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Notorious for bullies.

2023.05.29 14:47 curtinparloe Things I've learnt from running a Cepheus campaign

I started running a campaign using Cepheus Deluxe Enhanced and roll20 about three months ago, and suddenly realised it's the first time I've actually run homebrew, or non-DnD for that matter. The learning curve hasn't been too bad, although it has been fraught at times. Here are my notes, based on the way I run: -I need to know the rules better. Mostly in the first two or three sessions, but still occasionally now, I've lost precious time looking things up. There are so many bookmarks in the book now it looks like a porcupine. I keep losing the trading pages and the ship combat pages. My next job is summarising them both for fast access. -I looove the mechanics. Combat and general roles feel more realistic, compared to DnD's nonsense. It took a couple of the players a while to get used to roll20's clunky execution, but they all have the hang of it now.. -I need more portraits. As I'm running homebrew, I can make up pretty much any situation, but a temporary lack of different images has resulted in a multi-sector clone conspiracy. Don't get me wrong, it's tremendous fun having the players get all anti-clone, and it fitted in with my campaign arc, but it's not necessarily the way I would have gone. Oh well. In fact, images and maps are generally in short supply. I'm thinking of creating some ships in Space Engineers or Interstellar Rift just for this purpose. -I've been too generous, maybe. It was difficult teaming up such a disparate group of characters, especially some with their own ships, but a sting followed by a jailbreak/rescue worked pretty well. Unfortunately the players were all in that mercenary mindset, so I needed to sweeten the deal with a new ship bursting with cargo. Now they're all pretty well off they aren't yet feeling the need to take high risk, high reward missions (this will change when the life support explodes...) On the other hand, as they're mostly new to Cepheus, I think this cushion has been beneficial in easing them in gently. -Adding additional rules is easier than I expected. While I love the rules as is, there are a few things I've added to fill things out a bit. I made an old ship complication table, and created some advancement rules (learning new skills). Last night a player messaged me about his character wanting to be a social media movie star, so I've added in a couple of rules about custom armour, camera drones and editing. It didn't take arcane knowledge of the rules, they just slotted in. -I need to see all the character sheets. As it's my first proper campaign, I'm keen on keeping everyone engaged, so I need to check their skills regularly to make sure they all get to exercise at least a couple of them each session. A couple of the players love the more granular aspects, so I run extra sessions for them where they're doing nothing but trading rolls, and they just love it. -Online generators are essential for unplanned sessions. Making up a lot of content on the fly is exciting, but having to roll up new NPCs is too time consuming. I've been using a lot, and it's great! -My character voices have got worse. I used to be great at voices, but now I suck.
I'm really enjoying running it, I can't wait to see what happens next!
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2023.05.29 14:46 Majestic_Spring4062 Seeing your friendship fading away is the worst feeling ever

So my college is nearly over and I've been in touch with my school best friend for five years now, we used to talk and hang out every once in a week and in the penultimate year of the college, he used to talk about his problem with internships or how we will 'enjoy' the time when we get decent salaried jobs after graduation, thankfully we both were able to do it, but for the last 3 months he hasn't called me once, doesn't seem interested in texts either while I thought it was due to him being busy, he kinda regularly posts him going out with his college friends and colleagues, it kinda hurts not gonna lie
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2023.05.29 14:46 CatsInTrenchCoat How to quit after 2 month notice

I have worked in a restaurant for 4 years, and put in a 2 month notice at the beginning of March so I could have the summer off/ start working somewhere part time before I started attending.
One of my bosses asked me if I could stick around for a little bit because they couldn’t find anyone, which I thought would be fine, as she said they would find someone.
I am confident they are not going to find anyone until I quit.
One of my coworkers who I would talk to frequently during shifts is completely ignoring me, I will say hello and he will not respond, he will ask the dishwasher to jump on the line even if I am standing right there so he does not have to work with me.
Another coworker is talking down to me, she is a waitress/ dishwasher and will tell be she is the only reason I can get “time off” and that I should be thankful, will leave parts of her job to do so that I have to do them before I leave for the night because she works so much(she has only recently gotten full time, she used to be part time) if she takes a phone call she will tell people over the phone that whatever I’m cooking will take significantly less time to make, and tell the customer when they come in that I’m slow.
I can’t do this anymore, it is making my job harder then it has to be and it’s extremely mentally draining going into work and dealing with this, I do not need the money and do not want to be treated like this.
Should I give a two weeks notice? Should I quit abruptly?
I don’t want to tell my boss specifics about people, she will still have to work with them and it wouldn’t sit well with me/ I know she would try and get me to stay and how they act would get worse. I would rather say something vague like “I don’t feel welcome anymore” or something.
TL;DR, I feel like my coworkers are being rude to me, should I give a notice I’m leaving or is quitting abruptly fine.
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2023.05.29 14:46 Greyjoy91 What a rollercoaster!

I was so happy an hour in to the finale, they literally made me think we were getting the happy ending, only to have the rug pulled out from under me in the last thirty minutes. Great job Armstrong and co
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2023.05.29 14:45 Affectionate_Carry94 Supply chain to IT

I’m 27 and working in supply chain for past 2yrs and 2yrs in Data Analysis field. I’m thinking to change my career into IT as a Software Developer (Front End). 1) I want to move because in future if I want to go to my home country I see there are less chances to get a decent job/pay is low. 2) Money wise, I see lots of my peers work in IT and earn more but there is also a risk associated with it(lay offs) 3) Reason why I choose Front End is because I see lots of job opportunities in this field and it is high paying. 4) Deep down I want to be more innovative at what I do and with my current role it is having less scope to it.
Am I going into right direction? Can you guys help me if I’m making a right career move?
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2023.05.29 14:44 pavelioso Any entrepreneur meetups in Prague?

Hello! Just to get the first thing of my chest - I don't mean the type of meetups where people stand in circles and keep quoting Steve Jobs, saying enthusiastically yes to everything, as if their career depends on it or were being watched by the great leader himself. I mean the type where people grab a beer or go to park and grill, talk about random whatever the others are doing, give opinions and feedback, back test their ideas on others, exchange contacts as in "Hey I might know a guy, call him up he might help you, you'll get me a drink next time" type of meetings, and maybe meet some friends along the way. You know what I mean?
Maybe if there is a group already present, or just few people, or I can organize something - let me know. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 14:44 Vast_Environment_239 Face verification is involve for security reasons

FOUND A LEGITIMATE STAY AT HOME JOB!!! Full-Time/Part-Time Call Center Representatives Customer Service Data Entry Position Available now (Start as soon as tomorrow!) Pay: $30Hr Monday-Friday GREAT FOR RETIREES AND YOUNG ADULTS No Experience Needed! We Train! Bonuses Full Benefits, 5 Days work in a week Message me if your are interested for more info!!
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2023.05.29 14:44 Maleficent-Total5853 22[M4F] India/Delhi/Anywhere- Why care about long distance when I'm just a DM away?

Hi there, good day! If I have your attention, here I am, looking for that someone special and taking my shot. Let's start a conversation that leads to the point of no return
A little about me:
A emotionally available, down to earth guy who believes fun can be had anywhere, and that there's usually a bright side even in bad situations.
Job - Game Designer
Physical activity/Passionate about: Upcoming MMA fighter
Hobbies: Writing stories , making games, Cooking ,reading romantic and sports manga, watching movies.
Career focused and very passionate when it comes to goals and for my personal relations.
I'm a pretty good listener and value a person's secrets if they are trusting me with them.
My pic is pinned in profile so feel free to check that as well.
Music artists and bands: Mohammad Rafi ,Kishore Kumar ,Asha Bhosale, Linkin park, Fall out boys, Eminem, Demi Lovato, Taylor swift. ps: open to your suggestions.
Who I'm looking for?
Someone who can do bare minimum with me in a relationship most importantly understanding, talks to me if there's anything, Loyal, Emotionally available.
You're passionate about your goals and serious career wise.
You should be around 18-26 of age.
I don't judge someone by their history, religion and looks. I'm pretty accepting in nature, so you don't have to be hesitant.
I'm pretty patient guy so let's take things slow, understand each other well, and see where it leads. Cool?
So, just hit me up wit no worries, and hey, I'm waiting to know about your life, especially you too.
See you ;)
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2023.05.29 14:44 Chickenandchippy Tired of faking empathy towards my husband grieving the loss of his abusive dad (F/24, M,26)

His dad died last July from a heart attack and every time I think he’s managing better any time a topic comes up even incidentally/ mildly related to his dad he starts to shut down and will often times leave the room. I don’t talk about his father at all and he doesn’t bring him up a whole lot unless it’s something really positive but I can’t help but feel so angry when I see him getting sad to the point where I can’t even say the word “hospital” or “death” without him completely freezing up and getting sad.
For context, his father was an incredibly horrible person. He once pulled a gun to my husband’s head (while he was just a teen) and told him to leave the house because he tried to intervene while he was attempting to beat his sister. He left his mom when he was young for another woman and stopped financially supporting them, his mother couldn’t afford to pay rent and they were evicted and put on the streets (he didn’t even offer them a bed when they were evicted). I can’t type all the horrible things that man has done without getting angry or emotional. When I met my husband he was living with his dad but he was only welcomed there because he had a job and was helping to pay the bills. Covid hit and he lost his job and things were starting to get rocky in his household again. I wasn’t making much money at the time and I was fresh out of college but I pinched all the pennies I could so we could get our own place. Since we moved his dad’s illness started to worsen. He abandoned his health all together so when he had his heart attack last year there wasn’t much the doctors could do.
My husband feels guilty for leaving at times or not checking in enough. He’s also very fixated on the good memories he’s had with his dad and never acknowledges all the overwhelmingly bad ones. I struggle to empathize with his grief because it’s like I can’t unhear all he’s told me. I can’t uncry all the tears that I shed and all the nights I struggled really hard to make sure I could afford a place for us so he wouldn’t need his dad. We never argue about this or talk about this because I know we will both say things that each other doesn’t want to hear.
To clarify, I’m not invalidating his grief and I understand that a loss is a loss. When he cried for weeks after I stayed up at night consoling him and my heart truly broke with his. What I struggle with is the image he’s created of his dad since his passing. Like he was this idyllic father. I will never challenge my husband on the grief he feels but I just don’t know how to manage my own emotions towards it.
Tldr Husband’s abusive dad passed away last year and I’m struggling to support his grief knowing all the horrible things he did to him.
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2023.05.29 14:43 StatisticianOk8701 I think I'm gonna walk out of my job...

I really dont want to burn any bridges cause I live in such a tiny small town, but the total disrespect from my job is stressing me out. Would you guys bother with 2 weeks notice? I've only been there a month, have only been paid once (had to ask for my cheque both times and still waiting on the correct amount this time) and now my manager is going to try to take the majority of tips for sitting around and drinking on the job. There's a plethora of other things but I dont wanna write an essay. I'm thinking of going in today and telling them they need to find someone else going forward. It might screw me from ever cooking in this town again, but I dont think I want to keep cooking anyways...Wwyd?
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2023.05.29 14:43 Shiara-rose When the project manager yells: STOP QUESTIONING ME AND DO YOUR JOB.

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2023.05.29 14:43 MyColdDeadHeart I saw you

We were sitting near each other. My first response was that you simply didn’t want to talk. As time went on I realize you were presenting yourself as someone different. Perhaps that is why you didn’t want to speak. Perhaps I never knew the real you. Perhaps you don’t want to know me.
No matter what- you have 2 different persons inside. When you are ready for me to meet another part of you, don’t be afraid. If I can recognize your energy, clothes and makeup can’t hide. I’m not sure why you do what you do but everything seemed complicated. I hope you enjoyed the iced coffee.
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2023.05.29 14:42 kolaner My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!

My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!
So, here I am. Last time I posted on reddit was at purple and it seemed to have resonated quite well.
Just some background: Using my hands has become extremely painful due to arthritis, torn ligaments, overall wrecked tissue, so I had to resort to becoming a bit creative. This has completely changed my passing style and I actively try to pin my opponents/partners legs with mine before transitioning into scoring positions. Been working quite well with my students so I thought about sharing Part 1. Think of it as "playing guard from top position".
I don't have a wrestling background but I assume that much of that stuff must have a name in folkstyle. As you'll see, I'm not consistent with my terminology because I simply don't know better, lol!
Filmed it in march, wanted to film it last summer and took me nearly 3 months to upload it. Work and daddy duties I guess.
I will eventually upload a Part 2, if not Part 3, focusing on the Nogi-stuff.
I hope some of you, especially intermediates can benefit from the content.
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2023.05.29 14:42 kkruiji Dream Log: Kissinger's grave

Last night, I had the most vivid dream. I cannot let it go from my head, so I decided to write a dream log and document it.
It is the 29th of May 2023, and to the surprise of everyone Henry Kissinger has died just a few days after his 100th birthday. The New York Times runs a column about how he was the greatest diplomat to ever exist while politicians talk about his impact on the global society in vague words to avoid outrage but still respect the guy's death. Meanwhile, I think about how fitting it would be to piss on his grave. Keeping that in mind, I begin my trip to the US Consulate in Delhi.
"What do y'all need a Visa for?" asked the guy in a big cowboy hat as he puffed on an absurdly large cigar.
"Well sir, I'm going to visit Kissinger's grave. I was a big fan."
The guy doesn't know my true intentions and it is better that way, who knows what would have happened to me if I announced my true intentions. Surprisingly my Visa comes in quick despite me being brown, and I board my plane. Kissinger doesn't know what's going to hit his grave. This is an in and out job, no time to see the sites.
The excitement is unpalatable, I have been drinking multiple bottles of water on the plane and I can't hold it in anymore. The pressure in the balls is building up to the point where I may have to remove a little now. No I can't do that to my Bengali bros, his grave will feel the full might and pressure of my piss machine. Nothing less. I quickly get off the plane and book an uber straight to his grave. I finally see it, there are still people there, this may be hard. I quickly pay the guy but refuse to add a tip (who the fuck does that), and jump out. It's a miracle I have held it in for so long. There is a crowd there, this may be awkward. Regardless, I put those thoughts out of my head, stand in front of his grave, unzip my pants and release a torrent of yellow liquid. The fury of my piss stream is unmatched to anything I have ever seen before, I channel it quickly on the headstone and yell out "This is for Bangladesh you fuck." People start applauding me and another guy joins in. And then another and another. By now the Grave is overflowing with piss. The stone is starting to erode (I think I need to get my balls checked). Everyone starts clapping as the souls of millions slowly start rising from the morbid man's wretched tombstone. Tears of joy escape my eyes.
As my mighty pisser starts overheating, I look up to the sky and then back at his grave and think "Fuck you Kissinger." Then the serenity is ruined as I am shot multiple times in the leg by an American cop. The crowd yells out NO and tackles him to the ground as I begin to make my escape. I try to order an Uber but nobody accepts my request, that tipless fuck must have given me a bad rating. I had given up all hope and was preparing myself for a life in American prison until a black Mercedes pulls up. "Get in" says a man with a raspy voice, baffled and confused I ask who he was. He replies in a cool tone "Friends"
He drives me to the Indian embassy. As I enter everybody starts clapping, they have all heard of the infamous grave pisser by now. Somebody posted the video online and I am being celebrated as a national hero. Soon, the FBI surrounds the embassy and demands my release or they will sanction India for harboring piss terrorists. But the MEA knows this is a bluff, they know they need us to combat China and they wouldn't sacrifice it for an ordinary pisser like myself.
Soon a special detachment of the RAW and Paratroopers successfully extract me from the embassy onto a covert airfield and take me back to India. As I leave the airport the media starts surrounding me and dozens of people throw flowers at me as I enter my Z+ Level Security entourage (threats have been made on my life so the government has given me protection). They drive me to the Rashtrapati Bhavan where I am greeted by the Indian cabinet. Jaishankar walks up to me and asks me to marry his daughter. Modi hugs me and tells me that I have done my nation a great service. Soon my name is called and I am given the Bharat Ratna (India's highest civilian honor) by the President.
I reach home and go to bed knowing that I have done my duty.
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2023.05.29 14:42 ThrowRAGirlwithcats I (23F) am afraid that me being unemployed and depressed is going to take a toll on my partner (29M)

Just before losing my job, I met my perfect guy who I fell head over heels for. He's sweet, kind, caring and selfless. He's someone who is very stable financially, emotionally and spiritually, which is why he finally decided that he was ready to start dating again after a four year break from girls. He was preparing to be his best self before diving into any relationship. That's when he met me. With everything that's been going on with me, I have given him some grievances.
We had a great first date, and shortly after our second date, I found out that I had lost my job. I told him about it as I already felt that close to him and he was a great support. From there things just happened between us, as we started spending more time together. We've had our ups and downs but I think overall we're okay, and it's been four months since we first started dating. However, with this whole job situation, I feel that my emotions may be taking a toll on him.
Something to know about me is that my job has always been something I have been proud of. Following this problem, I've had these strong bouts of depression and anxiety as I feel as though I have lost a part of my identity. I am seeking professional help to deal with this as these range of emotions have resulted in toxic and harmful thoughts.
I am concerned because me staying silent, or me oversharing when I speak to my partner is taking a toll on him. While he says he loves to be my support, and he wants to listen to me, it pains me that he has to see me in this state. I also feel incredibly insecure as he is doing really well in every aspect of his life, and being around him reminds me that I'm not doing well, and certainly not well enough to be the supportive partner he needs.
I love him but I feel that at this juncture I can't give him what he needs, and I'm draining him because of this.
Should I let him go and take a break until I find a job and I'm in a more steady position to be in a relationship?
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2023.05.29 14:42 kheeseborgor Question about hoe long boots should last

Hi, so I got a pair of the plain black boots in 2021 for work, I wore them near on every day for 8 - 10 hours a day. At this point the soles are smooth, I'm just wondering if this is normal for these boots, so they lasted a bit over 2 years.
also, side note, I changed jobs so now I have to wear steel caps.
I'm thinking of getting a new pair to just have as a nice pair of shoes, because I only own work boots and joggers at this point.
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2023.05.29 14:42 Successful-Egg2973 AITA For not wanting to invite my dad to my wedding

I don't want to invite my father to my wedding.
Back story: I have always known my father and spent summers with him up until about 10 years old. As I got older I learned that though he would keep me during the summer he gave my mother a ridiculously low amount of child support. It never changed for 18 years.
When I turned 18 he said he would give me the last child support payment plus a little extra.
He gave me $5 extra. This is indicative of his relationship with money.
He has never financially supported me even when I suffered tragedy and was almost homeless.
Anyway, so I learned not to rely on him financially. I just chalked it up as a loss and said at least I know my dad. I kept a relationship with him and never threw it in his face.
From age 10 to now (I'm 35) he has regularly said he would show up for me and canceled last minute. Like a big dumb kid I waited for him to come to my house for Thanksgiving dinner 2 years ago and he canceled the morning of. I cried. Still expecting daddy to show up. Ugh...
He's done this so many times and I KEEP expecting him to show up. Silly.
He does this at least once a year. I even said I'd drive down to see him and he canceled that too.
He always exclaims how proud he is of me and how much he loves his baby girl, but when it's time to be my dad he always falls short.
So now I'm getting married. I told him it was a destination wedding to his home country.
Note: he's a licensed pilot. He has been there recently and many times since moving to the states decades ago. I'm his only child.
When I told him about the wedding he said he wasn't coming. It costs too much.
He's a single man with a good paying job.
Foolishly, I was actually shocked. I just knew he'd been waiting on the chance to walk his little girl down the aisle.
He likes my fiance, so that's not it. I offered to pay and now its not the money, he doesn't want to get on a plane. He said if I got married in America he'd come, but he's not getting on a plane. Again. He is not afraid of flying.
He does this type of thing with everyone. He's literally the most selfish person I know. Maybe even a narcissist. He told me to enjoy my wedding and not to worry about him. Sends me texts about how happy he is for me and I deserve the best and how glad he is I found my fiance.
The thing is, even if I switched to the states there is a 90% chance he won't show and I'll be crying and sad on my wedding day. *I am not at the place where I can invite him and not be worried if he doesn't show up
We've now switched to the states for other reasons and I haven't told my father yet. Even if I do tell I don't want him to come. I dont want to anticipate being sad on the big day. My brother will be walking me down the aisle which is what I always really wanted. He's been more of a father to me. More consistent. I just felt it was wrong to rob my father of that experience, but now I feel like he robbed himself.
What would you do in this situation?
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2023.05.29 14:42 Misery_bby Maladaptive daydreaming and talking to myself, should I be concerned?

When I was about 11 years old I was riding home from school when I started imagining the lives of these random made up people, over time it became more elaborate where these people had their own jobs, struggles, relationships, and lives in different worlds. Some of the worlds these people lived in were "realistic" but exciting about crimes, police, detectives, gang activities, or just mundane lives with soap opera dramas, other times it was more fantastical with magic or aliens, different stages in time like the middle ages or straight up the year 3000. I then started muttering and talking to myself as the characters, playing out these imaginary scenes/scenarios.
I talk and mutter so much it almost seems like I'm schizophrenic but I am consciously here, plus I can define it from reality. When asked about it because I am working and studying I say I'm just thinking aloud where it helps me assess my thoughts on things I need to do, otherwise I'm preparing for a practical tomorrow. The main times I go into these episodes is when I'm doing some boring/repetitive task, stressed, or doing something that doesn't require much stimulation such as walking. My mother used to beat me for rocking, so I sometimes sit on a rocking chair or go onto a swing at night just to rock because I find it relaxing where I will tune out into some world.
I grew up in a heavily abusive household with no friends, I was often alone. I did have friends for a time yet all 4 of them left in a span of 4 months because their dads got new jobs in new areas. I think it started as a cope and now has become a compulsion. I still do normal people things again: work, study, have hobbies, I'm going on a date on Sunday, etc. So it doesn't impede on my life where it stops me from functioning though I do it a lot.
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2023.05.29 14:42 TheShowCase50 How would you recommend a beginner start collecting?

Hi! I’ve been a life long Pokémon fan. The franchise has always meant the world to me. Growing up (I was born 1996) I was an only child, my dad wasn’t around, and I was alone at daycare/my grandparents almost everyday because my mom went to school and worked 2 40 hour jobs to support us 2. As a very lonely kid, I didn’t have much social interaction or even a friend for a very long time - but what I did have was a love for Pokémon. My mom bought me a copy of Pokémon blue and a game boy color when I was three… just from that and the anime I fell in love. Even now, I’ll be 27 in a few months, but I’ve collected/played every console that has Pokémon games and game and I am infatuated.
I’ve always wanted to collect Pokémon cards, but never knew where to start. So as a Pokémon lover, I have a few questions:
  1. Where should I start? I’m no stranger to TCG’s, but all the products, different rarities, etc is a bit overwhelming
  2. Would you recommend I buy singles or product?
  3. Is it worth opening product or should I leave product sealed?
  4. Where is a good place (physical or online) to buy your answer for #2 at a cheapefair rate (I just don’t want to overspend for things, but am perfectly okay with spending normal prices)?
As someone who’s loved this franchise literally my entire life and at some point only had Pokémon in my life, I just want to collect for the love I have for Pokémon. This game has meant so much to me and I just want to find another avenue of respecting and enjoying the franchise that’s gotten me through the roughest of times.
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2023.05.29 14:41 Winter-Writing-700 What should I do?

I am 23(M). I have always worked but recently am depressed, I am a recovering alcoholic (smoke marijuana) but haven’t drank in 8 months. I’ve always worked since I was very young. First local gigs, weekend yard help etc, then for the local university when i was in high school as well as two other jobs before enlisting in the military at 18. I worked as a medic but was administratively discharged for my alcoholism. I don’t have GI Bill but am a semester from finishing an AA from community college. I haven’t been working as I was a courier and crashed my car.(recently got a new vehicle) Not sure what my next move should be. I wanted to be a nurse but was arrested about 1 1/2 years ago being a drunk idiot and that’s out the window. Thinking I’m going to go to trade school but not sure what I should do. Open to all forms of criticism/advice. I just need to pick myself out of this lull because I’m getting really low on money and just very anxious in general. Pls and thank you
Also I am an outdoors person, I like working with my hands, I like agriculture, medical interests me and I feel like I’m a very sociable person :)
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2023.05.29 14:41 kblocker123 I yawn so much every hour

I’m a personal trainer (which is good for me because as soon as I sit down I nearly fall asleep.) I yawn 5-10x an hour and clients get SO offended. Just a few know I have adhd and don’t bat an eye. It’s exhausting trying to explain to people so most of the time I just don’t.
Does this happen to anyone else? And how do I make it seem less offensive 😂
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2023.05.29 14:41 BolsheviksParty I GOT AN OFFER!!!

After getting fired from my first job 6 months in back in 2021 I went into a state of depression and burnout. I could no longer find joy in programming, with time however, I recovered. I am now as motivated as when I first started out. I got back up on my feet after I started building out my passion project which reignited that spark.
I started applying at the worst time possible, when I could have easily gotten an offer during the hiring surge in early 2022 (Clickup was literally hiring HTML/CSS Developers). However, I came to realize that if I had managed to get my first job in 2021 with no relevant experience, I could do it again in 2023 with the hiring freeze and layoffs, even if the odds seems stacked against me.
This offer is a 70% increase in salary from my previous job! I am still in a state of shock to just know that someone would be willing to pay me this much, especially since I have no educational background and was an unemployed loser. They use the latest tech and are also a mid-sized company!
Estimation Time: 2 months and 15 days of jobs searching.I started low and then eventually worked my way up to 100+ applications a day. Around 30 interviews/phone calls. 5 final stages. One offer was about to be on the table until they realized I didn’t have a degree (this really put a chip on my shoulder).
And not a single damn Leetcode interview through the graces of God.Background: I have no degree, and completely self-taught. I got my first job at 19 only after one term of university and dropped out.
Here’s how I got back into the market with such a huge gap on my resume. Note: this is just based on my experience and presumptions.
  1. Mass apply, it quite literally is a numbers game. If there are thousands of job listings out there, eventually one will say yes. Do be careful of recruiting agencies, I tend to avoid job listings by them since they seem to be a waste of time.
  2. Exaggerate, embellish your work/experience but NEVER lie. You’re here to brag about yourself and how cool you are. The company is also doing the same so it’s okay to do the same.
  3. Polish your resume, this is REALLY important. Make it look structured and not something a kid could easily do.
  4. F*ck cover letters
  5. If you’re new to the industry, don’t ever apply jobs that uses myworkday job applications, they’re a WASTE of time.
  6. Most offers for juniors will require relocation sadly.
  7. NEVER talk sh*t about your previous employers
  8. Ask questions, not just any questions but GOOD questions. Show you’re interested in the company as well as trying to succeed. You’ll also learn a lot if they’re a sh*tty company to begin with.
  9. Jobs with 200+ applications? Apply anyways, I’ve gotten responses from them before.
  10. Have decent projects that you could talk about and explain your approach to building things
  11. Hone in on your “tell me about yourself“ answer and recite it. Make it interesting and RELEVANT
  12. Don’t forget to smile :D
  13. If you’re religious, pray. Count your blessings and do it with the right intentions. Ask yourself why do you want a dev job? To continue being a resentful pr*ck? To one day help and lead others? To support your family? To support yourself? Greed?I was very indecisive about whether or not I should post this, but decided to because I see so many negative posts on here about people not finding a job so I thought it's the least I could do by sharing some good news.
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