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2014.11.20 00:59 shaunc Outages - Internet service outages and interruptions

Discussion of internet service outages and interruptions

2022.07.24 04:41 rock7steady Scopely stole my birthday gift

So, yesterday was my birthday, and I joking asked customer support if they’d like to help celebrate my birthday. I didn’t expect anything, but who knows? It’s only been 1,380 days, right?
Fast forward a few hours. Customer support send me an inbox with some “resources”. Cool. I start scrolling through before I hit claim. There were shards there for NEARLY every single character that is not a legendary, and I don’t mean 1 or 2 shards. There was anywhere from 40 to 92 shards for EACH character there. I was shocked. I immediately claimed them, and then sent a screenshot of some of them to my alliance mates on Discord. Went back and took a video ( ) to provide further proof. One of my mates sent the screenshots and link (above) to @mobilegamer365 while he was live on Twitch. He picked it up and was blown away. Had it examined on FotoForensics to make sure it wasn’t fake. He got ArchAngel on chat, who said something along the lines of, oops yeah that was a coding error, we never actually sent him those character shards.
Turns out, Scopely sent me an amazing gift, and then stole my birthday gift right back from me. Super cool. Really glad to see that these guys are doubling down on their QC after their recent blog post admitting they’ve been making a lot more mistakes lately than is acceptable.
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2022.06.12 16:54 Taeid Does this remind anyone of Mobilegamer365?
Just to appease the MODS: mobilegamer365 plays MSF, and streams his gameplay on Twitch; I mentioned MSF.
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2022.05.25 21:03 Nosicieldusz What was your favourite "issue"?

I know we are frustrated with things not working properly every day even though top technicians are constantly working to fix them, but looking back at some of them makes me laugh. I guess in some way they are good memories. I'm surprised that there are no videos like "TOP 10 issues May".
I will say that my favourite "issue" was the increasing gold. I still remember that day when after the reset we were getting free gold and then I think the game was closed for hours and then they did the hard reset. It was the best 10 minutes when we all were wealthy and that's the one issue they shouldn't have fixed ;)
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2021.07.22 14:30 joosth3 Mobile Gamer with his daughter on his Twitch stream is the most fun I've had in MSF this week

It was so funny to me to see a dad explain to his teenage daughter what kind of childish nonsense he is doing for a living haha. Really suggest any MG regulars check it out, in his stream from about 14 hours ago.
Wth is Kestrel?!
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2021.03.05 17:33 FHartgrave MobileGamer365 Raided my Rant about RTA last night on Twitch!

HUGE Thank You to MobileGamer365 and all the viewers for the Twitch Raid last night (it happens at 19:50 after my rant about RTA)! I had NO IDEA that was coming or was even a "thing"!
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2021.02.03 09:03 B2TheFree Pro tips on not needing compensation every 5 seconds!

Man I see alota reddit posts atm about compensation and how it is owed and how people are so pissed about it. So I have developed list of pro tips around not having to post Ur rage on reddit: - Don't open orbs on server reset (wait 20mins check reddit for the posts then go) - Check milestones have clicked over before spending your cash and missing Emma / other milestone rewards - don't spend cores on store reset for atleast an hour after a new character has been put in - and check reddit.
In fact, most of this can be sorted with two tips. - Don't do anything of Importance for 30mins after reset. I do my daily RTA usually takes 25-30mins then I check reddit for all the YOU DID THIS WRONG YOU OWE ME AN 8 RED STAR BLACK BOLT AND 20'000'000 BOOMER BUCKS posts. - Make sure to tune into mobile gamer every day to get the heads up on all that's going on. And all the free Boomer bucks. Link is here
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2020.11.29 19:46 ToxicPineApple1112 This community is awesome, but...

TL:DR At the end of the day this is just a game and each and everyone of us plays this game differently. Just because we don't use "your" team or play the way you play doesn't mean any of us are freaking idiots or are not playing the game right.
On to the main post, I just want to start of by saying this community is amazing, this is the 1st community I even decided to join when it comes to games. The people that are apart of this community are amazing. The content creators and twitch streamers are phenomenal, great people. I'm not trying to start anything please understand that. The whole point of this post is to just get people to stop bashing on each other. Please stop bashing on people, mainly content creators that don't satisfy you or don't provide gameplay the is not similar or exactly as yours. Each content creator has their own styles to what they produce. So stop making people sound like idiots just because they don't think the same way as you.
Mobilegamer365/OhEmGee- Does offer review,does monthly character rankings. Valleyflyin- Does Monday mailbags every well Monday, does weekly news videos every week. Goofyrhexxi- Makes videos for people that are new to the game or don't spend as much.
Just because they produce the same content as you or don't produce content that you like, and this goes for everyone reading this, don't say that they're useless or are horrible. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it. Also please stop spreading fake rumors about people in this community. Its just causes more and more trouble and it's just not worth it.
We also don't own any teams, we don't own Cpt. America,we don't own spiderman, we don't own iron man. So please, stop saying that a team is "your" team or that you own a team. "To finish to post, I just wanna say" we work better together, we figure out things by sharing ideas with each other,we are stronger together. Thank you all for listening.
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2020.10.29 23:22 Kadwen DOOM Kit Reveal tonight with MobileGamer featuring Cerebro!

Live at 5pm PST / 8pm EST
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2020.04.29 23:40 CommanderDedpool If you like MSF content and a good giggle, look up MobileGamer channel on twitch, find yesterday’s stream...’s about being on the Scopelys Master Beta Program. The elongated start to the stream was one of the funniest game related things I have seen. Even my wife who does not care for MSF was laughing hard 😂😂
Edit here is the link to his channel:
Looks like MG made a shorter YouTube video too
Omfg dead!!
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