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This community is for those who play, create, and bring awareness to those who love local multiplayer games—which are video games that are played on one system (console or computer) among multiple players, either single or split-screen.

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The Home of For Honor on Reddit! For Honor is a Third-Person Fighting Game, developed and published by Ubisoft for Windows PC, Xbox One/Series X and PlayStation 4/5.

2023.03.26 10:11 by_wise a free ramdisk for ios 14 and below?

i made a post stating that i can't jailbreak 2(iphone 7 and 6 plus) iphones that are on the passcode/disabled screen on ios 14 and 12, tried the meowcat ramdisk but it always fails to download firmware keys.. on the readme it reads that if that fails i have to update my mac os to 12, but since my mac doesn't support this version i can't nothing.
is there another free alternative please?
submitted by by_wise to setupapp [link] [comments]

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2023.03.26 10:04 King_Coyote_Starrk A humble salute to Folken. My opponent in the best game of Magic I have ever played.

A humble salute to Folken. My opponent in the best game of Magic I have ever played.
This was without even a question in my mind the best game of Magic the Gathering I have ever played in my life. My Blue/White Artifact control pile VS Folken and his 5 color control. It was a complete and utter stalemate for 20+ minutes as we each had an answer for what the other was doing. I zigged and then he would zag. I would Farewell the board and then plop down a Portal to Phyrexia to bring back his Atraxa, but then he would have an answer. Then he would drop another Atraxa to fish for more answers of his own, but then I would have an answer for his answers. Back and forth the whole time. Every turn we countered what the other was doing. Everytime. I ultimately won because he ran out of cards and I myself only had 6 cards left at the end. He even played out all the cards in his hand before he conceded as well as sent a few fun emotes my way and I responded in kind. The picture is of the victory screen. I began to play out my hand like he did, but he had finally conceded. Damn good game to him.
Easily the best game of Magic I ever played and I am not sure I will ever find someone that is that dedicated to trying to get the win even when he knows the odds are against him while also being that that humble and lighthearted in defeat again on Ranked ladder.

Farewell to Folken. The best sport and most dogged opponent I have ever had. Thank you for reminding me why I love this game so god damn much.
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2023.03.26 10:00 SaxoGrammaticus1970 [DA2 Spoilers] [DAO Spoilers] I just finished my DA2 playthrough. Here are my thoughts/review.

Disclaimer: I tried to write this as spoiler-free as possible. If you feel there are spoilers below, please tell me and I'll make my best effort to remove such. However, please feel free to put any DAO or DA2 spoilers in your comments if you deem it convenient. Thanks in advance.
I just finished playing DA2, with both story DLCs (Legacy and Mark of the Assassin), and it took me about 87 hours for this playthrough. I played on Easy/Casual difficulty. My Hawke was a male warrior. I played DA2 straight after finishing my first playthrough of DAO, where I also played a male warrior.
A large part of this review is lifted from a comment I made here.
I've read lots of comments and reviews that said that DA2 is not that great of a game in comparison to DA:O and DA:I. As for the lattter, I have no opinion, of course; but after playing both Origins and 2, I sincerely think that DA2 is a great game on its own right, and provides great entertaiment. Given that reportedly developers had just one year to finish it, the extent of their achievement is nothing short of amazing. They really pulled it off.
The combat feels more streamlined and easier to manage than Origin. As a casual player, I never got tactics in Origins, and I still didn't get them in DA2; but given my difficulty level I could manage without them.
The story seems generally very well written, and there are some really good moments. However, there are some plot details that only could pass muster in a rushed game. This was especially apparent in the main plot quests which finished Act 2, and the polarizing event at the start of the endgame. The writers could perhaps achieve something similar but with more believable plot points. But then, they had little time and maybe they had to rush in this area, too... Some parts really shone through, such as the poignant Legacy epilogue, for example.
The banter amoung your party members is nice, and sometimes downright hilarious; that was definitely a plus for me.
People say that locations are reused, and yes, they are, but I don't feel that as detracting. This is because most locations are really well designed for the most part and thus, reusing a good thing is not that much of a problem, at least for me
The romance options feel a little bit limited, at least if you're a straight guy playing a straight dude Hawke (as I did). But they are nice. The brothel stuff also felt useless. Why go there and spend coin just for the privilege of seeing Hawke on his back, zipping his pants? And, echoing the complaint about limited romance options, there's just so few ladies at the brothel (and don't mention the details of a somewhat surprising worker there...)
My biggest criticisms would be the stupid inventory limit (even lower than DAO). I'm tired of managing inventory. The dialogue wheel seemed nice, but there are no documented keyboard shortcuts for the dialogue wheel: I had to use the mouse for that. Also, some dialogue options completely different to what Hawke really says or intends to.
The game starts quite strong; but, as the game progresses, the gameplay becomes repetitive; there are some quests where you just have to go from point A to point B, and you have to fight enemies on the way.
Technically speaking, there is the enormous flaw that this game is the first in the series that forced me to install that evil stupid EA Launcher in order to play it (I played Origins after I purchased it from GOG, so no DRM for it).
You have the option to use either DX9 or DX11 as the rendering engines. DX9 had the broadest compatibility; I was able to duplicate my screen into a giant-screen TV in DX9, but I ran into various problems doing that in DX11; the downside was that the game was much more crash-prone. On the other hand, if I just played on my laptop screen, DX11 worked much better and was more stable; but the game still crashed on me sometimes.
Also, it should be noted that I was able to play it on 1080p with reasonably good framerate on High settings, even though my PC is technically a glorified potato (good specs but Intel UHD 620 integrated GPU).
The soundtrack was really nice. I'd have liked to get it, even though looks like the Ultimate Edition on Steam doesn't offer it.
Finally, I drooled over Bethany 😍 (please don't kill me!).
As you might guess, the balance is positive and if you like Dragon Age: Origins, or a good old action RPG, you should like DA2. Getting it would be money well spent.
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2023.03.26 09:55 youdontfooljesus PS3 Crashing Problems

Hi everyone, hope you’re well. I’m in need of some advice with my Slim 4.89 CFW Overclocked system. I built this system at the end of last year and it’s been working great up until now. Long story short I was made homeless for a short period and have lost access to the PC with all my PS3 tools. I may not get the opportunity to use the machine again until later this year. I’ve brought the PS3 to my new home but it’s having issues. Sometimes I’ll be watching YouTube and it will just soft lock, leaving the frozen image on screen. I thought this may be the app as I’ve dealt with this issue before but I also tried Red Dead Redemption and during the first mission it crashed to the XMB twice so I gave up. Are these unrelated issues or perhaps a sign my HDD could be failing? The only system I have is my MacBook Pro since I use it for work. If so, can the drive be cloned? This firmware has a lot of XMBL edits that I’d like to keep and rebuilding it will require my old PC. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.26 09:49 welcome2city17 Converting V-Station Patches to KS4 / KS5 / KS Rack format

I've been working a lot with https://hexinator.com/ (Windows) also known as https://www.synalysis.net/ (Mac).
As a side project I completed a script to convert V-Station patches into ones you can load directly onto KS4 / KS5 / KS Rack hardware via Sysex (their native format in other words). The byte by byte conversion (even bit by bit in some cases) is as close to the originals as is physically possible given their very minor differences. If anyone has old V-Station patch banks lying around in .fxp format which they'd like to convert, let me know. The only catch is they can't be full banks in .fxb "patch bank" format, I can only convert .fxp "individual preset" files. The script can convert any number of presets instantaneously so long as they're in .fxp format.
As a side note, let me know if anyone else is into Sysex / mapping / decoding hex files.
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2023.03.26 09:47 Sghtunsn "Lost" Husky in Middle Tennessee

Howdy y'all,
(TL:DR: I need to find a husky friendly rescue operation, ideally in the northern US ASAP)
I am not a Husky owner, but I have been a Husky lover since elementary school in Chicago when my best friend had one named Grover, and that dog practically refused to come inside during the winter months. So tonight I saw a post on Next Door, that i can't share here for privacy reasons, but the takeaway is it was about a "lost husky" found wandering a neighborhood with no collar on and clearly blowing his winter coat because you can see the telltale white clumps all over him. So I thought I would come here and see if anyone is familiar with a husky rescue operation in the Northern US that at least has a snowball's chance of placing him in a home where he will be able to play in the snow in the winter, instead of living the rest of his life in the hot and humid hell that Middle TN turns into from about early May to mid-October, and apart from the heat we tend to have a drought that dries up all the creeks and rivulets that both my dogs had come to depend on just to stay cool during a basic 2 or 3 mile hike, and they will just stare at the creek bed where they are used to finding enough water to drink their fill while soaking themselves to the shoulders, and it's a good thing I have never seen anyone walking a husky under those conditions because I would just snap, because I have rescued two dogs right off the asphalt, not from a shelter, over the last 25+ years and given them both forever homes. So victimizing helpless animals is right at the top of my shit list, and probably the saddest video I have ever seen in nearly 8 years here is the one where a car abandons a husky on the side of a road that looks like the SoCal desert to me, and then just drives away with the dog desperately chasing after them, and I have never seen anything that cruel, so when I saw this poor husky in the picture with a missing collar wandering around a neighborhood he clearly doesn't know that dog chasing that car is all I could think about it, and that is why I am nearly hell bent on finding a way to intervene here ASAP before he gets "re-homed" and I have the resources to cover any related expenses but I just don't know where to get husky specific help. And if I can find the right place fast enough I am pretty sure I can convince the person who is currently in possession to let me give him a chance at a better life.
EDIT: With all due respect to the peanut gallery I would appreciate it if comments were limited only to husky friendly agencies that you have personal experience with, and if you want to try and zing me please do it via PM and make sure you read "Dogs: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior & Evolution" before you do.
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2023.03.26 09:46 _Eduardo_16 Drug Monkeys - Prologue

It was Jim’s first experience living in a gardenworld, a world that harbors life and that death is not always present, he remembered how he was on Earth not too long ago, how life back there always seemed bleak but at the same time normal, filled with dangers and yet it still comforts him as a human, it was also his first debut here, he was assigned as a transfer student in a prestigious school, to learn about how space stuff works, more specifically FTL-ships and whatnot.


His wristwatch snaps him out of his thoughts, bringing him back to reality, where he found himself in a spaceship harbored by the Federation, the interior looked nice and quirky, filled with commodities attuned to his race, water, food, and his specially-designed orange spacesuit designated for him, he finds it strange why he was required by his government to wear the suit the moment he lands because as far as he knows, there weren’t any problems being naked (well, not entirely naked, just with the suit off) in the gardenworld, but he shouldn’t be giving misassumptions on things he doesn’t know, perhaps there were species out there that are afraid of his racial features, or how some species doesn’t like the looks of their kind, either way, it was better to be safe than sorry and cause an international accident.

The suit itself had a more or less modern take and a tinge of futurism on the side, the torso part of the suit looked like it had one of NASA’s Oxygen Purge Systems installed at the front included with a portable life support system at the back, the systems are both upgraded and took less space for convenience, they were designed for controlling the outflow of oxygen coming into his lungs and the carbon dioxide that exited, including the pressure and temperature of that said oxygen and the atmosphere inside, the limbs of the suit looked comfortable to wear, so at least he wasn’t going to worry about ergonomics for a while, plus it had a layer of lightweight metal to protect himself from medium physical trauma, and a layer of an aluminum perforated sheet around the helmet to protect his skull from being mentally harmed by psychic-energy, he was worried at that last bit from the suits’ maker since it implies that there are psychic races out there that could probably possess him or turn his brain into slime.

Aside from the horrifying thought, the helmet or visor had the most futuristic style in it, along with the helmet having a respirator mask connected to the inside, it also had things like a HUD to display the time of day, his current location on the planet he was on, not to mention the solar system he was in too, his temperature, vitals, a facial-hide feature, a small display of the suits integrity system and the good ol’ compass system.

Although he doesn’t know the exact reason why he had to wear the suit, it made sense why he had to wear it since incidents and crimes are prone to happen, and so are injuries if you’ve found yourself to be caught up in one, plus identity theft is much more rampant since their entry in the galaxy, thank god for the facial-hide feature.

Talking about crimes and incidents, he did hear that there were some drug cartels out there, but that was next to impossible to meet them or encountering them since the Federation he was in, The Barlog Federation, was high-alert on any drugs being pushed around or sold by black market sellers, so he’s not worried at the very least, plus he was in a gardenworld so the chances are very slim, but never zero.

“Jim! Wear that suit ‘cause we’re about to land in just about a few minutes, you’ll see our destination outside the window.” The ship’s assistant said at the cabin’s doorway of the ship, revealing himself to be a man in his forties wearing the same suit that Jim saw earlier, the systems glowing a faint hue of blue as he worked the courage to stand and balance himself in the ship, using his hands to grab the poles in the ship’s loading bay, taking careful note of the supplies beside him as he helped himself to walk.

“Yeah, I’ll change in just a sec, Mark.” While walking, he took what the assistant said in mind and briefly looked out of the windows of the spaceship, seeing the gardenworld of Bartos in view, the planet itself looked similar to Earth, having a similar atmosphere and more or less the same gravity as his homeworld has, after taking in the view for a few seconds, he opted himself to move forward and take off the suit hanging on the wall, he goes in the bathroom of the ship, taking a good five minutes to change himself to be wearing the suit with his civilian clothes on from the inside, Jim tested his physical amenity in the suit, moving his limbs, twisting them, clenching his fists and moving his head, it was a perfect fit for a seven-foot man like him.

“Goddamn do you look like a giant in that thing, I’m not surprised if the world’s natives are scared shitless of you, dude.” He turned around to see the assistant from before, who he dwarfed in comparison, “Did you have a growth spurt or something? I bet you’re the top when it comes to basketball.” The smug assistant of the captain said to him, visibly seeing his smirk inside the visor of his suit.

“Ha, I guess you could say that, my family wanted me to join the golden state warriors but I don’t wanna, basketball’s not suited for me, I don’t like it,” Jim said to the assistant, walking past him and getting through the cargo bay of the spaceship to prepare himself for atmospheric entry, the assistant followed suit and picked a seat across from Jim to chat a little while longer until the announcement system in the ship blared for everyone’s attention, voicing a personal message from the captain himself.

[Hello everyone this is your captain speaking of the UNSF Jackal, we’re getting close to our destination of the gardenworld Bartos, please prepare your suits and seats for atmospheric entry, I repeat, please prepare your suits and seats for atmospheric entry, I will give you five minutes to prepare, until then, have a safe voyage!]

After the captain’s message was over, the two felt the ship halt in space and used the remaining five minutes for their conversation as they were already in their seats prior to the announcement, “You don’t like basketball?” Mark said to Jim, turning his wrist for the digital pad installed on the suit to tell the time, “Yeah, I flat out don’t like it, not because of the audience or the competition in general, just that my legs hurt like hell after doing rounds of basketball.” Mark could relate to that since he trained in physical fitness exams when entering the marine corps, yet Jim here could throw his men into outer space if he’d like to after taking the exams himself, “And how the heck did you get so tall in the first place? It’s quite rare to see a seven-foot guy in person.” Mark questioned, fascinated at Jim’s height as he lightly blushed at the indirect praise of his abnormal physical form, fortunately, his facial-hide feature hid that blush of his so Mark wouldn’t know he was embarrassed.

“Well, my father was quite the man himself, he was shorter than me, five-foot-six, as for my mother, well, she was two inches below him, maybe it was genetic luck or something? I’m not sure, but they’re very proud when they discover I’m as tall as a six-year-old boy when I was a year old at that time.” Jim gave Mark a short history of his parents, “Thank god it was during that time when everyone was at a great age where technology can solve almost all of our problems, I said almost because cancer is still a bitch in twenty-fifty-seven.” Jim said, wondering how that cursed disease still survives every time, “Hey, at least most diseases and whatnot are useless thanks to that, but at the very least, you are both stupidly lucky and at the right time to be born, ‘cause not only did you survive your challenge being a seven-foot guy, you also had a one in a lifetime chance to be in the spacefaring age, you’re so fucking fortunate man.” Mark said in an envious tone of Jim’s stupid luck, as Jim himself scratch the back of his head in light of Mark’s words.

“Well, what can I say? I’m glad and thankful my parents didn’t take abortions during that time, from what I heard, things are getting a little hectic thirty-five years ago, you know, the Great Recession, climate change, and other depressing stuff.” Jim said, feeling a little sad for what his parents had to go through during that time, “Yeah, some old peeps thought it’d be a great idea to do some horrendous law changes back then, like making children work, but back then competent leaders and sensible people were able to fight back, and all I can do is nothing but praise them for what they did during that time.” Before they could get further into their conversation, they felt the ship change speed, feeling the cargo’s floor becoming warm and the shaking of the ship’s body, after a few seconds of the crewmen, including Jim and Mark, bracing themselves for the hot entry, the warmth in the floor dissipated and the shaking stopped, then the speakers chimed again, the captains’ voice overtaking the speakers.

[Alright, people! We’ve landed on Bartos, please follow the orders of your superiors and proceed with extra caution, and remember to double-check if there are any, and I mean ANY orifices on your suit, if there are, please report to the ship’s technician suitmaker for repairs, until then, next planetary departure is in two weeks.]
Jim felt a little odd when the captain emphasized the suits, he understands the cost and danger, but what a little hole in your suit could do? ‘Maybe I should stop thinking about that, maybe they don’t want some alien rat crawling into those holes, ew…’ While others were unbuckling their seatbelts, including his seatbelts, he saw Mark standing in front of him when he was finished unbuckling, “I bet you’re not familiar with the ship, huh?” Mark sneered, prideful at his speed of unbuckling his seatbelt, “Ugh, just help me out with this, please?” Jim said, having trouble pressing which buttons to press.

While Mark helped him unbuckle his seatbelt around his giant body, the captain himself appeared in the cargo bay while the crewmen started to move the boxes out of the ship’s landing bay, approaching Jim and Mark who are still stuck on their seatbelt problem.
“Did you not press the green button? That’s the one that releases you, right?” Jim said, “I did! It’s not working, I uh-“ Mark said, frantically looking at the three colored buttons in front of him, “What seems to be the problem, boys?” The captain said, surprising Jim and Mark, “U-Uh! Hello, Captain Graham, sir!” Mark said in a strict posture and did a swift salute near his suit’s visor to respect the man in front of him.

“I bet you’re not familiar with the ship, huh?” The captain said in a joking tone, ironically using Mark’s line against him, “A-Ah, father-I mean, captain!” Jim said, cutting himself off to not accidentally reveal that the captain is his dad and to not make everything more awkward than it has to be.

“S-Sir! We’re uh… Having trouble with the seatbelts, we don’t know how to unbuckle them.”

As they said that they heard the sound of the spaceships’ engines dying out filling the cargo bay, reminding the two that they’d been stuck on the seatbelt problem for at least a minute now, which made them have second-hand embarrassment, Captain Graham gives out a short hearty laugh.

“I knew I should’ve told the engineers to set up some posters for instructions, I bet some fools have already shitted themselves.” The Captain said, going over to Jimmy’s belt and pressing the red, yellow, and green buttons in order, and with a click, the belt comes open, letting go of Jim and giving him back his freedom of movement.

“Huh, just like a traffic light…” Mark murmured to himself, feeling a bit stupid as Jim gets up from his seat, stretching and twisting his limbs to pop some joints as he lets out a sigh of pleasure, “Thanks, Captain.” He said to the man, dwarfing him in size, but the man didn’t react, only that he nods in reply, “You’re welcome, Jimmy boy.” The Captain returns his attention to Mark, the soldier assistant for the captain on the UNSF “Jackal” spaceship, gave him something, Mark glances at the things, and discovers it is a bunch of officer cards, identification papers, as well as a list of things on paper, and money to buy said things on paper for the soldiers.

“Go do some paperwork for me and buy some stuff for the soldiers, mainly ammunition materials and rations, report to me once you’re done.” The Captain gives his orders to Mark, he replied with a salute and a nod and went off the spaceship via the cargo bay doors, once he’s gone, Graham focuses his attention back on Jim, who is patiently staring at the old man for something.

“So… We’re finally on Bartos, where you’re going to learn a lot of spacey stuff,” Graham said, dropping his authoritative demeanor and switching it to a casual one, “I’ve never expected being the UNSF Jackal, and it was used to bring a father’s son to a space college in an artificial gardenworld, haha.” Jim lightly chuckled at the humor that came with his sentence, after all, it was not every day that a military vessel is used for nothing but transportation for a civilian like Jim, at least for this occasion, the excuse for resupply made it a perfect opportunity for Jim to arrive to his college’s dormitory on time.

“Hahaha, that I get. But you should get going now, all of the things required for education like books and holographic recordings are already there in your assigned dormitory for your convenience, should get you warmed up for the semester.” Graham said, patting Jim as he snapped his fingers, as a floating spherical bot with a cute holographic expression for a face appeared next to Graham, “Please lead citizen-class ‘Jim’ to his designated self-drivable car.” The bot’s eyes blinked then said in a robotic feminine tone, “Yes, sir Graham! Calculating route… Please, sir Jim! Follow me!” The bot said, using its gravitational rings to float itself out of the ship’s cargo bay as Jim said his last goodbye to his father, “I guess I’ll see you in a couple of months, dad.” Jim said, walking ahead of his father as he did a short wave, “Yep, do your best! You better give me high grades in all subjects, alright!” His father exclaimed, making Jim feel second-hand embarrassment yet again as he felt the awkward stares from his father’s crewman, who didn’t know he was the son of the Captain, “Oh, and don’t forget your number is 129, alright?!” He waved his hands, not wanting to be embarrassed any further.

“Are you ready, sir Jim?” The bot said, “Yes, please…” Jim said, his face lightly red flushed as he hurriedly get out of the landing pad and followed the bot to the road ahead, where a hovering car was waiting for them, the moment Jim got near it the doors automatically opened as another AI voice made itself known in the cabin, “Hello, are you recipient number #129?” The driver AI said, making itself visible in the cabin’s window visor, its pixel eyes focused on Jim.

‘That must be me, I guess?’ He remembered what his father said earlier and replied, “Yep, that’s me.” The driver AI showed a loading screen for a second then a camera appeared out of the side mirror, scanning his face, shortly after a checkmark appeared, “Recipient confirmed! Please assign yourself to the driver’s passenger seat! Sir Jim!” Jim waved at the bot that accompanied him before it shortly brings itself back to the UNSF Jackal ship, once the doors were closed, the car started to hover forward and bring Jim to his destination.

While the journey to his college dormitory remained silent, Jim was fascinated at the sight of alien structures so tall that they blinked the sun in and out of existence, not only that, there were also cars in sky highways, crossing paths with the skyscrapers as they narrowly avoided through the tight spaces of the buildings, at this point, Jim wondered if he and their parents are lucky to be born in the right time to explore the galaxy, he felt bad for the humans three and a half decades ago, as they were still in their modern age, unable and never to experience this sight ever again, only to be a vivid dream in their minds.

“We’re at our destination, sir Jim! Thank you for choosing Braekteel Taxi company for transportation, may we seek your next drive!” He failed to realize that he was already at the entrance to his dormitory, going out of the hover taxi, Jim had to readjust his body as he stand in front of the gigantic building that is the National University Bartos, or the NUB for short, the taxi left the place as Jim walked forward to enter through the entrance.

Inside was something Jim expected, the halls were futuristic yet still retained that rustic style, he was in the lounge of the building, and all the long chairs are fluffy in a way, including the table, he goes to the reception, and there was an alien that resembled a very, very fat orange cat, something near to Garfield except he was a chick that uses a filer to keep her claws up to shape, ‘A Kerkitril?’ Jim thought, taking in the sight of the orange-furred Kerkitril with smudges of light brown across her fur.

The alien spoke in a strange language that he couldn’t understand after she realizes he was staring at him, the translator near his ear lobe, which he didn’t even notice, crackled to life, with a robotic-like voice that alerted him of the translator’s condition, [Alien language detected, attempting to decode to human language…] The cat lady stared at him strangely as Jim had to awkwardly refer to the translator near his ears inside his helmet to work, [Language decoded! Which language do you like to set it to?] Jim had forgotten that his race had hundreds of languages, so he chose the most basic one there is, “English.” Instantly, the voice in his translator replied, [Confirmed! Language translated is set to “ENGLISH”, are you sure you want to set this as your preferred translated language?] “Yes…” Jim annoyingly replied, wanting to get this awkward moment to be over with, [Now you can speak with ease! Please try out the translator to the speaker.] After hearing that, Jim coughed to rid away the awkwardness and to garner the Kerkitril’s attention.

“Hello? Can you understand me?” Jim said as his words reached the Kerkitril’s feline ears in the reception, “Uh, yes. I was starting to wonder whether or not you’re going to speak or else I’ll call in the building’s guards to kick your odd race out.” She said as the translator worked its charm, relaying her words into something tangible his mind can understand.

“I’m here for my dormitory? Uh, my name’s Jim, Jim Graham is my full name.” The Kerkitril’s tail lightly pressed the strangely-shaped triangular button in front of her on the desk, then a holographic panel appears in front of her, she sets down her file and swipes through the lists of names registered in the University, and her expression turns to surprise when she saw Jim’s profile, “Uh, is this your name?” She turned the panel with her paws, “Yep, that’s me.” He replied, avoiding his stupid picture settled above his name, which was him being in an unclean state, his hair was rowdy, and his eyes had bags under them, in short, he was ashamed this was supposed to be his ID soon in the future.

“Your room’s number twelve, on hallway sixth, I assume you’re aware that you have a roommate, right?” This comes as a surprise to Jim as he never recalled having a roommate with him on the papers, er, well, more accurately the University’s dormitory manager, “Uh… No?” The Kerkitril blankly stared at him then sighed, “I’ll alert her of your arrival, in the meantime, you should let Mr. Guide over there help you accompany you to your room.” She referred to the bot, which looked more like a floor cleaner than a guide, to Jim, “Thank you miss, uh…” He trailed off, trying to find any context clues to her name, “It’s nothing, hun. Just call me Miss Erilm.” The fat Kerkitril said.

“Alright, Miss Erilm. Thanks for the help!” After following the futuristic cleaner roomba, Jim finds himself in front of his dormitory room’s metal door, “Twelve at hallway sixth, right?” He glanced at the number sign in the hallway to see if it was number six, “Okay, so I am in hallway sixth, I hope this one is correct…” Jim braced himself, preparing mentally for the person on the inside to greet him as he made sure his posture was professional, he was about to knock when the door silently opened up with a slide, revealing a female Kerkitril, he didn’t realize this as he proceeds to tap his knuckles forward, tapping the Kerkitril’s furry head by accident.

“Ow! What the…?” The Kerkitril said, Jim realized his mistake as he tries to apologize for his misbehavior, “Ah, I’m sorry! Did I hit you too hard? I-I didn’t realize the door was already open.” Jim started to fidget nervously, fearing that the may get kicked out on the very first day in this dormitory, “O-Oh! Are you the new roommate?” The female Kerkitril said as Jim took in her racial features, her fur is a bright brown color, full of black streaks on her entire body, aside from that, she was two and a half feet smaller than her, how he hit her head is a mystery.

“Uhm, yes! My name is Jim! Jim Graham, nice to meet you!” Jim says in an enthusiastic yet nervous filled tone, offering his gloved hands to shake her paws for a proper introduction, the Kerkitril glanced at his furless gloves and proceeds to shake hands with Jim, “Uh, my name’s Amirlyn, I guess you’re a… What kind of race are you?” She said, unable to see through his helmet’s facial-hide feature, “I’m a human! You know, the new race like six months ago?” He briefly disabled the feature to confirm his claim, which caught her off-guard.

“What? A human? Damn, I never thought I’d see your kind in this part of space, I thought y’all secluded yourself in your systems?” Amirlyn said, raising assumptions about his kind as Jim had to disperse her beliefs of his race, “Yeah, about that… We just wanted to prepare ourselves for more expanses, you know, like this suit to not scare the other races?” Jim said, which shattered Amirlyn ’s thoughts about the humans, “I guess that makes sense, so, uh…” An awkward silence enters the conversation as she tries to gather up more questions, Jim was the first to break the silence as he wanted to see what the room looked like in his eyes, “Can I get inside?” Jim requested, which made Amirlyn realize she was being outright rude to the human.

“S-Sorry! Let’s get inside.” Amirlyn stepped to the side for the bulky human to enter, his hair barely touches the door’s topside by a hair’s length as he entered his dormitory with his cat roommate, he finds it expansive, which is great for him since he’s seven foot tall.

The rooms themselves were outfitted to their specified roles, the kitchen has sets of knives, varying plates, silverware, a microwave, and a fridge.

The living room has a white-colored rug, with two soft sofas, a table on top of the rug, a TV hanging on the wall, well, more like levitating, below the TV were some drawers, beside the drawers are a pair of two pot plants harboring alien fauna, perhaps fauna familiar to Amirlyn?

The bedroom was the same, two beds, with one specifically elongated for him, there’s also a pair of computer stations for the two of them as well, same with drawers and desks, there’s also a balcony connected to the bedroom, which showed the city outside and the beautifulness of it all, then there’s the bathroom, you know, for convenience, and that’s pretty much it.

There’s also a strangely-designed automatic laundry machine settled near his bed, he knows it’s intended for the suit he was wearing since it’ll smell bad after a couple of hours, but he’ll have to do that later when he’s done setting up for today and getting familiarized with the university’s layout.

And that’s pretty much about it, Amirlyn did mention that there’s a storage area in the living room with a strange package she received yesterday, Jim decided to check it out, wondering if it was the educational materials his father bought, and his assumption was right.

“What? How is that in there?” Amirlyn inquired, finding it strange why a bunch of books, which mind you were outdated in this time of age, and a couple of holographic recordings were settled in the storage area of their room, “These are the educational materials that father bought, some of these are to help me to get me up to speed, seems like I’ll have to spend a lot of time studying and doing research for tomorrow.” Jim said, putting the plastic-covered book back in the box and carrying it back to his room.

“Hah, you should’ve told me about that! I was worried when some delivery guy yesterday told me to sign for some package that I didn’t even order, I thought I was letting someone’s stuff into my dorm, and this is my very first year in this university to add on top of that!” Amirlyn said, voicing out her concerns as Jim glanced over his shoulders at her, “Well, I should be thankful to you for doing that, or else I’ll have to opt for an empty dorm room, which is lonely now that I think about it.” He said to her as he lightly plops down the box near his bed.

“I-I guess you’re welcome?” Jim chuckled at her confusion, “Well, let’s get acquainted with each other in our entire freshman year, you ” He said, standing up and hunching over herself to get in close and personal with the Kerkitril, shaking her hands.

“Y-Yeah, let’s get acquainted…” She said, adding her force to the shake for confirmation.




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2023.03.26 09:39 sluggishbanana So, I beat Star Ocean 3/Till the end of time.

No amount of, or combination of words, could possibly get across even half of the insanity present in this game. Nothing could even remotely match the experience of bearing witness to the scale of events in this game, even more so beholding the utterly absurd gameplay balance or lack thereof. On all accounts, this is a video game that wants you to suffer before you get a moment of relief, and stumble around in the darkness for hours before you get some sort of light that makes things legible to you. It's a playable form of untangling hundreds of cables behind a TV stand, if all the cables were covered in barbed wire coated in lemon juice. If you've ever tried to untangle multiple sets of composite cables from one another, you've essentially played Star Ocean 3.
And you know what? I think I absolutely loved it for exactly those reasons.
I'm going to spoil it rotten in this post, so please, be cautious.
I need to address the elephant first. Yes, I thought the plot twist was... an interesting direction to go in. I'll be approaching this entirely from the lens of this game alone, and not the franchise as a whole. I can't make much of an argument in the way of defending how it affects the other games. Execution wise, it was quite poor. I believe there was missed potential in utilizing the concept of an entire universe being contained within a digital space, beyond having it be threatened to be deleted or having crazy ass creatures suddenly start roaming around. I thought the executioners and convictors were all really well designed, especially the former, but again, there was a lot of missed potential. I feel their introduction was WAY too close to their true origin being revealed. It was built up pretty interestingly, especially having people in the Sphere refer to them as gods. But, ultimately, they don't make proper use of this entire concept until the exact very end, where the characters seem to suddenly care about the fact they're all just digital programs. There seriously wasn't enough recognition from the main cast after being told they're all just artificial. It's like they care for one second, the entirety of disc 2 goes by, and then they care again at the end. There's hardly any emotional distraught, second guessing, or basically anything natural of what you'd expect from someone who just found out about something like that. I hate to say it, but it makes what could otherwise be a really interesting dilemma paired with good characters seem extremely paper-thin. But, in all honesty, it's not like I came to this game to be wowed by a super philosophical look into existence or get pulled into some real Xenogears tier shit. I just wanted a dumb game to enjoy at a surface level, and you know what? It did exactly that very well. The main plot outside of all this, despite being pretty generic up until the twist, was strung along well enough. I was compelled enough to make it through the gameplay, but ultimately, I'm not left wanting to sing it's praises beyond saying yeah, it's alright. Cliff is my man, though. Nothing will erase that.
How is that gameplay, though? Well, to put it bluntly, I have never played a game that so outwardly hates the player in my life, and yet, it seems to beg you to break it. Let's get it straight. I highly, highly doubt most people beat this game without spending significant time guiding themselves into making the best possible weapons they could've got. Personally? I broke it out of spite. The gameplay was really not clicking with me for the first few hours despite how much I enjoyed the atmosphere and pacing, so I said screw it. I got myself a million regeneration symbols in the aqueducts, farmed the black knights when I could, spammed the HELL out of blazing sword, and got the holy sword + gatling gauntlets ASAP. Before all this, though? Oh, it was a horror show. Imagine a game where sometimes, the AI is genuinely better off standing still and doing nothing. You think I'm joking, but no, I'm dead serious. Standing still is how you block light attacks in this game. The AI will not, and most likely can not, keep themselves alive. Even with gear from the depths of heaven, and levels out the wazoo, a normal encounter could see any of my AI party members dead or soon to be. There's two reasons for this. One, the lesser, is that running out of MP kills you. This is good for you if you want to kill some bosses in literally two hits, but terrible for you in every other possible way. Two, the greater, ENEMIES HURT. It does not matter how hard you try to break the game, it does not matter how hard you grind, enemies will absolutely hurt you. One on one, most can be dealt with easily. But in any more than one on one, you will find that this game loves to see you stagger in place. The AI does not compute with this. In a game where your best strategy is to be as aggressive as possible, your best bet is to stunlock the enemy before they stunlock you, and the AI simply does not understand this. At their worst, they prioritize spamming attacks until their fury is gone, and then just sit there right in front of the enemy until it regenerates. In the case of magic users, they have no situational awareness. They will cast magic that heals enemies due to elemental affinities and never learn from this. Your only shot is to manually disable their casting of that spell BEFORE the fight. Oh, and did I mention the micromanagement you have to do? Healing is not at all viable to be left in the hands of the AI, due to a bad combination of both their own poor actions and the often incredibly rough casting times (which is different per character and actually makes Albel the best healer, if I remember correctly). If you want to heal as actively as the AI can in other games, your best bet is to manually switch to the healer and do it yourself in a dire situation, assuming they aren't already in a lengthy cast animation. Which, again, sadly leads back into the strategy of literally just letting them sit there and do nothing as a safety precaution. This is all rendered a moot point if you're killing enemies fast enough to not even take any damage, but to get there, you kinda have to... Y'know, break the game first. Which requires playing the game. At a base level, the buttons are often unresponsive and chaining can sometimes be a pain, but you eventually get used to it. There are unintended combos of normal attacks that the game doesn't inform you about, like Fayt being able to do two long-range heavy attacks, which leaves the enemy airborne, only to follow up with a standard light attack, which will be rendered as an anti-air and naturally flow into a third hit. The AI literally cannot do this. The intricacies of each character and their attack style having player-only gimmicks makes each one worth controlling for yourself at least a little bit, so I'll give them that. Although, there's another big issue, and that's attacks simply missing enemies a lot of the time. Oh man, nothing caused me more strife in learning this game than handling the fact your attacks will often just, not hit. Not because of a fickle hit chance, but the hitboxes being weird and the attacks not properly adjusting their angle once they start, making the startup time once you get close enough often put you in a situation where you're guaranteed to miss. On low or flying enemies... Just imagine it. I'll save myself the pain of remembering. As for battle skills, it's a lot like what I expected out of Star Ocean as I know it from my limited experience. Some are bad, but some are good, and the ones that are good, ABUSE THEM. Fayt will learn a skill early on called side kick. Set this to your light and heavy close-range slots. Cancel it into itself repeatedly. The abundance of I-frames will render you a force even the stat-checking enemies in this game will shudder at the thought of. Even better, Cliff learns hammer of might. Spam this even harder than side kick. You will win. But, because of this, I often found myself using only the skills that were good, and not even bothering trying to make the lesser ones work. The only time I ever genuinely changed my strategy of side kick into side kick was when I got dimension door, upon which I set it to my long range attack and used it as a chance to... get close and spam side kick. You see the problem, right? Characters like Adray also simply have no good battle skills that deal damage without exposing them to an easy stagger. There's a clear line between good and unusable in this game, and that's just sad.
As for the raw balance itself, imagine this. I spent several hours gearing up to break this game from hour 10. As soon as I could, I got the proper inventors needed to create orichalcum, the item that breaks the game wide open. In short, proper usage of this item allows any weapon to receive 8 copies of an attribute that raises its attack by 500. For comparison, the best weapon you can buy from a shop in this game has no more than 900 flat damage. Cliff, by the end, was close to 5000 total damage in his status screen, and my team of Cliff, Fayt, and Adray went into the final boss all with similar enough stats. My defense values were closer to 400-500, as armor is much harder to break. Cliff was level 70, Fayt was 69, Adray somewhere in the 64-68 range. So, how did it go?
The final dungeon's enemies were draining Adray's MP significantly due to their health pools, Cliff died about 5 times total going up to the final boss, and Fayt was the only one who didn't die once on account of being who I was controlling. Each encounter was 30 seconds minimum, which you probably wouldn't expect from a party full of weapons with absurdly overblown damage. Oh, that must be a fluke, surely. How did the final boss go?
He party wiped me with one attack after a 10 minute attempt.
There it is. The epitome of this game's balance. No matter how high you get, no matter how stupid you become, if you don't DEDICATE yourself to the grind, you will be squashed. It was after getting wiped that I learned the final boss, in his second phase, is level 120. There is no level scaling in this game, but it should go without saying that a level 120 boss versus a level 70 character is a significant power difference. And this was with my, in total, 10-15 hours of grinding across my 35 hour play time. Most of that was spent turbo'ing encounters that dropped unusually high XP and the eventual grind to perfect my weapons. And still, it was just barely enough. It was a damn fun experience to break the game wide open from hour 10 to 30, but once I reached that cutoff point around the revisit to the shrine of kaddan, I realized just how genuinely screwed up this game's balance really is. I'm making an effort to avoid my issues with the late game dungeon design, as I had the power of savestates with me so my input would be lessened in value, but it only furthered my belief that this game was made as an experiment in frustration for players. Do you like one way doors? Tri-Ace hopes you like one way doors. After a certain while, you literally see the same four enemies copied and pasted repeatedly in the final few dungeons, and they're all boring as hell once you fight them for the 10th time. Even more so when you're sometimes forced into encountering them due to the tight corridor design or literally teleporting into them with no chance to get away. If you're looking for an exercise in your patience, by all means, try out this game's endgame.
So, I'm cutting out A LOT of this game and focusing only on what really sets it apart. So far, it may sound like this game is an offense to god and that I believe it should be burned and thrown into a landfill. But... No. I don't. I actually find myself really, really wanting to play it again in the future. Not for any feigned sense of enjoyment, but out of the genuine enjoyment I had in actually achieving what I did. The game spited me, and so, I bit back. In doing so, I was treated to a surprisingly interesting experience that truly tested me and forced me to git gud at the end, in spite of all my hard work. Like the final attempt of a master attempting to outdo his student, only for the student, despite all the hardship, to finally manage to outdo his master in the end. Yes, it's a painful experience not many would sign up for. But god damn does it feel liberating. You have to run off spite and motivation to see the game through, otherwise you probably won't make it. None of this makes the game good suddenly, oh, far from it. I'm not gonna be telling any of my friends to try out this "underrated masterpiece". But what it did do, is make me understand it a little bit more.
Let's say that something like Persona 5 is the base line of the scale of "casual to hardcore" JRPGs. Anyone can pick it up, even non-fans of the genre, and get through it just fine. A 1 out of 10 in terms of hardcore nature. Let's go on to say that something like SMT: Nocturne is where I'd place the middle of the post. Yes, this game is hard as nails, and it will test veterans and newbies alike, but ultimately anyone can still pick it up, understand it, and conquer it without giving up, be it a painful journey or a swift one. And, in the process, players will be made much more used to the high difficulty nature of the game, which will help out significantly if they were to try out similarly challenging or harder games. 5 out of 10 on the scale. Star Ocean 3, finally, is where I'd place the very end of the hardcore scale at. It is not placed there of raw difficulty, but rather, entirely in how the game is executed. This is not a game anyone can casually pick up without issues, newbie or veteran of the genre. You will understand some concepts, but fail to grasp others without dedicated research into this particular game. The game wants you to LEARN it, make a game plan on how to approach it, and THEN play it. Then, once you've finally gotten a proper handle on it, it'll yank you around from corner to corner without stopping for a second. Whether you fall off and get back on, or fall off and call it quits, depends entirely on if you're motivated to work with the game. You really do have to want to improve if you're going to actually improve. Is that even worth it? That depends on your opinions. Not everyone enjoys having to work entirely off of spite to finish a game. So, uh, to keep it short, 10 out of 10 on the scale.
To summarize my incredibly long and bloated spiel on this weird game: Did I enjoy my time with it? Very much. Would I play it again? Totally. Do I want to recommend it to other people? No. I respect this game, but I do not think it is misunderstood or overhated. People are well within their right to call it bad and not worth playing. But, in spite of it all, I can't help but be fascinated with how this game turned out. If my ramblings on that spurs someone else to try it out of curiosity and have a good time, I'd be happy, but I wouldn't use it as an excuse to try and paint it as misunderstood. I don't think we'll ever see a game like this again, where the end product is so perplexingly torn apart, that people like me end up making walls of text like this trying to say I enjoyed it despite how objectively bad it is. Hell, I won't make fun of people who praise every part of it for a second. Everyone likes different things, and anyone can love anything. But I never expected myself to love something I hate so much like this.
As a final note, this game contains easily some of the best works Motoi Sakuraba has ever produced for a soundtrack. I love this guy's work so much, and the fact I had never heard more of this game's soundtrack shocked me. It was the highlight of the whole thing for me, where everything else faltered at times, the soundtrack literally never let up. Even that weird disc 2 boss theme with the sampled rap lyrics? Yeah, I dig it hard. I cannot believe this was done months before his work on Tales of Symphonia, what I had previously held as my favorite of his work prior. It's like the guy switches his brain into different modes for different franchises. What a legend, honestly. That's finally all I have to say on this game, a few hours after beating it. I enjoyed spilling my thoughts about it on here, even if it'll cause me to be branded a heretic for one reason or another. I'd love to discuss it some more with others, be it positively or negatively.

Glory to Airyglehh, by the way.
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2023.03.26 09:35 MKFirst Japan Trip Pt 2 - Incall at Love Hotel

On my last day in Tokyo, I decided to check out Tokyo Hentai Club. It’s a listing for call girls that’s very foreigner friendly. Remember that selling vaginal sex is illegal in Japan. So they list everything else that’s legally on offer. And that’s what your fee covers. Then if you and the girl happen to decide that you like each other enough to go all the way, that's your decision, but definitely was not a part of the paid service... I was originally going to do outcall, but the girl I wanted got fully booked by the time I figured out my schedule. So I decided to do incall and chose Rika. Standard is 35k yen for 2hr incall. I got in touch with them using Line, but they have multiple ways to contact. They speak very good English.
For incall, you go to THC’s office, which is a booth amongst other escort agency booths in a building in Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Their website has a YouTube video that’s a step by step guide from the subway station to their office. There, I was put in a waiting room (no towel or tea this time). The way the incall works is you meet the escort at the office and you go to a love hotel nearby. For those that don’t know, love hotels are rented by the hour although they’re actually pretty nice and more spacious than normal Japanese business hotels. I actually almost booked one for my whole stay in Tokyo but ended up choosing a different place. They are clean, soundproof, and have a lot of amenities including lube, condoms, sometimes sex toys, and a whole host of toiletries. For most love hotels, since they're basically unmanned, once you open the door after you get in your room, your session ends. It's a pretty interesting system.
About 5 minutes later I was told to meet Rika downstairs. I went down and a seemingly cute girl is waiting for me on the ground floor. I say seemingly because we were all wearing masks and she had a bucket hat on as well. She was dressed just like any other Japanese girl out shopping (late at night in Kabukicho). What I didn’t expect (because I didn’t read carefully) was that she was 145cm which is about 4’10”ish. Added to that she had a little anime voice and a lisp. She was about the cutest thing you could imagine.
We made small talk while we walked through Kabukicho to her preferred hotel. First one was full. 2nd one she thought was overpriced. 3rd one was the charm. You book it through a screen in the lobby and your time starts when you enter the room. Ours was about 5k yen.
We got up to the room and she ran a bath, gave me a toothbrush and we brushed together. She then proceeded to undress me, and had me help her. This girl was adorably hot. I mentioned 4’10” but she was very cute and had nice sized perky tits and ass for being so small. Also, half our convo had been about all the foods she loved but she couldn’t have weighed more than 90lbs and her body was tight. Anyway, we took a quick shower before we got back to the bedroom. Once there she started some lfk and kissing me all over while I fondled her nice body. Proceeded with bbbj for a bit then she broke out the lube for some cameltoe sliding. I think I would’ve been happy just having her slide on my dick until I came. A few minutes into it, she asked me if I wanted a full service special, just for me and just that night…lol. She started at 50k, but I only had 20k which she accepted. After this brief business interlude, we got back to it, Some more teasing and bbbj, and she just happened to have a condom, so on it went. Her pussy was so tight when she slipped me in. This isn't always the case just because a girl has a small body, but it was for her. She rode me like a champ, then we did mish, and I blew in the bag while we were in doggy. I was initially afraid to hurt her, but she seemed unfazed so I got really into it. Afterwards, we took another shower, then got dressed to leave. She was really excited to go home to eat her dinner from the combini. I had to catch the late train back to my hotel otherwise I would've asked if she wanted to grab a bite (and probably would have been nicely rejected).
She gave me such great memories for my final night in Tokyo, and had me kicking myself that I hadn't tried THC for more nights during my trip. I wish I could've taken her with me as a tour guide to Nagoya and Kyoto for the rest of my trip, but I also probably couldn't afford it. Everywhere on my itinerary I mentioned, she'd give me advice on what foods to eat when I got there. And I would've loved banging her for the week I was traveling around.
Typical of Japanese service, she was professional, friendly, and caring about providing great service, and making sure I was comfortable and enjoying my time. It was not quite gfe, but not the mechanical or transactional performance so many western escorts give.
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2023.03.26 09:26 kithikindasus We should systematically euthanize all wayward queen players 😡

Imagine you take a break after 15 hours of work and log on to chess.com to play a good ol game of 500 elo chess. First game, you play as black, and you wonder what your opponent is gonna play next. 1.e4, ok that’s normal. You respond with the principled e5. Then suddenly, this M*therfucker has the AUDACITY to play qh5 and tries to mate you in 4 moves. What the fuck! You naturally crush this player like the absolute vermin he is and remind him why he should jump off a skyscraper and not waste anybody’s time playing such garbage subhuman trash openings. Then tilted from the last game, you play another. Black again. 1.e4, e5, then qh5, again! These so called “people” on the venerable chess.com have zero respect for the game, and especially for their opponents’ time! Every time I see a wayward queen player I have the urge to find their address and waterboard them then shove the queen they love to use so much into their urethra. But I say we shouldn’t even let these people waste valuable oxygen in the first place. I propose chess.com to use a system where if you are white and play the wayward queen opening your IP and home address immediately flash on the screen for the opponent and the chess.com special forces death squad gets alerted and dispatches a team to wipe you off the face of the Earth. This would be a very good quality of life update. Remember, wayward queen players are not human, so they do not deserve rights!
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2023.03.26 09:17 dancing_elephant_ [TOMT] [Song] Japanese song with male lead with rapidly spoken descending progression chorus/hook about frustration

Japanese song with male lead, chorus starts the song and is a fast rapped descending progression
The cover of this single is of a cartoon omori-esque figure over a bright red background.
There was an animated music video on YouTube. Not anime-style, but rather something more western, geometric, monochrome. Lots of blacks whites and reds in the video.
The most notable section of the song is the chorus, which starts the song. It is a spoken word section that is spoken really fast alongside a descending chord progression. The Japanese characters fill the screen at this section of the music video.
The subject matter might’ve been something along the lines of frustration regarding the depression of a work week? Definitely something about frustration.
This has disappeared from my Spotify playlist, and the title was completely in Japanese so I have no idea how to find it.
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2023.03.26 09:13 Icrodork5 Rum in Thailand

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2023.03.26 09:11 dancing_elephant_ Japanese song with male lead, chorus starts the song and is a fast rapped descending progression

The cover of this single is of a cartoon omori-esque figure over a bright red background. There was an animated music video on YouTube. Not anime-style, but rather something more western, geometric, monochrome. Lots of blacks whites and reds in the video. The most notable section of the song is the chorus, which starts the song. It is a spoken word section that is spoken really fast alongside a descending chord progression. The Japanese characters fill the screen at this section of the music video. The subject matter might’ve been something along the lines of frustration regarding the depression of a work week? Definitely something about frustration. This has disappeared from my Spotify playlist, and the title was completely in Japanese so I have no idea how to find it again. Thank you guys so much in advance!
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2023.03.26 09:06 marniesus My ex thinks his house is haunted, and wants me to investigate. The "Ghost Experiments" videos he sent me are... terrifying.

I hadn't thought about Jared for five, six years, until yesterday. The only memento I have of our entire relationship is a polaroid photo of the two of us, buried in a box in my closet, somewhere.
As I put my socks away, my mind flashed to Jared, who always stuffed his socks between the bed and the nightstand. One of those cute, weird little memories you have of someone you were in a relationship with. Moments later, my phone buzzed from the nearby dresser. It was an email from Jared.
Wow, that's serendipitous, I thought, before scanning the subject line:
The Ghost Experiments. [HELP!]
Spooky! Or at least, it would be, if I didn't get loads of emails with variations on the word 'ghost' in the subject line. Let me give you some background before I dive in to the content of the email:


Jared and I met back in college in our school's tiny Forensic Investigation program. He wanted to join the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is like Canada's FBI), and I wanted to join a Forensic Image Analysis lab. I was passionate about two things: Photography, and True Crime. Forensic Imaging seemed like the perfect fit. When we met, I was in my early 20s, Jared in his late 20s. He had been volunteering as a firefighter and EMT for a few years before going back to school. He thought a Bachelor's degree would look better on his RCMP application. It took me a while to realize he had any interest in me: the quiet woman that kept to herself. Jared always said my sense of humour is what he first noticed, though I never tried to be funny. My friends suggest that my bluntness can be charming. Perhaps that was it.
To make a long story short, Jared asked me out for coffee one day after class, and we ended up dating for about a year. We were both quite logical people, and suited each other well. We both enjoyed our own spaces too much to ever live together, but we were happy for a while. Things ended when Jared had to report for RCMP training in Regina, Saskatchewan, whereas I remained in BC to finish up my studies. Jared wasn't sure where he would get posted after graduation, so it was reasonable to end things. In retrospect, Jared was the kindest, most level-headed man I've ever dated. Though I haven't exactly been pining for him all these years since. Relationships come and go, and I started my career shortly afterwards. Six months after college I got a job as a Forensic Imaging Technician in a small private lab. I toiled away as a technician for years before getting promoted to Image Analyst. Analysts are the ones that perform things like image authentication, and photogrammetry. They also get all the best software, and coolest toys.
Aside from seeing the absolute horrors of mankind on a regular basis, I enjoyed my job. The work was fulfilling, my hours weren't too bad, and my coworkers ranged from tolerable to excellent. In my findings that is above average for a workplace. One month after my promotion to Analyst, I woke up to an email telling me that I got laid off and no longer had a job. I felt gutted. YEARS of hard work down the drain. I'm still bitter about it, if I'm being honest. Even worse still, there were no comparable jobs anywhere in my area. I hated the idea of leaving the Vancouver area, expensive as it may be, so I got a full-time gig as a server in a restaurant. I found a smaller apartment with my new coworker Sara, and things were starting to look up. Despite that, depression was kicking my ass, and I was sad I wasn't doing lab work anymore. After wallowing in sadness, I did what any over-educated, broke millennial would do: I started a YouTube channel.
I made videos on forensic imaging techniques, and spotting common photography tricks. I'm proud of my videos, but nothing exactly paid my rent or broke the algorithm. That is until one October, Sara encouraged me to do something spooky for Halloween. I've always enjoyed ghost stories, but I'm an absolute skeptic, which I wanted to make very clear. I released a video debunking "paranormal" or "ghost" footage. Taking five different videos of "paranormal activity", I broke down their rational explanations. There were a lot of strings pulling doors, or drawers. Plenty of poor quality cameras make 'ghosts' for various reasons. Certain cameras have low shutter speeds, or poor quality codecs that cause all manner of aberrations. Spotting computer generated imagery (CGI) can be tricky, but there are plenty of tells if you know where to look. Sometimes, 'ghosts' were actually dust near the camera lens, and so on. Frankly, this was my least-technical, lowest effort video on the entire channel... so of course this was the video that blew up and got loads of views. Getting ad revenue and sponsorships was exciting, so I decided to make a few similar videos. I could have kept making those videos, but ghosts weren't something I was passionate about. I went back to making my regular content in November, and the well dried up quick. The whole ordeal left me feeling depressed once again. I had no lines on another lab job, my channel was dying, and I was going through the motions in my day-to-day life. Until the email.
(I've removed some identifying information, but otherwise will preserve as much content as possible.)

The Email

To: Marnie [REDACTED] From: Jared [REDACTED]
Subject line: The Ghost Experiments [HELP!]
Hey Marnie,
It's Jared, from our days at [College name], I hope you're keeping well. I heard what happened to your lab last year, sorry to hear about that.
The reason I'm writing is we've had some unusual things happening in our home. I've set up cameras and audio recorders to try to figure it what's going on, but I'm working such long hours these days. I don't have as much time to look into this as I would like.
I've attached an explanation video, and all the raw files in a Google Drive for you to review at your earliest convenience. If you're interested, we would pay you $2000 to come over to our place in [town] on Vancouver Island for a few days. You can run whatever experiments you see fit, and use the content for your channel as long as you don't show our faces. We have a guest room and plenty of space for you to work in. Our second baby is on the way, and I'm willing to do anything to reduce our stress.
We're really scared.
If I don't hear from you in the next two weeks, I'll assume you're not interested and I won't bother you again.
Warmly, Cpl. Jared [REDACTED]
P.S Apologies for the dramatic subject line, I thought it might get your attention.
I have to admit my initial thoughts focused on the wrong things: Wife? Second baby on the way?! Clearly I hadn't creeped him enough on social media over the last few years... Bad thoughts, Marnie. Put those away! I definitely didn't know what to make of the fact that they were scared. Was he pranking me? I had to admit the proposal was interesting, though. $2000 in Vancouver was... well, one month's rent. But getting one month of rent for a few days of work and some fodder for another video was tempting.
I opened up the attached Google Drive. I was surprised to see over 70 gigabytes of content in the drive. In the main folder was a video labeled "EDITED_EXPLANATION.mp4", followed by folders labeled "RAW FOOTAGE", "AUDIO RECORDINGS", "HOUSE", "RECORDS" and "FINDINGS". If this was a prank, it was an elaborate one. To determine if any of this was even worth my time, I clicked on the explanation video first.

The Video

I let out a small gasp when I saw Jared's face. He was talking at the camera from the middle of a kitchen island in a modern, fancy looking house. The years had been kind to Jared, his shoulders were more broad than I remembered, and his stubble had grown in. His facial hair used to be a lot more patchy, he kept it clean-shaven back in college. The video buffered for a second, and then started playing.
"Hey Marnie." Jared was smiling, but he sounds tired, "I'm recording this because there's some unusual stuff going on in my house. Jenny's really freaked out, and I... I don't know. If you had asked me 2 months ago if I thought ghosts were real, I would have said 'No'. No way. But now I'm so sleep deprived I'm not even sure anyway. I saw your ghost debunking videos and I'm hoping you can be a voice of reason here. I need help to figure out what exactly this is."
Jared cleared his throat. "Okay, I'll start from the beginning. We moved into this place here in [town] two months ago, super nice home, brand new development. The very first night, we woke up to a loud banging noise at exactly 3:24am. I shot out of bed, grabbed my sidearm, and cleared each room. Nobody was inside or outside our property, and there was no sign of an intruder. No forced entry or anything like that. I grabbed Simon -- that's my son, Simon, he's 11 months old now, so 9 months old at the time -- from the nursery and came back to bed. We weren't sure what it was, but we went back to bed after I was certain there was no immediate threat to my family."
"Then it happened again the next night. The exact same time, 3:24am. Bang bang bang!" Jared made a knocking gesture in the air, "Simon was co-sleeping with us that night. I cleared the house again, I checked the yard, I walked around the property. Nothing. Now it was a pattern, and after two shitty sleeps in a row, I decided to leave my phone recording all night. I'll play the clip now."
The screen cut to black, only the date and the timestamp was visible. 3:24am, like before, followed by a startling loud noise. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. Two sets of five knocks. I jumped in my chair at the volume of the noise, cursing under my breath. You can hear baby Simon start to cry and the commotion of his parents getting startled awake. The video cuts back to Jared in the kitchen.
"I'll spare you more of this, but if you check the audio recordings you can find 19 individual recordings. All loud bangs, two sets of five knocks at exactly 3:24 in the morning. There would be more, but, we got kind of... numb to it after a while, and, well, you'll see."
At this point I started wondering, why me? I'm an imaging specialist, not an audio expert. Much to my annoyance, video-Jared seemed to read my thoughts:
"Now I know you're more of a video expert, but if you do have any contacts in forensic audio feel free to send those along." You presumptuous bastard... I do have a friend like that. "I haven't told anyone at work about what's going on... Not sure how I'd even begin explaining this. After 3 days of these noises, I picked up a bunch of home security cameras that do night vision, and audio. I put them all over the house: Interior and exterior. Aside from the bathroom, the only room I didn't put a camera in was Jen's studio. She's a professional seamstress and didn't like the idea of a camera staring at her while she worked. She caved and you'll notice in the recordings that footage from her studio pops up around day 24. to catch anyone creeping around, I had large motion sensor lights installed outside. Oh, and I put some small motion sensors in the hallways."
The camera cuts to the kitchen, the master bedroom, nursery, two hallways, guest bedroom, garage, front yard, and back yard.. One thing was clear to me: This house was nice. Like, 'how on earth does a Corporal and a seamstress afford this' level nice. Does Jen come from money? Jared certainly doesn't, it would take me years to save up for a place like this with my old analyst salary.
"After installing the cameras, I managed to capture something the very first night." The video cuts to several exterior night shots, the motion lights are off, all is still. 'Day 3' displays on the screen, and the timestamp is visible in the corner. In the hallway closest to the bedroom, the clock now reads 3:23am. The motion light turns on, illuminating the hall, but no one is in frame. The hallway is silent. As the clock changes to 3:24am, the sensor light switches off. A pause, then two sets of five knocks. My ears ring at the sheer volume of the knocks. On the footage, Jared springs out of bed and comes out into the hallway in a t-shirt and boxers, his gun drawn. The hallway motion light turns on as Jared yells for anyone to make themselves known. The video follows him as he searches through the various rooms of the house. Jen stays in the bedroom, clutching their baby to her chest. The video cuts back to Jared narrating in the kitchen.
"As you can see, right before the knocking sounds, something set off our motion sensors in the hallway. I scanned every scrap of surveillance footage from that day, and I can tell you, no one's entered our house. All the footage is there on the drive if you want to review it for yourself. Now I know what you're thinking: It could be a faulty motion sensor. I thought the same, so I replaced [brand X] motion sensor light with [brand Y] the very next day to be sure."
The video cuts to Day 4, 3:23am. The new [brand Y] motion light is in view. Jared sits awake in an uncomfortable looking wooden chair in the hallway, phone and gun in hand. The light in the hallway is off as another set of loud pounding noises go off as the time changes to 3:24am. The noise sounds further away now, distant. Jared springs out of the chair and whirls around with his gun, trying to discern the source of the sound. The camera angle switches to Hallway 2, closer to the guest bedroom. At 3:23am, the new motion light turns on, and the guest door starts shaking with the knocks at 3:24am.
"So here's the thing..." Kitchen-Narrator Jared continues, "the knocking noise comes from a different spot every night. The noise happens at a consistent enough time that this could a hoax with a wireless speaker. But the fact it moves from room to room without anyone getting caught on camera is perplexing. You can confirm this with the attached raw surveillance footage. My phone's audio recordings have similar results if you check those out in the google drive. Some nights the knocking's loud, other times we can barely hear it. We're actually starting to sleep through it, now..." His voice was weary, almost resigned to this fact. In that moment I felt bad for Jared, though I wasn't sure how I could help.
"I wish I could say we were only dealing with loud noises in the middle of the night, but here's where you come in. On Day 14, I captured this." We cut away from Jared and are now watching Jen playing with baby Simon in the kitchen, the timestamp reads 10:35am. It's the middle of the day, light is pouring in from the beautiful framed windows. The house looks serene like this, much less spooky than the previous few nights worth of footage.
Behind Jen, the utensil drawer slides open on its own. I've seen plenty of shots like this in fake paranormal videos. I leaned in, hoping to spot an obvious sign of a hoax. Usually they put one string on the drawer, and one string on a utensil, then pull on it hard. This rips the object across the room and makes a little jump scare. What happened instead took me by surprise.
A silver spoon gently floats out of the drawer, twirling upwards into the air. It rotates, spinning in a few different directions - not impossible to fake with strings, but quite difficult. This could be CG, but it seems real at first glance. The levitating spoon spins higher into the air, and baby Simon starts grabbing towards it. You can hear him giggle on the tape, he's excited by the flying spoon. Jen turns her head over her shoulder to see what Simon's looking at. Exactly the moment she does that, the spoon drops back down into the drawer with a loud CRASH. Jen startles at the noise, and gets up to look at the utensil drawer. She seems confused. We're then brought back to Jared in the kitchen.
"If you check the footage, you'll see I had left for work hours before, and Jen was with Simon all morning." For a moment, video cuts to Jared walking out the door in full police gear at 4:45am. "The spoon's on the raw footage too, in case you think we did that with computers or whatever."
I found myself annoyed at how well Jared was predicting my reactions. Was this an elaborate prank? Why would a family man want to get one over on his ex from college? It's not like we had a falling out, in fact, he ended things with me! It didn't make any sense. Before my thoughts could catch up to my feelings, the video carried on:
"Loud noises and floating silverware are one thing, but this next clip is the real reason I--we wanted your expertise." Interesting Freudian slip there, Jared. The video takes us to night vision footage of the nursery, with "Day 35" and the timestamp of 2:13am. Little Simon stirs from his sleep, and wakes up in his crib. He makes a few cooing noises as he gets up and tries to prop himself up on the sides of his crib. His lets out a little giggle, looking in the direction of the closet.
Then, rising up from the ground, a shadowy figure emerges from the floor. The shape gets taller, and taller, until it looms over Simon's crib. It's in the rough shape of a man, has no distinguishable features, and is semi-transparent. My immediate reaction is this has to be CG, but the effect looks…good. The shadowy figure’s hand reaches out towards Simon, and holds its arm in position. Simon laughs and makes grasping motions towards the figure's "hand". The figure remains motionless for a moment, and Simon bobs up and down with excitement.
The other arm reaches out towards Simon. Both hands are now inching closer to the baby, who seems thrilled with his dark visitor. Long black figures grasp Simon’s sides, like how any parent would pick up their baby. The figure starts to slowly lift little Simon off the ground, his toes no longer touching the crib. Suddenly, Simon winces and lets out a sharp cry of pain. I recoil at the noise.
The figure stops lifting Simon, and holds him motionless, arms stretched in front. If the being had a face, I’d say it was staring at him.
Simon starts squirming in the figure’s hands. I fight the urge to look away from the screen…
Then the door opens.
Light bursts in from the hallway. The instant that happens, the shadowy figure drops into the floor, disappearing completely. Simon drops almost a foot down into the crib, stumbling. Jen rushes over to the crib and inspects Simon. She picks him up, and takes him out of the room.
Skeptic though I may be, it's hard to describe how unsettling that moment was. I found myself peering over my shoulder to make sure no one was behind me. Nothing but my empty apartment, still, had to check. The video comes back to Jared in the kitchen one last time.
“There’s something you should see.” Jared’s face looks strained, intense.
Two pictures appear on screen. Both photos are of baby Simon, his pyjama shirt pulled up. He’s bruised across his chest, sides and back. Dark bruises, in the shape of hand prints with long, slender fingers.
"I don't even have words." Same, Jared. Same. "Simon’s staying over at Jen’s sister’s place for now. We rushed him to the hospital right after this. Doctor says he’ll be fine, I’m hoping he doesn’t call CPS on us.”
Jared stares off into space, and there’s a pregnant pause. I catch myself impatiently moving my mouse to skip over the moment of silence, but it’s not needed. Jared speaks again.
“If you want to analyze this footage, and give me a rational explanation for this, PLEASE do… Please. If you go through the drive, you can see I've tried to track down every explanation I can think of. I even bought an EMF meter (No idea how this thing works, to be honest). I downloaded the original plans for the house, every permit relating to this property, the history of the land, everything! It's all there in the drive. There's nowhere in our house someone could be hiding. I've checked the attic, the crawlspace, and the ventilation system. I even checked to make sure our house wasn't on sacred [local Indigenous tribe] land. I confirmed no recorded murders have ever happened here, and we're the first people to ever live here. I've tried to summarize everything into the 'FINDINGS' folder but honestly... I don't have any concrete findings, at all. "
"You might laugh at this, but... We're really scared, Marn. Scared for Simon. Jen wants to cleanse our house with white sage and crystals, and I'm ready to call a priest. We've sunk all our savings into this house, and the market sucks right now. We won't be able to move for a few years, at least. You know me, I'm a rational person, but this has shaken me to my core. We'll pay you for your time, and get you any equipment you need." Jared pauses, searching for anything else to say. "I guess that's it. Thanks, Marn. Please get back to me once you get this. Please."
The video ends. I stare at the screen, reeling. I'm not sure how long I sat there for, exactly. All I know is I jumped out of my skin when my roommate Sara opened our front door. After she finished laughing at my expense, I told Sara about Jared and showed the video. When she got to the clip of the shadowy figure playing with baby Simon, she gasped and covered her mouth. we remained silent by the video's end.
"Are you going to help him?" Sara asked.
"Maybe." I said. That's the best answer I had.
"Do you think this is a hoax?"
"Maybe! No. I don't know. I'm going to look over the drive first."
Sara agreed that was a good idea, and left me to it.

The Drive

The drive contained everything Jared said it did, and more. There was 2 months worth of unedited security footage taking up the bulk of storage. I scrubbed through as much of it as I could, paying special attention to the days leading up to the Spoon Incident, and the Shadow Man. At no point did I see anyone rigging up wires or sophisticated lighting rigs, and both events were on the raw footage exactly as Jared presented them. I even found other moments of lights turning on, and objects moving around the house on their own! I watched those moments over and over, looking for any signs of digital or physical trickery. I didn't have all my sophisticated tools I would have back at the lab, but as far as I could tell: There was none. No evidence of file tampering, the files came directly from the security cameras. The lighting was also very consistent in both clips, not a pixel was out of place. Aside from the spoon not obeying the laws of physics, it all looked perfect. I decided to send the clips to my friends at the Forensic Imaging lab for further analysis. But my current educated guess is: If this is fake, it wasn't done with computer effects. Even the Shadow Man. Maybe.
I also reviewed the house documents, and the history of the place. This wasn't my area of expertise, but with some Google-Fu I was able to determine the documents were legitimate. Jared even made a map of cell tower coverage in his area, in an attempt to track electromagnetic interference. His home had cell coverage, but not an unusual amount of towers nor traffic. I also reviewed most of the audio files recorded from his phone. The knocks were audible in all of them. I bundled up those files, and sent them to my friend who specializes in Forensic Audio Analysis. If nothing else, he should be able to give me a rough idea of what could be making the sound. Hopefully he'll get back to me sooner or later.


It's the next day, and I'm sitting in my kitchen running on barely any sleep. Sara's already left for work. I've typed up an email telling Jared I'll take the job, but I'm having a hard time bringing myself to hit send. I've even bought myself a ferry ticket to take me to Vancouver island tomorrow. To shake myself out of my funk, I decided to take a shower.
A hot shower was exactly what I needed. It felt like all the fear and uncertainty washed right off me, and went down the drain. I decided I would take the job, and confidently marched out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel to hit send on the email. Then I stopped in my tracks.
Resting on my laptop's keyboard was a polaroid photograph. The photograph that had gotten buried in a box somewhere. The photograph that wasn't there when I left to take a shower.
The photograph of Jared and I from college.
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2023.03.26 09:02 Life_Ad7566 How to simplify e-book formatting?

Good luck with your e-book!
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2023.03.26 08:51 cdubbsworld [USA-CA] [H] Intel i5-12600K, AsRock Z790 PG-ITX//TB4, Meshlicious Black PCIe 4.0, Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32GB 5200MHz, SilverStone Extreme 850R Plat, EVGA SuperNova 750GM SFX PSU, SMSL SU6/SH6 Combo, ID Cooling IS-55, ASUS ROG Strix 15.6” FHD Portable Gaming Monitor XG16AHPE [W] PayPal, Local Cash


Item Description Cost
Intel i5-12600K undervolted. never overclocked $180 shipped.
AsRock Z790 PG-ITX//TB4 Used with cpu above. Had for a month. Great condition. $280 shipped.
Meshlicious Black PCIe 4.0 Tempered Glass and full mesh side panels included. I have 15mm and 25mm feet included. I will ship in non-original box unless user requires original box. $135 shipped
Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32GB 5200MHz Used for a few months but no issued with sticks $90 Shipped
SilverStone Extreme 850R Platinum Just about a month old. All cables included. $200 Shipped
EVGA SuperNova 750GM SFX PSU All wires included. Used with another build but about 45 days old. $120 Shipped
SMSL SU6/SH6 DAC AMP Combo SU6 is new and unused. SH6 is used for about 8 months. $180 shipped
ID Cooling IS-55 Fan is unused. Used for about a month $30 shipped
ASUS ROG Strix 15.6” 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor (XG16AHPE) Original box is not included. Power adapter, usb c a cable and micro hdmi is included. No damage to the screen. Speakers work. $200 shipped
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2023.03.26 08:47 Exiled_From_Twitter [OC] Correlation between heigh and performance of NFL Quarterbacks in 2022

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2023.03.26 08:45 Jonin_117 Revisiting Fallout 3 & DLC

Coincidentally MrMattyPlays just released a "Fallout 3 in 2023" video in the middle of my current playthrough and it got me wanting to talk about the game with someone, but I don't have anyone in my real life with a history with Fallout as a franchise who would appreciate the discussions like we all do here, so here I am.
I am replaying Fallout 3 for the first time in many years (on Xbox). I'll move onto New Vegas at the end of this playthrough. I always liked to headcanon that the Lone Wanderer eventually wanders west trying to move on or start over after the events of the game and winds up taking a job as a courier to pay the bills. Getting shot in the head in between games actually works pretty well as a reason to reset your build and your S.P.E.C.I.A.L., learn back your old skills and new ones, new perks, etc. Basically my headcanon was TTW before it was cool.
Anyways, that's all backstory to today's focus: I just did Operation Anchorage on this run for the first time in as many years as the rest of the game and now that the game is pretty old and all the bugs and tricks are well known and documented, I decided to give the infamous Gary 23 glitch a try for the first time. Never bothered with it before now.
This was on a level 19 or 20 character so it's not like I need unbreakable OP gear, I just thought it was kinda neat that you could cheat the system a bit on console where we don't have access to mods or the developer commands, so I took advantage of it for the hell of it. Fight the power.
Long story short, I managed to get everything I wanted back into the wasteland including all of the fire package weapons and gear, the gauss rifle, a Chinese assault rifle and a flamer, as well as the general's shocksword. Just took a bit of shenanigans with the gauss rifle and reverse-pickpocketing on a random Chinese trooper who must have thought I was trolling him with the multiple trades you have to do to make it work.
Can I say though that, while the millions of HP is of course a nice feature, I'm actually really glad I did this mainly because the "winterized" Chinese assault rifle looks really nice with the wood furniture texture used in the DLC version instead of the white plastic or PVC or w/e its supposed to be made of on the default version?
Up until now I have been using the armored vault suit with Ledoux's mask for the bonus AP and was originally planning from level 1 to switch over to the default T-51B (with A3-21's plasma rifle) for that green aesthetic since the sim gives you PA training for completing it, but after getting this very appropriate looking wasteland "AK" I kinda want to just keep using the vault suit and mask with it. The wood color matches with the leather straps of the suit and mask really nicely.
Hmm... decisions.
Anyways, yeah I just wanted to talk about Fallout 3 a bit I guess so I hope you enjoyed my story.
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2023.03.26 08:45 Jonin_117 Revisiting Fallout 3 & DLC

Coincidentally MrMattyPlays just released a "Fallout 3 in 2023" video in the middle of my current playthrough and it got me wanting to talk about the game with someone, but I don't have anyone in my real life with a history with Fallout as a franchise who would appreciate the discussions like we all do here, so here I am.
I am replaying Fallout 3 for the first time in many years (on Xbox). I'll move onto New Vegas at the end of this playthrough. I always liked to headcanon that the Lone Wanderer eventually wanders west trying to move on or start over after the events of the game and winds up taking a job as a courier to pay the bills. Getting shot in the head in between games actually works pretty well as a reason to reset your build and your S.P.E.C.I.A.L., learn back your old skills and new ones, new perks, etc. Basically my headcanon was TTW before it was cool.
Anyways, that's all backstory to today's focus: I just did Operation Anchorage on this run for the first time in as many years as the rest of the game and now that the game is pretty old and all the bugs and tricks are well known and documented, I decided to give the infamous Gary 23 glitch a try for the first time. Never bothered with it before now.
This was on a level 19 or 20 character so it's not like I need unbreakable OP gear, I just thought it was kinda neat that you could cheat the system a bit on console where we don't have access to mods or the developer commands, so I took advantage of it for the hell of it. Fight the power.
Long story short, I managed to get everything I wanted back into the wasteland including all of the fire package weapons and gear, the gauss rifle, a Chinese assault rifle and a flamer, as well as the general's shocksword. Just took a bit of shenanigans with the gauss rifle and reverse-pickpocketing on a random Chinese trooper who must have thought I was trolling him with the multiple trades you have to do to make it work.
Can I say though that, while the millions of HP is of course a nice feature, I'm actually really glad I did this mainly because the "winterized" Chinese assault rifle looks really nice with the wood furniture texture used in the DLC version instead of the white plastic or PVC or w/e its supposed to be made of on the default version?
Up until now I have been using the armored vault suit with Ledoux's mask for the bonus AP and was originally planning from level 1 to switch over to the default T-51B (with A3-21's plasma rifle) for that green aesthetic since the sim gives you PA training for completing it, but after getting this very appropriate looking wasteland "AK" I kinda want to just keep using the vault suit and mask with it. The wood color matches with the leather straps of the suit and mask really nicely.
Hmm... decisions.
Anyways, yeah I just wanted to talk about Fallout 3 a bit I guess so I hope you enjoyed my story.
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2023.03.26 08:43 autisticbucky [WTS] Pelikan M400 White Tortoise nib (B)

images and verification
Pelikan M400 in White Tortoise with a 14ct gold M nib. Looking for $350CAD / $250 USD (+20 for shipping. Sorry, shipping rates are insane rn).
I am not the original owner of this so I don’t know how many times it has been inked, but it is in phenomenal condition [B]. I’m selling simply bc it’s not getting enough use and I want it to go to someone who will use it more!!
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2023.03.26 08:41 NotThatOneOtherGuy Maro Teaser Guesses

So, like most everyone else, I'm excited for MoM and Maro's teaser only fueled that dragonfire. So I decided to express my excitement by posting my guesses/thoughts on the teasers in anticipation for the start of spoiler season and the end of the story. I hope this encourages some good discussion.
• Numerous cards that mechanically care about Phyrexians. Seems fairly straightforward, so I'm not sure what to really say. Maybe at least one Praeter Lord? We can hope.
• A double-faced token (one that transforms) Planeswalker token lol /s
• A card that costs XUUUU Cheaper Mass Manipulation? A slightly more expensive, non-type specific Whir of Invention? A close variation of any number of x draw spells? Mill? Turns? The mind boggles. Get it?. Cus blue.
• A mechanic returns to a premier set for the second time since it originally appeared as a variant. Banding or Flipwalkers is what I feel for whatever reason. But there are others I could also easily see as possiblities.
• A legendary creature returns not seen since Homelands. A senior "family" related character seems likely due to circumstantial "clues."
• A creature capable of dealing eleven poison counters. Blightsteel Colossus or variation, cus, come on.
• Some planes show up in card names that have never done so before. Planar Souls and/or battles. Battles Re obvious, but imagine the return of planar souls. I'd be pumped.
• Wrenn gets a new partner. Wrenn and Realmbreaker is the answer as we already know.
• Two draft archetypes that have a creature type matters component (one of which is Phyrexians - see above) Rebels, seeing as their continuing Phyrexian tribal, makes sense to me to expan5upon the recent expansion of Rebels. Especially for Standard support.
• The tenth ______ & ______ sword. Sound and Silence is my pet theory name. To give some weak support to this, the lengths of the underscores matchss the words pretty good. But the spaces could easily be meaningless.
Next, here are some rules text that will be showing up on cards:
• “You may cast spells with flash or flying from the top of your library.” Blue or Jeskai creature or Planeswalker if I were a betting man. Though I'm not, just a magic man.
• “an Aura, God or Demigod card” Theros enchantment, because obvi.
• “where X is the excess damage dealt this way.” Too ambiguous for my mana, buddy.
• “This spell can’t be copied.” Draw/Mill/Turns/Ping. Black, green, white, or combination thereof seems logical.
• “Activate only if you’ve cast two or more spells this turn.” Transform trigger, possibly. Too open ended to me, otherwise.
• “Each player can’t cast more than one non-Phyrexian spell each turn.” Phyrexian creature, possibly legendary. Artifact next likely. Enchantment wouldn't be my guess, though.
• “X twice, where X is the number of lands you control.” Scry/Proliferate, just depending. And I know I'm forgetting what else X could be, but I just can't figure it out, and it's not terribly important.
• “Whenever a permanent you control transforms or a permanent enters the battlefield under your control transformed,” Cards can be played transformed with criteria. Could be the key to the puzzle we have even seen.
• “If the opponent protects it, remove a defense counter from it.” Battles, definitely battles.
• “At the beginning of your upkeep, if you haven’t been dealt combat damage since your last turn, you draw a card and you lose 1 life.” I just don't know!
Finally, here are some Phyrexians in the set:
For the creature types, I'm just throwing out what plane I think there from. Cus there's not much else to do with them.
• Creature – Phyrexian Bear Rhino Alara • Creature – Phyrexian Devil Capenna • Creature – Phyrexian Dog Warrior Tarkir • Creature – Phyrexian Jackal Amonkhet • Creature – Phyrexian Samurai Kamigawa • Creature – Phyrexian Shade Innistrad • Creature – Phyrexian Shark Ikoria • Creature – Phyrexian Treefolk Lorwyn • Creature – Phyrexian Viashino Dominaria • Creature – Phyrexian Weird Ravnica And some creature type lines of denizens fighting them:
• Creature – Moonfolk Ninja Kamigawa • Creature – Aetherborn Vampire Kaladesh • Creature – Fungus Rabbit Dominaria • Creature – Dwarf Pilot Kaladesh • Creature – Raccoon Warrior Capenna • Creature – Goblin Spellshaper Mercadia • Creature – Wolverine Dinosaur Ikoria • Legendary Creature – Elder Giant Dog Theros, Kunoros and Kroxa almost definitely. But by Ugin, do I want to see an anti-red Titan and good boi. • Legendary Creature – Ape Dinosaur Turtle Ikoria, Kogla and Yidaro are all but confirmed with this. • Legendary Creature – Cyclops Homunculus Ravnica, Only haters will say it's not the Temur-Two-Eye powerbouse of Borborygmous and Fblthp.
Thank you for coming to GIX talk. I hope you enjoyed my interplanar insanity. Can't wait to see you all after Phyrexia wi... I mean... Look! Angrath's back!
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