Pink acrylic nails coffin

This subreddit is a cesspool of incel behavior.

2023.05.29 14:29 IndyDawn08 This subreddit is a cesspool of incel behavior.

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2023.05.29 14:13 Cucaracha3 Redhead teen getting pink twat nailed

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2023.05.29 14:07 Ralfop PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail

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2023.05.29 13:39 slowfade-95 Don't forget to take breaks and cash out when you can! Stay safe degens

I finally went off the deep end this year and put the nail in the coffin this week/past weeks. Hope some of you super degenerates learn how to step away and cash out when you can. Making money is a challenge but keeping it the most important! Step away step away!
Eddie is definitely gonna enjoy all my donations on a private island later. Ran it up to Plat V the last 2 years but the past week/weeks I went full tilt and used funds that I shouldn't have. Don't be stupid and jump on when you're angry and in a blind coke fueled rage lol. If you're ever angry or a bit emotional, definitely fuck off from the site.

PS. Eddie is a beast at marketing. Thanks for giving a dopamine chasing idiot like me a place to waste a lot of time the past 2 years but also fuck you and Adin Ross for introducing me to stake/db lmao
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2023.05.29 13:21 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit

PolyGel is an all-in-one formula to get salon quality nails right at home. No monomer, no mixing, and no ratios! The odorless formula allows you to get your nails perfectly done within minutes.
Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, PolyGel's breakthrough TriPolymer Technology delivers gravity-defying performance for astonishingly easy, and ultra-stylish nails.
The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail Kit today!
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2023.05.29 11:35 hulaki5 Why am I flaring-up again?

I had dyshidrosis about 7-8 years ago which was triggered by living in a moldy apartment. It stopped immediately after moving out. I had been free of flare-ups since until this April. I can’t tell what has triggered it again. The first flare-up happened when I came from Germany to Mongolia. Then the second was a day after arriving in Singapore from Mongolia. Now the third time happened again after coming to Mongolia from Singapore but only after 2 weeks of being here. I thought the sudden changes in humidity could be triggering it but if it was, wouldn’t it happen immediately after arriving here not 2 weeks after? I got acrylic nails done 4 days ago, but the blisters have appeared today. Could acrylics be the trigger? But the blisters are not around the bed nail but on the finger tip of my thumb. How long does it usually take for blisters to form after coming in contact with a trigger? I don’t want to go through this experience again and want to stop it before it becomes really bad :( Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you
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2023.05.29 11:35 protoalman A friend and I built our first digital table top display inlay. Integrated in my living room table. Work in progress (to be painted & decorated etc.) What do you think? First project in a while, still dealing with post-shoulder surgery troubles etc. but I think it turned out quite okay :-)

A friend and I built our first digital table top display inlay. Integrated in my living room table. Work in progress (to be painted & decorated etc.) What do you think? First project in a while, still dealing with post-shoulder surgery troubles etc. but I think it turned out quite okay :-)
Behold: we did a thing! Our very first try :-)
The monitor: I use A 27" screen (120€ amazon; wide-angle IPS panel, has about 178° visibility) connected as an external extended display. Display settings: rotated by 90° and arranged as external display "above" my regular laptop screen.
Make sure that you have a nice view, even when you sit down at the table - I first bought an old LCD monitor and that didn't work (you wouldn't see anything from a certain angle onwards)
The reflections come from a protective transparent plastic screen I embedded into the frame. Thought its better to rather be safe than sorry.
Reflections are a bit annoying during daytime, but mostly from my DM perspective and once the blinds are closed and the normal lights are used, it is significantly better. That's okay because we usually play at night or in the evening anyhow
additional: here's a picture with the blinds closed and lights on (i.e., evening setting):
From the perspective of my players, the reflection from the protective screen are significantly less. Also, we usually play in the evening/at night. We tried it with blinds closed and lights on, and it works even better; and the brighter the map the better. The monitor is not the best, so also its brightness is limited to a certain degree (here, it is but to max.)
The program I use: Sessions are organized via owl bear on two separate browsers (important). My laptop shows one browser were I am logged into the session as a DM which allows me to adjust the fog on the map etc. while the extended screen shows a browser to which I connect with a player account. The browser is set to fullscreen mode hiding most features for more immersion.
The table: the table is a standard IKEA table. You can pull the table plates apart and extend it with additional panels hidden inside of the table. These panels rest on a wooden frame integrated in the table. So, naturally, I thought this is the perfect table for my idea :-)
Mind the small metallic knobs on the side of the table tiles: this secure the additional panels and prevent them from moving around.
The construction part 1 - the monitor mount: I took the extra tiles out of the frame, and screwed the monitor to a wooden plate. For that, I used the screw holes on the monitor designed for monitor mounts. The wooden plank fits exactly on the wooden frame with extra room to be safe.
From below: we put some paint on the monitor holes, and basically "stamped" it on the wooden plank to get the exact location and distance of the holes. Also, we added wooden cubes to the monitor-plank to lock the whole think to the wooden frame of the table so it wouldn't move.
The construction part 2 - the inlay/frame: The whole table inlay from below: 4 planks put together with 2 wooden slats; screws and nails fix the whole thing together. Don't forget to use sand paper to avoid splinters :-)
Also: the slats are located in a way, so that they fit perfectly into the table, and prevent the whole thing from moving left and right. Also, remember the small metallic knobs of the table tiles? We had to drill holes in the exact locations into the screen inlay, so that it would close neatly with the table once fully pushed together.
On top of the screen inlay, we added another thin layer of wood to have a nicer and smoother surface; it now closes neatly with either side of the table (ignore the gap visible on the left side - the table is not pushed together in that picture). But also, the wooden layer allows for a negative space in which we then integrated a transparent plastic protective screen to avoid damage on the display.
The protective layer is the screen from a left-over picture frame. It is a bit wobbly, easily gets scratched, and is not reflection free - but I thought for now, it does the job. on the long-term, I will add a nice anti-reflection plastic or acrylic plate. But for now, I'd rather scratch the plastic than the monitor.
Now, you can use minis, roll dice, point with your pencil, or whatever and you don't have to be afraid of damaging the screen :-)
What now remains to be done: download aaaaaall the battle maps; decorate the inlay and paint it in a nice way - maybe add a cool surface material? And most of all: roll a lot of dice and play the hell out of this setup.
Let me know what you think and whether you need more information on my setup :-)
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2023.05.29 11:26 FinalBat4515 The Reason Why Sindri doesn’t Forgive Atreus.

Sindri considered Atreus family up until the bear attack. He begins distancing himself afterwards from the boy, justifiably so and refusing to forgive him for the foreseeable future. For him, no matter how angry you get, you don’t attack family and Atreus crossed that line for him. Let me explain..
Think back to how Kratos was able to calm a bloodlusted Atreus from attacking Freya. Sindri likely saw this happen similar to how they watched the Thor fight, so he knows it’s doable when it comes to someone Atreus cares about. BUT when Sindri tried to stop a relatively calmer Atreus (just trying to get away this time), he gets mauled. To add the final nail in the coffin, Atreus indirectly gets his actual family killed after not listening to ANY advice, and helping Odin find the mask in the first place.
The end results, however you look at it are; Atreus attacked Sindri, (his so called “family” when he didn’t attack Kratos*) AND Atreus got Brok killed.
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2023.05.29 11:14 BoyInTheWoods4 LOGAN ROY WON!!!!

To summarise, Logan Roy won, even after his death that old geezer managed to pull off one last win. Things panned out exactly how Logan would have wanted them to.
It might not be too far fetched to say that kids were the real villains here. Incompetent, far from being serious, and would have run what Logan built to the ground. We could glimpses of it post Logan's death when Roman went on a firing spree, Kendall not paying any attention to his brother's misadventures and Shiv naively pinning all her hopes on Matssen. Their support for a Nazi Mencken was a final nail in the coffin. Even Shiv cozied with Mencken in the very next episode.
Immediately after watching the finale I watched the pilot and Kendall from the very get go is shown to be highly incompetent, not serious about his job, taking everything for granted and the sheer entitlement was nauseating. Show runners did everything to show how us he's making a fool out of himself at every juncture and wouldn't be fit takeover. Even Gregg, in whom I was seeing a dark horse was shown from the very get go as a stupid man who was lighting a blunt right before going into his job. I feel like a fool that I hated Logan for delaying the succession in my first and second watch.
I'm just happy being a part of team Kendall for so long time that we didn't see the number one boy killing himself. It will always be a worry though. Watching Ken's highly competent bodyguard closely following him gave such a sigh of relief. I was so pissed when Kendall's siblings did not follow him to the elevator or made sure that someone followed him when he was leaving the offices with a long face.
I don't see it as some Greek tragedy. Competent ones won, the incompetent ones lost. Waystar Royco will live on. What a ride it has been.
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2023.05.29 10:42 jasminecr If Kendall hadn’t lost it at Roman and got violent do you think shiv’s decision would have been different?

Obviously I think there were multiple reasons she screwed him, and Roman said something disgusting about his kids. However I think seeing him loose it like that was the nail in the coffin. Especially when he was trying desperately to physically stop her leaving the room which was a bit overboard with her being pregnant.
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2023.05.29 07:46 ihategaming123 Here is a sad thought, months after the show is finished and people are no longer emotionally attached to the contestants and start thinking objectively will look back and realize how ignorant they were to Letty's inhumane treatment and Josie's favoritism but it won't matter anymore.

I guess on the bright-side, Josie may have a head start and early success after the show due to her delusional simps but her lack of personality will hinder her and she'll become irrelevant after several months.
Letty however will no doubt become a very successful podcast host and author due to her charisma and charm, with her first publication being about how she was lured into a fake reality show and tortured for more than a month. It will definitely be a massive success, and will no doubt be the final nail in the coffin for Sam Hyde.
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2023.05.29 07:42 Mulangal22 What is the best dip powder nail kit?

I’ve been doing my own nails for years and I’ve always done gel (hard gel, builder, poly…) but I want to stop using nail lamps and I would prefer not have to use acrylic. Any not insanely expensive good dip powder products that are good to start with?
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2023.05.29 07:24 No-Fall1364 Shiv saved Kendall

I see a lot of people who are so angry at Shiv out for blocking the vote. And I’ll admit of course I was upset that she didn’t just vote for him, however, after seeing his meltdown and reaction to this news, it’s so clear that she was right, he should not be CEO.
Kendall abuses Roman, violently, during their argument. He lies about being responsible for the death of the waiter in season one, as he’s trying to do anything in his power to secure the votes. He’s so power hungry and thinks this is what he’s meant to do.
The nail in the coffin is Kendall saying if he doesn’t get this, he will die. He’s so corrupted at this point, he genuinely believes in his mind that he’s doing this for his kids- even though it’s all for him.
At first I really thought the show would end with Kendall committing suicide. Especially in the scene with Mattson and Tom taking photo, I wondered if they would show Kendall falling behind them.
I’m so glad they didn’t go that route. The ending actually gave me some hope for Kendall. Can he finally get out? My hope is that he could really live a life outside of Waystar and this company.
There are many reasons I think why Shiv did what she did. People say for Tom, and I think that’s a big part of it- she doesn’t want to raise her child alone and be alone and saying Yes to the vote would push Tom in the direction of wanting to be with her.
“I love you, but I can’t stomach you.” I think those words say exactly why she did not vote for Kendall. She does love her brother and wants to support him, but that line makes me think she has a feeling in the pit of her stomach when she sees Kendall as CEO.
Of course it’s partly in jealously, but the truth is that Kendall is not a good person when he has that power.
He is cruel like his father. When he’s in power he really is so arrogant and self assured, and she can’t stand to see him like that for the rest of his life.
I don’t think Shiv consciously made this decision to ‘save Kendall’ but in the end, she really did
Great ending to a great show.
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2023.05.29 07:13 Brace_SK3 I feel so dusty and crusty

I really struggle with feeling beautiful or looking put together. I see so many woman who just look so put together whether it’s their outfits, make up, skin care, hair styles or nails. I really need help on how to look like I have my stuff together.
Anyways I would really appreciate any tips.
I would really appreciate any tips!!
I also want to add that I struggle with mental health issues. Which makes it hard sometimes to find the motivation to do basic stuff like taking care of my hygiene or looks.
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2023.05.29 07:11 Ok_Dog9127 How do I convince my mom to let me get my nails done?

For some context: I struggle with compulsive skin picking. I found out just last year that acrylic nails helped a lot with my compulsive skin picking, and after getting my nails done regularly, my skin had managed to heal quite a bit. This was also convenient as I'm usually very busy during the school year and wouldn't have time to do it myself. However, my mom has begun to tell me that this investment is a waste of money, and that I should just get press on nails for far cheaper. I've told her multiple times that getting my nails done helps a lot with my skin picking. I haven't had my nails done for a few months now, and my skin picking has just gotten worse and worse, yet she still won't change her mind.
How do I convince her to just let me get my nails done at a salon?
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Buy Presson Nails Starting from only 299/-. Link available in Bio. SHOP NOW! Product link- #Nailknack #fakenails #nailknack2022 #nailart #pressonnail #nails #beautynails #acrylicnails #artificialnail #India #bestnailsalon submitted by nailknack to u/nailknack [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:02 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel

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2023.05.29 05:54 jg-diff Toxic YouTubers and streamers

I watch hells, dB videos even support them in streams. I watch their stuff since they upload regularly. Now I am having conflicting feelings. I have observed something in hells live streams:-
  1. He trolls live(I saw him picking jhin jungle and feeding with yasuo samira)
  2. He is very toxic even he is feeding and doing bad plays(there was a kayn game where he straight up inted)
  3. He asks people to recommend champs to play but still picks the one he likes(I asked him to play kayle and even supported him but he says "Stop spamming", not even minimum respect for your supporters)
  4. He only plays good when he plays in duo/trio(probably with kieso or others) , he plays like your avg emerald player when he plays in solo q. Buts it's undeniable that he is good with his mains.
  5. He is very unlikable, self obsessed, jealous which is very different from what he displays himself in his videos.
He got mad when he got kicked out of content creator team and made videos. There was time when said that wildrift is dead and doing big drama in his videos by talking about various shit instead of content. He started a podcast channel and I can't even find it now. He said that he would make videos on tft but later insulted that game.
I stopped watching his videos for a while until very recently when he started uploading videos from good players(anderzed, lonely kid etc). I thought he changed his ways but it didn't happen. He wanted to leave the game and made a drama out of it now he is uploading daily I don't know what made him do that.
Final nail in the coffin was the recent tweet made by him on itzuart view count on twitch. Stuart is helping the community by that website(wildriftfire) and he is complaining that Stuart is immorally gaining views and its hurting other streamers. I believe content is the king and people who work hard will get recognition slowly but surely .
I am not going support any content creator from now on since they only eat each other out.
I wish that hells becomes a better person and stop doing stuff like this.
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2023.05.29 05:48 hannadesungmin I did my nails for the 1st time

I did my nails for the 1st time
Hi! ☆ So today I did my nails for the very first time. Over my natural nail I put the acrylic so my nails wouldn't break and then did an easy design inspired by Marin from My dressup darling. This is my very first time applying nails on my own. I "learned" by seeing my nail artist doing them to me, never took any courses or anything, but nothing prepared me to the filing of the cuticle and I cut myself A LOT. Constructive opinions will be very well recieved as I want to improve and make my own nails from now on! Btw, this, aling with the removal of the acrylic, took me a whole day~ very tired hahaha
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2023.05.29 05:36 Justanerdycat Can we take a moment to talk about the “Glory of Construction” Doctrine?

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, it’s god dam worthless. It is hands down the most useless doctrine in a sea of doctrines that all have a decent to very useful purpose.
The doctrine sounds good in theory, getting all of your construction done quickly, right? Well, though, it sounds good, it’s completely unnecessary. Tell me, do you ever really do a mass amount of construction? Maybe at the beginning, or when you’re decorating, but when has making 5 buildings taken more than 2 to 3 minutes? Why waste 30 bones, when you can press Y (on xbox) to speed up time. He’ll, you can even use the fact that followers tend to flock towards a building sight as a way to increase their loyalty in mass. (It’s a dance and jump scare party at my cult, followed by a quick pop in by the Lamb IRS) Oh, and final nail in the coffin is it’s “competitor” The ritual of enlightenment. When you compare the short term benefits of the construction ritual, (you get like, what, a bit of extra wood from your lumber mill) to the Both short AND long term benefits of the Enlightenment ritual, (more devotion which equals more buildings, which equals you having an easier time, plus getting more god tears), the winner is obvious. Now, the Glory of construction might have one Silver lining, a glorified faith restorer. If you have either the false idol or sacred building (both give faith for making decorations and buildings respectively) you could spam various of your desired creations and use the ritual as a way to boost faith (assuming that the ritual triggers the perks).
So, how do we fix this horrible doctrine, simple, make it similar to the enlightenment ritual. Give it a 3 day time frame where construction is sped up, and your followers work faster, and harvest a few bonus resources. It would synchronize well with the ritual of toil, and possibly the ritual of harvest.
That’s my rant on this doctrine that is such bad shit, that not even your followers would eat it.
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2023.05.29 05:17 GalacticDiscourse090 [EVENT] Crisis of Identity

The UNE’s defeat at the 2023 elections was the final nail in the coffin of Sandra Torres’s bid for national leadership. Already three times the defeated candidate, the UNE is now forced into a position to reevaluate its commitments, ideals, and strategy. In the aftermath of her defeat, Torres was besieged by critics from within her party for steering her party into one indistinguishable from its rivals transforming it into a tool of the corrupt blaming the party’s rightwards shift as the cardinal sin dooming any political bids for the presidency. While the Guatemalan right dances on its laurels and continue the conservative neoliberal program that has prolonged such an unequal society, the UNE struggle to begin anew. The young cadres of the party, however, recognized who is to blame, Sandra Torres and her patronage links and business connections.
The party reconvened in November 2024 to discuss the crisis of identity as factions within the party waged war against each other over what the UNE stand for, the current centrist stream or the old social democrat links to the late President Alvaro Colom. As soon as the meeting began, members of the party submitted a motion to remove Sandra Torres from the office of Secretary General of the party, a bold move considering Torres’s strong influence within the party. The vote was contentious but indeed, culminated in the ousting of Torres as leader of the UNE.
The new leader, Valeria Perez Quesada, the rising star of the UNE and Senator of Quetzaltenango was elected in Torres’s place. Hailing from a mixed-race family with her mother an ethnic Maya and her father a white criollo, her worldview and politics have been shaped by her upbringing in the majority native city. Being a Roman Catholic while maintaining a moderate progressive tone to social issues, makes her the ideal candidate to advocate for reproductive rights in such a conservative country. With a clean record and rhetoric supporting a return to the programs and values of Alvaro Colom’s welfare state, and backed by the new blood UNE cadres and old Alvaro Colom loyalists, she would begin transitioning the party back into a center-left, to left-wing stance. Inspired by leaders such as Gabriel Boric of Chile and Gustavo Petro of Colombia, she pledges to rectify the ideological deficit in Guatemalan politics, reassert the people’s will in the economy, pursue reforms to combat Guatemala’s chronic economic inequality, advocate for progressive issues, eradicate illiteracy, malnutrition, pursue comprehensive government reform and tackle crime and corruption.
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2023.05.29 05:17 talaabo The debt ceiling deal is going to accelerate market down fall.

The debt ceiling agreement includes a provision that restarts student loan repayment 60 days after the bill is signed. This is going to suck money out of millions of Americans who haven't paid student loans for 3 years. This is significant considering student loan repayment cannot be circumvented as they will go after your wages and garnish it.
The average America consumer is already scraping by due to high inflation. The student loan will finally be the nail in the coffin for this irrational market
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