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2023.03.26 11:29 Hawkatana0 Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc/Movie Elimination Poll - ROUND 1

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2023.03.26 11:28 psykikk_streams best base entrance without mods ?

I am fiddling around with my base defenses.
moats, trenches, raised earth walls. all fine and dandy.
but getting in / out, especially with cargo / carts, is a pita.
so whats the closes to a drawbridge we can build without mods ? (why we do not have that in the base game is beyond me...but thats a whole new discussion)
what method of getting in / out u use ? I find it kinda silly to be jumping over a moat every time I head out.
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2023.03.26 11:28 Mediocre-Platypus-23 The pool... you know what nvm

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2023.03.26 11:28 plxmtreee How to earn some passive income in this bear market?

I came across an article that highlighted some tested and proven strategies to get an impressive APR (Annual Percentage Rate) in a highly volatile crypto market. Here's a summary of their findings:
What was interesting about this article was that it also mentioned Masternodes as a means to earn passive income, something I haven't seen in other related articles. Masternodes might sound similar to staking, however, it is a much-evolved form contributing to the proper functioning of a blockchain network. While researching how masternodes work, I learned about Morpheus Network, a blockchain-powered supply chain management solution.Just like staking, there’s a minimum token requirement to become a node operator. So in this example, node validators of Morpheus.Network will be rewarded at a fixed APR.
What are your thoughts on these strategies to earn some passive crypto? I'm aware there are a number of other ways to earn passive income too like p2e games but which one's are your favourites?
Disclaimer: Do your own research and due diligence before participating in any of these strategies or investing in any of these platforms.
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2023.03.26 11:27 missbubaer27 im isolating myself and ion like it

i’ve reached the point where everyone is better than me,so i can’t stand them.I’ve isolated myself for abt 2 months,2 days ago i tried to see my best friend but it was shit ,she told me what she done in these months,i smiled at her and shit but in these months i was just crying and staying in my bed and i’m not proud of it.It hurts more bc i thought i was ready to go in my uni city (in 19)(now i’m staying with my parents in my hometown) and be stronger then ever ,but i was wrong again,and it hurts me so much.I was stable for 8 months and i had the greatest months of my life(i’m so serious abt that) i pretty much build my life on being stable,then this happened.Thanks to reddit and this page i know that i’m not alone ,and that ppl like me exist but i’m so afraid i’m not gonna be like these 8 months again it makes me cry harder.I’ve got all the help from my therapist and my psychiatrist but i feel like i’m wrong,i’m the one who’s wrong.Pls if anyone has something (nice(?) to say abt this situation let me know,love ya💖
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2023.03.26 11:27 Evendim An AI Ode to this Sub

Oh, MAFS_AU subreddit, you're always on fire
With contestants like Harrison, a narcissist and liar
And Bronte, who seems to lack any brain
We can't help but wonder how they made it on this train

Then there's Shannon, who's always on a high
And Cameron, with a man bun that touches the sky
Caitlyn deserves a Hugo, we can all agree
And Tayla, well she's a ... let's keep it PG

But the drama doesn't end there, oh no, not a chance
For Lyndall's got a new life, and she's ready to dance
Dan's love for the ocean is as deep as the sea
And Sandy, oh Sandy, a queen she'll always be

Jesse, poor Jesse, got the ick, oh what a shame
Then Claire kissed Adam, but who's really to blame?
Janelle, she's gorgeous, with beauty beyond compare
While Josh fears Melissa's sex, it's just not fair

But Alyssa has a child, and Duncan, he's got big ears
And Rupert butt dialed, causing many laughs and cheers
Evelyn takes no crap, she's a force to be reckoned with
While Tahnee and Ollie are perfect, a match made by myth

Melinda and Layton, well they seem to be good
And with this season's cast, we knew we surely would
Thank you MAFS_AU subreddit, for all the laughs and fun
We'll be eagerly waiting for next season to come!
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2023.03.26 11:27 Rent_A_Ravisher 29 [M4F] #Pensacola, Florida - A Stern Daddy For Those Who Crave Cruelty and Security (Consensual Nonconsent/Forced Breeding)

Some people seem to conflate an interest in CnC and the power dynamics that come with it with an actual desire to cause harm to a non-consenting person.
I do not, and have no desire for any non-consensual happenings.
There are also a lot of people who claim that they want CnC, but then don't do any of the necessary safety prep to ensure that everyone is safe and happy in the scenario.
If you are not willing to take your time with a kink as potentially harmful and extreme as roleplay rape and consensual nonconsent can be, then I am not the dom for you.
Here's a little about me:
I value informed and enthusiastic consent.
I value the person who is trusting me to do right by them when they are at their most vulnerable.
I may act maliciously, and speak as though I have no regard for you, or your limits. It's all just that: an act. It's a switch that I can flip at any given moment. I'm always in control of myself- even if the scenario seems like it's getting out of hand.
I've always been the kind of person who seeks out new experiences and sensations all the time.
New people to talk to, new places to see, new tastes, and sights, and smells.
When it comes to sex, however, I would say that I treat it as a way to deeper understand the people I know and interact with. To me, sex hinges on our abilities to let go. To stop thinking. To let the world melt away while myself and my partner experience one another in the most intimate way that I can think of.
I'm very "service-oriented" in my dominance. I like to fill the exact role that my submissive needs from me. If you need Daddy, then you get him. If you need cruelty, then you will receive it. If you want to be objectified and abused, then I will happily do so.
It all depends on our negotiations.
But enough of that! You're here for the sexy stuff, not my kinky philosophy.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I will do all in my power to ensure that, when you're with me, you'll never know if the hand on the back of your head will stroke your hair, or force you onto your knees and fuck your throat until you gag and spit.
When I give hugs, I like to completely envelop you with my long arms and pull you tightly into me.
When I hold you tight, I want you to realize just how easily I could snap you into pieces if I ever felt like it.
When I hold your hand, I want you to know that you couldn't pull away from my grip, even if you wanted to.
Whenever I touch you, I want you to understand just how small and weak you are when compared to a predator like myself.
I want you to feel safe and secure, yet also trapped: like a canary in a golden cage.
I like to use my size and strength against my subs.
To initiate sex by grabbing people by their hair and dragging them to the bedroom. The more they pull away, the more they hurt themselves.
To make my partners taste how turned on they are. I like to shove my fingers deep into their pussies, and then force them down their throat
To make people assume positions, crawl, and beg for what I give them. Doesn't matter if it's pleasure or pain. If I'm giving it to you, then you will beg for it, accept it, and thank me for it.
I like to give firm and rough grips on the arm and wrist that cause bruises, hard slaps to remind brats of their place, and forced free use, no matter when and where.
You may not even be allowed to wear any kind of bottom except for a skirt around me, either. No panties. I want easy access to what's mine. That way, if I get sick of your attitude, and decide that you need correcting, I'll be able to do so with minimal obstruction.
If I cum in you, and you decide to waste that cum by letting it spill out, then I'll force you to lick it up
If I decide that I want to use you, then it will happen.
Nothing you say, other than your safe word, will stop me, and resistance will only make me hurt you.
How badly?
That depends on your tolerance for pain, and how hard I have to work to take what I want from you.
Good girls, who recognize their place and offer themselves to me when I (or they) desire, will be treated with all of the kindness and softness that I can muster. If you want an experience that is grounded in passive coercion, and the threat of violence, then the most resistance you will offer is making me force your legs apart.
Then, there are those of you who like to fight, and need to be reminded of where they stand. I treat fighters on a case-by-case basis, and escalate based on the severity of their behavior. The more fiercely you resist, the more violent I become.
Open hand strikes to the body will escalate to closed fists.
Light grips on the neck will escalate to me choking you out and breeding your unconscious body. If you come to, and start up again, then I will happily put you back down.
If you desire a truly cruel and violent experience, then you will fight me with every ounce of strength that you have. I want to see how fierce you think you are.
If I have my way, then you'll never feel truly at ease. Even the tightest and most genuine feeling hug could quickly become a violent assault.
You'll be just a warm fuckdoll who gets to play like she's human when around other people.
No matter what I do to you, who I give you to, or how much you hate what is happening in the moment, you will recognize that you are at your most beautiful when your makeup is ruined, your body aches, and your holes leak. And still, you will thank me for it.
I am excellent at maintaining a sweet tone and kind smile when I'm punishing someone, or treating them cruelly.
You may actually think that you deserve it, even when I'm just hurting you because I want to see you cry.
You'll start to overanalyze my body language, and attempt to figure our if there is any malice behind my warm smile and kind eyes. Every gesture I make towards you, large or small, will case your heart to jump.
Will I stroke your face, or will I slap it? Will I run my fingers through your hair, or will I grab a handful and drag you to the backyard so I can spray you with the garden hose?
Do I really want to snuggle, or am I waiting for you to relax, just so I can take advantage?
I want you to always be on the back foot, and in fear of what I may do to you. But I also want you to always know that I will never push you beyond the limits that we set beforehand.
Sometimes I'm a little scared of what I'm capable of, and who I become when I'm "in character," but I think it enhances the rush for me when all is said and done.
As long as the person I'm with consents 100%, and I don't have any worries about their communication abilities, then the only limits are the ones we agree upon before a session or scene begins.
I can say that my kinks stem from trauma. I've found that I get release, both mental and sexual, from being able to express that kind of malice, but on my own terms, in an environment that I know is safe and that I have control over.
Well, you have control over. As the sub, the real power rests with you. I can only do what you consent to. Anything else is just abuse masquerading as kink.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I know that this was a lot to read, but I try to take a kink with so much potential for danger very seriously.
If you're curious:
My ever expanding list of kinks includes: CnC/Ravishment, throat fucking, forced bi, face slapping, spanking, forced orgasms, multiple orgasms, anal training, collars, mental conditioning, bruises, choking, takedown play, rope/ribbon bondage, free use, pet training, and (my personal favorite) breeding/creampies.
I'll leave you with a few questions:
What do you want the most in a potential relationship? (Play partners, short term, long term, etc)
What kind of dominance best fits your flavor of submission? (Domineering, doting, daddy, etc.)
What are your hard/soft limits?
What is it about your role that you enjoy the most, and how can I facilitate scenarios that satisfy both of our wants and needs?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
If you're a visual person, then please don't hesitate to check out this little gallery It contains photos of myself, and how I've enjoyed spending my time. I hope that you like what you see!
I am enm/poly: you don't have to be friends, but you will at least know one another.
Thank you for taking the time to read this ad. I hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.03.26 11:26 wooden_werewolf_7367 How many times do you change your underwear per day?

Prob TMI but if I can't ask on Reddit where can I?
Is it excessive that I change mine often three times?
First time in the morning when I get dressed, second time when I get home from work or w/e (physical job often makes me feel sweaty) and a third time before bed, as I often my shower or bath then?
I'm going to try losing the underwear at night as I heard it is good to let your nether regions "breathe". But right now, it is three times a day.
What are your underwear changing habits?
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2023.03.26 11:26 haweyquino LMOE with pc

So what’s the deal with the LMOE that is locked and has a pc in the bed room. I have read through all the messages on the pc and want to express my respect to the person who wrote it. But is there a hidden secret that is special to this LMOE? I have checked most of the walls and did not find anything unusual. The messages on the pc hint on an airport and tunnels underneath it. But I did never find anything like that.
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2023.03.26 11:25 newbnewbmcbewb 28f East Midlands, uk..perhaps we’ve crossed beds before/look familiar..[chat]

Take a peek 😜 Bored and curious to know
Hopped on here as the weather is terrible outside, woke up too early, made and coffee and hopped on here to chat.
Back in derby, uk after a 6/7 year gap, perhaps we’ve crossed beds before/look familiar..who knows
If you’re in neaderby and know of mosh nightclub and popworld, those take nostaligic, tacky places perhaps we’ve crossed paths 😜
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2023.03.26 11:24 healthmgz How To Prevent And Stop Painful Leg And Calf Cramp That Begin When You’re In Bed

How To Prevent And Stop Painful Leg And Calf Cramp That Begin When You’re In Bed
Only imagine that you are lying down and your lower leg seizes. This kind of pain is intense enough so to make you want to scream and it doesn’t let up and your muscle is hard to the touch. When you will try to move your leg, it kind of feels paralyzed. Does this sound familiar?
In accordance to American Family Physician, the nocturnal leg and calf cramp can affect up to 60 percent of adults and many times it is referred to as muscle spasms or charley horses, and they occur when one or more of the muscles in the leg tighten involuntarily….
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2023.03.26 11:24 pech0frio Anyone else taking trazodone as a sleep aid here?

Ist it helpful for you?
I started off with 50mg and it made me really sleepy and it worked for a few days but then I had to increase the dose gradually.
Now I'm taking 200mg before bed time but it wont get me sleepy anymore. Should I try to go up until 300mg or is it pointless because I'll develop tolerance to it in a few weeks at max anyway?
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2023.03.26 11:23 iremaingodly What fresh hell is this? Got this in my mailbox today

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2023.03.26 11:23 merdub 20 years out… how do you heal?

I was sent to Walkabout “therapeutic” wilderness camp in 2002. I was a pretty average teenager with pretty average teenager problems - maybe (definitely) exacerbated by the fact that I was adopted as a newborn, biological mother was 16, into a family with a severely disabled biological child. As the “healthy” child, all of my parents hopes and dreams were placed on me. I spent my childhood struggling (beyond the death of my severely disabled brother when I was 10) with moderate-to-severe undiagnosed ADHD as well as another learning disability. I am “smart” and my parents were always told by my teachers how I was ahead of my peers and had so much potential, so they pushed me even harder. Punished me for not performing in school up to their standards. Report card day was genuinely terrifying.
They also sent me off every summer to a sleep away camp that I hated, I was bullied incessantly and the first summer they sent me there I locked myself in their car when they came up on visiting day, and they physically dragged me out, sobbing and begging to come to home…. I guess they thought I was having fun?
Obviously a combination of these factors (adopted, growing up with a medically fragile sibling and his death, ADHD, unreasonable expectations, a history of not acknowledging my emotions etc.) resulted in some struggles.
I failed a few classes in high school, I now have a college certificate in design, I’m an accomplished photographer, but I failed art class. I’m a huge geography nerd but I failed geography. I was bored and just couldn’t do homework/assignments. Very typical ADHD shit, I couldn’t even make myself do the things I liked.
I was “promiscuous” aka lost my virginity at seventeen?!
I did have a reputation in high school but I was always safe and I never really felt bad about it. I liked the attention… Abandonment issues from adoption? Maybe. A need for some “affection” after growing up with an emotionally distant father and a mother who was a full time caretaker for her disabled son? Maybe.
But I wasn’t doing drugs. I tried smoking weed a few times but I didn’t (and still don’t) like being stoned. I drank as much as your average sheltered high schooler, once every few months at a house party if we knew someone who could buy us some Smirnoff Ice.
Also of note, my parents made me get a job in grade 11. Junior year for y’all. I got hired at McDonalds. I loved it. I worked hard. I made new friends. But my parents didn’t like those friends. They were “bad influences” apparently.
I had also reconnected with someone I knew from ages ago who was the first person that actually treated me like my own human being and not my parents child. He was older but super kind and respectful and never tried anything physical. We were just hanging out and my parents knew his family, he was also adopted and we had a nice connection. They didn’t like that I was hanging with an older guy.
Anyways this all culminated in me being sent to Utah. Formerly known as Walkabout but now Outback.
I spent 4 days in the mountains/forest/desert of Utah alone. No one to talk to, nothing but a pen and notepad. No meals provided. What you had in your sticks and tarp backpack was what you ate.
The Geneva Convention defines, for anyone under 18, cruel and usual TORTURE is anything over 24 hours of solitary confinement.
And my parents DID THIS TO ME. They paid to have to it done to me. A lot of money.
I gamed the game fairly well but after they said I would be gone 3 weeks and I was coming up on 6 weeks with the constant “your therapist decides when you go home” narrative, I wrote them 3 sentences (there had been talk about boarding school, bet you can guess which) and it essentially said “I’ve tried to play your game for 6 weeks but I’m 9 months away from being 18 and if you don’t bring me home immediately I promise you that I will NEVER, ever have a relationship of any sort with you. I already will never forgive you.”
2 days later I was going home.
Anyways that was 20 years ago and I still have PTSD symptoms, and a complete inability to form meaningful relationships with anyone, especially a partner.
I’ve looked into support groups but the TTI isn’t that common in Canada and I’m terrified of having to revisit the experience in therapy. Especially given my aversion to anything “therapy” and the fact that ignoring the problem has served me just fine(ish) for 20 years.
I’ve tried to explain how fucked up this experience made me to my parents but they still say “you were difficult and we weren’t equipped to handle it - we trusted professionals!” In the meantime my actual psychiatrist at the time told them it was a bad idea and I was not a troubled teen.
How do you move on?
I have a generally good relationship with my parents now but obviously this experience is still affecting me at 37 years old.
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2023.03.26 11:21 incyweb Finding Our Initial Customers

Hunters was a wonderful cafe in Bath that served craft beer, coffee and artisan food. It was a meeting place for tourists and locals. In Hunters I developed my mobile app game, Conxy, and found its first players. It was hugely exciting persuading people to download and play my little game. Without my mini sales hussle, over an IPA, to get things off the ground, I don’t think Conxy would have been downloaded 4,000 times.

Do things that don’t scale

For a startup to succeed, at least one founder will have to spend a lot of time on sales and marketing. - Paul Graham
Founders tend to believe that a good product is all that is required for success and that growth will take care of itself. This is not true. Products evolve into good ones through engagement with and feedback from customers. Startups take off because founders make them do so and a big element of this is the manual recruitment of customers. This is often a scary prospect for founders who prefer to work on the product instead. Paul Graham’s essay Do Things That Don’t Scale explains why founders should directly engage with customers. Based on Paul’s advice, Airbnb’s founders met early customers and improved their property listings with quality photos and text descriptions.
Founders should sell because they:
  1. Get to know their customers and what matters to them.
  2. Establish credibility with their customers.
  3. Can dynamically adjust the product based on feedback.
  4. Have control over their destiny.

How to sell

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over. -Richard Branson
As explored in User Growth, for users to engage with our product, it needs to be visible, trustworthy and valuable. The best way to do this is face to face contact as Airbnb’s founders and I can attest. Another, somewhat more scalable, approach is via sales emails. Cold Emails to Hot Leads explores how to optimise the chance of attracting the attention of key people. Good sales emails:

Sales process

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt
Our initial customers are early adopters who love new things and do not expect a polished product. We can expect this group to represent less than 5% of the total user population of a successful product. Hence, to a fair degree, finding initial customers is a numbers game.
The sales process is:
  1. Prospecting: Establish a list of potential customers, including name, title/company, email and social media profiles. This can be drawn from our personal network and research.
  2. Prioritise the list: Based on desirability of the prospect, expected ease of engagement and sales success.
  3. Qualification: Send sales emails or otherwise approach prospects.
  4. Sales call, including a product demo. Proposal, including pricing, is made to the prospect. Attempt to close the sale.
  5. Customers start using and paying for the product.
Sales success metrics should be tracked, including: emails sent, open and reply rates, product demos and customer signups. Tools to help include:, and

Other resources

Paul Graham Startup Essays post by Phil Martin
The story of Airbnb talk by Nathan Blecharczyk
Founding Sales book by Peter Kazanjy

In 1910, it took much effort to crank the engine of the Ford Model T to get it going, but the journey was worth it.
Have fun.
A Bit Gamey
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2023.03.26 11:21 gmarie003 Found it in my bed.. small, appears dark brownish with flecks of white. I’ve been on Google for an hour and can’t figure out what kind of beetle it is. Not weevil, not carpet beetle (IMO). Help 😩

Found it in my bed.. small, appears dark brownish with flecks of white. I’ve been on Google for an hour and can’t figure out what kind of beetle it is. Not weevil, not carpet beetle (IMO). Help 😩 submitted by gmarie003 to whatisthisbug [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 11:21 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

[Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0
Get the course here:
[Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0


Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0 is an ultimate course for anyone who wants to learn how to trade and become a successful trader. You will learn from Siddhant Goswami, the CEO of Trade With Sid, who will teach you everything from beginner to professional level information to get you started on the right path to becoming a consistently profitable trader.
Acquiring the Right Mindset and Improving Risk and Money Management Plan
One of the key components of becoming a successful trader is to have the right mindset, which is precisely what you will learn in this course. You will learn how to develop a mindset that will enable you to achieve higher levels of mastery trading Forex or any other financial instrument.
Additionally, you will learn how to improve your risk and money management plan, which is essential to becoming a successful trader.
Upgrading Your Trading Methodology and Applying Skills and Tools
In Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0, you will learn how to upgrade your trading methodology to read price action correctly to identify the strongest trend in place. Moreover, you will apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk.
Through this course, you will gain a deep understanding of how to integrate risk control, money management, and price action to have a successful trading business.
Personal Tricks, Techniques and Views on the Forex Market
The course will go beyond just theoretical concepts and cover our personal tricks, techniques, and views on the Forex market, which have tremendously fast-tracked our success. The course will give you access to insights that will make you a more confident trader, enabling you to make sound trading decisions.
Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0 is a comprehensive course designed to teach you how to become a successful and consistently profitable trader. You will learn the crucial components of trading, including mindset development, risk management, and money management.
You will also learn how to apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk, and gain access to personal tricks and techniques that have fast-tracked our success.
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2023.03.26 11:20 Ikanttakeitanymore I didn't need discipline or skills

This is mostly for anyone wondering if meds are going to help or if they're just "lazy" and need to straighten themselves out and get disciplined or whatever....
I never ever wanted to do anything else other than read and write (obviously not only talking about school) . Never could do it. I have started concerta some time now (I live in the EU) after reading the whole dsm 5 and assessing myself for many things (I have some other diagnoses) I realized I probably have ADHD . It is extremely hard to be assessed for ADHD in my country but it happened and after a few visits the doctor told me I definetely have ADHD (combined type but because I am a woman the hyperactivity was mostly found in me being extremely theatrical , talking a lot , interrupting and being very very impulsive) . I am on concerta now and I literally didn't need to change anything about the way I act . I always always tried constantly to be able to read or stay quiet and focus when a conversation was happening but it was impossible. The only difference now is that when I try I succeed.
Im putting this post out there because of course there are people that have had ADHD so long they have developed bad strategies and people that regardless of ADHD are lazy . They don't want to do the work . That's not ADHD , I tried every single day and I couldn't do it. I didn't go out with friends at all I kept trying to be able to just do what I want. Everything in my room was a mess. I was so impulsive my first pshychiatrist actually diagnosed me with bipolar and put me on antipshycotics .
If you're wondering if meds are gonna help I cant guarantee anything. But adhd meds are some of the meds with the highest rate of success out there and we know a lot about them when compared to antidepressants and even worse antipshycotics (worse in the sense that we know very little about how antipshycotics work and how much they actually help certain symptoms) . I just always thought I was lazy even though it didn't make sense because I literally didn't do anything else and was constantly thinking about what I wanted to do and couldn't. It's neurological and without help its extremely difficult and for me impossible.
I kind of wrote this for myself too because I am always telling myself its my fault and I just don't feel that way anymore . Making the bed was a struggle for me and I was so excited when I did it on medication that I realized I definetely have ADHD if I'm excited about this crap!
I know you didn't read the whole thing
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2023.03.26 11:20 nmole_ Best source for renting/buying furniture in bengaluru.

I have got a flat recently in kudlu gate and need to get all the essentials furniture and electronics. This includes sofas, tables, washing machine, refrigerator, television, bed and mattress. Any suggestions or any specific unheard websites that I should checkout other than furlenco?
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2023.03.26 11:19 Fit_Background7594 Resenting my husbands and constantly having to ask him to do basic tasks

We have two children, our eldest is 7 and youngest is almost 3 months. I knew it would be tiring as all newborns are but I’m losing patience with my husband and beginning to resent him. His routines haven’t changed, he continues to have (and prioritise) his down time, he can go out with his friends on a whim etc. Our eldest had to be formula fed due to premature causing difficulty with breastfeeding but I am breastfeeding this time and I feel like my husband has totally checked out because of it and is enjoying doing next to nothing for the baby. We were equal with bottle feeding our first (in the evenings and weekends obviously as he works full time) and he just seemed to be “better” at caring for her and doing things for her without me asking. But with our son he isn’t. He has reflux and so is held up for 20-30 mins after each feed, I have to ask my husband to take him sometimes as I haven’t ate, drank or been to the bathroom in a while. I have to ask him to change a nappy, I don’t think he’s ever gotten him dressed for the day, I have to ask him to get him ready for bed sometimes so I have a 5 minute break. He doesn’t do anything off his own back with the baby. A few weeks ago I asked him to do his bath one night and he said “No, I don’t know how to” and also said “I haven’t had a baby for 7 years” Neither have I? I’m just so fed up of being the default parent all the time. I feel like he’s using the breastfeeding to his advantage. He also sleeps a ridiculous amount. I know he’s tired from work but he gets a full sleep at night, doesn’t get up with the baby and still takes naps. Even on his paternity leave he had a nap every single day, I never got a nap and that was when I was up every 2 hours overnight feeding.
Even when it comes to housework and our eldest child I’m constantly having to ask him to do things as if it’s a favour to me. I don’t understand how he can sit back and be so lazy without feeling guilty that I’m doing everything with no break or free time to myself.
When I try to speak to him he gets defensive and says I’m lucky as most men don’t help at all. He isn’t a bad person and he is a good father (he has admitted he finds the newborn phase difficult and prefers it once they are older and playing etc) but he can be so incredibly selfish at times and since our son was born it’s gotten so much worse.
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2023.03.26 11:18 Ellogovnahh Is cabbage a trigger food?

Is cabbage safe to eat? (Napa or regular white/green cabbage) I have a lot in the fridge.
I’m trying to decide what to make that won’t further irritate my stomach and acid reflux.
So far I’ve been eating mostly savory oatmeal w/ground turkey breast, egg whites, zucchini, mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, and other fresh herbs .. I still feel pretty shitty after eating it throughout the day. Maybe it’s the oatmeal? I’m going to try skipping the oats and see if I notice a difference.
Currently sitting propped up in bed trying to figure out what bland creation I’ll be making tomorrow😅
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2023.03.26 11:18 Tr_Omer The State of the National Team

I am very confused currently, I don't understand why nobody is talking about the horrendous state of the national team. We used to have players fighting each other to get to play for the national team now we have players making up excuses to not show up? Once we look past the lack of passion we also have a huge lack of technicality. We have all these individuals playing here and there in Europe yet when they come to the national team they look like they wouldn't even start a 2nd division team in our league, what is up with that? Do we really have coaches and tacticians that don't know how to get the best out of our own players? How much longer do we have to watch Kuntz play this vibes only football with 0 defensive structure? Our last clean sheet against a top side team is France in 2019. Does our federation really see these wins against Armenia away, Gibraltar at home, Lithuania at home as progress?? If you are aiming to be a top footballing nation, with no disrespect to those countries, shouldn't you be aiming higher than Luxembourg and Faroe Islands (who we drew 3-3 and lost 2-1 to) ? When will this sick joke end?
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