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2023.03.26 10:17 Briarwood_Taco_Man I've owned 79 cars and decided to write a unique piece about each one, recounting highlights of my experiences with them, before I get too old and forget. Each will be done in a different way/style that feels right for it. This is the first one of my first car and I'd love to get some feedback :-)

I remember my mother’s 1977 BMW 320i was the only constant fixture in my periphery for the first seventeen years of my life. For a sizeable portion of my youth, I loved and obsessively ruminated on BMWs. They were a cherished gift to me from the world and best suited for my Aspergian sensibilities (clinically diagnosed). From memory, I could recite every model, feature and accessory for all of the 1980-1996 model lineup. Despite this, I specifically did not love our BMW. The entire time, it remained to me an unfortunate afterthought of a car. “Why don’t we ever have a good BMW?” was one of my usual, elementary school gripes. We got close at least one time with the near-purchase of that European-spec, e23 745i, but it just never happened.
I remember learning and committing to memory that our BMW’s original owner was a Palo Alto woman, a Stanford University professor. The woman seemed to enjoy driving the car too much, leaving it uncovered under the California sun and not maintaining it properly.
I remember the story of my father doing the pre-purchase inspection of the somewhat high-mileage, paint-damaged–albeit comparatively young–BMW in 1983. He summarily advised my mother not to buy it. Being the spark plug that she is, she took this recommendation under advisement and went ahead and bought it anyway.
I remember that this event–this BMW–is how my parents met and eventually decided to marry. He was her diligent, cautious, attentive mechanic, and she was his young, attractive, female customer. I assume that since it was the 1980s, my mother had legs–of the ZZ Top variety–and was well informed on how to use them.
I remember the story of my mother leaving a bag of peaches on the rear seat floor boards that eventually decomposed into a mound of organic glue and permanently fused to the sun-bleached, shit-stained beige carpet.
I remember hearing about how my mother would drive the BMW from El Sobrante to San Jose–fifty-plus miles–with the low fuel indicator light illuminated. My father would sit in the passenger’s seat, white-knuckled, a bead of terror sweat likely running down the side of his temple.
I remember the BMW sitting behind the laundry area of our Redmond home’s garage–an unassembled and deconstructed husk–unstarted for five-plus years.
I remember all of the BMW’s transformations from “anthrazitgrau” to “teal” to “lexus pearl white.”
I remember my mother deciding that the interior was going to be replaced and the color was going to be changed from beige to black. My mother purchased replacement Recaro seats for the BMW, but opted for the least expensive variants possible. I was deeply troubled, at the time, that the front bucket seats were charcoal cloth and the rear seat was black vinyl. My father’s contribution to the chaos was purchasing black door panels whose styles didn’t match one another because they were each sourced from separate BMWs of stylistically differing generations. To me, this all felt entirely criminal. I was present at the junkyard for at least one of these door panel purchases. The donor BMW was sad and pathetic, I recall. My father told me not to get too close to it because there was broken glass present. I complied.
I remember when our BMW was in a transitional state and didn’t have an interior, but was in drivable condition. My father amused us both by driving it up and down our Redmond street. He expertly operated the clutch and accelerator while sitting precariously atop a piece of scrap two-by-four that was balanced between the driver’s door sill and the center hump that ran the length of the interior. I sat in the passenger's side footwell and clapped like a seal while we both laughed hysterically. It was one of the few times my father didn’t seem so stoic and cautious. It was totally unsafe and a wonderful bonding experience that I absolutely cherish.
I remember seeing the aftermath of a semi truck that, after missing its intended turn, elected to come to a full stop on a highway near our home. The driver then attempted to correct this error by reversing, without looking, toward the front-end of our BMW that my dad was driving at the time. Without enough time to reverse, my dad was hit. The recently repainted grille and hood were smashed-in. My mother drove to pick my father up in our brand new Jeep Cherokee while I accompanied her, sitting in the back seat, nervous, but excited about observing the damage. I knew my father was alright, but I brought an open bag of candied pecans as an offering to comfort him. When we arrived, he was not interested in the candied pecans, which was odd to me. I was, however, awash with relief because I wasn’t actually that interested in sharing them, but simply wished to express my concern. I took advantage of the moment to eat the rest of the candies, which under any other circumstance, would have not been allowed.
I remember seeing the BMW at the body shop waiting to be repaired–how a working-class man expertly removed the BMW emblem that was on the smashed hood with a flat-blade screwdriver and gave it to me as a gift. The emblem was relatively new at the time, a replacement for the original one that had just previously been replaced. The otherwise pristine emblem had a small indentation from the damage. I was in possession of the emblem until 2001 at which point I threw it in the trash.
I remember my irresponsible sister–as a condition of her owning it–was required to maintain the BMW and this included washing it. Despite her protest, the one time I did actually see her wash it, she was sure to use a green scrub pad and managed to destroy the majority of the paint’s finish.
I remember my mother paying actual money to have the paint repaired.
I remember my sister absentmindedly losing one of the BMW’s original keys at the Costco in San Leandro. It was the only one of the three original keys that still had its black, plastic head. My mother had duplicates made, but they were not adequate. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive my sister for this offense.
I remember being present for the replacement of the BMW’s rod bearings in our San Antonio Avenue driveway. My sister previously flooded the engine in water and the BMW no longer ran correctly. She stated that it was misfiring and producing blue flames from the tailpipe. I started the engine when the job was completed–momentarily channeling my inner Frank Zappa–and told my father the BMW sounded like something that could only be described as “canned soup.” It sounded clunky and misfire-y and shitty: like canned soup.
I remember my father, dirty and grease-stained, being very confused by my aforementioned remark.
I remember standing on our hand-laid, herringbone, reclaimed brick driveway, staring at the dirty-white, thoroughly beaten-up BMW that was recently abandoned by my sister, asking myself how much I really cared about it. That day turned out to be instructive: it was the first time in my life that, retrospectively, everything could have been different. I would not even closely resemble the person I am today, save for choosing the direction that I didn’t choose. I had to decide to pursue the Jeep Cherokee that I loved, or rescue the BMW that I always knew. In my sixteen-year-old mind, acquiring the BMW would be an effortless slam dunk that the Jeep would not. The Jeep would require more effort to acquire, but it was also the one I really cared about. I was concerned that if I didn’t save the BMW right then and there it would go away. Both options were untenable for me. I could feel both of my recently divorced parents staring at me as I weighed the two options. Going with my gut and not my heart, I chose to capitulate to anxiety and doubt by choosing the way I did: the BMW. My rationalization was that there was still time to save the Jeep. I could figure out how later; I just needed more time. I drove the BMW from the San Antonio Avenue house to the Central Avenue house on or around the first day of October in 2001.
I remember that I bought the BMW from my mother for “$1,500.” I paid $500, my father paid $500 and my mother “paid” herself $500.
I remember immediately discovering the joys of the junkyard and making my first purchase of a stained, yellow, molded carpet from some tragic donor. I wanted a filthy carpet because my plan was to also be filthy. I sought to trash my interior and not care about maintaining it because I wished to lean into my “gross teenager” aesthetic. I wanted to be able to drop frenchfries and soda and lucky charms and not give a shit. At the time I was able to comfortably exist in one of two paradigms: abject filth or obsessive cleanliness. There was no middle ground. This is something that remains to be true to this day, except I can now only tolerate the latter. My yellow carpet lasted for less than one month before the anxiety of it being filthy overcame me and I removed it, throwing it away as quickly as possible. I reinstalled the previously removed carpet and was angry about it.
I remember installing makeshift rear headrests that didn’t fit correctly. I used a hacksaw, a pair of unmatching black, cloth headrests purchased from the junkyard, two pieces of reclaimed wood with unmeasured holes drilled into them using a Victorian hand-crank-operated drill and several rubber bands. Many European-spec BMW 320i models were available with optional rear headrests, but models for the American market were not. This was terribly aggravating for me at sixteen-years-old.
I remember Jolene asking me for a ride home after school. I was uninterested in performing this favor, but complied because doing so was considerably less taxing than thoroughly explaining why it made me uncomfortable and didn’t want to do it. That was a nice, fall day in the afternoon and I can still recall the look of tree-lined Central Avenue as I drove past High street. I came to regret doing this favor as someone from my high school saw us and relayed to others what I’d done. It was then rumored that Jolene and I were romantically involved and this turned my stomach in a way I cannot adequately describe.
I remember Chris and Jasmine asking me for a ride to their respective homes after school while they canoodled in my back seat like the two love-struck, teenage assholes they were. They were both overly attentive, flattering, and obsequious toward me during the drive which made my desire for total silence all the more blinding. The useful moron I typically was at the time, I received this all as clear confirmation that they had no respect for me. I was, however, less uninterested in driving them than I was Jolene, but still just as mortified by the prospect of explaining why I didn’t want to do it as opposed to just doing it. These were people I didn’t really know and had no interest in helping, but I did. They never spoke to me again. This is correct.
I remember Danny looking at the BMW, telling me it was a “hooptie” and asked me if I agreed. Being neither of his ilk, nor of his particular caliber, I wasn’t sure what that word meant, so I nodded and escaped the situation as quickly as possible so as not to be roped into further discourse. Danny is a twat of a man and now, aptly, a real estate agent.
I remember how the BMW never easily started. I assume it was an engine compression issue.
I remember a brisk, overcast fall morning, how the air was cold and wet. After pulling out of the Central Avenue driveway, a thin layer of mist condensed on the windshield. I had trouble seeing as I drove, but I didn’t want to smear the moisture on the glass because it would have left annoying smudge marks when it dried and smudge marks are extremely difficult to clean off of interior windshield glass. Seeing no other available option, I continued to drive down Central Avenue crouching, peering through the thin slit of cleared glass that was closest to the defrost vents blowing at high speed. The glass wasn’t clearing fast enough, so in an outburst, I punched the top of the glass near the rear-view mirror in a logical attempt to bully the glass into clearing more quickly. A thin, meandering line suddenly appeared, bisecting the sheets of glass, suspiciously close to the spot my knuckle just struck.
I remember telling my parents that a crack in the windshield glass had suddenly appeared and that I had no idea how it got there.
I remember my first job was at an ice-cream shop in my hometown and how the BMW was not considered a form of reliable transportation to and from it.
I remember being so aggravated by the BMW after two months of owning it, that I told my mother if she didn’t take it back, I’d have it crushed.
I remember being told that I would receive $700 in exchange for the BMW–$200 more than I’d personally paid–but never seeing this money and wondering what happened to it.
I remember expressing a renewed interest in the Jeep Cherokee now owned by my father, but being told I couldn’t acquire it because I wouldn’t be able to materialize the lump sum of cash required to purchase it, quickly enough.
I remember resigning myself to my fate and not making any real attempt to fight for the Jeep: the thing I loved most at the time–the thing I thought would solve all of my problems. I could have done a lot more, but I chose not to. The Jeep was then sold to some sexually attractive dad and his obnoxious, harpy wife soon thereafter.
I remember the BMW also going away, back to mother’s condo on Shoreline Drive to live out the remainder of its days with her much the way it did in the early 1990s: parked and languishing.
I remember my mother moving to the house on Macarthur Boulevard and the BMW being sequestered in the damp, crumbling cement garage that was carved out from the side of the hill under the house.
I remember bird feces and a layer of cement dust coating the top of the BMW the last few times I saw it.
I remember replacing the BMW’s starter–an abject nightmare of a repair–in an effort to correct the starting issues. This repair corrected nothing and was completely unrelated to the actual problem.
I remember my mother surprising me by stating in or around 2002 that she was going to sell the BMW after twenty years of clinging to it, dragging it along with us everywhere we moved.
I remember the first prospective buyer of the BMW was a buff, extremely handsome, 30-something black man in a skin-tight, white t-shirt and black jeans. I fantasized about the man possibly sweeping me off my feet and taking me far away from this place. I was still technically a minor at the time, but only in the ways that mattered.
I remember hoping and praying that the BMW would start-up quickly enough not to raise any eyebrows as to its viability and reliability. It did. It would seem that it wanted rid of us as surely as we wanted rid of it.
I remember the man being allowed to go on a solo test drive, unaccompanied, and me and my mom not really caring if the BMW never came back.
I remember the transaction being completed and the BMW being sold for $1500.
I remember, with absolute crystal clarity, observing the BMW drive away for the last time, north on Macarthur Boulevard, disappearing beyond the sunny horizon after cresting over a hill, never to be seen or heard of again.
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2023.03.26 10:13 startech416 Anomaly [Chapter 1]

Physically transcribed memory: Michael Perst, Civilian
Date [central daylight time]: April 14, 2024
Lounging on the couch and, ideally, scrolling through social media isn’t really what I had in mind when I decided to take this vacation. After a few more minutes of procrastination, I decided to make the final checks on my gear and camping equipment for the trip. Standing up and stretching, I make my way towards the kitchen in my humble abode. Crouching near the pile, I make sure everything I need is not only included but also packed away neatly and tightly.
Nearby, the TV is broadcasting the local news. Nothing of interest other than clear skies for the week and some interviews with a dietitian regarding some new health craze that's been blowing up on the internet. However, as I’m tightening straps and zipping bags up, my attention is grabbed as I hear the mention of answers regarding NASA and over a certain subject.
A middle-aged brunette for the local news station seems to be asking some rather important questions to what seems to be some scientists representing the company. I decided that my checking of the bags has been fulfilled as I stand up and turn my attention to the television.
"And what can you tell us regarding the rumors about the supposed delays regarding the Artemis 2 launch?" The news anchor almost had a sort of hunger in her eyes as she asked the question, and the representative cleared his throat.
"With such a large gap between the last crewed missions conducted by NASA, and as unfortunate as it is, the delays are confirmed, but we want to make sure everything is in 100 percent working order. And-"
The television is drowned out as my phone begins to ring, and quickly I grab it off of the table to see my friend that will be accompanying me on the trip. I quickly picked up to answer.
"What's up shitbag?" A giggle nearly escapes my lips.
"Oh, go fuck yourself dude. Do you have everything packed for the trip? It's been forever since we’ve gotten a chance to actually hang out. Plus, I thought you could use a bit of a getaway from the city since you’re always cooped up in that warehouse."
I glance over at the pile of assorted packs, gear, and a case or two. Mulling it over, there's a chance I might have overpacked. However, if what I was told about the trip is true, it’ll truly be in the middle of nowhere, so being overprepared isn’t a bad idea, plus we can get some good rucking in.
"Yeah, I should be good; if we’re still cool with it, I’m going to bring my kit. I’d like to get some drills in. Then we can fuck around with our NODs, yeah?" Immediately, my friend launches into a tirade of all the things we’ll be doing since we’ll be there for a week, then the conversation halts.
I can already tell where this is going just based on how his tone is. I let out a sigh as he starts to ask. "Hey Mike, you're going to be good. Ya know, with the insulin pump and all that? Or if your blood sugar goes low, should I get a bunch of sugar in case you need it?"
I chuckled, "Jake!" I’ll be fine. I’ve had this since I was a kid and made sure extra of everything was packed. Just make sure you bring your fancy cooler, and it should be okay." I absentmindedly grab my insulin pump to check my stats, and my CGM advises me that I’m perfectly in range and everything else is in normal operation.
That seems to have done the trick. He has a tendency to worry about my diabetes. I should be glad though since he seems to understand it for the most part. As the conversation gets back on topic, we eventually agree to make our way to the property in separate vehicles since we’re both bringing a decent set of supplies with us. Eventually exchanging pleasantries and ending the phone call, my attention is again drawn to the television, the portion regarding the Artimus launch still poking at the back of my mind; a small sense of disappointment with a flavor of understanding stagnates with it.
It's understandable that they’d need to delay it; something as important as sending people back to the moon takes a lot of calculations. But man, to live through a new era of space exploration Memories of myself in my younger years begin playback in my own theater, which is my mind. I was always amazed and interested in the study of space, planets, and how the universe worked. The utter excitement I experienced when I got a telescope for my tenth birthday was so intense that I was almost vibrating. I couldn’t wait to look at the moon, and when I did, I knew I couldn’t stop the track that I was on.
I quickly snap back to the present, looking at my watch and cursing to myself as I begin the long track to load all the equipment up. Jake was right. I need some sort of distraction from my life. As well as things were going for me, I needed to disconnect and open up to the outdoors. Maybe we’ll spot some meteors while we’re out. But for now, I need to load the car up.


This tiny idea came from a dream after spending a couple nights reading the main story and other fanfics on the sub. I also don't use reddit at all so formatting might be a bit off, it's also been literal years since I last sat down to write something out. I'm still trying to figure out pacing and such for the entire story, please do enjoy and thanks for letting me be part of the community!
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2023.03.26 10:07 tcvyxcksya 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦




Robert and Chelsea had a hard time keeping from laughing when they all came out and saw her laying there. The way they came to a sudden stop with their mouths hanging open was just hilarious. Especially since everyone of them had been around Chelsea constantly at school and obviously couldn't recognize it was her that they were looking at. Even the three girls in the group were at a loss for who "that hot chick hanging out with Robert"(Their exact words) was. Even more funny was the way they were too intimidated by Chelsea's beauty to come that close to them.
I came three times that night. I’d actually stolen an old margarine container and put my own stash of Vaseline in my bedside drawer. The third time, especially, was the beautiful agony you hear about. There wasn’t much cum left in me by then, but I kept myself on the edge for about an hour before that final load dribbled out.
"Almost done," I reply, kinda down.
As she opened her eyes and looked down, Jennifer was amazed to see that Ryan's cock was completely buried inside her. She looked up at Ryan, who leaned down and planted a tender kiss on her lips as he started to slowly slide his long cock back out of her.
My sister Carmen was crying at that point and so too was I. For 5 minutes we consoled each other. I held my older sister in my arms as she rested her head on me. I kissed her forehead gently and then she raised her head up to the sparkling discolored sky. "Is there anything you wish you had done Josh?"
“I’m okay.”
"Christie, can I put it inside you?"
Jane continued to talk to Edith “They are certainly good looking boys and that was a lovely experience, how on earth did you manage not to come yourself?”
"I just got a call from the police to inform me your father is dead," she said. He could hear the tears in her voice and her voice caught in her throat with a sob when she said 'dead'.
I said nothing but drew back the blankets to invite her into my bed which she wasted no time sliding in closely beside me. Replacing the blankets and taking her tightly into my arms, I kissed her deeply to show her how much I was enjoying finally having her in bed with me.
“I would think that you still have left, but I don’t, that is why I’m running away”
“Until I ask you to stop. You will stop when I ask you to, won’t you?”
Finally, she lowered her hand down his chest, across his belly, and began swirling around his belly button with her fingers, teasing him. It wasn’t quite enough to start turning him on yet, as he was still in his cuddling mindset, but she started moving her hand just inside the top of his pants, and that quickly brought him into a much warmer mindset.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Nick asked.
“Haven’t you had enough Ashley?”
“Look son” he began in a deep gruff voice. “I could easily pull you both down to the station and book you.”
huge cock, 9" or so. He placed his cock to her freshly fucked ass and
“That’s fine, dear. Thank you!” Dottie said. “David, are you going to let Jack fuck her ass, or not?” She turned the vibrator on low, and began giving herself a gentle pussy massage. Tracy sat on the other chair and slipped out the other vibrator she had hidden in her other hand. She spread her legs and began playing and watching too.
“I know” I smiled. “Thanks to you”
I looked down, and to my shock, my hardon was outside my shorts. It had raised the material, now it was outside, standing straight up. Before I could react, I felt two hard nipples being pressed into my back, as Mrs. Davis's hands reached around me, on each side. One hand pressed into my stomach, while the other suddenly sent sparks through my throbbing erection. "What is this, young man, you seem to have something sticking out, down here." Mrs. Davis, whispering those words into my ear, made my hormones go crazy. I forgot what I had promised myself.
“What it do, girl?”
I couldn’t help but smirk when I saw their fridge. They had one of those rich suburban family fridges with the water tap in it. I quickly found a glass and helped myself to their water, opting for the ‘cool’ tap, since the fridge was kind enough to ask. Unfortunately, I nearly choked on it when someone turned the corner.
One of the girls whispers to the others, "I bet she's playing with herself again."
“Why is he looking at me?”
She did as I asked but still trying to talk me out of what I had planned as she sat first on the bed and just lay back with her legs hanging over the edge. She kept her legs closed.
Almost immediately I dropped off to sleep. A sleep that was deep and dreamless. In the morning I woke clear headed and rested. I showered to freshen up before going down stairs. I still wore the oversized black t-shirt but with nothing else.
Adam - oh god that spot i think I feel it.
"Actually, I don't think I do. No," she answers. As a response, some of the tension in Daniel's body goes away. Chloe can feel it.
Samantha yelled after us, “Have fun!”
"Oh, yeah. That's it," Freddy unintentionally remarked to himself under his breath, accidentally dropping his outwardly-stern demeanor for just a moment, as his fingers felt Bea's already-moist pussy crack become noticeably wetter. And he was proud of himself, because he realized that he had just caused Bea to orgasm. And that was something that he had never done to a girl before, although he had read several books that had described in detail how girls masturbate. Freddy also breathed a big sigh or relief, because he knew that Bea most likely wasn't going to do anything from this point onward to try to stop him from having sex with her.
Wide eyed, Danni watched him stroking, fascinated at watching another boy jerking off. His hand slapped his balls with each stroke. He arched his back and pushed out his crotch, holding it over Danni’s head. With a guttural moan, he came. Danni watched his hot, white cum blasting out of his cock and falling onto her naked body, coating her breasts and stomach with his cum.
Rick leant over her and kissed her, savored his sister’s kiss as the clean scent of her hair filled his nostrils. She was passionate like her mother and her body writhed as his tongue explored her mouth. His kisses flowed like warm water over her throat as he sucked and licked her soft skin. His lips slowly explored her bare shoulders, licking each pore on his way to lightly lick around her perfectly formed breasts as her chest lifted, hands holding him lightly to her body as his tongue tip circled her nipples, breath wafting over them like a warm summer breeze, kissing them with its gentle touch as they throbbed stiffly erect. She moaned her disappointment as his laving caresses moved lower, tongue laving flatly along her rib cage til her stomach sucked in as he licked her there. Her skin felt so soft against his cheek as he lay his face upon her and savored the scent of her arousement. Rick felt an intense love for his sister as his head lay upon her while listening to the rapid beat of her heart. Her warmth warmed him inside as her arousement scent intoxicated and drove his mouthing lower on her groin. How many times had he imagined doing this as he stroked his dick, never for a second believing his sister would want him to in real life. Now here she was writhing beneath his touches and gentle kisses. His tongue explored the gentle valleys of her groin and thighs, licking slowly along each of them until his lips sucked at the soft skin above the throbbing, tautly swollen torment she felt. He wanted to just ram his dick in her and fuck her hard and relieve his own tormented need deep inside her. But this was his little sis and he needed to savor every inch of her in case it never happened again. He wanted to commit to memory every pore of her body, its taste and feel beneath his fingertips and his tongue. He sucked at the skin surrounding her intense need, sucked hard directly beside it as her moans became desperate. He watched her clit swell and grow until it throbbed visibly beneath the breath he blew over it.
Jenny’s smile did not waver. “Come on, just one picture.”
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I was confused so I picked up my clothes and threw them on and walked quickly out of the room. I liked having sex with him, but I felt like he didn't like it. The rest of the night I felt so awkward and used. At the same time I felt accomplished and excited. Kayla always treated me like a little kid and thought she was better than me, but I had sex before her. He was so cute and nice, but now he seemed like he hated me. I didn't know how to feel so I slept.
“I'm sorry.” He pulled her to her feet and hugged her. "I wasn't thinking. I should have warned you or—"
“Well, I… Morgan huffed. “Yeah, I’ve gotten blueballed like seven times tonight. Sue me.”
Me: So…are you going to want a ride with us this morning?
With my whole body shaking, I grabbed her hips, lifted her up, and forced my cock into the lips of her pussy. She gave high-pitched moan and gripped my shoulders as I penetrated her, and my eyes nearly rolled all the way back into my head from the feeling of her soft wet cunt gripping the shaft and head. She began rocking back and forth, riding my erect phallus as if it were one of those coin-operated rides outside of superstores. With each passing second, she became more and more energized, bouncing on my lap. Happier than ever before in my life, I held out my tongue and licked her tits as they bounced in my face.
"Oh no, now is it where the fun all starts." Vicky clapped her hands. "Rise and shine. And boys and girls.. No need to get dressed. It's not like we haven't seen it all now, is it?"
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2023.03.26 09:37 HeavyDutyApe Is this normal??

Hi all, 2019 gti se dsg hit 69k.
I know the characteristics of dsg(DCT) trans, read tons of writing. But the problem recently I got in my car is she often moves further when I bring her to stop at the red light.
I usually drive auto, not with shifters. When I gradually apply the brakes, she slows down a little bit roughly by downshifting(DCT thing). And just before a complete stop like 5-10 mph, it feels like downshift to 1st or 2nd, she moves forward 1-2ft which I didn't mean.
My right foot was completely off the accel pedal, on the brake pedal.
I can stand rough downshift, but I never stand this sympthom for safety reasons.
Previous owner did 40k inspection, and did fluid check.
Anyone has this same symptom?
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2023.03.26 09:34 tazzytazzy Looking at a 2021 Silverado - It's been for sale at 3 dealerships - Why do they do this?

I'm looking for a Silverado 1500s and I found one near me (within 50 miles) at a name-brand dealer - it wasn't acquired thru auction. However, it's been for sale at 3 dealerships all within California. I've googled the names of the dealerships and tried to find a common thread - they are not the same owners or belong to an automotive group from what I can tell.
I'm being vague so the dealers won't get attention and I don't want someone to snag this example as it has certain attributes I like.
Here's what I found:
1) There are 2 youtube videos of the vehicle from 2 of the dealerships. They used the same background track and the same speakeannouncer guy. This screams automotive group to me, but I don't know - just a guess.
2) According to carfax, it's been on sale for (dates/places changed, but you get the idea - I'm keeping the dates semi-intact due to timing of transactions. Locations are not even close.):
9/25/2022 - For sale by dealer A, lets say SF/Bay area.
10/11/2022 - For sale by dealer A, lets say SF/Bay area. (second carfax entry, same place)
12/05/2022 - For sale dealer B, lets say Chico.
3/05/2023 - For sale dealer C, Sacramento area.

According to and cargurus, the price has gone up by $3k between dealer B and C.
Does each dealer buy the car and assume they can make more? Are they hiding a fault?
Even though the Silverado is currently at a Chevy dealer, would you get a pre-purchase inspection from a competing Chevy dealer across town?
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2023.03.26 09:24 MagneticGray Looking for a base model/no-spoiler owner that would like to trunk swap for mine with the Premium spoiler. My car is Ceramic White and I’m willing to drive a few hours from the central Virginia/Blue Ridge area.

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2023.03.26 09:22 gauravbordiya The Power of Digital Marketing: Strategies for Success in the Digital Age

The Power of Digital Marketing: Strategies for Success in the Digital Age
With the rise of digital marketing, the world of marketing has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. To compete and succeed in today's digital age, businesses must have a strong online presence. The power of digital marketing stems from its ability to reach a larger audience, engage with customers in real time, and track performance metrics. In this article, we'll look at digital marketing success strategies.
  1. Define your target audience
It is critical to define your target audience before beginning your digital marketing campaign. This will assist you in tailoring your message and marketing efforts to reach the appropriate people. Create a buyer persona by identifying your target audience's demographics, interests, and behaviours. This will assist you in creating content that is both engaging and valuable to your audience.
  1. Create a strong brand identity
The foundation of your digital marketing efforts is your brand identity. A consistent brand voice, messaging, and visual identity across all digital channels is critical. This will aid in the development of brand recognition and trust among your target audience. Your company's values, mission, and personality should be reflected in your brand identity.
  1. Develop a content marketing strategy
Content marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. To attract and retain your target audience, you must create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Create a content marketing strategy that is consistent with your brand identity and buyer personas. Blog posts, social media updates, videos, and infographics should all be included.
  1. Leverage social media
Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool. It enables businesses to interact with their customers in real time, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to their website. Select social media platforms that correspond to your target audience and brand identity. Create a social media calendar and post on a regular basis to stay top-of-mind with your target audience.
  1. Optimize your website for search engines
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). This increases visibility and organic traffic to your website. Conduct keyword research and optimise the content, meta tags, and URLs on your website. Create high-quality backlinks to boost the domain authority of your website.
  1. Measure and analyze your results
Data-driven decision-making is central to digital marketing. To determine the success of your campaigns, measure and analyse your performance metrics. Track website traffic, conversion rates, and engagement metrics with tools like Google Analytics. Use this data to improve your digital marketing strategy and results.
Certainly! Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important part of digital marketing. It entails optimising your website and content so that it appears higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This increases visibility, organic traffic, and, ultimately, leads and sales. This article will discuss the significance of SEO and strategies for optimising your website.
What is the importance of SEO?
The vast majority of online interactions begin with a search engine. When a user performs a query search, they are presented with a list of results known as SERPs. The goal of SEO is to increase visibility and traffic by ranking higher in these SERPs. Higher rankings also increase user credibility and trust, which can lead to more clicks, shares, and conversions.
SEO optimisation strategies for your website:
Keyword research is the process of identifying the keywords and phrases that your target audience uses to search for your products or services. To find high-volume, low-competition keywords, use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. Use these keywords in the content, meta tags, and URLs of your website.
Create high-quality content: SEO relies heavily on high-quality content. It should be educational, entertaining, and relevant to your intended audience. Use keywords strategically throughout your content, but refrain from keyword stuffing, which can result in penalties. To attract and retain your audience, start a blog and post regularly.
Optimize your website's structure: The structure of your website is an important aspect of SEO. Make sure your website is simple to use and has a clear hierarchy. Use internal linking to connect your pages and improve the crawlability of your website.
Create high-quality backlinks: Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. They're an important part of SEO because they tell search engines that your site is valuable and relevant. Create valuable content and promote it on social media or through outreach to generate high-quality backlinks.
Optimize your website's technical aspects: Technical aspects of your website, such as page speed and mobile responsiveness, also play a role in SEO. Make sure your website is quick, secure, and mobile-friendly.
Monitor your performance: Use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your website. Monitor your rankings, traffic, and conversion rates to determine the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Use this information to fine-tune your strategy and improve your results.
SEO is a vital component of digital marketing. It aids in increasing visibility, driving organic traffic, and establishing user credibility. Conduct keyword research, create high-quality content, optimise your website's structure and technical aspects, build high-quality backlinks, and track your performance to optimise your website for SEO. You can improve your website's rankings and drive more traffic to it by implementing these strategies.
To summarise, digital marketing is essential for companies to succeed in the digital age. Like I am also a owner of small business in Bangalore and I am taking SEO service from best SEO Company in Bangalore to expand my business and literally I am getting lot of traffic and business and this is what everyone want right? Businesses can reach a larger audience, interact with customers in real time, and track performance metrics. Businesses must define their target audience, create a strong brand identity, develop a content marketing strategy, leverage social media, optimise their website for search engines, and measure and analyse their results in order to succeed in digital marketing. Businesses can achieve digital marketing success and expand their online presence by implementing these strategies.
Hope this one helps you understand Digital Marketing and SEO!
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2023.03.26 09:17 Dwood15 Moloch Comes For The Deserts - A Quick Summary Of The Ongoing, Near-Term Natural Disaster of the Great Salt Lake

Link to the NY Times Article "I Am Haunted by What I Have Seen at Great Salt Lake"
Strongly Recommend reading the whole NYT opinion article, but:
The Great Salt Lake is a local water feature of the state of Utah, and is facing drying up.
A report out of Brigham Young University and other institutions earlier this year warned that the contraction has been quickening since 2020 and that if we do not take emergency measures immediately, Great Salt Lake will disappear in five years.
Link to the Brigham Young University-sponsored report
The lake and its wetlands provide minerals for Utah’s industries, thousands of local jobs, and habitat for 10 million migratory birds1–4. Fertilizer and brine shrimp from the lake feed millions of people worldwide5,6. The lake provides $2.5 billion in direct economic activity yearly7–10, as well as increasing precipitation, suppressing toxic dust, and supporting 80% of Utah’s wetlands11–17.
We are underestimating the consequences of losing the lake. Despite encouraging growth in legislative action and public awareness, most Utahns do not realize the urgency of this crisis. Examples from around the world show that saline lake loss triggers a long-term cycle of environmental, health, and economic suffering30–35. Without a coordinated rescue, we can expect widespread air and water pollution, numerous Endangered Species Act listings, and declines in agriculture, industry, and overall quality of life1–4,36.
One thing that may not be understood well is how insanely dusty Utah is. During fires, the entire valley smells of ash. When winds kick up, your eyes fill with specs of dust. You get a car wash, and if you park your car outside it's covered in dust in less than a day. People have to spray off their solar panels or they lose efficacy.
Utah, currently home to 3.3 million and in 2030, a projected 5.5 million people, if the lake dries up in the projected 5 years-from-now, probably half of those 5.5 million may be forced to leave their homes, especially if that arsenic in the sand of the lake starts to kick up.
The BYU-Sponsored report states, again, that the water comes from from:
Reference image
Like most saline lakes, Great Salt Lake has a large watershed crossing multiple jurisdictions (Fig. 6)2,30,68. The 23-million-acre watershed is divided into four main basins, with the Bear, Jordan, and Weber watersheds contributing almost all surface water inflow (Fig. 6). Irrigated agriculture covers 1.4 million acres or 6% of the watershed. 63% of this agricultural land occurs in Utah, 31% in Idaho, 5% in Wyoming, and 1% in Nevada. Urban development covers 0.7 million acres or 3% of the watershed area, with 93% occurring in Utah.
Some open questions for discussion:
  • Will the Utah State Government be able to coordinate and stave off the predicted loss of the lake?
  • Will anyone get sick from arsenic poisoning due to the lake's continued recession, before it fully disappears?
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2023.03.26 08:44 e-forbes How to Convert ETH to USD with Coinbase ?

Coinbase is one of the most popular options when it comes to cashing out Ethereum for USD Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company founded in 2012. One of the most well-known exchanges in the industry, offering a user-friendly platform, Coinbase does not offer the most competitive rates when exchanging ETH for USD, but it makes up for it in convenience. In this article, we will show you how to convert ETH to USD on Coinbase.

Can I convert Crypto to USD at Coinbase?

Yes, you can convert cryptocurrency to USD on Coinbase. To do so, sign in to your Coinbase account and select the "Convert" option from the menu. Next, enter the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to convert and select "USD" as the destination currency. Finally, confirm the transaction and the cryptocurrency will be converted to USD.

Coinbase's auto-conversion feature

If you wish to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDC, Coinbase's auto-conversion feature will assist you in easily converting incoming payments to USD; in addition to Coinbase accounts using USD and USDC on supported networks, It can also be used to deposit USD and USDC into your Coinbase account.

Where can I convert Ethereum to USD?

There is no universal answer to this question, as there are many different ways to convert Ethereum to USD. Common methods include using cryptocurrency exchanges, selling ETH to USD on peer-to-peer platforms, and using direct ETH to USD conversion services. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to research each option carefully before deciding which one is right for you.
The currency converter in the image below is easy to use and is updated regularly. Given the recent volatility of the global currency markets, it is very important to have one in place. Change the base currency in the currency calculator USD 1 ETH 1,294.478415 USD 1 0.000772512 ETH Money Transfer Partners International 98 currency can be used to send money to 130 countries, including the US dollar.

Convert Eth to Usd with Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It mediates the exchange of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) for fiat currency in approximately 32 countries, and trades and stores Bitcoin in 190 countries worldwide.

Ethereum Exchange: How to Trade Ethereum with Fiat Currencies

There are several websites and exchanges where you can trade Ethereum in dollars or euros. Ethereum can be purchased in dollars or euros through Coinbase, a popular online exchange. If you want to exchange Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies, Binance is a good choice. Once Ethereum is in your Coinbase wallet, you can use it to buy other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through crypto exchanges.
How to convert Crypto to Usd on Coinbase
To convert crypto to Usd on Coinbase, sign in to your account and click "Buy/Sell" at the top of the page." Enter the amount of crypto you want to sell in the "Sell" field and click "Review Sell Order. Enter your password, review the order details, and click "Sell [Crypto]."

How to convert cryptocurrencies on Coinbase

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be converted to dollars or euros on popular digital marketplaces such as Coinbase: go to the Coinbase website, click on the "wallet" icon in the upper left corner of the page, and enter your desired cryptocurrency. Once you have selected the cryptocurrency you wish to convert, click on the "Coins" tab and select from the list of options. Click the "Convert" button to complete the conversion.
How to Convert Ethereum to Bitcoin on Coinbase
To convert Ethereum to Bitcoin on Coinbase, login to your account and go to the "Buy/Sell" page. Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to convert and select "Convert to Bitcoin." Within a few minutes, the bitcoins will be sent to your Coinbase account.
Advantages of Coinbase
Coinbase allows you to convert your cryptocurrency holdings into other popular cryptocurrencies, and its wallet extension makes it easy to do so. if you want to convert ETH into BTC, be sure to check CEX.IO, one of the most popular spot markets for this type of transaction CEX.IO, which is one of the most popular spot markets for this type of transaction.
Read alsoHow to earn TRX online?How To Earn Money With Cryptocurrencies on Binance?Ledger Nano S vs. Ledger Nano X: Which Hardware Wallet is Right for You?Your Guide to Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Coinbase Conversion Fees
What is a conversion fee? as of June 30, Coinbase Wallet charges a flat 1% fee on all swaps. This fee is listed on the transaction confirmation screen as well as the network fee.
Coinbase Pro charges a Maker-Taker fee based on its transaction fees. A distinction is made between liquidity (maker orders) and liquidity (taker orders). When you place an order, you are charged based on the price range you are currently in; Coinbase calculates commissions based on the total USD trading volume for the immediately preceding 30 days. Trades are converted to USD in the non-USD book based on the book's latest fill price. We recommend that you review your commission tiers before making future purchases to ensure that you are included in the updated price range.

Is there a fee for converting cryptocurrencies?

Many cryptocurrency exchanges charge a percentage of the value traded, usually about 0.1%, so if you trade $10,000, you may be charged a $10 fee. Usually the fee is a flat fee, but the larger the transaction amount, the more you will have to pay.

How to convert bitcoins to cash?

When converting bitcoins to U.S. dollars, the conversion typically takes about 10 minutes, although this time may vary depending on the amount of traffic on Coinbase's network. Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to see the digital currency in your account.
US Dollars
In the United States, the dollar is the official unit of currency; one dollar is equivalent to 100 cents. The dollar is divided into bills of various denominations, including $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. A dollar is also available in the form of coins, such as 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents.
Is the dollar strong?
The dollar has been rising for quite some time. According to one index, the dollar has appreciated 20% since the beginning of 2021 and 15% this year. On a valuation basis, the dollar looks overvalued.

Advantages and Pitfalls of a Dollar

As the U.S. economy improves, the value of the dollar is expected to increase. U.S. consumers and businesses will benefit as prices for goods and services become more affordable. A stronger dollar will also make U.S. exports more competitive in the global marketplace.
It is important to remember that a currency is not always a good thing by itself. Inflation and other economic problems can occur as a result of a currency's value fluctuating too much. Although the U.S. dollar is expected to appreciate in the coming year, it is always important to remain vigilant about how it will be affected.

Frequently asked questions with answers

Sure, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about cryptocurrencies:
Q: What is a cryptocurrency?
A: A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and operates independently of a central bank.
Q: What is Bitcoin?
A: Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. It is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, and has a limited supply of 21 million coins.
Q: What is Ethereum?
A: Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that enables the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts. Its cryptocurrency is called Ether (ETH).
Q: What is a blockchain?
A: A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed across a network of computers. Each block in the chain contains a record of several transactions, and once a block is added to the chain, it cannot be altered.
Q: What is a wallet?
A: A wallet is a digital storage device that holds your cryptocurrencies. It allows you to send, receive, and store your cryptocurrencies securely.
Q: What is a private key?
A: A private key is a secret code that allows you to access your cryptocurrency holdings. It is used to sign transactions and provide proof that you are the rightful owner of the cryptocurrency.
Q: What is a public key?
A: A public key is a code that is associated with your wallet address. It allows others to send you cryptocurrency, but does not give them access to your holdings.
Q: What is mining?
A: Mining is the process by which new coins are added to a blockchain network. It involves solving complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and add new blocks to the chain.
Q: What is a smart contract?
A: A smart contract is a self-executing contract that is stored on a blockchain. It is programmed to automatically execute the terms of the contract when certain conditions are met.
Q: What is a decentralized application?
A: A decentralized application (DApp) is an application that is built on a blockchain platform. It operates independently of a central authority and is typically more secure and transparent than traditional applications.
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2023.03.26 08:20 LRonPaul2012 If taxes are theft, then libertarians need to boycott the use of US currency

When most people apply to the "taxes are theft" argument, there's two main approaches:
  1. Appeal to their humanity: Doesn't work on sociopaths
  2. Appeal to pragmatism: Doesn't work on idiots
But there's a better response: If libertarians claim they don't need government services, then call them on their bluff, and point out that money itself is a government service. If you bring up something like roads, libertarians will insist that the market will provide a cheapebetter alternative once taxes go away. But when it comes to money, the free market alternatives already exist, but libertarians refuse to use them because the alternatives are useless without government backing.
This isn't exactly a new argument: There's the famous "Render unto Caesar" line from Jesus himself in the bible.

1. You cannot have fiat currency without taxes and spending

In David Graeber's book "Debt: The First 5000 Years," Graeber explores the history of money citing actual research rather than the historical fanfiction.
Money is circulated throughout the economy by government spending. If there was no government spending, then there would be no money to go around. Money has value because of the demand created by taxation. In the absence of taxes, then the dollar would effectively be worthless.
Hence, if libertarians are really against the idea of taxes and spending, then they should be demanding zero dollars in their bank account, rather than asking for more of them. Their entire goal is to increase their supply of dollars by cutting off the supply, which doesn't make any fucking sense.

2. Free market currencies exist, but they've been rejected by the free market

Libertarians will respond to the previous point by insisting that free market alternatives like gold and bitcoin are not only viable, but superior. But every argument in favor of these alternatives treats them as investment vehicles for the sake of generating more fiat, rather than a currency in itself. This isn't simply my opinion, it's the outcome of the free market itself.
Here's the fundamental problem: Money is supposed to be a medium of exchange, which means it must be agreeable to both parties: Something people are willing to gain, and something people are willing to lose. Except those are two opposing goals, so how can it be both? Libertarians champion gold and bitcoin because the scarcity will encourage hoarding and discourage spending. They never seem to understand that you can't have a transaction without spenders. They assume that their employers will pay them in gold coins, rather than keeping them for themselves.
Fiat currency solves this by using inflation to encourage spending, and taxes to encourage demand, which is why it's been embraced by the free market.

3. Fiat currency is so appealing that even foreign nations are willing to adopt it

Libertarians will claim that the only reason people use US dollars is because they're forced to by law against their will. But if that were the case, then why do foreign countries use them as well, when they obviously don't have to? Again, it's because the dollar represents a government service that these countries are voluntarily opting into. And no, bitcoin in El Salvador doesn't count, because bitcoin in El Salvador is valued based on the amount of fiat dollars you can trade the bitcoin for.

4. The US financial system as a government service

In addition to opting-in to government currencies, libertarians also opt-in to the following:
For instance, libertarians will whine that they still have to pay taxes even if they leave the country, but that's enforceable if they want access to US banks, which no one is forcing them to do. When you apply for a bank account, you promise you're following US tax laws, and you agree to let your bank report suspicious activity to the IRS. If you don't agree to those terms, then take your money somewhere else. But libertarians aren't willing to do that, because they want to opt-in to the service and security of the US banking system, but without the responsibility of paying for it.
Likewise, you opt-in to paying property taxes because it's part of the property contract. You can try to sign a property contract that doesn't include this, but in this case, the state has no obligation to recognize it as valid. Asking the state to recognize the contract as valid is a service that you opt into voluntarily. Otherwise, what's stopping someone else from producing their own contract claiming ownership over the same piece of land?

5. People only go to jail when they commit fraud, which only happens when you voluntarily opt-in

Libertarians frequently claim that taxes are coercion because they'll go to jail if they don't pay taxes they never agreed to for services they never asked for. But they always rely on false analogies where they say the mafia did something illegal and then claim that the IRS is doing the same thing, but lacking in any real world examples.
Here's the problem: Tax evasion is only a felony if there's proof of fraud, and we live in a country where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Proof of guilt only happens if there's a paper trail, and the paper trail only happens if the person voluntarily entered an arrangement with intention to deceive.
For instance, most employers will ask you to sign a form where you consent to taxes. The employer voluntarily enters the agreement because it means they can report your wages as a deduction, and the employee voluntarily enters the agreement because it gives them access to better jobs.
What if you disagree with the terms and refuse to pay taxes? Then you're free to walk away. What if you agree to report your income but then forget? You'll be sent a reminder and be given the chance to issue a correction. The only way for you to go to jail is if you knowingly lie and even when given the chance to come clean.
By contrast, there's millions of undocumented workers in America who don't pay taxes. But since their employer isn't writing off their wages as a deduction, there's no paper trail for a tax evasion case. They might get in trouble with immigration, but they generally do not worry about the IRS.
Libertarians will reply with "It's still illegal even if I don't get caught!" But this is a completely different goalpost. The original claim was the threat of jailtime, and jailtime doesn't happen without a paper trail that you opted into voluntarily. If there's no jail time, then there's no coercion.

6. Money spent is no longer yours to control

Lots of libertarians think they can invalidate taxes because they disagree with how some of that money is spent. This is a nonsense argument that would never be used in any other context.
For instance, if I spend $3000 on rent, then I can hope that my landlord spends all of that money on things I personally support, but he legally doesn't have to and he probably won't. The contract says I'm paying money for shelter, and as long as he provides that, then it's still a valid transaction.
If you pay property taxes so the state recognizes you as the registered owner, then that's the service you voluntarily opted into paying for. It doesn't matter if the money is later spent on different services you disagree with. Once money changes hand, it's no longer yours.

7. Why opting out is unprofitable

If you sell goods on eBay, then you agree to pay various fees for things like shipping, insurance, commission, payment processing, and sales tax. Libertarians will claim that the last one is rape and slavery because you cannot proceed if you refuse to pay but all of the other examples are voluntary because you can refuse to pay by not proceeding.
But what happens if someone tries to opt out of all government services and taxes by hosting an eBay clone overseas? Legally, if you're outside of US jurisdiction, then the US can't do anything to stop you. So why don't more companies actually do this? The simple answer is: Because they would end up losing a lot more money.
If customers know the company is outside of US jurisdiction, then they know they won't be able to hold the company accountable if someone screws them over. Likewise, legitimate payment processors won't want to do business with them, because they don't want to deal with customer complaints, or have their reputation damaged by illegal markets. You'd have trouble finding reliable developers, because reliable developers would want to work for a company that actually obeys the law. etc.

8. "Charging taxes implies ownership!"

This is a non-sensical argument that libertarians make that goes like this:
  1. Charging property taxes is only valid if government owns your land
  2. Government does not own your land.
  3. Therefore, taxes are invalid.
Once again, this is a silly argument that would never be applied to the free market. For instance, you cannot invalidate parking fees simply because the manager of the parking lot doesn't own your car. You cannot invalidate eBay commission fees simply because eBay doesn't own the goods you sell on eBay. etc.
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2023.03.26 08:16 comeflywithme2tm Be Prepared! We Are About To Be Blamed for Everything! Have Some Rounds in the Chamber and Inspiration!

We are about to be blamed for what is coming, so it's best to be prepared for the real reason this pathetic shit-show is occuring. 5 management changes that had clear and present outcomes could have turned the tide of our country.
  1. Post 2000 - Failure to set policed rules and regulations. The dot-com bust was insane! And we all had recovering stress about Y2K fears. The market was very wild-west at that time. Tech companies shot up so fast and were overvalued by over a thousand to one. Politicians, celebrities and sports stars were endorsing things they had no idea about, only for boosting their own income. The conflicts of interest were insane and once the fool's buy spree ended and all these internet/computer companies' books revealed they had nothing but liabilities, they collapsed. The magic of the internet was met with the sorcery of stupidity. And the government did... nothing. They blamed it on poor people and the middle east? In-rushes of minorities spontaneously buying stocks? The breakdown of America? At no point did they say that people in power and wealthly positions in trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. After that, they should have REGULATED with a capital R. Jail time for crime. Transparency of books and people. Full disclosures placed on News and 'journalists'. Management of debt instruments for investing.
  2. Post 2008 - Failure to remove threats to American investment, growth and economic stability. After the Great Recession, short selling should have been put to rest. Financial incentives to destroy companies and put people out of work are counter-productive to economic growth and civilian contribution/wellness. If you have enough money, it allows for gaming the market. Short selling and everything around it is devastating to economic success. The only lesson learned from the reckless stupidity and short selling, was that the US tax payers would come to their rescue. Insurance for increased future stupidity! Like the movie the Big Short says, they blamed poor people and minorities. At no point did they say that people in power and wealthly positions of trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. Only difference is this time they learned that they can bite the hand that feeds.
Like the previous mentioned, jail for crime, transparency, proper regulation and ethical management should have been implimented from this event. This in my mind is where we 'lost the battle to cancer'. Hedge funds were smart... but they learned that they can get real stupid and destructive and get rewarded. Insurance for recklessness. Investing became a game, where it became easier to make one team lose, then to cheer for a team to win. The more money you had, the more oppourtunity to buy the refs, the camera person, the announcer, and eventually, the audience. The amount of government regulation and management imposed on options after 2008 should have been strict audits, compliance checks, quality control via third parties, income verification, weekly reporting, heavy tax brackets, and yes, time for crime.
  1. 2009 - Failure to remove obvious hiways for unethical motives and high level crime. After Bernie Madoffs' crimes came to light, the infrastructure he used for the crime should have been eliminated. Payment For Order Flow. Lack of transparency and piss poor regulation and management. Hey! This is starting to become a common theme here! Well fuck my truck and call it a hybrid! This fucker caused the losses of 10's of billions of dollars and the SEC only found out because Madoff confessed to his sons, who brought it to their attention. They were fucking obligated to do something. They had to be given the information because they were unable to find it themselves. If you ever watch a kids show and they make out the cop to be the idiot, that cop was too smart for the SEC. Just when you think they couldn't get more idiotic, they make commercials about theaters and utter threats about emojis as their countries fucking banking system collapses. That's like caring about a lone J-walker when closer to you is a 158 car collision (158 'at risk'banks). They left all the pathways for crime, most notebly of which is PFOF. Even fucking Citadel said it was bad.. like holy fucking shit! That was of course until they committed those crimes using it! Now it's good? Jesus. Well as you guessed it, for the issues, At no point did they say that people in power and wealthly positions of trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. They blamed it on everything else. After that, they should have found every route for crime he comited and sealed them up tight. They should have put a greater emphasis on regulation ENFORCEMENT and management. They should have made investigation a priority. Madoff was like a Diety being exposed as fake. No one after should have been put on a pedestal.
  2. 2020 - The big problem is that the banks got all that money! Then they made stupid bets on stupid! Now they need to tame inflation, provide liquidity, manage dollar value vs. Gold, save bonds, and increase the interest rate or taxes. Every option comes with pain and it is impossible to manage now. On top of that, the failures mentioned earlier are biting them in the ass and short sellers are salivating at the US banks now. At no point will they say that people in power and wealthly positions of trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. Now it's not just poor people and minorities, I am proud to say it's because of poor people and minorities talking to each other! Because you know that people who haven't eaten more than 1 meal today affected the +100 trillion dollar stock/bond markets!?
  3. 2021 - In June of 2021 during the run-up of AMC, they should have closed positions and been transparent. It would have affected the economy, but we would be doing better long term. They are just making everything worse, and I fear what the outcome is. They should learn from it and enforce and fairly regulate and ban PFOF and manage conflicts of interest, among everything else. They probably won't. I know that I am not selling.
We have a company that survived COVID. We get called a penny stock, but have up to a 1,054.00% borrow fee!? We have 4+ million people around the world saving the theater industry! We have an entire community and have slowly became a mutual fund - NCMI, HYMC - a fucking Gold mine!, Walmart distributed popcorn - among the highest value added snacks there is. We have stubbed fake news, watched our CEO drop his shorts on livestream (he fucking knows about naked shorts and he is on our side), haven't sold as per OBV, and we even have fake accounts and bots try to pursue us to sell. We are so fucking numb to stupidity that red makes us buy and deep red makes us heavy hoard and double down. We don't care if you are different here. All people equal - APE. We are a sports team all wearing the same jersey. We all hug and cheer when we win, and we are fucking winning. Our theater is doing better than their banks! Our popcorn is in better taste than their 'advising'. If they are 'smart money', I'd rather keep my money and be stupid. The only thing they have managed to compound is our numbers of AMC investors. The water is rising, and they lied about knowing how to swim. We are owners of AMC, and we aren't leaving.
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2023.03.26 08:15 Little_Razzmatazz340 Can I sue for Defamation?

I co-own a business which has recently came under fire due to social media posts accusing the other co-owner of rape.
A criminal investigation was initiated, he cooperated with the police, DNA was given and the police decided not to prosecute due to insufficient evidence, as far as I understand.
The accuser and her family has gone to social media, making posts accusing him of rape and calling him a rapist, posting his picture, his car, license plate, and anything else they can find on him. Including that he works at our business.
Our business page has been tagged in this post multiple times, people have been hashtagging #BoycottThisBusiness and we are receiving a lot of messages negatively portraying the business due to these allegations.
We have lost employees that no longer want to be associated with the business and customers as well.
My first instinct is to sue as it is affecting my business and personal life as well. However, I am concerned that, because no charges were filed due to lack of evidence, it doesn’t necessarily make her claims false. However, I don’t think this is ok either, her posting publicly and calling him a rapist, I don’t believe it’s ok to label him a criminal when he hasn’t been proven guilty. He has no way of defending himself in the public eye he is now a rapist. He has left the business and lost many clients due to this. He stands by his innocence as well.
Should I pursue legal action or just take the loss and try to move forward as best I can. I need to know if it’s worth it or if I even have a case to pursue.
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2023.03.26 08:09 SoupRonin 31 [M4F] Washington state/Online/Anywhere?/Gamer friend?/Same timeline?/Idk where I'm going with this - Ravioli ravioli, give me a frienduoli. Good title. 🤡 👍

Hello, I am a 5"11, chonky, bearded, long curly-headed, hoody-loving, pale-looking, avoider of the sun, loser doofus type guy. Just looking for like-minded people to hang out with. Stuff like gaming or watching movies/tv shows. Maybe even form a long-lasting connection if I'm lucky lol. Sorry if my post is long and confusing. I am not very good at this. Don't hurt me, I am fragile.
Pros and interests:
- Good listener.
- Will always message fast. Unless I'm dead. Or asleep. Or dead. Or busy. Or dead. Did I mention dead?
- Would probably cancel a heart transplant if you wanted to hang out. Is not a heart transplant surgeon. Is not a doctor at all.
- Lover of food.
- Likes to cook.
- occasional drinker.
- Occasional Twitch watcher.
- Guitar. Dats it.
- Animal lover. Mostly prefer animals to people lol. I hope to one day own a farm and have farm animals like I did when I was a wee lad.
- Has the best dog.
- I can be funny. sometimes when I’m alone, I like to go out into my garden, cover myself with dirt, and pretend I’m a potato. Does not actually have a garden.
- My humor is pretty vast so don't hold back really. I also make a lot of self-deprecating jokes. Go me.
- Will send you funny or nice memes. Sometimes dark evil shit. Don't question it.
- Owner of way too many games (PC and Switch).
- Hasn't watched a lot of the best shows/movies so will watch stuff with you.
- Likes anime/manga.
- Likes all kinds of music except mostly rap and country.
- Likes spooky stuff, horror, paranormal videos, the unknown, and sometimes some gore. I've seen some GNARLY shit on Reddit honestly. 😱
- Prefers the night over the day. So I'm most likely up at night doing god knows what.
- Considers awkward long silences soothing. As long as I feel comfortable with the person.
Annnnnnd onto the cons *clears throat and shifts glasses*
- I have bad insomnia sometimes which causes my sleep schedule to be really out of wack.
- I'll have days where I just wanna avoid everyone cause depression has me by the balls and makes me think I'm a worthless piece of shit (probably true) and nobody wants me around (also probably true lmao).
- I struggle with opening up and trusting others cause of bad past experiences.
- I consider short sentences and people who aren't consistent a HUGE red flag.
- I'm not good at taking the initiative in activities with someone unless I am 100% certain of the person. Plus being rejected really sucks.
- Terrible at giving advice.
- Terrible selfie taker.
- I'm a pushover.
- I'm pretty stupid.
- No car.
- Not working right now.
- I live with family.
- I'm a mental mess.
- -35 Moral -20 Happiness +60 Depression +50 Insanity +30 Despair +100 anxiety.
- And of course the granddaddy of all cons... me lol. :D
There aren't a lot of things people can do over the internet, so please be somewhat interested in gaming or watching stuff together? I've been playing a lot of random games like Vampire Survivor and Cult of the Lamb. And of course Stardew Valley cause that game is chill. I don't play FFXIV, Valorant, DbD, or Minecraft. I've also lost interest in OW2 cause those boneheads can't balance a game right. Sorry, just never got into those games. I have PLENTY of other games of course. Or we could binge movies or some shows/anime. I don't mind if you are clingy. Punch me in the face and call me crazy I guess. I probably should have a sense of humor cause I'll say dumb shit that I think is funny. You probably should like memes and be ok with awkward quiet moments. I'll also say random shit to break the ice. Be ready.
I'm not saying all that stuff is the be-all-end-all for me, but lately, I find that most people that message me end up not having similar interests. Which is kind of a bummer.
I'm also trying to work on myself. And that can be a drag lol.
Despite sounding like a REAL MONSTROSITY OF A PERSON... I'm actually not that bad. I'd like to think I can make people laugh if you get me talking. Send a message if none of this has scared you away lol. Please write something more than "hi" lol. Just give me a basic rundown of yourself! No pressure.
"This would look good if it didn't look so awful." me looking at myself in the mirror.
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2023.03.26 07:52 zachboth How much for a "used" 2023 Kia Niro EX with 1k miles?

Found a Kia Niro EX with an asking price of $30k that has already been titled and was traded in with 1k miles on the odometer. Id be the second owner and since it was traded in at a chevy dealership, the car is considered "Used" not "Certified Pre-owned" which means the drivetrain warranty is 60k/5 years instead of the 100k/10 year warranty that comes with a new Kia.
Additionally, there is the exact same model in a different color at a sister Kia dealership (owned by the same parent company) that is brand new with no previous owners. I managed to get the Kia dealership to get rid of the $3k market adjustment and agree to MSRP with no extra add ons for $31.2k + taxes and fees.
So what should I offer the Chevy dealership for the "used" Niro? Even though its only got 1k miles, it doesnt have the longer first owner warranty and hasn't "depreciated as soon as you drive it off the lot" as much as I was hoping.
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2023.03.26 07:38 bughousenut If you have a bad feeling about a pitbull situation - pay attention

This is a long story of pitbull related events. I'll try to keep as succinct as I can.
A skiing accident when I was much younger had destroyed one of my knees, I was waiting until I was old enough to have a total knee, meaning I relied on the other knee to take the load. I was walking my dog on a leash in a local park and saw a man with a young kid, a boxer, and a juvenile pitbull. Both of his dogs were off leash. The pit zeros in on us and comes charging.
Just before it reached us my dog hid behind me and the pit slams into my good knee from behind (classic clipping in football terms) and I go down. The guy catches up with us with my dog trying to escape and his damn pit jumping all over us. He just snarls as he walks by me lying the mud to demand why I haven't stood up yet. I tell him it's because I can't. He just goes to his car. A very nice woman comes over and helps me up. I report this event to the county animal control - I had significant medical bills with copays for extensive rehab - the quadriceps tendon in my good knee had been partially torn.
Several years later I had the skiing accident knee replaced, did not go as well as I had hoped. And the knee injured by the linebacker pit now needed to be replaced after that body slam. I was on the surgeon's schedule but a cancellation opened up a slot in a few days so I was going to take it. But my usual dog boarding place was full so they referred me to another place. Fine, I go to check it out on Friday because the surgery is for Monday.
I get there and finally locate the referral dog boarder. It's in a former office suite. The front door is a dutch door and the top is open. Hanging over the top is a pit snarl barking at us. My happy, friendly, life is a party golden retriever just stops. The owner tells me her pit is fine, that the bark is nothing. I ask her to put it away. And my dog doesn't even want to step over the threshold into the office. I take note and continue to ask her questions - like where do you keep the dogs, including at night.
She points at what looks like used to be a conference room, there is a baby gate and she puts her pit behind it but now there are five pits and a malemute hanging back. Her dog is hard barking, still the snarl-bark. She suggests I take my dog behind the gate to get introduced. My dog is refusing to move and I just tell her I don't think I am comfortable leaving my dog there and walk out.
She follows me down the hallway and asks if I am leaving because of the pitbulls and I tell her hell yes, that's why. She starts the nutter talk of not all pitbulls are bad and I just need to give them a chance.
Now I am irritated. I tell her I am having a total knee replacement because of a pitbull plus other bad encounters and that I would never leave my dog around them. She starts to recite all of the squares in pitbull bingo and I tell her to get away from me.
I cancelled that surgery and kept my original date. I wound up having to board my dog at the veterinarian but I knew she was safe and they loved her. It wasn't ideal but at least I knew my dog was safe.
A year goes by and then there is this news story:
Same place I walked out of - this nutter's pitbull killed a client dog. If you or your dog have a bad feeling about a situation - leave ASAP and the hell with hurt feelings, it's more important to be safe.
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2023.03.26 07:28 WellThatsABruh Final Boss for a campaign I'm writing: The Wendigo

The Wendigo: A hulking behemoth strapped into a highly modified DaiOni the human inside is nearly out of sight as it is obstructed by the sheer amount of cyberware strapped onto and installed into it. The Wendigo is a corpo crafted and geared cyberpsycho created by Militech.
Appearance: 11’ 1”, high-tech deer skull head (cybernetic)
Clothes: N/A
Cyberware: Custom DaiOni, Major Facial Modification
Stats (Base):
Stats (Scaled for time):
\for context, the stats will be scaled from his base at a rate of +1 to every stat per real life hour it takes for players to reach his fight. Also, I'm starting writing on this campaign before I've purchased books so I'll figure out stats later.**
Humanity (2000-2010): Jack Fiddler, a second generation Blood Nation nomad was born recently after the transition from a gang to a nomad group. Jack spent his early years traveling with his clan across the vast landscapes of the NUSA. He spent time in their camp set up in places of desolation and or prosperity. Through his travels he learned many skills, he worked as the clan’s mechanic, showing an aptitude for mechanical and technical work.
Hunger (2010-2012): At 10 years old on a routine supply run to town with several members of his clan, they encountered a situation where the store they were in was robbed. The robber in question had a fair amount of cyberware installed into his body. During the thief’s robbery, he had his head blown open by the store owner directly in the view of Jack. Seeing the robber’s head blown open, Jack saw as a piece of the robber’s cyberware flew off of his corpse. Jack took this piece back to the nomad camp where he studied it obsessively, eventually gaining a keen interest in cyberware and cybernetically enhancing his own body. Much to his dismay however, this dream is something he knew would be impossible as any piece of cyberware he found or purchased would be stolen from him by any one of the stronger clan members.
Isolation (2012): While camped outside of Austin, Texas, Jack saw his chance to pursue his new desires of enhancing himself with cyberware by leaving his clan. He ran away in the dead of night, making his way to the highway with a car he stole from the camp. After reaching the highway he drove, he drove as far as the half-tank of CHOOH2 would take him, and after, he hitch-hiked the rest of the way into Austin. As soon as he reached Austin, he was enamored by the bright neon lights of the skyscraper sized advertisements that took up every inch of his vision and made each spot of darkness feel so much darker when compared to the blinding lights at which he now stared. He stood in place staring at the blinding lights for hours until the soft orange light of the rising sun ripped him back to reality and his dream. His first course of action was to find a ripperdoc and explore his options as he’d squirreled away a sizable sum of eddies through various odd jobs he worked before he made his escape.
First Taste (2012): Wandering the streets of Austin, Jack was hyperfocused on finding the one building he’d been directed to by a random passerby when he inquired as to where the nearest ripperdoc was. Bull Horn Clinic, that was the name he was told to be on the lookout for as it was the place where all of his wild dreams and fantasies would then become his new reality. He walked for what felt like hours, until he saw it. The glowing neon sign that beckoned him to enter and fulfill his ultimate goal. Walking into the dimly lit and grimy lab, he took his first step into the final chapter of his life.
Transformation (2018): Following years of buying and installing several pieces of cyberware weapons, bioware, and fashionware he was now a man defined by his cyberware. He was an interesting case, particularly for the fact that his body and its form of coping with the mental stress of new cyberware were especially unprecedented. Most would have succumbed to cyberpsychosis or would have begun a quick descent into it if they were to install the amount of cyberware Jack did. His body, instead of holding onto the stress of new cyberware and letting it fester and wear away at him, his mind seemed instead to slowly analyze and begin to understand every facet of each piece of chrome he installed into his body leading to any amount of cyberpsychotic symptoms resolving themselves with time alone as his mind had time to adjust to the cyberware. Due to his prolific nature with many ripperdocs within and around Austin, his name became a nickname for anyone who displayed even a slightly above-average capacity for cyberware. This reputation led him to being contacted by a division of Militech’s research and development department for a prototype piece of cyberware that they needed to test. Jack Fiddler being the man that he is, agreed immediately. With his agreement he was shadowed away and taken to a secure Militech facility near Night City where he was strapped into an extremely heavily modified version of an Arasaka DaiOni. Upon Jack’s installation into the DaiOni, he immediately slipped into a cyberpsychotic state. He started a rampage throughout the underground facility that led to the death of 73 Militech employees before the sector he was in was sealed and the vents were filled with a chem-cocktail of sedatives. Following his sedation, Jack was placed in a secure holding cell where he was constantly mainlined with proprietary sedatives made by Militech exclusively for Jack Fiddler to keep him dormant. They left him in this state as they believed two things: 1. If they removed him from the modified DaiOni, Jack would die and there would be no other person that could rival his cyberware capacity that they could attempt this experiment with 2. With enough time in stasis, his mind would be able to comprehend the DaiOni and allow him to be, at the very least, a functional cyberpsycho such as Adam Smasher.
First Hunt (2020): Due to a recent spike in tensions between Arasaka and Militech, Militech has begun a program called Operation Eversor. Under Operation Eversor, Militech began kidnapping people off of the street and installing cyberpsychosis-inducing levels of cyberware weapons into their bodies. Following these installments, the person was then heavily sedated and transported to an area that had an Arasaka presence. Upon arrival at their target destination, the person was then awakened and injected with several combat chem-cocktails to make their rampage even more deadly. Following several Operation Eversor attacks, Jack Fiddler’s DaiOni was fitted with chemical injectors on his left and right shoulder. The pump on his left shoulder contained the same mixture of combat chem-cocktails used on ordinary Operation Eversor victims, however Jack’s combat drugs had their potency increased ten-fold. The pump on his right shoulder contained enough of his proprietary sedatives to allow for transportation from a target site back to his holding cell. As a test of his new equipment, Militech took Jack to a major Arasaka distribution facility on the outskirts of Night City and let him loose. Prior to Jack’s mission, Militech had his face cybernetically transformed to resemble that of a high-tech deer skull akin to a Wendigo. He completed his mission successfully, even holding off NCPD and MaxTac long enough to get them to stop attempting to take him down. At that point, Militech activated the pump on his right shoulder and took him back to his cell where he was hooked back into his permanent stasis. The destruction and fear Jack’s rampage wrought made him an urban legend, and the visage of his deer skull face evoked memories of old Algonquin folklore, leading to him being dubbed “The Wendigo''.
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2023.03.26 07:25 Kundaliniqueen Struggling working

Been long hauling since 2020. I’ve been relatively ok except for the crushing headaches, fatigue and overall poisoned feeling in the body( difficult to explain) I need a sympathetic ear and se advice. I am a nurse and I have been able to go back to full time work this, while it’s hard and I am often behind in paperwork I manage to do the bare minimum. I am definitely not as mentally sharp, organized and efficient as I once was and it shows. So I have been feeling lead to move the last two years hopefully living in a beautiful place surrounded by nature, trees and natural body of water and a slower paced environment as i believe it would be healing to my overtaxed neurological system. Currently I live and work in Vegas and let me say, in general this is not a place you want to be when you don’t feel well. Not only does the healthcare system suck if is very disorganized, it’s too crowed and fast paced for me now. So I have been working on moving to Reno/ Lake Tahoe area. I was in luck when I found a contract position that was going to pay enough money for me to only work limited hours. I submitted my job application, called the next day interviewed and was hired. They just had nurses leave and the are in dire need. Basically I would be doing wound care in rural areas. I am advanced practice nurse so I would be making the shots, ordering Home health debriding the wounds, and prescribing the treatment plan and do wound grafts. Now I do have experience with wound care except the grafting part which they told me they would train me on. When I spoke with the owner of the company I told her my situation I was in that I still needed to find a place up north, move and tie loose ends at my current job. We just had a several workers leave and I told her I wanted to give them ample time to found coverage. So this company has been asking me to see patients up there at least once a week in addition to remote work on Wednesday I originally agreed but it has become to taxing on my body especially with still working full time in Vegas. I had a major relapse of my fatigue this week, was supposed to fly out Saturday morning see patients and fly back. This morning I woke with fatigue, sore throat and headache and generalized feeling of malaise. No Fever. I thought to myself, there is no way I can manage the travel and drive to these rural areas far away and see patients( two which were new) at the time I agreed because I was feeling ok and they bought my ticket but it’s obvious I still can’t push my body that much. I sent them an email telling them I wasn’t well and let’s just say it was not accepted well. They were in a state of panic( understandably) because they have no provider for these patients. I know my body needed the rest but I feel so incredibly guilty. This is also the second time I called off but first time I was just doing remote visits. Another concerning thing is when I flew down there there first time I barely had the right equipment to do my job. I was told there was wound care supplies in the office but there was not enough to do a good job. I did did the best which what I had and sent her an email regarding the supplies I needed. When they asked me to work this weekend I asked them if they ordered the right supplies to which she responded I needed to ask someone else( one of her partners) when I asked him he said that everything I needed was there that I just had ‘to Dig’ through the Boxes and look for it. To which I told him Last time I was there I looked thoroughly and did not find what I needed to provide the right care. He just seemed to shrug it off like it was no big deal, gave me my office key and swore up and down the supplies were in there which they weren’t . Also another concerning thing is when I flew out there last time I had to get my own rental car( it was very expensive) and when I emailed my manager about reimbursement they ignored my email. So far this company seems very unorganized and not interested in my well being not only as human being, but as clinician. I just don’t know what to do. This is my only position and I will moving there in less than a month so I need the income but to me they seem extremely unreasonable. How would handle this situation? I feel terrible And guilty because they patients are abandoned today and one really needed to be seen but I just couldn’t do it. I am Feeling better this evening after sleeping 😴 her 12 hours but clearly this isn’t sustainable. Anyone a similar situation? Also any other health care workers that can shed some light? I am needing some guidance on what my next step should be? I am terrible at communicating my needs mainly because people look At me and think I am perfectly healthy. Another side effect of COVID too timid to speak my mind because I am afraid of being gas lit as I have been in the past from another employer who fired me.
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2023.03.26 07:13 Distinct-Course Is it possible to limit the operation hours of pokestops?

I recently submitted a couple of wayspots in my neighborhood, and they got accepted! I'm incredibly happy, as these are some of the only pokestops nearby, however, there is a slight issue...
Unfortunately, there are quite a few late night pokemon go players in my neighborhood, and these players often claim gyms at around 1-3am (calculated by subtracting the gym timer from the current time). This doesn't seem to be a one off occurrence either: it has only been one week, and 6/7 days, these players reclaim the gyms at nearly the same time.
Even though all of the pokestops I have submitted are on public property, they are also near multiple houses. Considering that most of the local residents use cars, this could become a noise issue and maybe even a privacy issue. I would love to keep the pokestops in my neighborhood, but complaints are inevitable.
If I am not the neighborhood owneHOA directo etc, is there a way that I can suggest pokestop operation hours to niantic?
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2023.03.26 07:10 NigelPhoenix I put a deposit down on Gen 3 Prius - mistake? Problems with oil, brakes?

Hi everyone.
Normally I'm quite confident buying a car. I know what to look for in terms of condition etc. I've just put down a $500 dollar deposit on a 2009 Gen 3 Prius (yes, I realize Gen 3 isn't supposed to start until 2010 but for some reason some of the 2009's are Gen 3's. Anyway, it's got the Gen 3 body and interior and a 1.8 litre engine).
The car's only got 35k miles and is in great condition. It is clean and well kept and hasn't been abused. It is a direct import from Japan which explains the low miles. It's quite common in New Zealand to buy such older, low mileage cars from dealers who get them straight from Japan. This will be my 3rd such car and have never had a problem.
When I test drove it I noticed there was a 'squeeky' sound to the brakes when first depressed. It wasn't subtle. You could also call it a kind of grind. It seems I've heard this sound several times when having taken an UBER ride in a Prius. The noise went away after I'd run the car on the road. Seeing as it had been sitting for some time I know this can be caused by moisture and such. But I figured I would do some research anyway seeing as I don't pay the rest of the invoice until pickup in a couple days.
HOLY MOLY!! Lots of sites saying that 2009 and - 2013 Prius's should be avoided altogether due the problems with brakes and oil consumption etc. I learned there was enough of a problem for several of these cars to have Toyota fix the brakes for free as it is apparently a $3000(!) repair. But that was for a max of 10 yrs which is sadly gone. I have no way of knowing if this car ever had such work done but I would guess not with such low miles.
My hope is that there is enough ancestral wisdom on this Prius forum to tell me whether I'm crazy or not.
In New Zealand we're lucky in that if a car has a problem in the first 90 days the car dealer has to fix it with no questions asked pretty much so I'm not worried about taking home something needing a fix. My question is whether or not this model is as problem ridden as some websites seem to say as there seem to be many satisfied Gen 3 prius owners talking about how they didn't need new brakes utnil 100k! A bit confusing.
I'm looking forward to hearing some stories.
Thanks all.
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2023.03.26 07:02 Nicknamex732 38 [m4f] Philadelphia/USA I need a seeing eye human, or how: I became discontent with two eye’d normies.

Hi, so I am a huge goofball, and I have one eye, never drove a car, retired at 21, last job I worked was back in 2008. Live with my brother, my only family. It’s complicated and I typically over share and scare people off. What I can say, as an Italian male it’s confusing to not have a family or much of a support structure. I am happy I am older and not gonna waste my prime years on people who are fair weather friends. I have a past, my family resembles the Gallagers from Shameless. If you need a mental picture. I’ve been to therapy. I would continue to go if it was affordable, it’s sadly not. Overtly hostile people and me don't mix, I love sarcasm, but I find people who obnoxiously edgy, as pretty basic and cringe. Another way of saying it, is I don't get offended easily, other than people trying way to hard to offend me. I know the difference.
Aside from that, I am a typical dude, I love music, especially metalcore/death core, and everything else, very eclectic with music and movies, I literally own over 1000 movies so if the WiFi goes out, I ain’t afraid. I been watching the Saw movies, I liked Spiral too.
I play video games too, not as much as I use to and I am not competitive at all really in them. I mainly like action rpgs and shooters like Bioshock and Borderlands.
I have 2 dogs, they are a full pit and pit/German Shepard, I joke I am getting dragged by atleast 120 lbs when I walk them together. Also have to carry violet down stairs since she won’t go down them herself.
I enjoy cooking and twerking to Kesha when I do dishes. And I absolutely hate them! Dishes are my worst enemy.
I have combat related ptsd and so anxiety is normal. I cope well, smoke weed and stay mostly to myself but am extroverted for people who I like. Very good at communicating, maybe to much so, cause I am an INFP type personality and I would say that’s accurate. Picture a straight theater nerd who grew up on Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and MTV.
I’d love to meet a fellow Italian from New Jersey or originally from. Busting my balls is a requirement, if you want to get to know me. Tell me a good joke about NJ or extra points if can make a good one eyed joke. Not interested in marriage, or having kids, not opposed if you have kids and your life figured out and want a healthy long term relationship. Looking for a traditional woman. Not some militant feminist. I’m 420 friendly, don’t drink often or much.
I don’t ghost people and am patient and not clingy. Or so jealous. You can raid my phone whenever you want. I use my socials for memes and bands I follow. Twitter just to observe, YouTube is my addiction. I blame Nik Nocturnal, my picture is on my profile. Not really interested in long distance relationships either, they never work out.
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