Tundra village in san antonio

Viva San Antonio!

2008.12.23 08:18 Viva San Antonio!

For everything you want to see, do, eat, and buy in the Alamo City, and places you can drive to within an hour of SA! Visit us for The Alamo, The Missions world heritage site, Six Flags and Sea World. Interesting posts about nearby places like Boerne, Poteet and New Braunfels are welcome, too. Stay for the tacos, the friendly locals, and Fiesta!

2020.03.04 01:03 SanAntoniocoronavirus

Up to date news on the Corona Virus in San Antonio and Texas

2010.10.10 20:42 ncobb San Antonio Spurs (NBA)


2023.05.29 15:16 IMDAVESBUD Tbm short form 24$ plus 8$ shipping 9 available.

Tbm short form 24$ plus 8$ shipping 9 available.
These are full size 6” nursery pots , pictured in a flat , Californian grown , from San Diego stock mother plants!
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2023.05.29 15:16 Pitorito Nude in San Francisco: Iris masturbates and toys in public

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2023.05.29 15:16 synackprf Suggestions for Development In Small Town

Suggestions for Development In Small Town
So this is the first time my village has moved to Nagar Panchayat from a small village and my father was one of the candidate for sabashad. He won his seat and all the official process is completed. Now actually work is about to start. What I have in my mind to suggest my father to prepare plan for next 2-3 years. I know what are the basic requirements for people. Still I want some suggestions which can help my village/vard in development. What are the things that we can do as a point of development. Road and all these basic things is already in my father list. I'm hoping you guys will give me some good ideas. Our priority is only one thing that's do maximum works.
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2023.05.29 15:15 VeganAntifa420 RODNEY IN THE MUD!!!!

I’ve been waiting for this day ever since he moved in I’m so pumped! I know he’s like the most hated villager but if anyone wants him feel free to ask.
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2023.05.29 15:15 Useful_Town1319 South Land RP Server Advertisement

Welcome to South Land RP, the server was created for people to make their dreams become a reality. We are trying to grow and strive to be the best Roleplay community in FiveM. We are currently in need of new staff members that are dedicated if you are interested in being a staff member please join the server and put in a application or open a ticket and request an interview.

What can we offer?

- Ultra Realistic RP
- Public Server
- vMenu
- Custom Ymaps and Mlos
- Custom Vehicles for both police and civilians
- Custom department uniforms
- Custom Civilian Clothes
- Mature Staff
- Everyone will be heard
- Racing Rewards and Events
- Real Estate Agents, Properties, and Businesses
- Weekly giveaways

Jobs we offer?

『🚓 』 San Andreas State Troopers
『🚓 』 Los Santos Police Department
『🚓 』 Blaine County Sheriffs Office
『🚓 』DOT/ Department Of Tow
『🚒 』Los Santos Fire Department
Things we are looking for?👀

- More Active Staff📋
- Active members⛹️
- Skilled Role Players✅
- Department High Command Members👮‍♂️
- Owners of Stores and Gangs🏪
- Lawyers, Judges, Real Estate Workers and etc...🩺

Discord: https://discord.gg/uYYPGZnkgr
Cad: https://sonorancad.com
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2023.05.29 15:14 BobDobbsDiscordian23 Is there a swoletariat chapter in San Marcos, Texas?

I'm in OK shape but I'd like to get in better shape. Most of my life, I was scrawny like Edward Norton, and I was amazed by his transformation from "90-pound weakling" to the intimidating and scary skinhead he played in "American History X." My thinking is if I can get jacked like a FICTIONAL Neo-Nazi, it will help me to better protect my trans homies from ACTUAL Neo-Nazis. I am 53 now so following the routine I found that he did for the movie, the only adjustment I made to it is doing pull-downs instead of pull-ups because I am about 25 pounds overweight from the 180 I was my whole life. I already follow a pretty strict diet so I'm good there. (No added sugar, no wheat products except Dave's Killer Bread, the same banana/avocado/strawberry/protein powder smoothie every morning plus konjac root (glucomannan) between meals.)
Honestly, I just need someone to work out with and make it a habit because it's hard for me to motivate myself. Plus, I'd like someone to work out with who knows it is always OK to punch fascists in self-defense (which is why I would like to add some kind of martial arts/yoga combination to my workout.)
I have a membership at both Gold's Gym and the activity center.
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2023.05.29 15:12 Illustrious_Pack_330 Citibank: I received a message from Unionbank that my CC is on its way but the address in the text is wrong + the tracking number can’t be found in the Entrego website.

Citibank: I received a message from Unionbank that my CC is on its way but the address in the text is wrong + the tracking number can’t be found in the Entrego website.
Received this text from UB today but the address is incorrect. They called me 5 days ago confirming my address w/c is not San Juan City (never lived there, dont even know where that is haha). Plus, the tracking number they gave me is invalid and can’t search it on their tracking website.
Anyone experienced the same? :/
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2023.05.29 15:11 Youaresowronglolumad “I've been to many countries around the world, and I've never found a more race obsessed people than Americans.”

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2023.05.29 15:11 grouchywithoutcoffee Nykaa Fashion Scam

To whomsoever it may concern,
I have been getting repeated emails from different customer care representatives, up to 5 in a day. Hence, I am emailing each of you the full summary of my case, in the hope that you stop bombarding me with emails daily.
This is regarding my order ID NYK-**** The order was placed on 4th May, and was delivered on 7th May. However, much to my disappointment, the order items were incomplete. That is, the shirt and pajama set was delivered without the pajamas, and similarly the shorts and shirt set was delivered without the shorts. I emailed nykaa fashion customer care on 7th of May, and sent them the photos that they had requested. However, they reverted saying that internal investigations have revealed no such discrepancy. I spoke to the representative, I asked him details of the “internal investigation” and he said they will be shared with me but they never were. I lodged a complaint on consumer court. Subsequently, nykaa fashion agreed to pick up and refund me for the same. Unfortunately, over a period of 2 weeks, the delivery agents of Delhivery refused to pick up my order as the title had “Set” in it and what I was returning was not a set. They told me I am handing over incomplete items, which I explained to them was the reason for the return but as no such information was provided to them, they refused to pick it up.
Again, I spoke to nykaa fashion customer care multiple times. In particular, I spoke to Ms. Gunjan and Mr. Vishal from the escalation desk. Ms Gunjan attempted “Manual pick up”, which again failed. Hence, on 21st of may, Ms Gunjan advised me to self courier and provided me the following address and contact people to contact for the same.
Plot No. 55/1,55/2,55/3, MADANAYAKANAHALLI VILLAGE, DASANAPURAHOBLI, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Rural, Karnataka, 562162
Contact Person Deatail- Sweta, Manoj (9980877991, 9844399182)
I self couriered the package via Delhivery on 23rd May. The delivery agent has tried daily to deliver the order over the last 4 days, but has been unable to contact Sweta, whose details I had provided.
Disappointed with this, I decided to contact Sweta and Manoj on 29th May. I called them multiple times between 10 and 11am. They cut my call or did not receive it. Finally, Manoj reverted back to me via SMS and asked for details of my case. Which I emailed to him. Then Manoj informed me that the address provided by Ms. Gunjan/Nykaa fashion customer care is of the OLD warehouse. And that of the new warehouse would be shared. The details are as follows;
Nykaa Fashion Pvt Ltd(NER)
Survey No 29/1 & 30,
Obanayakanahalli, Nelamangala,KasabaHobli Bengaluru RuralKarnataka, 562123.
This email is to bring to your kind attention that I have contacted your customer care multiple times of the period of last 3-4 weeks. I have provided all the information required from your end, and I have put in the extra effort to courier you the incomplete set. Yet your customer care has repeatedly lied to me, and not provided me the correct information. The pincode of the two addresses are different and hence the delhivery agent will not be delivering to the new address and they may cancel this order. The incompetence of those at nykaa fashion customer care knows no bounds. Currently your customer is more aware of your new warehouse than you are, a so called representative of this multinational company. I have faced incomplete delivery by multiple agencies before and I have never been harassed or mentally tortured to this extent. I have wasted my hard earned money and my valuable time as a doctor on your incompetent customer care.
I am attaching all the relevant screen shots, and sending this email to each customer care executive who has emailed me asking for some tiny detail multiple times in a day.
I spoke to Priyanka today, who told me she will discuss with the senior team to process my refund regardless of the delivery. I hope someone has the sense to see how this is the correct decision.
Kindly issue full refund of my order, including shipping fees. And kindly go to your old warehouse and pick up the order if you please.
I hope I, nor my family nor friends, ever have the misfortune of dealing with Nykaa Fashion Customer care.
TL;DR: Don't order from Nykaa Fashion.
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2023.05.29 15:09 vbjnghj Heat vs. Celtics live stream: How to watch NBA Playoffs game 7, start time, channel

And this is the final Heat vs. Celtics live stream, after a raucous Saturday night game that went down to the very last second. And we now have one more NBA Playoff live stream back in Boston.
Boston's Game 6 win almost didn't happen, but Derrick White tipped Marcus Smart's shot (which had went in and out) in the last fraction of a seconds. Terrible defensive rebounding from Miami has hurt them these last three games, but hurt more tonight.

For Miami, this was a too little, too late game for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Both contributed very late in the game, with clutch free throws from Jimmy Buckets. While Butler put 24 on the boards by the end, Adebayo only contributed 11.

No team, as we've all said, has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a 7-game series in the NBA playoffs. Also, they're the first to get this far with a home game for Game 7.

DraftKings, at the time of publication, has the odds for the Celtics (-330) as favorites, and Heat (+275) as the underdogs. So, betting $275 on the winning Heat would earn you $275, and a $330 bet on the winning Heat would net you $100.

Here's everything you need to know to watch the Heat vs. Celtics live stream online:

How to watch Heat vs. Celtics live streams from anywhere on Earth with a VPN
Having trouble actually getting TNT? Even if you can't watch the Heat vs. Celtics live streams on cable, you're not out of luck. With a virtual private network, or VPN, you can appear to be surfing the web from your home town (or somewhere that blackouts won't hit), and access the same streaming services you already paid for.

Not sure which VPN is right for you? We've tested many different services and our pick for the best VPN overall is ExpressVPN. It offers superb speeds and excellent customer service. But you've got other VPN options as well. Here are our top picks.

The Heat vs. Celtics live stream is on TNT at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT on Monday (May 29).

If you've already cut the cord and don't have a cable package? With the right pick from our best cable TV alternatives, you'll be able to watch it and all of the NBA playoff games. But for as much as we like FuboTV, it doesn't have TNT.

Instead, consider Sling TV, one of the best streaming services, which has TNT. For future NBA playoff live streams, ABC games will simulcast on ESPN3, which is available through Sling Orange. ABC is also available in select markets for Sling Blue. Those markets are Chicago (WLS), Fresno (KFSN), Houston (KTRK), Los Angeles (KABC), New York (WABC), Philadelphia (WPVI), Raleigh-Durham (WTVD) and San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (KGO). All but Fresno, Houston and Raleigh will pay $5 more per month for ABC in either Sling Blue or Sling Orange & Blue.

Sling is 50% off for the first month making it a perfect place to watch all of the NBA playoffs. Sling Orange also gets you ESPN, and its Sports Extra pack gets you NBA TV.

Of course, you can also watch the games on the more expensive services, such as YouTube TV ($73 per month), Hulu + Live TV ($70 per month) and DirecTV Stream ($75 per month).

ABC can be pulled down with one of the best TV antennas.

All times Eastern
Game 1: Heat 123, Celtics 116
Game 2: Heat 111, Celtics 105
Game 3: Heat 128, Celtics 102
Game 4: Celtics 116, Heat 99
Game 5: Celtics 110, Miami 97
Game 6: Celtics 104, Miami 103
Game 7 @ Boston on Mon., May 29 @ 8:30 p.m., on TNT

How to watch Heat vs. Celtics live streams in the UK

NBA fans in the U.K. can watch the Heat vs. Celtics live stream on Sky Sports Main Event and Arena. It begins at 1:30 a.m. BST on Monday (May 30).

If you already have a Sky subscription that doesn't include Sports, you'll need to pay £24/month to add those channels. You'll also gain access to coverage in 4K and HDR, so long as you also have an HDR-ready Sky Q box and HLG-compatible TV.

If you don't want to shell out for a full Sky sub, you could also consider its Now Sports streaming service. Pricing starts at £11.98 for day & mobile month membership, with month-long access for £34.99.

Not in the U.K. right now? You may need a little help from a service such as ExpressVPN.

Heat vs. Celtics live streams in Canada
Hoops fans in Canada can catch the Heat vs. Celtics live stream on TSN. It's airing on TSN4 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Can you watch Heat vs. Celtics live streams in Australia?
Probably. Aussies can watch the 2023 Playoff live streams on Kayo Sports, a major destination for NBA action. ESPN Australia, if you get it, is another means, but it's unclear if either will host the Heat vs. Celtics live stream.

Kayo offers a 14-day free trial for both its Basic and Premium plans, more than enough time to confirm they're actually showing the games. The Kayo One package costs $25 per month thereafter, and Kayo Basic is $30.

The $35 per month Premium Kayo plan gives you all the same things as the normal plan, but it offers three simultaneous streams. The Basic plan gives you two streams at the same time.

Not in Australia but usually a Kayo subscriber? You may need a little help from a service such as ExpressVPN.
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2023.05.29 15:09 beyeyey Tree watching locations??

Tree watching locations??
San ba pwede humiga sa lapag and tumingin lang sa mga puno? Been walking my dog and every time we go around our neighborhood i cant help but look up and stare at them trees, higa sana ako dito kaso baka masagasaan lang ako haha
May marecommend ba kayo na loc in manila or south manila na i can go to for tree watching?
Vid for reference!
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2023.05.29 15:08 verturesort Middle Room at Vertu Resort Condominium Batu Kawan

Middle Room at Vertu Resort Condominium Batu Kawan
RoomNow 60102327656
Whatsapp: https://appoin.me/roomnow_A7He
Room Detail: https://appoin.me/rooms_tWvNS
🏠 Description
🥰 Co-living community 🛁 Shared Bathroom 🛋️ Fully Furnished 🌐 Free Wi-Fi (500mbps) ❌ Zero Deposit ❌ NO Agent Fee 🧹 Scheduled Cleaning services in common area every week 🔐 Safety & Security - CCTV in common area ✅ Monthly Rental Details RM(650) + RM50 (Monthly Utility)
🎉 VRC Facilities 🏠 Description: 💪🏻 Gym 🍀 Newly renovated Unit 🥰 Co-living community 🛁 Shared or Private Bathroom 🛋️ Fully Furnished 🌐 Free Wi-Fi 🏊🏼 Swimming Pool 🎱 Game Room 🎤 Karaoke Room 🏡 Landscaped Garden 🍗 Barbeque Area 📚 Library 🏁 Playground
Around 25 facilities covering 200,000 sq.ft
📍 Super Strategic Location 🚶🏻‍♀️ 5min walk to IKEA & Utropolis 🚶🏻‍♀️ 1min walk to Ulala Mini Market 🚶🏻‍♀️ Surrounded by Mini Market, Korean Food, Nasi Kandar Bistro, Japanese Food, Vervea, Shunka (Japanese restaurant), Pan Pan restaurant. 🚗 3min to UOW Malaysia KDU College 🚗 5min to Second Bridge and Batu Kawan Industrial Park 🚗 2min to Design village & McDonald’s 🚗 5min to Cassia
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2023.05.29 15:07 Richard_Harold Take some time to look at these and you can share them with your friends around you.

Take some time to look at these and you can share them with your friends around you.
"I'mFiona. Amy told me everything!" At 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Frank Newton (a pseudonym), a software engineer at a Silicon Valley tech company, received this text on WhatsApp. ) received a text message like this on WhatsApp.
He thought someone must have sent the message by mistake, so he politely replied to tell her she had sent the wrong number.
He then sent a message saying he was very sorry and explained that he had just found out that he had been cheated on by his boyfriend and that he had been blocked from calling him, and that his new number had been sent to her by a friend. The tone was sincere and pitiful.
Faced with this strange heartbroken girl, Frank comforted her out of kindness, but he didn't expect that the other party would treat him as a tree hole and chatted up. Under the girl's active attack, in the next few days, the two talked about their feelings and work, from poetry and songs to philosophy of life, and became online friends who seemed to have nothing to talk about.
It was not until half a month later when Fiona talked about an investment she was making that had earned her $200,000 and invited Frank to join her that Frank suddenly realized that he might have encountered the "Pig-butchering" that had been widely circulated recently.
Since the year 2022, "piggy banks" have become more and more prevalent overseas, starting to target foreigners who have never heard of this scam, and this unintentional text message is just one of the new games that have recently become popular. Including many Americans have been played by a variety of scam schemes dizzy, unwittingly cheated out of a lot of money. And what is surprising is that even the high-tech talent gathered in Silicon Valley has become the most affected by this wave of "piggy bank" scams.
The "piggy bank" into the local customs, the American people straight out of the defensive
In recent months, many Americans have received a variety of strange "wrong" text messages from a variety of unfamiliar numbers.
Some of them are simple and straightforward, and they come up with a Hi, which has a feeling of inviting the king into the jar.
Some will make up a story to get close to you, or to arouse your sympathy. For example, \"How have you been? We haven't seen each other since the last charity dinner\", \"The meatballs you made last time were so good, can you tell me how you made them? The last time you bought a house, how much did you pay for it? \"Doctor, our dog suddenly vomits and can't walk, can you help me schedule a doctor's appointment?\"

Some will set up a successful persona for themselves, tell you his new job phone number, ask you to go to the golf course to talk about cooperation, so that you have the illusion of a misplaced connection with the big boss, thinking that good luck falls from the sky.
The purpose of all these messages is to lure you into replying to them, and then set you up step by step. This type of scam is currently happening on most of the overseas messaging social software, focusing on Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Although they have different methods of entry, they all have some similar schemes in summary:
First they will make up a name to address you to make you think they are sending the wrong message, then they will send you a "good man card" after you reply to introduce yourself, asking where you are, what work. Once you have some trust in them, they will recommend an investment they are working on, which could be a cold-calling wealth management company or a digital currency.
They will not force you to invest a lot of money at first, most of them will be short-term, small investments, but with high returns. In addition, they often lie that most of their investment proceeds will be taken to charity, so that you believe them and keep adding more and more, and finally accumulate to a certain amount and then they suddenly disappear with the money.
Of course, there are also some more simple and brutal, more test of human nature cheating method, such as directly to the account password, and account balance in the text message to you, and then add a sentence at the end "do not tell others", lure you into their phishing links.
Such a situation has become increasingly rampant in the United States so far this year. According to a recent survey by cybersecurity firm Sift, an average of one in 20 people who use dating chat apps in San Francisco are scammers. Many \"simple\" Americans who have never experienced such scams have fallen into the trap, and there are more and more \"piggybacked\" posts asking for help.
Linkedin Becomes a New \"Pig Kill\" Site as Scammers Target Tech Employees
In addition to using chat software to send mass text messages to commit fraud, this year's scammers have also learned to personalize their scams, targeting workers in overseas workplaces.
Many of the recently exposed fraud cases are employees of major technology companies in Silicon Valley. They are often scammed not on general chat software, but from Linkedin, a more professional and high threshold workplace social networking software.
Recently, SF Examiner reported on two Silicon Valley employees who recently lost more than a million dollars due to "piggybacking". What they had in common was that they were first friended by scammers on Linkedin, then moved on to WhatsApp, where they chatted with them for months to gain their trust, then were led to invest in digital currencies on seemingly genuine and reliable websites, and ended up losing everything.
"I never thought this would happen to me because I am a software engineer myself and I thought I could tell the reliability of the websites." One of the victims, R, said. He said he believed the other person because his LinkedIn page showed that he graduated from the same university as himself, while they talked about the university during the chat.
"The scammer creates everything too real and makes you walk into his trap step by step."
CNBC recently attended an online meeting of LinkedIn scam victims, where participants were scammed out of anywhere from $200,000 to $1.6 million. On Reddit forums, many users have also reported that they too have encountered \"kill pans\" starting with Linkedin.
Some of these scammers disguise themselves as pilots of big companies, some create a rich white beauty persona, some play headhunters, and some falsely claim to be in a key position in a technology company. Click into their Linkedin pages, you will find that most of them have some commonalities: a handsome or beautiful avatar stolen from nowhere, a shiny resume, generally graduated from an Ivy League school, now in a large company as a middle or senior.
They also have obvious preferences when looking for prey, such as focusing on people with similar work experience or learning backgrounds to their own personas, focusing on those whose homepages show they are looking for work, willing to expand their networks, and so on.
In Silicon Star's visit, we found that the "piggy bank" on LinkedIn seems to have suddenly become very active from this year.
\"I am a person who checks LinkedIn every day, because there are often recruiting information sent by headhunters. Since about half a year ago, I started to receive a lot of invitations from various Connect, basically what investment or technology companies with high titles, talk to you a few sentences and ask if you can add WhatsApp or Line,\" Alex, a Chinese engineer in Silicon Valley, told Silicon Star People. \"Clicking into their homepage just didn't feel right, at first it was one or two people a week, lately it's been almost every day.\"
"Mainly these scams used to be on Facebook, Ins and other lifestyle social software, LinkedIn because it's more vertical in the workplace, the information on it is generally more reliable, I didn't expect that recently it was also targeted by scammers." Ken, another Chinese engineer in Silicon Valley, also told Silicon Star People.
At the same time, they also told Silicon Star People that although they themselves could quickly realize that it was a scam, for young people who just work and want to expand their network on LinkedIn, as well as for foreigners who have never heard of similar scams, they can easily be trapped into this new scam.
According to the victims' post-mortem analysis, they believe that there is a complete set of strategic logic behind the \"pig killing tray\" targeting employees of technology companies.
First of all, technology employees are more socially inclined than ordinary people, and their online social needs are even stronger when they work from home. In addition, these engineers are generally very confident in their technical judgment, and once they don't see a breakthrough at the beginning, their level of commitment will be higher than the average person. Finally, they are also more interested in topics such as cryptocurrency and asset investment than the average person, and are more willing and able to put more money into profitable experiments.
Specializing in scams and targeting international markets
It is also clear from the fact that scammers are targeting Silicon Valley engineers in groups that these "piggy banks" are no longer a small game, but an organized and disciplined professional scam. In addition to chat software, Linkedin, currently in TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and other types of overseas social software also appeared on the figure of these scammers.
It is understood that most of the scammer groups are gathered in Southeast Asia, they have a complete training system, from overseas platform popularization, persona shaping to fraudulent object type selection, chat entry way, etc. have standard operating steps, there are even multilingual "kill pig" teaching materials.
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2023.05.29 15:06 Mini_Tobi77 The Swordsman's Promise

The sun set over the peaceful village of Azura, casting it in golden and orange hues. The wind whispered through the narrow streets, carrying an air of tranquility. Amidst it all, a modest wooden house stood out, sheltering the young Hiro and his father, Takeshi.
Hiro was an ordinary boy with dark hair and curious eyes, always drawn to the mysterious aura of tales about heroes and grand battles. His greatest idol and inspiration was his father, a skilled swordsman known throughout the village. Takeshi, with his imposing stance and gentle smile, had taught Hiro the secrets of swordsmanship since he could first grasp a blade in his small hands.
On a fateful day, when the sky was grey with worry, the village was invaded by a group of ruthless criminals. The defenseless people cowered as homes were pillaged, and fear spread like wildfire. Takeshi, not hesitating to protect those he loved, led the villagers against the invaders.
Hiro, witnessing his father's bravery, felt a mix of pride and apprehension. He knew that despite his sword skills, Takeshi was also a loving and compassionate man. His heart ached at the thought of the imminent danger his father faced.
Hours passed, but Takeshi did not return. The void Hiro felt at that moment was overwhelming, a piercing pain that seemed to burn in his chest. The worst nightmare became a reality when, after the battle, a messenger arrived in the village with devastating news: Takeshi had been declared dead, his body not found.
Tears welled up in Hiro's eyes as his soul mourned the sudden loss. His father, his hero, was gone. A whirlwind of emotions engulfed him, from overwhelming sadness to impotent anger. But deep within his shattered heart, a promise took shape.
That night, as moonlight bathed the village in its gentle glow, Hiro found himself in a moment of solemn introspection. Seated in front of the fireplace, he took hold of his father's sword, trembling hands gripping it tightly as flashes of their moments together flooded his mind.
Tears streamed down young Hiro's face as a bittersweet smile formed on his lips. He remembered a sunny day when he and his father trained together. Hiro shook his head, wiping away the tears with the sleeve of his garment.
"I promise, Father," Hiro whispered with determined voice. "I will become the greatest swordsman in the world. I will honor your name and protect those who cannot protect themselves."
A gentle breeze passed through the slightly open window, as if his father acknowledged the made promise. Hiro felt a surge of courage and determination course through his body, fueling his resolve.
Then, a memory surfaced in his mind, as if Takeshi was there, sharing a moment of joy and pride with his son. The image of his father, laughing with tenderness, resonated in his soul, further strengthening his resolve.
With his heart filled with promises and memories, Hiro closed his eyes and held the sword firmly. He knew the journey would be arduous, and many challenges awaited him. Yet, propelled by his love for his father and the desire to make the world a better place, he was willing to face any obstacle that came his way.
And this, the journey of young Hiro, the determined swordsman, was about to begin.
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2023.05.29 15:05 DavidItsRainingOut Village in Cherry Grove

Village in Cherry Grove
It's only about 1/4 in the cherry biome, but very pretty. It was a 5 min walk from spawn. Coords and seed in a comment
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2023.05.29 15:05 SintHollow Kindlewick Isle’s Final Starting Villager - A very happy storytime 😭😭😭

Kindlewick Isle’s Final Starting Villager - A very happy storytime 😭😭😭
So a bit of a story-time! I’ve not picked up my switch in over a year. I’ve just been too busy and a bit burnt out from animal crossing which was partly my fault. My switch with my original island had gotten lost/stolen on the train and I lost my original island as it wasn’t backed up. My partner gifted me a switch and I was so grateful and I had started to try to rebuild square for square my original Isle of Mist. I think that’s what burnt me out.
I watched a video on here recently where someone talked about how much of a relief it ended up being to just… start over. So I did. I haven’t played any of the update stuff at all. And I have a vision for my island! I wanted it to be sort of a spirit villager island. A little bit like Cozy Grove if you know the game. I want lanterns everywhere and floating lights with a big head-cannon festival in August with the fireflies called the festival of lights which celebrates spirits. Not totally witchcore, not totally Japancore, but a good mix of inspirations from both.
But when I picked it up again, I saw the new villagers from the updates and was so excited to see Shino and said. I’ve got to have her! I didn’t care when though - I’ve played animal crossing a bunch so I wasn’t gonna grind nook miles islands to find her and figured at some point I’d buy her from someone or something. Really don’t want to grind the game again cuz I don’t wanna get turned off it.
I had one slot left on my island which I had planned to use my Chief amiibo card to get him. I figured, ‘ah, why not, let’s go to an island and see who shows up before getting chief in’. Well you can imagine my elation when I saw her!! Happy happy days 😍😍😍 the moments of the game we live for! And so begins my new Island adventure, with Shino as my feature resident 🥰
Bonus side-story; Shino ‘s birthday is on Halloween and is designed on Water Deer who have retractable fangs, and so are sometimes called Vampire-Deer. As I was farming the island, I saw some bubbles and decided to jump in the ocean. I caught 2 vampire squids in a row!! Coincidence?? O_o I THINK NOT!!
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2023.05.29 15:04 Fluffy_Promotion_614 If You Need a Barber in San Francisco hit my boy

Hit my boy Gator_Cuttin_up
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2023.05.29 15:04 that_filmy_guy Travelling your beautiful state!

Hello people of Uttarakhand!
I have some work in Jim Corbett for a week post which I am planning to travel around. Here are the places I am hitting in chronological order...
I wanted to know if there are any off-beat places/villages where one can stay for a few days and explore the surrounding wilderness. Another concern is it safe to travel from mid-June to June-end due to weather?
Please suggest.
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2023.05.29 15:04 Careless_Total_2134 House Haine

House Haine
House Haine “Rooted in Blood”

Founded in A.C 280 by formally Robin Smith, adopted son to a small family of lowborn wandering smith merchants.
At 13 years of age Robins family made their way north selling merchandise in a village in the northern mountains.
The village was ransacked, villagers slaughtered. Finding himself an orphan again.
After escaping Robin found himself sheltering and exploring the caves finding a large cavern with a skylight, its own fresh spring, a large amount of shrubbery and even trees. In the centre of the cavern was a large weirwood tree that looked to be drained of colour, except for one small area that was pure white. However the colour was sprouting outwards, like the sword was radiating life from it. He was able to free the sword from the tree, as he did the colour sprouting from the sword on the tree faded.
Robin hunted a small company of wildlings, slaughtering them one by one in the cover of darkness, an impressive task at such an age, almost as if the sword gave him power.
Only feeling hatred for the wildlings he gave his sword the name “Haine” meaning hatred.
After Lord Paramount Richard led a company to kill the company of ravaging wildings he met Robin and was impressed with his bravery, and prowess inviting him to winterfell, making him his ward and raising him to nobility, giving his house the name Haine and words “Rooted in Blood”.
A.C 282
When Lord Rickard rode south with his son Brandon, Robin stayed at winterfell, along with Rickards other sons, Eddard and Benjen
When Lord Eddard rode south to defeat the Mad King he entrusted Robin with Moat Cailin and the defence of the North.
A.C 307
Robin rebuilt Moat Cailin into a high developing dutch.
Named Master Robin “the Architect” of Moat Cailin.
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2023.05.29 15:04 Tjmoores tradeposting™

Part 1: Meakpuj

Waves rippled gently through the knotted mass of branches, rocking the boats of the Twaiptšroþan boats. One could tell the tide was high, for the corals further out to sea barely caused the waves to break - at low tide they poked though the foam they caused, creating whirlpools between the spikes. In the village overlooking the small strait between Meakpuj and Nyæŋpuj, among the air-drying fish and the clamour of ducks and turkeys, Šţrooŋ looked out over the coast. Having just returned from a successful fishing trip out into the bay, she took a moment to consider the world in which she lived before preparing her freshly caught meal. She often wondered about the world that lay beyond the shores of the island upon she lived... Why travel beyond when the waters here were so rich? Thanks to the dzneapuakt jwič hooks, she needn't even enter the water to get a meal for her family! It was as simple as adding a small amount of meat to the end, and leaving them dangling off the edge of her boat. "What a life", Šţrooŋ thought to herself, as she turned to prepare her meal.
As Šţrooŋ returned home, so did her partner, Mwiav. Mwiav had spent his day in a rather less relaxing manner, digging into the higher lands for the best jwič. His haul today wasn't perfect, but he had built up quite a collection both for himself and to trade to the Nyæŋšroþ, who visted so often at this time of year. The Nyæŋšroþ visiting was a celebratory affair, as they brought with them pyaivz jwič, which could be mixed with xab jwič to produce far better dzneapuakt jwič than burning xab jwič alone. They had even come up with a quite ingenious technique where a mix of pyaivz jwič and xab jwič would be cooked into a liquid form with dzneapuakt čræð, which burnt for a second time far better than ordinary logs, then poured into special devices to produce many replicas of a single item, vastly reducing the amount of work needed to produce any item they needed. Not only did the Nyæŋšroþ bring pyaivz jwič, but also fruits the likes of which Mwiav had never seen growing on Meakpuj, spices and what they called dvziaţ, a firey drink which was far more impressive than anything produced locally. Where these things came from Mwiav did not know, for surely they could not be fished, mined or foraged just a few miles away?
As Mwiav continued contemplating, he saw some specks gradually turn through dots into boats on the horizon. These were no mere fishing vessels, the Meakšroþ seldom strayed that far from the shore lest they get carried away by the currents, and the Nyæŋšroþ rarely fished, and definitely not in these quantities. He called out his family and made his way down to the shore with their arms filled with xab jwič, the closer he got the more Meakšroþ he saw joining him in his journey. He knew these visitors - he had seen these men many times before, and he knew exactly what what they wanted.
As the boats got closer Mwiav could practically feel the dvziat warming his throat. He didn't recognise any of the faces, but then again he rarely did. Different visitors would come regularly, seemingly as and when they needed xab jwič, so not recognising a face was nothing out of the ordinary. What took Mwiav by surprise was the way they spoke. The Nyæŋšroþ had always spoken in a funny sort of way... Mwiav never really had issues understanding what they were saying, but some words they used were surely made up, and their accent had a strange sort of breathiness to it, and the rythmn of their speech was almost that of a song. These visitors, however, were different. It was almost as if someone had taken a description of the ways Nyæŋšroþ talked and took it to the extreme, and many of the words they used were far removed from anything even the Nyæŋšroþ would say. Mwiav could see into their boats, at the pots which looked just like the ones the Nyæŋšroþ kept their dvziaţ in, and the clumps of pyaivz jwič which looked no different to the once Mwiav had seen many times before. Surely these people were interested in their xab jwič, just as the Nyæŋšroþ had been?
After some back and forth, each sentence being half lost and half understood, a consensus was reached. Mwiav was confused, for these men were offering far more, at least in terms of dvziaţ, in exchange for his xab jwič than the Nyæŋšroþ ever did! With both men smiling, and Mwiav helping to load up the boat of the man he had agreed to exchange his xab jwič with, the man made a comment to Mwiav. Mwiav didn't understand the full comment, but what he thought he heard was something along the lines of "fust šustuč pyeitsupt šwiaţ psoaŋ xeip ǰeaţ", "I think your prostitute looks promiscuous". Mwiav gave the man a confused look, who then repeated himself - "fust šustč pyeitsupt šwiaţ psoaŋ xeip ǰeaţ". As he completed the sentence, the man gestured clearly at Šţrooŋ. How dare the man insult his wife like this? Was it customary to conclude trade deals with slander where this man was from?
In a fit of rage, Mwiav lifted his hand and slapped the man in the face. The man looked up at Mwiav in disgust as blood began to trickle out of his nose. As the Meakšroþ around Mwiav and the traders talking to them began to notice the commotion, all hell broke loose. The Meakšroþ knew they had the numbers advantage, and began chasing the retreating visitors out to sea, attacking them with whatever they could carry. Oars were smashed against peoples' heads, and rocks were thrown at the traders as they scurried back to their boats. As rocks thudded against the hulls, they rowed away from Meakpuj, never to be seen again.
For the rest of his life, Mwiav pondered upon that day. Why had these men come with their attractive deals, only to insult his wife upon their completion? Why had he only seen them once, surely they couldn't have travelled far in those boats? The older he got, the more Mwiav grew to accept that there are some things that we will just never know.

Part 2: Dzoagvrin

The traders of the Dzoagšroþ had long heard of another island beyond Nyæŋpuj, both in rumours passed down from generations, and in conversations with the Nyæŋšroþ when trading for xweipz - they often asked where the xweipz of such purity came from, to which the Nyæŋšroþ would reply "an island further beyond here". As Pwæð got older, he grew more curious about this island beyond... The boats of the Nyæŋšroþ weren't any better than his, so surely they wouldn't have to travel too much further to reach the origin of the xweipz? And wouldn't the xweipz found there be more pure than anything that had been through the Nyæŋšroþ? It only made sense for them to keep the best for himself.
As the quieter farming months came around in Dzoagvrin, Pwæð brought together some friends whom he had previously voyaged across the narrow strait to Nyæŋpuj. At daybreak, they rowed out across the strait as they had many times before, however this time as they approached the coast they did not continue on to land, but instead they rowed east. The coastline continued almost arrow straight for miles, the dense mangrove forest blurring the lines between shore and sea, however eventually the coast began to curve around to the south. With the curve came the first sign of hills for a while, as opposed to the almost endless flatness that eastern Nyæŋpuj had shown so far, however these hills weren't lined with fields like the western hills were... Instead they were covered in a thick mat of forest, barring the occasional fallen tree, with animals calling so loud Pwæð might have thought they were on the boat with him had he not checked his cargo so thoroughly before leaving.
Pwæð was exhausted after rowing for most of the morning, especially after dealing with the rougher waves around the easternmost point of the cape. He split a few loaves of dzæd with his fellow traders and drank some dvzub before continuing onwards, this time heading in a southwesterly direction, away from the coast. Almost an hour went by before they sighted land, however at long last they saw some hills and treetops peeking over the horizon - was this the fabled xweipzpuj?
As the boats got closer to shore, Pwæð saw a break in the mangrove in the form of a sandy beach, which already had some boats pulled up onto it. Above the boats were a crowd of people, all holding... something... Pwæð was too far away to make it out. Were these defenders, here to attack the Dzoagšroþ and keep them away from their land, or were they traders who somehow foretold their arrival eagerly awaiting them? Pwæð's heart raced as knew he would find out in just a few short minutes. Pwæð thought he could make out women and children amongst those crowded down on the beach; surely this could only mean that this was a welcoming party?
Upon reaching the shore, Pwæð's hopes that this was a trading party were confirmed. Each member of the crowd held some highly pure looking raw xweipz, or highly tasty looking šţyaið kwiin, and all sorts of goods inbetween. Pwæð announced loudly to the crowd "I want to buy your xweipz", only to be looked at as if these people had never heard a man talk before. He gestured, pointing to himself on "I" and the tin nodules the crowd were holding on "xweipz". This got a response, Pwæð thought it sounded affirmative but it was hard to tell through the downright odd speech of these odd people, who talked like some sort of an extreme caricature of the Nyæŋšroþ - harsh, monotone and using all sorts of basic words such as "dark grey rocks"... Had they never thought to just call the rocks by their actual name, xweipz, before?
Looking around, Pwæð could clearly tell that these people were backwards and likely stupid. There were no terraces to be seen on the hills further inland, and while their boats looked sturdier than those from Nyæŋpuj or Dzoagvrin, why did they need so many boats when they clearly didn't travel to trade? He began talking in a very oversimplified manner, with a bunch of gestures. "I want dark grey rocks.", he said, pointing at the xweipz. "I give blue-green rocks and spice juice". This clearly got a response to the man he was talking to, who gestured to his family to bring over more xweipz. Knowing the man was clearly stupid, Pwæð offered a rock bottom price. H didn't even offer all the goods he had brought - these backwards people were lucky that he wasn't just taking it from them. Of course, this was accepted. "Pure xweipz for this cheap, and just a few extra hours of travel? This island must have been sent as a reward from the stars", Pwæð thought to himself as he loaded his spoils into his boat.
Once all the xweipz was loaded, Pwæð turned to the man he had just fleeced. Still giddy from getting such a good deal, and a little tipsy from all the dvzub he had drunk on the way over, he said "šustuč mruupt čyeapz, fust šustuč pyeitsupt šwiaţ psoaŋ xeip ǰeaţ" - "you are a lucky man, I think your wife looks very pretty". The man looked confused, so Pwæð repeated himself: "fust šustuč pyeitsupt šwiaţ psoaŋ xeip ǰeaţ". For seemingly no reason, this threw the man into a fit of rage. Pwæð felt a ringing in his ears and a stinging on his skin as a hand smashed into his face. He wasn't quite sure what happened next, but he did know there was a chorus of shouts from the group on the beach, as oars and rocks began to be pelted at the delegation, cowering back to their boats.
As the minutes passed of Pwæð and his friends rowing out to sea, it became clear that they were not being followed. Phew. Blood lined the bottom of Pwæð's boat, and he began to feel more and more dizzy as the group approached the cape, with its angry, towering waves. The tide was lower now than it had been earler, which forced the group to row slightly beyond the reef, in the rougher sea. As Pwæð's boat rocked side to side, he worried about how his sensation had gone from dizzy, to sick, to ----. As he was thinking, a huge wave had come in and swept the boat clean over, dumping Pwæð and his cargo of xweipz into the ocean. His ears ringing more than ever, Pwæð tried to swim up to the surface, but it was no use - the current was pulling him down. As he kicked upwards with all his might, he saw shadows approaching beneath the waves. He looked at the cloud of blood coming from his upturned boat, and screamed in desperation. There was nothing he could do.

Key translations (Meakpuj dialect)

Meakpuj: the middle island with tin Nyæŋpuj: the northernmost island -šroþ: -people dzneapuakt: burn-PL-Indef-Gno (dzneap: burn) pyaivz: blue-green xab: dark grey jwič: rock/ore čræð: wood/log pyeitsupt: prostitute-F (pyeits: prostitute) psoaŋ: promiscuous

Key translations (Dzoagvrin dialect)

Nyæŋpuj: the northernmost island Dzoagvrin: the highlands/mainland dvziaţ: spiced wine xweipz: tin dzæd: corn bread dvzub: corn beer pyeitsupt: spouse-F (pyeits: spouse) psoaŋ: pretty šţyaið kwiin: salty fish with funny tasting salt
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2023.05.29 15:03 Freittrain86 Is my SD card causing my video to stop playing but the audio to continue?

I had a video where the audio kept playing but the video stopped. I'm on a gopro 11 black. I previously had this happen on my 7 black and attributed it to the batteries I was using were not OEM. I switched to OEM and it seemed to fix the issue on my 7 black. But I just got this 11 and i'm using the OEM enduro batteries. And the SD card I'm using is the recommended:

SanDisk 256GB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - Up to 160MB/s, C10, U3, V30, 4K, A2, Micro SD - SDSQXA1-256G-GN6MA

Is there a different SD card I should be using? The issue is very frustrating. And so far it's only happened on one video clip but it was a great shot of my son jumping in the pool and it was completely ruined by the video stopping half way through it.
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2023.05.29 15:02 wakkaffx2 Ming-Na Wen

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