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2023.03.09 17:08 srojtas Cannot Get Ethernet Backhaul to Work With XB8 and xFi Pod, but Worked With XB7

Hi everyone.
I recently moved from an XB7 to an XB8 Gateway. When I had the XB7, the xFi Pod was recognizing the Ethernet connection for wired backhaul via MoCA adapters. However, Ethernet backhaul is not working with the XB8. Please see the below for the connection flow:
Path: XB8 —> Ethernet —> MoCA 2.5 adapter —> Coax —> MoCA 2.5 adapter —> Ethernet —> xFi Pod
I followed the steps in the xFi Pods FAQ and validated the firmware versions — 5.8p5s3 on the XB8 Gateway and on the xFi Pod. I also removed the MoCA adapters and tried a direct Ethernet connection to the XB8 Gateway with no luck. I validated that MoCA on the XB8 Gateway is disabled. I rebooted both the XB8 Gateway and xFi Pod multiple times and unpaired and re-paired the xFi Pod.
What else can I do to troubleshoot this issue? Is this a bug? Having the Ethernet backhaul makes the connection so much faster. I routinely had 600 mbps on the xFi Pod with the backhaul on the 1.2 gbps plan. Now I get 75 if I’m lucky.
Thanks in advance!
Edit: Added screenshot.
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2022.09.11 06:44 xfinitythrowaway111 CableCARD Issues - Please help me...

Hello Xfinity support,
I have not been able to get service on my CableCARD using HDHomeRun Prime since August 24th. The error is always "Authentication Success, Validation Required". The CableCARD is properly inserted and have called several times to paired. I have spent many hours (>12) of my own time contacting Comcast, driving to Comcast, and trying to help fix this issue. I have tried:

The exact issue is that there are no channels anymore. There is a CableCARD authentication/validation problem. The HDHomeRun is properly connected to the card. It reads that there is an "ARRIS/Motorola" card and says "Authentication Success". But "Validation" fails, and thus I get no channels.

I have been calling since August 24th about this issue. Here is an approximate log of this events:
This is not an issue with my equipment. It's very well maintained and in a clean environment. I have tried 2 HDHomeRuns, in great condition, and 5 CableCARDs. The HDHomeRun and my cable modem are both located extremely close to the cable main, where they receive great signal quality. The only thing between them is a MoCA filter (we do not use MoCA in our home, this is the Comcast-provided filter to block outside signals) and 2-way, Comcast-provided splitter. Both are in good condition. Everything is grounded properly and wired with quad-shielded RG6. I have tried repeatedly with a direct connection to the main as well.
There is something wrong on Comcast's side. I have ruled out all of the factors on my side.
Kindly, I would like to help to get this issue fixed and would like an additional service credit. This has been too much time spent for a customer to have to figure out on their own. I am getting tired of chasing this issue. I haven't had TV service since the 24th.
Whatever you do, please do not disconnect my account again. :) I already lost all of my discounts once, and I'm now paying more for a service that is still broken.
Thank you.


HDHomeRun System Log
19700101-00:00:05 CableCARD: Arris/Motorola card (0000:0717) 19700101-00:00:05 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication in progress 19700101-00:00:05 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication success, validation needed 20220911-04:13:19 CableCARD: time changed from Thu Jan 01 00:01:04 1970 to Sun Sep 11 04:13:19 2022 
HDHomeRun CableCARD Status
CableCARD Status Card Manufacturer Arris/Motorola Card Authentication success Card Validation none 3DES encryption supported OOB Frequency 104.200 MHz OOB Lock 2.048 Mbps Signal Strength 100% (5.1 dBmV) Signal Quality 100% (39.4 dB) Channel List none 
HDHomeRun Additional Info
VCTID: 3017 OOB Msgs: 15914 VCT: 0 OOB-rate: 2 Conditional Access Con: No EBCP: Yes Val: ? 0x03 
HDHomeRun Support Says:
If the VCTID is something other than 0 but VCT/VCT Rcvd is 0, this indicates that the CableCARD has been configured incorrectly by the cable provider and is not receiving a channel lineup as a result. The provider will typically need to change the hub or headend setting associated with the card in their system. In the case of Comcast, this is not something that can be performed by a phone representative. Either the phone representative needs to escalate the issue to the local operations/warehouse/addressability people, or a tech needs to visit, and make a call to those same people and have them correct the setting.

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2022.06.27 09:01 vidusoftoffical Xfinity Remote Not Working: Get To Know About How To Fix It.

Xfinity Remote Not Working: Get To Know About How To Fix It.
The Xfinity Voice Remote is a remote control system that permits its users to find what they want at a faster pace. The user can change the channels, search for any shows or series, they can get recommendations, and much more, just by using the voice commands. There are many models of this remote control like XR11, XR15 & XR16 it also has an Adaptive Remote available.
If you are using Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex, then you are allowed to use your voice to find your special content and search for any channels, you can also control your DVDs. If your Xfinity Remote is not working then you don't have to worry about it. It may happen due to many reasons. Maybe the batteries are very low and they need to be replaced, you may need to reset your Xfinity remote and how to set it up to your TV to make it perform well.

Why is my Xfinity Remote Not Working?

Xfinity Remote not working:-

If your Xfinity Remote Not Working then maybe it is because of the malfunctioning of the buttons of the remote control. If you are having an Xfinity remote and the buttons of the remote are not answering or are not conducting the functions well then below are the steps you should follow to fix it:
  • You have to first press the button on the remote.
  • When pressing the button if the LED flashlight of Xfinity Remote is not working then you have to replace the batteries and then try again.
  • Now after replacing the batteries of the LED Flashes about 5 times, this indicates that the batteries were very low and they need to be changed.
  • But if the buttons are still not performing well after replacing the batteries then you should contact the company for professional assistance.

Xfinity Voice Remote not Working:-

If the Xfinity Voice Remote is not working then you have to do a factory reset with a setup button. If there are buttons of the Xfinity Voice remote XR11 Not Working then follow the steps to perform the factory reset.
  1. Firstly you have to press the setup button on the remote until the LED lights situated at the top of the remote change from red to green color.
  2. Now press 9-8-1.
  3. After pressing if the LED flashlights will blink green two times, this is the indication that the remote is reset.
This factory reset will unpair your remote with the TV box. So for repairing your remote with the TV box you need to follow the instructions given on the Xfinity remote and TV box.

Xfinity XR 15 remote not working:-

If the buttons on Xfinity XR15 Remote not working then you should follow the factory reset function to make the remote perform well. Below are the following steps to be performed to do a factory reset:-
  • You have to press and hold the triangle button named A and the diamond button named D at the same time for about 3 seconds till the LED light changes from red to green color.
  • Now you have to press 9-8-1.
  • This time the LED flashlight will blink blue color thrice, this is the indication that the remote is being reset.
This factory reset will unpair the remote and the TV box. You need to follow the instructions given to re-pair your TV box and the remote.

Xfinity XR2 Remote not working:-

The Xfinity XR2 remote controls the design that improves the viewing experiences of the Xfinity TV. The sizes of these remotes are smaller and they are easy to handle. The buttons are put in an organized way that you mostly use, and they can be easy to reach. There are some buttons by which it is easier for you to find out the functions you have been looking for. These remotes are made in such a way that they are environmentally friendly, and some materials contain less power than was used to make them.

For the setup of the XR2 Remote follow the steps:-

  • Firstly you have to place XR2 Remote in the setup mode. You have to press the setup button till the LED flashlight situated at the top of the remote changes from red to green color.
  • Then you have to press the factory reset code i.e., you have to press the factory reset code number 9-8-1. This code will help you to start the reset function in the remote.
  • After pressing the code number the LED flashlight blinks green twice, this is the indication that the remote has been reset.
  • After finishing the reset function your XR2 remote is ready for setup.

How to Use the voice control function of the remote?

For performing the voice control function you just need to press and hold the microphone button situated on the top of the remote and then speak the command you want to give. After giving the command you have to release the microphone button.

Why does the Xfinity Voice Remote not work?

If the voice remote does not recognize the commands make sure that you speak the words with a natural accent. You have to hold the remote one to eight inches away from your mouth while speaking. This will help the remote to recognize the command clearly and correctly. But after all, this, if you are still experiencing trouble then you have to contact the company for expert assistance.
It may also happen because of the battery level issues in the remote. You have to change the batteries to give a clear voice command. To change your battery level, you should visit the About department of the X1 settings menu.

Why is my Xfinity remote volume not working?

If there is a problem with Xfinity remote volume and it is not working well, then you should check the battery level. You can also try pairing and then pairing the remote with the TV to make it perform well. After changing the batteries if it is still not working then there may be some hardware problem on the Xfinity Remote. You need to contact the customer care service on the official website of the company to correct the issue or to replace the remote with a new one.
To fix it you have to press and hold the Xfinity and Mute buttons on the remote together for about 5 seconds till the LED flashlight turns green. You can also use the number keys on the remote and enter the code to correct the issue of the volume.

How to Fix it With a Different Xfinity Remote?

If you are using Xfinity X1 remote for your entertainment platform. And now if the buttons of the remote are not performing well after replacing the battery then it should perform some reset functions to make it responsive. Follow the steps to reset and set up your Xfinity X1 remote.
  • Firstly you have to press and hold the setup button.
  • Then enter the reset code 9-8-1 on the remote.
  • You have to press and hold the A and D buttons till the LED flashlight changes from red to green color.
  • An Xfinity can only be synchronized with an Xfinity box that angles the TV from a distance of up to 50 feet.
  • If your Xfinity Remote is paired with the Xfinity box, and now you want to pair it with a different Xfinity box, then you need to resync the remote.
  • For the resync of the remote, you need to first unpair your Xfinity Remote from the TV that is currently connected, and then after pairing you can pair it with the new TV.
If you want to pair your Xfinity remote with your TV you can press the microphone button and can also use the voice command program remote. You have to follow the steps given on the TV display to pair it with your TV. Alternatively, you can also press the button named A on your remote, select the Remote setting options and follow the steps displayed on the TV screen. You can also perform other changes if your Xfinity Remote volume is not working, you can so change the contrast, resolutions and many other functions, after the setup of the remote is completed.

How to watch videos without trouble?
The Vidus Streaming Downloader is a professional streaming video downloader that is capable of grabbing videos from over-the-top (OTT) platforms in addition to a broad variety of other premium streaming providers. It is developed for use on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
You'll be able to save movies from Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and other streaming services in crystal-clear full high definition (1080p) quality and in MP4 file format when you use Vidus Streaming Downloader. The downloader gives you the option to save the subtitles independently or "remixed" into the video that was downloaded. The following is an in-depth tutorial that will teach you how to utilize this downloader.


If your Xfinity Remote Not Working you just have to ensure that you perform all the steps written above. You need to follow some simple steps to reset and set up your remote and make it responsive. If you are facing some serious problems and are not able to reset your Xfinity Remote with your TV then you can contact the company anytime. You will get the best assistance provided by a team of professionals.
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2019.04.14 06:03 jam905 Moving from Wink Hub 2 to Hubitat Elevation: the pros, and potential pitfalls (warning - long post).

Nota bene: This post describes the process of my switching from Wink to Hubitat. My primary reason for doing so has nothing to with Wink or as corporate entities, so I hope any discussion that ensues will focus on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Wink Hub 2 and the Hubitat Elevation.
Earlier this month, I had indicated that I planned to switch my hub from Wink Hub 2 to Hubitat Elevation. Several people asked if I would a detailed description of the process and difficulties I encountered. This post is for them and anyone else considering a similar move.
Why did I initially choose Wink, and then why did I switch to Hubitat?
I chose Wink as my controller in 2014 because: a) I saw it at Home Depot and it looked cool; and b) I was impressed with the collection of radios that the original Wink hub had (zwave/zigbee/Lutron ClearConnect/BT/Kidde/WiFi). I assumed that over time, Wink would add support for multiple devices that used these protocols. After ~2 years of using Wink hub 1, with its WiFi vagaries, I switched to Wink Hub 2 with some misgivings - I was dissatisfied with the Wink’s lack of sophistication while designing automations (robots), and also the large number of unsupported z-wave device types. OTOH, migrating from WH1 to WH2 was easy and didn’t need unpairing/re-pairing.
Early in 2017, I started using Stringify to design my automations, and everything was good (albeit a little slow - because automations ran in the cloud). However, Stringify permitted really sophisticated automations compared to what Wink did with robots, so the combination of the two was generally A Good ThingTM
Early this year (February ’19), I started hearing relatively reliable rumors that Comcast were likely to discontinue Stringify (possibly incorporating some of their technology into Xfinity Home), but the bottom line was that I would lose the automation engine that ran my house. That prompted me to switch controllers - I wanted something that was generally within my budget (ruling out HomeSeer), and where I was comfortable that an update wouldn’t break my configuration. My reason for the latter was that last year, I had set up Home Assistant as a Docker instance on my Odroid, and a Home Assistant upgrade wiped out my Wink configuration within HASS, and with that YAML automations using my Wink devices - it took me the better part of a day to set it all up again. SmartThings was out because I wanted something that was entirely local, yet retained the extensive device support and automation rules that SmartThings provided.
The Hubitat Elevation hub fit what I was looking for in terms of cost, and in terms of automation sophistication. Hubitat is a small company, and may go under, but my Elevation hub will keep running until it dies - because its functions (for the directly-connected devices I have) are not cloud-dependent. Boot up is also not cloud dependent.
After choosing the Hubitat Elevation, what next?
The first thing I did was to make an inventory of the devices I had (z-wave, zigbee, Lutron ClearConnect, and cloud integrated), to determine what would work with Hubitat. I did this by spending a fair amount of time on the Hubitat Community Forums - ensuring that there were drivers for the devices that mattered the most, and functional alternatives where the Wink-connected device wouldn’t work. And I learned a few things that have proven to be very accurate and useful:
So far, my total expense was $310 (including the Hubitat C5 and rounding up):
Unpairing from Wink and Pairing to Hubitat
Moving from Wink to Hubitat Elevation took me a total of 3 days. On the first day, I moved the Caseta and z-wave devices. On the second day, I added new line-powered zigbee devices, and then moved my Wink-connected zigbee devices. On the third day, I setup my automations (using Hubitat’s Rule Machine), and several other things - like Alexa announcements using Alexa text to speech (TTS), which is supported by Hubitat, but not Wink.
I setup the Caseta Pro bridge first, and then the Hubitat. Then I moved my Wink-connected Caseta devices to the Caseta Pro bridge. When all the Caseta switches and Pico dimmers were moved over, I added the Caseta app in Hubitat to add all of them to Hubitat at one go.
For the z-wave devices, I unpaired each and added each to Hubitat. I started with the line-powered devices first, then the sensors and remotes, and finally the locks. For the locks to work properly with Hubitat, I had to: a) Unpair them from Wink; b) Factory reset them; and c) Pair them to Hubitat Elevation.
For the zigbee devices, I first unpaired and discarded the Outlink outlets (which were replaced by regular non-smart outlets). Then I paired the seven new line-powered zigbee devices (Ikea Tradfri and Securifi Peanut). Next, I unpaired the line-powered zigbee devices one at a time, and paired them to Hubitat. The last device I moved over was the Waxman LeakSmart. All the zigbee devices moved over at the first shot, and I didn’t have to move the Hubitat to be close to any of them. So far, they seem very stable. In over a week, none of them have fallen off - with Wink, my LeakSmart valve would fall off a couple times a month, and was always difficult to control. Building a robust zigbee network with seven line-powered outlets has made a huge difference.
What about the devices that don’t work with Hubitat?
The device I cared about the most was the Quirky Spotter I used for my dryer to determine when the dryer was done. To replace it, I plugged the dryer into a zigbee appliance outlet that provides energy use monitoring, and then used the Hubitat app “Better Laundry Monitor” to determine when the dryer was done based on a decrease in power usage. Best of all, because Hubitat supports Alexa TTS, I have the Alexa devices in my house announce when the dryer is done. Works fantastically.
There’s no Android app for Hubitat, so how do you geofence, or control devices
Most of my devices with Wink+Stringify were controlled by automation, and that continues to be the case with Hubitat. Everything else, I controlled with Alexa, and that remains the same. So, I haven’t missed having an Android app. On the other hand, Hubitat does allow you to export cloud-enabled dashboards that can be accessed from any mobile device. There’s also SharpTools - I don’t use it, but boy, is it pretty!
For geofencing, I use presence detection based on my phone being connected to my home network (using a Hubitat driver called “iPhone Presence Mobile Sensor” (works fine with Android phones too). And since all my Hubitat devices (and select sensors) are visible within the Amazon Alexa app, I can geofence using the Alexa app. As an aside, because I have the Alexa app on my phone, I can use it to control my Hubitat switches, dimmers, lights and outlets, without a web dashboard.
What was the most difficult thing to change; And what about automations?
Getting the Schlage locks to pair was tough. But after that, it was all smooth. For example, using Hubitat’s Lock Code Manager app, I can add/remove codes, ad restrict codes to work only when desired. For example, activate the maid’s code only between 7-11 on the days she’s supposed to come.
I had planned the move for a month, and was comfortable writing automations in YAML and Stringify, so I found Rule Machine to be very logical. So far, I would have to say that planning the move made it easier, and being generally familiar with the basics of programming to work.
At this point, I have no more devices connected to Wink (hub, or cloud connection to the app). The move to Hubitat was far less painful than I thought it would be. On the plus side, my automations are really fast (way faster than Wink), and are all done locally. Rule Machine is really powerful, but does have a learning curve (Hubitat has several video tutorials). One the minus side, this move did cost me ~$300. I'm hoping to recoup a third of that by selling my Wink hub 2.
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2016.12.24 01:42 Brandon4466 Xfinity X1 remote + lirc help?

Hey everyone, I am in need of assistance being a new Raspberry Pi owner and I'm hoping someone can help!
So I have my Raspberry Pi 3 + a 38Khz IR receiver connected to the GPIO with RasPlex installed. I attempted to setup a remote using LIRC and it worked! However, that was just a random remote I had laying around. The actually remote that I want to use with it is the Xfinity XR11 remote for the X1 box. This is an RF and an IR remote and I was successfully able to unpair it from my X1 box (RF) and put it into IR mode. However, when I attempt to record the commands with irrecord, the majority of the times that I press a button, it says the same code (with the occasional different one). So after the recording is done, each button does all the commands randomly.
Can someone help me?
I put the remote in IR mode by holding the Setup button and pressing 987
I've unpaired it from the Xfinity X1 box by unplugging the cable box
I don't know what else to do, it's pretty frustrating as I was really hoping to use this remote, does anybody have an suggestions?
Picture of the XR11 remote
Xfinity XR11 on the Xfinity website
When the remote was in RF mode, it didn't output any signal to the IR receiver, and now that it's in IR mode it outputs the same code to the receiver every time no matter what button I press. Or at least that's what I think is going on.
my lircd.conf
Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks! If you need anymore information just ask!
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