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For things too meirl for meirl What does “too meirl for meirl” even mean? A lot of things! It can be existential memes, slightly surreal but relatable memes, content akin to distressing memes or mental health related memes. What is **not** allowed? -Random shitposting/memes like you would see on okbuddyretard -Gore, NSFW material

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2015.10.14 10:54 overactor I can't stop watching.

For animated gifs and similar formats, that get better the longer you watch them.

2023.05.29 14:11 st0nednsnse My (29F) boyfriend's (24M) EX showed up at my apartment building.

I met my boyfriend at work six months ago and we’re practically inseparable. He was at the tail end of a two-year relationship that he decided to break off when he met me. She was staying with him for a month due to being displaced from her parent’s place, and was in the process of getting her own place when the break up happened. He gave her a deadline to be out his apartment (he paid all his own bills), and she was out within a two-week time frame. After the breakup, he blocked her on every social media platform, including her number. This was back in February. Fast forward to the end of April, we were on our way back to my place from getting dinner, and as we were getting out of his car, a woman called towards him from her car. Turns out it was his ex-girlfriend’s cousin, sister, and ex all in the car together. The cousin was questioning why he dumped her and isn’t with her. It turned into heated argument between him and the cousin, but he walked away from it. He basically told her, they both parted ways, moved on, and there’s no need for this negative exchange to happen again. After that exchange, we proceeded to walk towards my apartment building but in the back of my mind, the whole thing made me uncomfortable knowing they saw where I lived. Fast forward to last night, I looked on the ex-girlfriend’s FB page and came across something disturbing. She posted pictures in my apartment building’s lobby. There’s a huge mirror when you first walk in, and she took multiple selfies. I know the pictures were recent, at least within the last week or so. Seeing this made me extremely uneasy, as I’ve lived in this building for six years and have NEVER seen her here before. I brought it to my boyfriend’s attention and though he’s also alarmed, he said she probably has a friend in the building and there’s nothing he can do. This whole situation is making me uncomfortable as the thought of possibly running into her while I’m with my boyfriend is alarming to me. I’m not sure how to move forward in this situation?
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2023.05.29 14:11 BreadfruitSea2876 My amazon shopping addiction is out of hand & I've got to stop

Hello all. I'm so embarrassed to admit this but my Amazon shopping addiction is way out of hand. I have ordered something nearly every day for several months now. Just thinking about it makes me feel horrible. I have bought mainly books and DVDs, along with essentials. I have thought about why I'm like this: I'm lonely, suffer chronic pain with a variety of health problems, and feel as if I've got little to show for my life at the age of 53. I know this sounds silly but I feel as if I can rely on books and DVDs - they will never reject me, and provide a comfort blanket. But I can't keep spending as I'm dependent on disability! I'm reluctant to get rid of my Amazon account entirely as I'm disabled and don't have any transport - it's too useful for essentials and Christmas shopping! Also, I have Audible which I find really useful.
I can't access therapy at the moment, but are there any practical self-help steps I can take? I have read lots of interesting stuff on this sub and elsewhere, but is there a good method of knocking the cravings on the head? I have tried logic and sensible self-talk but all my brain says is, "No logic! Only shopping!" To be honest, my behaviour is scaring me now! TIA!
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2023.05.29 14:11 JasonOrion What if we traded back?

We've talked to death about Cam Whitmore, Taylor Hendricks, Jarace Walker, and Ausur Thompson but something we haven't really talked about much is the possibility of trading back.
The truth is... we've got our star players already, Cade was taking 1st overall for a reason, and he averaged 20, 6, and 6 while injured this season. Ivey finished last season averaging 20.7 points and 7.1 assists over the last 12 games shooting 38.6% from 3 on 6.8 attempts per game. Duren nearly averaged a double-double while playing most of his games off the bench and shooting less than 6 shots per game, if Duren was in this draft class like he was supposed to he would be a top 5 pick.
The point is that we don't need to take a high-risk, high-reward prospect. A case could be made that the #1 need we have is depth, not star power. The only players on a rookie contract after this upcoming season is Cade, Ivey, and Duren. Getting multiple 1st rounders to fill out the roster may be better than just having #5, considering the salary cap makes signing numerous quality role-players difficult (on top of having to pay a premium in order for them to play in Detroit).
All that being said, I'm gonna commit the cardinal sin of NBA Reddit: proposing a hypothetical trade. I'm gonna try to be as realistic as possible while trying to make a good trade for us. So, we may have to give up more than you or I would want in this trade but that's just how the NBA is, I mean... remember when we thought we we're gonna get #7 for Jerami Grant? Anyways, this is the trade...
This is presented as a 4-team trade, but it's easier to understand as 3 trades in a row.
Trade #1:
DET sends: Isaiah Livers, Best of NOP or POR 2026 2nd, Best of NYK or MIN 2026 2nd, pick #5
DET receives: Rudy Gay (Salary Dump), Simone Fontecchio (salary dump), #9, #16, and #28
Rationale: Again, we give up more than I think we probably should because that's just what tends to happen in the NBA. Both Rudy Gay and Simone's contracts are 1-year deals so we wouldn't take on any long-term salary and we wouldn't have to extend Livers who may want more than we are willing to give.
Livers could be a solid backup for the Jazz. The 2nds could be used by the Jazz in future draft day trades, which are gonna happen considering how many picks they have after the Mitchell and Gobert trades. The reason the Jazz trade up is to get that high-risk, high-reward player we don't need. Lauri Markannen has already broken out as an all-star, and Walker Kessler looks like a future DPOY in the making. #5 could be a solid co-star for those two. This trade will also save the Jazz money which they could use to sign role-players. The Jazz were a play-in team for most of the season and this trade will help them return to the playoffs more than not making this trade.
Trade #2:
DET sends: Best of MEM or WAS 2024 2nd, Best of GSW or WAS 2025 2nd.
DET receives: Richaun Holmes (Salary Dump), #24
Rationale: This is a generic salary dump, the Kings love 2nd round picks for some reason and for every draft they have a couple (like #38 and #54 in this draft). Richaun Holmes could be a mentor for Wiseman and Bagley, or he could take over as the backup center. The Holmes salary dump will save them $12,046,020, not drafting at #24 will save them $2,244,300. Overall, assuming they decline Dozier's option, they will have around $39 million in cap space which they could use to re-sign Barnes to a $15 million per year deal and sign Naz Reid to a $12 million per year deal, which will leave $12 million to give Sabonis as part of his extension similar to what the Pacers did with Turner's extension.
Trade #3:
DET sends: Bojan, Burks, #24, #28, #31
DET receives: Bertans (salary dump), McGee (salary dump), #10
Rationale: Okay, this is a lot more than I think we should have to give up but again it's in the interest of trying to create the most realistic deal possible. Bertans and McGee's aren't THAT bad, Bertans only has $5 million guaranteed in 2024-25, and McGee is only getting paid $6 million that season. Bertans is also a good enough shooter to potentially be a backup.
For Dallas, they get a proper 3rd option in Bojan, a solid backup SG in Burks, and 3 picks in the perfect range to draft bigs which they desperately need. Getting 3 rookies will definitely help them salary-wise as they will likely have to pay Kyrie a max to keep him on the team, and 2 max contracts on a team are hard to work around.
We would have to take on a few salary dumps, but we would still have $12,421,395 in cap space. With that cap space, we could still sign a player like Donte DiVincenzo this off-season. We could extend Stew for $12 million per year and still have around $39 million in cap space next season (assuming the cap rises at the same rate next year). With 6 players on rookie contracts, 2 solid role players on inexpensive deals, and $39 million in cap space we would have a lot of options for that money.
So, what do you think about moving down? Should we move down and try to focus on filling out the roster or should we stay at #5 and try our luck with a high-risk, high-reward prospect?
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2023.05.29 14:11 STP_IMGT_IMPR Is it worth going to the doctor over this?

As some (maybe unrelated) context, I, 18M, have had what my doctor believes is viral gastroenteritis for nearly 4 weeks now; I've taken Imodium on and off for a bit through that but haven't since around a week and about that time started taking probiotics too
For the past few days, however, I've started having some chest pain mostly in the left side and feeling pressure on my chest as well at times. After not a lot of physical activity I can also feel my heart beating more intensely, and sometimes I've also felt like the rushes of blood moving around if that makes sense, I don't know how to describe that. What alarmed me a bit today too was some pain in my left arm since waking up but that might have been due to posture while sleeping
The thing too is that I don't know if it's just due to anxiety either, I'm a hypochondriac and I don't know if some of my symptoms could just be my brain being nervous and making me feel like something worse than I could have
Should also note that since I've had the gastroenteritis I have been eating a mostly bland and not very diverse diet (due to it I don't think I've had a vegetable in nearly a month), so that could be a factor too.
I think I might be able to get an appointment tomorrow with my GP if someone else cancels an appointment, otherwise today my only option would be emergencies at the hospital (they kick you out if it's not life threatening in the netherlands so might be useless)
Thanks in advance for any response, and feel free to ask any questions for more information
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2023.05.29 14:10 jurahrz PS5/XBOX release?!

Any news on Playstation 5 release? (Or Xbox for that matter) And will it have keyboard and mouse support!?
I played this game for 200 hours after release, but because of my constant moving through countries i just can't bring my PC with me everywhere.
I know there was PS5 testing so i am curious if there is plan to release it on console in near future?!
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2023.05.29 14:10 RubyMay12 Best places to go out

so my(21) cousin(18) is coming to visit from the US in July and she obviously wants to make the trip to Dublin and go out. What are the best places to go out and what’s the nightlife like during the week? She’s staying for the week so we want two days in dublin
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2023.05.29 14:10 SuperQuok Advice request: How to get the household on the same page in using Reverse Cycle efficiently?

I've got a bit of an ongoing friction point with my partner on how to use heating and cooling in our home (heating in particular).
I'm looking to a) check whether my understanding and assumptions are correct, and b) if so, get advice on how to effectively explain to my partner.
Context We live in Sydney, Australia. in a small 2-story terrace, with 3 x Fujitsu reverse cycle split system units. One in the living room, and one in each of the bedrooms. As far as I can tell, the thermostats are just built into the units somewhere. In Summer, weather is between 25-35C, in winter, between 8-22C (approx). It's particularly cold at the moment and we don't use the AC all that much
Scenario Say it's 12C outside, rather than turn the AC to Heat / 20C, my partner will turn it to Heat / 25C. This seems inefficient (and unneccessary) to me.
Her rationale is that when she turns it to 20C, it seems to blow cold air at least some of the time - particularly initially.
My assumption My response is that though it may do, it's just trying to regulate the room to a given temp, and actually the AC only has one level of 'heat' - but it just turns on and off until you reach the desired temp. So turning it to 25C won't heat up the room any quicker than turning it to 20C. But, it's likely to cost us a fair bit more and have greater environmental impact.
Is this right?
Now, of course, she most likely feels the cold more than I do - is more sensitive to it. But to me that's not what this is about.
Ask If my interpretation is right, any ideas for good ways to explain this to those who may not instinctively "get it" - without coming off condescending?
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but figure some here may have experience conveying such things...
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2023.05.29 14:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (bundle here)

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2023.05.29 14:10 NeighborhoodOver5025 Boyfriend not coming on time trigger

Hey guys. I was just wondering how to deal with a situation. I love my boyfriend so much, but he's been acting differently lately.
My boyfriend has been different lately. He's been complaining about our relationship and how he's not "free". Some days ago I was gonna sleep over at his place. He told me he'd take a bus at 1 am, he was visiting his friend. Then at 12:50 he texted me he wouldn't be able to come home because the last bus already went. I said it was fine. Next day at 9 he texted me he'd be home at 10. Then 9:30 he said he has to eat breakfast at his friend so he'll leave 11. Then he didn't come home until 12:30. He was surprised when he came back that I was angry. He said he "needed spontaneity in his life". Really pissed me off because he knows it's difficult for me when he doesn't come on the time he says.
But he doesn't want to take the blame. He keeps blaming the bus, but then he said he wouldn't have come home anyway because he had such a good time at his friend. Then he says sorry for hurting me.
What do you think is going on in his head? And anything I should do about this? Because I don't want him to do these things anymore.
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2023.05.29 14:10 ChampionshipTough662 29F 🇺🇸 Tributes all round, happy to chat and see. Telegram: Franniesworld

How to start this 🤔 Well hi and whilst I’m online this afternoon I’d be willing to chat and see if we click.
If you’d like to tribute me preferably on video either on a big screen or paper feel free to get in touch. As a general rule the kinkier the better so weird ideas are welcome. Best ones win prizes haha.
Teleee is FranniesWorld for tributes or to say hello lol.
Take care or have a good one x.
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2023.05.29 14:09 OttersEatFish The Roy siblings order a pizza

Ken: Fuck it, yeah? We’re getting a pie. A fuckin’ large one.
Rome: A fuck-off big one from a greasy chain. I don’t want some effete pizza snob pie. It’s like meat lovers from Pizza Slut or nothing.
Shiv: Ugh! No! I hate that shit. Well, OK.
Ken: You cave kinda easy, shiv.
Shiv: Fuck off! I could leverage the soda choice or throw in garlic knots as a subsequent deal, but for now fine whatever. Eat your meat, Rome.
Ken: As the eldest, I’m calling it in. One phone, one pie.
Connor: I AM THE ELDEST SON! But actually, none for me. I’m not into chain pizza. The water they use is fluoridated, which we all know makes frogs gay. So, I'm abstaining courteously.
Ken: Cool, I guess. New Jess! Place the order.
Philippa: Great I’m starving… ok. None for me. I’ll call it in. Shiv just whispered to me that it’s a Veggie Lovers.
Rome: What the fuck?
Ken: What the fuck is fucking fucketing in fuckingham, shiv?
Shiv: I’m a serious person, OK? I like to not have an opinion until I can fuck up everyone’s plans.
Rome: Is that your kink or something, Shiv?
Ken: We discussed this! It’s meat lovers! We have to present a united pizza front!
(… forty minutes later, the pizza arrives along with a random calzone)
Rome: Yeah, I remembered that I’m more of a calzone guy. Get fucked, Ken.
(Long dolly shot pushing in on Ken watching the ocean waves and eating his soggy pizza alone)
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2023.05.29 14:09 Edggie_Reggie [TotK] How I Think the Flashbacks in TotK Fit Into the Wider Legend of Zelda Timeline

This is a very long post, so bear with me.
The Legend of Zelda timeline doesn’t make sense. Thanks to voice lines from every single sage, we know that the flashbacks take place during the Imprisoning War, which takes place in the Fallen Timeline of the franchise. The earlier flashbacks closely echo some of the events of Ocarina of Time, with the introduction of Ganondorf and Zelda taking the place of link in warning the king and queen of Ganondorf’s ill intentions. It sort of makes sense, since there doesn’t appear to be a Link/someone possessing the Spirit of the Hero in this era. However, this cannot possibly be the Imprisoning War, since Rauru said that he and Sonia were the first king and queen of Hyrule. That would mean that the flashbacks take place long before the events of The Minish Cap, possibly thousands of years before OoT. Furthermore, the Rito are fully fledged beings, and yet they don’t appear to exist until the events of Wind Waker, which is an alternate timeline – the Adult Timeline. From several games in the Fallen timeline, the Zora are shown to be nothing more than mindless monsters, such as in A Link Between Worlds, and yet in OoT, they are fully sentient beings.
I think I know a way to explain almost everything I mentioned above. Breath of the Wild seems to bridge all three alternate timelines: there are sentient Zora, fully fledged Rito, the Imprisoning War, etc. and several millennia have passed between BotW and the earlier games. But there’s more. I believe that the change from sentient Zora to mindless monsters happened due to the carnage of the Imprisoning War. I think it’s possible that the War resulted in the loss of Zora leadership, leading to the apparent “savagery” (for lack of better words) in the Zora in the Fallen Timeline. In the book, The Lord of the Flies, a large group of schoolboys find themselves alone on an island with no adults. Over the course of the book, they become less ‘civilised’, more barbaric and ‘savage’. I believe this could be an explanation for what happened to the Zora. It’s not a perfect explanation, but, at least to me, it works. What isn’t quite explainable, however, is how the Imprisoning War could occur during the reign of the first Hyrulian Royal family, or how the Rito could exist that far back in the timeline. How could these three ‘things’ exist simultaneously?
Well, dear Redditiors, Zelda fans and theorists, I would like to propose to you that they can exist simultaneously. In the Twilight Princess, you can find a carving which appears to depict the Rito. But how could that be? Surely the Rito didn’t exist in this timeline? In this section in the timeline, yes, but what about earlier? Much, much earlier. What if, now hear me out, what if the Rito, as we know, love, and hate them, already existed? How did they did they disappear so soon after founding of the Kingdom of Hyrule and before The Minish Cap? Well, if in just a few centuries, the Kokiri can evolve/change/mutate into the Koroks and the Zora into the Rito, why couldn’t the Rito themselves evolve/change/mutate following the Imprisoning War? If you’re wondering how that could possibly be the case, when the Rito have never featured in the Fallen Timeline, I’m here to tell you that I’m not talking about that Imprisoning War. I’m taking about a different one.
I believe that the Imprisoning War that featured in TotK and the one in the Fallen Timeline are, in fact, two separate events. I believe that the Imprisoning War in TotK was the First Imprisoning War. If you’re wondering how that’s possible when the villain is so clearly Ganondorf, who was first introduced in OoT, well, why couldn’t it be a different Gerudo male called Ganondorf? In BotW, Urbosa said that a Gerudo male once took the form of Ganon. It makes sense that she would be referring to OoT Ganondorf. If it happened more than once, surely, she would have said so? Not really, no. Remember, more than 10,000 years have passed between games. History can become lost to time.
Let’s take another look at the glyph depicting two dragons, each consuming the other’s tail. It looks identical to the symbol of an Ouroboros Cycle – a continuous cycle of events. But here’s the thing, there are two dragons, not one. It’s possible this refers to more than one continuous cycle. There’s the cycle born from the Demon King’s Curse, but there’s more. Shortly after the founding of Hyrule, Ganondorf is sealed away in the Imprisoning War, 10,000 years later is the First Great Calamity. 10,000 years after that is the Second Great Calamity. 20,000 years before TotK, the Rito existed, then they disappeared. Several thousand years later, they reappeared. Ganondorf rose to power and was defeated in a war, thousands of years later, in OoT a Ganondorf rose again, and was defeated, again.
Here’s what I believe happened. In the early years of the kingdom of Hyrule’s founding, the Rito, as we know them in BotW, existed, the Zora were sentient, everything was as it was in the flashbacks in Tears of the Kingdom. When the first Ganondorf rose to power and began his war on Hyrule, I believe it’s possible that, knowing the Rito have an advantage with their flight and are skilled archers, a portion of Ganondorf’s resources were spent to nullify the Rito’s advantage as much as possible. As a result, the remaining Rito fled to the rockspires in the middle of Lake Totori – a very defensive position. Also, take a moment to examine Rito Village’s location. It’s in Hebra. Playing as Link, you need cold resistance clothing or food, so you don’t take freeze. For the Gerudo, who lived in the desert, I expect the cold temperatures would’ve been unbearable. Despite this, the Rito sage did not falter and offered his allegiance to Rauru.
Hyrule succeeded in stopping Ganondorf, but it came at a heavy price: both Hyrulian monarchs were dead, and Ganondorf would return. Now, here comes the heavy speculation (mostly hearsay). If the First Imprisoning War echoes the events of the Second, there must have been a Spirit of the Hero. I think the Spirit of the Hero was Rauru. My evidence for which is that Sonia is likely a descendant of Skyward Sword’s Zelda, and there is always some connection between a Zelda – the incarnation/descendent of the goddess Hylia – and her chosen hero (that’s literally about it). But Rauru, possessing the Spirit of the Hero, and Sonia, the blood of the goddess, were killed. (Side note: Rauru and Soina mentioned that Zelda was their direct descendent, but we never see nor hear of them having any children. Nothing important for this theory, just interesting.) As for the Rito, their population was decimated. There were so few of them left, they decided to look outside of Hebra to keep their numbers. As seen from the carvings in Twilight Princess, they may have had some success, with the best results coming from coupling with Hylians (and possibly Zora? (don’t try to think about this too much)), but in the end, it was a fruitless endeavour. Long before the events of The Minish Cap transpired, the last resemblance of the Rito vanished. But for the rest of Hyrule, life moved on. And the Demon Curse continued to harass the Spirit of the Hero and the Princess of Hyrule. (How could the curse persist when Ganondorf was still alive? Even though he was technically still alive, I think he was dead enough that the timeline could move on.)
Fast forward thousands of years into the future to the events of the Ocarina of Time, another Ganondorf was born to the Gerudo, the first Gerudo male born in 100 years. He began another war against Hyrule, ruling the kingdom for seven years before he was defeated by Link and sealed away. In the Adult Timeline, the Hero of Time was returned to the past, so when Ganondorf returned, Hyrule was left without a Hero. The sages sealed Ganondorf away again, in a different Imprisoning War to the one in the Fallen Timeline. The Gods flooded Hyrule, creating the Great Sea, and… the Zora became the Rito? Among the many things that don’t make sense, why water-adept beings evolved to have flight is a mystery, unless, of course, the Zora lived in fresh water and couldn’t tolerate salt water. It always confused me as to why the Rito in WW looked more like Hylians than Zora, even if a few centuries had passed. Furthermore, the Rito only “got their wings” from a dragon scale. I have little evidence for this, other than speculation, but I think it’s likely that the Rito evolved from the Hylians and Zora who had even the faintest of traces of Rito DNA, back from the aftermath of the First Imprisoning War. Remember what King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule said in WW, that the Gods told some people to go to the highest peaks. But why not all of them? That I do not know. Maybe a YouTuber has already covered it.
Nevertheless, over the centuries, the Rito evolved to the ones we know in BotW, the Great Sea drained and Hyrule returned to the surface. People returned to Hyrule and started their civilisation anew. Thousands of years after this, the First Great Calamity occurred. 10,000 years later, the Second Great Calamity. In the months following the Second Great Calamity, Ganondorf was reawakened, as were the sages. The ancestors of the BotW sages appeared to each of their descendants and told them the story of the Imprisoning War. The First Imprisoning War.
The greatest issue in writing this theory was the existence of the Rito in the Imprisoning War. With only the carvings hinting to their existence in the Timeline before the split in OoT in Twilight Princess, the Rito only featured in the Adult Timeline. Is this theory perfect? No, definitely not. But does it work? Somehow, kind of. The Rito must have existed at the founding of the Kingdom of Hyrule, yet they never feature in a game until Wind Waker. We learn that the Rito evolved from the Zora after the gods drowned Hyrule. However, they must have existed at some point prior to Ocarina of Time due to the carvings seen in Twilight Princess, but they weren’t the Rito in WW, BotW or even the flashbacks in TotK. I’m sure I’ve missed many things that support and contradict this theory.
Much of it is just hearsay, but it’s the best I’ve got.
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2023.05.29 14:09 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator (Complete Course)

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2023.05.29 14:09 Carboniide Give me your best insults for bad aim!

I want to insult a good friend of mine which has very bad aim in csgo lol. i need some examples :D
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2023.05.29 14:08 Sks-Hospital Admission in MBBS Course in Uttarakhand: Excel Career at SKS

Think About SKS When Applying for Admission in MBBS Course in Uttarakhand

SKS Hospital Medical College & Research Centre is the best medical college in Uttarakhand that offers ample opportunities for students to excel in their medical careers. It’s the only place in the state where we let students begin their medicinal journey via direct admission in MBBS course in Uttarakhand. In today’s blog, we will focus on the exceptional opportunities SKS provides for aspiring students.
With a comprehensive curriculum and practical training, we offer a pathway for students to excel in their careers by gaining hands-on experience and exposure to diverse medical cases. If you’re considering direct admission in medical college in Uttarakhand, read on to learn more about the enriching experience at SKS.
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2023.05.29 14:08 AHumbleCollector A Brief Primer on Death Cards

Hello everyone! I stumbled across this sub a few weeks back, and seeing how it had been inactive for several years and the only moderator was long gone I decided I wanted to try and revive it. I thought a great way to kick off bringing the sub back online was to make an introductory post for new collectors and those curious about Death Cards.
What is a Death Card?
Death Cards (or sterbebild/sterbebilder) are remembrance cards that are printed by the families of the deceased and given out at funerals. It is a tradition that goes back centuries throughout much of the Christian world, but is particularly strong in Germany. Of particular interest to military historians and collectors are cards relating to soldiers killed during WW1 and WW2. These will often have photos of the soldier in uniform, as well as information about their service, medals, and occasionally their units. With the advent of the internet and access to military records through Ancestry, it is now possible to do a large amount of research on these cards which wasn't possible even a few short years ago. They can be particularly important to historians as they can tie names and faces of regular soldiers to specific battles, as well as showing what units were operating where.

These seem pretty cool! Are they expensive? Where can I get one?
Death Cards are fairly affordable, especially in the realm of WW2 Militaria. A "standard" death card from WW2 can be found and purchased for $5 or less on US Ebay, and are even more affordable if you are willing to take a dive into German Ebay. Cards get progressively more expensive based on a variety of factors, but one can reasonably amass a varied beginner collection for $100.

I purchased some cards, now how do I research them?
There are a variety of resources that can be used to research death cards. The ones that I generally use can be found on the sidebar of this sub. Below is my general process for researching cards:
  1. Use Google Translate to translate the card text. Obviously if you can read German this isn't an issue, but even after years of studying these I still can't read much German. Over time though you do get better at identifying words and phrases which is beneficial. The bulk of the text on the card most likely consists of prayers or poems, but some cards include brief biographies about the individual as well.
  2. Next, I check Ancestry to see if I can locate the casualty record for the soldier. An Ancestry subscription is a vital tool for research, but if you aren't willing to pay for it some libraries have Ancestry access that you can use. Not all cards will pull casualty records, so don't be surprised if you can't find anything. Most of these records will have their information filled out manually, meaning you are now dealing with German cursive handwriting, most likely using Sutterlin or another no longer taught style. Even modern Germans may have difficulty reading this. As such they can be quite confusing at first glance, so I will make a separate post detailing the layout of casualty records.
  3. After my Ancestry search I will go to the Volksbund website and search their records. Volksbund is the organization that maintains a lot of the German military cemeteries throughout Europe, so their records are incredibly useful. If you are able to locate a record for a particular card you should be able to get a location of death, as well as information on where the soldier is buried or is believed to be buried.
  4. If I find a casualty record for a soldier, I use Lexikon der Wehrmacht to find information on the unit. This site is an incredible resource, as it contains hyperlinks to other units. For example, if the casualty record lists a particular regiment, you can look the regiment up and then find the link to the page about the Division it served under.
This is the basic process, but it usually leads to a rabbit hole of researching obscure battles and trying to find a random village in Eastern Europe that has the same name as 300 other villages. It's a lot of fun if you like research, and some cards have kept me busy for hours.

Alright, my cards are researched! Now how do I preserve and display them?
The best way to preserve your cards is to store them in archival quality plastic sleeves, like the kind they use for baseball cards. These can be found easily on Amazon or similar sites, and are pretty affordable. Definitely verify that they are archival or acid free. Non archival plastic sleeves can actually fuse with or degrade items overtime, which can obviously be catastrophic for your collection. I have been using these archival sleeves for years on my cards with no issues, and they can be easily stored in a binder to flip through and show to friends.
While this is great for preservation, it does leave a bit to be desired on the display front. For that I use a digital frame where I've uploaded scans of my cards. It's really convenient because you can set it to slideshow and have the entire collection displayed with minimal loss of space. Speaking of scans, a document scanner is a great tool if you collect any paper items. It allows you to create a "backup" of the item that can be used for research without handling the original, as well as allowing you to share them easily on a forum like this one. Plus, if something happens to the original card, the digital facsimile lives on, so the information is not lost. A decent flatbed scanner can be found on Amazon for around $100.

Where do I go from here?
From here, the sky is basically the limit! When I started collecting these back in 2017 I had no idea how to research them, and now here I am. I believe I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 cards, I have videos of over 100 of them on my Youtube channel, and I am not stopping any time soon. Obviously, my case is a tad extreme, but hopefully you come to enjoy the preservation and research of these cards as you embark on your collecting journey. Happy collecting!
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2023.05.29 14:08 Omeri_AR Health insurance for elderly parents

Hi everybody, kindly advise me which health insurance is bettebest for elderly people. My parents are 62 and 65. Which insurance I should go for? And which plan for that particular insurance is better. Thanks in advance
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Hey player 1st games. I don't know about the other countries but I know Americans as a whole and out of the 1000 people. I've talked to in the game. Only one person says they're definitely waiting for 24 to happen that being said. The rest of us are waiting to see if you're going to. Strip multiplayer away fbecause the only thing we've gotten out of the game is 10 to $20 skit's expensive battle pass $100 starter. Packs and a c*** tone of skins that everybody has bought. So you haven't shown us nice. We'll see it and that you're here for us the best way you can do that is to take the loss of revenue but keep the multi versus. Servers still online for multdeclare. Even if there's game breaking bugs at all back we will play through it and give good feedback. And so we will live the dream with you guys and feel the progression and the loyalty in the care and that you're willing to take a sacrifice. And suffer with us to to create a home in a long lasting game sporthat we can put our creativity into and release our stresses of life and have an escape. But please don't think that you can do anything after shutting the servers down to change. Everybody's Min does a hole because. If? You. Leave? On that. Note we're not going to forgive you. We're always going to think that in the back of our head that when times got hard you quit on us and I will make sure like I have been and have been extremely successfull in making a much better image then what 999 people have expressed yo me and all the negatives and I've turned this sports game as a whole into a fantastic amazing interesting image along with fueling there fantasys on what the game could be or is going to be but obviously ur whole sub reddit is full of people chiming in with ideas and supporting u guys and please don't think that Americans are trusting and will pick up the game in 2024 with a fresh mind ect. No all we have to do to remind ourselves is to log on the game one time in 2024 and see the hugely exspensive skins and founder pack and ect. That we've bought and that will jog our memory's into the thought of ohh I remember this game that blew up and had everyone at the edge of there seats the whole beta wanting changes feeling included and really feeling like finally a game that's not going to do what most other games have done to us which is not show up for launch and yes even though ur doing it the right way and the other games did it the wrong way by stringing us along and not showing up that us Americans as a whole are going to undoubtedly not put the extra time into worrying if it's coming out in 2024 and rather just say good beta have fun and don't need to think about this game ever again cause there will be games popping up left and right and we'll even though we were going to stick with the game as long as u stuck it through and stuck with us and really convinced us we can share in your dream and all party's will benefit but odds are there will be a game just as appealing in what ever other category of multi-player video game and just sink out teeth into another video gaming company's dream that promises us the moon again until other wise and all the players dedicated and not dedicated will not return and u won't even have a chance to force people to return cause it will become so big in America cause u will not have anyone reciprocating loyalty commitment and backing each other up because u are deciding to not follow through on these things and keep saying how ur going to show us in 2024 all ur commitment and loyalty cause guess what no one's gonna take ur word for it and no one is not a single person I've talked to didn't say if the multi-player goes away until 2024 they will not even think about playing the game again and all those negative people spinning lies and false truths will sound more and more believable until boom there fully convinced and months go by of then reinforcing there conclusions and by the time 2024 hits anyone who didn't try the game will here horrible negatives and why the game isn't enjoyable and is a fail of a game and the only chance u have pf countering these nagtives and people fully believing how terrible the game is is to have it so they can try it first hand for themselves and like yes especially in Asian country's rather enjoy the lab and so do I but NO American is going to sit there and belive u and practice or what not for 2024 even though it's totally true u will be back in 2024 cause other gaming company's have ruined this strategy or relaunch already and were not going to take ur word for it and the absolute ONE THING U CAN DO TO NOT ONLY SAVE UR GAME BUT FORCE EVERYONE WHO QUITE BACK ON THE GAME IS TO OBVIOUSLY, "bro player first games" take the lose on revenue and keep the multi-player mode Normal teams and leave the rest for 2024 and let us feel the changes or atleast implement changes every month and a half or so so we can test them out ourselves give important feed back and MOST OF ALL U will be giving plenty of people a sports video game such as multiversus a place we can passionately release our day to day stresses and the ability to creatively express ourselves such as this game does at a time where we are worried about food debts and work and rather truelly were all going through a phase of suffering and DAMIT BROTHER PFG take the lose and show ur willing to not only suffer with us but to show ur willing to do what it takes and sacrifice as a strong leader would do yet be compassionate enough to let us share in your dream of creating this video game and that we are a part of it and even if it's just one small thing that u put in the game let's say cause u A. Thought it was a good idea and B. You trial tested it with us in multi-player and it was chosen to be put in the game and BOOM ull have such a hardcore dedicated trusting fan base its not even funny cause u will show that unlike 99.99% of all other gaming company's that u fully committed urself took the sacrifice for the better ment of both party's as a whole and stuck it through when times get hard cause lord do we as Americans know how even ur best of friends will become non committed and caring when the first sign of times getting rough is occurring!
Cause I'm telling you know that I've made sure also keep making sure on a daily basis and also can keep getting people back on multiversus cause I've changed the whole image of the game from stressful to enjoyable cause what we as Americans didn't realize is that this isn't even close to like other fighting games when it comes to mechincs and unlike all the other tons of fighting games like street fighter and mortal combat that instead of everything based on how fast u can click a button and at what time Americans are slowly starting to realize that if u play to the full 6 mins of a match and don't rush that instead of the them having to do like 10 hit combos up to blast zone and instead if u ride mvoes out and only pull back on ur character whe. The curvature of the angle ur going initially starts the down slope (cause knockback is a bar in the game and goes down when u use it and up when u dont) u will then have the ability to pull back and save urself without the green perk and even a the way up to 190 damage just like in 1v1 when people are fighting someone and they hit there kill shot that the opponite Jenks back immediately because a. U didn't save ur knockback other wise u for sure would of killed or gotten alot closer and b. The opponent saved his bar of lnockback reduction and now there's a whole another game to be played cause now if u have a close to full bar of knockback that instead of having to do a crap ton of not only attacks with ur partner but all the extra jumping and dodges into literally 2 of one characters move now kills at lowish damage 💔 and so u have to work through and not take off on us with this adjustment period and or at the very least FOR A FACT to be fair to player first games company and its partners the data on how many players and what image they have of this video game actually like and love the game because they were confused and everyone around then kept saying play faster play harder when it's the other way around its stay back set up and think through the whole match and out smart ur opponite and use the whole map to ur advantage cause iany map is pretty big and that will take atleast this next 30 days and add on 2 more months with that atleast bare minimum because other wise u will not know all of our true opinion of the actual authentic game and how it was supposed to be played. Because again ur being grouped in truelly and sincerely and everyone around them is trying to convince that game is played all quick and such and so how can u build a game and take our feed back if others have tainted the experience and thought process on how the game Is played and then come out with a better plan cause if that's truelly the case and that's what ur saying is still u can bring a better game in 2024 even with all the data u have ATM because for a fact that %100 confirms u never intended on taking our feed back in America seriously and we will keep this realization mainly to ourselves and so even when people someone what play in 2024 like u say in the back of there mind they will have any and all other internions besides loving supporting and sticking with this game and it will truelly live up to what people keep saying its a dead game and then good luck ever releasing this game or another and the public embrace it cause they won't like u have been put in a serious position because of not staying in constant contact and not personalizing your communication with this ub reddit especially and every where else and so just like they teach in Russia u have to come to a forced conclusion and many will have enough evidence and proof/hints that basically ur a bad company out take our money and we can't wait in 2024 to get u back for what u did and also through it 2023 leading up to release in 2024 u are going to have any and everybody talking to other people about how tragic and crap and broken and unfixable and a scam and the owner just says he is committed to the people except he didn't stay really in contact at all with us all along and also just kept saying he was committed and just waif till 2024 when we've been trying our hardest to give feed back and work with u this entire time and u chose to close online server to save money that I know for a fact the millions of players bought atleast on 10 dollar skin if not more and ur telling me u want us to believe u cannot keep the servers open? There's no such thing as u cannot leave multi-player team normal up only and put the changes in along the way that we can feel and give us clear and precise method and structure on how we should address our complaints without to much abuse and tantrum throwing and I'm almost positive especially the strong Men and wemon can say to themselves "player first games took the sacrifice to show and prove unwavering commitment and so I'll have there back on this but I'm still going to give feedback because I'm getting results" even if there's a game breaking bug or after a patch what player first games implemented keeps like idk sending us to home screen every 3rd match and that u have made sure along the way to say yes some mistake like this will happen that even if it takes 2 weeks to fix depending on how complicated and so on and so forth and the thought will always be "I don't mind building the dream and working with giving feed back to player first game because they work with me and no other game really did including halo so there's your full proof never used brand new system step by step to keep and solidify ur company's name ur company's game and most importantly a ever growing enthusiastic motivated group of die hard fans and thar leads into everyone watching tournaments ect. Cause at the very leased most humans have the ability to reciprocate what's given to them in a relationship back so all fair and to keep who ever and so they will have to through the conscious do the right thing and keep the healthy beneficial for both sides (company and customers as a whole) reciprocating what they want to then get reciprocation from u guys and to keep onto the relationship of commitment and making this the biggest game at all costs cause we as Americans will make sure to expand this game for the only reason that instead of choosing yo runs and hide like all the other company's that u set a dead line but then realize ur for the people and ur dream and let's make it happen no matter what and be there when times are extremely hard for us and when times started to get harder for u but we pulled each other through this banded together to create this multiverse and since we all feel like we worked really hard on it and worked together like u can't beat the type of connection which is exactly what uve been preaching to us but really have yet to show us anything besides ur tieing the tops to ur mighty big money sack and walking off saying ull be back?!?!?!
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2023.05.29 14:08 AlpineappleWhiteOwl When you are new to mixing, how much work would you put into mix made with sub-par recordings before moving on?

Hi all. I'm sure you're familiar with the difficulties of the beginnings of learning the craft of mixing, when it can be difficult to get your hands on quality recordings to mix.
I am working with a few local songwriters for fun/free, so we can both practice our crafts. We worked back and forth to get the arrangement they liked (with some light production as well) and now they are ready to leave the song as is and move on.
I'm excited to flatten everything down and focus on the mix. However there is still a lot of improvement to be made to the tracking (and some light changes that need to be made to sound design, specifically to ease off some distortion that is muddying up the mix). If we manage to have some stamina, we would like to get 3-4 songs to a good place and then hopefully cleanly re-record everything (I do worry we won't even get to this point since I barely know this person)
How much time should I spend practicing on the demo with poorly tracked recordings? I need to keep practicing on something, but worry I'll teach myself the wrong lessons trying to account for a poor balance in the original recording. I don't want to cry poor old me because I'm dealing with the difficulties that everyone else got past, but I hate to stare at problems I know should be fixing in the tracking phase instead mix.
Does anyone with some experience starting out with poor recordings have any advice for how to make the best of this phase of your development?
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2023.05.29 14:08 Bizzle1389 Master League & Mewtwo Questions

I know ML is out of rotation soon but it's my favourite League and I'm having a little trouble. I'm not fully enveloped with meta or even understanding but the team I run works fairly well and is fun, I constantly hit a cap of around 1900 though and would like to progress.
I start with Melmetal Rock Slide and Superpower to do some damage at best and drop opponent shields at worst.
Draco Meteor Dragonite next who doesn't seem massively strong against anyone in particular but does a fair amount of damage to most 'Mon that aren't resistant (plus is good against Excadrill who I come up against a lot).
98% high CP Aura Sphere and Ancient Power Togekiss is my ace in the hole; destroys most OP legendaries and useful to wipe out an opponent fairy type if need be.
My options to break through 1900 are:
Give Dragonite a 2nd move (I have the candy and dust), I'm thinking Superpower or Hurricane. Mamoswine and Metagross are everywhere and the main opponents I struggle against so another fighting move would help. Ice absolutely kills me.
Can't beat em join em; I have a 100% Mamoswine I could power up to 3564 and give a second move (plenty of normal candy but not much XL) - would he be a good replacement for Dragonite?
Similarly power up my lucky 87% Excadrill to 3272 and 2nd move?
I have a 89% Marshtomp and Swampert seems very popular but I'm not flush with candy to power it up once evolved.
My best Shadow Mewtwo of the event is 84% should I power this up for Master League? Will it be a big help? I again don't have much candy so will be a struggle to power up and give a 2nd move.
Regarding Mewtwo would I be better off saving my candy and dust as my step son and I are best friends and we're planning to purify and Lucky Trade a couple of our weaker Mewtwos in the hopes of getting a hundo - I know shadow is stronger but with the lack of candy it will be easier to 2nd move and power up a lucky
Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.
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2023.05.29 14:08 camoolla How do I (20F) tell my bf (21M) that my ex reached out to me and apologized?

How do I (20F) tell my bf (21M) that my ex reached out to me and apologized?
My ex reached out to me last week, and it was a hectic week. I was at the ER with my mom then an instagram dm popped up on my phone from my ex, from 4 years ago, sending me a half ass apology. Then my current bf went on family vacation for a week, and then we celebrated our three years on May 26th when he got back. So i havent had the right time and place to.
Ive been needing to let him know about it bc I want to be open, but i feel worried about how to bring it up, or what to say.
Im not sure how to make it not uncomfortable for him, bc he does get jealous and I want to avoid it
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2023.05.29 14:07 Dizzy-Bumblebee-5078 Have no job, no girlfriend, no friends

I haven’t had a job now for a few months now and it’s getting to me with the cabin fever. My ex girlfriend broke up with me a year ago and I’ve been on one date since we broke up but didn’t want to continue since the girl had been on onlyfans and that was my dealbreaker. My ‘closest’ friend who we had shared a dorm and known each other for 10 years is now shitty with texting me back and constantly says he’s busy when he’s not when I want to hang out with him (he’s been saying this for a year).
I left a friend group around the time I met my ex since I constantly was left out due to the fact that I didn’t smoke or party (hearing it from a best friend stung). They made fun of my anxiety attack and the way I walked (have mild cerebral palsy). I never felt I was truly one of them, just a sober hanger on.
One best friend who will be named Gabe was the edgy kid growing up and one time sent me and Ed CP (no not Club Penguin) and the infamous Ronnie McNult suicide video which messed me up and still have a bit of anxiety thinking about how Gabe could send that and think we’ll like it.
I told my ex about everything my friend group would do and what Gabe did and she was so glad I left and mortified Gabe sent that knowing I’m so sensitive to graphic imagery (not in horror movies, but real life crosses the line).
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