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Ross”s hand automatically reached down to grasp his cock as it started to tent in his boxers. He turned to face his sister who was now reaching for some paper to wipe her self with. Her jaw dropped on seeing him fish his cock out and point it straight at her.
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“Here you are, I've been looking for you everywhere! What are you doing out here?”
Her pink tongue circled the purple head. Then her lips sealed around it, and her tongue flicked the tip. He felt the pull of her mouth drawing him in. His sister made a slurping sound, and her tongue circled the crown of his cock. That pushed his button labeled, blinding-unstoppable lust. “Oh, fuck.”
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In the movies, that’s slowed down too, but the gasoline was instantaneous, and a lot more explosive than Zoe expected. She was knocked off her feet, and held her eyes, yelling and crying for a few seconds. She blinked rapidly, her vision blurred, a mixture of darkness and yellow. She couldn’t see, but she knew where the fire was and knew the exit was in the opposite direction of that, so she ran.
“I am sorry I do not know what you are talking about.”
"I did say I would be over as soon as she left for work, didn't I?" Geo said as she pushed her way past me.
The first time entering the Love house – yes, people insisted on calling it that – was like getting hit with a wall of sound. Apparently Wyatt and his older brothers were famous for throwing parties, so even though I didn’t know the guy, Morgan was going to be there and insisted I would be there too. From the noise, half of the school was there with us, notably the popular half.
2016-09-17 21:12:33
“So just like that, we’re not your kids anymore?” I asked.
Tim took Amy to her brother’s bedroom in the attic and he laid her on the bed. Amy’s brother had joined the Navy and was gone a lot. Tim smiled at Amy, then gave her a quick peck on the mouth. “That’s a kiss,” he said. "When you French you open your mouth and touch tongues."
Looking toward the open window, I stepped back into the doorway. I turned back and said to her. “Do you always keep this window open? Aren’t you worried someone will come in and steal all your stuff?
"Ok, well we have unfinished business." He looked me in the eye and kissed me. He unhooked my bra with one hand and started my pants with the other. He broke the kiss for a few seconds so I could take my pants off. I was sitting there in my panties.
“Just do something. I don’t feel like moving.”
Even the name makes Hermione angry. She was her dormmate for 6 years. She isn't a bright mind. All she cares about is make-up, fashion and gossip. Seeing Ron with her everyday snogging in front of everyone like a lovely couple, broke her heart. What did he saw in that bimbo? I don't deny that she's beautiful. One of the most wanted girls in school actually. But is that a good reason to be with someone? I know Ron. He's not the kind of a guy who would fall for a girl just because of her looks. Yes, he's a boy. And a little daft as far as girls is concerned. He just can't take a hint. Not mine, anyway, she thought bitterly.
We shut the door and Wendy was naked first. Shannon was third after me. Wendy was holding my hard cock as Shannon finished undressing. She snuggled up to me on the other side from Wendy and in her little girl sulking voice said, "I want to be alone with you, William."
parents were out... But that’s another story, for another time.
2015-01-26 14:07:05
"Okay," Embla thought of her option to help this girl out. "I think I can help you." She said giddily with excitement.
“Cum for me Hiro, shoot your cum inside me... I want you to fill me with it.” I begged him.
" okay then right " she grabbed my hand
With Izzy’s ass held high, I lined up right behind her and slid my dick in nice and slow. Izzy grunted in pain as my hands grabbed onto her hips and helped me shove my dick all the inside of her.
After Jack's funeral, Tim called Vickie and asked if he could come and stay with her while he got onto his own feet. Vickie hadn't come to the funeral as it had been so far away and she could not deal with the fact that Jack was truly gone. But she quickly agreed to have him come and Tim loaded his meager belongings into the car that was now his since his father's death and drove away. Arriving some seven hours later at Vickie's home, Tim finally broke down and let the tears flow. Both Vickie and Lisa held him as his grief overpowered him. After a time, he regained control and after just a few days of moping around the house, Tim found a good job, got his own apartment and moved out. Both Vickie and Lisa were sad to see him go, but they knew it was best. Tim tried dating, but all of the girls seemed to want the same thing...a husband. Tim was simply not ready for that. What he wanted first was love.
“I don't know what to do with you two, well yes I do, but that's not why I called. I need you and Rita to get started on the chores for me, its really pouring down outside and you know how we hate to drive in the rain, we'll leave when it slows down a bit.”
“I wasn’t… Expecting… Any of that to happen.” She said breathlessly. She barely touched her wet spot, causing her to instinctively moan. “I think I liked doing that.”
2008-12-02 00:33:29
"Yeah." The redhead said. They scurried out of the way to let me in. "Emily who?"
The two fell into conversation, more easily than the previous day.
“Neither would you after a little convincing.” May countered, staring me down.
I smiled down at her and walked over to my car with my shirt hanging on my shoulder. By the time I reached my car, I heard catcalls from behind me. Emily and a bunch of her sorority sisters were leaning out the windows, shouting obscenities in my direction.
He agreed and then said, “We could play right here on the floor in front of the fire.”
On they way home i noticed that bethany kept glancing at me i asked her whats up, and she was like "well Mike you know those pics you took of me today" so iwas like "ya what about them , you want me to get rid of them" Now this was when she hit me with the bombshell, sha said"HELL NO, iwant to make a deal with you" and you know me by now not one to pass a good offer was like"Alright lets hear it" So she tells me that she will let me take any kind of pic that i choose and AND i get to fuck her for about $100, so straight away i said lets do it.
But why he hasn't said anything? Why is he so afraid? Is it the war? Is it that he still has feelings for Lavender? Or is it me?
Harry began to explain 'Its a way for us to talk at night when were in separate rooms. If one of us writes a message on a piece of paper, it'll transfer and show up on the other. So we can have conversations when were in bed.'
She turned her head to see who I was talking about. She turned back to me looking into my eyes.
Her dad didn’t look up from his newspaper. I’m surprised he wasn’t reading The Charles Dickens Times or something. I tried to scan his face for any reaction to Nicole bringing up Poor Yorick, but his face was so blank one would feel compelled to draw something on it.
“Just a minute” I hear a woman say.
All I could think about was how good it felt when she kissed me the other day.
She shook her head. “No. I want to. Fuck I want to so badly… I want to be yours until the end of time…”
Again I thought Connie might balk or at least work into it, but she grinned and started pulling off her clothes. In a very few minutes she was standing in front of me completely nude. As I said she was a tall, skinny girl. She was probably 5' 4" tall and couldn’t have weighed more then 85 lbs. She had freckles all over her body and had only a little fuzz on her pussy. Her tits were small, the size of half a lemon. I was a little slower then her at stripping, but shortly I too was standing naked. My cock was already hard and Connie giggled as she reached out and took hold of it.
“Are you saying you’re addicted?” she asked, now completely humorless.
“Yeah, okay, but I still want to get some sleep,” she responded.
“AHHhhhhh I think I have to pee,” I cried out pushing at Sue’s head with my hands.
The two of us are going hard at each other and I start to feel like she’s going to cum. It’s so hot and heavy I almost wish we were recording it.
I ignored most of my other classes in favor of scanning people's thoughts. Even the most mundane of things became more interesting given my new-found knowledge. Like when we were reading "Gone With The Wind" in English. Every time the teacher, a male, put on his character voice for Rhett Butler, one of the only girls who ever listened had a lust spike something serious. Whether she had the hots for the fictional character or the teacher, I wasn't sure.
The little girl turned around in shock, and her yellow dress caught on her brother’s bed and she fell over. “Lisa, be careful, get up sweetie. Hello, would you like for me to get the nurse?” The mother replied in a sweet sing-song voice. I slowly nodded my head, and the mother walked out of the room. “What did you do to get in here boy? Your cast looks pretty bad to me.” The girl’s father asked.
His eyes trailed up from his notebook to meet mine. “Did you come down here specifically knowing you could be a witness?”
Kelly: Can you rub my pussy again it felt so good
"Hi, do you have a skirt in a smaller size?"
*What do mean experiment?*
“Exactly. Nobody. And if somebody tells you different they’re lying.”
Everything stopped for a few seconds.
"Look Freckles, I know it seems impossible. Damn it, I hardly believe it myself! But I went to bed tonight just like I was before: brown hair, super average, short, and definitely a guy. I woke up this morning with a head full of blonde hair, a new face, and tits for god's sake!"
“Don’t use that word! You know I hate it…” Chuckled Ben nervously.
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2023.03.22 14:24 Unknown_Warrior43 How to lane against Juggernauts? (Mordekaiser, Sett, Darius)

I stopped being a competitive player a while ago because of University. I enjoy playing Toplane but often find myself laning against Juggernauts that have insanely high Damage at all Stages and also seem to never die?
I'm looking for laning Tips for when I'm against Mordekaiser, Sett or Darius specifically. If it matters I usually like playing Kled, Pantheon and Yorick (I know Yorick is supposed to counter Darius specifically but I still find it difficult to play against him)
Thanks in advance!
submitted by Unknown_Warrior43 to summonerschool [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 01:03 GhoulSummoner How To Counter Build Jax? Iceborn Yorick

How To Counter Build Jax? Iceborn Yorick submitted by GhoulSummoner to yorickmains [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 09:58 turok2 Silver/Gold players think that Teemo counters everyone

I could be 0/1 against Cassiopeia and someone will say "How did you lose against cass?"
Same with Mordekaiser, Olaf, Rumble, Sion, Yorick, Jayce, Vladimir, Tahm Kench.
I've never seen this with any other champion.
Why do they think Teemo is so OP and has no counter?
EDIT: I am gold 4.
submitted by turok2 to TeemoTalk [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 04:51 Better-Bend-4884 Hecarim TopLane

Hecarim TopLane
I started to play Heca top in normals in my G4 acc, and i started to feel that Heca top can work really well in some match ups and really fun. So i tried to play it in ranked in G1-P4 lobby, and was worth. CripxooYorick EUW for the soloq match. Was against Tahm Kench, which is a really bad match up, but i was really useful after lane phase.
What do you think about Heca top?
Build i follow: Conqueror, presence of mind, tenacity, right bottom runne (i forgot name) Celerity and Nimbus cloak as secondary runes.
Start items: Tear, x2 pot First back: Boots, x2 long sword, refilable pot (1150)
Build path, almost same as jungler path.
Sum: Ghost and Ignite \ TP
  • Good sustain in lane against poke (W).
  • Tank killer. (Long trades benefits us so much)
  • Squishy destroyer. (Aka Ranged toplaners)
  • Can roam (fast speed)
  • Fast back from base.
  • Good wave farm.
  • Good gank setup.
  • Thanks to tear, we can stack Q without going oom before to trade or fight. We stack tear with W poke.
  • Really useful on teamfights. Even if u lost hard at lane, u can win teamfights with good ults.
  • Can recover easy from behind on mid / late.
  • No one expect Heca top, they will usually think is Heca jgl, so it works as blind pick.
  • Champs as Olaf, Tahm Kench or Kayle (lvl 6) make ur life miserable because of snare (speed impairings that lower our dmg)
  • Laner bullys are our counter. We have such a bad lvl 1 to 3. We start to shine at 4.
  • Bruisers usually stomp u, and are a lot of skill match ups.
  • Hard to play if behind on lane phase.
  • Bad tower dmg. I think is better to permapush wave and back fast instead of waste time hitting tower if theres no plates.
  • Can go oom if u abuse of Q on early game.
  • If ur team feds, is hard to 1v5 from top (more than a Heca jgl)
  • Ur team will flame u for troll pick, and ur jgl prob to reject to gank u.
  • One fail on lane, as dying 1v1, and u get really behind.
submitted by Better-Bend-4884 to HecarimMains [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 19:21 PlasmaHanDoku Is there a reason to not ban Nasus or Kayle?

I always ban Irelia. But I always wonder about these 2 because I tend to counter pick other Yoricks with Nasus that just farms the minions and substain and Kayle just wave clearing to 11.
submitted by PlasmaHanDoku to yorickmains [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 01:42 silentninja_2 Buff the champion please Riot!

First thing first, heres my OP.GG check it out: https://www.op.gg/summoners/euw/TheSilentninja
I've only been playing on EUW for about a year, last season i hit Diamond ranked Flex and this year im on Platnum so far, trying my best to hit Diamond again. Before that i played in VCS and got to Diamond multiple seasons, my mastery of Garen should accumulate to around 2+ million points.
Heres the problem with Garen i noticed recently: He sucks! Riot has been repeatedly nerfing the stuffs that he uses, like Conqueror, Second Wind, and most recently Mortal Reminder. I cant help but feel like hes getting weaker and weaker every patch, recently i stopped playing ranked to see if Riot ever decide to fix some of his problems, and then yesterday i decided to pick up a few ranked games to see if its getting better, well its not.
Lets talk about the nerfs to the system first, Top Lane first of all is not really an impactful Lane, it used to be, but as Garen you are mostly doing the splitpush anyway so its fine, but the jungler will ignore you because of this reason, and because Garen himself is not really a good champ for Gank setup, therefore you are mostly alone on Top. The other thing is that the nerfs to Runes and Items that he usually build, Conqueror recieved constant nerfs throughout last season, to the point where its pretty much useless early game, so you not gonna notice anything pre level 10. Second Wind and Doran Shield are his go to runes and items to survive lane and for positive trades, both are nerfed in the past. Mortal Reminder used to give him attack speed and movement speed but is now changed to armor penetration instead, which is nice but he doesn't really need it. All of these made him very weak early game, which a shame because if he can not get past early, his midgame which is the point where hes at his strongest, will not be effective. I have to use Phase Rush recently, its great but he still need Iron Whip to properly procs it.
Matchup wise its just getting worst for him, here i will give you some examples:
Easy matchup: Jax, Renekton, Ornn, Malphite: if you know what you are doing you will beat them most of the time, if they ALSO know what you are doing, which frankly is not that hard to figure out since its Garen, they wait for mistakes and punish you, but you are Garen so its still fine with these champs.
Medium matchup (skill matchups): Darius, Fiora, Camille, Irellia, Sion, Kennen, Akshan, Yorick, Aatrox - These champs i commonly see in my games and some used to be very playable, up until recently. With Darius for example, its a skill matchup, whoever plays better wins. With Fiora and the other 1v1 champs alike, are also skill matchups for Garen since hes not a bad duelist himself. Kennen and Akshan are ranged champs that can be punished easily if they overstep, you need to be patient with them and you will be fine. Unfortunally with the nerfs i mentioned above, its pretty much impossible to out duel most of the champions in this section anymore. Against Darius for example, its pretty easy to counter his Q or W and E, with YOUR Q, then punish him with E + W combo, rinse and repeat, you out sustain him anyway, except, you dont anymore, his base healing heals more than yours with passive pre level 4 which is absolutely ridiculous! This makes Garen extremely susceptible to being punished, which leads to Darius snowballing pretty hard, this sucks cause Garen will outscale Darius at 2+ items, but recently at that point he will be up half an item anyway. Same goes for Fiora and Camille, who are nimble fighters, you out sustain them and punish them if they mess up, but uhh... you just dont anymore.
Hard matchup: Quinn, Vayne, Gangplank, Illaoi, Sett, Mordekaiser (maybe Teemo as well, but i never see him in my elo): Has always been difficult, but recenrly even worst, the exception is Gankplank, if you have one that does not know what hes doing, you will probably destroy him, but most of the time he will. Gankplank is not an easy champion to play. Against Mordekaiser, his level 1 is about as weak as you are and is more punishable, you can very simply dodge the Q and hit him with your own, he will response with auto attacks and thats it, you heal up and you win level 1 trades, then you can snowball until level 2 and 3 and you stand a chance, but guess what? haha Garen's sustains sucks now, so the level 1 posititve trades doesnt mean much anymore, since you BEARLY out heal mordekaiser now, the exact same thing goes with Illaoi and Sett. Quinn and Vayne have always been suck for Garen, they are ranged 'DUELIST', the only thing you can do is survive and try to farm, and punish them when they get too far, which should be fine, but then you realize that one of them has the ability to roam across the map when they get ahead, and destroys not you, but your entire team IF you dont survive early, and the other is a super scaler that can 1v9 on her own, again, IF you dont survive early. Guess what? Surviving early against them is much harder now, for the exact reasons i mentioned above!
That was the problem with Garen in the early game, he used to be decent early, now hes much weaker. His Midgame is still very much powerful, and this is the stage where he can land some Demacian Justice on some poor enemies ass, just slightly less effective but still good! Late game hes decent, not much has changed, go for squishy and blow them up, your W will make sure you bearly escape if you are good, heal with passive then back to the frey. Unfortunally he can not reach his usual states in Mid and Late game with such a nerfed early. Which is why Riot needs to make his laning phase abit more breathable, Buffing his W to make it more rewarding to use in the early game should help him, or his passive cuz his sustain sucks, lets be real, you wont notice a thing till level 9+ on that damn thing. Hell, even change the passive where he heals not out of combat, but IN combat, like Darius, the longer you are in a fight, the more you heal! As its stand, to make the most of it, hes gotta fight In and Out, which rewards passive plays and is easily punishable, something not very difficult to do the higher elo you are.
Garen has Damage, and he has Tankiness, so those doesnt need changes, he lacks mobility which is expected of a juggernaut, and sustain early which a problem. Riot plss bring him back to his old self cause it sucks to play him now.
submitted by silentninja_2 to GarenMains [link] [comments]

2023.03.15 20:19 PlasmaHanDoku What is your must ban as riven?

I tend to usually just ban Yorick because it becomes unplayable at 6 but sometimes I wonder if I should have ban something else.
Edit: Jesus christ how many Riven counters are there.
submitted by PlasmaHanDoku to Rivenmains [link] [comments]

2023.03.13 19:45 Intrepid_Grocery_370 Falling behind in Top lane, need some tips

Hi, I'm like Lvl 300 something, casual player in like low silver since I don't play ranked only draft pick,, I play mostly support but me and my friends usually switch lanes every couple of weeks, so I got top, I play Camille, Darius and the occasional Yorick, but lately I've been falling behind a lot, both in level, items, gold an cs, yesterday I was against an Aatrox with Camille, had 3 kills over him and still was 2 levels below, he demolished me and my team. I have lost the past 10 games, so I'm figuring it must be me.
I'm thinking I'm approaching top wrong, maybe I'm still in the support mindset that I should just take every trade and my wave management could be better and tbh I don't yet understand the hard counters to my picks
Any top laners that can share some tips??
submitted by Intrepid_Grocery_370 to summonerschool [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 06:32 BigBrainBuffoon My path to fourth place in Tier 4 Clash

This humble tale starts on a warm and humid evening at 8:07 PM when our top laner informs us he will not be able to partake in Clash. We rush to find a replacement, wait in queue for less time than expected, and meet our first opponent by 8:40.
A moment of hesitation hits us all as a team consisitng of 1 70% WR diamond2 player, 2 silver players, 1 bronze and 1 iron player faces us. All five of the enemy players attempt to add our teammate with the most feminine name. "Hi uwu im going to be cheating so my friends can win sry in advance.. :3". Our midlaner's PC crashes 10 mins in and we unsurprisingly shit stomp the enemy team.
Our midlaner's PC determined that the league of legends client used too many resources and would not launch for the rest of the night. While we arrange for someone else to take our midlaner's account and play on a working computer, our top laner and first pick does not load into champ select for the second game due to another client error. We ban 0 champions and recieve a random champion, gangplank. Our first pick begins to restart his client. The enemy team picks their onetricks, our replacement for our midlaner has still not logged in.
Our second pick is another random champion. Annie. Our yorick one trick pony logs in and states that he can in fact first time Annie in our clash game. We lose to the enemy's unbanned onetricks by narrow margins, unlucky. Queue silver scrapes we are going to our final game.
The third game comes, no funny business, we get to pick AND ban in champ select, our plat1 toplaner playing on our midlaner's account gets his yorick one trick as our enemies dont expect it. He solo loses to a silver player. Oopsies! The loading screen tip informing my top laner that Jax’s favorite food is eggs was not enough to contribute to successfully counter playing the recently reworked champion. What started as an exciting evening looking forward the revival of clash turns into a stunning success with few mishaps that may be improved on in the future. How were y’all’s first clashes of season 2023?
Overall, I would like to thank my mom and my dad, as well as riot for allowing me to achieve such a prestigious award- fourth place in tier 4 clash. As for future aspirations, I hope to perform on the worlds stage next and I hope that my team will be able to pick or ban more effectively in the future.
On a more serious note, why does the league of legends client take up more resources than rust, minecraft, and the actual game running all at the same time?
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2023.03.10 13:32 Interesting_Figure_2 Hello its me again with another midcsope/rework concept.

Alas Riot proving why they are stupid once again. In the three years of playing league I have never seen a champion get nerfed because it is dominating in iron and bronze. What a joke.
Eversince the durability patch, tbh Yorick has been feeling underwhelming and even before then was underpowered. We have somehow went from going divine and trinity force mythics to full lethaility as the main mythic. If that doesnt tell you how messed up yorick as a champion has become idk what to tell you.

Yorick is a juggernaut who heals, and raises an army of the dead to assit him. With this in mind I have desgined this rework around him having more consistant damage. Him getting counterplay in his kit instead of currentyl landing e runing away with increases movement speed and prowerls in after cc has been used. "VERY UNINTERACTIVE GAMEPPLAY RIOT". For us at least. Yorick doesnt really get stronger with levels. He is more item based.

NEW PASSIVE: Whenever Yorick gets attacked by enemy champions or epic monsters his ghouls leap onto the attacker.
For every grave summoned Yorick gains a stack of "Unrelanting honour". Yorick strives to put those around him to rest. He carries on his duty ,diligently fighting against the mind forged manacles of the mist. Each stack of UH(Unrelanting honuor) grants yorick 1 magic resist and armour. Every 20 stacks yoricks next Counter is empowered and stuns the opponent instead of knocking them back. Yorick also heals a percetae amount due to his blessed isle water around his neck.
Q: We all know whats up. This just needs compensation buffs for the steel caps nerf. Additionally, His q level one should heal for 30 hp and max out about 300 at rank 5. This way you can "win" trades through sustain rather than damage and punish champs like jax and sett for blinding running at you level 1 to 3 for being a full minion wave.
W: The big change is here. Honestly, needs to be a different ability. For it being an anti movement ability it doesnt really do that, most champs top counter. Just because wall is unique does not mean its good. I have seen other posts saying it should stun or cancel movement abilitys if champion inside dashes out but i still want this ability to be more consistent damage/yorick focussed. This way he can function as a champion outside of ghouls.
Yorick raises his arms with his shovel and crosses them embracing for upcoming damage. During the animation Yorick can press w again to displace enemy champions whilst taking reduced damage. If timed correctly against cc Yorick unleashes a wave of mist at the enemy and places a cursed mark onto them and gains a small busrt of movement speed for 1 second. At rank 3 ghouls lower the cooldown of w by 0.3 seconds per auto.
The thought behind this is so that champions during laning phase cannot blindly jump onto you without being punished. Additionally it allows yorick to have more consistant damage outside of ghouls whilst retaining the peeling ascpect behind yoricks wall. Again this rework is based around yorick being a split pusher not a teamfighter. The empowered w can be visually shown by having the necklace around yoricks neck glow more. This ability scales with armoumagic resist.
Remember his new passive allows for ghouls to leap onto champions who attack yorick, meaning that it rewards yorick for collecting graves and succesfully parrying cc. It also means if you miss e you do not insta lose a fight.
E:Just needs to be better. Change the 70% ap scaling to 30% ad scaling. "SO IT DOES NOT ONE SHOT"
Each rank adds a 5 percent slow with it maxing out at 50% slow. Each rank makes the hit box a little bit wider.
What this does is make it easer to hit whilst still retaining counter play. Counter play being its a slow projectile. The slow means that the ghouls can get the empowered auto attacks off instead of needing grude to gurantee the hits. We also have more consistant damage thanks to w and the new passive. Meaning even upon hitting e with zero ghouls or missing, there is still a added benefit from landing the ability.
R: Needs so many bugs to be fixed to be an actual functional champion/ult.
Shorter leash between Yorick and madien. You gain the ability to control maiden like Ivern/Annie. You now control waves states better as a result. Shorter timer on aggro for maiden so she doesnt int as much. She now deals damage 10 level 1/30 level 2/ 60 level 16.
She also gains resistances based off your UH(Unrelenting Honour) Meaning she scales better later in the game.
Now this last change is depent on if the W rework is op. Pre 6 ghouls limit is 2/3 however raises with each rank. At level 6 its 4 again but then scales to 4/5/6. You can then maybe nerf the ad raito converstion on ghouls to compensate but again depnds on how well w works on yorick.

Thank you for reading please let me know what you think in the comments about this and Riot in general.

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2023.03.09 10:22 IgnusObscuro Why Riot really nerfed Yorick

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2023.03.08 19:15 PicklePantsEUW Darius was among the highest searched-for champion to learn how to counter. Here are 5 counter champs

Darius was among the highest searched-for champion to learn how to counter. Here are 5 counter champs
Darius can be one of the most lane-dominant Top laners in League of Legends. Picking the wrong champion versus him can leave you with little to do apart from play safe or die over and over again.
They are:
Because of how hard he can be to play against, its obvious why Darius counters are one of the most searched for counter picks in LoL. Here’s an infographic on 5 of the best champions to pick against Darius in the Top lane.
As a bonus, here are some tips and tricks from some of our one-trick community members to play as each of these champions against Darius.
Yorick vs Darius
  • Try to poke Darius in the lane before you engage on him as he has the advantage in long trades but struggles in short engagements.
  • Avoid taking long trades with Darius during the early game as once his Passive hits 5 stacks he will gain a large amount of attack damage and will be able to easily kill you.
  • Avoid standing on the outer edge of Darius when he uses his as it will deal damage, apply 1 stack of his Passive and also heal him for a percentage of his missing health.
  • If Darius misses his E in lane you will have a large window of time while it is on cooldown to trade with Darius as he will have no way to close the distance between the two of you.
Dr Mundo vs Darius
  • You always need to be above half health once Darius has his Ultimate, otherwise, Darius can easily kill you even while you are under the effects of your Ultimate.
  • Never take longer trades against Darius, especially if he didn't use his E to engage the fight. Once his Passive grants him extra damage, he will almost certainly turn the fight around quickly. Should you try to run away, he'll pull you back with his E.
  • Darius will kill minions extremely quickly with his Q if he uses it in the minion, causing the wave to push to your tower. You want this, as this helps prevent Darius from freezing by his tower and forcing you to use your Q to grab minions.
  • Your goal early on is to abuse and poke him down with your Q and then look for all-ins with your Jungler or when he very low. Don’t under estimate Mundo’s damage output and poke with his Q.
Gangplank vs Darius
  • If Darius somehow is able to land his E on you and pull you in, do not use your W immediately. Use it once Darius has used his W so you can remove the slow and potentially escape.
  • Before looking for an all in, make sure Darius is below 50% health by poking him down with your Q. If he is above 50% health, don’t bother aggressively trading.
  • When fightin Darius, try to avoid long trades with him as he will come out ahead thanks to his Passive. Keep trades nice and short, preferably where you’re able to stay outside of his E range.
  • Always keep mental distance between you and Darius. If you’re close to him, he will be able to pull you in with his E. Try to stay out of range of this ability at all times.
Teemo vs Darius
  • Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map. As you're not the strongest early on, keeping the wave her provides you with a ton of protection against ganks, enemy all ins and it also prevents the enemy from zoning you away from the minion wave.
  • Remember, you're not very strong early on and need time to scale. Focus on farming while using Teemo's range to bully Darius.
  • Stand at your max range whenever trading to reduce his ability to trade back. If you stand close to him, he's going to be in range of pulling you in with his E, which will result in your death.
  • When the enemy moves forward to last hit, use your superior range to harass them with basic attacks. Do not over commit to trading though, but an auto attack here and there could provide great results later on.
Wukong vs Darius
  • Keep the minion wave close to your side of the lane.You can then all-in him over and over again when he walks forward to pick up farm
  • Be prepared to sacrifice CS for XP and health against Darius. Only last hit minions what you can withut losing health. It's not worth over extending, over greeding for a couple minions when he can just pull you in with E and start a fight.
  • Do not go for extended trades with Darius period. He is incredibly strong thanks to his Passive which makes 1v1 duels extremely difficult for you. Keep trades short and sweet when neccessary.
  • Hit level 2 and 3 at the same time as Darius. He has a very strong all in at these levels and if you're under-leveled compared to him- he might look for the fight. Hit level 2 (the first 7 minions) at the same time so you can even out the fight when you fight each other.
Let us know which champion(s) you'd like to see next!
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2023.03.08 17:06 Snipolimpics If we can't have ghouls act as tiny assassins...

How about ghouls act as tiny ravenous lil warwick dogs, encumbering their prey?
The central idea here is to draw the purpose of ghouls away from hit jobs, lawn mowing and monster contracts, and more towards hunting prey as a pack, with Yorick as the houndmaster calling the shots. It also frees up his build path from the required to play Serylda's, and makes the movement of ghouls less reliant on Yorick's movement speed versus the targets movement speed. Mobile champions are still a problem, which they should be given his kit.
Some discussion points:
Let me know if you want Yorick to invade your nightmares by throwing fog at you.
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2023.03.04 19:13 zoobieboy58 Can someone please tell me how to beat your nasty ass champ?

2 picks that seemingly counter everything I throw at them, yorick and gp. I know theyre both poppin now but even when I only saw a yorick once a month I kinda just wanted to dodge
My 2 mains are rengar top and singed, but I've tried other things too. With singed its loss from lvl 1. basically just gotta hope rather my jg spoils me or theirs lets me proxy.
With rengar you can demolish yorick if he doesnt just sit under tower and outscale by lvl 6.
Sometimes if I'm an extremely superior player I can outplay with bushes IF I built to solely 1v1, but thats rare.
Any tips appreciated, good items, strategy against him PLZ
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2023.03.01 10:48 Snipolimpics Listen, it's not a good nerf

Tl;dr nerf ravenous hydra and lifesteal, not the damage he deals for playing well.
Yoricks damage when landing E with a lot of ghouls is high, since it is a setup that is payed off when the skillshot is landed. You have to get 4 ghouls living, and ideally some more graves or minions around to replace dieing ghouls, or else you're never gonna get the damage off.
Yoricks problem right now is that his true counters are only 2 champions, and the rest of toplane is not effectively able to punish his mistakes. This is all because of lifesteal and ravenous hydra:
Yorick used to be a champion you could bully out of your lane so he couldn't stack up his ghouls, thus negating his playstyle. But with Hydra + Legend Bloodline, he can full heal from one wave, while creating babies in the process he can throw at you.
This means he essentially went from playing like an immobile pokable Illaoi to playing like a poke version of Tryndamere, without any of the risk to himself since he will just stay in the wave to keep healing instead of running after you.
If immobile pokable Yorick gets his ghouls up and hits his E, it should be a large threat. If it's not, the champ is useless. But if Yorick is not pokable due to lifesteal and his ghouls can do everything with Yorick just staying in the wave making new ones, the champion becomes very very hard to deal with unless you're Jax or Irelia.
Conclusion: if Ravenous is worse, and maybe some other counters are better, Yorick is no longer unbeatable. There's a reason every Yorick who is anything rushes Hydra. Just nerf Hydra and observe what it does to Yorick.
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2023.02.28 19:00 suicidebomberL9 yorick shouldn't be nerfed in the same patch they intend to "remove" botlane meta by reintroducing counter jungling

I feel like if they just took a moment to think about the implications of junglers not being forced to play around bot (top ganks now aren't literally inting the game) they'd realize that yorick would be already nerfed inadvertently through that, botlane meta was great for yorick cause after a few levels you're basically entirely self sufficient over on topside and the main measure of stopping you, ganks, weren't really done with any frequency because everyone was playing around bot
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2023.02.28 08:07 Article_West Trying to come back to Sett.

Hey guys, I'm kinda trying out the boss again after a long time.
Trying him out in normal, it felt kind of... underwhelming? I'm probably doing something wrong, but I don't feel much powerful in lane. Sure lvl 1-3 is all good, but I can definitely feel the HP regen nerf early. Then after the first back tanks just take 0 damage from me? Idk. It's probably because I don't like the BotRK rush build and prefer for the old math build. Is it that detrimental for laning phase? It feels decent in midgame, but I'm usually not fed enough (or, mostly, behind) so I don't have the impact I would like anyway. And fighting in sidelane is not an option, I lose to almost everything.
I go Conq and build Gore + Sterak + Titanic, then tank items. Does this build actually suck? Is Botrk + Stride flat out better? But is it good in teamfights? I don't like to split, I'd rather explode the backline in a teamfight, but Idk.
Also, maybe I'm not too confident in his early power, as I one trick Illaoi and tend to play passively the first levels. Ofc I try to be aggressive with Sett, but maybe I should bully even more?
Also, what are matchups where you say "yeah, I'll lock Sett and stomp"? Not only lane matchups, but teams in general. Like for example, Illaoi is really good into multiple melees/tanks, but really bad into mainly ranged comps even if top is a favorable matchup. She also hates when there are control mages mid cause she can't reach them at all in a front to back teamfight.
Yesterday I locked Sett into Cho, and the lane was kinda miserable. But in late I just ulted him into E + W + Gore and obliterated the backline, as they had Twitch + enchanter + Trist mid so they were very squishy (we still lost).
Cause I'd like to know if he can cover some of my bad MUs (Yorick, Morde), as I'm pretty comfrortable with Illaoi even in some other counter MUs.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.02.27 23:08 batatac4 Idea for a Buff/Mini-rework for Mord Jung

So as most of you know Mord was not designed to be a jungler yet it works surprisingly well thanks to it's passive, although I'd argue there's a fantastic change that could make Mordekaiser a super interesting Jungler focused character without disrupting it's place on other lanes.
Explanation of concept: The idea is to bring back the mechanic of its old Ult but with some changes. Basically the idea is that Mord could use it's Ult to put the dragon (no herald of baron) on the deathrealm.
After killing it with smite or wtv, instead of gaining anyone's stats while they are dead like he usually does, he'd have the same crown animation but no additional buffs, instead it's Ult icon would be swapped for the icon of a ghost drake, that he would have a window of some seconds (i imagine 10-30) to use the ability again to summon the ghost dragon similarly to how kalista's ulted people travel in ghost form and hit targets before appearing. As for the way the dragon would operate it would either be as the old mord, or if too op as the yorick maiden work.
Balance - to not make this too broken and overloaded here are some pros and cons.
Since Mord is very good at clearing and relies on ghost to gank pre 6, this would give him the great plan of doing a full clear + scuttle, make one gank with ghost which will result hopefully in a kill, go base and do second full clear, which should result in a level 6 drake.
It gives mord jungle something to do other than gank with ghost, since he could use the dragon for dives, and the dragon would make his clear even faster, giving him more free time to said ganks.
Securing drake in fights and in general would be very safe and reliable.
If your main target has QSS u can focus on dragons instead of wasting R on them.
Mord would be an amazing objective Jungler, however since he is also a great duelist and needs the level 6 for maximum efficiency similarly to bel veth, he would also need to be aware of high ganking Junglers and level 3/4 dragon killers which adds an interesting dinamic to the playstyle.
Lastly it's an enormously flavor win lore wise and a great feature of old mord that may very well come back into a different champion in the future who knows maybe a shyvanna rework, but i think it truly belongs to the "man" of steel himself.
To starters cooldowns, mords regular ult cooldown would not begin until the dragon is summoned. If too broken, mord has an additional 20 seconds, non discountable through ability haste, on his ult if used on the dragon. If during the animation of Ult dragon is stolen/mord is stunned the additional cooldown still happens.
If mord gets the drake then dies before summoning it he loses the summoning power similar to bel veth ult. Also if the dragon is already out it will quickly die similar to other pets when mord dies.
Taking the time to kill the dragon in the deathrelm leaves your team exposed, and if you are doing it solo you could end up coming to a 2 vs 1 ultless fight where you are likely to lose.
The longer you have the dragon/are waiting to summon him the less often you'll be able to Ult someone, and of course a dragon is good in fights and one vs ones but mords Ult can be the difference between taking the fed carry and killing him/winning the team fight or not, so a good mord would have to know when and if the they should spend the ult on dragon or not.
It would make mord more vunerable to ambushes (since you can't Ult a squishy person and try to get a 1 per 1 kill).
It would make mord supper easy to find in the map, a tiny ward could spot a massive dragon coming from various positions.
Possible ideas:
Depending on the slain drake there could be a different buff (maybe the dragons could be a spectral model of the slained dragon and attacks would behave like the dragons do, ocean slows, hextech goes after multiple people in sequence)
Teleporting/hextech gates would teleport the dragon
If you do this on elder you summon a spectral elder dragon, both you and the pet get the elder execution buff. However for flavor and balance, the rest of your team does not get the buff because the dragon was slained "outside the map", so flash Ult elder steals wouldn't be brainless plays. However they could still earn the gold.
Sylas could get drakes as well, maybe if new mord with drakes became too meta but just slightly, riot could add some damage monsters to sylas, which is almost a viable Jungler already, and have him as a soft "counter" to mordekaiser having the same ability, also buys them little time to think about what to nerf and how.
If the dragon behaves based on a timer like the the old mord did, maybe killing people with it could get "R extensions" like all champs seem to have nowadays and give the dragon some more time to exist.
Final conclusions/TL,DR: Imo bringing the drake back to Mordekaiser's Ult would be a flavorful spectacular change and buff to mordekaiser jungle. If it ever became too problematic you could nerf the dragon's stats, the ult cooldown specifically if used on dragon, and the damage done to monsters, not messing with top/mid morde players.
Matchups between sylas/bel veth and mord would be so interesting to watch, and so much more skill expressiveness could be brought to the character this way.
Since Mord is more of a low elo champ, hopefully this wouldn't affect pro play although if it did, it would be fun to see how teams would use it and strategies against it.
Good mord players would be rewarded with smart Ults, and good enemy Junglers would know how to punish it, ganking a lot without the risk of mord + ghost ulting them and ruining the gank; punishing the enemy team while he is ending the Drake if they are nearby, set up an ambush for when he comes back kill him and prevent him from getting the dragon.
I'm very curious to see your takes on this topic and i hope you find this idea interesting, I'm aiming to create a good discussion on this, and if you have anything to say, please explain it thoroughly, I've put a lot of time and effort on this idea and post and things like "I've only read 2 lines, this is broken you are crazy and stupid" are not very helpful not nice in general, so thank you all.
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2023.02.24 11:23 jforrest1980 Yorick: How to deal with him in lane, and after lane?

Given the 2 scenarios here, how do I deal with him?
  1. I'm vs Yorick in lane (usually Zac)
  2. I'm not vs Yorick and have to deal with his relentless split mid game (usually a mid mage like Vlad).
In the first scenario it's just OK till 6. I can kinda keep him under control. Once he hits 6 though it gets really dangerous. Once he gets Hull Breaker it's impossible. I don't understand if there ever is an opening, because there are just so many minions to contend with at all times. Even if he misses his dust he still has cage and Maiden, so it doesn't feel much safer. I generally focus maiden, cause I read in an older post that's where his damage is. But by this point farming against him seems impossible. My instinct is to say screw him and perma-roam, but then he will relentlessly push. but if I stay and try to keep him under wraps, I will lose so much CS and HP under tower cause he never lets up.
In 2nd scenario he is likely fed, and I am a wimpy mid mage. Approaching him at any time, even if he is under turret with 0 kills at 30 minutes is certain death. Even if I can kill him he will AFK ignore me and just int for turret. Take the entire thing at once while tanking me, and a plethora of turret shots.
Basically, makes the entire game feel impossible, because if you don't stand in base with at least 3 people he will win game. So you choose to fight him as a team and lose every objective, or choose to not fight him and lose 2 or more towers during every objective.
Summary, I feel like I can't even play the game if this champ is on the enemy team. I feel like the counter play requires a coordinated effort with your team, which ***never*** happens in low-elo ranked.
Side note: How can he push so damn hard and still have a MASSIVE stacked minion wave? Not counting his minions, the waves are huge.
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2023.02.22 18:45 JoanXXXmk2 uh how do I counter this annoying champion

Was playing cho and got very salty sorry yorick player but lane was so miserable, how do I play around this champion in general/what items counter him. Thanks
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