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2023.06.04 19:34 MrKraber Games still feel like a waste of time

Hello there! I'm 27 years old and I'm relatively happy with the progress I've had in all kinds of inner improvement. I used to be addicted to playing games and the internet to the point where I couldn't enjoy my favorite activities. In the recent years I've grown to get gaming under control and I still play my favorite games a few times a week, sometimes more. But the catch is that it always feels wrong, it feels like I'm wasting my time on something not worth doing even though I realize that it is one of the recreational things that I like to do. And it's only one part of the problem. The second part of the problem is that I'm not addicted to gaming itself but to playing a specific game. I can spend a long time without gaming, but when I do play other games just feel boring and unrewarding. Titanfall 2 killed other games for me. The problem I have is that I've overcame hard challenges in the game and rose my skill to the point where I can dominate pretty much everyone but just numbly and mindlessly dying to people feels wrong. So, how do I still enjoy playing it if in even 1 hour of playing my brain gets literally bombarded with tons of dopamine with any freaking loadout. I don't want to just sit in the match somewhere in a corner and chat because that feels even more like a waste of time. Not the socializing part, but the sitting part. If I don't find a solution to that I'm afraid I'm just gonna have to let go of one of my favorite games, if not gaming in general. I think the most beneficial solution would be to just quit the game and keep enjoying other ones. What do you guys think I could do to improve my situation?
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2023.06.04 19:34 FredHerberts_Plant After spending years in agony, it's time for me to get back on track

I used to do NoFap during starting university around 2018/2019, and I still remember the great mood and mental health I've been in, and how I started to open up to the world and to people, until PMO (and later spending time with strippers, and funnily enough, actual pornstars) pulled me into this hole I'm in
Spent the last two years of university in agony, and barely managed to graduate (to make matters worse, it was when Covid hit the world, and also a dear pet of mine passed away, a beautiful Siamese cat I had for 4 years). That's when I stopped going out, and slipped back into the habit, and after managing to find a job, then the job itself caused enough pain that I had to drown with boozing, visiting strippers PMO, and doing copious amounts of drugs, making everything worse
For months now, I had this urge to get back on track, but it feels like I'm unable to face the reality of being an out of shape, lethargic addict who's a shadow of my old, more outgoing self (who I used to be as a kid)
There's literally a list of things I have to fix about myself, if I still want to live up to the expectations and goals I had about life a few years ago. I'm severely out of shape, my back hurts almost 24/7 from sitting around, eating and jacking off, and I don't have any friends as everyone I knew had better opportunities in life and moved to a better city or state. I'm ashamed of spending the last 4-5 years the way I did, instead of focusing on my career and nipping my problems in the bud instead of letting them spiral out of control and ending up this way
I'll drop a post here and there, and I feel hopeful towards new beginnings 😋 It's time for me to take responsibility and finally became who I wanted to, and NoFap feels like a vital component to open up again and get that part of me back 💪
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2023.06.04 19:34 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Edition)

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2023.06.04 19:34 Islandgal0072 What does my chart say about my physical appearance with all of those 1H planets?

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2023.06.04 19:33 Mattgo210 Just joined Xfinity mobile, 3 days and counting with no cell service because of porting.

Bought a new phone on Friday and joined Xfinity mobile a few months after my wife. Went into store to pickup phone and after a little difficulty thought we had me ready to go with my number ported over since I was told it would not take long to go into effect.
Fast forward to that evening, after multiple calls and hours on the phone with customer service (CS) , I was told it would take seven to ten BUSINESS DAYS to get my number over. For the most part, CS has been good but that is unacceptable! I was even told that my escalation of contacting them was slowing down the correction of the issue! What is that?
At one point, they tried to blame my previous carrier. But a joint call with them showed they ported the number over and the issue is with Xfinity. I am just beyond shocked that this cannot be fixed (especially since I was told multiple times it only takes a few minutes). Additionally, when I was told that it was all they can do, the CS individual was kind enough to relay that THIS HAPPENS MORE THAN YOU THINK. Geez…
Lastly, I still have my old phone to trade in for credit. Thanks to this community, I will 100% be doing it in the store.
To keep my sanity, I may update this thread each day that goes by without my number. Perhaps we can get a pool going…
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2023.06.04 19:33 SchrodingersPanties Just beat CS2, word-vomiting my thoughts (Spoilers for Sky, Crossbell, CS1-2)

It's been almost a year since I started playing through the Trails series, and I just beat Cold Steel 2! I basically binged through it in the past two weeks--the weather has been too hot to go outside, or so my excuse has been. I still have more to finish in Erebonia, but after two games I thought I'd get my thoughts out in text on both Cold Steel itself and how it relates to the rest of the games altogether. Warning, word-vomit ahead!
Crafts have always been around throughout the series, and there are usually a few stand out entries each game like Zin's Thunder God Kick, Elie's Holy Bullet in Zero, Lloyd's Raging Spin in Azure, and so on. Arts have definitely dominated though. However, never have there been so many good crafts across all the characters. I swear every single member on Class 7 had at least one really good craft, and I loved that. Even in the second game where accuracy for melee definitely took a hit, they were still extremely strong.
I still had characters I used mostly as mages like Emma, but even with her I would use her magic reflect craft frequently. Alisa's Heavenly Gift was a mainstay in my team for the entirety of Cold Steel 2. Fie's Sweep and Scud Ripper were incredible for going around and killing mobs, and her damage late Cold Steel 2 was so good I used her for most of the bosses as well. Jusis was basically used as a Noble Command bot because holy hell that is a lot of buffs. And that's not even talking about how good Rean's True Arc Slash, Gale EX and Flame Dragon were. Definitely hope this is the case for all future games as not having Arts be your only true option is incredibly fun.
Favorite Characters!
While overall I would say my attachment to Class 7 has been noticeably weaker after two games than with the Sky cast or the SSS, I do like some of the characters quite a lot. Fie has been my outstanding favorite in Cold Steel--her backstory is interesting, her characterization is both cute and funny, and she is strong and effective both in gameplay and story. She reminds me a lot of Tio with her generally deadpan expression and humor, and Tio is my one of my favorite characters so... I may be biased.
I feel Rean has been a pretty interesting main character too. Maybe not so much as Estelle, but at least moreso than Lloyd (no matter how much I love my boy). I do feel like they took some traits from Lloyd (speeches, denseness) and pasted them right over to Rean, but I guess that is just the shonen protagonist curse.
Apart from them, I've liked the development they gave Emma. I think they kept everything hidden/vague maybe a bit too long (I think they had the "Aren't you going to ask me about the weird witchy thing that just happened?" scene at least 3 times lol), but I appreciate her quite a lot. Alisa has not had too much plot relevance, which is unfortunate because I actually like her quite a lot. I think the romance between her and Rean is pretty cute, especially after the scene in Nord in CS1. I like how caring she is not just towards the protagonist, but towards all the other characters as well. She's a good big sister type haha.
Sara has been pretty decent, although I felt like she kept her distance from Class 7 somewhat in the second game which is a bit sad. I am happy to see her returning to the Bracer life though, and her backstory was cool to have confirmed. Jusis has been pretty good too--a bit disappointed in the long periods between when he has plot relevance, but I suppose that it just how it is sometimes. Millium is both an annoying gremlin and also my adorable child, and her backstory and characterization in terms of her empathy has been good. I cried as soon as I saw her cry for the first time in the epilogue haha.
I feel like Elliot was a fine character but I never got particularly invested in him. Same thing for Gaius and Machias. Laura is one character who I didn't use much of, but I like her overall and I feel like her character could definitely go somewhere interesting--especially with her ties to Legram and now her somewhat oblivious rivalry with Duvalie (which I love).
Returning characters!
I know he shows up at the very beginning, but I thought it was just going to be a cameo, so I got SO excited in Cold Steel 1 the SECOND I heard the lute being played by our favorite traveling bard. Disclaimer, he is probably my second or third favorite character so I may be biased, but every time this man was on screen brought me so much joy. I probably had a similar reaction in Azure when you meet Klaudia and The Wind from Liberl plays (I legitimately started crying lmao). I liked how they kept it mostly about Class 7 for both games though. Seeing Bleublanc and Duvalie before their actual introduction in the story was super fun too!
When I got to the divertissement and I heard Lloyd narrating, and then we SEE Crossbell and Lloyd/Rixia in proper 3d I about jumped out of my seat. My only regret is I didn't get to see my girl Tio! The dungeon felt a bit filler-y, but man, just getting to see the Crossbell cast again had me so excited, and the boss fight at the end surprised me and made me really interested for the next CS game too. Also... glad we got in a barrier speech from Lloyd right at the end lmao.
The Quartz System
I have a love-hate relationship with the new system. I would say on the whole I actually prefer the old system with the elemental values--I never found it particularly difficult to understand and I enjoyed optimizing it and having a large variety of arts options. I do think Master Quartz tend to help with that but it is still noticeable. That said, my LORD cold steel really steps it up for melee orbment setups which I appreciate so much, especially with how much crafts improved. It has some really good quartz like the different status-inflicting quartz, Impede being super useful, "Breaker" quartz, as well as really strong melee options like Domination, Carnage, or Wrath. Not directly related, but I also really liked the addition of Zero Arts turns--I loved equipping Chrono Burst on my melee character and occasionally getting the free double melee turns haha.
I also think the variety of Master Quartz is really good at this point--I loved using both Aries and Criminal on Emma and Alisa respectively. Aries let me absolutely spam Maelstrom, especially after getting water bell, basically for free. Criminal was great on Alisa for turns between using Heavenly Gift to maximize her damage with her lack of EP regen. Both Raven and Vermillion in CS2 were really good on Rean as well. Plus there are the dozen other great options--definitely one of my favorite features they have added.
The Plot Pacing and Stakes
Honestly my biggest complaint with the new arc. Cold Steel 1 had some weird stakes at the end of the game. While Sky FC had you going underneath the castle to save the country from Richard, and Zero had you making a last stand against the drugged-up CGF soldiers to stop them breaking into the IBC, CS1 has you going through the Old Schoolhouse at the end of the game because if they don't take care of it they... won't be able to have a school festival because the old schoolhouse is blue? I know it's so you get Valimar, but compared to the other games the stakes in that moment really felt like a letdown. Thankfully, the very end hits--Crow does his thing and Trista gets invaded, Rean gets launched off, and now you're excited for the next game. It kind of had me expecting a Fire Emblem: Three Houses deal for the second game.
Cold Steel 2 has you going around to collect your team again in Act 1, and then retaking the towns in Act 2. I think Act 1 was mostly fine--a bit repetitive maybe, and it doesn't have the benefit the first game had of these places being new to keep the repetitive structure fresh. Act 2 I really started to feel the burnout with the liberating towns cycle and the spirit shrines. The recapturing of Trista and the academy was an idea that had me really excited, but after the one mech battle the only people there to fight you are... 8 nobles from the academy, 6 of which were students? Which wasn't only an easy fight, but also... there were only two duels! It felt way too easy, which really felt like a letdown.
The finale itself was really good overall--the Infernal Castle was awesome. As Millium put it, it really felt like a final dungeon. It still felt a bit weird how Vita set up this whole duel, Crow lost, and then she didn't explain why the duel happened, but I am guessing that is less of a problem with the stakes and more something that will be explained in a future game. (Side note: I suspected the witches were destined to repeat a cycle of the two Chevalier's fighting and Vita left because she wanted to break that cycle, but that doesn't seem to be the case so... we will see.) I feel like the game itself should've ended after the divertissement and maybe another cutscene, but the epilogue went on WAY too long. I ended up blazing through the dungeon as fast as I could and got to the boss, and the boss literally says "there is no point to beating me" which made me laugh given the issues I have had with the stakes, but with all the classmates going their separate ways it felt like one last victory lap to show how much they had grown--both in their own capacity and with each other, so it got a pass from me haha. Still WAY too long though.
"Time for me to stop holding back."
Seriously, how many times did this happen? Did we actually beat anyone in CS2? One thing I've enjoyed about the Trails series so far is very few people are so ridiculously strong they can't be overcome with teamwork. There are some exceptions I have been fine with, like facing Arianrhod in Azure--it makes sense. Honestly, a number of them in CS2 made sense but the frequency of it was somewhat infuriating. Minor complaint, especially since I know we have two games to go, but still.
Lack of Character Development
I feel like, maybe besides Rean and a select few characters (Fie, Emma, maybe Jusis and Sara a bit?), there was not much character development in CS2 which was a let down. Plot definitely took precedence, but I felt that was somewhat repetitive and mediocre which is a shame haha.
Friendly, Bespeckled Academic-types
Professor Alba was obvious, I caught that one practically from when we first saw him. Joachim I didn't suspect because I thought "there's no way they could do it again!", and barely figured it out just before they actually revealed it. I didn't suspect Big Bear Grimwood because he was so chill and SURELY they wouldn't do the glasses thing again. Little did I know.
The SECOND, and I mean the SECOND I saw Instructor Thomas, I had my eye on him. And his last name is Lysander? LYSANDER? Could you come up with a more villainous sounding last name? And he's always smiling! Like come on. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you're going to fool me a third time, EXTRA shame on me. I wasn't having it. I was convinced it was him.
...Do I at least get half points?
Honestly, while CS2 had some really cool moments (especially right at the end, like the Ironblood reveal and the Osborne reveal), this was probably my least favorite Trails game so far. CS1 had its own problems but I feel it ended with a decent setup, but CS2 bungled it a little bit IMO. It's still a really good game, but just the weakest of the Trails games I've played. I'm also not nearly as attached to Class 7 after two games as I was the majority of the Sky cast/the SSS. That said, there are two more games to play so maybe that will change! Plus, it sounds like we are going to see the Crossbell cast next game, which I am EXTREMELY excited for. I will probably cry tears of joy when I see Tio in 3D. I'm interested to see where the plot with Rean goes after this point, what the deal with Vita and Ouroboros is, and what Osborne's goal is, what the HELL is Thomas up to and where the hell the supposed TWO Sept-Terrions of Erebonia?? All in all, lots more to look forwards to!
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2023.06.04 19:33 HiAvril Any tips for Jacob and Esau? How can we make them fun?

We're hardly 300 hours in, so forgive me if this sounds like baby's first difficulty curve-
These two are by far my least favorite character in the entire game, and I feel out of place because they seem pretty liked by the community.
Having two hitboxes is hellish and not fun, I enjoy fighting the bullet hell-y bosses but that enjoyment is taken away when playing a character very much not designed to fight them. I find myself either never getting an angel deal, due to certain room generations being obnoxious or just bad RNG, and can't for the life of me want to go into alt floor bosses with them.
I'm going for general completion. They have some of the best unlocks in the game, and I crave them so bad, but I'm just not having fun with them. Their tech is really cool but I don't get how I should spread items between them and how not to get hit with them. I find myself going for tainted character's completion marks before even getting to Mega Satan with them
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2023.06.04 19:33 Dependent_Ninja3994 Is it best to cut off friendship with your best friend who has been there for you during your tough times but now the friendship seems to be very controlling and toxic?

Let me apologize first since this is going to be a long story. Cut to a year back, I was dating this guy from our friend's group. I had to keep this thing a secret from the entire friend's group because he said so (I know, dumb move on my part). Gradually, I started realizing how he was always busy and blamed me for every bad thing happening in his life. He stopped taking my calls and I was so worried that I had to confide to my best friend and her boyfriend to contact him. Both of them supported me a lot during the entire time and helped me a lot after the breakup as well. Things started getting normal for me. They introduced me to one of their friends who apparently developed feelings for me. We became close friends and genuinely, I liked talking to him for hours. We started dating long-distance since he had to move to another place for work. The relationship did not last long because we could not communicate properly. I was devastated and even then my best friend tried her best to fix things between us and she supported me. He was too adamant to say that he does not want to see me or talk to me ever again. At this point, I started feeling like I am a burden to her because I am putting her through a lot. Plus, I have been neglecting my career a lot so I decided to stop hanging out with my best friend and our other friends every day and focus on my studies and work. I attended a few parties and dinner sessions and that somewhat made her feel betrayed. We had a lot of argument posts regarding my abandoning her. She did not like that I was distancing myself and it might make me more sad. I started hanging out with them again but she was not happy about the fact that I was talking to other people in the group as well. She wanted my full attention. That somewhat made me distant from her again. Every time I hung out with the group, people were making comments about my past and how I always get close to guys around me. I could notice a pattern here so I confronted my best friend. She was super rude to me and started telling me how I always give my attention to guys and ignore her (definitely not the case, I had been taking my downtime to deal with things at home). Recently, I was invited to a birthday party and she kept on asking me to come. It was my dad's death anniversary that week so I was not in the mood to enjoy but still due to her continuous persistence, I went to the party. Her friend was there as well and I was not aware of it. That night, I went back home and told her how it made me uncomfortable to see him suddenly at the party after 3 months. She told me that he is okay being around me now. I told her that at least she could have given me a heads-up that he is coming. She called me and started yelling at me, how I always react to things and that is why my ex broke up with me and she and her boyfriend told me over the call that I have some mental problem which is why I always seek attention from guys and I do not like being single. I am sure I have some problems myself but this seemed very toxic that she had been gossiping about my past with other people in the group. Do you think I should apologize and try to revive the friendship again?
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2023.06.04 19:33 mijia08 Advice Needed: Information Technology BS or Computer Science BS or wildcard?

Hi guys,
I am currently a senior in Data Analytics at a well-known state school, unfortunately for me, my circumstances changed and my commute is now and hour and a half. I am now looking to WGU to be my savior. I am currently a service desk intern, so I am interested in all the degrees IT BS offers but love programming and would enjoy SWE (I have experience with Python, Java and C++). My whole shtick is that I don't want to make the process to get a Bachelor's any longer than it has to be. Any advice on the program you're in and if it is generally a degree that makes you happy?
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2023.06.04 19:33 dontlietom3 These examples of Near Death Experiences show that if one thing doesn't work, then they are willing to change tactics until something works, so that eventually you accept going back (they can use Jesus, holograms of your dad, etc...)

"He told me that it was not my time to enter into my heavenly home but had a mission to fulfill and my life was going to be very hard. That I would go through many terrible experiences to the point of wanting to commit suicide but if I committed suicide I would not be allowed to come home. He told me that I would be watched over and protected, kept safe. If I would get through this mission I would be allowed to return home. -- Don C Then I noticed I was in a tunnel & moving toward a bright light. When suddenly a voice told me, "Its not your time, you must go back, you haven't completed your missions & purposes in life, yet". -- Shalom G
"The light told me without words that I still on a mission on earth, but without saying what it was" -- Guillem BC **
"My three angels, still perplexed as to how to get me back to my body - did not like my response of, "I don't want to go back down there; it is painful". "You Must! Your Mission is Not Yet Complete!". -- Mark
"This is when I was called, and returned to the blue place in which I started, where the Angel Gabriel said to me: "Miguel, you have to go back, there is a mission for you to accomplish". I said to him: "No, brother, I'm not going back, I'm here now and I'm not about to move from here, I'm not leaving". He said, "You have a wife and children". I replied that I did not remember them, and he made a gesture with his hand, and a seated woman appeared, on a kind of white chair, praying and weeping, holding my diary in her hands. I drew near, saw her and said to the Angel: "Now I remember her, she is my wife". He asked me if I wanted to see my children, and I said yes. With another gesture of the hands he took me to a really poor district, with unpaved streets and mud. I was taken near a bus-stop, where there were grey concret storm-drains. We came to a house under construction, or unfinished. The floor was of earth, the walls had no covering (without any finish), the bath also half finished and on the patio there were two children playing, covered in mud. Following another gesture, I approached them and could see that yes, I recognized them, they were my children. The angel said, "You have to go back", to which I replied, "No way, now that I'm here, I'm not going back there". I said, "What if the next time I don't end up in this place, better to stay for good, no point getting here if I'm going to leave". At this moment I heard a strong, loud voice, speaking in a very special way, with love, affection but also with authority, which said to me: "Miguel, you must go back". I looked all around me, up, down, left and right, but no one had spoken to me. Then I asked "Who is speaking to me?" And I again heard this voice saying to me, "I am the true and faithful witness, you have to go back". I said, "Jesus?" and he answered, "Yes, you must go back". I said, "I'm ready, Lord. Thy will be done". -- Miguel RP
"The light being said, 'No, you have a mission that you must do.' I didn't know what the mission was but I said 'Yes' to returning back to the earth". -- Steve L
"I look back and see that entity, calm, faceless, with womanly ways, who tells me: “Wait, what are you doing? You can’t decide yourself the time when you leave, you have a mission to fulfill, no way they will let you leave that world this way. You have to go back and do what you have to do.” “Never,” did I answer, “never shall I go back. And you won’t change my mind, who are you to tell me what I have to do? What is this mission or purpose you are talking about?” “Just follow me.” did she say insistently but with a softness to which the most precious silk in this world does not compare..."But what mission are you talking about? I don’t understand anything to what you are saying, I don’t want to go back there. This loneliness is too deep and agonizing! You are going to answer, tell me what this mission is, who you are, who am I?” A voice outmatching the meeting group instantly settled the matter, no one would have even wanted or thought of whispering or sighing, “You’ll understand in due time, no answer would content you. Let time act, be strong, don’t doubt and you will know. Answers will be given in due time, it is up to you to capture them. Nothing is given for free to the knowledge keys keeper.” -- Pascal C
"The gate itself was unremarkable, no pearls or anything like that. Two robed men were speaking to each other. They never addressed or looked directly at me, but they were discussing me. I knew the two men were St. Peter and St. Gabriel. I could not hear their entire conversation but I knew they were discussing whether it was my time to be admitted to heaven. St. Gabriel was telling St. Peter that I had not read The Gospel of Mark yet. St. Gabriel was holding a huge open book I assumed to be a Bible and they looked at it. It seemed as if Gabriel was convincing Peter I could not enter heaven yet but at the same time I knew St. Peter didn't want to let me in at that time. I was just an observer. They never looked at me and I did not interact with them. I woke up back in my body in the emergency room after I heard that I needed to read Mark. ....That one sentence St. Gabriel spoke, "But she hasn't read The Gospel of Mark" seemed not only to be very very clear words but a strong feeling accompanied his words. It is hard to explain." -- Trish R
"She told me that my mission here upon the earth was not completed, and I would have to go back she informed me. I protested and begged to stay where she was, but to no avail. She did say I would be allowed to stay the next time I came there. Not that I could or would stay but she used the word "allowed." Immediately after she had placed these things into my mind I was sent back". -- Sylvia R
"The third time, I really didn't want to come back and then my Dad met me. He told me that he didn't raise a quitter, and that I needed to go back - that I had a mission that most people would never be given the opportunity to be blessed with. At the same time, on this side, I heard a man that I loved dearly tell me "please don't leave me". I heard him as plain as day. His voice was very clear. I chose to come back at that point". -- Pamela B
These are from Wayne Bush's website (the afterlife researcher) but he took them from nderf.org which is a popular website where people share their NDEs.
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2023.06.04 19:32 stradaberry Suckin it up

Suckin it up
Strolling the streets closest to Haight and Ashbury around the early morning golden hour.
Then went to the Tenderloin, and was pleasantly surprised with the free parking meters. However, everything after was not pleasant. From being solicited by the homeless thinking I had drugs, to the horror of homelessness and squalor.
It baffles me that in a place where the rich are prominent, the exact opposite dwells outside of their carefully guarded confines. They still have to face the homeless every day, so why would you not want to make the scenery more pleasing to the beholder by investing in your community?
Rant aside, I know why there are two sides of the same coin. Duality. Beautiful in the actual scope of existence, but cruel in practice.
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2023.06.04 19:32 Carnadge 31 [M4F/T] Atlanta, Georgia/EST/USA - Looking to develop a long-term, intimate relationship

How’s it going!? I’m a 31-year-old, 6’1” tall, light-skinned Black guy living outside the Atlanta, GA area, looking for and hoping to find a woman to date long-term! I’m ideally looking for someone who is open to a serious relationship (of course with time after getting to know one another and dating) eventually if things go well and connect between us. More on that below but a bit about me first.

About Me:

About You and What I’m Looking for:

If you like what you read, fit what I’m looking for, and think that we could be a match for each other, go ahead and send me a DM or chat message!
Please shoot me a selfie or photo of you and a short bio when you message me.
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2023.06.04 19:32 estheticianmom Sore throat, body aches, fatigue, but no fever- need strep test?

Not an emergency! Just a non medical parent wondering if I need to take my kid in for a strep test.
16 year old female started with sudden sore throat on Friday night, next day experienced same sore throat, headache, body aches, and fatigue- I think she slept at least 14 hours throughout the day. No fever, temperature was about 99 but she was achy and cold and just didn’t feel well. Today she feels a lot better with only a very mild sore throat, no aches, but doesn’t really have an appetite. She had her tonsils removed when she was little. She’s had strep in the past and it was typically way more severe than this, but the lack of other symptoms like congestion or cough is making me think it’s not a cold. Should I take her in for a strep test? Just concerned about if it is strep and it goes untreated, but not sure how likely it is to be strep given her symptoms. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 19:32 flyingtospace Play YAKUZA question mark

Play YAKUZA question mark submitted by flyingtospace to xqcow [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:32 AJisPro first time trying dmt hopefully

I have some plants near me the mimosa hostillis. Ive seen the petals and the actual branches and stuff. How much dmt is in it and how much would be ideal for me to trip and can I put this mix in a dab? Please let me know I can't wait to try this : ))
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2023.06.04 19:32 johnaltabc Planning for parent's retirement health coverage

Planning for parent's retirement has been very overwhelming. Quick story is my parent's have more than 6 million in assets, but they are uneducated and have difficulties navigating through the planning.
Currently, I'm planning to sign my parent's up for Medicare A, B, D and medigap G. Then they told me they do not want to be in a nursing home and want 24/7 care at home should need arise.

Few questions:
1) Should I consider any other insurance options?
2) Are there insurance that cover in-home 24/7 care -- and if so, what are they called? And if purchased, would it still be advised to get medicare gap g?
3) Does medicare gap g cover the in-home 24/7 care?
4) Are there better ways to plan for 24/7 care?

My parent's friend recommended talking to a "Financial advisor" who successfully convinced them to buy permanent life insurance. Luckily, I was able to change their minds after a lengthy effort. The main issue is I feel like we need guidance on how to navigate all this, but it's difficult to discern actual advisors vs sales-people.

Any advice or things I can look into would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 19:32 i-like-squishysquash trapped with an abusive father and no way out

I hope this belongs in this sub, but if not, please direct me to the proper place, thanks <3
I am a minor, and I’ve been trapped in an abusive situation for my entire life. At least, I believe it’s abusive, or at the very least toxic.
The abuse isn’t physical, but more verbal/emotional/psychological. A big portion of it is that my father is extremely concerned about the safety of our family (mother, brother, and I). Prior to the pandemic (middle school age and younger), I was rarely allowed to hang out with friends outside of school. In these cases (less than 5), my father either had to be present for the entire time, or I had to be in a public place (like a library) with my older brother present for the entire time. This was to avoid myself potentially being kidnapped or assaulted at another person’s house. (I am female) It didn’t matter that most of my friends were girls; my father was worried that their uncles would show up without advance notice, or that their brothers would assault me.
To this day, I have walked down my own street unsupervised less than 5 times in my entire life. I live in the suburbs (not a city or somewhere with a high crime rate), but I am not allowed to step outside of my house’s property lines unless I am walking to my bus stop for school. Additionally, if myself or my mother are in our backyard and a neighbor is nearby, we must go inside and hide until they are gone before returning outside.
Since the pandemic hit, I have been almost fully isolated from the outside world unless there is a necessary event or school. I have just graduated high school, but I haven’t been with my friends outside of a school event in the past four years. My father believes socialization with friends is important only if you “have nothing better to do,” and that I have already achieved enough socialization at business events.
My father also has extreme anger issues and is extremely controlling toward my family. He often yells at my mother or questions her for hours (sometimes 5 hours at a time), and will get angrier if she loses patience or raises her voice back (he views this as disrespectful). I myself often get into trouble for “lying” (as in saying something that is true but he doesn’t think is right), misspeaking, or other things. He views his anger as uncontrollable and expects us to accommodate his temper. I also believe he is manipulative, as he almost always blames us if he is angry (“Why are you always like this? We could have avoided this if you had _____”). I have tried multiple times to express that him yelling at my mother has affected my mental health, but he blames me for that as well, telling me that all couples are like this and I’m making this a problem in my head – all I have to do is stop being affected and tell myself that I don’t need to be sad. He has specifically told me that if I keep crying when he yells at my mother, then my mother will not be able to talk much anymore (because he yells at her constantly for saying things he doesn’t approve of). He has taken to calling me “emotionally weak” if I cry, and reminds me that I need to “grow up.”
He is also racist and homophobic. My brother and I are often lectured about how those who are LGBT+ are mentally ill and need to be fixed for the “survival of humanity”. I am bisexual, but have kept my identity hidden from everyone in my family except for my brother and one cousin for this reason. I am also not allowed to date at this time (even though I am almost 18), and will be questioned if I am seen talking to a boy or if I have befriended a boy.
The result of all of this is that I have been feeling increasingly trapped. I began harming myself 2-3 years ago to cope with not being able to cry freely. I feel as if my life is always falling apart. I come home from school to screaming and anger, and I always feel tense as I try to not set my father off. I will be attending a university that is several states away in the fall, but he has repeatedly threatened to force me to transfer to a school very close by if I am not continuously obedient. I am not actively trying to kill myself, but I always think about it.
I have been increasingly emotionally unstable. At my worst points, all I want to do is die, and then minutes later I feel better and fear that I am simply being dramatic. I always feel ungrateful that I do not appreciate my father’s concern for my safety, but at the same time, I was almost completely robbed of a normal and healthy childhood. I don’t see a way out of this situation except for death. I cannot actively seek a way to improve the situation, because my father will simply further isolate me as punishment for being disrespectful.
To be honest, I hate my life, and I hate myself. I have a boyfriend of over a year who I feel safe with, but I’m terrified of being discovered by my father and losing my emotional support (my father would most likely also cut me off from my friends). I am terrified of being myself even when my father is not around, as I am paranoid about my father seeing pictures on others’ social media posts that will expose me.
I don’t see this getting better. I am hopeless in every sense, knowing that I have to deal with this situation or otherwise deal with it becoming worse. My close friends and boyfriend are aware, but they can’t do anything more than offer emotional support, and sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes I just want to escape, and death feels like the only way. In college, my father will not allow me to go off campus, nor will he allow me to socialize in other students’ dorms – he expects me to go to classes and otherwise remain in my dorm room, and he will call me regularly to check that I am being obedient.
I don’t think I can live like this anymore. I don’t even know if it’s worth it to live anymore. Maybe I’m being overdramatic. Maybe I’m just an ungrateful and selfish person who doesn’t care about safety. I don’t know.
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2023.06.04 19:32 AssociationCandid411 How to help a dog with separation anxiety?

Hi guys! I recently adopted a 6 yo female griffon/caniche. It was alone in a yard and I talked with the owners who left her there since she was 1 in extreme temperatures etc.
Thank god even though she was alone her health is fine I have her 2 weeks now. She is cuddly and all she needs is love. She gets along with people, she is scared at first but seconds after she is jumping and cuddling. She is afraid of other dogs and often growls. I think she is going to be fine it’s too early and she never had relationships with dogs or humans.
The thing is, she is clingy or has separation anxiety. She is glued with me, follows me everywhere in the house. Even when she sleeps I leave her quietly and she understands it immediately and follows me. I got her a crate but I read so many opinions that I don’t know what to do. I close her door every night and she is ok. She sleeps well. In some days I will start work again and I will be gone for 6 hours so she needs to be in her crate during that time. I made her crate friendly for her with toys, chewing toys etc and treats. I closed the door yesterday at noon and left, after 5 minutes she started crying and then barking. This lasted for about 20 minutes and then she stopped. After 40 minutes I let her out. Is that the right way? Some say to not crate a dog with separation others say I should, I have work so there is no other way… , some say I should ignore her when she is following me constantly some no. What should I do I want the best for her. 💛
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2023.06.04 19:32 RhubarbDangerous9378 Should I report my coworker?

I’ve been working at this nursing home for a few months now and have known my coworker since I started working there. She originally was a valet and watched a room of patients but was not allowed to do any CNA care. As of now, our nursing facility is removing the position of valet and is only keeping workers who plan on taking the CNA exam. So far, a lot of the people I’ve worked with have left since they only wanted to work as a valet, but this specific coworker of mine is staying and is planning to take the exam.
I don’t mind having extra help around the floor, but I, along with a few other coworkers of mine, have been upset and frustrated at how extremely lazy she is. There are moments where she suddenly leaves out of nowhere when I’ve asked her to help me with a patient that requires two people. She also goes to the break room for long periods of time on her phone and just talking to friends and roaming on social media.
From what I know she works the afternoon and usually the night shift. I worked overtime late at night and couldn’t find her for hours on end while all the other CNAs were taking care of their residents and answering call lights. I go to our nursing home’s library where both the doors are closed and find her completely asleep, sleeping completely on her back looking very comfortable, on the couch, while everyone else was working.
I don’t know if I should report her but clearly she is not a team player or actually does her job properly. If anything, I think she’s a danger to this nursing facility since she abruptly leaves patients and is ultimately very lazy. Should I report her to the DON?
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2023.06.04 19:32 AutoModerator [Have] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.04 19:32 Carnadge 31 [M4F] Atlanta, Georgia/EST/USA - Looking to develop a long-term, intimate relationship

How’s it going!? I’m a 31-year-old, 6’1” tall, light-skinned Black guy living outside the Atlanta, GA area, looking for and hoping to find a woman to date long-term! I’m ideally looking for someone who is open to a serious relationship (of course with time after getting to know one another and dating) eventually if things go well and connect between us. More on that below but a bit about me first.

About Me:

About You and What I’m Looking for:

If you like what you read, fit what I’m looking for, and think that we could be a match for each other, go ahead and send me a DM or chat message!
Please shoot me a selfie or photo of you and a short bio when you message me.
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2023.06.04 19:32 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 4 (pt 2)

The episode resumed with a shot panning down from yet another shot of the moon onto Dave, Scarlett, and DJ walking through the pet cemetery.
"Don't you think Katie should've been back by now?" DJ asked.
"Hey guys," Katie called out, gaining the attention of the three, "I think I found something over there!" The shot cut to a large headstone. "See?" the sweet girl said as the shot came in for a close-up, detailing both a skull mark and a date engraved below it. "June 06, 1806," Katie read. "That's 6, 6, 18, 6, right?"
"Yeah!" DJ said with a smile. "Good eye."
Confessional: DJ
"Katie is pretty resourceful," DJ said to the camera. "Sure she doesn't have her tablet, but at least she's helping the team."
Confessional Ends
"Look," the camera cut back to the headstone's close-up as Dave pointed a finger at the skull mark's oddly-shaped nose hole, "there's a keyhole too."
The shot cut back out to show the whole group as DJ inserted the key, turned it, and was promptly flung backward out of sight by a large, spring-loaded coffin bursting out of a trap door in the ground, much to the Maggots' shock.
"Look at this!" Scarlett called out. "We got flashlights!" The camera cut to the inside of the now-opened coffin, revealing several flashlights standing on a shelf in it.
"Awesome," Dave smiled, as DJ rejoined them. "Let's grab them."
Dave scooped up the flashlights, then ran off with Scarlett.
"You're strong, right?" Katie talked to DJ before running. "Make sure to put that coffin back so the Rats won't know where to look."
DJ lingered long enough to close the coffin and shove it back into its hole, and was about to catch up with his teammates, but was pulled back by the spider's string and eventually got taken away by the spider.
The camera panned in the opposite direction, eventually stopping on a large tree. After a moment, Geoff leaned out from behind it. He decided to make a wolf sound in order to signal his Rat members, who saw what he was doing and were visibly disgusted.
Leshawna smacked the boy. "What are you doing?"
"Using animal calls to signal you?" Geoff answered. "Team Maggot found the souvenirs on the tombstone over there."
"Wow…nice work," Scott said as he slowly reached out to put their key into the keyhole.
"I want to let you know before you open the coffin-" Geoff tried to warn Scott as the latter opened the coffin, but got flung off-screen, making him groan in pain. "-make sure to not get flung."
"That would've been good to hear earlier," Scott looked at his face for injuries angrily, but got his mouth wrapped up by a spider web, before being pulled away by the spider in a flash.
"Scott got taken away!" Leshawna freaked out and held Geoff by his shoulders. "Let's finish the part of the area and get the heck out of here!"
The footage flashed to Scarlett and Dave standing before the entrance to a cave, the mouth flanked on either side by flags bearing the team logos.
"Welcome to your final destination!" Chris announced over an unseen loudspeaker, laughing evilly before adding "The clue is just inside the entrance...aaand down the tunnel...into total darkness. Good luck! Yooouuu'll neeeeed iiit!"
Dave gulped and Scarlett snatched a flashlight from him. "Follow my lead," she told him as she turned it on and walked into the cave.
"Wait," Dave said with a hint of anxiousness, "Where's Katie and DJ?"
"They probably fell behind," Scarlett answered back, her words echoing from inside the cave.
Dave lingered for a second. "Go explore the cave. I'll get DJ and Katie."
The scene flashed inside and Scarlett peered around with her flashlight. "This location hasn't seen many good days," she said as she noticed what appeared to be the skeleton of an intern suspended in a web, a note taped to its tattered plaid shirt. "And there's the clue," Scarlett remarked, looking closely at the note then reaching out and lightly touching the web. "By hook or by crook, the end is near if you look," she read.
"This writing is simply telling me to locate the finish line by any means necessary-!" She was interrupted by a line of webbing shooting down from the ceiling and wrapping around her body and head, and she struggled to break free before she was pulled up and away.
The scene cut to a close-up of Dave's sneakers as he ran through the graveyard. The camera cut outward as he ran up to Katie, who were wandering the area with flashlights in her hand, and said "Hey, Scarlett and I found the cave. Where's DJ?"
"He hasn't arrived," Katie said warily. "The spider likely got him."
"That cave must be where the spider is," Dave theorized. "And if the spider took our teammates, that's where we'll find them."
"Let's go with that then," Katie said, trying to seem determined but coming across as scared.
The scene flashed back to the cave entrance. "Scarlett!" Dave called out as the shot cut to him and Katie standing just inside, flashlights already turned on. "Scarlett, where are you?"
"Um, you might want to look over there," Katie said as she pointed out Scarlett's discarded flashlight.
"Well that's not good," Dave said nervously.
Confessional: Dave
"I'm starting to question how we were gonna win this challenge," Dave admitted. "Katie and me aren't exactly capable of fighting off a giant spider."
Confessional Ends
"Look over there!" Katie piped up as the static cut away to the two Maggots walking through the cave. The camera panned ahead along their beams of light to show a creepy skull-like rock with several metal hooks sticking out of it, and the two smiled.
"Those must be the last souvenirs," Dave realized, rushing over to the skull-shaped rock. "We must still be in the lead."
"Look out!" Katie cried out in sudden panic.
"What?" Dave looked back nervously just as a line of web shot down from the ceiling and quickly wrapped him up, encasing just about everything but his head. He moaned before getting hauled up by the spider. It hissed at him menacingly and he screamed in terror, and with a hiss the spider tossed him to the side.
He landed on a larger web suspended in the ceiling, and the shot zoomed out to reveal that the others who'd been captured were within – Scarlett, Scott, DJ, Anne Maria, Sierra, Molly, Trent, and Sammy.
"Who landed in the web now?" Anne Maria asked.
"It's just me," Dave said. "Dave."
"At this rate, it's up to the ones who didn't get captured to figure something out," DJ pointed out.
Confessional: Dave
"The plus side to not being a cartoon character? I don't have to worry about getting spider-like powers," Dave confessed.
Confessional Ends
The shot cut back down to the cave floor, Katie still looking up nervously just as Geoff and Leshawna finally arrived on the scene.
"There's the next souvenir! And our teammates! And a gigantic spider!" Geoff pointed out his surroundings to his teammate.
"Well, I guess we found the right place," Leshawna commented as she went ahead.
"So what should our plan be?" Geoff sprinted towards Leshawna, but tripped and collided into Leshawna, sending both flat on the ground.
They instantly got wrapped together by the spider's stringed web. "I'm starting to think that we're a bad duo," Leshawna frowned dryly.
Confessional: Leshawna
"Geoff's sweeter than honey, but he needs to think more before he acts," Leshawna stated. "I'll cut him some slack since we didn't land in the web."
Confessional Ends
"Katie! Go grab the hook and we'll win!" Molly ordered.
"Okay. I'm on it," Katie went to take off a hook.
"But we're still trapped in this web with no way to get out," DJ tried to protest.
"Uh, DJ," Dave realized something that caught his eye.
"Huh?" DJ replied back.
"The spider is coming towards us!" Dave shouted, causing everyone to freak out in a panic as the giant mutant arachnid crawled towards them, its fangs dripping green venom.
"Someone get us outta here!" Anne Maria shouted, causing Katie to stop in her tracks.
"Everyone is in danger," Katie gasped. "I'm coming to help."
"You should get the hook first!" Scarlett tried to advise her teammate.
The spider was hissing right at the people in front of the web. "Somebody do something!" Trent yelled out as the camera panned over to Dave's scared face.
And then, with a burst of adrenaline, Dave burst free of his silken cocoon and tackled the giant spider clear off the web. They swung away on a line of silk attaching the spider to the ceiling, and the normal guy began to pound furiously on the back of the mutant's abdomen.
Confessional: Dave
"Adrenaline can really get your blood pumping," Dave explained in an impressed tone of voice.
Confessional Ends
Meanwhile, Katie was shown climbing the tree that had the spider webs attached, but fell back down. "I can't reach the top!"
"Really?" Molly questioned her.
"Sorry, Maggots," Katie apologized. "I don't have enough muscle power to reach you."
"If that's the case, then go and get the hook," Scarlett demanded.
"But I don't want to leave you behind!" Katie stood firm.
"You need to win! You're the only member of the team who isn't trapped in a giant web!" DJ said supportively.
"I'll do it, but I'll come back to help you. I promise that," Katie declared bravely before grabbing her hook and ran to the zipline.
Leshawna was struggling to get to the hook due to her situation of being stuck with Geoff.
"Wow! I'm surprised you can hold us up together, even if we're trapped," Geoff marveled at her strength.
"I came to win, not to quit!" Leshawna said determinedly before tugging a hook off the skull rock.
The shot quickly cut to Dave and the spider, the boy now jumping up and down on the mutant's back.
"You spiders have been a big pain in the neck ever since I was young!" Dave confronted the mutant spider while the shot cut to the stalactite the spider's line was attached to, the rock beginning to crack.
Katie attached her hook to the zipline. "I'm ready." She took off screaming afterwards.
"I won't let you bother me anymore!" Dave continued his attack on the spider.
With one final jump the silk line snapped, sending him and the spider to the floor and causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. Those stuck in the web screamed as dust filled the air.
"Go go go!" Geoff hastily commanded Leshawna as he saw the place crumbling. Leshawna quickly hooked them to the zipline and they took off.
There was an ominous snap followed by thuds and grunts. The dust dissipated to reveal that all the captives – as well as the web itself – had fallen to the cave floor.
Several groans filled the air as everyone tried to recover, the silken prisons beginning to unravel.
The scene cut to near-complete darkness, lit only by the eyes of some unknown creatures – and three known ones, based on their screams. Katie zipped through the darkness screaming, with Leshawna and Geoff zipping past a few seconds later screaming as well, and soon enough made it to the other side – a smaller tunnel in the side of a cliff face, with the zip line tied to the end of a small stalactite on an overhang just outside. Katie arrived first and dropped when her hook slammed into the end of the line; Geoff and Leshawna arrived moments later, and landed on top of the Maggot girl when their hook slammed to a stop as well.
The shot panned down to them as they all groaned in pain.
"Looks like both teams made it out," Chris chimed in, walking up from the left and looking the three over. "That's something I did not expect at all."
"So who won the challenge?" Katie asked after standing up. "I did arrive before the Rats did."
"Today's winning team iiiiss," Chris announced, pausing for effect, "the Rats!"
"What?" Katie asked. "But I arrived here first!"
"Remember when I said stick together, 'cause there'd be a penalty for each team member you lost?" Chris placed a hand on Katie's shoulder. "Yeah, you lost your whole team. The same would go for Leshawna, but at least she brought someone with her. So, the Rats totally win!"
"I was wrong, Geoff," Leshawna cheered for her team. "We do make a good team."
Katie was distraught to lose. "I knew I should've stayed back and gotten my teammates down!"
"So true," Chris replied without a care.
The scene cut back to the cave as Dave approached the camera coughing. He looked down and gasped. The perspective inverted and the camera panned across what looked like a canister of artificial webbing, nuts and bolts and the tattered remains of a spider costume, and the all-too-familiar legs and torso and arms and groaning head of Izzy.
The psycho hose beast groaned before shouting "Boo!" and laughed silly.
Confessional: Dave
"Turns out it was just one of the old cast members in a spider costume," Dave explained in the confessional. "Though it makes sense in context. Izzy and Spider-Man are both annoying, but at least they can be funny sometimes." he quipped. "I'm still not a huge fan of spiders, but I can at least tolerate them now."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to a shot of the island at night, the camera zooming in then cutting to the six Mutant Maggots at the campfire pit – Dave and Katie together on the left side of the back row; Anne Maria and Scarlett on the front left; Molly on the back right; and DJ on the front right.
"Team Maggot, welcome to your second elimination ceremony," Chris began. "I would comment on your collective failures and mistakes throughout the challenge, but it speaks for itself." The shot shows some of the Maggots either disappointed or shooting daggers at Chris.
"Just pass out the marshmallows already," Dave grumbled.
"Someone's eager," Chris smiled in satisfaction before seeing that Chef wasn't present. "Where's Chef with the Marshmallow of Loserdom?"
Elsewhere, Chef was tied to a post in frustration as a number of plungers were stuck to his face. The camera panned out to show that Izzy, currently holding a bow while wearing a tribal headband, was the one responsible for his fate. She laughed after hitting Chef one too many times with the plungers, much to Chef's annoyance.
"If Chef isn't here, does that mean the elimination ceremony is canceled?" Anne Maria raised her hand.
"Heck no. I'm still gonna send one of your butts home," Chris announced. "And the person who's leaving is...," he said with an impish smile, pausing for effect.
"Nobody! Psyche!"
"Wait, what?" Katie said in confusion.
"I was kidding all along!" Chris laughed. "The elimination ceremony is canceled. Not because of Chef not being here. But because this is a non-elimination episode."
"So if none of us would be taking the Hurl of Shame, then what was the point of even having us here?" Scarlett asked.
"I just love tension," Chris answered with a smug grin.
"Awesome!" Katie squealed cutely. "I was afraid I would be eliminated!"
"Whatever," Chris said, rolling his eyes. "Kinda disappointing no one's going for a catapult ride, though." He looked over to the right, and an idea dawned upon him. "I think I know who would be willing to."
The scene flashed to the Dock of Shame, Izzy in the catapult's bucket with Chris standing nearby.
"This catapult is amazing, but why am I here?" Izzy asked the host.
"Because somebody needs to get hurled tonight," Chris explained as he walked over to the catapult's lever. "Plus, you seem like the type to enjoy this kind of stuff."
"You know me so well. Now press that lever," Izzy grinned before Chris pulled the lever and launched her cheering loudly into the night sky.
"Wanna know who I'm gonna catapult off the island next?" he turned and asked the camera as the capstone theme began to play. "You'll have to come back and find out, right here on Total! Drama! Revenge, of the Island!"
(Roll the Credits)
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