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2023.03.26 23:30 2hourstowaste Ranking Cuphead bosses worst to best on how much I like them, Inkwell 3.

Woohoo! Finally in hell. Feel free to do yours in the comments.
7: Rumor Honeybottoms. Only Boss I don’t like, hopefully in the entire game+DLC. My main problem is how cramped it is, plus I find Rumor and the police bee to make annoying sounds. Dodging obstacles Isn’t fun because it feels like there’s no room, I did like phase 3 which is a shame because it’s the shortest one.
6: Sally Stageplay. Man, defeating her after Dr. Kahl was a terrible idea. Like I don’t DISLIKE her it’s just that she’s too easy which is a shame because I love everything happening in the background.
5: Cala Maria. (Completely a coincidence all the female bosses are ranked last). She’s fun it’s just that others are better. (Unpopular opinion but phase 1 is harder than phase 2).
4: Werner Werman. Not going to make any friends with this placement! I still enjoy him a lot! And I dig all the Tom and Jerry. (Another unpopular opinion, this fight isn’t as easy as people make it out to be.)
3: Phantom Train. I’m a sucker for Halloween themed levels and Phantom Train is certainly no exception.
2: Captain BrineyBeard. I want to watch old Popeye cartoons now, difficulty level fits the balance of not too hard and not too easy.
1: Dr. Kahl’s Robot. Speaking of difficulty this level was madness but I adored every minute of it. (Plus Kahl’s phase reminds me of Eggman and I’m a Sonic fan.)
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2023.03.26 23:30 BodiC Best Cudi and Kanye Collaborations?

Putting aside their current beef, Kanye and Cudi have some of the best collaborations in hip-hop. From 808’s to Donda, these two have consistently produced incredible tracks that stand among some of their best in each artist’s discography’s.
I made a video of what I believe to be their top 10 best collaborations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ0naKnveWg&ab_channel=ForTheRecord
What are some of your favourite tracks with these two artists? And where do Cudi and Kanye rank in terms of solo artist collaborations in hip-hop? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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2023.03.26 23:29 mochimochimarzipan Multi song choice pet peeve

I am so tired of multi-live constantly having like half the people I play with pick songs I not so lovingly refer to as "listen to Miku talk really fast" Stuff like Dissapearance and the Intense Voice. The choruses can sometimes be catchy like in Dissapearance, but oh my gosh the bridge. It hardly feels like a song for long stretches and more like the producer looked at the virtual singer program and asked "what is the limit?" Which is respectable in a way, but I am so tired of playing them. The worst part is that they DRAG ON. Just when I think it is over, nope. Get ready for another chorus.
I understand they are also usually the hardest songs so people are working on FCing or APing them, and might want to do it in a multi room to make the most of their live boosts, but could you please do that on your own time with 0 boosts instead of subjecting everybody in the multi room to playing them on repeat? I honestly find other song-picking trends (like Useewa which I see most matches rn or ID Smile when it released) far more tolerable as usually it can be kind of fun to listen to. 😭
This is just a small annoyance I want to vent and see if anyone resonates with after I have been unhappily thrust back into general room post-accidentally deleting my account. Feel free to share your own gripes with certain songs you see in multi-live or just ignore me! ❤️
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2023.03.26 23:27 bonbonpotat awwww how cute !

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2023.03.26 23:25 rohtozi Husband and I are new players and seem to be stuck.

I recently got my husband into League of Legends, and we love it, and love playing together (duo bot). We've been doing blinds and drafts mostly to varying degrees of success (we're level 31 and 39). However, the last 20+ games have almost all been complete wipeouts. There are people lvl 700+ on the other team. I know level "doesn't mean anything", but we are getting stomped. Like 0/10 type stomped in every game. It's gotten to the point where it's not really that fun to play when the entire enemy team has mastery 7 on their champs and we are on 2 or 3 with ours.
So we tried ranked, thinking that once we were "placed" we might find more players like us. We have been doing preliminaries and are in Iron (obviously), but even there we are getting matched up with people way out of our league (level 500 and 700, mastery levels 7, diamond and gold borders (whatever that means) etc.) I don't remember the last time we won a summoner's rift game.
Is there any hope for us? Any tips for finding players that are more our speed?
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2023.03.26 23:24 Johanna-Draconis Ep132 - 9 Methods to counter (C-)PTSD - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Ep132 - 9 Methods to counter (C-)PTSD - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Transcript: https://www.johannadraconis.com/episode-121-140

Intro [0:00]

Hello my dears! My name is Johanna, and I welcome you to the Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD podcast.
In this episode we will talk about 9 methods to counter PTSD - as in which methods help us go up against PTSD and fight it.
The heat really isn’t helping - especially with brain work - so more than ever - if you have any question or something is unclear or the like please let me know. Knowing how to turn the table changes almost everything.
So let us talk about it

Prelude [0:43]

Before we get into the methods, we have to do the preparations first - and the main part of it is stabilization. The other methods we learned in the last 2 episodes will help you with that. You shouldn’t fight when the ground you are standing on is wobbly at best.
Stabilization has several benefits: The symptoms are less, you are more rested, have more energy, are not as vulnerable, can react better and so on. The core aspect of it is routine.
The less your brain has to think when what has to be done - the more it can focus on other things. Additionally it gives stability by providing a frame work. Brains love that.
Now it doesn’t have to be very timed routine with exact times, but something like “I get up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, be productive and so on”. This leads usually to the second most important aspect that is taking care of yourself. As least as much as you can.
Getting rest and good food is energy which leads to being better able to counter PTSD. As much as you can - and it will have to do. This time we will separate the methods into two blocks.
First we talk about methods for finding the enemy and then about methods how to best fight them.

Finding the enemy [2:17]

Now that we did what we could to stabilize ourselves, we are looking for the enemy to fight him on our own turf and rules instead of his. Doesn’t really matter if its a trigger or the trauma core itself you are looking for. Once again, adjust and see what works.
1. Listen to the symptoms. The nightmares, the voices or thoughts in our head, we daydream about and so on. They all usually have a theme or the like. Which is usually where the best next target is located. So listen and see if you can see a pattern.
2. Tap to find something. You ask yourself section questions and then narrow it more and more down. Like “I have no issues with violence”. If you feel a negative feedback, especially in the chest, keep digging until you find it.
3. Ask why questions. Which is my favorite and most reliable method. Keep asking why. Don’t stop at excuses, but until you find what is truly bothering you. A strong emotional reaction is usually a good hint you found it.
Generally speaking when your brain is well enough it will seek out or be drawn towards the problematic places. It wants to repair itself. Just doesn’t really know how. Sometimes therefor it is wise to go with the flow

To fight them [4:05]

Which leads us to what we do once we found what we are looking for. Now to truly resolve and remove a core, a trigger and the like - you truly must understand and empathize with it. Which seem a bit counter intuitive. Adjust as usual to fit your need.
1. Flare down the flare ups. Once you engage with your enemy you likely meet resistance. An important skill to learn is to regain control after such a flare up. It is possible, but everyone is different and it is learned by trying, failing and eventually succeeding.
2. Ask why questions. Yes again - though this time slightly different. We are looking to truly understand why. I usually know I have the goal when I starting to feel the realization, the need to cry and a bit of relief.
3. Give an interview. Usually to yourself - or others if you want to. We often skip over things, which we don’t notice until we have to explain it to someone. A very good way to find the hidden troublemakers that are able to evade the why questions.
4. Seek council. Now I prefer doing that in my head with fictional characters like Gandalf, but you can also ask real people. You are usually drawn to the kind of person you need. It is about getting a new perspective or new angle to approach the enemy.
5. Go with the flow. Usually our brain knows roughly where the issue is and tries to point us towards it. That usually comes in form of us having the urge to listen to a song, watch a movie, etc. or being drawn to issues. Try following the flow - carefully.

Do nothing [6:24]

And lastly we get to the final, a bit special point: 6. Do nothing. You did not misheard - I said nothing. The worst thing you can do is burn yourself out while fighting the good fight. It makes you have an open wound, an active PTSD and high vulnerability.
If you feel like you can’t really do anything and any task is too much - that is a strong indicator your brain is heavily engaged with the enemy and can’t really focus on anything else. Then the best thing you can do is let the brain take charge and just relax.
At least as much or as far as you can. I spend hours watching a wall sometimes. Time just flew by and I sort of woke up hours later of staring. This topic is so important and crucial, so please if you have any questions let me know.

Outro [7:32]

That was it for todays episode, I hope you found it helpful. Hope you are safe and well. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback and the like, please let me know at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
More information and transcript you can find as usually under johannadraconis.com/podcast/ and links are in the description.
I hope to see you next time. Watch yourselves and have a wonderful time.
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2023.03.26 23:22 spicyphart PAWS

Just wondering what everybody’s experience is like with PAWS? I just accepted that I have heightened anxiety and the discomfort associated with it. Suddenly over the last week I’ve just felt this incredible inner peace. Things feel easier, lighter, more clear. I haven’t felt this way since maybe being a child - I feel more regulated, less reactive. I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself, but even with that, it feels like a somewhat sudden and notable difference.
I saw a comment on another thread mentioning PAWS and how we can have symptoms for extended periods of time after quitting drinking. I looked up the symptoms and began to wonder if that’s what the difference is for me, like coming out of that long term withdrawal. I’ve been drinking regularly for 15 years, and this is the longest I’ve abstained in that timeframe. Would love to hear what that experience has been like for other people <3 I’m just hoping this inner stability is here to stay!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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2023.03.26 23:20 TheKingOfMeandMyself Why did Wes choose Casey on Fresh Meat?

I'm rewatching fresh meat (on episode 5) why did Wes choose Casey I love Wes he's one of my favorites but the way he's treated Casey so far is gross he has no faith in her (so far) and the way he talks to her is so demeaning idk how she put up with it but like why did he pick a partner that he didn't have faith in I just don't get it?
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2023.03.26 23:14 That_one_transfem If I ever die this is how I want to be remembered

My name is Violet I am non binary. I don’t want to be remembered as a lost boy named Henry simply because that’s not who I am that’s not what I am. When I came out all my mom and her boyfriend could do was laugh and say that instead of Violet I should be named Henrietta and how violets a dumb name. My dad only remembers my name when it’s beneficial to him such as when trying to get a girlfriend. My brother is my world but is also why neither of my parents can see me as who I am despite that I love him dearly. I am 15 and yes I realize how I sound especially with my age but at this point I don’t care. Sorry this is kinda a bummer but I don’t know how long I have left at this point, each episode keeps getting worse. Thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t make your day worse.
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2023.03.26 23:14 Deltalunaris DAE feel like they're going to be jumped by unseen forces in your home, especially at night? Do you know what trauma caused as much?

(TW: descriptions of a panic attack, trauma reliving, psychosis-related events & creatures; abusive parents, break-ins, & body horror mentions)
Last night, I woke up around 6AM sharp to use the bathroom. Since I use my phone to light the way, I saw the time, and began growing paranoid.
My skin crawled as I did what I needed to. I heard the intrusive noises start up in my own head, specifically the song Horses by David Bryne (TW; very creepy). I couldn't look at myself in the mirror as I finished up, terrified that I'd see a reflection that didn't match.
My fear suddenly turned into temporary fight as I swung open the bathroom door, ready to punch whatever unseen force was taunting me. Even though one of our cats was waiting out there to comfort me, I quickly pet her head, and limp-run very painfully back to my bed. Burrowing into the covers, I feared that even putting out one arm to regulate my temperature would mean I'd lose it.
I fell back asleep very quickly, mostly because I dreaded being awake.
Now that I've had my fill of the Zzzs, I look back on what happened, and realized that it's still happening. I've had this issue ever since I was a small child, having to run through long hallways to get to & from the kitchen & bathroom in the middle of the night. My parents always said it was because I had an overactive imagination, but that obviously feels very dismissive.
Though I was diagnosed with anxiety-induced childhood psychosis, I haven't had an episode in the longest time. Barring that attack from the one-time dose of Cymbalta a few years back, that is. I took tests with my psych team recently as well, and I scored very low on psychotic symptoms.
I really want to figure out what's causing this. The best help I've received was in sharing my experiences with fellow survivors, and hearing what they believe caused theirs. As such, I open the floor to you all, because I'm honestly at a loss.
Here's some clues on my end, since maybe they'll match yours:
Thanks for reading, and for commenting in advance. Really would like to be able to appreciate the beautiful nighttime for what it is: peaceful, safe, and quiet.
TL;DR: Despite not having active psychosis, I experience intense panic at night that almost manifests as much. I become very fearful that something unseen will get me, and I experience internal audio stimuli that only makes it worse. I don't know what causes this, other than nighttime anxiety & a traumatic home, but I'd love to hear your experiences if they were similar & what you believe caused them.
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2023.03.26 23:10 I_Wanna_Be_A_Pilot Am I the only one, who couldn't stand Satou through the entire anime?

Just finished the anime, and as the first few episodes I thought Satou was an overall good character. Only later to find out she was trash and I was waiting for her to die. Not my type of anime after all, but anyway. As she outsmarted pretty much everyone she got to defend what she had. After all, yet she was incredibly selfish and unjustifying as she took all from Asahi. She locked and kept hostage a literal kid only for her use and couldn't shut up as how she loves Shio-san and constantly needing sugar for happiness. After limiting Asahi from his only left family it surprise me if people admire her. Since I haven't heard a word from fandom about the anime, it bugs the shit out of me to think people legitimately support her and think of her as a good character. Probably the only anime of mine watched, where the MC is garbage. Happy that she died and with no regrets. Soundtrack was cool tho. What do y'all think about it?
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2023.03.26 23:10 No-Guarantee3273 This won’t happen here. We won’t lock and ban your threads because it goes against their views.

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2023.03.26 23:08 AdamR46 FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2023 - Race Week Hub

Here's a place for random posts and questions and events going on during the week leading up to the race.
This is not a place to buy/sell tickets. Buying/selling Comments will be deleted. Use the ticket thread.

We did our first episode of "Know Before You Go" detailing Melbourne with some great insight from our community members including u/misskarne, u/F1destinations, @MichaelPottsF1, FanAmp and myself. You can watch it Here.

We have a race week Group Chat going on FanAmp. Comment your username or send me or u/Join_FanAmp a PM and we can add you.

Share some Pics of your views from various grandstands and GA Spots!
Track Schedule
Entertainment Schedule
Circuit Website
Circuit Map
Getting to to Albert Park
F1destinations.com United States Travel Guide
motorsportguides.com Circuit Info

Share your experiences! Whether it's simple photos with live tips on the weekend or an in depth review post weekend. I've love to get out there sometime and could use all the motivation or ideas I could get to make the best out of the trip.
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2023.03.26 23:08 01tor Everybody Loves Colombian Porn Stars

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2023.03.26 23:06 CryptoCrash87 Druid / Barb problem defined in a different way.

Obligatory I love the game.
Also I'm sure no one cares about a random dude with 0 twitch followers opinion, but here we are.
Endgame is not the whole game it's just most of the game. However, I think the problem with these two classes is a casual one.
Everyone can agree they severely fall behind in the early game than the other classes, and by some extent, Rogue does as well. Necro and Sorc make the starting area EZ mode with no knowledge of the game.
And I think that is the key difference. Knowledge of the game. If I was a person that saw this game on the shelf, with no prior knowledge of Diablo and thought this sounds fun, I would have a pretty terrible experience with 3/5ths of the classes. In fact with 2/5ths of the classes the experience might be so bad I stop playing.
A casual should not have to Google how to have fun or be successful in a new game. The ground work should be laid out for them in the first few levels. Try this, do these things, this is what that means etc. It doesn't have to be an over bearing tutorial, but all the information should be in the game itself to make a player feel like a bad ass. As a new player it feels good to feel like you've cheated the system and pulled a fast one on the Dev's.
Necro and Sorc offer that feeling no problem. You look over your shoulder wondering if your going to get banned because of the random ass combo of skills you've uncovered.
Druid and Barb feel manufactured, they feel like a guy somewhere decided exactly how you should play this class and doing it any other way is a punishment. And knowing the optimal path takes outside knowledge. And that is not fun.
Sure no one cares about the casuals and that's fine. And "Everybody looks online anyway" so that doesn't matter. However the fact of the matter is, even people who consider themselves experienced struggled with these classes. And when you try another class you ask yourself why did I waste my limited time playing that other BS.
Outside of a few boss encounters the beginning of the game should feel like a power trip. Like you yourself are going to solve all the worlds problems with our a shadow of a doubt. Then in the next act the Dev's should bring you back to reality with some truly brutal gameplay. At that point your struggle until you achieve greatness again.
Which leads you into the endgame and whatever they have planned. But right now anyone who starts druid or barb and picks whatever skill sounds cool is doomed. They won't have fun, and they will quit the game.
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2023.03.26 23:06 throwalllthewayawayy Update 3: I think my sister's boyfriend (M44) is infatuated with my son (M13).

Hi, all, this is my third update. Another long one, so TLDR at the bottom. I have both bad news and good (really good!) news. Due to the bad news, I'm not mentally doing the best right now, so I’m sorry if this is scrambled, because I don’t really know where to start. I’m angry, hurt, disgusted, and as all of my emotions begin to pile upon each other, I’m beginning to spiral a bit. And before anyone begins to worry, I’ll put it out there now that my son is doing okay.
I guess I’ll start off by saying that my son and I weren’t in the house much, up until Friday of this week. We’d been staying at a local motel that’s decently close to his school and where I work. I am a waitress at a restaurant, and my manager knows I’m dealing with housing issues, so he’s been a bit understanding with me when I call out. But when you don’t work, you don’t get paid — and between the Lyfts, takeouts, and motel costs, my wallet isn’t doing so great, but I’m 100% making it work, and I have no regrets.
But since we weren’t at the house, things sort of escalated a bit. David’s number is blocked on Roman’s phone, but he found him on TikTok and Instagram on Monday night and messaged him there. Nothing explicit in the messages, just things like:
Did you block my number?
I really miss talking to you, is everything okay?
Maybe in the future, we can talk to each other again. I’m sorry if I upset you or your mom.
Are you and your mom safe? Where are you staying?
Respond to me when you get a moment. I have something important to tell you.
And many more like that, just him begging my son for a conversation.
I was livid when my son showed me. I think what set me off the most is that I know David messaged him because he thought my kid would respond without telling me. He thinks they have some secret, private relationship right under my nose that I’m interfering with. I’m pretty sure that’s why he hasn't kicked me out of his house. He's not mad, just miserable and desperate for some sort of contact. I feel like no matter how hard I pull my son away from David, he’s refusing to let go.
We blocked the Instagram and TikTok accounts immediately, and I screenshotted the messages (I'm trying to keep a record of everything). I asked Roman to delete his Snapchat account, just in case, but he didn't want to do that (I’m 99% sure he has a girl on there that he likes). I let that slide because he came straight to me about the other accounts, and he agreed not to add any new accounts on Snapchat or post anything that gave away our location for the time being.
This entire ordeal upset my son. He broke down in tears when he came back from school the next day. That hurt a lot to see. I don't know if I expressed this, but Roman genuinely liked David, and they got along well. Maybe my kid saw him as a father figure, since he was shunned and neglected by my ex-husband. I think I underestimated the mental toll it would take on him from having to cut David off completely, and then block him when he reached out privately. Someone noted that I should get him into therapy soon. I plan on doing that once we are securely living on our own and I find the money for it. It's definitely a priority.
David’s harassment spilled over to me, too. He called me multiple times and texted me things like:
Let me know when you’re back so we can resolve this.
Am I allowed to attend Roman's baseball game on Thursday with you? I'd like to support him.
Can you please answer? I'd really love to talk, just us. I'm sorry if I gave you both the wrong impression.
I didn’t block his number on my phone. I figured that the more he talked, the more likely he’d continue to incriminate himself and I could use his words against him. I didn't answer a single one of his questions, but I let him know that if he contacted my kid ever again or if he showed up to his school or any events that I'd go straight to the police.
And that’s not an empty threat, either. Unbeknownst to him, I am getting the police involved because I now have solid evidence that this man has a sick obsession with my child.
This is the bad news, and I’ll forewarn you that if you’re easily triggered, please don’t read any further (or at least skip this and the next two paragraphs). I want to thank you all for confirming my suspicions in the first post, because I found something heinous. I mentioned that I planned to set up a camera in Roman’s room. I asked for his permission first, and he said he didn’t care since we’re barely in the house anymore. The camera I chose is motion sensitive and links the footage to my iPhone, so I can watch it anywhere. The camera was set up on Sunday night as soon as I received the package, and I hid it above the doorframe, so that it overlooked the entire room. You can’t see it unless you use a ladder. I didn't get anything for a couple days; I was randomly notified of movement in the room, but saw nothing when I looked at the footage.
But on Wednesday evening, at around six, David came into my son’s room, stood there for a moment, and then left — no longer than a minute. An hour-ish later, he returned and started going through his drawers. He picked up a specific garment and left within less than two minutes.
I wanted to throw up. I didn’t sleep that entire night at the motel. The following day, I had someone cover my shift, which gave me the opportunity to do a deep search of David’s room while he was at work and my son was at school. I found the article of clothing inside of his pillowcase, on top of the pillow, right where he would lay his head to rest at night. I was so sick to my stomach that it took me almost two hours to confiscate that article of clothing and check it for evidence. I won’t elaborate, but you can infer what I mean. I was nauseated the entire time. All I could do was put on gloves, throw it into a ziplock bag, and shove it into my closet. I didn’t want to look at it or even think about it. I still don’t. That answers the question of why David was so insistent on doing my kid’s laundry. Who knows how long this has been going on?
I've been ruminating on the next steps to take. Besides my main priority — going to the police — my other priority is telling my sister Sarah. We are obviously not on the best terms right now. She found out that I confronted her boyfriend last week, and she is livid. How dare I accuse him of grooming my son. Apparently, he’s not the same man he was after we left, and returned to his old habits. He was back to going to bars with his friends every evening. His drinking got worse. He had stopped coming home early from work and dragged himself through the door at almost midnight — if he even bothered coming home, that is. And he was no longer affectionate toward her. Apparently, it’s my fault he’s depressed again. If those aren't red flags, I don't know what is. I can't tell if she is in denial, or if she can't actually see them.
But what she's most concerned about is that David hasn't been home since Thursday. He went to work, came home briefly, then left again without telling her when he’d be back. In my head, that makes sense; he knows that either she or I took the garment that was inside of his pillowcase, and now he’s afraid to come home. It confirms all of my suspicions.
I will tell my sister everything, though, probably tonight or tomorrow. I have no idea how to go about it, and I guess I'm nervous about her reaction. She's still convinced that I’m having a manic episode. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 many years ago, and I take medication to manage it. If I go off of my meds, my mania will progressively get worse until I spiral into psychosis. So her concerns are valid (I put her through a lot back when I wasn’t stable) but that's not the current case for me right now. I have tangible proof and video proof of her boyfriend being a creep. I can bring up the camera footage, but then I have the issue of not getting either of their consent to put a camera in their house, and I don’t know how well that would go over with her, even if it was for a good reason. I just know that if I were in her shoes, I would be grateful that my boyfriend — potential fiancé — was outed as a predator before I got engaged to him. She’s pretty much past the age of having children, but has plans to adopt in the distant future…so I have to tell her, somehow.
My son and I have been back in the house since Friday night. My sister still isn’t kicking me out, but she doesn’t want me here anymore. She’s made that very clear. The only reason why I haven't packed our things and left is because, again, David is gone. He won't tell anyone his whereabouts and has turned off his location on his phone, according to my sister. She thinks he might be crashing on a friend’s couch — something he’s done multiple times in the past. I think he knows I’m onto him. But his absence means that I can stay at the house for now. I’m still watching my kid like a hawk and staying hyper vigilant. Still sleeping in his room, taking him to work with me, etc. I can live with the hostility from my sister as long as he is safe, especially since we won’t be here for much longer.
Which leads me to the good news! I got approved for public housing! I won’t share too many details, but I will share the most important one — we’ll get to move in in a little over three weeks. There are a lot of logistics that I need to work out (the school bus system, a mode of transportation to work, etc) but I'm glad that something is working out in my favor after this week of hell. The constant vigilance is exhausting, and I can't wait to be in a safer environment.
I guess all I really have left to say is that I’m not sure how to go about providing the evidence I have to the police. When I give them what I have, they’ll start some kind of investigation, right? I’m just nervous that I could get into trouble for the camera. And the messaging; that counts as harassment, right? Do I tell my sister everything before I go to the police? Any advice you can give is welcome, because I’ve never been in a situation like this before, and I don’t want to mess it up. Just because I am leaving does not mean that I’m letting David get away with what he’s done.
Thank you all for your unwavering support. I'm having a hard time right now, but I'll update as soon as I can. Thank you for listening.
TLDR; found David harassing my son via messages and caught him on camera taking my son’s clothing. Will provide evidence to the police so they can build a case. Am planning on telling my sister everything. Got approved for housing, and will be moving out very soon.
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2023.03.26 23:05 SadMST 26 [M4F] California/USA - Hoping to find a real connection!

Happy Sunday! I am 26 years old and work full time as a programmer for the government in California. Depending on who you are, this may or may not sound like a super boring job, but I personally love it. Problem-solving and critical thinking are, somehow, two things I absolutely enjoy to do 😅
I have my own place that I share with my two cats. They are my lovely fur babies and keep me decent company, however I am looking for somebody who can hopefully provide some more company!
As you can probably guess by now, I am definitely on the nerdy side of things. Star Wars, Marvel, video games, occasional anime (haven't watched much), computers/technology in general. If it's nerdy, then I am more than likely into it!
I've come to Reddit because, let's face it, the dating scene right now isn't the best. All the apps sucks unless you are in the 0.00001% of inexplicably attractive people, and most everybody on the apps are looking for hookups and one-nighters; neither of which are remotely appealing to me.
Anyway, I would love to find someone to connect with and spend time with! And if a connection is there, then hopefully a beautiful relationship can blossom! My only requirements are that you are a kind-hearted woman located either in California or within the United States. Hope to talk soon! 😊
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2023.03.26 23:04 Mordaunt-the-Wizard Characters Which Were Underutilized

Hey Arnold! is a great show, and it does a great job giving a lot of depth to a lot of its characters. However, there were definitely characters who got the short end of the stick. Here's my ranking of five characters who could have been used better:
5. Lorenzo - I have to admit that I didn't find him that interesting of a character, but I think they could have done more with him, as he only has a role in two episodes. He could have especially been a good foil to Rhonda, being both upper-class kids going to public school. I'm ranking him last because we at least have an explanation to his lack of relevance: his voice actor's voice changed, and they didn't feel he was interesting enough to warrant going to the trouble of recasting.
4. Sheena - Eugene's best friend, and one of Arnold's few classmates who never got an episode to herself. I'm ranking her fourth because, like Lorenzo, I don't find her that interesting especially compared to number three. Speaking of...
3. Nadine - Rhonda's best friend and another character who never got an episode to herself (she did get to share the spotlight with Arnold and Rhonda in "Best Friends", though. I think her lack of screentime is more egregious than Sheena's because I think her connection to Rhonda would have made good material: why is the girl who liked bugs best friends with the rich girl of all people? She doesn't even have that much relevance in Rhonda-centric episodes like "Rhonda Goes Broke" and "Rhonda's Glasses."
2. Lila Sawyer - Unlike most of the others, Lila actually got a good amount of screentime. But most of it was wasted potential. She spent most of her appearances being Arnold's crush and thus hated by Helga. It's especially disappointing because her first episode implied that there was a lot to explore with her home life, with her being raised by a struggling single father. What happened to her mother? What does she think of city life compared to the country? That being said, here's another character whose first episode hinted at her having more depth than they showed in the rest of the series. That character is...
1. Olga Pataki - Helga's big sister does make a lot of appearances, yes, but they never really built on the first in a satisfying way. Her first appearance, "Olga Comes Home," she outright states that she hates acting the way she does. All further appearances, however, she continues acting that way without any hint that she's putting on a front, meaning that her dynamic with Helga is never able to move past Helga finding her annoying and feeling she's stuck in her shadow. I think a part of the problem is the writers revealed Olga's depths in her first episode, but then they wanted to use the character they presented her as at the start of that episode for more plots. If they had her simply appear to be the naive, happy overachiever for the first half/two-thirds of the series, then revealed in, say, the fourth season that she hated acting the way she did, they could have done something different with her last few appearances.
What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Are there other characters you thought they could have done more with?
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2023.03.26 23:04 xUnwoundFuture Season 8 makes me so sad

I’ve rewatched got a few times and every time season 8 comes around I feel like just turning it off. I actually liked a lot from s7, but when the night king and his big bad army of wights and white walkers were defeated in one episode mid season BY Arya I just gave up. I know Jon would’ve been too predictable but this just felt forced only to make it surprising. The night king was the big bad evil of the show (imo) and that should’ve been the final episode with battle of kings landing happening before that.
Dany going mad was predictable, u saw her going down a slippery slope for seasons. Killing more and more people (sometimes for “good” reason) and becoming more cruel and showing less mercy. She was never a patient person (except with waiting for the iron throne one could say), threatened and killed a lot of people who opposed or insulted her. And yes it’s normal in Westeros and I honestly do not care about monarchs massacring ppl bc I love Cersei tbh. BUT Dany pretended to be good. While she was never truly good. And that I hate. I never saw her as good, not even in Essos when she liberated everyone. Fighting fire with fire is effective but morally unjust. It just annoys me SO MUCH ppl see her as good and she thinks she’s good and breaking the wheel and a hero. Like ugh. It’s just a show but it annoys me a lot.
Then Jon gets banished like good for him, he wants that anyway. But Bran becomes king like wtf. Who wants that. He’s evil I’m sure. And annoying. He doesn’t want anything according to him yet he wants the crown allll to himself I can see right through him xd.
Jaime ending up with Cersei is like idk both awwww and pfff wtf Jaime at the same time. Like redemption arc flushed in 2 seconds but also I loved their last scene together and I felt so bad for Cersei lol.
But idk THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS ENDING. The north becoming independent like why???? Make everyone independent then. Arya going to explore the world like she didn’t spent 7 years to get back home. At least Jon and Ghost are reunited. Clegane bowl was epic.
I wished such a great show didn’t have such a shitty ending. No hate towards the actors btw they’re all really good especially for what they had to work with.
That was my rant after watching the bells for the 3572928th time. Which I hate every time even more xd.
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2023.03.26 23:04 WiseGanache4172 The Slab

Introducing The Slab: Your Ultimate Vanilla Minecraft Experience!
Welcome to The Slab, the premier destination for Minecraft enthusiasts who crave a pure, immersive, and engaging Vanilla Minecraft experience. Our server is designed for players who love the simplicity and charm of the original game, while enjoying the company of a friendly and active community.
Key Features:
Active Server Owner and Admin Team: Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. They are always available to help and keep the server running smoothly.
Exquisitely Designed Spawn Area: Start your journey in style at our beautifully crafted spawn area, complete with essential amenities and helpful information to kickstart your adventure.
Random Teleport (RTP) Commands: Explore the vast and diverse world of Minecraft with ease, as our server offers random teleport commands to help you find the perfect spot to start building and surviving.
Integrated Economy System: Engage in trading, resource gathering, and more with our balanced in-game economy. Earn, spend, and invest your hard-earned currency wisely as you progress through the game.
Earnable Ranks: Show off your skills and dedication with our rank system, where you can climb the ranks and unlock unique perks and rewards as you progress in the server.
And Much More! With regular updates, events, and community-driven content, there's always something new to discover on The Slab.
Join Our Team:
Are you passionate about Minecraft and want to contribute to our thriving community? Staff applications are now open for both our Discord and Minecraft server! Apply today to help shape the future of The Slab and make a difference in our player community.
Don't miss out on the ultimate Vanilla Minecraft experience – join The Slab today! Connect with us on Discord, follow us on social media, and dive into a world of endless possibilities, challenges, and fun. We can't wait to see you there! https://discord.gg/EpYmmRmaah
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2023.03.26 23:03 eeks1233f shocked, academically mediocre student gets into a few t-10s!

Intended Major(s): Pub Policy/Econ
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. #1 ranked nationally in a business/policy related academically competitive event with 15,000+ competitors related to public speaking / entrepreneurship
  2. conducted independent research under a phd mentor on mergers and acquisitions, publication in a journal (these things honestly accept most papers), 20 pages long and presented at a state wide symposium
  3. intern at attorneys legal council for my region - didnt do much but helped with filing, got to join some cool meetings with lawyers, worked with school board to talk through ideas and just got to experience life in a legal office setting which was nice
  4. 10 percent acceptance rate summer program for economics at penn, so so so costly but it was a fantastic experience and met a lot of like minded people
  5. president of a local organization that taught financial literacy to low income children in my region, close to 50 students and got a lot of positive reviews
  6. designed curriculum for a year long economics program targeted towards disenfranchised regions for students to learn basics of investing on a weekly basis, 60 elementary-middle schoolers attended
  7. published in an international philosophy journal tied to the university of toronto, wrote a paper about particularism
  8. president of schools economics and finance club for 3 years - largest club in the school and helped partner with other chapters to register for a lot of competitions, guest speakers, and events
  9. summer community college courses on econ related subjects with specialization
  10. president of key club
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
1: 6x national championships in different competitions related to ec 1, i split this into 2 awards
  1. published research in a peer reviewed journal
  2. winner of international philosophy competition with a stipend and publication, same as ec 3
  3. national merit commended
  4. ap scholar w distinction
Letters of Recommendation
english: 9.5/10 - i read it and it was really really good! talked a lot about specific things i did and seemed to have a good relationship with him
gov teacher: 8/10 - i talked a lot in his class but he seemed to like me a decent amount, still was probably pretty generic
9/10 for all - i do love writing so i hope this was one of the better parts of my application
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
waiting on the ivies and berkeley
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2023.03.26 23:00 Quantum_Sushi Having ADHD is hard

Coming here just to talk, maybe in the void, maybe to thousands of people... I don't know.
I'm currently in my first year of prep school. I don't know if you got that much in America or anywhere else but here in France it's just the top notch thing that leads to engineering schools, and I'm in one of the best. And it's hardcore, like really hardcore. It's known for destroying your social life and making you sweat for 2 years lol.
But that's not the problem with me... ADHD is. I was that kid that wouldn't open a single book and be the best of the class, but that doesn't work anymore : everybody else either was that kid too, or was on the other hand an absolute unit of a worker. And now everybody has to work their asses of.
Thing is, I struggle a lot working, not motivation-wise, but staying focused, studying long periods of time (I was proud when I managed to work for a full hour with almost ni interruption, and it's still not that common), keeping my attention on what I'm doing... Because when doing a repetitive job, it's easy to sink in and just do it. But when manipulating esoteric math where you don't progress of a single line in 15 minutes... Yeah, attention's gone.
I should probably be studying. What am I even doing rn ? I don't know. I love what I'm studying, and I wanna fight and keep the dream alive, but this is so hard for me, and nobody seems to acknowledge that I don't just need to learn how to work to be better, because I never had to, and that by now I should be sorted out etc... Nobody seems to understand that I have an inherent difficulty to work.
I don't wanna end up like the classical burnt out gifted kid... This is too common, it's frightening. Any advice from a Reddit dad about that ? Or just general support, that would be much appreciated, I'd love to feel understood at least by some.
You made it to the end haha, thanks !
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