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2023.06.04 19:14 low_budget_trash Played Sinbad part 2 yesterday and have some thoughts on the dungeon

I went into this extremely unprepared. I thought it would be like part 1 so I went in solo. Didn't realize this was moo manchu part 2. Still beat solo though. Go in with other people.
Albano and Sinbad as companions look interesting at first glance but I don't think they're going to be that good unless they get promotions later down the line to make their powers better since they're missing some key epics.
The dungeon was every challenging with some of these enemies hitting for 600+ crits multiple times. The monks, ninja pigs, musketeers, and tengu were not too bad but the samoorai sucked at times, especially the boss one. The spirit of the iron lotus was the easiest boss and floor by far. Then there's Tetsukado. This guy right here? This yak? He's a straight up menace. He turns this dungeon from moo part 2 to the duomo part 2. He is so infuriating to fight because he has this aoe attack that also puts him into hide so you can't target him unless also doing aoe. However he can attack you, but then just go back into hiding! He can do this multiple times to. And guess what? You have to fight him twice. Hardest boss in the dungeon by a long shot and he's only like halfway up the tower. The final boss also has a similar ability but he's way easier to deal with even though one of his crits can do something like 2000+ damage. I basically made this post to rant about this one boss.
Anyway I almost lost on the last fight because even though the game tells you to defeat the tiger boss you still have to beat all enemies afterwards. Egg Shen was my only companion left to fight the yak ass and a ninja pig even though he had no powers left and about 900 health. He beat the yak since he had just come out of hide but the ninja pig (musketeer) put Egg in red. Now he has to run over and I have to hope for crits and he actually defeated the ninja pig. So that's how I left the dungeon, 1 HP and five companions down with a sixth that got in red. Only Sinbad gear I got was the ring that gives backstab and I got like 4 times. I was just relieved to be done.
The tease of going to Rajah is pretty cool wether that is the next world for a new arc or if we just go there for a short amount of time like dragonspyre. Apparently the eye of the liger can destroy any world in the spiral so if that's the next thing we have to chase, sounds pretty cool. If Rajah is the next world then these Sinbad parts are probably going to be turned into prequests like the Mooshu teahouse is for marylebone but still enticing nonetheless. I think part 2 is a step up from part 1, especially in story.
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2023.06.04 19:14 RealityIsAKnife [M4A Playing F] “I’m gonna drive Herculon back to whatever galaxy it is he came from. And that’s a PROMISE”

Doubling encouraged but not required.
I am looking for someone to play a female wrestler for my OC wrestler, now your irl gender doesn't matter to me as long as you can write for a female, now basically it's a slice of life rp. But, everything that happens in the ring and on the shows spills over into real life, below will be all the details(ienjoyham)there isn't much to the story yet. Below will also be a list of female wrestlers I would like someone to write across from, again, my male OC.(Bold indicates higher interest)
Female Wrestlers that I am looking for: Lita, AJ Lee, Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus
What I am looking for:
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2023.06.04 19:14 xMystifyy [PS] H: Lots to Offer // W: PA Pieces Listed Below

in search of: - Assassin/?/Sentinel Excavator CP w/ Jetpack - Assassin/?/Sentinel Excavator RL - Assassin/?/Sentinel T60 LA, RA, RL - Assassin/Cryo/Sentinel X01 any piece - OE/?/Cav Excavator RA, RL - OE/?/Sent Excavator CP, LL, RL - OE/?/WWR Excavator LL, RL
items i have for trade ⬇️
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2023.06.04 19:14 pattytulip When to use a two-tailed vs one-tailed p value?

I am comparing the mean weight of 2 different groups, one on a high-fat diet and one on a regular control diet. I am doing a test to make sure that the group on the high-fat diet is significantly bigger than the control group. Do I use the one or two-tailed value resulting from the unpaired t-test? Please help
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2023.06.04 19:13 Hand_Me_Down_Genes Nubian Oxhide Armour, Qasr Ibrim

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2023.06.04 19:13 ZachTheLitchKing Fibonacci

0 "..."
1 "No."
1 "No?"
2 "That's right?"
3 "Well, why not?"
5 "Because it's dangerous," Frank said.
8 "But isn't that the point?" Marv asked excitedly.
13 "No!" Frank exclaimed, "The point is to get money! This won't do that!"
21 "How do you figure? We bust in during rush hour, traffic will be so bad no one will make it to the bank in time to stop us!"
34 "But if we do it during rush hour, traffic'll be gridlocked! The cops can't make it in time to stop us!"
55 Frank's face contorted into a grimace of barely repressed rage as he grabbed Marv by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him in to scream-whisper through gritted teeth. "You absolute numbskull! If we try to rob a bank during broad daylight our faces will be live-streamed six ways to Sunday! There'd be no get-away!"
89 "Uh, duhhhh." Marv grinned and rolled his eyes, as though Frank were the idiot there. "We'd wear masks. I've got some of those black face masks in the back seat. The one's I got for the ski trip last summer? They'll keep our faces hidden. And don't bring up the license plate to me again, cuz we're going to steal a car! That way when they log it we'll just ditch it for another car so they won't be tailing us! It'll work! You know it'll work!" he said.
144 "Alright, let's walk through this," Frank said, letting go of Marv's jacket. He slid a hand over his face as if to wipe away the sheer contempt he was feeling for his partner. "We go steal a car. Something pretty plain looking I figure?" Marv nodded as Frank was getting the idea, so Frank continued, "Then we drive to the bank, put on the balaclava's...that's the ski masks you got," Frank explained before Marv could try to 'correct' him, "We bust into the bank by walkin' in through the front doors, in masks, rob the joint, get back into our car with the money, drive away, durin' rush hour, and cuz it's rush hour the cop's won't show up?" Again, Marv nodded excitedly. Frank rolled his eyes and asked, "So how do we drive away durin' rush hour? That's the part that don't work!"
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2023.06.04 19:13 sdggkjhdsgfjhd Let's see the real nowadays reaction of Chinese mainland ppl against the Tiananmen Massacre

All of these comments are from Tiktok.
They are all in simplified Chinese except two, meaning very likely the ppl who left them are Chinese mainlanders.
They account for about 70-80% of all simplified Chinese comments based on my experience.
They can represent the real Chinese people.
Stop imagining they desire for democracy. They love the communist party, they really do.
Don't need to have any sympathy for its ppl when sactioning this country.
They deserve it all.
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2023.06.04 19:13 PhantasmShadow Having a long hard-cooldown on tangles isn't fun

Currently, after creating a tangle, you get a fixed 15 second cooldown. And yet, there are strand aspects (The Wanderer, Into the Fray), a fragment (Thread of Fury) and an exotic (Swarmers) that utilize tangles. The completely fixed cooldown means you can't build into tangles to the point where it's possible to focus on them. This wasn't a problem with warmind cells: You could even make warmind cells with warmind cells, which felt like a satisfying loop. And they definitely aren't powerful enough to need such a cooldown.
Additionally, there's the myriad of ways that you can create tangles, which ae all... pointless because killing a strand debuffed enemy is easy to do every 15 seconds in lower-end content, and tangles are too weak to be that useful in higher content. A weapon (Quicksilver storm), an aspect (The Wanderer) and a fragment (Thread of transmutation) provide alternate methods to generate tangles that aren't particular useful due to the cooldown. Quicksilver has a bit of an excuse due to not being strand-locked, but still, tangles are weak.
I'd personally say this should be rectified in one of two ways: A) Similar system to warmind cells and awoken favours had, where it's based on number and strength of kills, not time. B) Attempting to spawn another tangle during the cooldown reduces the cooldown, perhaps by 1 second (default method), and 2 seconds (alternative methods). Either method results in "the more tangle triggers, the merrier", letting you properly build into tangles.
A couple other effects in the game have similar cooldowns, but I don't think they're really problems. Diamond Lance is somewhat similar, but has no synergy and only 2 means of production, so it isn't a problem. Firesprites and Glacial Harvest have short cooldowns, so barely matter. It's a bit sad to simultaneously destroy a hoard of thrall and only get a single firesprite, but it's not too bad. Same for glacial harvest.
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2023.06.04 19:13 foldypaws A main quest made me cry

I finished locating all the dragon tears. The last tear, dropped in the middle of Rist Peninsula made me cry. Wow, Zelda. You didn’t have to do that.
After I saw that final memory, I stood in the sand as Tulin fluttered around insisting “Let’s Go!” I wondered, “Will I ever want to go anywhere again??”
I’m surprised Link keeps questing after this reveal. I would’ve understood if he needed a week or longer to process things:
spending days in bed; having constructs deliver pizza, meat skewers, and porridge; obsessing over old letters and maps; letting trash pile up; kneeling to the little goddess statue in his home and asking “why?”; eating raw tomatoes and spicy peppers when cooking feels pointless; wearing metal armor and riding his giant horse during thunderstorms; commissioning Bolson to make a Zelda statue but then calling him at 2 am to cancel the order because seeing it would be too painful.
Instead, his eyes widen. And he moves on.
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2023.06.04 19:13 sigalarcs Invited one of my friends over for the weekend and We fucked!

I was going to be home alone this weekend and was feeling a little lonely, so I invited one of my guy friends over to hang out and drink a little. I wasn’t planning on doing anything since the most that has happened was that I sent him some nudes on accident a couple of months ago while I was drunk. But we were talking about how he wanted to get away from his parents, and how mine were going to be gone for the weekend, so he just naturally came over with some notice.
I was leaning against him watching tv on the couch, his arms were around me. We had been drinking a little, so I just pretended to not notice the hard-on under me. But eventually, he went for it, he slid his hand under my breast and started to rub me, I just lied there feeling my body on his. At this point I was ready for him, so I turned around and started grinding on him, placing my hands on his chest and pressing my hips against his.
I don’t know if he was jealous that he was one of the only guy friends I have that I haven't slept with yet but he was getting very aggressive. Grabbing my ass and suddenly leaning up to press his face between my tits. He ended up sliding out of his pants before I had realized it. I knew what my job was, I slid down his body and got on my knees. Licking the side of his cock before slowly and I mean slowly, pushing it down my throat.
I usually like to let guys cum in my mouth but after about 5 minutes of sucking him off, he was ready for more and pulled my head away so he could tell me what he wanted. I’ll leave out the dirty talk so in case he ever finds this Reddit he doesn’t get too embarrassed.
He flipped me around and pushed my head into the couch, pinning me down he pulled my underwear down so he could press his cock into me. I was used to being used but he seemed almost scared to grab me so I had to force his hands on my ass and push myself back on him to get him going at me.
And that was the start of my weekend with him. But I’m going to keep the rest of my experience a secret. This post is getting rather long and maybe in the future
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2023.06.04 19:13 OxyC377 TWITTER ● Chasin’ the Racin’ Podcast × @motorbikepod ≫ The moment @DomHerbertson found out he got his 130❤️ Doubt there will be a dry eye watching this! Sure Dom will have a few of his friends smiling from above❤️🕊 Shoutout to @louellathornton_ for capturing this moment!

TWITTER ● Chasin’ the Racin’ Podcast × @motorbikepod ≫ The moment @DomHerbertson found out he got his 130❤️ Doubt there will be a dry eye watching this! Sure Dom will have a few of his friends smiling from above❤️🕊 Shoutout to @louellathornton_ for capturing this moment! submitted by OxyC377 to RoadRacing [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:13 HippyPixieEmoKid AITA for potentially splitting up my family?

Trigger warnings: depression, emotional, mental and physical abuse, child abuse, abortions, suicide idealations and attempts.
Backstory: I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 13 years old, although some doctors believe I'd been having seizures since I was as young as 6 or 7. I was also diagnosed with manic depression/bipolar disorder when I was 16.
At 21 I gave birth to my first daughter, M. A little under two years later I had my second daughter, A. The first pregnancy wasn't easy and I had a lot of seizures during the course of the pregnancy. Many trips to the hospital to make sure baby was safe. But after I gave birth I jumped straight into motherhood. I lived roughly 4 hours away from my parents and struggled with feeling homesick frequently. I called my dad daily for parenting advice, to vent, to update him, and also to help subside that homesick feeling. Regardless though, I was a very attentive and active mom. I spent all of my time with M. She was my best friend. I LOVED being a mom and I was THRIVING. After M turned 1, I moved back "home" and moved back in with my parents. My second pregnancy was much the same. Uncomfortable pregnancy, many seizures. However with this pregnancy I had some complications that caused A to be born 10 weeks early. This caused A to spend the first several months of her life in the nicu and even had to have gastral intestinal surgery before she was even 4 months old. Due to my epilepsy I do not drive, but I did everything I could in my power to see my A as frequently and for as long as I could. Visiting hours were somewhat restricting though.
At some point in time I started displaying symptoms of postpartum depression that was heavily exasperated by my manic depression. I was at an all time low. The physical pain of a depression that immense had crippled me. I felt like I had concrete in my veins. Just getting up and going to the bathroom was an exhausting task. I spent most of my days sleeping as an escape from the pain and exhaustion. Thankfully I lived with my parents, my younger daughters father (J), and some of my sisters. I would say I had plenty of help and support, but a more accurate statement would be "the children were looked after". I on the other hand was mocked, teased and belittled at every opportunity. At the time I thought nothing of it. I thought "that's just how my family is" I was raised with the motto "the more I tease you, the more I love you". Before my dad knew I was pregnant (I kept it a secret for 18 weeks because J was pressuring me to get an unwanted abortion.) my dad pointed to my stomach one morning and said "you know, some situps would help with that" I was devastated, already feeling fat and disgusting, and went to my room to cry.
Without me even realizing it, the negative comments and belittling nature of my family took a toll on me and I was getting deeper and deeper into my depression without a light at the end of the tunnel. I HATED myself for not being able to get up and play with my children. I couldn't understand how I could be so active and attentive with M at that age but I just didn't have it in me for A. I felt like I'd failed her in so many ways. I tried my best to find solutions to the problem. Often times I'd try to find games to play with them that involved me lying or at least sitting on the couch. Puzzles, coloring, movies, cars. Anything low impact, but kids want to run and play and be active.. I felt like the worst mom of all times and I wasn't being told differently by those around me. In fact my greatest fears were being confirmed daily. One day I finally broke and had a full mental breakdown in front of my mom. I had confessed to my mom that I was having suicidal idealations. I knew deep down I didn't want to end my life, but I wanted the pain to stop. I couldn't breathe under the weight of my depression and I desperately needed help. I sat on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, confessing all of my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings at that time. My mom, in my opinion, brushed me off and said "well look into counseling or something" and then walked away, while I stayed sitting against our front door, crying my heart out. I felt devastated. All I wanted was a hug and some comfort but it was clear I was barking up the wrong tree. I got myself together, went upstairs, and went to sleep in order to escape the heartbreak and numb myself again. This entire timeline is a blur to me, so I'm not sure how much time passed between my melt down and this next conversation, but I feel like it was less than a week when my mom sat me down to have a conversation about the girls.
She suggested to me that my parents take temporary custody of the girls until I was able to "get on my feet". She kept pushing this narrative that it was what was best for the girls and their safety. She used my epilepsy as an excuse. Telling me that it was unsafe for the girls to be under my care when my epilepsy was so unpredictable. She also used my mental health, feeding into all of my fears and my own perceived shortcomings. A decent way into the conversation, my dad joined us. His whole demeanor radiated "this is a waste of my time. Just do what we say so I can go do other things" but maybe that was me reading too deeply into his behavior. Once he sat down it felt like my mom leaned even deeper into this narrative that they were clearly the better option for the girls wellbeing, but it would only be for a short time and that they were mainly concerned with the girls quality of life. I really struggled with what to do. I already felt like I was failing my children because I was so mentally and emotionally drained and detached. I didn't want to abandon them or lose them, but I also didn't want to harm them in the ways I had been harmed growing up. I figured my mom knew best because she had been in my shoes for all of my childhood. The vast majority of memories I have of my mom are of her sleeping on the couch, or raging out over the most minuscule things. I didn't want my children raised like that... So reluctantly, I agreed, truly believing I was doing a selfless thing and putting my children first. (This would later be used against me at every opportunity) I signed a piece of computer paper that my mom had scribbled an agreement on, stating that I was signing over temporary custody of my kids to my parents, with the understanding that I would get full custody back at an undisclosed time.
One day while I was down the road at a friend's house, my mom called me frantic, demanding I get home immediately. I rushed up to the house to find out that A's dad, J, had her wrapped in three blankets, in her car seat (it's the only place she would sleep). She was drenched in sweat (apparently new borns aren't supposed to sweat, especially not that much) and she was crying hysterically due to discomfort. J was irate, screaming at her and aggressively shaking the car seat. My mom said she heard him scream "shut the fck up or I'm going to *unalive you". She was under the impression that him and I were arguing again, and had come to break up the fight. (This always seemed odd to me seeing as how she never once intervened in our arguments before) When she realized I wasn't home and he was talking to A, she grabbed A and went downstairs. As she walked down the hall, j punched a hole in the wall near her head. He claimed he was "only trying to scare her" because she was "stealing his child from him" I was outraged and mortified. I tried multiple times to leave him and kick him out, but I had no support from my family. At one point I even resorted to packing up all of his belongings and throwing them out on the lawn. I'm not proud of that but I felt I had no other choice, and rushed to lock the doors when he went to get his things. My sister promptly unlocked the door and let him back in, claiming I was "acting psychotic" I felt trapped... But I had grown up around this behavior. My dad was an angry drunk and I had grown up believing that those behaviors were "passion" rather than aggression. So I accepted my fait and went on as if nothing had happened, certain that this would be the rest of my life.
One day when J was driving me to work we got into an argument and he repeatedly told me "your dad was right. You should do the world a favor and just unalive yourself. Everyone would be a lot happier" he kept repeating it over and over until I finally had it. He pulled up to a stop sign and I got out of the car and started walking down the road. He immediately started freaking out, begging me to get back in the car, using everything he could think of to manipulate me into getting back into the car. I finally caved and got back in. J dropped me off at work and as I got out of the car I told him "we're over. I'm breaking up with you". I closed the door before he could say a word and walked into work feeling like I was on cloud 9. It felt like all of my troubles had been wiped away. When I got inside, I told a friend what happened and explained that I didn't want to go home that night because I knew a guilt trip was waiting for me when I got there. I knew there would be an argument that would last hours and I would finally break due to exhaustion and would inevitably take him back. My coworker seemed to understand and let me stay at his house as long as I needed.
I called my mom and told her what had happened. I begged and pleaded with her to kick J out, but she refused. She was concerned that he'd try to take A if she kicked him out. I told her I was certain he wouldn't. He only ever cared about himself and his own self preservation. A baby would only make things harder for him and it was a responsibility and a role he didn't even want in the first place. I told her J had spent 18 weeks pressuring me to abort A and was evening willing to drive me out of state to get the procedure done, until I finally put my foot down and told him no, I was keeping my baby. I stayed away for 2 full weeks, the entire time begging and pleading with my family. Pointing out his abusive tendencies and his history with verbal and physical abuse and outbursts. My mom held her ground and refused to help me in any capacity. Every time M asked where I was, my mom would say "your mom's at work" rather than have her call me and talk to me. This created a lot of psychological trauma for M. She had severe seperstion anxiety, having panic attacks any time someone had to leave the house, convinced that if they left they'd never return. Still to this day she has abandonment issues as well as severe panic attacks.
After two weeks, I started coming over for visits but I never moved back in. During this time, J informed me that he was talking to another girl. He made it abundantly clear that she was 16. He was roughly 25 or 26 at the time. I later found out that they weren't talking. In fact, she had a boyfriend who was age appropriate, but J had been going and telling their entire friend group that they had been messing around together. I was then informed by my younger sibling L, that J had made advances on her that she quickly shut down. I think she was roughly 18 at the time. When this didn't pan out and J didn't get the reactions he expected from myself or L, he moved on. Years later I was told the same time xact story by both J and my oldest sister Al. "We had been hanging out, drinking, smoking. Ya know, the usual. And then well... Because I was so inebriated, they took advantage of me and we slept together" Knowing the both of them well enough, I knew it was consensual and they were just embarrassed and scared of my reaction. I laughed and told them they deserved one another.
As you can imagine, J's questionable life choices caught up with him and he was rejected from every friend group he had, to the point where he left the state and broke all contact with myself, and my family. It was a weight off my shoulders when he was finally gone. At that point I had gotten my own apartment but it was the first time I lived alone, paying my own bills, and I was not good at it. I was missing bill payments left and right. My power was shut off in the middle of winter and before long I was evicted. I was homeless and asked my parents if I could move home. They said no, that it would be too confusing for the girls if I moved back in with them. I ended up staying with friends on the couch in a one bedroom. It was extremely uncomfortable, but I had a roof over my head. When their lease was up, they invited me to get a new place with them. I agreed and I started learning about finances and how to be a functioning part of society.
My parents said I was welcome to visit the girls any time I wanted, but when I'd ask, it was a whole ordeal and guilt trip because they had to come pick me up and refused to bring my kids to my place. They said the car ride was too much for the girls to handle. Mind you, Ms dad B, still lives 4 hours away. My parents regularly drive both of my daughters up to see B and his parents whenever Bs parents request it. However, a 30 minute drive was asking far too much of such young and fragile children. When I argued that point they would use other excuses why they would not be bringing my children to see me. Once again I felt powerless and like a bad mom, being paraded by my parents for not being more active in my kids lives, but when I tried to make the effort it was scorned and met with negativity.
I self isolated for awhile, but still tried to be apart of my children's lives.
Over the years I've brought up the custody agreement, pointing out that it was supposed to only be temporary. I think my parents got frustrated with this because once the girls started school, my mom pressured me to sign over full custody, claiming it would make filling out paperwork a lot easier on my parents. But it was still only temporary, supposedly. Again, I continued to press for custody back and I would be met with argument after argument, bombarded with all of my shortcomings. On multiple occasions my mom told me "if you take custody of the girls back it will destroy mine and your father's marriage. Some days the girls are the only thing keeping us together" I was also told "if you take custody back it will literally kill your father. He won't survive." A year or so ago I told my mom we needed to go to therapy because I could not speak to her without a mediator. She finally agreed and we had two sessions. The first of which she cried her eyes out, telling the therapist that she's always done her absolute best for us kids and that we never appreciate anything she's done for us. She said "I took on the responsibility of raising two young children while she was out there f*cking anyone and everyone she wanted" mind you, during the time frame she was talking about, I had one intimate partner. When I confronted her about it outside of the session she said "I said that to highlight the poor life choices you were making at the time"
Fast-forward to now, A and I have a good relationship, but she's closest to my dad over everyone. M and I still have an incredibly tight bond though. She tells me everything. I'm her best friend.
The things she's been telling me the last couple of years are bringing up a lot of PTSD and trauma for me from my childhood. It's been opening my eyes to the level of mental abuse I suffered at the hands of my parents.
At this point you're probably thinking what I thought for most of my life. "This girl's mom sounds like a monster" It wasn't until recently that my father's facade was irreversibly shattered in my eyes. M had come to me and asked "what would you say if I asked to be called unisex name". I told her "I wouldn't say anything. I'd just call you by the name you chose. I love you no matter what I call you. I will always love you no matter what. There's nothing in this world that will change that, especially not a name." In time M came to me and said "how would you react if I told you I like girls" I said "the same way I reacted when you wanted to change your name. I will always accept, support and love you, no matter what"
She had gone to my mom with the same questions and my mom had roughly the same response. My dad on the other hand had a much more viseral response. When the name was brought up, he hit the roof, yelling "I'm not having another kid try and change their name. That's stupid. You have a name." (L changed their name when they were in school and my father always hated it and still refuses to call L by their chosen name) When the topic of sexual preference was broached he'd just roll his eyes, huff and act like M was being stupid and childish. As I touched up on previously, M has severe panic attacks. I can relate because I also suffer from them and they were extremely bad around the same age that M is now. From things M had told me in passing I'm under the impression that she was being bullied at school. Every morning was a struggle. She would beg my parents to let her stay home. If it was up to my mom, she'd get frustrated and give in, saying "whatever. Do whatever you want. You do anyway. None of you ever listen to me or respect anything I say" and M would go lie in bed and call me crying that she "upset nana" If it were my dad however, he'd yell at her to get her @$$ in the car and that he wasn't dealing with her $ht. She would have full fledged panic attacks in the car to which he would yell and scream at her to knock off the teenage bllsh*t and to suck it up. One day he even threatened to institutionalize her if this behavior continued. She called me, mid breakdown, telling me everything that had happened and asked me "what even does that mean? Is he gonna lock me up in a psych ward because I'm having panic attacks?" I assured her that no one was doing any such thing. I then called my parents and tore into them for treating her like that. My skin was crawling, I was so appalled at his behavior.
He tries his best to mask his negativity and what I consider to be narcissistic tendencies. He went from being an angry alcoholic to being a sober helpful part of the church he attends. I told my mom recently that I believe he swapped one addiction for another. He portrays this happy healthy life and family all over social media, showing my kids off to the people at his church, claiming they're his kids. So much so to the point that I had attended a few services and people thought I was their sister, not their mom, because my dad refuses to refer to them as his grandchildren. He's even taken it so far as to claim that he BIRTHED them. I don't know what level of psychosis it takes for a man to claim that he carried two children in his womb, but that's besides the point.
Also to Ms detriment, he will tease her about her weight, her eating habits, her sleeping habits. He will also make snide comments about LGBTQ+ related and adjacent topics.
L, had also suffered this same emotional and mental abuse for years from our dad and subsequently my mom who is too scared of my dad to stand up for her own beliefs. L finally made the difficult decision to go no contact for their mental health. This was extra difficult for them because that meant they had less access to their nieces and nephew, but they had to do what was best for their mental state and they took a step back. At one point my dad had brought L up, calling them by their dead name and misgendering them. When M corrected my dad he scoffed and said "people who change their names and gender are just people who weren't loved enough as a child" M responded with "k.." and went to her room to call me, explaining how incredibly offensive that statement was, especially seeing as how that's his own child. She said "who's fault is it if L wasn't loved enough as a child?" (She's extremely aware for her age)
I got a phone call from A one afternoon. She was crying and told me "I'm just sad because I'm never going to see L again because she abandoned us." I asked who told her that and she said "papa said dead name abandoned us because she doesn't care about the family anymore" I explained that none of that was true and that L missed them very much, and wanted to see them very much.
I spoke to L regularly about the situation at hand, being as supportive as possible while trying to stay out of the family drama. After months of distancing themselves from our parents, they came to me for help and guidance. They wanted to have dinner with our parents to try and mend their relationships. However they were scared of the response they would receive, so I offered to be the buffer and reach out on their behalf.
My mom's response was perfect. She said "I would love to have dinner with them. Tell me when and where" My dad's response was less ideal. He said "we would love to have dinner with her. If she's ready to respect our family and our beliefs we would be happy to have dinner with her" I lost it on him. I told him that I was sick and tired of his behavior. He puts on a holier than thou facade but he doesn't actually act very christ like in reality. I pointed out that when the prodigal son returned he wasn't met with "are you ready to ahere to our rules and regulations now? Are you prepared to act the way that we want you to? If you are then you can come home, but if not, get out" he was welcomed home with open arms, regardless of anything he had done or said. He replied with "I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't have responded to that text. I should've listened to that gut instinct"
I've gone no contact with him since that argument, but as you can imagine, that was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
On mother's day, my dad was out of town but my girls went to church with my mom. There was a guest speaker who had an extremely antitrans message. The way my mom explained it was "if your kid comes out as trans, you're a failure as a mom" I was dumbfounded to hear that they'd have a message like that at all, but especially on mother's day, shaming parents, but specifically mom's, into rejecting their children's self identification, as if one person has control over another person's identity. M told me she didn't ever want to go back. I told her I understood and I'd do my best to make sure she didn't have to.
Today is my birthday and my girls are coming over. M texted me this morning saying "I'm getting ready for church. I was told that if I wanted to go to my mom's house, I had to go to church first" This used to be a place that she felt safe and happy in and now it's become a place of contention for her. She'll ask my mom if she can stay home (never my dad) and although my mom usually caves and lets her stay home, it's always with some stipulation.
My dad is a controlling, manipulative, homophobic, close minded fraud of a Christian who is emotionally and mentally harming and abusing my children, and my mom isn't much safer for either of them, always siding with my dad out of fear and exhaustion.
I desperately want to remove them from this situation and regain full custody but I don't know where to start. I work two jobs in order to make ends meet. I'm behind on my rent. I have to take buses and Ubers everywhere I go. I have a very small two bedroom apartment (the girls each have their own rooms at my parents house). They have friends and a sense of community where they are, with a nice sized backyard, a trampoline, two of my three siblings are close by so they get to see their cousins daily. I don't want to rip them away from the only home they've known for years. I don't want to uproot them and disrupt the little amount of structure they do have. I don't even know how I would manage two jobs as well as a 10 and a 12 year old, but I also don't want to leave them in this toxic suffocating and damaging environment when all along I thought it was a better and safer environment for them than what I had to offer.
I feel like I'm still brainwashed to some extent by my parents, second guessing my abilities as a mom. Telling myself I'm not capable of the things I need to do for these girls. I'm at a loss for what to do at this point. Do I fight for custody back? Do I leave them as they are? Do I continue to try and advocate for them even though it either falls on deaf ears or makes matters so much worse, because that frustration is then taken out on my kids?
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2023.06.04 19:13 chronobrian [WTS] Spartan Harsey SHF “Babe”, Chaves 229 Redencion “Kickstop” PVD, Terrain 365/PDW Invictus-AT Ti, WingmanEDC Jett

Hey Swap! Rounding out the weekend with some good ones up for grabs.
Spartan Harsey SHF “Spartan Babe” - Full size Spartan Harsey SHF in the discontinued "Spartan Babe" special edition. 3.95” S45VN blade. Etched and ano’d titanium framelock. 8.9” overall length. Prior owner reported to have never cut, never carried, and neither have I. Somehow got light scuff on show side pivot and a small mark on the clip. I was going to mod this knife but can’t bring myself to strip such beautiful ano. Comes with box. SV: $450
Chaves 229 Redencion "Lee Williams Kickstop" PVD - This knife is a sold out eknives exclusive Chaves 229 Redencion with the Lee Williams kickstop disappearing flipper tab. 3.6" PVD drop point blade. PVD titanium handles. Framelock. 8.2" overall length. Bright orange peel finished clip. Reate production. Bought as LNIB from original owner and I haven't cut or carried. No blemishes of note to my eye. Satisfying snappy action and unique closing action sounds with the kickstop flipper mechanism. Comes with box and normal clip. Love this knife and not pushed to sell it, but would trade it for a "silver bullet" version, so if anyone is looking to trade a Chaves 229 Redencion Kickstop Silver Bullet, please send me a chat/PM. SV/TV: $400
Terrain 365 / PDW Invictus-AT Titanium - Collaboration between Terrain 365 and Prometheus Design Werx. 3.5” Terravantium rust-proof blade. 8.125” overall length. Milled titanium scales. Framelock. Ceramic bearings. Titanium hardware. Thumbstuds glow in the dark. Prior owner cut and carried lightly, and had the scales modded with a heavy matte stonewash that adds some nice grip. I have not cut or carried. Comes with box, pouch, oil, cards. SV: $250
WingmanEDC Jett - Dustin Turpin design. 3.5" M390 tanto blade frosted satin with hand satin flats. Titanium handle. 7.625" OAL. Bought from original owner as never cut, never carried, and I haven't either. Serial #10. Comes with pouch, box, dog tag COA, and pivot tool. SV: $250
Prefer to sell but will consider trades.
*Trade Interests\*: SOC JCape V4 (satin), TW Price Dawn V2, Bradley Marais Vector (full ti harpoon tanto), Laconico Revel, Holt Specter, SBD Evo Typhoon (embossed or aspirated Ti), Arcane Design Anti-Matter, Rob Carter fullsize BBM, Chaves 229 (silver bullet, kickstop, modded, etc), large CRKs with inlays. Open to others. Prefer LNIB or very close to it.
Payment via Paypal FF, Venmo, or Zelle
Please comment on the post before sending chat/PM. If I don't reply to your chat please resend via PM, my chat has been a bit weird lately.
Yolo >
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2023.06.04 19:12 Outofmyelementttt A friend says he will be killed if he doesn’t get $300k in two days. I don’t know what to do.

I (m44) am a somewhat successful business man with a wife and three small kids. I got a call late last night from my Buddy “Lavar”. Lavar is around my age I think. He also has a family. He is a super flashy dude, always wearing huge gold necklaces and $30k+ watches. I have seen him drive like 5 different cars, it seems like he is driving a different one every couple months.
Despite this over-the-top look he is a super nice guy. Very laid back and genuine. He is also very secretive, he really doesn’t ever go in to detail about his businesses or how he has all this money. We are both relatively well-off but he REALLY shows it. I consider him a good friend but I am always a little put off by how guarded he is about his personal life.
Anyway last night I get a call from him at midnight (very uncommon for him) and he explains that he is in over his head with some very shady characters. Some type of commercial real estate deal I guess. He needs $300k in a couple days and it is a “life or death situation”. I have this money, but it would take me at least a week to get it (have to sell stocks and bonds). He said $100k in cash would at least buy him a couple days. I just don’t have this kind of money in cash. He explained a couple times that I would be literally saving his life. I told him I wished I could help, but I cannot.
What do I do? I really don’t much about Lavar apart from his phone number. I want to help him some way. He told me if I contacted the police it would just “expedite” the situation. I have never had the slightest inclination that he would be involved in something like this.
I am afraid for him, but I am also afraid for my wife and kids if I get involved. What should I do? I would feel so guilty if something happened to him. I swear this is not made up, I don’t get off on this stuff. I never felt so conflicted.
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2023.06.04 19:12 ZappaPhoto Digital Back Options + Questions

Hi all, looking for some input and experience with digital backs for Hasselblad v-systems.
I'm a studio portrait photographer, and I switch a lot between film and digital processes, often in the same shoot. I also occasionally work on location. Recently, I feel pretty uninspired by my digital workflow and while I've been brainstorming ways to get jazzed about shooting digitally again, it crossed my mind that using a digital back on my 500cm could be a great option. I'm thinking it could provide some of the same satisfying experience of using a mechanical camera that I love about shooting film in the studio and reduce the number of cameras I need to use in a single shoot.
So, I've been looking at digital back options for the V-series. Frankly, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options, and I have remaining questions. So I thought I'd ask for input and advice here.
First, since I've yet to find a comprehensive list of options anywhere online, I thought I'd at least try and compile a list of makes/models: Phase One H Models (H20) Phase One P Models (P25, P45, P65) Kodak DSC Back Leaf Valeo Models (6, 11, 22) Leaf Aptus Models (II-33, 54, 65, 75) CFV models (16, 39, 50, II 50C)
I'm sure I'm missing some.
The new CFV models are not in the budget for me, so I'm looking at older backs. I'm only considering those that don't require tethering to a computer. It's important to me to be at least a bit mobile and not need a computer nearby, so CF card capture or something similar is a must.
Here are a few questions that remain: 1. A lot of reviewers and users mention the connection issue between the back and the camera. My hope is that, if I go this route, using a digital back on a 500cm would be my go-to studio workhorse setup, but this connection issue gives me pause. Is the finnicky cable connection via PC-sync a dealbreaker for my purposes or just a minor nuisance?
  1. Many reviewers say that they had to get their 500 model camera adjusted to obtain critical focus for a digital back. Does this mean that the camera would then not have critical focus for a regular film back? If I'm going to go this route, I'd need to be able to switch between film and digital easily and without a hitch. I don't want to have to modify/adjust my 500CM in a way that makes it unable to shoot film accurately.
  2. Since I shoot portraiture, I'd want a back that can be used in portrait orientation (or one that has a square aspect ratio). I recall reading that at least one of the models I listed above was rotatable, but now I don't seem to be able to find that information anywhere. Which of these might work best for studio portraiture when it comes to aspect ratio and orientation?
  3. Lastly, and more generally, is it a pipedream to think that a 500CM with a digital back (especially given that it wouldn't be the new CFV II 50c) could be a go-to portrait setup? It sounds really great in theory, but the more I dig, the more I'm confronted with the compromises and hiccups that these backs pose. I still want to give it due consideration. If it's possible, great. But if it's totally impractical, then I don't want to have any illusions about it.
Any other input, sample photos, experience, etc is great appreciated too!
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2023.06.04 19:12 Odd-Coast8306 Positive criticism for some girls who can take it

Okay I was on dating app for a week, I know I have no possibility so made a profile with zero expectations and I was not interested in hookups or casual so added relationship tag and searched for the same tag girls and I'm more into the way one frames their profile alongside looks and believe me it was a shit show atleast for the city (major) I live...
In 95% of girl's profiles you will just find keywords like food, cat, cafe, food, art gallery where major don't even fill their prompts neither write bio (talking about verified profiles) and photos omg they are dependent only on their beauty I agree even if you are cute and hot that doesn't mean you only put selfies, girl gang pics, kindof modelling pics, pics with pet, or emoji edited or some filter based pics like monochrome..
This comment was just for girls who need relationship and have shit profile so please show your interests in your pics like sports u play, real hobbies etc and ffs keep "food" word aside everyone likes food not only you..
No I'm not writing this comment under frustration, I expected beforehand that I will not get matches not because of I don't have good profile I made decent profile listening to the girls here but fortunately the deal breaker was my "looks" :-) therefore I happily deleted my account after knowing my value.. So take this as constructive criticism unless you want guys to be in relationship with you by swiping right by just being desperate and looking at your thirst trap pics in first sight.. Those who are feeling hurt after reading this then you can please ignore as I can assume what kind of profile you have and you probably don't look at girls profiles so you may have no idea what I'm talking about..
This is not a tit for tat or rant post, I genuinely want to address this problem to you all.. And I'm seriously not interested in whataboutism of how boys profiles look, how boys are creepy in chats.. I agree if you have faced that issue but this is just my POV and maybe many will agree with me in this regard
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2023.06.04 19:12 Excellent-Parking-85 Whats the most memorable moment/s in the entire franchise including FB for you?

in terms of memorable moments it could be badass ones, sad ones or generally good one that everyone can agree that "this is a good scene." for me it would be when Luna meets the trio and hermione mentions her necklace and luna goes,
"Its a charm actually, she leans closer to everyone it keeps away the nargals"
just such a quotable moment for me!
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2023.06.04 19:12 NoWifiJustLaq Hey guys! Quick question about power consumption since i just bought a RX 6700 XT

I am aware that many sources online say that a minimum of 650W is recommended (which is what i have) but i am still concerned about the ''minimum'' part. Is there any way i could run into a problem with this? And is it still possible to upgrade to more powerful hardware in the future? (By this i mainly mean the CPU, since i'm not planning on upgrading my GPU for atleast another year after this).
For those who want to know about my upgrade plans: Ryzen 7 3700x Ryzen 7 5800x3d or 7800x3d (depends on prices and the ammount of money i have since i would have to spend more money on a new AM5 motherboard if i go the 7800x3d route)
Also my PSU is a Corsair RM 650x (2021) with a 80+ Gold Rating
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2023.06.04 19:12 heywhatsup82347 He dumped me over text and won’t respond

I feel so sad. He felt like I was keeping our dating a secret yet never had a proper conversation with me about it. We weren’t exclusive yet. Dating 2 months. Pulled away at the end.
His first breakup text to me:
Hey I went hiking. But that is ok about tonight. It’s probably for the better. I keep wanting to talk but maybe texting will just have to do. I feel like there are too many red flags here, on both sides, couple that with us having different interests and desires I’d rather we just be friends before it gets too serious or exclusive.
I told him let’s talk about it over the phone since he always said that’s better than text.
He said:
Hey, I hope whatever you are doing tonight is over now. Anyway I don’t want you to think I’m ghosting you. But I’m not really sure what more to say. Talking today I didn’t think would have been a good idea but if you want to chat in the coming days I will.
I didn’t respond. He said:
Noticed your notifications have been silenced all day. What is a good time to call? At hiking I couldn’t mention us. It confirmed to me something’s off. It’s been two months, 1300 dollars, but I don’t know your real name, where you live, your money situation, friends, work. Everything’s secret. You want adventures but we can’t do social events and we skip activities. Except dinnelunch. Haha and I don’t even like dinning out. I go for you. I actually really like you. Or, who I think is you? The secrecy was understandable. Seems like men have treated you terribly, but they’re not me. Why are we hiding? Are you embarrassed? Is it the other men? How do I explain what I’ve been doing for two months? I feel confused, hurt, taken for granted. I’m not a man from Tinder. I’ve never lied to you. I didn’t mean to sound so definitive but if we can’t be on an even and open level, despite my feelings for you, Id rather just be meetup friends because I can’t keep lying to my friends.
I called him and we talked. He sounded stressed. I told him that it isn’t good to just break it off without having a real conversation. It sucked because we were talking late at night and in person would be better. He said “am I ever going to hear from you again?” I said for him to text me tomorrow that I had to go to bed (it was around 1am), next day (yesterday) late afternoon he texts me this:
Hey, upon reflection I feel like some stuff said last night came close to gas lighting. I know my texts showed a lack of seriousness to you but your answers to all of my concerns were that we’re not exclusive or serious yet, or, that I was not seeing things correctly. I feel there’s a double standard and I’m convinced more than ever it isn’t going to work. Thank you for the past two months. I really do hope you meet your person. I understand friendship is off the table so I won’t contact you again. Please take care.
I didn’t gaslight him. I am not a manipulator. I genuinely cared about this guy and saw a future eventually but I was taking it slow. We both shared vulnerabilities. He told me over the phone that I know way more about him than he does me. I told him I told him more about myself than I have told anyone.
I don’t understand. Like he shut me down and shut me out. All I want to do is talk to him in person. I replied to his last text that I wanted to see him and talk to him in person. He silenced my calls but I am not blocked. I tried calling and no answer. No response yet to my text.
Can anyone here give me clarity? I truly liked him
TLDR both 35 was dumped over text and need clarity and help on what to do next
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2023.06.04 19:12 between5and25 so i asked chat gpt for a puzzle(which was quite fun, solved too!) But i was wondering if the solution could be translated into more mathematical terms. Often i see problems being reduced to algebra so i was wondering if that was possible here too.

The Puzzle:
You have a balance scale and 12 identical-looking coins. However, one of the coins is either heavier or lighter than the others, but you don't know which. Your task is to determine the odd coin (heavier or lighter) and identify whether it is heavier or lighter using the balance scale. You can only use the balance scale three times.
You have 12 coins in total.
One of the coins is either heavier or lighter.( will call this X)
You can only use the balance scale three times.

Okay so chatgpt gave me the wrong answer to his own puzzle at first try so he might not be able to help you. Ill try to give the answer here but it might be a little difficult to read:
step 1.
For my first measurement I place 6 coins on each side.
The scale will now tip to one side. I remove 3 coins on each side now.
If the scale stays tipped I now have 6 coins of which im certain arent X. If the scale levels i am certain that X is in my hand with the 6 coins that i removed.
step 2.
I now weigh the 6 coins of which im certain has X against the 6 coins im certain all weigh the same. This will show whether X is heavier or lighter.
I remove 3 coins on each side now. The 3 taken from the neutral 6 will be dispatched. If the scale stays the same it means X is still on the scale. If the scale levels I now for certain that i have X in my hand with 2 other coins. Meaning i have 3 coins now including X which is heavier or lighter depending on what was observed in this step.
Step 3.
For the last weigh I put 2 coins left and 1 coin right, to the right we add a neutral coin from what we had left.
When X is placed with the neutral coin (and X was heavier) than we find X immediately because the side with the neutral coin is tipped down.
When X is placed with any of the other 2, and we have the neutral and unkown on the other side we find that the scale will now tip down leaving us with the knowledge that X is down with 1 other unkown. For the final step you take away 1 coin on both sides(1 of these must be the neutral) leaving us with either a level scale meaning the coin in our hand that isnt the neutral coin is X.
and if the scale is tipped we find X on the lower side.
If X was lighter than we find X either immediately with the neutral coin on top. Or we find it on top with a random coin and repeat the step of taking away the certain neutral coin among a random on top. A level scale will mean X is in our hand. A tipped scale will mean X is on top.

Sorry for the long post but how would this translate to more mathematical terms.
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2023.06.04 19:12 Ok_Communication3273 How close are we to actual realism in games?

Ok so I didn’t know how to word it for the title, so read this pls
Let me focus on one specific idea in particular, but it applies to all types of games in general, really.
Say in a shooter game now; when you get shot, it hits a hit box and registers a negative value towards your total HP, and even in games like Sniper Elite and (kinda) Arma where you have actual organs and limbs that can take damage and give debuffs for being injured, all that really happens at the end of the day is your HP bar runs out and you die
What I’m asking is, how long is it until instead of just simulating real life through values and hit boxes; are we anywhere near having an ACTUAL system where say a bullet passes through your leg, and everything is simulated upon the path of the bullet. So oh it just missed your femoral artery, but it still hit the bone, so you’re unable to walk now. Or another example say you get shot in the chest but the bullet ends up not having enough force to break through your sternum or something, so you just get the knocked to shit.
Do you get what i mean? Like, is it even possible and, if it is, how far are we away from having games actually just simulate actual things instead of applying base values like damage = x, speed = y, etc
This goes for like racing games too. Instead of having just ok this engine does this speed and then this part makes it go a little faster, is it possible to have every part of a ICE simulated and accurately portrayed?
I may be stupid, but that’s what i’m here for.
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2023.06.04 19:12 zachattack3907 How do I humanely kill a catfish?

I caught a pretty decent sized catfish the other day, but the hook had come through its mouth and into its eye. I couldn’t get it out even with pliers and he had already broken the line so I just threw him back in. It made me feel real guilty but I didn’t know how to put him out of his misery. Is there any quick way I could humanely kill it?
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