from me. So I know them. when I matched the account of the review to one of the messages it was one of those people who ask if I wanted to trade. I didn’t know Facebook allows people to leave reviews based off a conversation.
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2023.06.04 16:27 ShmarcusAurelius Costs, learnings and advice from my home gym project (UK, 2023)

Costs, learnings and advice from my home gym project (UK, 2023)
Hello, I recently finished converting my garage into a home gym and thought I’d share my build experience and subsequent learnings here.
If you’re considering starting your own project and have any questions about mine then please shoot me a message and I’ll try my best to help.

Top-line info:

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Research and planning: 3-4 weeks
Conversion duration: 1 week
Decorating, flooring: 2 weeks
Equipping (including delivery): 3 weeks
Total duration: 10 weeks
Total cost: £15,107

Expenses breakdown:

  • Garage main conversion: labour + materials + VAT = £8,220
  • Roll-top garage door: labour + materials + VAT = £2,640
  • Flooring = £286
  • Paint = £190
  • Mirrors = £400
  • Storage wall and fittings = £441
  • Sonos speaker (second hand) = £30
  • Equipment (not incl. bikes or Wahoo Kickr) = £2,900

Details and learnings:

The build:
  • I can’t stress enough the importance of finding a contractor that 1. You trust and 2. Makes you part of the process. This was my first ‘build’ as a new homeowner and I spent a good amount of time researching contractors and finding one who would handle all the trades required. Be prepared to pay a bit more
  • Be confident with what you want (having planned thoroughly) and be confident in your instruction. Easier said than done but just remember you're paying for a service. An example from my build - because my space was small I knew I wanted an out-swinging door. If I hadn’t explicitly expressed this and pushed back then I likely would have ended up with an in-swinging one and being unable to keep the door open for ventilation during summer workouts - no bueno
  • I wanted my gym to facilitate virtual cycling via my turbo trainer, so I needed electricity. Consider how you’ll get this in your build if you require it - I have a cable running from my main house out to the garage and the sockets placed where I need them to be in the gym
  • Ensure the floor is levelled (critical for squat racks and other big equipment) - not automatically thought about
  • You’ll probably want to hang things off the walls to maximise floor space - so ensure brackets are built strategically behind the walls to screw things into (you should already have your gym layout planned so you know where to ask for them)
  • Maximise headroom - I replaced my swinging door with a roll-top
  • Consider space changes when measuring for equipment. New walls, ceilings and doors will shrink or expand the space
  • If painting, use bathroom paint (antimicrobial to prevent mould and is more resilient). Bonus - I painted one wall with magnetic paint and then over that with black chalkboard paint - it’s been a useful addition
  • Consider proper ventilation - it gets sweaty!
Floors, mirrors, storage:
  • I used 18mm rubber stable mats for flooring. These are HEAVY. They're a really cost effective way to floor your gym, but you’ll likely need help 1. Moving them and 2. Cutting them to size and fitting (I got a local tradesman to help me measure and cut - this was not an easy job but it was really worth it)
  • If your gym will facilitate weightlifting then mirrors are pretty critical IMO. Don’t skimp on them - I ordered four bespoke mirrors that run almost the full length of the wall to the front and side of the squat rack
  • Maximising floor space is important, so I researched wall storage solutions for quite a while. I settled on a solution made for retailers called a slatwall. You simply drill in the slats into your wall brackets (I put up a big piece of chipboard first) and then you can attach various storage units to it depending on your equipment. I have hooks, various boxes and helmet holders on mine
  • My priorities were 1. a squat rack and 2. my turbo trainer and having the potential for them to be used at the same time (no, not by me). Before you start the build, go through the motions of your desired activities and understand what you need for the space. For a squat rack it was obviously height and width, but also extra width for weight storage, the space needed for the barbell (I couldn’t fit a conventional 7ft barbell in there if I wanted to have my bikes too etc.). My advice would be not to sacrifice any functionality just so you can get your 'dream' piece of equipment
  • I bought my rack, weights, bars and bench from Mirafit - thoroughly recommend these guys if you’re in the UK. Affordable and high quality
  • I researched dumbbells for a long time as I wanted a small footprint, so it was going to have to be some sort of adjustable dumbbell. I settled on Ironmasters as they are 1. Basically indestructable and 2. The spinlock has a flat bottom to rest on your thighs easily. I waited a while and found someone selling a second hand set on facebook marketplace for £500.
If I were to express one key takeaway for a successful home gym project it would be this: spend the appropriate amount of time planning, measuring, researching and then planning again before you contract anyone or spend a dime.
It’s a false economy not to prepare properly for such a big project. Understand which activities you want your gym to facilitate, play those out in the space and then ask yourself what needs to be true in order for you to perform those activities enjoyably and safely within your space. Build around those factors and you’ll be fine. Sleep on your decisions and don’t rush… it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.
How it started...

How it's going...

Magnetic / chalk wall at the back

Movement space if required

with bikes...

Slatwall solution
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2023.06.04 16:02 Revolutionary_Toe110 How do you even shop on Facebook marketplace???

Why do none of the listings have a purchase option, how do I even pay for something. I've never used FB marketplace before?
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2023.06.04 15:37 waylonsmithersjr Any website you use that gives local garage/yard sales by area

I'm not talking Facebook Marketplace or Kijiiji, although I'm sure those are more popular, I'm talking about if I want to search garage sales in a 10 km radius.
If not that, well what do you people use?
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2023.06.04 15:05 HazeMMIII I made a case against a seller from Facebook Marketplace that scammed me and now my PayPal account is permanently limited

Some guy on Facebook Marketplace accepted payment from PayPal goods and services, about $40 for the item, they shipped a fake package to a random address in Idaho (I live in California) and I filed a case against them. I woke up this morning saying I’m permanently limited and that I’m being charged a high value dispute fee. I don’t understand? My PayPal account is new as I’ve never really used it but I don’t understand really what I could have done to cause this?
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2023.06.04 14:50 Jushiro23 Best $50 ever pick up on Facebook marketplace 😁

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2023.06.04 14:50 Extension-Mall118 First car for 20y/o

Hello. I’m looking for my first car. I want it to be under 11,000, 2015 or newer, good on gas, easy repairs, I don’t need it to be fast just get me to the places I need. I go to college in a big city and live about 2 1/2 hours away, I go home 1 once a month. I’ll mostly be driving short trips in the city except for school breaks. I was looking into the Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and Mazda 6. I also want to try to buy on Facebook marketplace or somewhere similar. Any advice on what car I should try to get?
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2023.06.04 12:25 Traditional_West_137 The Ultimate Guide To Selling Junk Cars For Cash

Getting Cash For Junk Cars can be achieved by selling your old, unwanted car. it’s a good choice if it’s taking up space in your garage or driveway. You’ll not only make a greater amount of space, but you’ll also have more cash in your pocket. But it might be difficult to sell junk car, particularly if you don’t know where to begin.
We will assist you through every step of selling junk cars for cash in this comprehensive guide, from choosing the best buyer to negotiating the greatest price.

Determine Your Car’s Value

You must ascertain the value of your car before looking for a buyer. To estimate the value of your car, use internet tools like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. Remember that if your car is damaged or in poor condition, the actual value can be lower.

Find A Buyer

It’s time to find a buyer after you know how much your car is worth. Selling your junk car can be done in a number of ways, including:
Auto wreckers: There are several companies that focus on purchasing junk cars. Usually, they will give you a quote based on the weight of your car and the going rate for scrap.
Here is a complete guide on finding best junk car buyers.

Private Buyers:

Attempting to sell the junk car to a private buyer is another option. Even though it can be more difficult, you might be able to sell your car for more money than you would through a junk car buyer.

Online Marketplaces:

You can sell your junk car on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Get Your Car Ready.

You must get the junk car ready for sale before you sell it. This entails washing the car and removing any personal stuff. Additionally, gather whatever documentation you have for the vehicle, such as the registration or title.
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2023.06.04 12:24 Nearby_Search_5752 buying used furniture in Dubai

Get To Know selling used furniture in Dubai

Dubai is a dynamic city that is constantly growing and changing. As a result, many people are always on the lookout for new furniture to keep up with the latest trends. However, this also means that there is a large market for used furniture buyers in Dubai. Selling your used furniture can be a great way to make some extra money, while also helping others who are looking for affordable furniture options.

How to Sell Your Used Furniture to Buyers in Dubai


As someone who has lived in Dubai for several years, I understand that the city is known for its luxurious lifestyle and high-end shopping. However, what many people don't know is that Dubai also has a thriving market for used furniture. Whether you're moving to a new home or are simply looking to upgrade your current furniture, selling your used furniture in Dubai can be a great way to make some extra cash. In this article, I'll be sharing some tips on how to sell your used furniture to buyers in Dubai.

Benefits of selling used furniture

There are several benefits to selling your used furniture to used furniture buyers in Dubai. Firstly, you can make some extra money by selling items that you no longer need or use. This can be especially helpful if you're moving to a new home and need to get rid of some furniture. Secondly, selling your used furniture is an environmentally friendly option, as it helps reduce waste and promotes recycling. Finally, selling your used furniture in Dubai can also be a great way to help others who are looking for affordable furniture options.

Who are the buyers of used furniture in Dubai?

There are several types of buyers who are interested in purchasing used furniture in Dubai. Firstly, there are individuals who are moving to a new home and are looking for affordable furniture options. Secondly, there are expats who are only living in Dubai for a short period of time and don't want to invest in new furniture. Finally, there are also businesses such as hotels and offices that are looking for high-quality used furniture at a lower cost.

How to sell used furniture in Dubai

There are several steps involved in selling your used furniture in Dubai. Firstly, you need to assess the condition of your furniture and determine its value. This can be done by researching similar items online or consulting with a furniture expert. Once you have determined the value of your furniture, you can then decide on a selling price. Next, you need to take high-quality photos of your furniture and create a detailed description of each item. Finally, you can then post your furniture for sale on online marketplaces such as Dubizzle or Facebook Marketplace.

Where to sell your used furniture in Dubai

There are several places where you can sell your used furniture in Dubai. Firstly, you can sell your furniture online on marketplaces such as Dubizzle, Facebook Marketplace, or Instagram. Secondly, you can sell your furniture at a second-hand store or consignment shop. Finally, you can also sell your second hand furniture at a garage sale or flea market.

Buying used furniture in Dubai

If you're looking for buying used furniture in Dubai, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to assess the condition of the furniture and determine its value. Secondly, you need to negotiate the price with the seller and ensure that you're getting a fair deal.
Finally, you need to arrange for transportation and delivery of the furniture to your home or office.

Used office furniture buyers in Dubai

Many businesses in Dubai are always on the lookout for high-quality used office furniture. If you have office furniture that you no longer need, you can sell it to these buyers at a lower cost than new furniture. Some of the best places to sell used office furniture in Dubai include online marketplaces such as Dubizzle, or second-hand furniture stores that specialize in office furniture.

Used hotel furniture buyers in Dubai

Hotels in Dubai are known for their luxury and high-end amenities. However, they often need to update their furniture to keep up with the latest trends. If you have high-quality hotel furniture that you no longer need, you can sell it to these buyers at a lower cost than new furniture. Some of the best places to sell used hotel furniture in Dubai include online marketplaces such as Dubizzle, or second-hand furniture buyers' stores that specialize in hotel furniture.

What to do with unsold items

If you have unsold items after trying to sell your used furniture in Dubai, there are several options available. Firstly, you can consider donating your furniture to a charity or non-profit organization. Secondly, you can try selling your furniture at a garage sale or flea market. Finally, you can also consider repurposing your furniture or upcycling it into something new and unique.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Selling your used furniture in Dubai can be a great way to make some extra cash, while also helping others who are looking for affordable furniture options. By following the tips in this article, you can maximize your profit and sell your furniture to buyers in Dubai with ease. Whether you're selling office furniture or hotel furniture, there are plenty of buyers in Dubai who are interested in high-quality used furniture. So, start decluttering your home and get ready to make some extra cash by selling your used furniture in Dubai.
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2023.06.04 12:21 PurpleBarriers Are these Facebook marketplace hire cars legit?

Are these Facebook marketplace hire cars legit?
Seen a couple of these recently, are they legit? Anyone ever used one? How would insurance work on something like that
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2023.06.04 12:04 Comprehensive_Pie562 Chick-Fil-A Shenanigans

Recently met up with someone in an empty Chick-Fil-A parking lot, on a Sunday, from Facebook Marketplace to buy a new Dyson Airwrap for 350$. I paid them via Cashapp, and after that they left. Upon further inspection, the Dyson Airwrap is most definitely fake, and I pretty much just got scammed. Is there anything I can do? I know Cashapp won’t do anything, should I file a police report? Would CFA give me their CCTV footage for that day so I can find his plate number? Or should I just accept the loss? This incident happened one week ago today, any help is much appreciated.
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2023.06.04 11:12 SugarKun15 I found this almoust new Oculus Quest 2 64 g on Facebook marketplace, is it a good deal for 200 euros?

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