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Streamline Your Retail Business with a POS Billing Machine

2023.05.29 13:23 Essae-India Streamline Your Retail Business with a POS Billing Machine

Streamline Your Retail Business with a POS Billing Machine
POS Machine

Streamline Your Retail Business with a POS Billing Machine

In the fast-paced world of retail, efficiency and accuracy are key factors that contribute to the success of any business. To simplify the billing process and enhance customer satisfaction, many retail shops are turning to POS (Point of Sale) billing machines. These technological marvels have revolutionized the way transactions are conducted, offering numerous advantages for both retailers and customers.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using a POS billing machine in a retail shop and how it can streamline your business operations.

Speed and Efficiency:

  1. One of the primary advantages of a POS billing machine is the speed at which transactions can be processed. Traditional manual billing methods can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to long queues and dissatisfied customers. With a POS billing machine, the entire billing process becomes streamlined, allowing for quick and accurate transactions. Scanning barcodes, calculating totals, applying discounts, and generating receipts are all done swiftly, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout experience.

Inventory Management:

  1. Keeping track of inventory is crucial for any retail business. A POS billing machine often comes equipped with inventory management features, allowing you to monitor stock levels in real-time. Each time a product is sold, the inventory is automatically updated, providing you with accurate insights into the availability of items. This helps in avoiding stockouts, optimizing reordering, and ensuring that popular items are always in stock. With precise inventory management, you can improve customer satisfaction by avoiding situations where desired products are unavailable.

Sales Analysis and Reporting:

  1. A POS billing machine provides valuable insights into your sales data and customer behavior. By analyzing the reports generated by the machine, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your business performance. You can track sales trends, identify top-selling products, and make informed decisions regarding pricing, promotions, and inventory management. These insights empower you to optimize your business strategy, enhance customer targeting, and drive revenue growth.

Integration with Other Systems:

  1. Modern POS billing machines often come with the capability to integrate with other business systems. This integration can include synchronization with accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and even e-commerce platforms. By seamlessly connecting your POS system with other essential systems, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure that information is synchronized across various channels. This integration saves time, reduces errors, and improves overall business efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

  1. A smooth and hassle-free checkout experience is crucial for customer satisfaction. POS billing machines enable faster transaction processing, reducing wait times and improving the overall shopping experience. Additionally, features such as itemized receipts, multiple payment options, and loyalty program integration can enhance customer engagement and loyalty. With a POS billing machine, you can provide a seamless and professional checkout experience, leaving a positive impression on your customers.


A POS billing machine is an indispensable tool for modern retail businesses. By leveraging its speed, efficiency, and advanced features, you can streamline your operations, optimize inventory management, and improve customer satisfaction. The ability to generate insightful reports and integrate with other business systems further empowers you to make informed decisions and drive business growth. If you're looking to take your retail business to the next level, investing in a POS billing machine is a smart move that can deliver significant benefits in the long run.
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2023.05.29 13:19 Different-Shake8462 Powerhouse Picks: META, AMZN, or NFLX - Unveiling the most compelling FAANG stock

Meta Platforms ($META)

Shares of social media giant Meta Platforms have rallied by a phenomenal 107% year-to-date. The company impressed investors by returning back to revenue growth in the first quarter (after three straight quarters of decline) despite subdued digital ad spending due to macro pressures.
Investors have also cheered the company’s aggressive cost-cutting and streamlining efforts, including thousands of layoffs. Despite the distraction caused by regulatory matters, most Wall Street analysts remain optimistic about Meta’s prospects.
Meta’s user base continues to expand, with daily active people (number of users who visited at least one of the family apps –Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp in a day) growing 5% year-over-year to 3.02 billion (on average) in March. The company expects capital expenditure of $30 billion to $33 billion this year toward the build-out of its artificial intelligence (AI) capacity to support ads, Feed, and Reels as well as increased investment in generative AI initiatives.
Is Meta a Good Stock to Buy?
On Tuesday, Piper Sandler analyst Thomas Champion reiterated a Buy rating on Meta Platforms stock with a price target of $270 after taking a deep look at the company’s AI capabilities.The analyst sees the company leveraging AI to boost user engagement, develop better and more automated advertiser tools, and create an open-source AI ecosystem. Champion is also optimistic about Meta’s positioning within the digital ads space.

Amazon ($AMZN)

Like Meta, Amazon is also reducing its costs to navigate a tough business backdrop. The company’s retail business has been under pressure due to the impact of macro challenges on consumer spending. Additionally, the slowdown in the growth rate of the higher-margin Amazon Web Services (AWS) business has also been concerning. Enterprises are moderating their IT budgets, which is weighing on AWS’s growth.
Wall Street continues to be bullish on Amazon and sees solid potential in the retail and AWS divisions over the long term. Moreover, AMZN’s rapidly growing advertising business is also expected to boost revenue in the years ahead. Despite macro pressures, Amazon’s ad revenue increased 23% year-over-year to $9.5 billion in Q1.
Is AMZN a Buy, Sell, or Hold?
Earlier this week, Mizuho analyst James Lee increased his price target for Amazon to $160 from $145 and reiterated a Buy rating, calling the stock his top pick for the second half of 2023. The analyst expects multiple expansion as concerns about the company’s AI market position “diminish.”
Recent channel checks by Lee’s firm with a leading channel partner indicated that AWS’s generative AI demand has been accelerating due to the ease of transition and product differentiation.
“Case studies show that AWS wins over clients on intelligence privacy and data security,” said Lee. Further, he also highlighted that generative AI is priced meaningfully higher than conventional computing, so it is expected to be both revenue and margin accretive to AWS. Consequently, Lee believes AWS revenue growth will likely trough in Q2 before rebounding in the second half of the year.


Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing has improved investor sentiment about the streaming giant. Password sharing has been a key concern for Netflix, especially as competition has become intense in the streaming space. Netflix had previously estimated that over 100 million households share accounts, representing 43% of its global user base. This week, Netflix rolled out its password-sharing crackdown to its home market.
Aside from the password-sharing crackdown, Netflix’s business is expected to improve through its recent introduction of a cheaper, ad-supported tier.
What is the Price Target for Netflix?
On Thursday, Oppenheimer analyst Jason Helfstein increased the price target for Netflix stock to $450 from $415 and maintained a Buy rating in reaction to the launch of paid sharing offering at $7.99 per additional household stream.
Prior to the announcement, the analyst’s firm conducted a survey of 1,800 U.S. Netflix consumers. The survey indicated a healthy propensity to pay for “remote” users, with certain abandoned users willing to pay for their own subscriptions.
While 45% of respondents indicated a willingness to pay for “remote” users, 70% indicated an inclination for the $6.99 ad-tier plan. With pricing of the paid sharing option above the ad-tier, the survey suggests a significant portion of these users will be pushed toward the ad-based offer.


Wall Street is more bullish on Meta Platforms and Amazon compared to Netflix. Given the massive rally in Meta stock, Wall Street sees higher upside potential in Amazon stock from current levels. Analysts mainly see solid potential in Amazon’s AWS cloud business, supported by solid demand for cloud computing and prospects for growth in the AI space.
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2023.05.29 13:14 TennisGirl1 Agent harassing private tenants to move out

Thank you in advance for your help. This is in London. AST.
The situation is the following: a very large agency managing portfolio of properties for an overseas investor (so no contact for landlord, only the agency). Section 21 served (all appears legal, the tenants aren't actually sure it arrived in the mail or not, but they were notified by the agency about it and given it's a very large agency, there's no reason to assume it wasn't done on the correct form). Tenants have been in for years, rent paid by direct debit and no contract breaches/violations, agency relisted the flat at much higher price.
Tenants genuinely tried to secure another tenancy, but after everything agreed, new landlord pulled out for personal reasons. Now the new property has a move-in date 2 weeks after the previous contract ends.
The agent is refusing to grand additional 2 weeks and insists the tenants find alternative accomodations for this period. They maintain that the move out inspection will happen on May 30th and keeps must be surrendered. There is no new tenant moving in as of now.
I understand from Shelter, CAB and this sub that the tenants don't have to leave and will not be evicted in 2 weeks. However, this is very stressful and tenants don't want this to go to court, nor do they want to be harassed by the agency.
What is a good response to email to the agency to avoid being held accountable for the court costs? If the agency does go to court on June 1st, will the court actually rule on this and order the tenants to pay court costs even though they would have been long gone by the time the case goes in front of the judge? Will this create a negative record for the tenants and count as an eviction? Can the agency charge any other costs besides prorated rent for the extra 2 weeks?
Thank you for your help. To add, I read the Shelter's site and other information on and CAB. I was really hoping to hear from someone who has legal experience in such matters and hopefully someone can offer a few sentences to email the agent in response to the "you were served section 21, we want you to leave on May 31, you need to seek alternative accommodations for this additional period".
*Edited some of the spelling typos
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2023.05.29 13:13 WHOLESALERS5123 Extremewholesalers site is a leading online retailer that offers a vast range of high-quality products at incredibly low prices.

Extremewholesalers site is a leading online retailer that offers a vast range of high-quality products at incredibly low prices.
One of the key benefits of shopping with extreme wholesalers is the wide selection of products available. These wholesalers stock a vast range of products from various manufacturers, giving you access to a diverse range of goods at a fraction of the retail price.
Whether you're looking for electronics, household items, clothing, or even food and beverages, extreme wholesalers have got you covered. With a wide selection of products, you can easily compare prices and choose the best quality products at the lowest prices.
Not only do extreme wholesalers offer a wide range of products, but they also have products in bulk quantities. This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to stock up on inventory, as buying in bulk usually translates to greater cost savings. Additionally, extreme wholesalers may offer discounts for bulk purchases, making it even more affordable to purchase large volumes of products.
Overall, the wide selection of products available at extreme wholesalers makes it a great option for individuals and businesses looking to save money while still getting access to a wide range of high-quality products.
Convenience in shopping
One of the biggest benefits of shopping with extreme wholesalers is the convenience that it offers. Instead of running around to different stores and markets to buy individual items, you can buy everything you need in one place. Additionally, the convenience of online shopping means you can place an order from the comfort of your own home or office, without having to stand in long lines or deal with crowds.
Furthermore, extreme wholesalers often offer a wide range of products, from groceries to electronics to household goods. This means you can do all of your shopping in one place, which is particularly useful if you have a busy schedule and limited time for shopping.
Some extreme wholesalers even offer delivery services, which means you don't have to worry about transportation at all. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to buy products in bulk but may not have the resources to transport everything themselves.
Overall, the convenience that comes with shopping with extreme wholesalers is a huge benefit, saving you time, effort, and money while offering a wide range of products to choose from.
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2023.05.29 13:12 Uselessbuddy [Store] Brudda's Store of TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/Diretide 2022 Collector's Caches Sets

Selling my sets for below mentioned price in items.
Feel free to add me/discuss.
Why u should trust me ?
Sold over 1000 TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/Diretide 2022 Collector's
Proof of gifting Caches Sets?
Check comments on my profile & check their inventory for my sets gifted by me.
Buyer always goes first or we can use middleman from this Sub.
Also, why would scam ? I got like 800+ cache sets to sell.

Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Shadowleaf Insurgent Hoodwink 20+ $15
Scarlet Subversion Riki 20+ $15
Whippersnapper Snapfire 20+ $10
Hounds of Obsession Chen 20+ $10
Seadog's Stash Clockwork 20+ $10
Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker 20+ $15
Spoils of the Shadowveil Spectre 20+ $15
Chines of the Inquisitor Faceless Void 20+ $10
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt Ursa 20+ $10
Crimson Dawn Phoenix 20+ $10
Forgotten Station Terrorblade 20+ $15
Dirge Amplifier Undying 20+ $15
Champion of the Fire Lotus Monkey King 20+ $10
Deathstitch Shaman Witch Doctor 20+ $10
Blue Horizons Marci 20+ $30
Angel of Vex Invoker 20+ $35
Dark Behemoth Primal Beast 20+ $50

Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Silverwurm Sacrifice Dragon Knight 22 $20
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer 23 $15
Perception of the First Light Dawnbreaker 22 $15
Apex Automated Clockwerk 22 $15
Test of the Basilisk Lord Razor 25 $10
Secrets of the Frost Singularity Ancient Apparition 23 $8
Perils of the Red Banks Chen 22 $10
The Chained Scribe Grimstroke 24 $10
Widow of the Undermount Gloom Broodmother 23 $10
Forgotten Fate Mars 22 $5
March of the Crackerjack Mage Rubick 24 $10
Cosmic Concoctioneers Alchemist 23 $20
Days of the Demon Axe 22 $10
Blightfall Abaddon 23 $15
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Ogre Magi 25 $35
Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel Chaos Knight 8 $60

Nemestice Collector's Cache 2021

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Twilight Hex Dark Willow 23 15$
Litany of the Damned Doom 24 15$
Astral Terminus Enigma 23 10$
Caerulean Star Enchantress 22 8$
Arcane Inverter Gyrocopter 22 20$
Creed of the Skullhound Lycan 22 25$
Desert Bloom Nature's Prophet 23 20$
Silence of the Starweaver Oracle 23 10$
Eyriebound Imperator Skywrath Mage 23 10$
Anthozoan Assault Tiny 23 25$
Defender of the Brumal Crest Winter Wyvern 10 10$
Red Sands Marauder Shadow Shaman 23 20$
Indomitable Legacy Sven 23 60$
Footfalls of the Sporefathers Witch Doctor 12 60$

Collector's Cache I 2020

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Ravenous Abyss Underlord 20+ $15
Apocalypse Unbound AA 20+ $10
Beholden of the Banished Ones Warlock 20+ $10
Fury of the Righteous Storm Disruptor 20+ $5
Lineage of the Stormlords Juggernaut 20+ $35
Silent Slayer Silencer 20+ $10
Mindless Slaughter Pudge 20+ $20
Heartless Hunt Bounty 20+ $10
Herald of the Ember Eye Grimstroke 20+ $10
Fissured Flight Jakiro 20+ $5
Flashpoint Proselyte Husker 20+ $15
Signs of the Allfather Nature prophet 20+ $15
Glory of the Elderflame Lina 20+ $25
Lineage of the Stormlords Juggernaut 6 $35
Origin of the Dark Oath Night Stalker 6 $25
Songs of Starfall Glen Enchantress 20+ $5
Ancient Inheritance Tiny 20+ $30
Forsworn Legacy mars 20+ $50

Collector's Cache II 2020

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Evolution of the Infinite Enigma 20+ $6
Beast of the Crimson Ring bristle back 20+ $10
Clearcut Cavalier Timber 20+ $6
The King Of Thieves Keeper of light 20+ $10
Horror from the Deep Tide 20+ $20
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler Arc warden 20+ $25
Talons of the Endless Storm chaos knight 20+ $15
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick 20+ $6
Crown of Calaphas Shadow demon 20+ $10
Wrath of the Fallen doom 20+ $20
Blacksail Cannoneer Sniper 20+ $10
Secrets of the Celestial 📷 Skywrath mage 20+ $5
Blaze of Oblivion Phoenix 20+ $6
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber Templar Assassin 20+ $25
Claszureme Incursion Void 20+ 70$

Collector's Cache 2019

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Paean of the Ink Dragon Grimstroke 18 10$
Scorched Amber Dragon Knight 20 20$
Allure of the Faeshade Flower Dark Willow 1 M* 25$
The Arts of Mortal Deception Enigma 21 10$
Poacher's Bane Tidehunter 20 10$
Soul of the Brightshroud Death Prophet 21 10$
Curse of the Creeping Vine Undying 21 20$
Appetites of the Lizard King Slark 18 25$
Riddle of the Hierophant Oracle 20 10$
Defender of Ruin Disruptor 22 25$

Collector's Cache II 2019

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 31 15$
Tribal Pathways Warlock 30 10$
Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 31 10$
Endless Night Abaddon 30 10$
Dapper Disguise Pudge 27 15$
Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodseeker 30 10$
Automaton Antiquity Broodmother 31 10$
Grim Destiny Wraith King 29 10$
Distinguished Expeditionary Tusk 30 10$
Verdant Predator Venomancer 31 10$
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 31 5$
Fowl Omen Necrophos 34 30$

The International 2018 Collector's Cache I

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum Bloodseeker 20 8$
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud Dark Seer 18 4$
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel Spirit Breaker 21 $5
The Murid Divine Necrophos 22 15$
Molokau Stalker Venomancer 21 $10
Morbific Provision Witch Doctor 22 10$
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin Queen of Pain 20 15$
Grasp of the Riven Exile Weaver 20 5$

The International 2018 Collector's Cache II

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Pitmouse Fraternity Meepo 37 10$
Fires of the Volcanic Guard Ember Spirit 37 10$
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript Axe 37 6$
Shimmer of the Anointed Nyx Assassin 29 5$
Loaded Prospects Brewmaster 39 15$
Ire of Molten Rebirth Phoenix 36 10$
Pattern of the Silken Queen Broodmother 26 5$
The Rat King Chen 28 10$
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge Underlord 22 20$

The International 2017 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Rumrunner's Carronade Brew master 20 15$
Abyssal Vortex Enigma 27 10$
Samareen Sacrifice Huskar 22 10$
Spoils of the Vodou Rover Witch Doctor 27 10$
Shadowforce Gale Luna 24 10$
Mechalodon Interdictor Gyrocopter 27 10$
Cunning Corsair Riki 24 20$

The International 2016 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Nightsilver's Resolve luna 2 M* dtygod* 20$
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror Chaos Knight 2 dtygod* dopey* 20$
I am no longer entertaining joy riders so I prefer you give $3 in items when u add me as deposit.
Those $3 will be subtracted from you're total sets cost.
Don't add me if you don't like the prices.

*if you don't reserve the sets.
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2023.05.29 13:10 Cloudmesoft01 Streamlining Inventory Management with Retail POS Software in Dubai

Streamlining Inventory Management with Retail POS Software in Dubai
Effective inventory management is crucial for retail businesses in Dubai to ensure smooth operations, minimize stockouts, and optimize profitability. By leveraging retail point-of-sale (POS) software, businesses can streamline their inventory management processes and achieve greater efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore how retail POS software helps in streamlining inventory management for businesses in Dubai.
Real-Time Inventory Tracking:
Retail POS software in Dubai provides real-time inventory tracking, enabling businesses to have accurate visibility of stock levels at all times. This eliminates the need for manual stock checks and reduces the risk of stockouts or overstocking. With up-to-date inventory information, businesses can make informed decisions regarding reordering and ensure that popular products are always available to meet customer demand.
Automated Replenishment:
One of the key features of retail POS software is automated replenishment. The software can be configured to set reorder points for each product, triggering automatic purchase orders when inventory levels fall below the specified thresholds. This ensures timely restocking, minimizes the chances of running out of popular items, and eliminates the need for manual reorder calculations. Automated replenishment saves time, reduces human errors, and helps businesses maintain optimal stock levels.
Centralized Inventory Management:
Retail POS software in Dubai offers centralized inventory management, where businesses can consolidate their inventory data in one place. This allows for efficient tracking and monitoring of stock across multiple store locations, warehouses, or online sales channels. Businesses can easily view stock levels, track product movements, and transfer inventory between locations as needed. Centralized inventory management promotes better coordination and reduces the risk of stock discrepancies.
Sales Integration and Reporting:
Integrating retail POS software with sales data provides valuable insights into product performance and sales trends. Businesses in Dubai can generate comprehensive reports that showcase top-selling items, slow-moving inventory, and seasonal fluctuations. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and inventory planning. Retailers can identify profitable products, optimize their product mix, and minimize inventory carrying costs.
Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction:
By streamlining inventory management processes with retail POS software, businesses in Dubai can achieve greater efficiency. Time-consuming tasks such as manual stock counts, order placement, and inventory reconciliation are automated, freeing up staff to focus on more valuable customer service and sales activities. Accurate stock availability also improves customer satisfaction, as customers can rely on the business to have their desired products in stock, resulting in a positive shopping experience.
Efficient inventory management is a critical component of success for retail businesses in Dubai. By utilizing retail POS software, businesses can streamline inventory management processes, optimize stock levels, and improve operational efficiency. With real-time inventory tracking, automated replenishment, centralized management, and data-driven insights, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, minimize stockouts, and maximize profitability in the competitive retail landscape of Dubai.
Cloud Me provides the ideal situation to increase business volume. Restaurants and retail outlets with single or multiple branches can enhance their output using our software. We offer you retail POS software in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, etc. If you want to know more about our services, please call us at +971 564407916 or email us at info @, website:
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2023.05.29 13:06 Swimming-Fudge-6145 Teamlead IT

Teamlead support and installation
Rate my salary - Teamlead support and installation
**2. TYPE OF CONTRACT: bediende 34u/week
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2023.05.29 13:00 AutoModerator Weekly Simple and Common Questions/Camera Recommendation Thread - Includes useful links to free stock resources!

This thread is provided as a place to ask simple/basic questions to the community. There are no stupid questions here!

After asking your question, we kindly ask you have a look through the rest of the thread in case there are any other users you can help out.

Useful links:

Other subreddits:

/videography is focused on the pre-production and production side of videography. Please check out the following list of subreddits as there may be a more specific subreddit where you can get a higher quality answer.
The above subreddits are not run by or affiliated with /videography moderators, please read their rules before posting there. Many of them also have 'simple questions' threads similar to this which should be your first point-of-call.
Many thanks,
/Videography moderation team
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2023.05.29 12:58 Ranchyspatula What do y’all think of this?

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2023.05.29 12:53 Kianhuatmetalbl Have You Ever Heard About Steel Pipe, Plate and Sheet? If Not Here Is the Guidance for You

Stainless steel is highly sought after in various sectors due to its many useful properties and applications. However, despite stainless steel's widespread use, many individuals still need to learn more about the material's qualities, applications, and requirements.
Everything you need to know about stainless steel is included in this article.
Fabrication of stainless steel involves shaping the metal, bending it, and then putting the pieces together. A wide variety of tools and methods are available for this task, but welding is by far the most common. Stainless steel fabrication Singapore is used in construction, the auto industry, and many other fields.Stainless Steel Singapore can be fabricated utilizing a wide range of processes. Welding is the most typical technique, but machining, stamping, and shaping are other viable options.
Stainless steel has existed for centuries because it resists corrosion and performs better in harsh environments. The combination of iron and chromium that gives stainless steel its rust resistance gained widespread attention at the end of the 1800s. Since then, it has been shaped into stainless steel pipe and put to use in a wide variety of commercial settings.
Working with stainless steel sheets is a breeze. Due to their amazing malleability, they can be easily shaped without much effort. From large industrial machines to compact home gadgets, stainless steel sheets, and plates have many uses. The thickness of the stainless steel plate determines how easily it can be bent. Thinner sheets need special bending tools, but thicker plates can be bent using just your hands.
A stainless-steel sheet is a thin, flat piece of stainless steel that can be used for various purposes. It is widely used in the aerospace, transportation, and food industries due to its lightweight and resistance to corrosion. Annealed and at a lower temper, 430 stainless steel sheet is more malleable. Out of all the steel grades, these sheets are the ones that get the most use. Due to their incredible durability, these are widely used as ornaments. Its flexibility is improved by the fact that it is resistant to corrosion.
Blanks, flats, bars, plates, and plate stock are all types of metals and alloys used to make metal plate. Metal and alloy plates and plate stock have several uses, including flooring, floor fabrication, building and construction materials, and raw material feed for machining or forming of parts.
If you're in the building or fabricating business, you know how crucial it is to employ top-notch steel in everything you do. Finding trustworthy Steel Supplier Singapore is essential to the long-term health of your business. If you choose a reliable metal supplier, you'll have plenty of high-quality steel to keep your operations running smoothly. Any hiccups, setbacks, or discrepancies could disrupt your business operations. Productivity may decrease, and you may lose some consumers as a result.
Compare steel providers based on shipping and delivery prices to get the best one for your needs. Buying from a steel fabricator in your immediate area can save you time and money compared to ordering supplies online or from a supplier far away.
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2023.05.29 12:50 DenCooper89 What’s the best amount to start crypto trading with?

The best amount to start crypto trading with can vary depending on individual circumstances and risk tolerance. It's important to consider several factors when determining the amount to allocate for crypto trading. Here are some considerations:
  1. Risk Management: Crypto trading carries inherent risks, including price volatility and market uncertainties. It's crucial to only allocate funds that you are willing to risk and potentially lose. Consider your overall financial situation and invest an amount that will not have a significant impact on your financial well-being or essential expenses.
  2. Investment Goals: Define your investment goals and time horizon. Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term investment? Your investment strategy may influence the amount you allocate for crypto trading. If you are new to trading, it's advisable to start with a smaller amount to gain experience and understand market dynamics.
  3. Trading Strategy: Different trading strategies require varying capital requirements. If you plan to actively trade and take advantage of short-term price fluctuations, you may need a larger amount to cover transaction fees and have sufficient capital for trading positions. However, if you prefer a long-term buy-and-hold approach, a smaller amount can be suitable.
  4. Education and Learning: Crypto trading requires knowledge and understanding of the market. Consider investing in education and learning resources to enhance your trading skills. Allocating a portion of your initial investment for educational purposes can be beneficial.
  5. Diversification: It's generally recommended to diversify your investments to mitigate risks. Instead of allocating your entire investment budget to crypto trading, consider diversifying across different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, or other investment vehicles.
Ultimately, the best amount to start crypto trading with is subjective and depends on your personal financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment goals. It's crucial to do thorough research, start with an amount you are comfortable with, and continually monitor and adjust your trading strategy as you gain experience and market knowledge.
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2023.05.29 12:27 PangolinBoring7147 What is Stock Trading- Important Strategies for 2023?

What is Stock Trading?

Stock trading entails buying and selling the company’s shares in an effort to profit from daily price fluctuations. The short-term price changes of these equities are actively monitored by traders, who subsequently attempt to purchase cheap and sell high. Stock traders differ from regular stock market investors in that they perform a short-term perspective rather than a long-term one.

Important Strategies for 2023




Return on Equity

Read more:-
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2023.05.29 12:23 ChemAnalystdata First Quarter of 2023 in North America Azithromycin Prices

North America
Azithromycin Price displayed stable market dynamics throughout the first quarter of 2023. With the start of Q1 2023, prices were recorded to increase stably, supported by sustained purchases from the pharmaceutical end-user industry and merchant stocks to meet demand. Also, the ease of trade disruption supported the Azithromycin market trend. With an average quarterly inclination of 0.40%, the settlement price of Azithromycin API was recorded at USD 103750/MT CFR Houston. Enough inventories among the merchants and the domestic suppliers kept the market situation firm. With stable production costs and ease in demand, trading activities were also feeble, keeping the market Weak.
Azithromycin prices witnessed a positive trajectory in the APAC region in the first quarter of 2023. At the commencement of Q1 2023, the prices recorded to drop backed by sufficient inventories and a stable demand outlook. Later with the onset of February, After the Lunar New Year break, the Chinese pharmaceutical markets technically returned on a positive note with an increase in orders and shipments from both the domestic and the international market. As the market was reopened, factory and port operations resumed. Also, with the soaring offtake and increase in the no. of international orders, Azithromycin prices increased in the Chinese market. At the termination of Q1 202, the settlement price of Azithromycin API was accessed at USD 101340/MT FOB Shanghai with an average quarterly inclination of 1.33%.
The first quarter of 2023 saw stable market dynamics for Azithromycin. Prices started to rise steadily at the beginning of Q1 2023, helped by ongoing purchases from the pharmaceutical end-user business and merchant stockpiles to fulfill demand. The settlement price for azithromycin API was recorded at USD 105560/MT CFR Houston, with an average quarterly inclination of 0.54%. The market position remained stable thanks to sufficient stockpiles held by retailers and domestic suppliers. The market remained weak due to stable manufacturing costs, easy demand, and weak trade activity. Also, the reduced energy prices further lower doe the production cost keeping the market weak.
ChemAnalyst tackles the primary difficulty areas of the worldwide chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, empowering decision-makers to make informed decisions. It examines and analyses geopolitical risks, environmental concerns, raw material availability, supply chain functioning, and technological disruption. It focuses on market volatility and guarantees that clients manage obstacles and hazards effectively and efficiently. ChemAnalyst's primary expertise has been data timeliness and accuracy, benefiting both local and global industries by tuning in to real-time data points to execute multibillion-dollar projects internationally.
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2023.05.29 12:11 Theo_011 Uncovering the Potential: Comparing $ZH, $CATX, and $LMFA - Which penny stock holds promise?

Zhihu (ZH)

Based in China, Zhihu ($ZH) is a “…leading online content community in China where people come to find solutions, make decisions, seek inspiration, and have fun,” according to one of its filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Further, the document states that the company grew from a question-and-answer forum to one of the top comprehensive online content communities.
Fundamentally, given China’s massive population size, Zhihu may be a worthwhile idea for the best penny stock to buy now. If it finds a niche market, it could be wildly successful, even if it never expands beyond its borders. Unfortunately, ZH represents a wildly risky security. Priced at just $1 right now, shares slipped almost 29% since the beginning of this year. Surprisingly, though, two analysts cover ZH within the past three months, pegging shares a moderate buy. In addition, their average price target lands at $2.25, implying 125% upside potential. Financially, Zhihu carries a mixed profile. That said, it features a decently robust balance sheet and commands a three-year revenue growth rate of 74.7%. Thus, it could be one of the top penny stocks to buy.

Perspective Therapeutics (CATX)

Headquartered in Richland, Washington, Perspective Therapeutics ($CATX) bills itself as a developer of game-changing therapies for cancer patients. According to its website, Perspective gains attention for its new, proprietary class of theranostics, which enable the ability to see a specific tumor and then treat it. This process potentially improves efficacy and minimizes toxicity associated with many other types of cancer treatments.
To be sure, the company commands significant scientific relevancies. And so far, the retail investment community responded heartily to the enterprise. Since the Jan. opener, CATX skyrocketed nearly 108%. In fairness, it’s a volatile idea, with shares dropping more than 12% in the trailing month. Still, it has the qualities to rank as a candidate for best penny stock to buy now. Interestingly, Oppenheimer’s Jeff Jones pegs CATX as a buy. The expert forecasts shares hitting $1.20, implying almost 141% upside potential. As well, the analyst made this call several days ago, so it’s not a “leftover” assessment.
Financially, Perspective suffers from negative profit margins. However, it delivers a surprisingly stout balance sheet. Moreover, its three-year EBITDA growth rate pings at 35.8%. Thus, it might work out for those investing in penny stocks.

LM Funding America (LMFA)

In my opinion, LM Funding America ($LMFA) easily ranks as one of the riskiest ideas among the top penny stocks. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, LM Funding focuses on cryptocurrency mining. Additionally, it seeks to broaden the framework and utility of crypto-based initiatives. For example, it specializes in blockchain contracts, public company financing and specialty financing.
Earlier in the economic cycle, I could see the appeal of such blockchain-driven endeavors. However, with the economy in limbo regarding national debt obligations, stubbornly high inflation and also high borrowing costs, I’m not so sure how a blockchain enterprise can be superior to traditional options. Nevertheless, if you want to speculate on cryptos without directly buying cryptos, LMFA might work out for you. Enticingly, Maxim Group’s Matthew Galinko pegs shares a buy, targeting a $2 price target. If LMFA reaches that point, investors would accrue a 174% return.
However, I still think it’s the riskiest idea in this penny stock comparison in part because of the financials. Yes, LM Funding carries a decently stable balance sheet. However, investors must be aware of the negative profit margins and revenue “growth” rate.
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2023.05.29 12:02 bodyjewelryus Tips to Purchase Sterile and Safe Body Piercing Jewelry

The popularity of body art is soaring these days. Teenagers and young adults can be seen on the streets while wearing elaborate jewelry in their extended earlobes, pierced noses, Nipple rings, chins rings, and Eyebrow rings.
Body modifications include both piercing and stretching.
Body alteration uses a wide variety of accessories, and appealing jewelries are often utilized to embellish new or altered features.
Given the extreme nature of this trend, in which parts of the body are cut or injected and metal jewelries are worn. It makes sense that the tools and jewelry utilized in these procedures would likewise be of the highest quality.
The following are some considerations to keep in mind when getting a tattoo or buying body jewelry like Nose hoops:
Figure out which metals are secure. The best metals for piercings are surgical stainless steel, titanium, niobium, solid 14k or higher k gold, and implantation steel.
Wooden piercing jewelry like Nose rings, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs due to the increased risk of allergic reactions and infections caused by contact with the wound. Sterling silver, copper, and nickel are the metals you AVOID.
If you are considering expanding your earlobes, look for low-priced ear gauges from a reputable vendor or seller.
You should verify that the wholesaler you are considering stocks ear measuring kits produced from kosher components. Metals such as stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, marble, etc. are all appropriate and safe materials for ear stretching kits.
Only purchase authentic body Piercing jewelry. The safest option is to always acquire authentic accessories to decorate your augmented body parts.
Never reuse someone else's piercing jewelry. If you must, make sure it is properly sterilized.
When stretching ear lobes, avoid using any lubricants other than those specifically recommended. During the procedure, it could lead to significant infections and wounds. Before you stretch your earlobes, make sure you watch several YouTube tutorials to learn the proper technique and aftercare.
Inquire about the dangers to your health from the piercer. Some folks should probably avoid getting pierced. They give in to the excruciating discomfort of the procedure and its aftermath. Panic makes the pain of a punctured and stretched wound worse. Furthermore, inducing terror has serious consequences for your health. The operator's concentration is diverted, which increases the risk of serious errors. In addition, you may have a fever for a few days as a result of the intense pain.
Verify that your preferred piercer with Piercing kits has access to a sterilizing device. Ask the piercing shop whether they have a sterilizing tool on hand before getting your body pierced. If not, you should look for a different place to get your piercing done.
Only go to a qualified piercer if you want to avoid infection and injury. They will know what they are doing, so there will not be as many mistakes.It is important to think about how quickly your body will recover when selecting jewelry for a new piercing.
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2023.05.29 11:57 whitejaguar [H] Spider-Man, F1 2011/2012, Watch_Dogs & removed games [W] TF2 keys, Bulk offers

Have - Steam gifts (ROW, unrestricted, if you can't see the game in my inventory, it is still available, so add me for the trade)
Game name Price Notes Stock Game Status
Borderless Gaming 5 keys Gift
Call of Duty World at War 25 keys Gift
Droplitz offers removed game subID 12638 Gift
F1 2011 offers removed game subID 11620 Gift
F1 2011 offers removed game subID 12677 Gift
F1 2012 offers removed game Gift
Faerie Solitaire 2 keys Gift
Fortified 1 TOD Ticket Steam key/add me
Hero Academy - Tribe Pack - Hatless Gift 4 keys Gift
Hitman Collection (ROW) 12 keys subID 49903 Gift
Iron Warriors T - 72 Tank Command 2 keys Gift
Lucius 2 keys Gift
Mount & Blade Complete 6 keys subID 38003 Gift
NASCAR The Game 2013 45 keys removed game subID 28448 Gift
PAYDAY 2 Gage Weapon Pack 02 1 TOD Ticket Gift
PlayWay's Sim Bundle 1 keys subID 51669 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2012 offers removed game subID 15175 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2013 offers removed game subID 28407 Gift
Pro Cycling Manager 2014 6 keys Gift
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle 10 keys Gift
Saints Row IV - Child's Play Pack 1 TOD Ticket removed game subID 35488 Gift
Shannon Tweed's Attack Of The Groupies 2 keys Gift
Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Collection 10 keys subID 17095 Gift
SteamWorld Dig 1 TOD Ticket Steam key/add me
The Amazing Spider-Man 300 keys removed game Gift
The Holiday Express 4 keys subID 35154 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Helm’s Deep Base offers removed game subID 32781 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Quad Pack offers removed game subID 32775 Gift
The Lord of the Rings Online Steely Dawn Pack offers removed game subID 18483 Gift
The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff 10 keys Gift
The Sims 3 Generations 10 keys Gift
Watch_Dogs Complete 25 keys Gift
Your Doodles Are Bugged! offers removed game subID 8256 Gift
Sending Trade Offers
Trade offer link:
Steam inventory:
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2023.05.29 11:56 EmbarrassedResult744 Zerodha allcargo stock showing incorrect average

Hi, I had brought ALLCARGO stocks for ~370 average price. However, it is showing average as 215.01, which I'm 100% sure is not what I brought it for. I've checked the tradebook and it's showing correct amount. Wanted to know why the average price that I brought it in would drop.
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2023.05.29 11:55 -_-COVID-_- Dividend reinvesting - What's your preference?

Be it thousands or tens of rupees.. What do you people do with your dividends?
  1. Spend the cash.
  2. Reinvest in the same stock, irrespective of the current valuation.
  3. Reinvest in the same stock when it comes to fair valuation.
  4. Buy any other stock in the portfolio which is trading at a fair price.
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2023.05.29 11:52 Bold_Mole Buying BERT in Brani Financial Mistake 15k/t profit 24k demand

Hello Truckers,
Financial Mistake is seeking to stock up on Bertrandite in Brani.
Truckers will earn 15,000 credits per ton from this opportunity. The carrier parks next to the station, so it's a quick trip.
System: Brani
Station: Wundt Hub (L pads)
Selling Price: ~16,000cr
Supply: 763,872t
Fleet Carrier: Financial Mistake (JOT-32F)
Buying Price: ~31,000cr
Demand: ~24,000t
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2023.05.29 11:51 RockHopper73 Musings on FIRE after 1.5Yr

At 48 I discovered FIRE and have been semi-obsessed with learning everything about finance and achieving financial freedom ever since.
I have followed the usual FIRE template and I’m pleased to say after 1.5 years I now have over one years worth of living expenses invested/saved. I like to think of it, as on the first rung of a 25 step ladder, at least I’m off the ground.
I spend much of my spare time walking and thinking about the FIRE process, listening to audiobooks and experts in the field and podcasts on the subject etc.
I have so many questions I’d like to bounce off other people who are going through the same process because right now I’m in my own echo chamber of one. I have too many questions for one post but I’ll start with this one:
Emergency Fund
Saving an emergency fund is one of the cherished tenants of FIRE. As I began saving and investing, I built up a 6 month emergency fund.
On the positive side, it’s really incredible to know that even if for some reason you were fired from your job tomorrow, all it would mean is that you’d have a nice holiday and many months in order to find your next job without any pressure. This peace of mind is really incredible and I’m very glad to be in the position I am now.
However, I’m also looking at this pile of cash and thinking what a ridiculous waste. We’ve all watched food and energy prices skyrocket so that cash is bleeding away in buying power to inflation.
Cash is trash, as they say. Smart money people seem to keep as little cash as they can possibly get away with. They buy assets with it as soon as they can.
I can cash out in-profit stocks in seconds on my phone and I have a credit card (which I don’t use as a rule) with a large available balance, in an emergency I could use it giving me a month liquidate an asset to cover.
Do I even need a (cash) emergency fund? I’m not so sure. I think you need it to start, but then once you have enough immediately available funds in other assets, that can be your emergency fund.
I think I’m going to reduce my cash fund down to three months expenses and invest the rest.
What are your thoughts on emergency funds?
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2023.05.29 11:43 Firm-Illustrator-416 TRADING VS INVESTING

The growth in the stock market over the years and its potential for growing one’s money makes it the asset preferred by everyone. The stock market has become easy to access since transactions can be done from any corner of the world as long as one has access to the internet. This has led people to wonder, trading vs investing which is better. In this article, we will discuss both to help you understand which one is more suited to you. Based on the duration of the transaction, you can either trade or invest in the stock market.
When a stock is held for a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. but for less than a year, it is considered as trading. These short term trades are taken for making immediate profits. Individuals that trade on the stock market are referred to as Traders.
When a stock is held for a longer duration of more than a year, generally 3-5 years, it is considered as investing in the stock. Investments are done with the goal of wealth creation. Individuals that invest in the stock market are referred to as Investors.
Differences in Trading Vs Investing
As discussed above, let us look through the criteria that will help you decide whether trading or investing is better suited for you and aligns with your goals. We will also discuss the rules you must follow in each case.
Short Term or Long Term The first decision you must make before you enter the stock market is to decide whether you wish to trade for the short term or invest for the long term. When a Trader takes a trade for the short term, the frequency of trades is higher as compared to an Investor’s trades. This allows the trader to book smaller profits on a regular basis while investors must have patience and be willing to wait for a long time for wealth creation. They might not see immediate profits but their capital is bound to appreciate in the long term.
Price Vs Value The analysis carried out by traders and investors differs greatly. Traders must study price movements through Technical Analysis. This includes studying candlesticks patterns, price action, oscillators, momentum indicators, other volume and price indicators, trading strategies, Dow Theory, Elliot Wave Theory, etc. These studies can be applied on candlestick charts to make them easier to analyze. The trading indicators and strategies give entry and exit signals in bullish, bearish, and sideways markets, enabling traders to generate profits irrespective of the market conditions. Readmore....
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2023.05.29 11:41 moybradt is it possible for US anericans to boycott? or has the US gone full retard?

i copy pasted my response to a post that had a picture of his order being delayed and "if you don't receive by tomorrow, we will give you a refund". OP was wondering if it was actually delayed or never shipped.
the refund part is an improvement since my most recent experiences but you can read about it further below:
it means people should boycott amazon. this always happens to me, especially when it has a high % sale or the item doesn't frequently go on sale.
they say that it is a shipping or sometimes an inventory issue. but it can't be a shipping issue if you have prime. i have never encountered shipping issues on regular priced, normal items (as well as purchases without prime). so it has to mean there was an inventory issue. but thats amazon's way of masking how shitty their service has been lately, especially post 2020, during and after the pandemic.
they are "selling" to you without having inventory. but honestly, why can't they make a better automation system where they automatically stop selling when they hit 0 inventory? and then, why do they tell u it is an inventory/shipping problem when they end up not shipping you the item? all amazon has to do is just say sorry we're out, instead of keeping it as an open order yet to be shipped and "telling" you that you will receive it at the price you ordered it. and then 2 months or more later (i've waited over 6 months on one item) they tell you the order has been canceled, contact us if you want to keep it.
and then when you contact them, these shitty indian customer service reps give you shitty attitudes, transfer you mid text/call, talk back with attitude when you've given them more than 2 chances to help you figure out the problem peacefully.
and all this time, the fuckn item is fully available and on sale at full/regular price.
i only keep my prime account because i paid the yearly student rate. when that expires, im out. yall should do the same and/or stop using amazon altogether; im begging you. prime video also has the shittiest collection from the streaming services, less and less reasons to stick with amazon.
best buy is actually my go-to retailer now. they often have the same "inventory problem", but they have always given me a raincheck price in-store when they get new stock, or their system is "done refreshing."
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