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2023.05.29 13:32 Wearstudio Embrace the Heat with the Hottest Summer Collection

Embrace the Heat with the Hottest Summer Collection
Introduction: As the sun shines brighter and temperatures rise, it's time to revamp our wardrobes and embrace the summer season in style. From breezy dresses to vibrant swimwear, this year's summer collection offers a plethora of fashion-forward options to keep you cool, comfortable, and fashionable. Get ready to make a statement with these must-have summer wardrobe essentials.
  1. Sun-Kissed Style: Effortless Dresses
  1. Beat the Heat: Cool and Casual Shorts
  1. Swimwear Sensations: Splash-Worthy Bikinis and Swimsuits
  1. Footwear Finesse: Comfortable and Chic
  1. Accessories That Shine: Sun-Ready Essentials
Conclusion: Summer is the perfect time to embrace fashion and have fun with your wardrobe. With the hottest summer collection, you can beat the heat while looking effortlessly stylish. From breezy dresses to vibrant swimwear, comfortable footwear to chic accessories, there's something for everyone to make a fashion statement this season. So, gear up, soak up the sun, and let your summer style shine!
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2023.05.29 13:21 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit

PolyGel is an all-in-one formula to get salon quality nails right at home. No monomer, no mixing, and no ratios! The odorless formula allows you to get your nails perfectly done within minutes.
Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, PolyGel's breakthrough TriPolymer Technology delivers gravity-defying performance for astonishingly easy, and ultra-stylish nails.
The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail Kit today!
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2023.05.29 12:52 beerbasin Thoughts on purchasing this ring from a friend?

Thoughts on purchasing this ring from a friend?
David Yurman crossover ring with micro pave set in platinum.
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2023.05.29 12:46 Several_Childhood_57 Castle in the Sky: Yeah it's pretty good

Castle in the Sky: Yeah it's pretty good

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Castle in the Sky is not your typical magical Ghibli anime—it is an epic action-adventure film that possesses all the elements to make it a thrilling experience. It encompasses myths, treasures, magic stones, an heir princess, a formidable enemy, highly advanced robots, and even a massive floating castle concealed within the clouds.
What truly sets Castle in the Sky apart and makes it so captivating is its exceptional writing and polished script. The film boasts a fantastic plot that is both enjoyable and engaging, populated with witty and intriguing characters. The main protagonists, Pazu and Sheeta, are endearing, courageous, and form a remarkable team. Dola, also known as "Mama," serves as a clever and fair pirate leader, combining danger and hilarity. Muska and the army serve as a formidable and worthy antagonist.
The pacing of the film is well-executed, with the 125 minutes flying by effortlessly. In fact, I wouldn't have minded an additional 30 minutes or more, as I was completely engrossed and fully invested in the story. While there are some similarities to Miyazaki's previous works, the artwork and animation in Castle in the Sky are still breathtaking. Everything feels brighter and more vibrant, with a captivating color palette. Once again, Joe Hisaishi's score for the film, much like in 'Nausicaä,' greatly enhances the experience. It is safe to assume that this collaboration won't be their last.
When people discuss Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Grave of the Fireflies often dominate the conversation. These three films rightfully hold their esteemed positions among the greatest works of Studio Ghibli and anime. However, I believe Castle in the Sky deserves more recognition. It is unjustly overlooked and underrated, even though it ranks among the very best creations by Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.
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2023.05.29 12:00 theGaytistic Why are yellow ink ballpoints rare?

As there are yellow inks on fountain pens and gel pens, why are yellow ballpoint pens rare?
I'm from a rural part of the Philippines, and while I'm more into colored pencils, watercolor and gouache, I also love BICs and Faber-Castell CX ballpoints, and I use them often on Inktober, yet so far, these brands don't have yellow on them, and this is the only brand of ballpoint where yellow is available, and it's more like a mustardy yellow. Most brands have oranges (save for Bic) and yellow greens, so what makes a bright yellow ink in ballpoints rare or nonexistent?
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2023.05.29 11:55 dailypolished Brand Drop N.005 – Romer: Simplify skincare

Brand Drop N.005 – Romer: Simplify skincare

Romer on Daily Polished - Available for the next few days starting May 26
Hello DailyPolished,
We're thrilled to announce our fifth exclusive drop: Romer! A woman-owned clean and sustainable skincare brand committed to making your skincare routine simple, regardless of gender or skin type.
Romer proves that you don't need an array of serums to achieve better skin. All their products are Dermatologist-Tested, Leaping Bunny Certified, and Carbon-Neutral.
Their collection, now available at 50% off on Daily Polished, includes a Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Treatment mask, all incorporating ethically sourced botanicals, oils and extracts that replenish, calm and control the skin. Their approach to skincare? No stress, no clutter, just happy skin.
Firstly, Romer's nourishing gel-oil cleanser is a one-stop solution for your skin, effectively removing makeup, hydrating, cleansing, and soothing skin. It's power-packed with potent humectants like Manuka Honey and calming botanicals like Calendula and Aloe. The added antioxidants from Green Tea and Coffee leave your skin looking revived and energized. Plus, you'll adore the refreshing rosemary mint scent that leaves your face feeling spa-fresh.
Secondly, their lightweight daily moisturizer is perfect for both day and night use. It instantly hydrates and energizes dull, tired, dehydrated skin. This hydrating cream, suitable even for sensitive skin types, delivers a moisture surge with Hyaluronic Acid. It also strengthens your skin's natural defenses against pollution and environmental stressors with an antioxidant Seed Oil complex, while the Rosemary Oil helps control oil production and breakouts.
These wonder-products have caught the attention of Forbes, Allure, The Zoe Report, and many more. Now, it's your turn to discover the Romer difference.
Remember, with Romer, it's all about simplicity, sustainability, and skin that's not just better, but happier too.
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2023.05.29 11:50 montrose1111r Mixing brands and curing times.

Hi guys, I'm very new to gel nails at home. My husband and daughter gave me an Opallac starter kit (popular brand in Australia). I'm loving the glossiness and the lasting time after spending years obsessed with regular nail polish.I have so many questions though and am not sure where's the best place to find these things out. The main thing I'm wondering is if it's a bad idea to try some other brands other than my Opallac gels, but cure them in my Opallac lamp. I know not all gels and lamps are created equal.
My Opallac gels require 90 seconds to cure in a 7 Watt LED lamp. I see youtubers curing for 30 seconds etc. Is there a science to it all? Is my lamp low wattage?
If anyone can answer any of these questions I'd be grateful.
This is also the first post I've ever created on Reddit so hopefully I'm doing things by the rules.
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2023.05.29 11:45 CyrilHul Is it possible Halo 5 will ever come to MCC?

Has 343 Industries completed abandoned Halo 5? They don’t even show it on Halo’s website anymore and nobody talks about it. This game doesn’t deserve to be abandoned. Now I get the game’s campaign was controversial but it was fun and the gameplay is awesome I enjoy fighting the Covenant, plenty of awesome weapons, Easter eggs, etc. Even the cutscenes are beautiful and the voice acting is fantastic. I see a lot of people complaining about the realistic art style and personally, I’m a fan of that too. I really like how the game looks. It’s a little dated compared to modern games but it’s not bad in my opinion. I also find Halo 5’s campaign more complete than Halo Infinite’s campaign, where the whole ring is entirely the same biome with no other biomes to explore, and it just feels really empty. It often feels like you are just going through the same areas over and over again. Halo 5’s Multiplayer is where the game really shines. I really enjoy the Multiplayer to the point where it’s my favorite out of every Halo game and it seems quite a bit of people agree with me. The Spartan abilities are extremely fun! I love how powerful this game makes Spartans feel. You really feel like a walking tank in this game. I also love all the little tricks and things you can pull off on the excellent maps, you just can’t seem to do much of that on Halo Infinite because they are so overly polished for Esports. The customization at least let’s you pick your colors unlike the latest Halo game. But my biggest question is, why won’t they at least bring the multiplayer over to MCC? I understand if they think the campaign is too controversial, especially since they basically skipped everything that happened in Halo 5’s story In Infinite’s campaign. But the multiplayer is too good to abandon, There are certainly some bugs they need to fix, they would need to add in a FOV slider, potentially customizable Huds, get rid of Req packs, add more customization, and maybe a few other small quality of life changes. The game could have a large player base on MCC and I wouldn’t be surprised if MCC had a huge resurgence of players as a whole if they announced Halo 5 was coming. It just seems like it makes sense to do this. I would even pay for Halo 5 if it was a DLC. Sorry for the long post but I’m very curious about what this community thinks about Halo 5’s future?
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2023.05.29 11:41 Fit_Taro_5672 The Timeless Elegance of Steel Grey Suits for Men

The Timeless Elegance of Steel Grey Suits for Men
When it comes to men’s formal attire, the steel grey suit stands out as a symbol of timeless elegance. Its sleek and sophisticated appearance makes it a go-to choice for various occasions, from business meetings to formal events. In this blog, we will explore the enduring appeal of steel grey suits and why they have become a staple in every fashion-forward man’s wardrobe.
When it comes to men’s formal attire, the steel grey suit stands out as a symbol of timeless elegance. Its sleek and sophisticated appearance makes it a go-to choice for various occasions, from business meetings to formal events. In this blog, we will explore the enduring appeal of steel grey suits and why they have become a staple in every fashion-forward man’s wardrobe.
  1. Classic Sophistication: The steel grey suit exudes an air of sophistication and refinement that is unmatched. Its neutral tone allows for versatility in styling, making it suitable for both professional and social gatherings.
  2. Versatile Pairing Options: One of the key advantages of a steel grey suit is its versatility in pairing with various shirt colors and accessories. Whether it’s a crisp white shirt for a timeless look or a bold patterned shirt for a modern twist, the steel grey suit effortlessly adapts to different styles.
  3. Contemporary Appeal: While traditional black and navy suits maintain their allure, the steel grey suit brings a contemporary edge to formal attire. It's understated elegance and modern aesthetic make it a popular choice among fashion-forward men.
  4. Professional Confidence: Wearing a steel grey suit instantly boosts confidence and creates a professional image. The sleek lines and tailored fit of the suit enhance the wearer’s silhouette, exuding a sense of authority and competence.
  5. Diverse Occasion Suitability: From business meetings to weddings, the steel grey suit seamlessly transitions from professional settings to formal celebrations. Its versatility ensures that you’ll always be appropriately dressed, regardless of the occasion.
  6. Flattering for Various Skin Tones: The steel grey shade has the advantage of complementing a wide range of skin tones. Whether you have a fair, medium, or dark complexion, a steel grey suit can enhance your features and create a flattering appearance.
  7. Attention to Detail: Steel grey suits often come with meticulous detailing, such as fine stitching, quality buttons, and well-structured lapels. These refined elements add to the overall appeal and elevate the suit’s quality and craftsmanship.
  8. Timeless Investment: Investing in a steel grey suit is a wise decision as it transcends seasonal trends and remains a classic choice for years to come. Its enduring style ensures that it will continue to be a relevant and fashionable option for various events and functions.
  9. Confidence and Style: The elegance and sophistication of a steel grey suit instill a sense of confidence and style in the wearer. The tailored fit, attention to detail, and overall refined appearance contribute to a polished and put-together look that exudes self-assurance.
The steel grey suit has earned Its reputation as a timeless and elegant choice for men’s formal attire. Its versatility, sophistication, and contemporary appeal make it a wardrobe staple for every fashion-conscious individual. Whether you’re attending a business meeting or a special event, the steel grey suit will effortlessly elevate your style and leave a lasting impression.
At Canoe Trends, we understand the importance of timeless fashion staples like the steel grey suit. We take pride in curating the finest collection of men’s clothing, including steel grey suits, half-sleeve shirts, designer blazers, and more. With our focus on quality, style, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the best fashion clothing brand in India. Visit our website today to explore our wide range of products and experience the elegance and sophistication of Canoe Trends.
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2023.05.29 11:17 Key_Opportunity_7082 Cute chicks

Cute chicks
This time, the request was : pastel blue, eggy, cute and chicks. Strangely, I had in my head the theme's music of Angry Birds, during all the process 🤷‍♀️.
So I used a pastel blue gel polish and a transparent eggy one for the background. (If you don't have one, you can use a very old toothbrush and black gel paint). Then I put cute chicks stickers on 3 fingers and add some pastel sequin. Matte too coat for the finishing.
Stsy tuned, a new design in 2 days 😘
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2023.05.29 11:15 Key_Opportunity_7082 Cute chicks

Cute chicks
This time, the request was : pastel blue, eggy, cute and chicks. Strangely, I had in my head the theme's music of Angry Birds, during all the process 🤷‍♀️.
So I used a pastel blue gel polish and a transparent eggy one for the background. (If you don't have one, you can use a very old toothbrush and black gel paint). Then I put cute chicks stickers on 3 fingers and add some pastel sequin. Matte too coat for the finishing.
Stsy tuned, a new design in 2 days 😘
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2023.05.29 10:05 try_a_place ❤️ Nail Goat in Cordova, TN 38018 Try best nail salons in Tennessee

❤️ Nail Goat in Cordova, TN 38018 Try best nail salons in Tennessee
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2023.05.29 09:46 FluffWrites The Dark Road Ahead. Chapter 8 Part 2: Misfortune from the Land of Tides

Previous Chapter<

While she was cooling off, Zekes scanned through the rest of the pictures. Many pictures were of her during her training and one interesting picture was of a thin woman dressed in layers of white clothing and a thick vein covered her face, except for her jaws which were made out of polished wood. She was sitting on top of a big wooden board that was carried around by four ladies in decorated clothing as the surrounding people bowed to her.
But the one that caught his eye the most was of her holding the hands of a little boy as he gently caressed a baby she was cradling.
“Are those your kids?” He asked politely.
“Huh?” The question caught her off guard. She brought the crystal panel closer to her eyes so that she could make out what he was referring to. “Ahh. That is my firstborn Tetku and the little one is Layla. I had forgotten how tiny were her hands back when she was a cure little thing. How would her tiny digits would reach for my hair like how earthworms reach for the surface during the rain. Then little Tektu would call out for me ‘Quaza, Quaza, I want to be carried too.’ Poor thing couldn’t even spell out my whole name. He would always get jealous of the attention I would give little Layla and would stump his foot around in protest till I patted him.”
It has only just now crossed his mind that even though he had been talking with her for a good while now, he still didn’t know his name.
“Quaza?” He subconsciously repeated.
“Ah right, I hadn’t properly introduced myself, since I don’t usually need to with customers. I am Quazela Ruminari, a pupil of the Mystic mother, a disciple of Kitsu-xan’s palm thread flow dance, and now a small-time merchant of whatever place that keeps my pocket furthest from devoidness of jinn for the month.”
Zekes considered that an introduction from him would also be in order.
“I am Zekes Zeller, a…” No title appropriate for him came to mind. “An aspiring strong person.” He replied in a serious tone.
“An aspiring strong person, really?” She chuckled. “Now that is a first. I am sure you will accomplish great endeavors worthy of many more titles of similar taste.” She joked.
Zekes took a moment to consider the appropriate reaction here and only after careful consideration, he replied with a smile full of innocence.
Quazela started wheezing from laughter when she saw how her words of sarcasm passed right over his head. Zekes still stood there dumbfounded wondering why she was laughing, which in return made her laugh more. He was really quite gullible, even for a kid.
“You really are something, kid.” She whipped the tears from her eyes. “To tell the truth, you somewhat remind me of my son Tektu when he was your age. Always such a show-off just like his father, talking about grand ambitions and accomplishing unfeasible deeds, but in truth, people couldn’t help but end up liking him for it.” She pleasantly thought back.
“Why did they like him? Did he end up doing the stuff he talked about?”
“I wouldn’t know since a few months after I had my daughter, he had to leave for the village of Oxobia to help his family escape from the Judic expansion. Half a year later I received a letter from him explaining how he was safely back with his family, but that they were reluctant to leave their home, so he was staying a bit more to convince them to change their mind. But only a few days later news came to us about the Oxobian massacre. Thousands of people dead at the hands of the Insurrection and that was the last I heard from him.”
Sympathy overwhelmed Zekes’ eyes as the Quaza recounted her unfortunate memory.
“But I am sure he still wouldn’t have accomplished any of the things that he said he would. Since that man was nothing but talk.” She criticized him in a nostalgic tone.
She let out a heartfelt sigh.
“It was a terrible thing what they did to those people. They were humble and very hospitable people. There used to be a common saying ‘Even a bastard can feel the warmth of a mother’s meal in the hospitality of an Oxobian’. They would give anything they had to anyone who was in need at no cost, but the Judians demanded from them the only thing they couldn’t forfeit, their identity. The world really did forget a unique way of kindness on that unfortunate day.”
“They seemed like good people. I am sorry about what happened to you and your husband.”
“Pay it no mind, kid. I made my peace with it a long time ago, even though the ache is never gone, you learn to grow into a more tolerant person because of it. Since at the end of the day, you have no other choice but to live on with it.”
As Zekes was about to mutter something he stopped. The old lady felt his hesitancy.
“Don’t fear to inquire, boy. I may look delicate, but my nerves are made of silk. And I know that you won’t ask anything out of malice. Go ahead, so that you may learn from me now rather than on your own, for then it would be too late.”
Her words of encouragement seemed to have reached him when she noticed that his gaze no longer shied away towards the floor.
“ So umm… if you were close to becoming one of the jaws, why did you stop?” The question finally came through. It was only natural to ask after the bombshell of finding out that she had quit despite how she loved to ramble about all the wonders of her birthplace and all the memories she seemed to have made there. “From the way you talk about Nami-Kuni and the arts, you seem to have loved it very much. If so, then why did you leave in the first place?”
Quazela took a deep breath, looking towards the sky as she plundered for a moment.
“Because I had wronged someone dear to me, which in turn has tormented my daughter. I was the vilest of the foulest. I had forsaken my responsibilities as a fortune weaver and as a mother. Though my daughter says she forgives me, I know I am underserving of any forgiveness. Who am I to request, let alone demand such a thing?”
“I think it is a stupid reason.” He ruthlessly interjected. ”If she said she forgives you, then you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. I never got to know my mom, but I still miss her and sometimes I hate how she was not a part of my life, but my uncle told me that it is important to forgive mothers, even when they do something wrong because no matter what happens they always try their best for you.”
The way Zekes poured out his heart through his words without a thought strangely struck a string with the old lady. “You are too forgiving for your own good, kid. But maybe this time it is a good thing. I have lived too long through hardship that my sight has grown blind to see that forgiveness could be so easily earned in people’s hearts. The part of me that did died with my-“ She felt a knot in her through, as if the more she tried to speak the more her heart tightened her airway. She coughed and thrust her fist upon her chest.
“Quaza-“ But before he could cry out, she put her palm in front of him to make it clear that she was fine and then cleared her throat.
“I am sorry, the years weren’t kind on my throat. It may be hard to believe but in my youth, I would sing to myself for hours, but now I can barely get more than a prayer in before gasping for air.”
“That is not true. You speak a lot for someone as old as you.” Despite his good intentions, it was clear that Zekes wasn’t the best at formulating his words.
Her face grimaced at the kid’s poor choice of words. “You must be pretty popular with the ladies. I will try to take what you said as a compliment.”
She sighed even more as Zekes’ blunt expression gave it away that he didn’t entirely understand what she had meant, but then ultimately decided that he said something good as he responded with a dumbfounded smile.
“I think we have conversed enough for one day. I didn’t even notice how much time had passed since we started talking. It is almost noon by now. Even if you may not be very talented in fate weaving, you really know how to make an old lady put her guard down. Anyhow, I can feel your fortune is ready by how much heat the diffusion glass is giving off. Let’s not delay what you stayed for any further.”
“Now, before we continue any further, I must warn you that the blessing of the mystic mother does not tell falsehoods. As such, you may not like what you may find out. A wisdom that I have gotten to learn throughout the years is that an ignorant mind is more restless than one which knows of its own helplessness. So there is no shame in looking the other way if you choose to.”
“No way, old lady. I already waited long enough for this. Just show me already.”
“Hmph.” The haste with which he ignored her warning, only made her scoff. “Alright, but remember, you wanted this.” She raised her head at him as her hands nibbly unclothed the disk.
“Wow. I have never seen Beucara in the shape of neat little black lines before.” Zekes eyes glamoured at the simple shapes inside the glass disk.
“What are you on abou-“ Quazela’s stomach dropped the moment she looked down at Zekes’ fortune. A streak of sharp dark lines floated undisturbed in the diffusion glass. They all ran parallel to each other, marching endlessly into the infinite. It was a pattern that she had the misfortune of seeing only once before, one that took away her purpose. It was an omen of a fatal choice that was to come. One that people could rarely overcome. As a fortune weaver, it was no special occasion to end predicting the fortune of those at the brink of death, as the false hope of comfort was most appealingly to damned men, though none would be comforted with what they refused to believe but also begrudgingly knew or so she had gotten to learn.
But this was no diseased noble, nor a fleeing fool, she was reading the fortune of a child! It was practically a death sentence. The fortune itself was for a while thought to have meant certain doom because of how no one lived long enough to see their fortune change, that was until against all odds, a man somehow clung to life and overcame the invitation of death, but by the end of it, he was a very different person from who he had been, or so she had heard. As for who this man was, the one who told his fortune refused to disclose his identity, which put many minds to doubt the validity of such a claim, and our beliefs would have stayed the same if it wasn’t for the mystic mother who herself confirmed their statement.
She had already lost a child to such a dreadful fate. To lose another would be too much for her weak heart. But what could she do? Who was she to challenge the fates designed by a sacred-.
“So what does it say I will become like?” Zekes demanded as the wait irritated him.
Cold sweat dripped down the old woman’s forehead. “Ah … Y-yes, let's see what it says.” She took a deep breath to calm herself down and started chanting a prayer as she hovered her hands over the disk. Slowly, the perfectly cut lines dissipated back into a blob of gases, however, its color didn’t change back. Of course, all of this was unnecessary as she already knew what fate they told of. She only did it because she couldn’t stand the sight of that dreadful pattern, looking at it only made her curse herself more for being a fortune weaver.
Zekes waited patiently as his eyes pressured her into an answer. How could she tell such a young soul that soon enough it couldn’t make memories of youth, that it wouldn’t have the chance to experience a life that it burned to live through? No one with a good conscience would even dare to rob such a soul of what pleasure there was in what little life they had left. So why did feel so guilty the last time she did it?
But alas, she couldn’t help but make the same mistake once more.
“Ah, it is all clear to me now.” She delayed time by building up the suspense. “Your worth … it has been judged in the eyes of the mystic mother and she has determined … that though you are ambitious, what you seek shall come to you in time, but for now, you must rest and store strength and experience joy for what life is worth as to prepare for hardships that come your way.”
Zekes slowly blinked with his wide googly eyes. Quaza hoped that this could clench the clueless boy’s curiosity and that would be the end of that.
“I knew this was all a sham.” His gaze dropped quickly.
“Wha- it is not. You better watch what you say about the sacred arts, boy, lest you wanna disrespect the mystic lady.”
“You say that yet the fortune you gave me was so vague that it sounded more like general life advice.”
“GAH!” She was taken aback by his perceptive reaction. From the way he acted before she had taken him to be very gullible, but it seems that he had a keen eye, especially when it was least fortunate for her. Yet she still wanted to spare him from worrying about the inevitable. “You really can’t help being a handful all the time. I wish I could tell you more about your fate but this is all I have to work with. Sometimes, the fortune is vague due to one having infinite potential. If it were to guess how you will tread, then it would limit your growth to that one path.” She desperately tried to convince him.
Zekes stroke his chin as he gave her words some thought.
“Makes … sense I guess.” He lit up, letting Quaza breathe out a sigh of relief.
“So I will become powerful?
“Have you not been-“ Her frail hands stroke the tabletop. She put her finger on the bridge of her nose to relax. “Yes, boy. You shall become strong, but only if you are patient and spend what time you have left enjoying your life.”
“What time I have left?” Zekes cocked his head to the side from confusion.
“The time you have left til you become powerful, that is what I meant.” She hastily corrected her misshape before she let out a hesitant laugh.
Zekes still wondered how he would end up so strong if he barely needed to do anything, but at least now he was sure that it would happen. Perhaps that would allow him to return to his uncle sooner.
“Thanks, lady.”
“Yea, yea. Nice of you to go around thanking people for distinguishing fires that you started.” She mocked him as she lowered the crystal disk into a bucket of water next to her.
“I do really mean it though.” His brow furrowed. He had not been used to being mocked this much before and took it as if she really didn’t like him.
“I am just jesting ya, kid. You outta learn how to joke if you wanna get along other people.”
“But how does making fun of someone makes them want to be your friend?”
“I mean … if someone …” She wanted to guide this poor innocent soul, but her patience and energy were running short. “I suppose the best way to understand is for you to experience it yourself.”
“Alright…” Though he had forfeited, it was clear to her that doubt still lingered in Zekes’ mind, the kind that filled you with shame for admitting your naiveness.
“I can see that today has taken a toll on you, boy. If you still feel like all of this was for naught, then let me leave you with a parting gift.”
“Really? … I mean thank you … no I mean no. Uncle told me not to take things from strangers.”
“Oh come on, boy. Don’t you think we are more than just strangers by now? You made this poor lady pour her heart out for you for gods’ sake. But also would a stranger give you a gift as valuable as a functional blessed necklace?” She argued before pulling out a string necklace with a teardrop-shaped glass attached to it, enveloped in a swirling cast of metal.
“Come forward, let me put it on you.” She held it open with her hands.
Zekes was hesitant at first, but considering how kind Quaza has been to him the whole time, he had no reason to refuse.
“There you go. See if you like it.”
Zekes held the teardrop in his hand to inspect it.
“It is quite nice.”
“It does more than just being quite nice. Wrap your hand around it and try to squeeze some Beucara into it.”
The moment he focused on the crystal a faint light shimmered between his palm. As he opened his hand, the crystal faintly shined in a glamorous light.
“That one has been blessed by an actual Aurasis, the proof is in it working.”
“This one only?” He questioned as he looked around at the other ornaments laid out on the table.
She indicated to Zekes to come closer.
“Well, you see. My other ones were also blessed by an Aurasis, but they were blessed with properties that don’t really work on them. For example, this one here was blessed with accelerated healing, but a metal bracelet is not a living thing, so there is no way for it to heal. People have this misconception that when you bless an object with something, the blessing will also transfer to its holder. But your necklace was blessed with the ability to shine, that is why when it feels your Beucara, it reacts with it and activates the dormant blessing.” She proudly gave him a thumbs up.
“So are all the other ornaments a scam?”
“Call it what you want. But I sell what I advertise. Some people don’t even bother getting through the trouble of getting them blessed. Know that, even if my bracelets don’t provide agonizing souls accelerated healing, it does give them the peace of mind that there is something with them that could help them.”
“That is one twisted way to make sense of it, but I think I can understand how it can be a good thing.”
“As long as no harm is inflicted, people should help themselves to whatever they wanna buy.”
His attention was once again on the crystal he had cupped his hands around it to see how bright it shined. Its size was deceptively small for how bright it shined. He estimated that it would at least let him see where he was stepping even during a moonless night.
“Are .. are you sure you wanna give this to me? I mean it must be pretty valuable seeing how it works in front of you.” He was hesitant to ask at first for fear of her changing her mind, but the thought of him taking away something potentially quite valuable from her would have made him feel even more guilty if he didn’t try to give it back.
“Oh please, that piece of junk has been sitting in my bag for the last 2 times I returned to Nami-Kuni. I would rather have you rid me of it than have to carry it around 2 more times before throwing it away.”
The way the crystal was shaped reminded him of how droplets of water that were left stranded on blades of grass after a rainstorm refracted the light of sunrise into a tiny rainbow. Even he could appreciate its simplistic beauty.
“Thank you very much, old lady- I mean Miss Quaza.” The way he said it so sincerely was different from how he talked before and managed to ease off Quazela.
“Think nothing of it, kid.” She scratched the back of her neck, feeling a bit flustered. “Just make sure to pass off the act of kindness when you get the chance. The world only gives back to those who take little for themselves. Now get going and don’t make me repeat myself again.”
“I will try my best. Thank you for letting me be in your care” He jumped down his stool.
“Anytime, kid. If you happen to need to buy some ornaments, you know where to find me. Though, I can’t promise you any discounts.”
Her words didn’t land on deaf ears, but Zekes was too preoccupied with the excitement of showing Rafik his new necklace to respond back to her.
The busy streets felt strangely quiet to Quaza once she was once again all by herself. As she relaxed her shoulders, her eyes couldn’t help but wander towards the diffusing glass that she had sunken into the bucket of water. The cloud of dark matter slowly dispensed into the water before quickly decaying.
Her brows frowned at the thought of that kind-hearted boy having to meet his end in due time, she hoped that he would at least experience a bit of the youth kids were entitled to before that time would come. This is why she doesn’t wanna do fate weaving anymore, she never wanted to spread sorrow through her work, but it was her duty to speak the truth. And the moment she decided to read a kid’s fate, she was greeted back with open arms by a grim reminder. This must be fate’s way of mocking her.
“Old lady,” A familiar voice boomed so unexpectedly that it broke her train of thought. It was Zekes who had barely walked more than a few stalls distance away.”Please make up with your daughter by the next time we meet.”
“You fool of a child; do you want the whole bazaar to hear you?!?!.” She angrily cried out. “Fine, but you better not forget about me by then.”
Zekes lifted up the necklace between his finger. “I won’t as long as I have go-“
The warm farewell was cut short as Zekes’ arm suddenly dropped down. It may have been just a moment, but by pure chance, his eyes saw a figure looming in the alley behind the old lady’s shack. He could barely make out their face under their dark hood, but the bit he could make out looked just like his uncle’s face. But how could that make any sense? Rafik had told him that he had gone on some sort of trip, he would have surely accompanied them if this was where he had to come. So it couldn’t be him … no, it had to be him, he was sure of it. There was no way he could mistake someone else for his uncle. Perhaps he regretted leaving him with Rafik and had come for him. Yes, that had to be it.
“Kid?” Quazela waved a worried hand.
The figure suddenly withdrew back into the darkness from where it came. Zekes instinctively walked forwards.
“Wait, uncle. Don’t leave me.”
His feet began picking up pace and in just a moment he quickly sprinted past the old lady.
“Stop for a moment, kid. Don’t go running into there alone. You will get kidnapped.” She shouted, but he had gone into the alley before she could even finish her warning.
“What could that rascal be up to now?”
A grim thought crossed her mind as she remembered the fortune she had just told.
“No way, but it is so soon.” She mumbled to herself.
The boy was marching to his own grave. Of course, she had no proof that he would end up in harm’s way at this very moment. But she felt something that was more than just worry by the look on his face when he ran. She could not just overlook it, even if there was only a slim chance that his fate could be resolved this soon.
She rushed towards the alley.
“Kid, you will die if you don’t come back.” She desperately cried out but it was too late as she couldn’t even see him anymore. Thoughts races through her head as she considered what she could do, but before she could decide two cloaked figures rushed past her into the dark alley.
“Hey, stop you two.” She reached out her hand. There was no way for her to catch up to them, they had disappeared into the darkness in the blink of an eye.
They were going after Zekes. They were gonna kill him. She had to call the guards before his time ran out. He won’t let another boy die due to her hesitation.
“Guards, guards. Please help. Someone is gonna die. Help me, please.” She cried out into the busy street.

Previous Chapter<

Footnote: I must apologize for the wide time gap between the release of this chapter and the previous one. At first, I had intended for this to be a short chapter, but a little bit into it, I realized how much future build up I could make here, but in return I had to put more work into it and give the characters a more natural conversation. I also got busy with university which slowed me down significantly, though this might not chance soon, I will try to post new chapters more frequently. I have so many more stories, ideas and concepts I still wanna share with you all. But from here on out, things will be getting a lot more dark. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Quazela rambling her old ass off. Thank you for you continued support.<3
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2023.05.29 09:44 annasent How to Take Care of 4a Hair In Summer Holidays

4a hair
Summer holidays are a time for relaxation, fun, and enjoying the sun's warmth. However, for those with 4a hair, the summer months can present unique challenges when it comes to hair care. The combination of increased heat, humidity, and outdoor activities can lead to frizz, dryness, and other hair concerns.
But fear not! In this blog, you will get valuable tips and tricks on how to care of your 4a hair during the summer holidays. From moisture retention and protective styling to sun protection and proper cleansing, we've got you covered. Get ready to enjoy your summer adventures while keeping your 4a hair healthy and beautiful.

Understand Your 4A Hair

4a hair refers to a specific curl pattern within the natural hair typing system. It is commonly used to describe hair that has tight, well-defined, and densely packed curls. The curls of 4a hair are typically S-shaped and have a smaller circumference compared to looser curl patterns.

Why 4A Hair is a Boon?

Having 4A hair comes with several wonderful benefits. Here are some advantages of embracing your 4A hair texture:
4A hair type is known for its inherent volume and body. The tight, springy curls create a full and voluminous appearance that can be enhanced with various styling techniques.
4A hair offers endless styling possibilities. From rocking a defined wash-and-go to experimenting with twist-outs, braid-outs, or updos, this hair type allows for a wide range of creative and versatile hairstyles.
The distinct S-shaped curls of 4A hair often have well-defined patterns, giving your hair a unique and beautiful texture. The curls can create a stunning visual appeal that stands out and attracts attention.
The tight coils of 4A natural hair provide a natural protective barrier. The density of the curls helps to protect the scalp and hair strands from external elements..
While all hair types require proper care, 4A curly hair can be relatively low maintenance. Once you establish a good hair care routine and understand the needs of your specific hair type, maintaining your 4A curls can become a manageable and enjoyable process.

How to Take Care of 4A Hair Type

4a hair type
Hydration is crucial for 4A hair since it tends to be naturally dry. Use a water-based leave-in conditioner or moisturizing spritz to hydrate your hair daily.
After applying a moisturizer, seal the moisture into your hair by using natural oils like coconut oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil. This helps to prevent moisture loss and keep your curls hydrated.
Use a wide-tooth brush or your fingers to detangle your 4A hair gently. To avoid breakage. Apply a detangling spray or conditioner to aid in the process.
Consider protective hairstyles like braids, twists, buns, or updos to minimize manipulation and protect your hair from damage. You can also use hair extensions to switch up your look while giving your natural hair a break.
Treat your 4A hair to regular deep conditioning sessions to restore moisture and strengthen the strands. Look for deep conditioners that are specifically formulated for curly and textured hair.
Excessive heat can cause damage and dryness to your 4A hair. Minimize or avoid using heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers. Opt for heatless styling methods or use a heat protectant when heat styling is necessary.
Invest in a satin or silk bonnet, pillowcase, or scarf to protect your hair from friction while sleeping. These materials help retain moisture and reduce breakage, preserving your 4A curls.
Trim your hair regularly to get end of split ends and prevent them from traveling up the hair shaft. Trimming helps maintain the overall health and appearance of your 4A hair, promoting growth and reducing the risk of breakage.

Style Your 4A Hair the Right Way

4a hairstyle
Apply a curl-enhancing product, such as a styling gel or cream, to damp hair. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to the product evenly from roots to ends. Scrunch your hair upward to encourage curl definition and do it to air dry or use a diffuser on a low heat setting.
Create twist-outs or braid-outs by dividing your damp hair into sections and twisting or braiding each section. Do your hair to air dry or use a hooded dryer. Once dry, carefully unravel the twists or braids to reveal beautifully defined curls.
Opt for protective styles like updos, buns, or braids to give your 4A hair a break from frequent manipulation. These styles not only protect your hair from damage but also offer versatility and allow for creative expression.
Bantu knots are a popular styling option for 4A hair. Divide your hair into small parts and twist each section tightly until it forms a knot close to the scalp. Repeat this process until all your hair is in knots. Leave them in overnight or until dry, then carefully unravel for defined curls or a beautiful twist-out effect.
Elevate your 4A hairstyles by accessorizing with headbands, hair clips, or colorful headwraps. These accessories can add flair and personality to your look while keeping your hair stylishly in place.


long 4a hair
Caring for your 4A hair during the summer holidays is essential to maintain its health and vitality. By following the comprehensive guide outlined in this blog, you can ensure that your hair remains moisturized, protected, and free from damage throughout the warm weather. Remember to hydrate your hair regularly, practice gentle detangling, and embrace protective styles to shield your hair from the sun and humidity.
You can opt for 4A hair extensions for instant volume and length. Try Indique Hair, as the brand offers a wide range of 4A extensions from long 4A hair to short ones, straight to curly 4A extensions made of 100% human hair. Visit their website today!
Save 50% on our Remix Collection including bundles, clip-in sets, Clip-in ponytails extensions, and closures. Shop with code REMIX50. Hurry! This deal ends soon
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2023.05.29 09:44 datascientistdude Dear Monarch - please consider redo-ing the Networth tracking graph to be like the account/investments balance graph

I made a couple related posts around this over the last couple weeks, but wanted to summarize my thoughts here. I'm a Mint user who desperately wants to switch, and Monarch is so so close, but the Networth tracking graphic and UX right now needs improvement. Please redo this. This is seriously the main hurdle for me to adopt Monarch right now. Forgive the rant and the repetitive post, but I so so just want to see this done right.
  1. NETWORTH IS NOT A MONTHLY CALCULATION. I don't know what in the world went into the decision to do this, but networth is a running account balance just like any other account balance (it's actually just the sum). It's not grouped by month. It makes no sense. Spending and cash flow can be grouped by month because it's the total amount spent in that month or the total income in that month. Networth within a month is an ill-defined concept. If I'm looking at the networth bar chart for April 2023, what networth value am I looking at exactly? For the most current month, I assume it's the current networth. But what about all months before? Is it every 1st of the month? The last day of the month? The average of the entire networth for that month? The average of each account balance combined? The networth on the exact same day as today for the past month (e.g. if today is May 29, I would be getting the 29th of every month)? I assume it's the latter, but I really have no way of knowing.
  2. BESIDES BEING NONSENSICAL, MONTHLY NETWORTH OBSCURES A LOT OF VARIATION. We can argue about whether tracking daily networths is a sensible thing or not. But by only making networth available on a monthly basis, you basically obscure a ton of information. I have no idea whether my networth dropped on a certain day or not. I have no idea what the variation was. I can get every other single piece of information about my accounts on the app in some way, but somehow daily information about my total financial status is unavailable. Networth needs to be reported and obtainable on a daily basis. Every other app that tracks networth does this.
  3. THE STACKED BAR CHARTS SHOW A LOT, BUT REQUIRE MENTAL GYMNASTICS AND ULTIMATELY TELL THE USER NOTHING VISUALLY. In order to digest the stacked bar charts, I have to internalize three different colors of blue-green (legend is not easily visible), understand where the 0 line is and internalize that below 0 and above 0 mean different things, figure out that red above 0 means a different category than red below 0, etc. And all that effort just to figure out that my cash and investments make up approximately somewhere between 20%-60% of my assets each, because there really is no discernible difference that is immediately obvious for accounts that make up 20-60%. And the stacked bar charts are going to look exactly the same across most months for most people because you can't show enough months. It literally looks exactly the same in the promo graphic that you use on the website. It shows no useful info. The bar charts used in the cash flow are decent because they only have two categories and you can easily compare whether income or expenses is greater. The stacked bar charts in the networth graphic are useless.
SO WHAT SHOULD THE NETWORTH TRACKING LOOK LIKE? It's simple. You guys already have an awesome tool for this. Literally just copy over the code for the line graphs you use for accounts and investments. Track networth daily over time in a line graph. Allow for toggling for 1W, 1M, 1Y, YTD, All, etc. Seriously, just copy this over. This will be much better than what you currently have.
Now I understand that one feature request was to see the breakdown of assets and liabilities by category. One way you can do this is just have the mouseover for each day print the amounts for each category (as it already current does). Then add some percentages for them. If you need a graphic, make a separate line chart that plots either the amounts or percentages for each category (or allow a toggle for both). Or just do one breakdown (not sure whether having the composition of networth over time is that useful).
The point here is that the stacked bar chart tries to convey too much info, but ultimately conveys no info because all the information is too difficult to discern visually. Make one graph to convey one single thing. Make another graph to convey a second thing. Use mouseovers or tables to convey more statistics.
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2023.05.29 09:27 yunggkale Hair still brown after dyed black, help pls!

Hair still brown after dyed black, help pls!
I used the Olia garnier fructis dye black 1.0 and I still have so much brown left. I left it on for 30 min:( Idk what happened, i have naturally chocolate brown hair so it wasn't that huge of a transition. Can i go back in with the same hair dye and maybe a 10 developer instead or just use the same exact kit it came with? Do i only do missed spots or the whole head? Because i cant tell if the whole head just needs more? Or should i just do a color deposit mask/conditioner? Pls help me to fix this its bothering me so bad.
And just in case these details matter but I am on a wavy hair journey so I do use a lot of products in my hair so just leave in conditioner, mousse, gel and try to clarify my hair once a month but I wasn't able to clarify it before dying and probably have some product build up but I don't know if that was the cause or if it was just because I needed to leave it on longer.
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2023.05.29 09:14 Mingokatz The Crocs Mega Crush Sandal in Juice is Back in stock at Crocs!!

The Crocs Mega Crush Sandal in Juice is Back in stock at Crocs!!
Hopefully those who've been waiting can get them :)
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2023.05.29 08:54 DagonG2021 A Comprehensive Description of Dragons

I’ve decided to collect and explain every detail so far revealed about dragon physical appearance. Why? Because I am insane.
The basics are clear enough- black teeth and bones, two legs, two wings, serpentine and scaled, et. cetera.
ACOK-Daenerys I: The dragons were no larger than the scrawny cats she had once seen skulking along the walls of Magister Illyrio's estate in Pentos . . . until they unfolded their wings. Their span was three times their length, each wing a delicate fan of translucent skin, gorgeously colored, stretched taut between long thin bones. When you looked hard, you could see that most of their body was neck, tail, and wing. Such little things, she thought as she fed them by hand.
So very slender and snaky, of course.
ACOK-Daenerys I: When she had her handmaids char the horsemeat black, the dragons ripped at it eagerly, their heads striking like snakes. So long as the meat was seared, they gulped down several times their own weight every day, and at last began to grow larger and stronger. Dany marveled at the smoothness of their scales, and the heat that poured off them, so palpable that on cold nights their whole bodies seemed to steam.
Hot scales, and their bodies are smooth, not spiky.
ADWD-Daenerys I: Viserion sensed her disquiet. The white dragon lay coiled around a pear tree, his head resting on his tail. When Dany passed his eyes came open, two pools of molten gold. His horns were gold as well, and the scales that ran down his back from head to tail. "You're lazy," she told him, scratching under his jaw. His scales were hot to the touch, like armor left too long in the sun.
Dragons have differently-colored scales running down their backs. These are presumably the “crests” mentioned elsewhere.
ADWD-Daenerys IX: The tumult and the shouting died. Ten thousand voices stilled. Every eye turned skyward. A warm wind brushed Dany's cheeks, and above the beating of her heart she heard the sound of wings. Two spearmen dashed for shelter. The pitmaster froze where he stood. The boar went snuffling back to Barsena. Strong Belwas gave a moan, stumbled from his seat, and fell to his knees.
Above them all the dragon turned, dark against the sun. His scales were black, his eyes and horns and spinal plates blood red.
ADWD-The Dragontamer: Bronze, they were, brighter than polished shields, glowing with their own heat, burning behind a veil of smoke rising from the dragon's nostrils. The light of Quentyn's torch washed over scales of dark green, the green of moss in the deep woods at dusk, just before the last light fades. Then the dragon opened its mouth, and light and heat washed over them. Behind a fence of sharp black teeth he glimpsed the furnace glow, the shimmer of a sleeping fire a hundred times brighter than his torch. The dragon's head was larger than a horse's, and the neck stretched on and on, uncoiling like some great green serpent as the head rose, until those two glowing bronze eyes were staring down at him.
Dragons have a constant internal fire visible when they open their mouths.
ADWD-The Dragontamer: For a moment he saw only the blackened arches of the bricks above, scorched by dragonflame. A trickle of ash caught his eye, betraying movement. Something pale, half-hidden, stirring. He's made himself a cave, the prince realized. A burrow in the brick. The foundations of the Great Pyramid of Meereen were massive and thick to support the weight of the huge structure overhead; even the interior walls were three times thicker than any castle's curtain walls. But Viserion had dug himself a hole in them with flame and claw, a hole big enough to sleep in.
And we've just woken him. He could see what looked like some huge white serpent uncoiling inside the wall, up where it curved to become the ceiling. More ash went drifting downward, and a bit of crumbling brick fell away. The serpent resolved itself into a neck and tail, and then the dragon's long horned head appeared, his eyes glowing in the dark like golden coals. His wings rattled, stretching.
Dragons have “long horns”, and as usual are described as snaky.
Those are all the major descriptions I can find.
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2023.05.29 08:45 neopaws22 The Ultimate Guide to Dog Sweaters Toronto: Keeping Your Furry Friend Warm and Fashionable with Neopaws

As the winter season approaches, it's time to ensure that our furry friends stay warm and stylish during chilly walks and outdoor adventures. Dog sweaters Toronto are an essential accessory to protect your canine companion from the cold while adding a touch of fashion to their wardrobe. In this ultimate guide to dog sweaters in Toronto, we will explore how Neopaws, a trusted brand in pet accessories, can help keep your furry friend cozy and fashionable throughout the winter months. From choosing the perfect sweater to highlighting Neopaws' offerings, get ready to discover how you can keep your beloved pup warm and stylish with Neopaws in Toronto.
Understanding the Importance of Dog Sweaters:
When the temperature drops and winter sets in, it's not just humans who feel the cold – our canine companions do too. That's where dog sweaters come in, offering a practical and stylish solution to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable during the chilly months.
Dog sweaters help to regulate your pup's body temperature by trapping their natural body heat and preventing it from escaping. This is especially crucial during outdoor activities like walks or playtime when the cold weather can pose a risk to their well-being.
Whether you're strolling through Toronto's snow-covered streets or enjoying a winter hike in the nearby parks, a dog sweater is an essential accessory to keep your furry friend cozy and fashionable throughout the season. By understanding the importance of dog sweaters, you can ensure your beloved companion stays warm, comfortable, and ready to embrace the winter wonderland alongside you.
Choosing the Right Dog Sweater:
Selecting the right dog sweater involves considering factors such as size, material, and style. Neopaws provides size charts and fitting guidelines to ensure a proper fit. Their sweaters are crafted from high-quality materials, such as soft wool or cozy fleece, guaranteeing warmth and comfort. With various colors and patterns available, you can find a sweater that suits your dog's personality and your own sense of style.
When it comes to keeping your dog warm and fashionable in Toronto's winter, Neopaws is a go-to brand. Their range of dog sweaters and winter shoes Toronto offers the perfect combination of warmth and style, ensuring your furry friend stays cozy and trendy. Additionally, Neopaws' winter shoes provide essential protection for your dog's paws, allowing them to navigate winter terrain with ease. By investing in Neopaws' dog sweaters and winter shoes, you can ensure your beloved pet stays comfortable, safe, and ready to embrace the winter wonderland of Toronto.
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2023.05.29 08:29 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress? Ever feel like no matter how hard you train, your booty just doesn't seem to show results? The Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator solves this problem for you instantly!
This allows you to train your booty and lower bodyeffectively from the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle movement, scientifically proven to tighten your musclesto help achieve that perfect figure.



Package Includes:
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2023.05.29 08:07 Latticese Three years ago I had a dream about a presentation I watched onboard a UFO and it still bothers me to this day

I found myself in a blank white room without doors. It was cold and I was sitting alone on a single-seat, white sofa while a big screen played out a presentation
Two things that stood out as strange to me was how I was aware of it being a dream and yet I wasn't able to control it like how a lucid state allows.
Additionally, I felt the temperature of the room perfectly. The texture of the sofa was similar to leather and I sank right into it like it's stuffed with gel.
I didn't see any faces or learn any names. The voice sounded hard to distinguish as male or female and was somewhat robotic. The presentation involved imagery that was strictly familiar to me so I didn't get to see any aliens in it either
What makes think the room was a ufo was it's odd oval shape and the absence of sharp corners. The floor neatly blended into the wall which blended into the ceiling etc
I will try my best to summarize what I learned:
Their religion revolves around the pursuit of happiness and the quest for self-actualization and belonging. They believe that true happiness is achieved when who the person thinks they are, who they want to be, and who they're perceived as are one and the same person
According to them, this need is universal across different species, suggesting a pattern in nature
For instance, atoms combine to form biological matter, which gives rise to cells, and cells create living beings with consciousness. Consciousness represents the peak of complexity, but they told me their research has revealed that it continues to evolve into more advanced forms
Collective consciousness forms another chain in the line. A complex form of life called thoughtforms or Egregores in English. They rely on the energy, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts of conscious entities in a wide variety. There is those who feed on negative emotions, positive emotions, beliefs and even abstract things like dreams etc. While we coexist with these beings without full awareness( similar to how nerve cells are unaware of the mind they are a part of) they have realized their profound influence on their society
By becoming aware of these beings and actively promoting positive collective consciousness, they have freed themselves from the harm caused by negative feeding entities. They urge our society to become aware of thoughtforms and restructure our way of life to foster equality and a sense of belonging for all
In their pursuit of equality and belonging, they have implemented a strange system of temporary identities. People can choose specific roles within society, such as a fish farmer caring for an elderly father. They join host families that treat them no differently than any other adopter. To preserve anonymity, and ensure unbiased treatment individuals wear masks and full-body suits for their role. The outfit is the same for every participant who adopts the role. They can switch roles indefinitely, exploring different lives or settle into one they created for themselves. After death, they pass on the identity they created for others. This system has proven instrumental in achieving self-actualization.
Furthermore, their architecture fosters community and social interaction. Park tables, for example, feature small lights that individuals can change the color of to signal their openness to conversation. Apartments have built-in private networks that allow residents to chat with neighbors on the same floor or in the same building etc
In summary, their religion emphasizes the pursuit of happiness, self-actualization, and a sense of belonging. By understanding the presence of thoughtforms and embracing temporary identities, along with fostering social interaction through thoughtful architectural design, they found a way to enhanced their collective thoughtform
This was very vital for them to achieve. They say that just how our body's cells don't understand why they get cut or recieve less nutrition sometimes, we have good and bad experiences at seemingly random patterns because of our egregores. By concentrating on feeding the positive energy beings they managed to virtually purge suffering from their daily lives.
This is absolutely bizarre to me but I had to share it to get it off my chest. Another interesting part was about how their economy is designed to achieve equality, less-waste and encourage innovation
They have a system that can be visualized as a pyramid of cards rather than the traditional trickle-down economy. The pyramid represents the structure of wealth distribution, ensuring that no class disproportionately grows over others. To explain this concept, let's consider a lemonade stand as an example.
In traditional capitalism, the owner of the stand and resources would receive the largest share of the profit, while the worker is paid a fixed wage, regardless of their contribution to the business. This system encourages the owner to reduce costs, including worker wages, and increase output, often resulting in poor quality products. Moreover, any unsold or unused items go to waste, which harms both individuals and the environment.
In their system, the worker receives a fixed ratio or percentage of the earnings rather than a fixed salary. For instance, if they split the earnings in a 1:3 ratio, and the stand makes $20 a day, the owner would receive $14, while the worker receives $6.5. By increasing the number of workers, the profits can grow. If two workers generate $40 a day, the owner would get $27, while each worker continues to receive $6.5 (a total of $13). If the owner puts pressure on a single worker to increase output, that worker would receive a higher compensation, such as $13.5. When sales increase further, let's say to $80 a day, the owner would get $53.4, and both workers would split $23.4, resulting in an increase in their wages to $13.5 each. This system prevents extreme inequality and maintains a balance among different wealth groups, akin to a pyramid of cards
Another advantage of their economy is the use of digital currency managed by a powerful AI-operated bank. This bank tracks business profits and determines fair payments. Owners are legally required to register employees on the fair-pay program, and all transactions must go through the bank. This approach eliminates human involvement to prevent corruption. To maintain transparency and prevent hacking, the AI's decision-making process and transactions are publicly visible through a live-feed. Any hacking attempts or discrepancies between reported payments and actual receipts would be immediately evident. Additionally, the system has robust cybersecurity measures, including compartmentalization of information and regular checks by a randomly selected team of developers
Their government does not control the bank or the payment ratio. It runs automatically and isn't staffed by anyone but the publicly transparent AI. Instead, people get to vote on the appropriate ratio for different skillsets. The government's role is to safeguard the system and provide public surveillance of the bank's activities. Innovation and education are highly valued, with scientists, educators, and engineers receiving the highest salaries and belonging to the top layer of the pyramid. They are paid in an exclusive currency that is priced at three times the standard currency
While the private sector has full control over means of production, raw resources have shared control between the private and government sectors. For instance, if a company discovers a copper mine and develops an effective extraction/purification method, they receive a fixed percentage of the profit, while the government sets a fair price for the resources based on extraction costs. People can buy these resources and use private sector machinery and blueprints to create items of their choice.
There are machinery and blueprints available to the general public for free, but they are limited to basic designs necessary for survival. This restriction prevents exploitation during emergencies. Businesses, therefore, focus on innovation and improving designs, ideas, patents, and machinery to produce items more effectively.
Their system has a strict made-to-order process for purchasing items, reducing environmental damage from unsold goods. Only perishable items like food, vital medicines and digital-goods are allowed to have surplus quantities. If a food item nears its expiration date, it would be offered at an extremely low price rather than being disposed off. This discourages businesses from over farming
Additionally supermarkets don't use packaging to sell food. To minimize harm to the environment, they bring in their own reusable containers to fill up from their product of choice, which is stored in large containers within the shop. Weight/volume determines the cost
In politics they don't have a party system and prefer direct democracy over representative democracy because they see the existence of a middle-man as a doorway for corruption. Their people get to vote on individual issues just like what happens in Switzerland. One difference is that they're required to do a lot more than simply tick yes or no. They believe that education is a vital part of successful democracy, therefore the voter has to write a short essay weighing the pros and cons behind their decision to demonstrate that they've learned enough before making a decision
The consequence of this system is that it takes very long to collect and process votes (It's done by AI which also has it's process live-streamed) The person is required to write it while at the voting center (to prevent copy-pastes) The booth provides them with a PC which has all the gathered points and research supporting each side of the decision.
To reduce the time it takes to submit and process votes, they prioritise those who are most affected by a decision. For example if it's about women's reproductive health then only women can vote. The rest of the population can still participate by adding to the information stockpile for the voting booth. Another example is when it comes to war, only those who are enlisted are allowed to vote in favour of it to discourage an eagerness for violence
Just like the bank system the government is also unstaffed. There is only an AI controlling humanoid drones to complete tasks. It's also publicly surveyed (I find it interesting how the government is watched by people rather than the other way around) they also have a randomly selected maintenance team to work on the program running it. They're taken to work immediately to prevent anyone from bribing them. Even more public surveillance goes into their work
There is lots more finer details about their society but I unfortunately forgot it after years passed. I might remember more with time but this post already got ridiculously long. After the dream ended I juwoke up home and was in a cold sweat because of how bizarrely detailed it was. My dreams are usually random junk that I forget completely the instant I wake up
edit: format, typoes etc
Tldr: Had a dream, in which I was on board a ufo and was taught about an alien society. They valued happiness, self-actualization, and belonging. They understood the existence of thoughtforms and embraced temporary identities. Their economy focused on equality, less waste, and innovation. They had an AI-operated bank and emphasized education and direct democracy
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2023.05.29 07:57 Foodandbeverage1 Home Bedding Market Future Growth Size, Business Prospect, Forecast 2030

Home Bedding Market Future Growth Size, Business Prospect, Forecast 2030
Market Overview:
In addition, the global home bedding market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 5%, with a value of USD 111821.06 Million over the estimated forecasting year of 2022-2030.
The increasing consumer expenditure on home furnishing and the development of the real estate sector is among the leading factors influencing the demand for home bedding across the globe. Moreover, several manufacturers are developing home bedding using lightweight, chemical-free, and anti-microbial materials like cotton and silk to induce deep slumber. They are also launching innovative festive cushions, duvets, and pillow sets through e-commerce channels. This, in confluence with the easy availability of customized mattresses and bed linens at affordable rates, is propelling the Home Bedding Market growth. Furthermore, due to increasing environmental concerns, there is a rise in the demand for home beddings made of organic vegetable dyes. Additionally, the increasing number of nuclear households, the growing trend of minimalist bedrooms, and the rising adoption of adjustable beds are other factors fostering market growth in the coming years.
Home beddings are washable materials laid above the bed for comfort, aesthetics, warmth, and hygiene purposes. These materials generally include blankets, linens, mattresses, pillows, cushions, rugs, sheets, duvets, quilts, and comforters. They improve sleep, provide comfort and support to the neck and back, relieve pressure points, and conform to the body. Presently, there is a significant rise in the demand for home beddings on account of inflating disposable incomes and the easy product availability in different colors, prints, and sizes to cater to the needs of individuals.
Regional Analysis:
Asia-Pacific Home Bedding Market represents the fastest-growing market worldwide. The key factors driving growth in the region include stable economic growth of developing Asian economies, rising number of nuclear households, expanding retail networks and easy access to a range of products, growing base of the affluent middle-class population, and increased demand for designer and luxury bed and bath linen lower labor costs in countries, such as China and India, have over the years led to the increase in global exports from Asia-Pacific. China especially leads global bed linen exports of late, and countries such as Pakistan, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, have emerged as export competitors to China and India.
Bed linen covers home textiles products, such as bed covering, bed throws, blankets, cushion covers, cushions, duvets, duvet covers, mattresses, mattress cover, pillows, etc. It is the largest segment in the home textiles market. This segment is the fastest growing with a significant growth rate. Growth in the hospitality industry and increased spending in emerging economies are some of the major factors responsible for growth in the segment in recent times, and the trend is expected to continue in the near future.
Market Segmentation:
According to the latest market analysis report, the home bedding market has been segmented into three sections distribution channel, result type, and regional analysis. With the distributional channel, the market has been divided into store-based and non-store-based. With the result type, the global market is divided into five sections: pads, beddings, covers, bed cloths, and others. According to the regional basis, the market is further classified into five sections: Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America, North America, and Middle East & Africa.
Industrial News:
In terms of home bedding market share, few Key Home Bedding Market Players currently dominate the market. However, demand is driven by consumer income. Large companies compete through volume purchasing, breadth of products, and effective merchandising and marketing. Small companies focus on a market segment and compete through the depth of products and superior customer service.
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Nail Polish Remover Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027
NOTE: Our Team of Researchers are Studying Covid19 and its Impact on Various Industry Verticals and wherever required we will be considering Covid19 Footprints for Better Analysis of Market and Industries. Cordially get in Touch for More Details.
Contact us:
Market Research Future (part of Wantstats Research and Media Private Limited),
99 Hudson Street,5Th Floor, New York, New York 10013, United States of America
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