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2023.03.25 21:58 Violet_Sky212 PBS Marie Antionette - blurring photos??

I've been streaming Marie Antoinette on PBS Passport, and I've noticed in multiple episodes, it blurs pictures and seems to redact "curse words" ... is everyone else having that same experience ?
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2023.03.24 02:01 AutoModerator Sanditon S3 ~s l o w b u r n~ PBS Passport Watch Party: Episode 6

This is it, we made it!
In case you missed it, Sanditon, Season 3 has been released in its entirety for PBS supporters ($5/month if you're in the US or have a VPN.)
If you're new here, welcome! Please review Reddiquette and the subreddit rules.

Our Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/19: E1&2
Monday, 3/20: E3
Tuesday, 3/21: E4
Wednesday, 3/22: E5
Tonight, Thursday, 3/23: Episode 6
E6 Synopsis: Charlotte desperately wants to tell Colbourne the truth about her feelings, but a shocking revelation stops her in her tracks. Having opened her heart, Georgiana’s worst fears are realized when she discovers she has been abandoned.
Don't forget to join the Season 3 Wrap-Up discussion once you've finished this episode!
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2023.03.23 21:34 twoweeeeks FAQ: How to watch Sanditon?

This question is coming up a lot, so here is a FAQ! Future "how do I watch" posts will be removed and directed here.
If you're outside the US and have watched the show with the help of a VPN, and are willing to answer other viewers' questions, I'd appreciate it if you you'd click on the bell in the top right to receive comment notifications.

A quick bit of history + context

Sanditon S1 originally aired on ITV in the UK in late summer 2019. The show was canceled in December. In January 2020 the show aired in the US on PBS. It was well-received (and the fans passionate) so PBS ordered two more seasons.
PBS is not a centralized, national television station; it's a collection of local stations that join the PBS umbrella for the benefits of scale - like the ability to provide Masterpiece programming and a centralized streaming platform called PBS Passport (this is an interview on how PBS works, if you're curious.)
PBS gets some of its funding via government grants, but most of it is comes from distribution fees and membership donations (the membership drives are a bit of a meme in the US).

OK, so how do I watch S3?

PBS has released the entirety of Sanditon S3 on its streaming platform, PBS Passport. This is currently the only legit platform to binge S3.
If you're in the US (or some parts of Canada - see this list), you can donate $5/month to your local PBS affiliate to gain access to Passport (this can only be done on desktop and by phone). [Sign up for Passport here.]
Once you donate, you'll receive an activation code from your PBS affiliate. PBS says it can take as long as a day, depending on your local station (I would guess this is less of a risk with stations serving larger cities). [FAQ from PBS on how to activate Passport.]
Note: often PBS will offer additional gifts when you sign up, which of course, costs them money. So if you're planning to cancel after the first month, be mindful to decline these gifts (if the gifts are especially valuable, you might even be charged for any difference between that value and your total donation.)
Once you've signed up for Passport, you can stream via the web player, the iOS or Android app, or these smart TV devices.
If you're in the US and would rather not donate, new episodes are released weekly at no cost. You can watch them for free for fourteen days after broadcast [watch on PBS.org]. You can also watch weekly via Comcast and Verizon.

Help! I'm not in the US!

The show is currently airing Wednesdays in Australia and New Zealand on BBC First and Binge in Australia. In Spain, the show will air beginning April 11 on Cosmo.
The air date for the UK has not been announced. I know, it sucks :(
Alternatively, you use a VPN to watch the show via PBS. Some international Sanditon members have even been able to join PBS Passport to watch the full season.
These PBS stations allow you to enter a non-US billing address (will add more as I find them):
Here are some previous posts on the topic:
Some Europeans have had better luck by selecting to pay $60/year; you could also change your VPN location and go through a different station.
Something to keep in mind: PBS will require you to call or email to cancel your recurring donation. So google what a station requires before you give them your bank info. For example, Thirteen/WCNY (NYC), GBH (Boston), KCTS (Seattle), and GPB (Atlanta) allow you to cancel by email or online form (will add more as I find them).

What if I want to buy episodes?

According to PBS, you can buy episodes via Apple, Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu, and Google Play. New episodes seem to be made available the day after they air.
S3 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 4. You can pre-order directly from PBS or any retailer that sells Blu-Ray/DVDs.

What about the Masterpiece Prime Video channel?

The Masterpiece channel delivered by Amazon Prime is not the same as PBS Passport. New episodes are released weekly on the Masterpiece channel.

If you've read the above and have lingering questions/issues, please comment below!

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2023.03.23 02:01 AutoModerator Sanditon S3 ~s l o w b u r n~ PBS Passport Watch Party: Episode 5

Trying not to binge season 3? Join us as we test our will, just like Colbourne will test his to not snog Charlotte every time he sees her.
In case you missed it, Sanditon, Season 3 has been released in its entirety for PBS supporters ($5/month if you're in the US or have a VPN.)
If you're new here, welcome! Please review Reddiquette and the subreddit rules.
(Looking for the regular discussion posts for all episodes? Check this post.)

Our Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/19: E1&2
Monday, 3/20: E3
Tuesday, 3/21: E4
Tonight, Wednesday, 3/22: Episode 5
Thursday, 3/23: E6
E5 Synopsis: Charlotte and Colbourne rush to Augusta’s aid and while love blossoms elsewhere, Arthur’s heart is broken.
Please discuss only E5 and previous episodes in this post.
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2023.03.22 07:11 nahivibes Does anyone else have issues accessing videos with PBS Passport?

So I donated to my local station but when I’m logged in it still says donate to access videos. I did the lookup thing and it sent me an email saying my membership status is disabled (even though I just donated). I emailed them and no response. I called today and it went to voicemail. This happened last time I tried to activate also. They don’t seem to work like a normal streaming service where you pay and it works right away. Has anyone else had this issue or have a solution? I just want to watch this season 😩
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2023.03.22 02:01 AutoModerator Sanditon S3 ~s l o w b u r n~ PBS Passport Watch Party: Episode 4

Trying not to binge season 3? Join us as we test our will, just like Colbourne will test his to not snog Charlotte every time he sees her (to his credit, he's doing well!)
In case you missed it, Sanditon, Season 3 has been released in its entirety for PBS supporters ($5/month if you're in the US or have a VPN.)
If you're new here, welcome! Please review Reddiquette and the subreddit rules.
(Looking for the regular discussion posts for all episodes? Check this post.)

Our Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/19: E1&2
Monday, 3/20: E3
Tonight, Tuesday, 3/21: Episode 4
Wednesday, 3/22: E5
Thursday, 3/23: E6
Episode 4 Synopsis: Charlotte attempts to distance herself from Colbourne but as they are repeatedly thrown into each other’s orbit, their chemistry rises. Meanwhile Georgiana is unravelling and makes a surprising decision to protect herself.
Please discuss only E4 and previous episodes in this post.
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2023.03.21 02:01 AutoModerator Sanditon S3 ~s l o w b u r n~ PBS Passport Watch Party: Episode 3

Trying not to binge season 3? Join us as we test our will, just like Colbourne will test his to not snog Charlotte every time he sees her.
In case you missed it, Sanditon, Season 3 has been released in its entirety for PBS supporters ($5/month if you're in the US or have a VPN.)
If you're new here, welcome! Please review Reddiquette and the subreddit rules.
(Looking for the regular discussion posts for all episodes? Check this post.)

Our Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/19: E1&2
Tonight: Monday, 3/20: Episode 3
Tuesday, 3/21: E4
Wednesday, 3/22: E5
Thursday, 3/23: E6

E3 Synopsis: Georgiana gets a surprise visit. Colbourne’s shooting party goes ahead and Charlotte has to confront all that she’s lost. Mary and Tom cross swords over his plans for the old town.
Please discuss only E3 and previous episodes in this post.
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2023.03.20 14:59 glassed_redhead I know lots of you have already binged the whole season, but for those who don't have PBS passport, here is the sneak preview for episode 2.

We've got Charlotte dropping a glove and Colborne retrieving it for her while looking up at her with some smoking eye contact 😍
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2023.03.20 14:46 nikunj4garwal Helpline says decision made - but no comms from VFS/UKVI?

Update: I just received a message from VFS that passport is dispatched!
Hi - I applied for a PBS Dependant VisaBiometrics - 14/03 (Outside UK, Super P)IHS TopUP email -14/03 (paid within few mins)Escalation email - 17/03 - said application is in final processing stagesCalled UKVI Helpline - 20/03 - they said decision was made on 16/03
Now, I'm confused as they are saying decision has been made but I haven't had any communication from UKVI/VFS.
Is there a timelag on when decisions are made vs when they are communicated?
Please help!
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2023.03.20 10:24 classychictipz Issue with PBS Passport

I signed up for Passport last night with a monthly donation, but still don't have it updated to my profile as a Passport member to view the other episodes. Did anyone have this issue? I didn't receive any activation code. Thanks in advance!
UPDATE: I ended up calling my local PBS station, and the associate said I was supposed to receive an activation email immediately. She ended up resending me a link for the activation. Just an FYI to call your local station if you have issues with Passport setup.
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2023.03.20 03:05 IntoTheFray2023 UPDATED: Masterpiece PBS: How to Watch Sanditon S3

UPDATED: Masterpiece PBS: How to Watch Sanditon S3
I successfully watched Sanditon Season 3 live on PBS from outside the US/Canada!
Using VPN, I heard that viewers outside of the US can purchase PBS Passport to binge all 6 episodes starting now! However, some reported that if you have a Non-US credit card, then you probably will have to purchase all 12 months=$60 rather than pay in installments ($5/month).
If any viewers outside of the US/Canada were successful using another process, please post here. Thank you!
Here is the process that worked for me:
1) Turn on your VPN (Virtual Private Network) and select your Virtual Location = United States.
2) Online, navigate to “PBS Masterpiece” or https://www.pbs.org/wbgh/masterpiece/watch-online
3) In the upper corner, a drop down text will pop up: “Is [this] your local station?”

4) Note: Depending on which random geo-location your VPN will connect to, PBS will identify your VPN’s IP address and will automatically select the closest local station for you, then a pop up text box will ask: “Is [this] your local station?” (Note: in the photo, my VPN located a local station in South Florida: WPBT South Florida. However, on my mobile phone, my VPN located a local station in New York/New Jersey and I was connected to a New York local station.)
5) Click the “Yes” box
6) Then scroll down to the “Watch Online”
7) Select “Sanditon” from the drop down menu
8) “Show Only”: check only the “Full Episodes” box
9) If the episode has a blue square next to it (or in the corner of the picture), then that episode is only available for PBS Passport holders to view (PBS Passport holders pay $5/month to view certain shows/episodes that are not available to others).
10) Note: each episode (without the blue square) is only available to watch for 14 days after the first airing date; however, that should be enough time to rewatch several times and overlaps with the next Sunday’s episode.

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2023.03.20 01:11 AutoModerator [S3E3] Sanditon Season 3, Episode 3 Discussion

Sanditon, Season 3 is here!

Watch Episode 3 on PBS HERE

Synopsis: Georgiana gets a surprise visit. Colbourne’s shooting party goes ahead and Charlotte has to confront all that she’s lost. Mary and Tom cross swords over his plans for the old town.
Please do not make ANY references to later episodes in this post. When you receive a reply notification, please take careful note of which thread you are in!
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2023.03.20 01:10 AutoModerator [S3E2] Sanditon Season 3, Episode 2 Discussion

Sanditon, Season 3 is here!

Watch Episode 2 on PBS HERE

Synopsis: Georgiana faces a nearly impossible task in trying to find a lawyer, but help arrives from a surprising place. Lady Denham accepts a new vision for the town and spars with an old flame. Arthur makes a new friend.
Please do not make ANY references to later episodes in this post. When you receive a reply notification, please take careful note of which thread you are in!
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2023.03.20 01:07 AutoModerator [S3E1] Sanditon Season 3, Episode 1 Discussion

Sanditon, Season 3 is here!

Watch Episode 1 on PBS HERE

Synopsis: Charlotte arrives back to Sanditon—fiancé in tow—for the society event of the year. Seeing Colbourne again leaves her feeling uncertain. Meanwhile, Georgiana receives a shocking threat to her fortune, and Edward tries to prove to Lady Denham that he is a changed man.
Please do not make ANY references to later episodes in this post. When you receive a reply notification, please take careful note of which thread you are in!
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2023.03.20 01:01 Dobbyfan9 Its here s3. On passport i mean.

Here we go!
Edit : only episodes 2-6 are shown as passport special. I think if u go on local pbs website or have the app, u may be able to watch ep 1 without passport.
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2023.03.20 00:53 AutoModerator Sanditon S3 ~s l o w b u r n~ PBS Passport Watch Party: Episodes 1&2

Trying not to binge season 3? Join us as we test our will, just like Colbourne will test his to not snog Charlotte every time he sees her. Thank you to u/Dobbyfan9 for the idea!
In case you missed it, Sanditon, Season 3 has been released in its entirety for PBS supporters ($5/month if you're in the US or have a VPN.)
If you're new here, welcome! Please review Reddiquette and the subreddit rules.
(Looking for the regular discussion for all episodes? Check this post.)

Our Schedule:

Tonight, 3/19: Episode 1 and Episode 2
Monday, 3/20: E3
Tuesday, 3/21: E4
Wednesday, 3/22: E5
Thursday, 3/23: E6

E1 Synopsis: Charlotte arrives back to Sanditon—fiancé in tow—for the society event of the year. Seeing Colbourne again leaves her feeling uncertain. Meanwhile, Georgiana receives a shocking threat to her fortune, and Edward tries to prove to Lady Denham that he is a changed man.
E2 Synopsis: Georgiana faces a nearly impossible task in trying to find a lawyer, but help arrives from a surprising place. Lady Denham accepts a new vision for the town and spars with an old flame. Arthur makes a new friend.
Comments are sorted by OLD to minimize spoilers as you watch.
Please discuss only E1&2 and previous episodes in this post.
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Former Texas Lt. Governor Ben Barnes admits he helped convince Iran to keep the Iran hostages held captive to sabotage Jimmy Carter's re-election bid and help Reagan win in an apparent violation of the Logan Act.

Ben Barnes frames this as something he wants out there for the historical record and how it affected carter. He glosses over how this potentially led to the hostages spending more time as hostages while their families worried at home.
He says he wasn’t involved. Except he was involved since why else would he have continued the tour once he knew what his partner was doing? First meeting, perhaps, but not after they repeated it again and again. He was a participant.
Also, because he knew what his partner was doing after the first meeting, he could have informed the US government before subsequent meetings took place. Instead the damaging tour continued.
By waiting to to disclose this until the later years of his life he evaded criminal, civil, and professional liability. The historical impact of this revelation would have been more significant had he come clean at the time.

New California bill would protect doctors who mail abortion pills to other states

The bill would not let California extradite doctors who are facing charges in another state for providing abortion medication. It would also shield doctors from having to pay fines. And it would let California doctors sue anyone who tries to stop them from providing abortions.
Hell yes! That last part is great. It means doctors are less likely to be harassed since they can retaliate in court against the nutcases.

New Mexico Passes Bill to Safeguard Abortion Providers

To all the people commenting "abortion bad":

Abortion is not as simple as "killing babies." Abortion is necessary for many pregnancies which (1) are impossible to carry to term; (2) would certainly kill the baby, mother, or both; (3) would result in an extremely painful, short, and disabled life for the baby; And many other situations.

Educate yourself before forming an opinion which oppresses others.

South Carolina Abortion Bill Would Impose Death Penalty For Terminating A Pregnancy

Republican lawmakers in South Carolina are debating whether to change a controversial bill that would make individuals who receive an abortion eligible for the death penalty.
The bill, which has been dubbed the South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023, would “ensure that an unborn child who is a victim of homicide is afforded equal protection under the homicide laws of the state,” according to South Carolina General Assembly website.
The bill would also define a “person” as an “unborn child at every stage of development from fertilization until birth.”

If the eyebrow-raising piece of legislation is passed, those convicted of murder could face the death penalty or a minimum of 30 years in prison.

There are some exceptions for pregnant people and in cases of emergency
The bill will provide exceptions for pregnant people who have to receive an emergency abortion due to “the threat of imminent death or great bodily injury.” It also provides an exception if the procedure is needed to avert the death of a mother “when all reasonable alternatives to save the life of the unborn child were attempted or none were available,” the website adds.

Sadly, South Carolina’s Equal Protection Act does not provide any exceptions for victims of rape or incest.

With the dismantling of Roe V. Wade last year, proponents of the bill are now bracing themselves for more destruction. Rep. Nancy Mace of the first congressional district blasted Republican lawmakers for proposing the restrictive abortion plan.
“To see this debate go to the dark places, the dark edges, where it has gone on both sides of the aisle, has been deeply disturbing to me as a woman, as a female legislator, as a mom, and as a victim of rape,” Mace said, according to The Hill.
Since the fall of Roe, Republican states have been working overtime to place abortion limitations. 18 states have launched near or total bans on the procedure.
As of now, abortion remains constitutional in South Carolina, but Republican lawmakers are determined to change this.
Before the stringent ban went into effect, in 2021 the Food and Drug Administration relaxed some of the tight restrictions placed on one abortion pill called mifepristone, which can end a pregnancy that is less than 10 weeks along. Patients were initially required to pick up the medication at a certified hospital or clinic, but during the pandemic, the Biden Administration changed the protocol, allowing women in abortion-banned states to receive the pill by mail.

Citing staffing issues and political climate, North Idaho hospital will no longer deliver babies

"highly respected, talented physicians are leaving the state, and recruiting replacements will be “extraordinarily difficult.”"
The rabid politicians in Idaho are in charge of health care now. Talented physicians are leaving the state.
Heckuva job!

New calls for marijuana legalization after report shows Wisconsinites gave Illinois $36M in tax revenue


Sanders Calls for All Drug Prices to Be Cut After Third Insulin Maker Cuts Price — Moreover, analyses of the companies’ price cuts show that the cuts aren’t as altruistic as they might seem.

“because of complexities with Medicaid’s rebate formula, the company will actually make an estimated $85 million more under the new $35 federal price cap policy, a report by consulting firm Veda Partners recently found.”

California moves to cap insulin cost at $30

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Saturday that the state will cut insulin costs by 90% and that it will start manufacturing naloxone, a nasal spray used to reverse opioid overdoses.
The lower insulin cost results from a collaboration between CalRx, a California Department of Health Care Services program, and the non-profit drug manufacturer Civica Rx, according to a news release from the governor’s office. A 10-milliliter vial of insulin will be available for no more than $30, pending approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, says the release.
Though insulin was discovered more than a century ago and costs little to make, brand-name insulin is often sold for roughly $300 per vial, CNN has reported. The high cost has forced many people with diabetes to ration or skip drug doses, which help the body manage blood sugar.

Right-Wing Drag Queen Lady MAGA USA Now a 'Costume Artist'

All drag queens should now start calling themselves "costume artists". They could have costume artist story hour at the library and costume artist shows as entertainment.

Bookmans Drag Queen Story hour needs our help


New Mexico governor signs bill ending juvenile life sentences without parole


Corporations with board members sitting on competitor’s boards are under increasing pressure from the U.S. Department of Justice


Sandy Hook Families Are Fighting Alex Jones and the Bankruptcy System Itself

A New York Times review of financial documents and court records filed over the past year found that Mr. Jones has transferred millions of dollars in property, cash and business deals to family and friends, including to a new company run by his former personal trainer, all potentially out of reach of creditors. He has also spent heavily on luxuries, including $80,000 on a private jet, bodyguards and a rented villa while he was in Connecticut to testify at a trial last fall.
“If anybody thinks they’re shutting me down, they’re mistaken,” Mr. Jones said on his new podcast last month.
The families now face a stark reality. It is not clear whether they will ever collect a significant portion of the assets Mr. Jones has transferred. So their ability to get anything remotely close to the jury awards is inextricably tied to Mr. Jones’s capacity to make a living as the purveyor of lies — including that the shooting was a hoax, the parents were actors and the children did not really die — that ignited years of torment and threats against them.
Earlier this month, Mr. Jones offered to pay the families and his other creditors a total of $43 million over five years as part of a bankruptcy plan, which lawyers for the families immediately dismissed as laughable and riddled with financial holes. The judge ordered Mr. Jones to fill in the gaps in his financial disclosures by the end of the month.
But Mr. Jones’s continued obfuscation about his net worth has given him leverage over the families, who are also fighting an American bankruptcy system that makes the survival of businesses a priority and has so far given Mr. Jones an advantage in court.
Although Infowars has estimated revenues of some $70 million a year — hardly a mom-and-pop shop — Mr. Jones was able to file for Chapter 11 under the more lenient bankruptcy rules of the Small Business Reorganization Act, known as Subchapter V. The law first took effect in early 2020, but was soon broadened to assist small businesses struggling during the pandemic.
Unlike in a traditional Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Subchapter V gives creditors like the Sandy Hook families virtually no say in a restructuring plan, nor can they file a competing plan. They can challenge Mr. Jones’s approach, but an impasse in talks could result in liquidation of the company, putting them in line to collect a fraction of the damages.
A liquidation would end Infowars, but Mr. Jones would be free to start another company just like it.

'I'm not turning my camera off': Oklahoma City police release bodycam of captain's arrest


Body found in recycling bin "not suspicious"


Man, 34, ‘strangles and kills teenager’, 19, for rejecting his marriage proposal


Podcast host killed by stalker had ‘deep-seated fear’ for her safety, records reveal


4Chan User Accused of Threatening to Kill Sheriff Gets Arrested at Mom's House


Cruz urges Texas bar for careful consideration of Stanford graduates following campus protests

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) urged the Texas state bar to carefully consider the fitness of certain Stanford University law school graduates after a protest over a conservative judge’s speaking engagement on the campus.
Cruz in a letter to Texas officials said there is a “fundamental” question over whether the students who protested the appearance by Kyle Duncan, a circuit judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, are “fit to practice law” in Texas.
“The idea that these future lawyers would find it acceptable to harass and insult a sitting judge boggles the mind, and seriously calls into question whether these students have the proper respect for the role of a judge, or the temperament to practice law,” he said in a Thursday letter to Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Augustin Rivera, the chair of the Texas Board of Law Examiners.
“Indeed, these students’ tantrum raises a fair question as to whether they can be trusted to dispassionately defend clients that might have ideological opinions different from their own,” Cruz wrote.
Duncan has visited Stanford Law School to participate in an event called “The Fifth Circuit in Conversation with the Supreme Court: COVID, Guns, and Twitter.”
Cruz said Duncan did not have the opportunity to “meaningfully speak” as he was “shouted down” by Stanford students.
Stanford’s student newspaper, The Stanford Daily, reported that audience members protested Duncan’s appearance before and during his lecture. The paper reported that opponents protesting Duncan’s appearance put up fliers throughout the campus arguing that Duncan has pushed for laws that have harmed women, immigrants and LGBTQ individuals.
Cruz said the protesters continuously interrupted Duncan, called him racist and yelled “crude sexual slurs.”

The Stanford Daily reported that the law school’s dean denounced the protest in an email to the school community, saying that what happened did not align with the institution’s “commitment to free speech.”

“The school is reviewing what transpired and will work to ensure protocols are in place so that disruptions of this nature do not occur again, and is committed to the conduct of events on terms that are consistent with the disruption policy and the principles of free speech and critical inquiry they support,” Dean Jenny Martinez said.
Cruz said the Texas board should “take particular care” for students graduating from Stanford law school in 2023, 2024 and 2025. He said these students should be forced to state in writing if they participated in the protest, and the Texas Supreme Court and the board should decide what the “proper remedy” should be.
“Texans deserve only the finest advocates as their counsel, and those that engage in screaming and name-calling to make their case, are far from the finest,” he said.

Some student-loan companies are 'ignoring' court orders and continuing to collect borrowers' debt after they received relief through bankruptcy, a federal consumer watchdog finds


Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Critical Race Theory. Republican lawmakers in Arizona have attempted to ban critical race theory three times so far.


Cancer patient sues hospital after ransomware gang leaks her nude medical photos Victim offered two years of credit monitoring after highly sensitive records dumped online

According to the lawsuit, LaRock also told Doe that her physical and email addresses, along with date of birth, social security number, health insurance provider, medical diagnosis and treatment information, and lab results were also likely stolen in the breach.
"Given that LVHN is and was storing the sensitive information of plaintiff and the class, including nude photographs of plaintiff receiving sensitive cancer treatment, LVHN knew or should have known of the serious risk and harm that could occur from a data breach," the lawsuit says.
Jesus christ. Companies that suffer data breaches shouldn't even be able to even store data anymore. Everything should have to be handled by a third party and access to data requires 2FA every time.
But this is America so nothing will happen, and if we did have companies responsible for protecting data they'd be as secure as Equifax.

1,000 federal judges seek to remove personal info from internet as threats skyrocket


Amazon Go stores in New York City didn't properly alert customers they were being biometrically tracked, lawsuit says


Former Barclays boss Jes Staley to face US deposition over allegations he knew about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation

Excerpt from the linked content1 by Rupert Neate; news wires:
JP Morgan, the US bank where Staley worked and had the convicted sex offender as a client, said it would depose him next Thursday and Friday as part of its lawsuit alleging he concealed crucial information about the late financier.
JP Morgan is being sued by prosecutors in the US Virgin Islands, where much of the abuse is said to have taken place at a home owned by Epstein on a private island, and also by a woman known only as Jane Doe 1.
JP Morgan is being sued by prosecutors in the US Virgin Islands, where much of the abuse is said to have taken place at a home owned by Epstein on a private island, and also by a woman known only as Jane Doe 1.
Those lawsuits, while aimed at JP Morgan, have claimed Staley “observed victims personally”, including “visiting young girls at Epstein’s apartments” and exchanging 1,200 emails with the late financier that included photos of young women in seductive poses and referring to women by the names of Disney princesses.
1 Rupert Neate and agencies, The Guardian, 17 Mar. 2023, https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/ma17/former-barclays-boss-jes-staley-to-face-us-deposition-over-epstein-ties

71-year-old Jacksonville teacher accused of sexual abuse takes plea deal, sentenced to 4 years


Owner of Dorchester, Roslindale pizza places charged with beating, intimidating his mostly immigrant workers; one had to have genital surgery and to have all his teeth removed after attacks

The criminal investigation grew out of 2017 investigation by the federal Department of Labor into wage issues
Apparently he was forced to pay $330,000 in back wages in 2019, to which he agreed. But then DHS kept digging and offered the workers legal status:
After Papantoniadis signed a consent decree in 2019 to pay back wages, Homeland Security began to re-interview the named workers, and to launch a broader investigation that led to today's arrest. The affidavit states that in exchange for their cooperation, Homeland Security worked to obtain a change in immigration status to let the workers stay here.
Lessons of today: treat all people with dignity and respect, and obey labor laws.

Hate crime graffiti SUCKS!!!

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2023.03.20 00:01 AutoModerator Major League Cricket Domestic Player Draft

Youtube Auction feed
Draft Preview from Tom Neilson - Major League Cricket
It all starts this weekend for the six foundation MLC franchises, who will be drafting eight rounds worth of domestic talent along with one ‘Rookie’ Under-23 player on Sunday night, with teams also required to select an additional domestic player to the team roster at a later date based on performances during the first half of the Minor League cricket season. The remainder of each team’s player roster will be filled with some of the best T20 cricketers from around the globe.
Over 100 players will be eligible to be drafted, representing the top US-based talent in the USA cricket community. Today we’ll walk through a brief (and certainly not comprehensive!) overview of some of the players available to the six franchises this Sunday night.
Players with World Cup Experience:
Liam Plunkett featured in the 2019 Cricket World Cup final, taking three crucial wickets as England went on to win the World Cup in dramatic fashion. Plunkett joined the Major League Cricket family in late 2021 and debuted for The Philadelphians in Minor League Cricket in 2022. In his first season on US soil, he took eight wickets at a 6.98 economy and contributed 189 runs with the bat.
Corey Anderson scored two half centuries in the 2015 Cricket World Cup – one in the opening match on home soil for New Zealand (in a man of the match performance), and later in a semi-final victory over South Africa. In two seasons of Minor League Cricket, Corey Anderson has scored 562 runs at a 128 strike rate, while taking 4 wickets from 11.0 overs at a tight 4.73 economy.
Unmukt Chand captained India to victory in the 2012 U-19 World Cup, scoring a heroic 111* (130) in the finals to take down Australia for the title. Chand has been the most prolific scorer in Minor League Cricket history, with a league-leading 1,305 runs across two seasons and captained a championship victory for the Silicon Valley Strikers in 2021. Also on the 2012 U-19 World Cup winning team with Chand were fellow prospective MLC draftees Harmeet Singh and Smit Patel. In addition, Ehsan Adil appeared in the 2015 World Cup for Pakistan, picking up Steve Smith’s wicket in his country’s quarter-final defeat to Australia.
US National Teamers:
Saurabh Netravalkar has been a consistently excellent presence in the US bowling lineup in recent years in both ODI and T20I formats, with outstanding economy rates in the CWC League 2 and 2022 T20 World Cup Qualifier competitions. Over two years of Minor League Cricket, Netravalkar sports an economy rate of just 5.20, third best of qualifying bowlers, and the best economy from a pace bowler.
Nosthush Kenjige has emerged as another stalwart of the USA bowling attack in the last year, sporting an economy of 3.79 from 151.0 overs in CWC League 2 play since the start of 2022, fourth best amongst qualifying bowlers. Nosh’s bowling took a leap in Minor League Cricket in 2022 as well, where he took an outstanding 26 wickets from 45.3 overs at an economy of just 4.95, some of the best overall figures in the league, and putting him in the conversation for best bowler available at the draft.
Aaron Jones has helped form the backbone of the USA batting lineup in CWC League 2 action, with a team-leading average of 42.3 across 31 innings, with eight half centuries and one century. Like Kenjige, Aaron Jones stepped up big time in Minor League Cricket in 2022, scoring 395 runs from just 8 innings at a strike rate of 151. Jones scored 40+ in six of his eight innings, including back-to-back-to-back 60s in the playoffs to lead the Atlanta Fire to the Atlantic Division Title. Minor League Cricket Stars:
**Hammad Azam was the MVP of the inaugural Minor League Cricket season in 2021 as he put together an outstanding all-round performance. With the bat, Azam scored 411 runs at a punishing 184 strike rate, adding +12.6 runs per match above the average batter. With the ball, Azam took 12 wickets in 52.0 overs at a tight 5.83 economy, restricting opponents’ totals by -1.0 runs per over.
Phani Simhadri took home MVP honors in season two of Minor League Cricket last year. Simhadri’s wicket-taking prowess is unmatched in MiLC history, taking 43 wickets from just 63.1 overs in 2021, good for a wicket every 8.8 balls-all alongside a solid sub-6.00 economy. Not only did Simhadri take a wicket in every match he bowled in 2022, but he took 2+ wickets in all but two matches.
Sujith Gowda has been one of the most consistent bats across the first two seasons of Minor League Cricket and sits as the career leader in Total Batting Impact, having contributed +236 runs to his teams’ totals above the average batter, good for +7.9 runs per game. Gowda has compiled 1,014 runs over the last two years, fourth best in Minor League Cricket history, at a strike rate of 149, better than the three batters ahead of him. Gowda has eight half-centuries to his name, four in each year, and hit a boundary in every single match of 2022 — vital consistency in the short format.
MLC Combine Standouts:
Sami Aslam has carried over excellent MiLC form into the MLC Domestic Player Combine, where he scored 90* (54) from the opening position to drive the Atlanta Fire to a successful chase of 200 in just 17.3 overs. Over two years of Minor League Cricket, Sami Aslam has racked up 948 runs, good for 6th all-time in the league. Sarbjeet Singh Ladda turned in 3 strong performances in the group stage of the MLC Domestic Player Combine, taking two wickets from his full quota of 4.0 overs in each match – overall figures of six wickets from 12.0 overs at a tight economy of 5.50. This performance is no surprise for close followers of Minor League Cricket, where Ladda is the career leader in wickets, with 56 across 30 matches of MiLC action.
Ali Sheikh has been excellent in limited match action in the MLC Combine, taking seven wickets from just 8.0 overs at an economy of 7.88, including two 3-wicket hauls. Sheikh also just missed a half century in his second match, finishing with a 49 (38) to salvage a defendable score for his squad. Over two years of Minor League Cricket, Ali Sheikh has 27 wickets at a 7.09 economy alongside 264 runs with the bat. Newcomers to MLC/MiLC:
While other commitments have prevented Ian Holland and Cameron Stevenson from participating in Minor League Cricket, both players have experience with the US National Team. A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Ian Holland is an all-rounder with Hampshire in England, while fast bowler Cameron Stevenson plies his trade in Australia.
Brody Couch, a US-passport holder by virtue of his mother’s American heritage, comes to the USA from Australia, where in the 2021-22 Big Bash he led the Melbourne Stars in wickets with 16 across his 43.0 overs. Cameron Gannon also hails from Australia and was the leading wicket taker in Australia’s first-class competition, the Sheffield Shield, in 2019-20 with 38 wickets. Gannon also carries with him extensive experience in the Big Bash League.
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2023.03.19 20:38 Trolling4Snails New Decider article on Season 3 by Meghan O'Keefe

SPOILER ALERT: Full article in Decider:
Excerpt from Meghan O'Keefe's Decider article posted today, March 19:
"Our Take: Look, I am Decider’s resident Regency romance simp. That means give me a hot British guy in a cravat making soulful eyes at a spirited young lady in a bonnet and I am undone. I am the target audience for this stuff, ergo I’m inclined to like it, but also I am very picky when it comes to my Jane Austen pastiches. Netflix’s messy adaptation of Persuasion? Not it, dog. This final season of Sanditon? VERY MUCH IT.
The thing that I loved about Sanditon Season 3 is it gets to the best part of all Regency romances: the fabulous balls, the long looks of repressed longing, and the electricity of wondering if true love can overcome all. While Sanditon Season 2 suffered at first because it had to work Sidney Parker’s untimely off-screen death into the story — a whole new major romantic arc had to now be seeded for Charlotte — Sanditon Season 3 hits the ground running. We already have emotional attachments to the characters, meaning we are all the more fully invested in the relationships we’ve been following as well as new romances that emerge. Sanditon Season 3 is a season of TV that loves “love” and I love that about it.
Sex and Skin: There is no sex nor nudity in the Sanditon Season 3 premiere, but Alexander Colbourne does tell Charlotte, “You have proven to be quite irreplaceable,” and that gave me an orgasm. So do with that as you will."
Meghan also posted a second article on whether to binge:
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2023.03.19 20:05 RapGamePterodactyl 2022 midterm hot takes revisited: how'd you do?

Thought it would be fun to revisit some hot takes posted here before the 2022 midterms and see how y'all did with your predictions. No shame if you missed the mark, just thought it would be interesting to see how attitudes were here before the actual elections.
Threads used for this:
Spot on:
That most in this thread, are actually engaging in Republican hopium and Nov just isn't gonna go to their best of dreams, or what was in 2021. You can talk platitudes about this or that, how "Fetterman is just x", or X is overated. But sometimes there's a little more backing up those claims then what is actually being witnessed in the environment and electorate. Fetterman might be overrated, if he still didn't maintain an error-proof polling lead, and wasn't packing events, leaving people outside and unable to get in(happened today).
theboyonthetrain calls out the Fetterman doubters and gets validated by his big win.
Republicans are doing amazing in deep blue states. Swing states not so much
Big_Size_2519 gets the dynamics of 2022 correct. Dem underperformances in deep blue states, GOP underperformances in swing states.
Pretty good:
Cuomo scandal, a potential for a divided primary between Hochul, deBlasio, Williams, and Suozzi. A lot of us are also concerned with taxes, covid restrictions, and some of the crime laws here. Could end up as a surprise 9-14pt win.
epicnoober1233 gets NY gov pretty close way back in Jan 2022. Almost spot on except they actually underestimated how close the margin would be.
Control of the house will be determined by under 7 seats
Taprman612 gets pretty close, although not that hot of a take.
There’s a decent chance that Hawaii Governor is likely blue (like D+14)
Zeldin had around a 20% chance of winning New York
Tim Ryan has a better chance at winning Ohio than Don Bolduc has at winning New Hampshire
Although not competitive at all; Brad Little’s margin in Idaho will be 5 to 8% lower than the typical Republican as Ammon Bundy will take 5 to 8% of the vote
Mandela Barnes has a better chance of flipping the Wisconsin Senate seat than Tim Michels has at flipping the Wisconsin Governorship
Way off on Hawaii, but Zeldin did pretty well (although 20% chance was an overstatement), Ryan outperformed Bolduc, Ammon Bundy got 17%, and Barnes got much closer than Michels. Pretty good Kamchatka1905.
Mine is that Adam Laxalt will lose by 2%. He lost by 4% in his last election.
BigHorse1972 was right on result, about 1% off on margin.
Washington: I don't think Washington's senate seat will flip, Patty's approval is still over disapproval and will probably at worst be a 3% margin of difference.
Colorado: I would say the Colorado senate seat and House races are all very vulnerable, with the Senate seat could be decided within 5, even 3 points. I could also see 1-2 Dem CO seats flipping b/c of a more heavy Biden-sceptic voter population there than in Washington.
California: I think many LA area House seats in California are vulnerable and GOP can probably pick up from 2 to even 7, depending how much abortion or inflation might play. I think either the Comptroller or the other finance-related seat will be very close and could be picked up by the GOP in a 51-48 kinda race
Minnesota: At least 1 seat will probably flip, both state legislatures will probably go GOP and I think the Governors race will be decided in a lean margin, perhaps closer to 1 than 4 especially with a strong 3rd party. Could even be a flip if the third party PLUS a very weak Walz performance blows Dems up.
Maryland: I think Dems could end up fighting tooth and nail for the governors' race even if Hogan isn't on the ballot. Similar conditions to 2014 when MD elected a GOP governor and perhaps financially-oriented dem voters will either stay home or vote for the GOP candidate. I don't think it's flippable entirely for now, but definitely can end up being within 1-5%.
New York: I think Chuck Schumer will not win more than 60-62%, especially if Dems direct Senate inaction to him (which he ~55-65% deserves). It could end up being 57-38. Governor wise I think Hochul will still end up finding difficulties against Zeldin even if he's a Trump-nominee. Probably the flopping gun regulation laws and growing N/S NY divide will have her win by closer, if not less than 15%. I can definitely see her only winning ~3-4 counties above the NYC area.
Too GOP-optimistic for WA/CO/MN/MD. GOP did do better than expected in CA and NY, with Schumer actually getting 57% as predicted. Deleted user (shame shame).
My hot take is that the republicans will still win. I think the house will be very close but I think the senate will go democratic. I don’t think Tim Ryan will win at all, at best he loses by 9 points. Marco Rubio’s election won’t be cakewalk but it won’t be as narrow as polls show. I think Alaska was a fluke and that in November it’ll flip back Republican although I hope I get proven wrong on this one. Also I think Grassley will win by a smaller margin than usual, it will still be a landslide tho.
House/Senate predictions correct, but Rubio's election was indeed a cakewalk and Alaska wasn't a fluke RealJimyCarter.
I think Florida is gonna be very close, under 3% for both governor and senate.
On the flip side I feel the New York governor race is gonna be under 15. I don’t think Houchle or whatever is very strong
Horrible misses for FL, spot on for NY. Deleted user though.
Wisconsin won't be above 1.5% either way in either race.
New Mexico has a higher chance to be likely blue than to flip red.
Betsy Johnson will win more Republicans than Democrats. If you actually look at her political positions, she's pretty conservative.
Illinois and New York aren't going to have competitive governor races. Period.
North Carolina will be closer than New Hampshire.
Kentucky will vote to the left of Indiana.
But for my real core-of-the-sun take, DeSantis won't win by more than 5 points.
WI, NY, KY/IN, and FL takes were wrong. NM, IL, NC were pretty good. Mixed marks Doc_ET.
Ryan will loose by 10.5%
kingllama10 has the right result, but Ryan only lost by 7%.
1) Polarization will make Mastriano and Dixon do much better than expected. I think Shapiro and Whitmer will win by like 2-3% rather than the likely margins some are expecting. Remember PA is a state Biden won by 1.2% and MI by 3%. For these states to be likely D, Shapiro and Whitmer would either have to flip some Trump voters or GOP turnout would have to decrease significantly.
2) Kemp will push Walker over the edge and Walker will narrowly lead the first round over Warnock, but Warnock will scrape by in the runoff by a very slim margin.
3) Ohio Senate will be Likely R, but Vance will slightly underperform Trump. The polls suggested Ohio would be near even in 2020 and Trump still won by 8.
4) Pennsylvania Senate will be decided by a tilt margin and could go either way
5) McMullin will lose by at least 15. Trump won Utah by 21 points in 2020, and I can't see that many Trump voters flipping for McMullin. McMullin couldn't even beat out Hillary in 2016.
6) Oregon governor will go Democrat regardless, and Washington Senate will not be competitive
ncpolitics1994 got Georgia almost right (Warnock wins in runoff but by a decent margin and leads in first round), Ohio Senate pretty spot on, and Oregon/Washington correct. Massive whiff on both Pennsylvania races and MI-GOV, smaller miss on Utah.
1.) Both Brian Kemp and Raphael Warnock will manage to narrowly avoid runoff's (more likely Kemp but I think (and hope) both will).
2.) Adam Laxalt and Joe Lombardo will win Nevada by around 1-1.5%. Additionally a Republican will manage to win one of the lean d Nevada house races (likely district 3).
3.) Mark Kelly will win by 2-3% while Kari Lake will win by 1-.5%.
4.) Laura Kelly and Tina Kotek will manage to win their closely contested governor races in Kansas and Oregon.
5.) John Fetterman will win in Pennsylvania by between 1-3 %. Thus securing a technical Democrat majority in the senate (50-50) although effectively allowing Sinema and Manchin to continue being the Kingmakers in Washington.
6.) Ron Johnson and Tim Michels will win close races in Wisconsin. Personally I have a hard time seeing Johnson and Evers win considering how similar the polls have looked in the state. (Let me know if y'all agree)
Awkward_Concern8027 was pretty close. Misses were Lake, Michels, and Laxalt. But got a lot of winners correct and was decently close on margins.
Mark Ronchetti will win.
Gretchen Whitmer will win by a similar margin as she did in 2018.
Ohio won't be very competitive and JD Vance will come very close to matching Trump's performance.
nhdtx gets MI and OH pretty close but big miss on NM.
Thinking Wisconsin or North Carolina or Florida go blue is coping. Same with Ohio.
Republicans will win the House with at least 240 seats.
Drazan has a good shot at Oregon.
Right about WI/NC/FL/OH but WI was close enough that a Dem prediction wasn't really coping. Drazan had a shot but lost, and way off on House numbers.
Oopsie woopsie I made a fucky wucky:
Nevada will probably be within 10
Idaho will be safe R
Fetterman might not actually win by 400 points
Florida won’t be safe R
John Kerry probably won’t win a write in campaign in Arkansas
leafbou tried to make a meme post but still didn't predict Rubio and Desantis winning by safe margins.
Wisconsin Senate will vote to the right of Ohio senate
Betsy Johnson beats both Drazan and Kotek
Nope and nope Tribal-Goofy95.
Shapiro isn't a lock to beat Mastriano. Pennsylvania is a Biden +1.2 state, and Biden's approval has collapsed since then. The anti-Biden energy and national environment will likely make this race extremely close, and I think it will be within 2 points.
This is going to be a very close one, and it's Shapiro's race to lose. And arguably, he's the stronger part of the Democrat ticket in PA. Fetterman is a progressive, in a year that is bad for Democrats and worse for progressives in a swing state. His last statewide race was on Tom Wolffe's coattails in a blue wave year. Supposedly he has a lot of appeal to the white, rural working class, but thus far he's completely untested in that regard. Pwning Oz for living in New Jersey will not be enough.
Big oof ncpolitics1994 and TheAngryObserver. Turns out it was not a very close one.
Not enough people are paying attention to AK-Gov. It has the potential to be very close with Bill Walker running again.
Doc_ET predicts a close race, but Dunleavy wins before the runoff with Walker finishing in third.
Fettermans gonna lose
No context, just making this sub mad that a career politician that looks cool will lose
He’s literally just a progressive who last won in 2018, which doesn’t prove much. This sub keeps saying “he has the wholesome wwc appeal!!!” But never explain why he has it. I currently have it as tilt R, but it’ll be really close.
Shamefully deleted user and Different-Trainer-21 did not believe in the Fetterman hype.
I think Warnock is gonna lose to Walker.
Another deleted user. Shame!
DeSantis will win by like 3-4 points. People act like he’s some sort of electoral juggernaut when in reality he struggled to win back in 2018 besides the fact that Desantis isn’t really THAT popular outside of Daytona.
Nope RealJimyCarter.
Barnes will win by 1% and im going to get slaughtered for this but dems win 219 in the house
I wish progout1.
John Fetterman is very overrated. I don’t know where this Fetterman hype train came from, but he is just the average basement dweller Bernie bro. Assuming he does win, he’ll probably just lose in 2028.
Uncut_Pasta1 thinks Fetterman is overrated, but he ends up winning by 5% in an open senate seat in a swing state. We can revisit the second part of this in 2028.
Yeah, Laxalt lost by 4 in a blue wave year where Dems won the Generic Ballot by 8.6%. The fact that Nevada only shifted left by 1.6% instead of 6.5% (the amount the NPV shifted to the left) in a big blue wave tells me that he is actually a really strong candidate.
Anyway, one of my hot takes is Kari Lake wins by 3 and Oz wins narrowly, although that last one is subject to change.
ThatBeatleFanatic misses every single result here. Tony Snell type of numbers.
Mandela Barnes will win and progressives will do great
Sorry ctnfpiognm :(
Ohio will vote to the right of Florida and Arizona will vote to the right of Nevada.
Oopsie TheAngryObserver.
Mastriano outruns Oz
I can see why this person deleted their account.
I have a bad feeling that DeSantis will lose given that he might have gone too right, too soon.
DeSantis has introduce a bill to ban Professional-Dot6472 from Florida for excessive wokeness.
People think “Vermont is strong democratic state in national elections so it has to be on the state level”
That’s wrong, in a year trump lost by 36% Scott Milne only lost by 7.2%
And he’s running for the senate against Peter Welch, so he definitely has a small small chance, he’s came close to governor in 2014 losing by 2k votes, and even did good against a popular leahy in 2016
While he will still lose, I have him at 21% loss, it’s not gonna be a huge win for dems
Welch won by 40% and that dude didn't run.
Arizona Senate will be lean Republican. Kelly has lost the most in polling among suburban voters out of any of the "competitive" senate races and Arizona is naturally a conservative-tinted state. Kelly has a 95% Biden voting record and Mark Brnovich is a very good nominee and Blake Masters is a decent nominee. With it being a Democrat midterm with Joe Biden being decently deep in approval and not really bringing anything to Arizonans (more so suit to Kelly than Biden), it doesn't look good.
SunBeltPolitics whiffed on sun belt politics. Masters was a pretty bad candidate and Kelly won comfortably.
One I think Masters will be a stronger option compared to Brnovich, the wave year will naturally sway Maricopa suburbs back towards the GOP, the real question is getting the base to turnout and Masters will be stronger in that regard
downnice also likes Blake Masters.
So I was reading this Politico piece from earlier this week about how Washington Senator Patty Murray's already spending over $1M in her reelection campaign against Washington state Senator Tiffany Smiley who seems to be a great candidate, as well as the Democrats'(failed) attempt to elevate election deniers in Colorado. That to me indicates that they are seriously worried about those races and I was just thinking about what races in blue states that may be competitive are flying under the radar because of the state's electoral history.
That article definitely got my attention because following the money is the easiest way to see which states the respective party apparati are concerned about. If they're worried about Washington and it ends up being competitive, there is a much better likelihood Republicans can get to the 54-56 range. It'll be a heavier lift to win that race and I don't see it likely because of its partisan and ideological lean but there are usually 1 or 2 surprises every wave year so it's not out of the question.
AustisticHistoryLover thinks something is brewing for Tiffany Smiley.
MN Gov: Tim Walz is definitely a favorite, although I could see this race getting closer
CT Gov: from what I’ve seen Stafanowski has moderated since 2018, and gubernatorial races in this state are always close for whatever reason
OH Senate: JD Vance has essentially stopped campaigning, and Tim Ryan has good ads
CO Senate: Mark Udall was seen as a heavy favorite to win re-election back in early 2013, but he ended up losing in 2014 to Cory Gardner as the wave grew in size. I could potentially see the same thing happening to Michael Bennet, although the chance of that happening is very small
RyanAKA2Late misses in both directions here, as none of these races were super competitive.
Random states that could potentially become competitive:
Missouri Senate - Greitens + strong third party performance could cause a tight race
Oklahoma Governor - not the most popular governor in a generally competitive seat
Ohio Senate - strong campaigning by Ryan could cause this to become tighter than we expect
Minnesota Governor - depends on size of wave + third party performance
Florida Governor - weird fucking state, very pro-choice, tends to not follow wave years
I doubt these flip, but they’re just ideas.
DoAFlip22, not to be outdone, also misses every race.
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2023.03.19 18:55 JOAH24 Paying for PBS Passport

I live outside the US. Since I’ve waited three years for the ending, even before it was aired in the US, I’m really invested. So - I hooked up with a VPN - works fine. But when I tried to donate to get PBS Passport (Yes - I will take a day off to binge), they won’t accept any of my VISA:s or Mastercards, bc they’re Swedish. Apparently I will not be able to buy it on iTunes or YouTube either, since my Apple Id is Swedish. Is there any way around this? Does anyone want my money?
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2023.03.19 17:01 twoweeeeks {S3} Sanditon Final Season Episode Discussion Links

{S3} Sanditon Final Season Episode Discussion Links
.Click here for the S3 News Megathread

Sanditon, Season 3 is here!

Comments on linked posts are sorted by OLD to minimize spoilers as you watch.
Episode 1 Discussion
Episode 2 Discussion
Episode 3 Discussion
Episode 4 Discussion
Episode 5 Discussion
Episode 6 Discussion
Season 3 Discussion
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