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Phillyr4r — Personals & Meetups in Philadelphia

2019.05.12 21:32 xabhsalf Phillyr4r — Personals & Meetups in Philadelphia

An r4r (Redditor for Redditor) community for Philly. Replacement for the previous Phillyr4r, which has closed down. Whether you're looking for platonic or non-platonic friends, gaming buddies, online friends, soulmates, travelmates, smoking buddies, activity partners, friends with benefits, or casual encounters, this is the place to find and seek.

2023.03.26 10:20 Theocean12 Happy with our new NUI MQI+ Sport Scooter!

Happy with our new NUI MQI+ Sport Scooter!
After weeks and weeks of deliberation between getting a standing scooter like a Ninebot ES4, a hiboy ecom 14, or an ebike or an electric moped like an Ariel grizzly or x class, we ended up with a 2022 NIU MQI+ Sport electric scootemoped, and we couldn't be happier! Max speed about 30mph, range about 35-40 miles, and carries two people easily.
We have been driving around Seattle, with two people on it, and haven't had any problems going up any hill except for the steepest one we could find (maybe a grade 16-17), where it got up 2/3rds of the way and then I had to get off the back and my partner was able to ride up the rest of the hill. Otherwise it has crushed every other hill to our surprise with both of us on it!
Sometimes we wonder if going with an Ariel D or X class would have been more fun, but the NIU is really practical and comfortable. We got it to commute within the city and do errands/groceries. You can put a huge trunk on the back rack and still fit 2 persons comfortably.
The only thing we wish we had was the ability to get on a highway! Dreaming of the Onyx RCR motorbike... maybe in the future when we're tired of the NIU, but for now we're really enjoying it! Oh yeah, it has great features, like 3 years of free GPS tied to a cellular chip card, free inspections on the app as well as trip monitoring, and a good alarm on the bike as well as a motion detector that notifies you on the app.
We were worried about getting the thing stolen in the city, but we have a heavy duty chain with an alarm (so 2 alarm systems if anyone touches the bike or chain), and that's largely why we went with the NIU over the others. The others were smallemore lightweight and I felt easier to steal and didn't have any of the anti-theft features the NIU has.
So definitely recommend this Scooter, we're really happy with the purchase so far!!
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2023.03.26 10:17 Briarwood_Taco_Man I've owned 79 cars and decided to write a unique piece about each one, recounting highlights of my experiences with them, before I get too old and forget. Each will be done in a different way/style that feels right for it. This is the first one of my first car and I'd love to get some feedback :-)

I remember my mother’s 1977 BMW 320i was the only constant fixture in my periphery for the first seventeen years of my life. For a sizeable portion of my youth, I loved and obsessively ruminated on BMWs. They were a cherished gift to me from the world and best suited for my Aspergian sensibilities (clinically diagnosed). From memory, I could recite every model, feature and accessory for all of the 1980-1996 model lineup. Despite this, I specifically did not love our BMW. The entire time, it remained to me an unfortunate afterthought of a car. “Why don’t we ever have a good BMW?” was one of my usual, elementary school gripes. We got close at least one time with the near-purchase of that European-spec, e23 745i, but it just never happened.
I remember learning and committing to memory that our BMW’s original owner was a Palo Alto woman, a Stanford University professor. The woman seemed to enjoy driving the car too much, leaving it uncovered under the California sun and not maintaining it properly.
I remember the story of my father doing the pre-purchase inspection of the somewhat high-mileage, paint-damaged–albeit comparatively young–BMW in 1983. He summarily advised my mother not to buy it. Being the spark plug that she is, she took this recommendation under advisement and went ahead and bought it anyway.
I remember that this event–this BMW–is how my parents met and eventually decided to marry. He was her diligent, cautious, attentive mechanic, and she was his young, attractive, female customer. I assume that since it was the 1980s, my mother had legs–of the ZZ Top variety–and was well informed on how to use them.
I remember the story of my mother leaving a bag of peaches on the rear seat floor boards that eventually decomposed into a mound of organic glue and permanently fused to the sun-bleached, shit-stained beige carpet.
I remember hearing about how my mother would drive the BMW from El Sobrante to San Jose–fifty-plus miles–with the low fuel indicator light illuminated. My father would sit in the passenger’s seat, white-knuckled, a bead of terror sweat likely running down the side of his temple.
I remember the BMW sitting behind the laundry area of our Redmond home’s garage–an unassembled and deconstructed husk–unstarted for five-plus years.
I remember all of the BMW’s transformations from “anthrazitgrau” to “teal” to “lexus pearl white.”
I remember my mother deciding that the interior was going to be replaced and the color was going to be changed from beige to black. My mother purchased replacement Recaro seats for the BMW, but opted for the least expensive variants possible. I was deeply troubled, at the time, that the front bucket seats were charcoal cloth and the rear seat was black vinyl. My father’s contribution to the chaos was purchasing black door panels whose styles didn’t match one another because they were each sourced from separate BMWs of stylistically differing generations. To me, this all felt entirely criminal. I was present at the junkyard for at least one of these door panel purchases. The donor BMW was sad and pathetic, I recall. My father told me not to get too close to it because there was broken glass present. I complied.
I remember when our BMW was in a transitional state and didn’t have an interior, but was in drivable condition. My father amused us both by driving it up and down our Redmond street. He expertly operated the clutch and accelerator while sitting precariously atop a piece of scrap two-by-four that was balanced between the driver’s door sill and the center hump that ran the length of the interior. I sat in the passenger's side footwell and clapped like a seal while we both laughed hysterically. It was one of the few times my father didn’t seem so stoic and cautious. It was totally unsafe and a wonderful bonding experience that I absolutely cherish.
I remember seeing the aftermath of a semi truck that, after missing its intended turn, elected to come to a full stop on a highway near our home. The driver then attempted to correct this error by reversing, without looking, toward the front-end of our BMW that my dad was driving at the time. Without enough time to reverse, my dad was hit. The recently repainted grille and hood were smashed-in. My mother drove to pick my father up in our brand new Jeep Cherokee while I accompanied her, sitting in the back seat, nervous, but excited about observing the damage. I knew my father was alright, but I brought an open bag of candied pecans as an offering to comfort him. When we arrived, he was not interested in the candied pecans, which was odd to me. I was, however, awash with relief because I wasn’t actually that interested in sharing them, but simply wished to express my concern. I took advantage of the moment to eat the rest of the candies, which under any other circumstance, would have not been allowed.
I remember seeing the BMW at the body shop waiting to be repaired–how a working-class man expertly removed the BMW emblem that was on the smashed hood with a flat-blade screwdriver and gave it to me as a gift. The emblem was relatively new at the time, a replacement for the original one that had just previously been replaced. The otherwise pristine emblem had a small indentation from the damage. I was in possession of the emblem until 2001 at which point I threw it in the trash.
I remember my irresponsible sister–as a condition of her owning it–was required to maintain the BMW and this included washing it. Despite her protest, the one time I did actually see her wash it, she was sure to use a green scrub pad and managed to destroy the majority of the paint’s finish.
I remember my mother paying actual money to have the paint repaired.
I remember my sister absentmindedly losing one of the BMW’s original keys at the Costco in San Leandro. It was the only one of the three original keys that still had its black, plastic head. My mother had duplicates made, but they were not adequate. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive my sister for this offense.
I remember being present for the replacement of the BMW’s rod bearings in our San Antonio Avenue driveway. My sister previously flooded the engine in water and the BMW no longer ran correctly. She stated that it was misfiring and producing blue flames from the tailpipe. I started the engine when the job was completed–momentarily channeling my inner Frank Zappa–and told my father the BMW sounded like something that could only be described as “canned soup.” It sounded clunky and misfire-y and shitty: like canned soup.
I remember my father, dirty and grease-stained, being very confused by my aforementioned remark.
I remember standing on our hand-laid, herringbone, reclaimed brick driveway, staring at the dirty-white, thoroughly beaten-up BMW that was recently abandoned by my sister, asking myself how much I really cared about it. That day turned out to be instructive: it was the first time in my life that, retrospectively, everything could have been different. I would not even closely resemble the person I am today, save for choosing the direction that I didn’t choose. I had to decide to pursue the Jeep Cherokee that I loved, or rescue the BMW that I always knew. In my sixteen-year-old mind, acquiring the BMW would be an effortless slam dunk that the Jeep would not. The Jeep would require more effort to acquire, but it was also the one I really cared about. I was concerned that if I didn’t save the BMW right then and there it would go away. Both options were untenable for me. I could feel both of my recently divorced parents staring at me as I weighed the two options. Going with my gut and not my heart, I chose to capitulate to anxiety and doubt by choosing the way I did: the BMW. My rationalization was that there was still time to save the Jeep. I could figure out how later; I just needed more time. I drove the BMW from the San Antonio Avenue house to the Central Avenue house on or around the first day of October in 2001.
I remember that I bought the BMW from my mother for “$1,500.” I paid $500, my father paid $500 and my mother “paid” herself $500.
I remember immediately discovering the joys of the junkyard and making my first purchase of a stained, yellow, molded carpet from some tragic donor. I wanted a filthy carpet because my plan was to also be filthy. I sought to trash my interior and not care about maintaining it because I wished to lean into my “gross teenager” aesthetic. I wanted to be able to drop frenchfries and soda and lucky charms and not give a shit. At the time I was able to comfortably exist in one of two paradigms: abject filth or obsessive cleanliness. There was no middle ground. This is something that remains to be true to this day, except I can now only tolerate the latter. My yellow carpet lasted for less than one month before the anxiety of it being filthy overcame me and I removed it, throwing it away as quickly as possible. I reinstalled the previously removed carpet and was angry about it.
I remember installing makeshift rear headrests that didn’t fit correctly. I used a hacksaw, a pair of unmatching black, cloth headrests purchased from the junkyard, two pieces of reclaimed wood with unmeasured holes drilled into them using a Victorian hand-crank-operated drill and several rubber bands. Many European-spec BMW 320i models were available with optional rear headrests, but models for the American market were not. This was terribly aggravating for me at sixteen-years-old.
I remember Jolene asking me for a ride home after school. I was uninterested in performing this favor, but complied because doing so was considerably less taxing than thoroughly explaining why it made me uncomfortable and didn’t want to do it. That was a nice, fall day in the afternoon and I can still recall the look of tree-lined Central Avenue as I drove past High street. I came to regret doing this favor as someone from my high school saw us and relayed to others what I’d done. It was then rumored that Jolene and I were romantically involved and this turned my stomach in a way I cannot adequately describe.
I remember Chris and Jasmine asking me for a ride to their respective homes after school while they canoodled in my back seat like the two love-struck, teenage assholes they were. They were both overly attentive, flattering, and obsequious toward me during the drive which made my desire for total silence all the more blinding. The useful moron I typically was at the time, I received this all as clear confirmation that they had no respect for me. I was, however, less uninterested in driving them than I was Jolene, but still just as mortified by the prospect of explaining why I didn’t want to do it as opposed to just doing it. These were people I didn’t really know and had no interest in helping, but I did. They never spoke to me again. This is correct.
I remember Danny looking at the BMW, telling me it was a “hooptie” and asked me if I agreed. Being neither of his ilk, nor of his particular caliber, I wasn’t sure what that word meant, so I nodded and escaped the situation as quickly as possible so as not to be roped into further discourse. Danny is a twat of a man and now, aptly, a real estate agent.
I remember how the BMW never easily started. I assume it was an engine compression issue.
I remember a brisk, overcast fall morning, how the air was cold and wet. After pulling out of the Central Avenue driveway, a thin layer of mist condensed on the windshield. I had trouble seeing as I drove, but I didn’t want to smear the moisture on the glass because it would have left annoying smudge marks when it dried and smudge marks are extremely difficult to clean off of interior windshield glass. Seeing no other available option, I continued to drive down Central Avenue crouching, peering through the thin slit of cleared glass that was closest to the defrost vents blowing at high speed. The glass wasn’t clearing fast enough, so in an outburst, I punched the top of the glass near the rear-view mirror in a logical attempt to bully the glass into clearing more quickly. A thin, meandering line suddenly appeared, bisecting the sheets of glass, suspiciously close to the spot my knuckle just struck.
I remember telling my parents that a crack in the windshield glass had suddenly appeared and that I had no idea how it got there.
I remember my first job was at an ice-cream shop in my hometown and how the BMW was not considered a form of reliable transportation to and from it.
I remember being so aggravated by the BMW after two months of owning it, that I told my mother if she didn’t take it back, I’d have it crushed.
I remember being told that I would receive $700 in exchange for the BMW–$200 more than I’d personally paid–but never seeing this money and wondering what happened to it.
I remember expressing a renewed interest in the Jeep Cherokee now owned by my father, but being told I couldn’t acquire it because I wouldn’t be able to materialize the lump sum of cash required to purchase it, quickly enough.
I remember resigning myself to my fate and not making any real attempt to fight for the Jeep: the thing I loved most at the time–the thing I thought would solve all of my problems. I could have done a lot more, but I chose not to. The Jeep was then sold to some sexually attractive dad and his obnoxious, harpy wife soon thereafter.
I remember the BMW also going away, back to mother’s condo on Shoreline Drive to live out the remainder of its days with her much the way it did in the early 1990s: parked and languishing.
I remember my mother moving to the house on Macarthur Boulevard and the BMW being sequestered in the damp, crumbling cement garage that was carved out from the side of the hill under the house.
I remember bird feces and a layer of cement dust coating the top of the BMW the last few times I saw it.
I remember replacing the BMW’s starter–an abject nightmare of a repair–in an effort to correct the starting issues. This repair corrected nothing and was completely unrelated to the actual problem.
I remember my mother surprising me by stating in or around 2002 that she was going to sell the BMW after twenty years of clinging to it, dragging it along with us everywhere we moved.
I remember the first prospective buyer of the BMW was a buff, extremely handsome, 30-something black man in a skin-tight, white t-shirt and black jeans. I fantasized about the man possibly sweeping me off my feet and taking me far away from this place. I was still technically a minor at the time, but only in the ways that mattered.
I remember hoping and praying that the BMW would start-up quickly enough not to raise any eyebrows as to its viability and reliability. It did. It would seem that it wanted rid of us as surely as we wanted rid of it.
I remember the man being allowed to go on a solo test drive, unaccompanied, and me and my mom not really caring if the BMW never came back.
I remember the transaction being completed and the BMW being sold for $1500.
I remember, with absolute crystal clarity, observing the BMW drive away for the last time, north on Macarthur Boulevard, disappearing beyond the sunny horizon after cresting over a hill, never to be seen or heard of again.
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2023.03.26 10:16 beatisagg D4 Beta impressions that I think some will agree with but understand if I don't speak for the majority.

Diablo IV beta impressions: Disclaimer - I did not watch a single cutscene, the story of Diablo has been kinda dear to my heart, I want to respect it and not blast through it when the game launches, so i am not partaking in it at this time. I will not be remarking on anything in terms of the lore/story/cutscene/etc choices as i'm completely oblivious and wanted to spend the limited time I had with the open beta observing how mechanics and gameplay interact and how they feel without the story having an effect on my judgement.
-Melee and Ranged focused builds seem to be at a complete disparage.
e.g.: not enough mechanics are engaging for ranged characters and too many avoid based mechanics for melee characters This leads to ranged classes and builds feeling like 'cheese' and melee builds feeling too hard in comparison for the same content - news flash, it feels bad both ways. No one feels rewarded for playing smartly, they feel rewarded for building around bad design or for picking the 'correct' build of a class when really it should be about maximizing your skill usage, NOT throwing some skills away as useless.
-UI is attrociousI had to google how to see how much lucky strike chance i had. It is hidden in a menu you click from your character screen that defaults to a pane of collectible crafting materials that you have on hand. This is flat out horrible. Other UI elements and flair seem to be attempting to both evoke 'streamlined' and 'convoluted' at the same time. Every Person you encounter in your party constantly has the emote keybinding shown next to them, which is ridiculous. The way the health and mana orbs aren't anchored to the bottom of the screen, the way the skill bar floats, the lack of overall design adherance to any modern look we've seen in some time (weirdly basic fonts, announcing status changes on your xp bar, very low amount of art involved in the ui whatsoever)
It appears to me the game's ui design team was shooting for a retro look to rekindle charm from older entrees in the series while also attempting to incorporate new social features that games of the past would not have had, but instead they ended up with something which is lacking in both form AND function, and there's no charm in that.
-Dungeon design seems really uninspired. Repetitive dungeon activities that are from 30 year old games are still hanging out here and who wants them? kill all enemies? place things on pedestals that takes a loading screen worth of bar time to place on them? find they key? I am sincerely hoping, but highly doubting, that these are early game mechanics that fade from existence after lvl 50 or so.
-Character power is tied more to items than literally anything else. I thought this was something that D3 embraced and that D4 was intentionally breaking away from. I admit that there are systems in the game we've yet to encounter, but since all we have to go off is the beta, we can easily interpret that many item affixes are more impactful than say, skill points you attain from leveling and what you elect to place them in. For instance, I have an amulet on my sorc that has +1 to all mastery skills and +1 to all defensive skills. This gives me a substantial amount of breathing room in building because it advances me down the woefully lame skill tree to a point where I can be spending points freely how i want, instead of spending them in an order that is undesired.
-Skill tree is shallow and has literally a negative impact on feeling like you're making choices to build a character e.g. A druid commits to nothing and is not rewarded for doing so either way. You HAVE to spend the points in order, you can't hit a certain level and unlock a node, you only unlock the node by wasting skill points on stuff that doesn't matter at all in your build UNLESS you get an item like I previously described that lets you escape the prison of skill point hell and put them where you actually want them. e.g. There is an illusion of choice here and it isn't that hard to see behind the veil. Each node has 2 basic 'initial' investments : skills or passives. Then they can go 'deeper' but really its moreso 'required' to maximize the skill, 1) Hydra for example has a 'buff' node behind it that allows you to spawn an extra head if you're healthy - spending this skill point is many orders of magnitude better than spending another skill point to the base hydra skill, no sane human would skip doing this. Then there is the 'choice' node behind that that seemingly is incredibly obvious based on gear. one is crit based, one is not. Do i have crit right now? no. Then i pick the other. It is a non choice. you either have what makes that 'choice' work or you don't
-open world design actively hinders the enjoyment, performance, continuity, clarity and understanding of the players. When playing with friends, if you do not select the lowest common denominator to start, no one below that point chosen progresses. This lead to me creating a necro, joining my friends, playing for about 2 hours then figuring out 'oh wait I CANT TELEPORT?!?!' unreal that it works that way... Meanwhile random people wipe the floor with world map event objectives that you struggle with (looking at the early druid experience here) performance issues are RAMPANT due to the constantly online/lobbiless world. And all for what? so you can constantly stare at the emote button and let people help/hurt your experience with no regard for anyone's personal enjoyment? I don't know who, of ANYONE, I have asked that can say why this choice was made and its a fundamental one. Why is this game an MMO now? Diablo has never been this.
-Game optimization and performance The graphics card end of things is so insanely greatly optimized its blowing peoples cards up for not restricting the frames to prevent that. But the constant streaming of data direct from disk, as well as the online aspect, lead to massive hitches in the transition phases of in and out of town/dungeon/etc that it feels attrocious. It's sad that what i'm asking for is an offline mode with LONGER loading times so that all the assets are in ram and not being streamed from my disk in real time, hitching up the process from both ends. Just feels like i'm being penalized for a design choice no one is asking for.
-The multiplayer experience is fun, I don't think I understand fully if there is any intent on trading being a thing or if the loot is so tailor made for a specific class that something like a d2 item granting a paladin teleport is off the table, at the same time I don't fully understand why with such a shallow skill tree this can't be all willy nilly. Give rogues corpse explosion if a necro trades them a ring, I don't care, that is at least fun and weird and not mundane like 'i game life per second equal to 3.5 per enemy close to me up to a max of 44.' like dude that is legendary? that is a not even primary affix level power. I digress. I just wish there was a little more reason to care what drops anyone else in the group gets. I think having a necro is kinda necessary to take some of the heat off your melee friends, even tho to me necro isn't as fun as sorc. These are personal opinions so i'm not sure I would apply them to every group of people playing, but i'd put some honest to goodness money down that in groups of four people theres at least either a sorc or a necro just based on their power and ability to alleviate the pains of melee. There are numerous weird interactions issues between cutscene skippers and not cutscene skippers that favor the skippers in a way that I can be seen used as griefing, AKA starting an encounter that leads vigo and neyressa through a cave that collapses and prompts for acceptance to move on, but the guy watching a cutscene cannot do so and gets locked out of the quest. ALL of this happened because the cut scene skipper clicked the door first. Not great and i think there needs to be WAY more leeway given to cutscene watchers (AND IM A SKIPPER)
-Graphical Aesthetic is pretty good, there are some goofy things like dashing with capes leading to the cape becoming a bib, or using skills making your weapon go invis. Skellies seem to be out of place which i think every necro knows and i think are afraid that they'll be monetized to look more in line with the games darker aesthetic.
-Personal opinion: the first region is going for a pseudo russian accent but hired zero russian talent to voice it, it sounds hokey as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
This is overlong as it is, I feel like a sober me will put together a concise list in the future after i've thought on it some more. Overall it feels like a game attempting to be retro and falling flat, it has interesting visual elements, tho many effects and spells look rudimentary at the moment and really what looks great is the world and the characters/enemies. Animations and such have that retro 'less is more' feel and i don't know if i agree with it. Others obviously will and thats ok. I'm just stating personal opinions.
Overall, I feel like I would rate the current implementation (if it were to go live like this) at a C-. 6.5/10 - Blizz can do better these guys essentially made this genre popular
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2023.03.26 10:02 vigoblackheart The haunted staff accomodations

I worked in the highlands of Scotland UK
Most of the staff lived in a very old building it was once a post office a bank and a then a old folks home before it was bought and made into staff accommodation
We all had some experiences there one guy woke up to having his art supplies arranged in a a circle on the floor
Anyone living on upper floors all started to sleep walk even if they never done it before
My girlfriend and I at the time both went to bed and at 3.31 were woken up by my door being flung open I must add this was a self close fire door and it also slammed closed as well not possible with the piston arm
My stereo turned on and skipped 3 cds and then skipped 5 songs on the disk played 10seconds and turned off
There was also the night where sleeping in her room and she woke to watch a old woman come in the room pull the covers over her feet saying in a whisper you will catch your death of cold with your feet out
Also our manager walked home from work not a long walk she talked to a young man in army uniform he said do you what direction I should go as the village had a joint army training unit she said sure come with me they walked talking and she said on the left half way up the hill the unit building is there he said thanks and walked towards it
Next day she asked the units commander if his lost recruit had gotten in ok last he said we don't have any units there just now she told him she had shown someone there last night so he took to unit to show there was no one there
She sat in his office on his wall was photos of lost locals in world war 1 and 2 the man was killed in world war 2
She went white and said it was him and till today she says she walked him to near the unit and talked to him
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2023.03.26 10:01 ecnal321 moving to mission valley, whats a nearby must try?

coming from temecula lol im so excited
what should my go to places be? for mexican, pizza, sushi, etc? im gonna be right by the 15 and 8 crossing
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2023.03.26 09:54 hmoc27 PiSugar2 Battery Display Plugin Won't Stay Enabled

I have installed the pisugar plugin so that it will show the battery % on the display screen.
Whenever I enable the plugin from the plugins menu on the webpage, the 'enabled' slider goes to the ENABLED position, but if I go to any other page or refresh, it is back in the DISABLED position.
And of course I am not seeing the battery % display on the screen.
Anyone know how I may fix this?
Thanks :)
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2023.03.26 09:45 darlingchase Beyond the Door terror

When I was a kid, between 6-8 yrs old, we went to see a double feature at the drive in. The first was a haunted house movie that I believe was house on haunted hill but I’ve never been able to verify it. (Spirit raped a woman while she was going to sleep). The other movie was Beyond the Door. I remember losing it and screaming but I can’t remember what scene caused it or can I remember anything about the movie. I want to say there was a kid in it but I might be confusing it with the Omen.
I believe parents at that time thought if they made the backseat comfortable enough (blankets, snacks, high ass seats in the station wagon impeding the view, threats of ass whoopings if you didn’t go to sleep. Lovely) then the kids would sleep (through all the screaming and murder audio coming through the loud but crappy mics you hooked on your window).
I was traumatized and at this (late) stage for all intents and purposes, still am. I can lie to myself and say I can just watch it but I know I won’t. I won’t even google what channel I could watch it on.
About 10+ yrs ago, I said fuck it and ordered the dvd off Netflix. I came in the mail, got put in the drawer right under the dvd player and sat there. For 8 months. Longest dvd rental we ever had. I still didn’t watch it.
My mouth says I’m no punk but my brain refuses regardless. I just want to know. Have you seen it? Is it as bad as my mind thinks?
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2023.03.26 09:44 Dyslexic_renotS Fallout76 Infinite bone shards!

Infinite “Bone shards”, it’s your lucky day!
This is my first post, so please bare with me in these trying times…
First and most importantly you’re going to need at least 10-15 bone shards, then you must have the ”contractor 2” perk card. After that go to a claimable workshop, NOT your camp (this is because you will net a higher yield in the workshop, and it bugs the build budget just a bit sometimes at the camps). After this place a foundation that has a roof attached to it, so you can then place several “bone chime traps“ with a maximum of 20 (located under “turrets, and defense“ tab) on the roofs underside. After doing this you will want to exit the build mode, then simply walk up to each bone chime, and select the disarm option on each of them individually. You can also expedite the process by making a blueprint of the completed build for a MUCH faster farming method! After doing this you simply stash the bones, and repeat the process.
Using this method will net you anywhere from 4K-7K Bone shards per hour. This is because with the help of the contractor 2 perk card, you’re spending less material on the trap and getting a higher return when disarming them comparatively to the cost of the bone trap.

So just to simply for those who don’t want to read the ramblings of a mad man…
1.) Get bone shards, and the contractor 2 perk card.
2.) Claim a workshop, DO NOT do this at your camp.
3.) Place a foundation with a roof already connected to it.
4.) Place bone chime traps on the bottom side of the roof. (Blueprint to expedite process)
5.) Exit the build menu, and disarm the traps individually.
6.) Stash the bones, and repeat.
I hope this is helpful. 👍
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2023.03.26 09:43 LeoMaxwell Trying out the "Patrol Route Blocking" method.

Trying out the
So, read somewhere, can't remember where as I thought it was BS at first lol, but I read that this game uses a patrol route style of spawning, to simulate roaming packs clearly, or least i'd assume. Like I said, never did anything with that info, till now, I happened to setup a base on a whim, with a very obvious choke point, so gave it a whirl since it was a very tight and easy one, perfect distance too, as the description went, iirc, far enough to where enemy can't damage walls is in effect, that is.
So, in short, it worked! think i was just staring at my gate for 2-3 days in game, nothing where, a 1 day with nothing was rare before, and usually at least 2 attacks per day, but now i can scroll reddit without a care in the world, for 3 hours even, come back, nothing damaged/killed/hurt/bloodstains/missing-spikes/etc., so color me surprised!
so, wanted to see if i could make sure my supply location at the mountain was secure, thought nothing spawned there but guess if you hang out too long, they do, and am now testing to see if that whole frozen lake and cave is safe now at time of writing, this took 4 walls, 2 very long, 1 short, 1 medium or so (probably 5-7 days in game time was needed, doin this project solo, with kev's help on long, just annoying on smaller though lol)
anyway, thought i'd post as i've my own technique to add to this method, kev and to a lesser extent virginia, use the same pathing EXACT as the "patrol route entity". so a good way to check for holes, or if a location is secure, is see if kev can make it past the choke points, and/or if he circles around to a different one, by separating yourself from him with the defensive wall choke-points. Since they seem to have the same pathing grid, this can save you tons of scouting time, material, building time/effort, and get a scope of whats a path and what's not for the enemy patrols.(potentially, as not EVERY place kev/virg go is a patrol route, of course, lol)
To clarify on something, and why this is important, there are hills where, for example, kev can only traverse a small strip of it, without his assistance in seeing the A.I. pathing, you'd waste 100's of logs covering a hillside, when really all you needed, may have been 10-20, as an example.
anyway, thought i'd share my findings on this mechanic and method being legit so far, and my own spin to it with sons, hope it helps, and isn't confusing lol.
added a map for reference and to showcase how some areas can be deceptively easy to secure.
red lines are walls, ones in south pretty long, north, not so much
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2023.03.26 09:42 newsu1 Catching rainbows - By Newsu

In the land of make-believe and dreams, Where wonder and magic reign supreme, Lived a boy who chased rainbows high, With a heart full of hope and a gleaming eye.
He ran through meadows and fields of green, Through forests and hills, he could be seen, Till at last, he caught a rainbow bright, And held it close with all his might.
But as he gazed upon his prize, He realized with tears in his eyes, That rainbows were not meant to be caught, For they were gifts from nature, meant to be sought.
So he let the rainbow go free, And watched it dance across the sky with glee, Knowing that happiness cannot be grasped, But only found when we let go at last.
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2023.03.26 09:19 info-warz Is there a dating crisis?

Is there a dating crisis? submitted by info-warz to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 09:19 Ok-Survey-1005 24 [F4A] Gesprächspartner/in

Guten Tag! Wie geht es Ihnen?? I'm looking for a conversational partner or Gesprächspartnein, who's currently learning or practicing the german language, or has the interest of learning the language.
Medyo laid-back nga lang din ako, siguro we could keep the conversation going if we have the same interests hopefully. - Likes to watch anime or read manga. Trying to watch with german dub/sub... minsan. 😅 *Anime all time faves: Ousama Ranking, Kaguya-sama, Chibi Maruko Chan, Welcome to the Ballroom, Another, 5cm per second, Hauro *Manga all time faves: Jigoku-raku, Blackjack, Drifting Classroom, Uzumaki - Into films din naman minsan. *The Shining, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Notting Hill, Ruby Sparks - Series... hmm. Seldom. Pero, *Peaky Blinders, HIMYM, The Glory - Also likes to read random stuff, kaya I have 21 tabs sa browser ko.
Kahit mag-Bildbeschreibung (picture description) or Kurzvortrag (short presentation) pa tayo. Pero let's just do our best or lassen wir uns motivieren. Oder? Anyway, just hmu and ich freue mich, bald von Ihnen zu hören. Thank you! ^
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2023.03.26 09:15 jay-ey-dee Double Blossoming Cherry Trees

These trees go by a few names, but double blossom & Kwanzan cherry trees are what I know them by.
It’s cherry blossom time & these cherry trees are a particular favorite of mine. I know they exist in places in Korea but don’t know where exactly I can go to see them. Are there any places around the Seoul/Gyeonggi-do area where I could see them??
Here are some photos of what they look like (pictures by me)
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2023.03.26 09:15 Wiisak After 2 betas I'm not impressed

I see potential in D4, but it has a long road ahead to become a game I spend hundreds, or thousands of hours into. The gameplay we have experienced so far is not as interesting as I expected.. - Dungeons lack creativity and feel very repetitive. - The skills themselves feel rather boring on their own and rely too much in finding specific equipment to make them good, which translates in early steps of the game be too slow for certain characters, or even challenging. - The overall menu UI is a bit cumbersome and hard to read sometimes. - The MMO aspects remove gravitas from the overall experience where you are supposed to be a 1 in a million human in a world collapsing, making you the only hope. Then you see other people decimating demons everywhere and it just stops immersion. - The itemization seems too complex for no reason, with multiple affixes/suffixes kinda overlapping each other. - The socket system feels extremely uninspired after taking a look at the gems. - combat can be a drag sometimes, with some creatures and specially bosses tanking too much damage, specially when certain character builds might take longer to click. - Character customization was deeply underwhelming, specially considering how they sold it initially. (Not the transmigration, which was quite nice)
I think D4 will be a very good game in the long run. But as it happened with D3, I think it's going to take them quite a bit of time to find their own voice. Some of the bigger systems will take a while to be adressed. But I think that when the game finally releases, it will have a sweet reception, but people won't stick to it after first 1-2 months.
Looking forward to those changes though. I know the game will be good in the end. Just not yet.
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2023.03.26 09:14 Muffin_man_1405 [FN]WERE-BIRD

(guys, this is my first time writing something, pls I need harsh criticism on this to improve my writing. )
Steve was a wonderful guy. He was kind and friendly, never really argued with anyone in the village, and forget getting into fights. He lived in a village called Inverell, it was a pretty small town, and it was mostly farmers, but it was very famous for its bread. The Inverell bakery was quite famous in the nearby towns, and loads of people came down to buy bread and doughnuts. Steve too worked at the bakery. He lived alone; his house was on the hill just behind the village bar. It was not huge but it was good enough for Steve, also he had a small garden in the backyard where he grew a few vegetables and sometimes when the reaping was good, he would sell them at the weekend market in town; after all, Steve too liked an extra penny in his pocket, but money had never really mattered much to him so much, what he got from the bakery was good enough to bet by. He liver a very boring, mundane ordinary life yet there was something different, something far from ordinary that happened to him.
Tonight was the night, he was trekking up Swan hill. It was a full moon night, that was the reason he was climbing all over to the top of swan hill but this had become a routine for him now, he went there every full moon night, and don't get this wrong he did not perform any ritual or prayed to satan or anything it was nothing like that, it was very different something unheard of.
As he got nearer to the hilltop and towards a clearer area with fewer trees and more grass he slowed down. He settled down his backpack and took off his shirt. He checked the sky for clouds. He was standing in a clearing and the moonlight was falling just on him, like a spotlight. he looked towards the cliff and the endless-looking dark void below that stretched down as if going straight to hell. Anyone other than him would have run away and got under their cozy beds, even steve was thinking of doing the same thing not too long ago, but now it felt addicting to do this every full moon night, even though Steve never confessed this to himself and he self-assured himself that he was indifferent about his uniqueness, he did become excited every time the full moon appeared, he would become more eager as full moon night neared. He looked down the cliff backed up a few steps and as usual, started running toward the cliff. He felt the moonlight on his back, it felt ice cold yet at the same time there was a warmness spreading through his body, it was feeling like drinking hot coffee on a snowy day. He could feel the heat on his shoulder blades. He kept running towards the cliff edge and kept getting closer and closer to the edge but he didn't stop, and kept going and then threw himself down the cliff. He swooped down and he felt the wind rushing in his face, his hairs were all rearward and his cheeks were flying because of the air forcing in on his face, but then suddenly he felt a drag as if he was pulled back by somebody no something
It was an empowering feeling to just glide smoothly through the air.HE looked back to see his wings. They were pure white, and the moonlight glittered off of them. This was his uniqueness, something different, something far from ordinary. he grew wings on full moon nights he did not know why, or how, maybe it was inherited, but it didn't matter. He could never ask his parents because he never met them.
He grew up in an orphanage "Eden Orphanage", which was the name and the irony was even the orphanage had abandoned him when they found out about his little secret. They thought that he was somewhat cursed. He still remembered the night that it happened for the first time. They had gone camping and everyone was asleep long before moonrise but Steve he couldn't sleep, so decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air and that is when it happened that mixed feeling of warmth and icy-cold, he was so scared, he didn't know what was happening to his body, he screaming at the top of his lungs. Long story short he had found his way to Inverell. He got a job at the mayor's house as a servant, then at the factory later bought the house, at first, the people weren't so welcoming but later he fit in just fine. In the beginning, he didn't dare go on his little adventures every full moon night, for fear of getting cast out of the place he called home but later he gave in to the temptation and taught himself to fly and then every full moon night he after everyone went to bed he started escaping and surprisingly nobody noticed that he was missing every full moon night, because all the houses were so far away from one another, and everyone was so tired no one even bothered to notice that some guy was missing like he was right now.
He felt a deep sense of freedom now that he was flying. At first, he used to close all the windows and tried to make it through the night. Just the fear of somebody finding out his secret was enough. Maybe he was scared of being an outcast. But later on, he taught himself to fly; he thought ' if I have the power to fly what is the point of wasting it like this" He had not perfected the art yet, he was still bad at landing and got himself hurt most of the time, but he glid through the sky smoothly, and sometime he could even do a roll mid-flight without losing control. He was flying on his regular route where no one could see him. He could see the beach ahead of him. It was looking beautiful. The water was somehow very still at the horizon, and short waves were grazing down on the rocks. He could see the moon shimmering on the water as if someone had turned on the blub underneath it and it was glowing up the whole sea. He checked, there were pretty big clouds over the beach, it wouldn't be such a bad idea. So he decided to take a little detour.
He turned over to one side and swooped to left. he flapped his wings to fly a bit higher into the clouds so that no one could see him. He stopped and tried to stay in a vertical position, like standing, and kept flapping his wings to stay afloat, it was a new trick he had learned. He was looking at the water; it was remarkably still and patient, and looking at him instilled a feeling of calm in him. Ignorance of how long he was standing like that dawned on him and he checked the time on his clock it was quite late; he thought that he better went back before sunrise, as he could keep the wings only for a night.
This was one of his biggest fears, that someday he was going to forget about it and he was going to lose his wings mid-flight and plummet down to earth. But he shook his head and turned back reluctantly, he couldn't get his eyes off the beautiful sight; the beach was brilliant but he knew that he had to go. He started flying back; but as he was returning, he saw a glimmer in the sky and it vanished behind the other hilltop trees, he first thought that it must be some seagull but what he saw was far too big. He decided to follow it. He looked at the watch, he still had a few hours. He started flying towards the hill. It was just opposite swan hill. He flew there and turned by the tree on the hilltop, but there was nothing there he looked around, then he tried to land on the hill as gently as he could, but made a big mess, as usual, he looked around but he found nothing. He thought to himself that it was nothing and that it was just his mind playing tricks on him. He again glanced at his watch and as he was going to take off again. He felt a sudden force, and he was tackled down and the next thing he knew, he was pinned down to the ground by a woman. She had jet-black hair, but he couldn't make out her face in the darkness. Although he had seen one thing and that was she too had wings like him, all brilliant white. He pushed her and tried to make a run for it but she caught him and turned his arm ready to break it at any given moment, he was facing the other side, and she was right behind him twisting his arm. he was held captive. there was nothing he could do. He was again extremely confused, she was like him, a few minutes before the idea that other were-birds even existed hadn't entered his mind. And if she was like him, she was not going to kill him at least not because of his wings. His head started spinning, He had lots of questions and the one most significant was why was she pinning his arm. Just then she said " who are you, where did you come from? " "huh, speak Cinnar", and she twisted her arm even more. She had a slightly heavy accent like Russian people have but she didn't exactly sound Russian. He groaned "I don't know what Cinnara means, in fact, I had no idea that another were bird like me even exist", She twisted his arms even more and Steve grunted "what is were-bird"She asked" like werewolf you know, They turn into wolfs, we turn into birds ", She chuckled, like a teen girl "huh, that is cute thought, but playing innocent or being funny isn't gonna get you out of trouble, you trespassed Pokqua tribes territory at night, and you will be punished", Steve thought ". 'playing innocent', and what was pekua, before he could explain himself She spoke again " tell me, which tribe are you,". Steve said in the most beseeching way " please mam, I don't know what the hell you talking about..." but before he could complete, he was forced to cry out again beacuse she had kicked him in his back with her knee and asked the same question again but a bit louder, "I asked, which tribe do you belong to !!, look you are Svetha too, and I don't want to hurt you, please don't make me do it, " He said "No, no there seems to be a misunderstanding, I am Steve, not Swatta ... " he then thought to himself, if she had actually called him sweaty although it seemed a bit less probable. But then she growled," stop playing the idiot, let me see your engravings ". She then jerked him and held his throat. It was now that he could now see her face a bit more clearly, and she looked rather beautiful, she had jet black hair and a round face, and she had a skin made out of hazelnut coffee. as smooth as the pale moonlight that was spilling down on both of them. There was a certain glow to her face, emanating from her body and those wings, it was as if looking at an actual angle.She commanded him "show me your wings"; steve lifted his wings and showed them to her. she yanked them and looked closely at the arms of his wings and he saw her face losing all the glow he had seen before.She was too shocked to speak this was something she had never seen before.She asked him trying to hide her shock but failing miserably." where are your engravings" she looked at him with a perplexed look.her voice too was a bit relaxed, sympathetic almost, Now she had let go of him and was standing in front of him maybe he was sure that he was not gonna try to fly away now. " she asked him " who the hell are you?" she asked him with a shaky voice. He said "I am steve and I live over there," he pointed towards his village" my village is right over that hill, look I did not know that his area was your territory.Look I won't trespass, next time.I won't even come near anywhere in your territory. so if you just let me go, please look the sun will be up anytime and then I would have to walk down this hill and take a ferry all over there you see, and hell these ferries these days take a hell of a lot of money." she asked him" you still haven't learned to keep you wings after sun." he thought 'you get to keep them after sun'. She produced something out of her pocket."good things I have this on me" She held a little vail in her hand . She opened it up and emptied it in his mouth. It didn't taste like anything. It was just like plain water. She told, " just stretch your wings as wide as you can and try to just not let them vanish". Now her demeanor towards him had changed she was less threatening now, rather she sounded more sympathetic and helpful, caring even. He looked at her, she said "trust me, jus stop thinking that your wings are going to vanish" he was very confused. Half the things that she said didn't even make any sense. But then the sunlight hit him.He closed his eyes waiting for that tingling sensation in his shoulder bone to return, he had his wings stretched out and all hoping that they would just stay as they are but he was pretty sure that it was not gonna happen. So he waited, but when he opened his eyes half hoping that the wings were in place, and to his utter surprise they were, and he was pretty impressed by that. He kept glancing back, and now he could see the sun glazing off of his wings.She was just standing there watching him, she was too shocked to comprehend anything, 'how can someone have no engravings' ' maybe farg suha knows what this is all about ' she was watching him jumping around as if trying to catch his feathers. It was even amusing to watch him. He was like a small kid who had just been given the gift, but in a way, she had just given it to him. trying to put away her amusement she spoke in a strong voice maintaining her authority."Now listen to me, if you are telling me the truth, then we shall find; out I am taking you to my village, but if you are lying to me then keep in mind I will pluck out each and every feather of your wings and peel your skin and make you regret this choice". He just managed to give her a small nod. Although he was scared of her he dared to ask her " what do you mean by your village" she chuckled " hmmm, what did you think, you are the only cinnar in this whole world. We are a whole different race, we are a totally different species. We are the cinnar, ancestors of the great Avicula, of the Pokqua tribe. com'n, you will get the hang of it.There is just so much you have yet to see dear."
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2023.03.26 09:08 InfinitePatos PC can't run anything after playing Diablo 4

My pc is currently unable to run many programs at all. I am unable to run any other games. Spotify is crashing. Basic windows programs are also crashing such as event viewer and the resource monitor in task manager.
Context: Yesterday I opened diablo 4 for the first time and the cutscenes were running fine up until I started moving my character. The game was stuttering and freezing. I checked task manager and my memory was at 95% usage so I immediately closed the game by the menu. Today I turned on my pc to find out nothing was working. Chrome is working fine. Steam is able to open but can't run any games.
I have updated my Nvidia drivers and scanned for errors on my SSD and hard drive. I've also uninstalled diablo.
For an example of the crashes when I try open cod mw2 steam will come up and start loading the game then windows pops up with the should the game be started in safe mode and that will freeze after a few seconds.
When I open Spotify it will open. Go not responding after a few seconds then close. I tried another game, risk of rain 2. The game actually opens straight away then closes after a few seconds.
During this time I have task manager open and my SSD where I have just windows installed will spike to 100% then back down to 0 once the program has crashed.
I have also tried to reinstall windows 10 and tried using the recovery tools which also just crash when I try lunch them.
Any help is appreciated.
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X CPU
16GB of Ram
Windows 10
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2023.03.26 09:00 Exarkuns Recipes?

I found this Orange marmalade recipe and was thinking of giving it a go. Or if you have a good orange marmalade recipe that'd be great. Not sure if the rind boiling part is needed. Would it be possible to use a zestemicroplane to get the rind/zest without the white pith and use that without having to boiling/purge the peel?
I also got a pound package of strawberries and would like to make a lower sugar version (I have the low sugar SureGel).
Also, would it be possible to take some tart sour cherry juice I have and make that into something like a jelly? It's already a juice, store bought. Was gifted them a bit ago and haven't used them.
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2023.03.26 08:54 No-Bandicoot6162 Can I contest for wrongful termination?

I recently got laid off without a cause. I worked at a corporate job which is really HR regulated but I was still subjected to harassment at work by two employees at different occasions ( one of whom is my boss’s close friend he tried to throw peanuts under my shirt while pulling my sweater as a “prank”) and part of my job was to work alongside with the said friend which I refused to do not only because of the incident but also attitude problems which came after I distanced myself. Before this incident I was subjected to harassment when I started working there by a coworker who started by being overly friendly but it quickly escalated to him trying to grab my hand to kiss, following me around at work while making vulgar reactions and when I brought these incidents up to my boss he asked me if I tried saying “no” to the coworker, he treated me as if I was bothering him with my problem while I was just looking out for any other females they might hire in the future as another female colleague went through the same situation with him. My boss called the guy into his office for a minute and that was it he still expected me to work around him normally and would question me if I got uncomfortable dealing with him. Every employee in the company can vouch for my performance and professionalism I don’t think I did any major mistakes except some sick leaves here and there! The way I was let go is the cherry on top he didn’t give me any warning or hint that he has been looking for someone to fill my roll, he let me go on a Thursday two hours before my shift ends and just gave me a letter that said that they are terminating my employment without a cause and that he expects me to leave the premises immediately and kept following me while I was grabbing my stuff and saying goodbye to my friends! Is there any way I can contest this as wrongful termination I was also thinking to write an email to the general manager and the HR! Because what is the difference between before or after probation if I have no job security either ways?!
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2023.03.26 08:48 TaxingClock704 Siege desperately needs some sort of ‘Collections’ tab

With all the new types of comsmetics that are being added (Drone skins, portrait backgrounds, attachment skins, etc.) there needs to be a different way to sort through everything you have unlocked.
Let me go into a menu, select a portrait background and select all the Ops I want to equip it for. Rather than having to go through 70 characters individually.
Also, I’d like to be able to see all the different gun skins I have, even the non-universal ones. I’m sure everyone at some point has found an unequipped legendary skin that’s probably months old and had no idea about.
Edit: Also, a feature to see all the skins, available or unavailable, for any given gun/uniform would be nice. When a friend says ‘I got this cool helmet for Rook’ let me look at it in the menu.
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2023.03.26 08:44 e-forbes How to Convert ETH to USD with Coinbase ?

Coinbase is one of the most popular options when it comes to cashing out Ethereum for USD Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company founded in 2012. One of the most well-known exchanges in the industry, offering a user-friendly platform, Coinbase does not offer the most competitive rates when exchanging ETH for USD, but it makes up for it in convenience. In this article, we will show you how to convert ETH to USD on Coinbase.

Can I convert Crypto to USD at Coinbase?

Yes, you can convert cryptocurrency to USD on Coinbase. To do so, sign in to your Coinbase account and select the "Convert" option from the menu. Next, enter the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to convert and select "USD" as the destination currency. Finally, confirm the transaction and the cryptocurrency will be converted to USD.

Coinbase's auto-conversion feature

If you wish to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDC, Coinbase's auto-conversion feature will assist you in easily converting incoming payments to USD; in addition to Coinbase accounts using USD and USDC on supported networks, It can also be used to deposit USD and USDC into your Coinbase account.

Where can I convert Ethereum to USD?

There is no universal answer to this question, as there are many different ways to convert Ethereum to USD. Common methods include using cryptocurrency exchanges, selling ETH to USD on peer-to-peer platforms, and using direct ETH to USD conversion services. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to research each option carefully before deciding which one is right for you.
The currency converter in the image below is easy to use and is updated regularly. Given the recent volatility of the global currency markets, it is very important to have one in place. Change the base currency in the currency calculator USD 1 ETH 1,294.478415 USD 1 0.000772512 ETH Money Transfer Partners International 98 currency can be used to send money to 130 countries, including the US dollar.

Convert Eth to Usd with Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It mediates the exchange of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) for fiat currency in approximately 32 countries, and trades and stores Bitcoin in 190 countries worldwide.

Ethereum Exchange: How to Trade Ethereum with Fiat Currencies

There are several websites and exchanges where you can trade Ethereum in dollars or euros. Ethereum can be purchased in dollars or euros through Coinbase, a popular online exchange. If you want to exchange Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies, Binance is a good choice. Once Ethereum is in your Coinbase wallet, you can use it to buy other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through crypto exchanges.
How to convert Crypto to Usd on Coinbase
To convert crypto to Usd on Coinbase, sign in to your account and click "Buy/Sell" at the top of the page." Enter the amount of crypto you want to sell in the "Sell" field and click "Review Sell Order. Enter your password, review the order details, and click "Sell [Crypto]."

How to convert cryptocurrencies on Coinbase

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be converted to dollars or euros on popular digital marketplaces such as Coinbase: go to the Coinbase website, click on the "wallet" icon in the upper left corner of the page, and enter your desired cryptocurrency. Once you have selected the cryptocurrency you wish to convert, click on the "Coins" tab and select from the list of options. Click the "Convert" button to complete the conversion.
How to Convert Ethereum to Bitcoin on Coinbase
To convert Ethereum to Bitcoin on Coinbase, login to your account and go to the "Buy/Sell" page. Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to convert and select "Convert to Bitcoin." Within a few minutes, the bitcoins will be sent to your Coinbase account.
Advantages of Coinbase
Coinbase allows you to convert your cryptocurrency holdings into other popular cryptocurrencies, and its wallet extension makes it easy to do so. if you want to convert ETH into BTC, be sure to check CEX.IO, one of the most popular spot markets for this type of transaction CEX.IO, which is one of the most popular spot markets for this type of transaction.
Read alsoHow to earn TRX online?How To Earn Money With Cryptocurrencies on Binance?Ledger Nano S vs. Ledger Nano X: Which Hardware Wallet is Right for You?Your Guide to Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Coinbase Conversion Fees
What is a conversion fee? as of June 30, Coinbase Wallet charges a flat 1% fee on all swaps. This fee is listed on the transaction confirmation screen as well as the network fee.
Coinbase Pro charges a Maker-Taker fee based on its transaction fees. A distinction is made between liquidity (maker orders) and liquidity (taker orders). When you place an order, you are charged based on the price range you are currently in; Coinbase calculates commissions based on the total USD trading volume for the immediately preceding 30 days. Trades are converted to USD in the non-USD book based on the book's latest fill price. We recommend that you review your commission tiers before making future purchases to ensure that you are included in the updated price range.

Is there a fee for converting cryptocurrencies?

Many cryptocurrency exchanges charge a percentage of the value traded, usually about 0.1%, so if you trade $10,000, you may be charged a $10 fee. Usually the fee is a flat fee, but the larger the transaction amount, the more you will have to pay.

How to convert bitcoins to cash?

When converting bitcoins to U.S. dollars, the conversion typically takes about 10 minutes, although this time may vary depending on the amount of traffic on Coinbase's network. Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to see the digital currency in your account.
US Dollars
In the United States, the dollar is the official unit of currency; one dollar is equivalent to 100 cents. The dollar is divided into bills of various denominations, including $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. A dollar is also available in the form of coins, such as 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents.
Is the dollar strong?
The dollar has been rising for quite some time. According to one index, the dollar has appreciated 20% since the beginning of 2021 and 15% this year. On a valuation basis, the dollar looks overvalued.

Advantages and Pitfalls of a Dollar

As the U.S. economy improves, the value of the dollar is expected to increase. U.S. consumers and businesses will benefit as prices for goods and services become more affordable. A stronger dollar will also make U.S. exports more competitive in the global marketplace.
It is important to remember that a currency is not always a good thing by itself. Inflation and other economic problems can occur as a result of a currency's value fluctuating too much. Although the U.S. dollar is expected to appreciate in the coming year, it is always important to remain vigilant about how it will be affected.

Frequently asked questions with answers

Sure, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about cryptocurrencies:
Q: What is a cryptocurrency?
A: A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and operates independently of a central bank.
Q: What is Bitcoin?
A: Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. It is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, and has a limited supply of 21 million coins.
Q: What is Ethereum?
A: Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that enables the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts. Its cryptocurrency is called Ether (ETH).
Q: What is a blockchain?
A: A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed across a network of computers. Each block in the chain contains a record of several transactions, and once a block is added to the chain, it cannot be altered.
Q: What is a wallet?
A: A wallet is a digital storage device that holds your cryptocurrencies. It allows you to send, receive, and store your cryptocurrencies securely.
Q: What is a private key?
A: A private key is a secret code that allows you to access your cryptocurrency holdings. It is used to sign transactions and provide proof that you are the rightful owner of the cryptocurrency.
Q: What is a public key?
A: A public key is a code that is associated with your wallet address. It allows others to send you cryptocurrency, but does not give them access to your holdings.
Q: What is mining?
A: Mining is the process by which new coins are added to a blockchain network. It involves solving complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and add new blocks to the chain.
Q: What is a smart contract?
A: A smart contract is a self-executing contract that is stored on a blockchain. It is programmed to automatically execute the terms of the contract when certain conditions are met.
Q: What is a decentralized application?
A: A decentralized application (DApp) is an application that is built on a blockchain platform. It operates independently of a central authority and is typically more secure and transparent than traditional applications.
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2023.03.26 08:42 Wunschkonzert After 2 years logged in again and wow: the menu feels so cluttered 🤯

First thing you see after login is a prompt to buy stuff. Really?! Are you kidding me?
Then the menu feels so cluttered. Was difficult to find original Quests. Also it was difficult to find your saved avatars and very unintuitive how to change what you are wearing with constant nudging to buy shit. In the early times it was so cool, that the stuff you could wear was floating out of your drawer and then you could just grab something to equip it. The developers should get back to their roots and remember what was driving them when they first created RecRoom. Where has all your creativity gone?
Then accidentally landed in public Lobby with screaming kids and couldn't find the button to go back to the Dorm room.
Man, I miss the old Rec Room times.
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2023.03.26 08:33 Haunting-Ad-9169 Microsoft sells your data to advertisers.

Microsoft sells your data to advertisers.

O&O recommended settings apply restart and no more data mining
Welcome to big tech. Whatever it takes to fill them coffers is just fine with them.
Here is just a small taste of a standard Windows 11 installation, let alone what those updates do.
The video shows what I am talking about.
But the TLDR is yes, they steal, then sell all of anything you do with your computer. Even with a fresh install it steals your information.
The solution: Install O&O Shut up 10++, just google it, actions>Recommended then reboot
Also disable customer experience telemetry in services (windows key, type services then press enter. Look for the service I mentioned and double click it. From the dropdown menu look for disable and stop the service. Make sure to hit apply and then OK afterwards. Reboot after this step.
I hope this helps anyone who does not like how Microsoft is profiting more than ever selling your personal information.
Enjoy a peaceful windows experience thereafter. Follow both steps after major updates because Microsoft will return all the data mining at that time.
What made me go this far as to inform people and fix the problem? I posted the exact same thing on Microsoft help forum and my entire post was deleted and I got permanently banned.
Microsoft does not want you to stop them from stealing your info. So if you want all their other crap they force upon you which does take a toll on performance then follow this guide:
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