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Welcome! This space is created to show support and love for dope Neo-Traditional tattoos!

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Mionix is a Swedish brand with a mission to craft the best gaming gear that a gamer needs. It takes craftsmanship, quality, precision and thought behind every detail and that is what we stand for. #MionixBackToRoots

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This subreddit is a place for tattoo apprentices to share their work, whether it be tattoos or artwork, and gain honest advice and constructive criticism. ✨Remember guys, we are here to help each other. If you see someone practicing unsafe/unsanitary tattooing, tell them. That is one of the most important things in tattooing. Also if you are seen being rude and not constructive whatsoever, you risk removal from this subreddit.✨

2023.03.26 12:07 Mussleleani Guys, tell me in the comments - What are the best religion pillars in your opinion and which religion is the best to choose for startinga new one with said pillars?

Fow now Judaism seems nice, but not sure yet. Hindi ones are a strong contender too and then there's the vanilla option, being Christianity or Islam...
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2023.03.26 12:07 Mayodilla Hide/unhide development panels stutters

Hi guys,
I have Lightroom running on my machine with 64GB Ram, Nvidia RTX 40series and Ryzen 9 CPU.
When I click a dev panel to hide/unhide it looks a bit animated and takes a little bit of time to open or close. It kind of stutters. When I see videos of other editors on youtube using LR on windows, I recognized that their menues just pop open immeditaly. Is there a way to deactivate those animations or speed up the menu?
GPU is configured in the settings and image cache is set to 60GB.
My catalogue is new and only holds 1000 pictures.
If you need more information just let me know.
Thanks for your help!
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2023.03.26 12:07 OfficiallyRelevant My favorite MMO memory from back in the day.

For me, I played Atlantica Online for hours on end back in high school. Loved the shit out of that game. People here might not know of it, but honestly, in my opinion it was one of those games that contributed to the creativity of the genre at the time. Now it's a shitshow because of the current market.
But I digress. My favorite memories are playing this game back in high school (2008-2010), finding new mercs to add to my party. The system Atlantica Online brought to the table back then was truly unique in an MMO setting and frankly, it hasn't been done since.
AO will forever be my favorite memory of this genre. I loved the guilds. This was a time before tutorials existed telling you not to accept your first guild invite. I did in that game and the guild was awesome because people actually utilized the chat. We talked about random shit. It was fun.
The game has changed now. It's gone to total shit. The main website isn't even secured via https and the game itself is on life support. I'm surprised people still play it. I would not given its current state.
But regardless, AO will always hold a special place for me for nostalgic reasons.
What about you guys? What is your favorite memory?
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2023.03.26 12:06 Captainmorgan696969 I want to do my first mods on a SD1970 and Tandorio 62mas 41mm also would anyone recommend a hand press?

I have a sterile SD1970 and Tandorio 62 mas.
Hands on the 62 mas are not great.
Trying to find out the dial size and good sellers on Ali for S dials with decent lume.
Would anyone recommend a cheap hand press or just the use of normal hand tools, for hands I just have a stick tool with a plastic end with a convex shape then a tool that comes with watch kits to remove hands with one go, should I buy a 2 peice hand pray Ng tool also?
Thanks guys !
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2023.03.26 12:06 polyaddictia Should I handle a toxic, unwelcoming work environment/coworker diplomatically with my SM as a mediator, or just quit (WARNING: LONG READ)

I’ve been working with Sherwin-Williams since September 2022. I got hired at the same time as a worker who will be henceforth be named as “Problematic Co-Worker” or “PC”.
I want to preface this by saying that I am not a confrontational person at all. I try and get along with every person I work with at every job. I am not the most extroverted person, but I think if you asked my previous co-workers at my old jobs they would say I am a chill enough guy who tries to stay out of drama. I was training at two other stores until I was transferred into a new store that opened in November 2022. It was at this store that I met my main group of co-workers I would be working with for the foreseeable future. I am on good terms with both of my managers, and one other co-worker, since I worked with him at another store beforehand.
This is also where I would began working with Problematic Co-worker. I do not think PC is a bad person, but frankly, she can be very rude and passive aggressive. It’s like she has had a chip on her shoulder against me for some reason since the beginning. The only reason I can think of is one time I saw a phone on a shelf unattended in the warehouse while I was stocking items. I looked at it to see if I recognized who’s it was, and I didn’t, so I left it alone, thinking whoever left it there left it in that spot for a reason. However, the next day it was told to me by PC that it was her phone and it was “fine” and that “it just got cracked”in a rather upset tone. I understand being upset over this, but I simply did not think it was my place to mess with anyone else’s phone, especially when they may have put it there on purpose.
Over the next few months working at this store and with PC, despite my efforts to be non-confrontational, and polite, I have still invoked her ire. I will admit, I have made some dumb mistakes in regards to matches, not understanding some POS functions, and handling some customer service situations. And believe me, I truly feel guilty for being dumb. However, PC will handle these situations by looking down on me like I’m a complete idiot. It’s demoralizing, to say the least. However, despite the harsh lessons, I believe I’ve learned a lot working at SW and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m really enjoying my job and getting satisfaction out of helping customers.
All that said, PC continues to be rude to me over almost anything and everything. I do not talk back to her or get into any verbal altercations. I thought we were making some progress by working Saturday’s together alone (she’s the third key) and having some moments of relatability and amicability. However, a few weeks ago, I hit my head hard enough to draw blood across my brow. I felt very woozy and sleepy for a couple of days due to the concussion. When I had a bit of a communication misunderstanding with a customer on whether they wanted a match or “more of this paint” (they brought a half used five gallon in) and said customer had to clarify what he actually wanted, PC pulled me aside and told me “you need to wake the fuck up”.
As it turns out, a doctor’s visit did confirm I was experiencing post concussive syndrome, one symptom being excessive sleepiness. After I came home from that shift I passed out for a solid 14 hours.
I had become used to dealing with this behavior from PC as part of her temperament. Until a couple days ago, the toxicity reached its peak. I was dollying a three stack of fives on truck day. While unteething the stack, the top two tipped over. I panicked, thinking I caused a spill or leak. Thankfully, the fives were not compromised. No paint was spilt. It happens.
I guess PC saw or heard this. I quickly find myself in a catch-22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. She begins to grill me over this. If I say yes, I did tip a couple of fives over, my head gets chewed off before I can even explain myself. If I lie and say no, she will see right through my BS and get even more ammo to use against me. I feel like an immoral asshole, but since I felt like I fucked either way, I maintained my innocence.
We tried to avoid each other after this SNAFU. I took an order over the phone for a contractor. 16 gallons in total IIRC. I put in the order, tint it and shake it all by myself, set it aside, and get back to work. Contractor arrives. Now here’s the pettiness that really just made me wanna quit on the spot. PC insists on not only billing him out, but rolling out his order to his truck, in the typical passive aggressive manner. It’s at this point, 10 minutes left in my shift, that I decide to just quit. I clock out, explain to my very kind and understanding SM that I’m quitting because I can’t work in a toxic unwelcoming environment anymore. I believe my SM says she understands (she probably got both sides of the story), and lets me leave for the day.
I know I am not wholly innocent here, I definitely fucked up a few times. But I simply can’t handle working with someone that hates my guts and makes me feel unwelcome working at this store, despite my efforts to be a better worker. When I checked my schedule and saw that I was supposed to work this Saturday with just me and PC, open to close, I decided I’d rather de-escalate by calling my manage and explaining that I wasn’t showing up and I would be emailing her a formal notice of resignation.
After a day of clearing my head off and some deliberation, I’ve considered taking to my manager again, and organizing a sit down with Problematic Coworker so we can reconcile our disagreements, agree to a truce, and hopefully work together to create a more positive workplace environment, settled with diplomacy and mutual respect. Any advice on how to handle this, or should I just up and quit for better employment opportunities?
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2023.03.26 12:06 holly_bi_slytherin what do I do now?

Ok so, My brother 16 (M) is really stressed about not having had sex, when most of his friends have.. and he was talking about it and how weird it was being the only one who hadn't done it while also being lowkey homophobic after I (14nb) had said that I had no interest in having sex and he said "Yea but girl on girl sex is kinda pointless" after which I pointed out that it probably was more pleasant for the women and he just said "that doesn't matter man on women is basic biology" anyway I laughed at him called him an Incell + a walking red flag and left the room. Now he is accusing me of public defamation (We were in our kitchen where he calls me the literally asexual a whore bi-weekly) and he got me in massive trouble with my parents. I really don't know what to do in this scenario please for the love of garlic bread help me.
Ps. he has in the past done things like saying that women never want a nice guy and other really dehumanising things about them, plus he calls all women "Females"
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2023.03.26 12:06 Ralfop Versatile Portable Design Tool Multi-function Drawing Ruler MAGCON is an innovative pocket-sized drawing tool tailor-made for designers, artists, architects, journal enthusiasts, mandalas lovers, illustrators, tattoo artists, students and creative professionals.

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2023.03.26 12:05 blc2727 I’ve (25F) been seeing this guy (36M) for a month and found out he has a child and is potentially engaged. Need advice!

I need help. I’ve (25F) been seeing this guy (36M)for about a month now and I started to have suspicion and just a gut feeling that something was off. I found a bottle of pills at his house with another girls name on it. I do a little researching on social media and find out he has a very young child and potentially a fiancé. he is here working in the province I live in (Canada) for work and she lives in another province where he’s originally from. I don’t know what to do I’m so devastated by this.
We matched on a dating app so he has for sure talked to other women too and seen other women.
I found her on social media but I just get so nervous when I think about messaging her. I’ve obviously caught feelings for him so I just feel overwhelmed and upset.
I can’t confirm for sure If they are still together because the most recent pictures I saw of them online were from 2021-22. The pill bottle that was in his place was dated this year so i don’t know what to think.
He is going to be here working for at least 3-4 years so I just don’t understand why he would be in a committed relationship while he’s living out here? We talk every day so I can’t imagine she’s flying out here with the kid every week. Are they not engaged anymore? Just co parenting? I’m trying to think of what the situation could be.
He clearly isn’t involved in his child’s life because he’s here and the child is with the mom in another province. So I’m also concerned that he isn’t there for his child or possibly if there’s a reason why he’s not involved..
I don’t want to message her and be like “hey I’m talking and sleeping with the father of your child” If they aren’t even together. Do I confront him first before making a move?
What do I do?!
Guy I’ve been seeing had a pill bottle at his place with a woman’s name on it. After researching found out he has a child and potentially engaged to this woman who lives in another province. Not sure if they are still together. Concerned about why he isn’t involved in child’s life and if I should message her or confront him.
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2023.03.26 12:05 how_2_reddit How to deal with 1v2 lanes

So I'm a noob who just downloaded the game yesterday and have been playing intermediate bot matches since to get the hang of the game and my champion. However this is very difficult as for whatever reason nearly all my games I had to 1v2 my lane (both when I am playing bot and top) while the other guy on my side of the map is off in the jungle doing god knows what. This results in a situation where it's difficult to practice farming or basic fighting in general since the 2 bots keep going after me because I'm alone. What am I supposed to do here? Why am I almost always the one left alone in the lane while the other lane has 2 people? Am I picking the wrong champions?
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2023.03.26 12:04 _HOOrahiNG How to take up travelling as a profession ?

Hello everyone!!
I love to travel and want to do it as a profession. But idk how to exactly find my way to it. Ill complete my 12th this year. Theres not much on google as well about the travelling industry (mostly just travel agents 😬 or aviation) but after a bit of research, ive come to know that a degree in BMM or BBA can help me to step into this profession. Im still not sure and really have no one to go to for guidance so here i am. If you guys have any info or any advice on what course/ degree i should get and even about what to do after getting the degree please let me know it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 12:04 Adventurous_Toe_4578 TIFU losing all my friends over a girl, and then got dumped

I've fucked up big time, this happened yday, I feel lonely af and i cant seem to get my mind off this.
I barely use reddit but i need somewhere to vent this out and also i need advice
(fake names) Ok so my friend John(M18) told our friend group of like 15 guys, that he had a crush on this girl hes been talking to for months, Leah(F17) and jokingly stated that he wanted someone to wingman for him. Ive thought this girl was cute for a while but I (M17) didnt like her or anything cos ive never spoken to her.
idk y i did this, i was thinking with my dick, but i thought if she liked him back it would be an opportunity to start a new friendship since John was one of the few dudes in our circle i barely talk to. And if she said no maybe I could hit on her and in like a few months ask her out depending on her personality, so in my mind it was a win win (ik im a terrible friend)
so the day comes i tell Leah that John likes her, she says she likes him as a friend and cant see it going further than that. Idk y but at that moment she suddenly seemed 10x as cute, she just seemed way hotter up close while talking to her. I tried so hard to make convo asking about her convos w John, how tough school is, how were going to college in a yr, etc. she gave me her number and we texted tons for like a week, and she was getting a bit flirty (this whole time i hvnt told anyone about this)
I kid u not, out of the blue, like a fucking horn dog, also with the fear getting played like John; texting her for months just to be called "nothing more than a friend". I ask her out in just a WEEK of talking. I was 100% expecting her to say "no" or "its too soon", but completely unexpectedly she said yes and that she was attracted to me for like months but didnt know how to randomly talk to me.
all this was like 2 weeks back, 2 days back we went for our first actual date for food after school (friday) and then watch John Wick 4 (how romantic, also its a fire movie but Leah didnt like it) she tagged me on her insta and snap story. John saw the story and that retard ruined my fucking existence.
He sent the story on the friend grp gc and called me a snake on the class gc. I get it its a bit fucked i did him like that but i was never really friends w him and what can i do about her seeing him as a friend. now the gc was clowning my ass for not "respecting the bro code". I could sense the salt from Johns messages and i didnt want him to do anything drastic so i dmed him (biggest fuck up of my life)
He kept saying "do you know how this feels, ive liked her for so long and she just goes with another guy w/o second thought". i somehow managed to create the worst response saying "i didnt mean to hit on her, i never even liked her i was just trying to help u out, I cant help the fact that she sees u as a friend, also she hit on me 1st (this was a lie), and idk if i even like her that much, the relationship probably wont last", (that was a lie too i think shes the most pretty and sweet girl ive ever talked to and i was so lucky to have her) idk if he was trying to provoke this response but he sent that response to her. I only said this to calm him down.
Leah dumped me, John blocked me, they kicked me out of the gc. It feels like everything ended at once idk wtf to do. I thought after a day it wud blow over but yday apparently they all went out for football and didnt call me. 4 of my friends from the grp still dm me and are consoling me, telling me it will blow over but if theyre going out w/o me and im not in the grp idt its that small, ive dmed Leah explaining everything but shes ghosting me. today no ones messaged me, i cant study, i cant work out, my mind feels cluttered, ive lost my friends of 5 years, lost someone i thought i actually loved. Ive literally just sat on my bed and stared at the ceiling, im almost tearing up, i feel cornered, idw go to school tom, my life took a complete 180.
TL;DR: i asked out the girl my friend liked for months, and now none of my friends will talk to me, and she dumped me too cos i bitched abt her behind her back
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2023.03.26 12:03 Alternative_Pin735 Help (idk how to word it. TW sexual assault)

So next Monday I'm going to this therapist that specializes in PTSD, and will give me a mental evaluation. My mother thinks the only reason the way I am is because my father was super abusive to us when I was a kid. (They divorced when I was 6)
Anyways I've been severely groomed for the past 3 years (the most recent time I saw him, last year he full on molested me. After that I sort of stopped contacting him.) To the point I have had occasional nightmare of people finding out.
My question is, will this guy pick up on anything? He's specialized in child PTSD, and is going to give me a mental evaluation. I don't know how that shit works, and I don't want him asking questions. No one can find what happened to me, and what he did.
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2023.03.26 12:03 Schniattle Did I just…regain a bit of my humanity?

So one of the other recent posts on this sub mentioned being insecure about any potential partner leaving them for someone “better”.
For the longest time, my view on the subject boiled down to “Well, if a woman does meet someone better than her current partner (whatever that means to her) and can realistically get into a relationship with them, then why SHOULDN’T she leave her current boyfriend?”
I didn’t think that was a bad thing nor did I resent anyone for it. I just saw it as the natural result of women (and really, people) having more freedom and options when it came to relationships.
So naturally, I couldn’t figure out why people would act all weird when I brought it up.
Well, reading the other comments on that post made me realize something:
The answer to both my questions is “Because empathy”
People usually want their relationships to mean something right?
And if someone is important to you. If that relationship really means something. Then you don’t just throw away the relationship without a damn good reason.
And “Yeah, this guy/girl I’m dating is fine, but this other guy/girl seems like they’re a million times better, so fuck him/her. It’s over” doesn’t cut it. Why? Because saying or doing something like that requires a profound lack of empathy and humanity.
It really helped me realize how broken my sense of empathy is. And I bet that’s a huge roadblock that not only prevents me from forming new relationships, but improving existing relationships.
I’ll probably need some more time (and a lot of trial and error) before I work out how to apply all this to my daily life.
Still, I’m really looking forward to seeing how much better my relationships will get as a result.
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2023.03.26 12:03 mango_jade Should I take the new job?: Non-Profit vs. Stable Fortune 500

So I have been interviewing for a investigations manager role with a global nonprofit but I am worried about certain factors vs. career advancement gains so i was hoping to get the collective wisdom of this sub.
Here are the factors I am considering: I am a senior auditor with my CPA, CFE and 8 years of experience. I work for for a fortune 100 company that is very stable and even in a recession the likelihood I get laid off is very low. With this new role the job is a fraud/ compliance investigations senior manager role, is fully remote except if I need to travel for investigations, and the work is much more interesting.
However, this is a brand new role for this non-profit. They are building out their compliance program because they have a new CEO that wants it however they have been operating for about 60 years without a compliance/ investigations program. So my fear is worse comes to worse and they lose funding for whatever reason they will lay off those of us in the compliance program because it is so new.
I have reviewed the financials for this nonprofit and they appear to be very healthy and highly rated. Also the nonprofit is primarily funded by US government grants and one very large global health non-profit (Gates Foundation) but with recession looming I dont want to leave a very stable job to take a role that leaves me with no job in a few months. However if all goes well this will be a change that will have me making much more, working fully remote so I can move back to a city I love, and in a role that aligns with my career goals.
So is it worth the risk considering a recession is looming? I know you guys cant make the decision for me but I would love your insight.
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2023.03.26 12:02 tbabiie [English > Chinese] hello can somebody please translate, inner peace and balance for me for a Tattoo. Thanks.

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2023.03.26 12:02 happyhour127 how can i stop myself from doing this?

for reference i'm a 20 year old college girl. but basically at the beginning of the school year, i kinda got my heart broken from this guy who i was in love with, like so in love. so after we ended i was going out almost every night and having sex, mostly with the same guys but if someone hot started to hit on me, 9 times out of 10 id go home with them. and even now, every time i go out, i always need to go home with someone because i cannot stand going home alone. all of this meaningless sex has been making me feel so empty and i just miss the feeling of being in love way more than anything. i keep trying to find a boy that makes me feel the way he did but i just feel so emotionless now when it comes to boys. i always find a new boy when i'm out and hope that i feel the same way i felt with him. so idk what to do and i've been trying to stop this behavior all year and i just can't seem to stop and i feel so out of control : (
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2023.03.26 12:01 sh1n333 Question for antitheists

Hello, for context. I was antitheist for really long and now I see myself as religious on my own terms after finding out what religion actually means (reading into paul tillitrich and schleimacher). Grabbing believes from here and there + growing up evangelican.
  1. Is it the religion itself that you guys despise or the people who practice + follow it. As I see a clear difference there. Most times is the religion wrongly interpreted or misunderstood or used in advantage of humans. Or is it both you guys dislike ?
  2. Do you guys dislike only the big groups of religion just as Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc. Or any form of religion? Maybe a example; I interpret religion after paul tillitrich and schleimacher. Which says that religion is a feeling. That what makes you happy. Religion can be anything, even a hobby. That what you look out for in life. (I recommend reading into that, my English isn't advanced enough to describe) My interpretation wouldn't follow the rules of the different religions itself. That's why I'm asking
Thank you for everyone who feels like answering! Have a great day
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2023.03.26 12:01 Kill146 Looking to get a better wheel do you guys think this would be a good setup for mainly open wheel racing.

Looking to get a better wheel do you guys think this would be a good setup for mainly open wheel racing. submitted by Kill146 to simracing [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:01 HQQ1 A Refugee and his daughter came to us for help - It turns out that the daughter is a 77-year-old gnome and they planned to betray us all along!

Hey guys! Guy who posted the story with the awesome Saurid Woman who was a mime here!
Story is:
Shortly after that whole incident came this.

I haven't even buried the Mime who used to be Saurid Woman... She was a MALE Mime btw.

The old quest.

Poor Nitro. Couldn't we just be friends and murder other people together instead?
These two asked us to let them stay at our place since their caravan was attacked. A Refugee and a child. When I accepted the quest and they arrived, the "child" looked kind of off, and I realized a few days later that she was actually a gnome grandma!
Now, I don't know why I keep giving these people with red flags chances after being betrayed so many times already. The "father" came equipped with a mace and shield and armor, and his "daughter" claimed that she owns a factory that produces and sell bird robots, and cooked up the most delicious human stew you could see, and yet I let them stay. Probably because the "father" was so good with Constructing, and the entrepreneur daughter was so good at Crafting and Cooking.
I even dared to hope that these suspicious as fuck people are really just good folks with weird circumstances. We've been through quite some raids together too, with "father" kiting and tanking enemies, and "daughter" making so many backpacks and meals, just like Saurid Woman from the previous story...
But alas, one random day, they betrayed us. "Father" was in the storage room with a colony slave who was originally a powerful Psycaster who deserted from the Empire. I let the slave carry his biocoded charge rifle and he gunned the man down in 1 volley. "Father" died instantly even though I set Enemy Death On Downed Chance to 0% (the bullets shattered his torso). "Daughter" was having a mental breakdown and suffered from food poisoning and was just rescued and bring into the main room.
This is why I love Rimworld! I'm not even a new player, but a veteran who had around 1500 hours in before I took a break and came back. And you know what? It felt like I'm playing it for the first time all again! I only need to change my usual approach a bit and all kinds of new stories appeared!
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2023.03.26 12:01 relation_advGPT2Bot Am I right for [22/F] and [23/M] or wrong?

So I've been seeing this guy for a little over a month now. We hit it off right away. Both of us are pretty shy, but we clicked instantly. He moved out of state, and I haven't seen him in a week.
I know that I have a lot of feelings and a lot of questions. This guy is going through some pretty serious stuff, but I've never been in this situation before. I have no idea how much to tell him, how much to hide, or how to handle the situation. I don't know how much to tell him about my relationship, my previous relationship, my own feelings about things, or how to handle my feelings.
So I'm looking for some advice, just as an overview. Thanks in advance.
tl;dr: I'm seeing a guy for a little over a month, and I'm not sure if I'm the right one for my first relationship with someone who's not my current SO. Is it wrong to go with this guy? I don't know if I should tell him how I feel, what I think about things, or how to handle my feelings.
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2023.03.26 12:00 StrikingSea5579 I’m starting to develop a crush towards a guy online what should I do?

Me and one of my online friends actually met on here, Reddit. We have a lot in common and have always had a good connection, we’ve been friends for about a yr now and I never really felt feelings toward him, till now. I recently went thru a pretty rough breakup (I got cheated on a second time.) and he let’s call him Eric was there for me the whole time, Eric ended up giving me alot of good advice, comfort and encouragement. Before I knew it we started talking more through out the day, and since we’re both on night schedules we would call and ft most of the night. He lives about 15 hours from my house, in a different state. we both love traveling and have talked about meeting up sometime and all the stuff we could do and the places he’d like to show me. From what I’ve gathered his past suggests that he enjoys sleeping around (not judging) he is currently single but that dosent mean he’s not flirting with other girls as well. I’ve caught myself thinking about him and I smile every time he mesgs me, im finally starting to feel happy again. like I’ve gotten past my breakup, but after the breakup I went thru I really don’t want to be disappointed again or find myself feeling happy because of another guy, that may not even go past a friendship. Anything I can do to keep myself in check from catching feelings?
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