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Atlanta is an American comedy-drama television series created by Donald Glover. It premiered on September 6, 2016 on FX. Season 4 premiered on September 15, 2022. It is the final season. The series centers on college dropout and music manager Earnest "Earn" Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate the Atlanta rap scene. It also stars Lakeith Stanfield as Darius Epps and Zazie Beetz as Vanessa "Van" Keefer.

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2023.05.29 15:21 ElectricalShift5845 $6,000 For Giving up Flight Seat (2 days) - Memorial Day

Currently stuck in Atlanta (Memorial Day weekend) and my flight to Europe has been overbooked two days in a row. I’ve been all over and I’ve never seen the vouchers get this massive ($3,000), mind you, the cost of the initial flight was already close to $2,000 and probably one reason why so many people didn’t give up their seat.
1). Does anyone know air traffic is generally lower on Memorial Day?
2) Has anyone else seen the vouchers go higher?
Anyway, just bored as hell stuck here in a soulless airport hotel waiting to go customer assistance. It’ll be interesting to see what happens on round three.
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2023.05.29 15:21 peabrainbyu Back for your 26th pick Reddit Mock Draft

Hey Pacers,
I'm back for your 23rd pick and want to thank everyone again who participated for your 7th pick. Gonna paste the rules below for those who may not have seen the first post.
I'm putting together a mock draft from the NBA subreddits through a poll, assuming no trades. I will be going to each teams reddit to put a poll so they can vote on their pick while removing players that have already been picked. There will be 2 hr per pick and then I will move onto the next subreddit while updating my draft board. If your preferred pick is not in the poll PLEASE USE OTHER AND COMMENT BELOW ON WHO YOU WOULD PREFER.
  1. Spurs- Wemby
  2. Hornets - Scoot (Charlottes pick was BPA on athletics list due to mods closing the poll since they hate fun)
  3. Trailblazers- Miller
  4. Rockets - Amen Thompson
  5. Pistons- Ausar Thompson (in an extremely close vote).
  6. Magic - Taylor Hendricks
  7. Pacers - Jarace Walker
  8. Wizard - Cam Whitmore
  9. Jazz - Anthony Black
  10. Mavericks - Gradey Dick (Super close and I actually had to extend the timer due to a tie multiple times.
  11. Magic -Jordan Hawkins
  12. OKC - Leonard Miller
  13. Raptors - Cason Wallace (had zero replies after 2 hours and so they defaulted to BPA)
  14. Pelicans - GG Jackson
  15. Atlanta - Dereck Lively II
  16. Jazz - Jalen Hood-Schifino
  17. Lakers - Kobe Bufkin
  18. Heat - Dariq White head ( mods removed the post after 10 minutes so had to go with highest votes at that time. Sorry heat fans if you don't like it, get better mods.
  19. Warriors - Bilal Coulibali
  20. Rockets - Nick Smith Jr.
  21. Nets - Keyonta George
  22. Nets - Brice Sensabaugh
  23. Trailblazers - James Nnaji
  24. Kings - Kris Murray
  25. Grizzlies - Trayce Jackson-Davis
Who do you take at 26?
View Poll
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2023.05.29 15:17 Neoicecreaman "3% chance" when you only use free crystals

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2023.05.29 15:16 doc_blue27 The Recaps That Have Shocked Me the Most So Far

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to gauge what they’re going to think about each episode. When it became evident early on in the podcast that they were actually going to be legitimately critical of the show, I naturally started trying to predict how they were going to feel since I’ve seen every episode an indescribably endless number of times. And keep in mind the first two seasons are my favorite seasons. These are the recaps that have been the most shocking to me.
Kid Gloves- Although they weren’t crazy about FatheSon Game or It’s a Wonderful Night, this is the first one that they really ripped apart and it really caught me off guard. They’d been enjoying season 1 a lot for the most part, which was making me really happy because, please don’t shoot, but it has always been my favorite season. And I’ve always strongly defended it and was worried they weren’t going to like it. But, they surprisingly had been loving it. Then comes this episode, one that I’ve always really loved, and even during the great scene where Allen talks about being a boxer in the navy, they didn’t say a single positive thing. It’s not one of the very best episodes of the season, but how much they hated it just seemed really odd to me. Especially Will being legitimately upset about it. The whole time I was just like “really, dude? Over Kid Gloves?”.
Back 2 School- Has always been one of my very favorite episodes of the whole series. It’s a great introduction to the show’s new tone, and the characters of Mr. Turner, Harley, Joey, and Frankie. They love all those characters, yet the entire recap just focused on the number of different characters that were being introduced, as well as the fact that it felt like a different show. I think there’s a lot to appreciate in the episode that they didn’t at all, because they were so fixated on how different it felt from season 1. Which yeah. It’s quite different. But I feel like they were biiiiit exaggerative.
Pairing Off- Now this is literally my favorite episode of the entire show, and always has been. I think the bedroom scene between the boys and the parents is essentially the best scene in any sitcom. I’m glad they at least said some positive things about that scene, although I still think it’s far more deserving than what they gave it. But during the rest of the episode, they were again just completely focused on how it was different from season 1, and it became very frustrating. Yes it’s an episode kind of about sex and wouldn’t exist in season 1. But it’s also really, really great.
The Beard/The Turnaround- I’m just going to group these two together since they’re back to back and I have the exact same thing to say about both of them. After being repeatedly wrong in season 2 regarding what episodes they were going to dislike, I kept finding myself looking forward to these two episodes. They’re the only two in season 2 that I genuinely dislike, and especially considering the cast’s frequent complaints regarding sexism and the writing of the female guest stars’ characters, I was certain that they’d dislike them too. Once again, I was completely wrong. Shockingly, everyone really liked both episodes and essentially said nothing negative about either. And obviously even had the actress on the podcast who played one of the characters in question.
On the Air- Just when it started to feel like they were never going to genuinely dislike an episode ever again, Rider and Will both hate on a really fun and harmless episode. It isn’t one of the best of the season, but like Kid Gloves, the amount of hate towards it just felt odd.
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2023.05.29 15:15 autobuzzfeedbot 4 Biggest Signs Of Fast & Furious 10's Behind-The-Scenes Drama In The Finished Movie

  1. Fast X's Action Is A Step Down From F9
  2. Fast X's Pacing Is A Major Problem
  3. The Rock's Return In Fast X's Post-Credits Scene
  4. Vin Diesel Hardly Appears With The Existing Cast
Link to article
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2023.05.29 15:13 acmeicon New Way~ How to Save Money While Shopping in 2023

In today's consumer-driven world, shopping has become an integral part of our lives. However, the impulse to spend lavishly can often lead to financial strain. It is essential to develop smart shopping habits that allow us to save money without compromising our needs or desires. This essay explores various strategies and practical tips to help individuals save money while shopping, enabling them to achieve financial stability and make the most of their hard-earned income.
Get Free Gift Card for Shopping

  1. Create a Budget: The first step toward saving money while shopping is to establish a realistic budget. Assess your monthly income and allocate specific amounts for essential expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries. Set aside a portion of your income for discretionary spending and adhere to this budget strictly. A well-planned budget will help you prioritize your purchases and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  2. Make a Shopping List: Before embarking on a shopping trip, create a detailed shopping list. This list should include items you genuinely need and plan to purchase. Stick to your list to avoid impulsive buying, as these spontaneous purchases often lead to overspending. By adhering to a shopping list, you stay focused on your essential purchases and prevent unnecessary expenditure.
  3. Comparison Shopping: Engage in comparison shopping to find the best deals and prices for the products you intend to buy. Take advantage of online platforms, price comparison websites, and mobile apps that offer price comparisons across different retailers. Compare prices, read customer reviews, and evaluate the value for money before making a purchase. This practice ensures that you get the most competitive prices and avoid overspending.
  4. Seek Discounts and Coupons: Look for discounts, coupons, and promotional offers before making a purchase. Browse through newspapers, online platforms, and retailer websites to find exclusive deals. Additionally, consider signing up for loyalty programs and newsletters that offer discounts and rewards. By actively seeking out discounts and coupons, you can significantly reduce your shopping expenses and save a substantial amount of money in the long run.
  5. Shop during Sales and Clearance Events: Timing your shopping trips strategically can help you save a significant amount of money. Keep an eye on sales, seasonal promotions, and clearance events offered by retailers. These occasions often provide substantial discounts on a wide range of products. Plan your purchases around these events to take advantage of the reduced prices and maximize your savings.
  6. Avoid Impulse Buying: Impulse buying is one of the primary reasons for overspending. Retailers strategically place tempting items near checkout counters or offer limited-time promotions to encourage impulse purchases. To save money, train yourself to resist these impulses by taking a moment to consider whether the item is a genuine necessity or a fleeting desire. Delaying gratification allows you to evaluate the purchase more objectively and avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  7. Consider Buying in Bulk: For frequently used household items or non-perishable goods, buying in bulk can be a cost-effective strategy. Warehouse stores and bulk retailers often offer discounted prices for buying larger quantities. Assess your needs, calculate the cost per unit, and determine if buying in bulk is more economical in the long run. However, exercise caution and ensure that the items you purchase in bulk are items you will genuinely use.
Conclusion: Saving money while shopping is a skill that can significantly contribute to financial stability and long-term financial goals. By adhering to a budget, creating shopping lists, comparing prices, seeking discounts, and avoiding impulsive purchases, individuals can take control of their spending habits. Incorporating these strategies into our shopping routine empowers us to make informed purchasing decisions and maximize our savings, ultimately leading to a more secure financial future. Remember, saving money while shopping is not about depriving ourselves, but rather about making conscious choices that align with our priorities and financial well-being.
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2023.05.29 15:09 scarphious Cards that change the name?

I'm looking to cheat out as many Keimi tokens as possible. My main plan is to mutate. What else might I use?
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2023.05.29 15:07 AutoLovepon Kanojo ga Koushakutei ni Itta Riyuu • Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion - Episode 8 discussion

Kanojo ga Koushakutei ni Itta Riyuu, episode 8

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2023.05.29 15:07 TheBarnacle63 Do you want to know why we don't keep our better players?

Do you want to know why we don't keep our better players?
Here is a chart showing why don't keep players like Haaland and Bellingham. I have a chart that includes the annual fiscal data since the 1999/2000 season. If you look at it carefully, there are three numbers that are important: revenue, profit, and cash flow. For those of you who know our history, when profit and cash flow go negative, we are in serious trouble. Here are some facts to consider:
  1. We have yet to recover our lost revenue from Covid-19.
  2. We have not been profitable since the 2018/2019 season.
  3. We have been able to remain cash flow positive. That is the good news.
  4. Our current assets to current liabilities ratio is 0.7. That needs improving.
We absolutely do not need to repeat our errors from the early 2000s. That is part of our fiscal DNA. I know this might be more appropriate for bvb_aktie, but it needs to be shared here. The management team understand that a team is a business, and needs to be run as such.
Wins and losses matter, but so do income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow.
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2023.05.29 15:06 jfrp00 Skout Team looking for AWPer

Hello guys I'm going to write in portuguese because our offer is for people who can understand our language :)
Somos um core quatro jogadores e estamos à procura de um AWP de raiz para completar o nosso lineup.
Requisitos: 1. Vontade de aprender 2. No tilt 3. Comunicação limpa 4. Faceit lvl 6+
Horário de treinos: 6 dias por semanas das 21h às 23h
Objetivos para a próxima Season: 1. Subir para a ESEA Intermediate 2. Participar nos principais qualificadores nacionais.
Para mais informações contactar por mensagem privada.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 15:05 ThaFutur3 Defense is very underrated

Defense is very underrated
E'rybody in this sub are like whatever this game's all about buying offensive players and defense is not nearly as important and that just pisses me off.
I invested to make a team which could defend really well and I try rly hard and here I am winning h2h against the same ovr teams as mine (I'm 125 ovr) while conceding only 1 goal in 10 games. Defense is king!
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2023.05.29 15:04 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/anaheimducks roundup for the week of May 22 - May 28

Monday, May 22 - Sunday, May 28

Top videos

score comments title & link
16 4 comments Mason McTavish Rookie Season Highlights

Top Remaining Posts

score comments title & link
131 38 comments Adam Fantilli with a nasty goal at the World Championship
125 19 comments Reppin' SoCal in Northern Ontario Canada!
120 27 comments Corey Perry Plans To Continue Playing After This Season
85 5 comments The Saint Approves
80 7 comments BOGO at Chipotle if you wear your hockey jersey
58 12 comments Adam Fantilli: Hobey Baker Award • WJC Gold • WC Gold
47 4 comments Friedman on the TJMS: "It sounds like Anaheim will be conducting more coaching interviews at the draft combine"
44 1 comments Nathan Gaucher claps it home to extend Quebec's lead to 2
42 3 comments PSA: Zellweger and Gaucher kick off the Memorial Cup against each other tomorrow @ 6PM PDT
40 32 comments 10 Year Playoff History - Anaheim Ducks
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2023.05.29 15:03 bigtree94 Chicken and vegetable stew

Chicken and vegetable stew
My stomach was off the last few days so I made this recipe that we often make at home when someone is sick. It’s simple and mild flavored but still filling and delicious— and PCOS friendly :)
Ingredients: Chicken (I used breasts) Potatoes Carrots Whatever friggin veggies you have and want to use Bouillon cube 1 med onion Four cloves garlic, minced An inch sized piece of ginger sliced Bay leaf Cinnamon stick Salt and pepper Parsley chopped finely Paprika Garlic powder
  1. Cut the chicken the way you would like, it to the size you prefer. I wanted to keep track of how much protein I’m eating so I sliced the chicken breasts in half and kept them fairly whole.
  2. Season chicken with paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Sear in the pot you’re going to cook the stew in. Don’t get rid of the excess oil and crisped up bits of chicken, but if there is anything burnt, try and remove these pieces.
  3. Deglaze the bottom of your pot with water. Whatever stuff stuck to the bottom of the pot, melt it down with water. Fill the pot with water until the chicken is fully covered, plus about two more fingers.
  4. Immediately add the bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, ginger, and minced garlic. Mrs. Dash works great in this recipe too. The yellow capped one. Add your cut up vegetables at this stage too. I like to keep the veggies in relatively big pieces so that if there are leftovers, they don’t get mushy. Add the parsley when they are halfway cooked.
  5. Melt in your bouillon cube. Taste for flavor. Make the adjustments you’d like: more garlic, more salt, more parsley… it’s a pretty mild flavored dish but it’s a savory one.
  6. Ready to serve when veggies and chicken are fully cooked! Can be served alone as is, with rice, or with noodles.
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2023.05.29 15:03 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/ChelseaFC roundup for the week of May 22 - May 28

Monday, May 22 - Sunday, May 28

Top Highlights

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1,118 107 comments [Highlights] Nkunku goal to win Bundesliga Golden Boot
472 80 comments [Highlights] Joao Felix missed chance 93'
324 101 comments [Highlights] Manchester United 4 - [1] Chelsea - Joao Felix 89'
174 41 comments [Highlights] Dominican Republic U20 0-3 Italy U20 - Cesare Casadei 84’
109 50 comments [Highlights] RB Leipzig [2]-0 Schalke - Christopher Nkunku 19'
71 61 comments [Highlights] Manchester United [4] - 0 Chelsea - Marcus Rashford 78'
61 6 comments [Highlights] Chelsea [1] - 1 Newcastle - Kieran Trippier own goal. 27'
56 4 comments [Highlights] RB Leipzig [3]-2 Schalke - Yussuf Poulsen 82' (Nkunku Assist)
55 5 comments [Highlights] Kendry Paez assist, U20 WC
55 106 comments [Highlights] Inter [1] - 0 Atalanta - Romelu Lukaku 1'

Top 5 Posts

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2,577 123 comments [Official] CHELSEA FC official Twitter:
1,894 131 comments [Legends & Former Players] As the club plans for a mass clear out this summer to trim down the size of the squad and with Malo Gusto coming in next season, It most likely looks like Azpi will be heading out of the club. Tomorrow might be the last time we see him playing a competitive match for the club.
1,432 90 comments [Interview/Presser] Thiago Silva: ‘My relationship with Chelsea fans is hard to put into words. It was love at first sight. It’s not easy to come to a new club & be applauded from beginning, shown so much love." "I’m really proud to be at Chelsea & I just want them to continue to be successful."
1,374 187 comments [Discussion] Back when we had a proper winger.😢
1,374 29 comments [Social Media & Photos] “We’ll just call you LEGEND” banner for Azpi in the Shed. 💙💙

Top 5 Comments

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771 akem_makem said keep havertz just dont play him as a 9
740 Realmin said Mudryk and social media are not a great combo
614 HungLuke said Admin wanted to make his case as our Player of the Season
612 SeaBend8627 said Kepa has played well this season and we’ll struggle to replace him with someone better
548 lovemeltedcheese said Joey is 100% right. No wonder why people are scared to start exercising in the gym these days.

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81 - 35 comments 1 I'll Drink to That [Analysis & Stats] Top Contributors in all comps 22/23: Sterling 13, Havertz 10, Mount 7

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 Gold, 1 Ally, 1 Got the W 194 sangre_frio said Mason Mount can fuck off and I could give zero fucks.
1 Gold 87 Haz96 said Yikes
1 Take My Energy 7 Chelseablue1896 said One thing I'll say is, no matter how much the fans on here want to say frank made things worse, most of the performances show that he didn't. Unlike under potter, we actually tried in most games under...
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2023.05.29 15:03 TartarinhaMarug My 13.10 Ww Matchups tier list

My 13.10 Ww Matchups tier list
I've came back to league after a while without playing and now with 100 games on ww top this season i feel comfortable to post my opinion on the matter
  1. this is assuming an 1v1 scenario where both players are equally skilled
  2. assuming ww is not taking more than 1 tower shot
  3. my persnoal experience as a plat
  4. (with some patience and good trades in lane every matchup is a free kill)
Jax and kled are a skill based matchup if the enemy is not experienced against ww (but since i was assuming equally skilled enemies i've lowered him to this position)
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2023.05.29 15:03 stayclassypeople The 1976-77 Bowl Season

This is the 4th post in a series going over the bowl seasons from 1974-1997. Each year I'm examining the bowls with national title implications and the teams competing for the #1 ranking. If you want to catch up on prior seasons, check out the link to the master post to view previous writeups.

Setting the Stage
Team record AP Coaches
Texas (SWC champ) 11-0 1 1
Oklahoma (Big 8) 10-1 2 2
Alabama (SEC) 10-1 3 3
Michigan (B1G) 10-1 4 4
Notre Dame (IND) 10-1 5 5
Arkansas (SWC) 10-1 6 6
Kentucky* 10-1 7 Unranked
Penn St 10-1 8 7
*Kentucky and Alabama didn't play in the regular season and both went unbeaten in SEC play, however the SEC title and Sugar Bowl bid went to Alabama as Kentucky was facing NCAA probation and prohibited from playing in a bowl.
Important games
Buckle up buckaroos! Thanks to bowl tie ins, the top 4 teams in each poll went to a separate bowl game! SWC champ Texas to the Cotton, Big 8 Champ OU to the Orange, SEC champ Alabama to the Sugar, and Big 10 champ Michigan to the Rose. Texas held all the cards though. They were the nations lone unbeaten and had wins over #2 Oklahoma and #6 Arkansas. A Cotton Bowl win would leave no doubt as to who was number one when the dust settled, but lose and a slew of 1 loss teams were waiting in the wings to fight for the voters' affections. The insanity that we're about to dive into truly makes this season one of my favorite in this series.

Cotton Bowl: #1 Texas vs #5 Notre Dame (January 1st, 2PM EST)
I mean, why play the bowls right? Texas was already the last unbeaten standing. Just give them #1 and call it a day right? Besides, Texas was too good to let some silly Notre Dame team led by some schmuck name Joe Montana knock them off, right? Right? Well, unfortunately for Texas, the pollsters looking for a clear cut champ, and protestant football fans everywhere, you'd be wrong. The Irish came in and absolutely mollywhopped them. After a 3-3 first quarter, they Irish exploded for 21 in the 2nd to jump to a 24-10 lead. They would shut out the horns in the 2nd half for a 38-10 route. The national title race was now wide open.

Sugar Bowl #3 Alabama vs #9/8 Ohio St (January 1st, 2PM EST)
The Sugar Bowl kicked off about the same time as the Cotton, so Alabama didn't have the luxury to see how that game played out. A lot of pieces needed to fall into place to claim #1. In addition to a win and a Texas loss, they would also likely need Oklahoma to lose the Orange bowl the next day. That would leave them and Notre Dame in a beauty contest for the voters, and the Tide were already 2 spots ahead in each poll. They made the most of their opportunity and thrashed Ohio St. The led 13-0 at half and cruised to a 35-6 victory. Now they would have to anxiously wait for the Orange Bowl result.

Rose Bowl #4 Michigan vs #13/14 Washington (January 2nd, 5pm
Going into the new year, Michigan would need a lot of help to jump to #1. Losses by #1 Texas, #2 Oklahoma, and #3 would be required, and even then, they would need to win the voters affections over #5 Notre Dame and #6 Arkansas who would both have better bowls wins than them in that scenario. By kickoff they knew those title hopes were on life support as #3 Alabama dominated rival Ohio St the day before. Perhaps this affected their play, or maybe Washington was just that good. Either way, the Huskies jumped to a 17-0 halftime lead and held off a 2nd half rally to upset the Wolverines, 27-20.
Orange Bowl #2 Oklahoma vs #6 Arkansas
The college football season would finish with the Orange Bowl and fans across the country watched with baited breath. Alabama, Notre Dame, and of course the Sooners, all had a potential championship on the line based on this game's result. With Texas' loss, #2 ,Oklahoma was in the best position to claim #1 with a win. If they lose, then Alabama would likely take the crown instead (I mean no way Notre Dame would jump them right?) 1st year head coach Lou Holtz and the Razorbacks had their slim title chances dashed by Alabama's earlier win, and came into this game hoping to play spoiler, and boy did they. Arkansas opened a can of pig suuuuii, and rolled Oklahoma, 31-6. The Sooners didn't even manage a TD til the 4th quarter. Fans in Tuscaloosa cheered as the national title appeared to be theirs for the taking.

Post Bowl Rankings
Teams record AP Coaches
Notre Dame 11-1 1 (37 ⅓) 1 (23)
Alabama 11-1 2 (19 1/3) 2 (13)
Arkansas 11-1 3 (5 1/3) 3 (2)
Texas 11-1 4 (2) 5 (1)

Chaos reigned as the top 2 teams and 3 of the top 4 lost their bowl. In a surprise turn of events, Notre Dame leapfrogged Alabama in both polls to be declared a unanimous national champion. Despite the Tide's route of Ohio St, the voters were more impressed with The Irish's win over #1 Texas. Notre Dame had a strong argument to be #1. They just beat the number #1 Horns, which also gave them transitive wins over Oklahoma and Arkansas. The tide had a strong case too. Their lone loss was to a top 10 Nebraska team, whereas the Irish lost to a 5-6 Ole Miss team, who the Tide beat a week prior. I almost feel bad for Alabama here . . . almost. I can imagine there were a lot of frustrations over this season, since the top 4 teams played in separate game, but would be remiss if I didn't say that the absolute chaos it brought wasn't entertaining.

Sources and recommended reading:
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2023.05.29 15:03 kaneadam11 A Brutus or ASol

A Brutus or ASol
I need one more Brutus to bring him to leg+ or 3 more sol for 1* which would be better value
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2023.05.29 15:02 BenShutterbug My in-depth review of the Mazda CX-60 after 7000km and 5 months - Design, Performance, Range and Value for Money

Hello everyone,
Last January, I purchased a CX-60. As it is still difficult to find user reviews of this model, I took the time to write this review in the hope that it can be helpful to you if you are considering buying this car. I hope that my experience can answer some of your questions and assist you in your decision-making process.
Exterior Design (4/5)
The design is particularly successful. The car has a sleek look and gives the impression of being in motion even when stationary, just as the designers promised during the design phase. It has nothing to envy compared to its competitors, such as the Audi Q5. Although I'm not a big fan of black rims, I must admit that they blend harmoniously with the Takumi package on this model. The black accents on the rims, tinted windows, and mirrors create a visual signature that doesn't go unnoticed. Unlike most models, it stands out more in person than in photos, especially in terms of size. It is truly massive. For comparison, it is longer and taller than an Audi Q5. When you see it for the first time, the "wow" effect is guaranteed. However, the rear of the vehicle is less expressive and does not do justice to the front and side views. Fortunately, the quad exhaust at the back helps maintain the sporty character of the model.
Interior Design (5/5)
The interior layout is clean, simple, and modern. It features a large central screen, a minimally customizable driver display, and a head-up display integrated directly on the windshield. This efficiency will surely appeal to those who struggle with screens everywhere displaying unnecessary information. Similarly, you cannot customize the ambient lighting in the evening. The lights are fixed, in a neutral color, and the adjustment only offers 3 intensities. It may not be to everyone's liking, but personally, I find it liberating to be free from countless customization possibilities that always leave a sense of dissatisfaction. As for the materials, they come in understated colors and durable textures, both in terms of aesthetics and longevity (at least for now, time will tell). The center console is impressively wide and gives a sense of space rarely felt in vehicles of similar size. When driving this car, you feel like you're aboard a large American SUV like the Suburban or Ford Explorer. Unfortunately, there are not many storage compartments. The huge center console only offers a tiny compartment that can hold a few small items and keys at most. The door pockets are also very low and not very practical.
Ergonomics (4/5)
The cabin offers generous space for all occupants, including the rear seats where even adults over 1.80m tall have ample legroom. The seats, which are rather firm and have limited adjustments, can be surprising at first, especially if you're coming from a vehicle with a multitude of settings. In the first few days, I experienced sharp back pain, especially since the car lacks flexibility as I'll mention later. After three weeks of adjustment, the pain disappeared, and I even noticed an improvement in my posture. In my previous vehicle, my seat was so comfortable, like a sofa, but now I realize it was bad for my back. Inside this car, with its comfort inspired by Japanese tatami mats, I ultimately feel better, less slouched, and more alert. The trunk offers significant capacity, especially compared to similar models. However, it doesn't have a dual compartment or a sub-trunk to store charging cables. The tailgate rises very high, over 3 meters. It struggles to lock in place when encountering resistance, which can damage it from the first uses. I recommend adjusting it by pressing the closing button while it's opening, to lock it at the desired height, and holding down that button for 5 seconds (until you hear a series of beeps) to limit the opening range.
Technologies and Equipment (3/5)
The connectivity is quite comprehensive, although Apple CarPlay suffers from some instability and unexplained bugs (random disconnections, unexpected cuts, slowdowns, random automatic connection). Wireless charging also sometimes poses a problem. It works randomly and seems to generate a lot of heat on the phone. When not in use, an error message keeps flashing, indicating that no phone is being charged.
As for driving aids, the lane-keeping system works very well, although it is not autonomous. If you don't have your hands on the wheel, the car behaves like a billiard ball, bouncing from one lane to another. However, if it deviates from its trajectory because you're not attentive enough, it will alert you and secure the car by making a steering correction. It's very reassuring and always activated at the right time. Moreover, it's even a valuable aid on high-speed winding turns, on certain departmental roads. Other vehicles end up cutting through the turns or having to slow down excessively, while you effortlessly stay precisely in your lane.
I was very disappointed with the cruise control, which is not adaptive. Later, I discovered that it is an option that is disabled in the software since all the necessary sensors are already present. You can confirm this through ActiveSense, which provides a complete view of surrounding vehicles. So, I wanted to add this option later, willing to bear the cost, but Mazda doesn't allow it. This strategy, or lack of a sales strategy, is surprising.
The temperature management inside the car is surprising. Without changing the temperature settings in automatic mode, during a long drive, there is a yo-yo effect that is difficult to explain. One moment, it feels quite cool, and a few minutes later, it becomes too hot. I wonder if it's related to the external brightness because on a hot spring day, the air conditioning temperature suddenly rose when the sky suddenly became overcast. However, it was still hot outside. I think there's an overly reactive adaptive mode at play.
The remote car management is quite good. It's possible to activate the heating or air conditioning, which will run for a maximum of 30 minutes before shutting off and sending a notification to your phone. You can extend it if you have a good signal. The car surprisingly receives a signal in unexpected places, even in underground parking lots where my phone has no network. This remote temperature mode is ideal for defrosting the car or leaving a dog inside during cold weather or in the summer when the temperature rises quickly in a closed and parked car. I've tested it in extreme cold and hot seasonal temperatures, and it works very well so far. Of course, it consumes a lot of energy, but you can't have everything without a trade-off. It's suitable for occasional use. The rest of the remote features include locking the car, checking tire pressure, consulting the range, and receiving alerts if the alarm is triggered, which is very reassuring. It's also possible to locate the car precisely. It's a shame that we can't access the cameras, as in other fully electric models.
It's not clear in the vehicle manual, but to deactivate the alarm, you need to press the alarm button on the remote right after locking the car. The indicator will blink 4 times, and then it will be turned off. It's better to do it before leaving your dog alone, or else the alarm will be triggered if the dog moves inside the vehicle.
Performance and Driving Dynamics (4/5)
I own the 327-horsepower PHEV model: 200 horsepower from the atmospheric gasoline engine and 127 horsepower from the electric motor. Although the low-end power is reduced with an atmospheric engine, the electric motor more than makes up for it with its responsiveness and instant torque. Despite its weight, the car is very agile. It even outperforms some more powerful or lighter petrol-powered cars in terms of acceleration. Of course, such models regain the advantage in corners, but not in straight lines. The acceleration is impressive, although the road noise insulation somewhat dampens the sensation. Other vehicles seem almost stationary when you step on the accelerator.
I was initially disappointed with the braking performance, which was less impressive than in my previous vehicle. However, by pressing the pedal harder and adjusting the regenerative braking to the maximum, I managed to get used to it.
The handling is remarkable. Although it's not a sports car capable of maintaining very high speeds in corners, it still surpasses similar-sized competing models. Thanks to the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, the turning angle and trajectory in corners are impressive for a car of this size. One of the drawbacks of the vehicle lies in the stiffness of the suspension. Despite the excellent noise isolation, you feel the road imperfections more than you would expect when driving an SUV. Even at low speeds, speed bumps are very uncomfortable and cause items in the trunk to bounce around. Mazda seems to have made this choice to prevent the relatively high car from swaying in corners and reduce the risk of rollovers at high speeds. Adaptive suspension could have solved this problem. However, considering the pricing position against the competition, I understand why the brand overlooked this aspect. Moreover, after 3000 km, I noticed that the suspension has become slightly softer, improving comfort to some extent.
Energy Efficiency and Range (2/5)
The consumption and hybridization aspects encompass the majority of the vehicle's drawbacks. The car discharges quickly, and the actual range is much lower than what the manufacturer claims. Like many owners, I also face a discharge issue when the car is parked. It loses about 30% of charge in 24 hours (and even drains the 12-volt starter battery - as if the headlights were left on). This problem is due to software that prevents the car from entering sleep mode. I have already taken my vehicle to Mazda for reprogramming, and I will have to do it again soon because the issue is still unresolved (now I lose 15% in 24 hours). This problem is not part of the manufacturer's recalls, but many owners are affected. Dealing with a less established manufacturer, this can quickly become a headache. I had to go through many steps and cancel orders for other CX-60s for my company before being taken into consideration by the after-sales service. During my third call, Mazda France assistance even replied to me that they are not Audi. The message is quite clear.
Beyond this specific issue, the management of hybridization lacks customization and seems suitable for a specific use case only. If you live in a house, always have the car plugged in, and regularly make short trips, this plug-in hybrid is suitable. However, if you cannot plug it in daily or if you regularly drive more than 50 km round trip, you might be disappointed. Especially considering the consumption of this car in electric mode, it is often more expensive to charge it than to refuel with gasoline. The cost per 100 km is 2 to 4 times higher at current energy prices. Personally, I opted for the hybrid due to the tax incentives and benefits, but I also wanted to take advantage of remote heating and air conditioning options, especially when I have to leave my dog in the car for a few minutes. Since I cannot recharge it daily in the parking lot of my building, it would be desirable to be able to keep a charged battery and drive in combustion engine mode, but no mode truly allows that. It is possible to choose to recharge the car while driving, consuming approximately 13 liters per 100 km, but you cannot choose to drive solely on the combustion engine without using the high-capacity battery. The sport mode comes close, but the gears are shifted at high RPM, making the driving experience jerky and particularly noisy, and the battery is used as soon as you accelerate a bit (to activate the 137-horsepower motor). An exclusively combustion engine mode would have been relevant, similar to the exclusively electric mode. Furthermore, recharging the battery while driving doesn't work correctly. The recharge is very fast, much faster than when it's connected to 7 kW chargers. However, the displayed percentage does not correspond to the actual charge, which explains why it continues to recharge beyond the set percentage. For example, if you're at 30% and ask the car to recharge up to 50% while driving, it will work at a high rate until it reaches 50%. In normal mode, it will stop recharging the battery, but will continue operating at a high rate to not drop below 50%. So, you end up consuming more without reason, with the engine noise constantly high, which is quite unpleasant. In sport mode, it will continue recharging the battery above 50% without any limit. However, once the car is stopped and restarted, you'll notice that you weren't at 50%, but rather at 35%. The fast recharge was, therefore, fictitious. The problem is that this is a first for Mazda in terms of technology, and no one there is able to provide answers on this matter. The garage I visit explains that Mazda is highly centralized and communicates very little in terms of engineering with the garages. It is, therefore, common for a problem to persist for several months (or more) before being addressed at the technical management level in Japan and then transmitted to local dealerships. However, when deciding to market a technologically immature car, it would be wise to establish a continuous improvement process based on user feedback. In fact, on forums, we can see that Japanese users receive preferential treatment compared to the rest of the world. In conclusion, the battery of this car, which needs to be recharged at a high cost, is only useful for the first 40 kilometers. So, you spend over 3 hours recharging a battery at an exorbitant rate for only 25 or 30 minutes of driving without using gasoline. One might wonder if it's simply a trick to equip professionals, allowing them to benefit from incentives and reduced tax on company vehicles (the primary reason for my purchase). I think many people will never plug it in.
Cost and Value for Money (4/5)
The value for money of this model is indeed very interesting when compared to vehicles of the same standing from other brands, such as Audi. For example, an Audi Q5 offers a similar level but with an additional cost of €25,000. For the same price as a Mazda CX-60, you would only get a Q3 from Audi, which is clearly not comparable. However, it is important to note that the depreciation of this vehicle could be significant, and it might even become difficult to resell it in a few years. This is also true for all plug-in hybrid models. Therefore, I would recommend this model, provided that you negotiate the price well or opt for a lease (the offers are very attractive, and personally, I chose this payment method). The PHEV configuration of the vehicle is suitable for individuals who have daily access to a charging point and have diverse travel needs, ranging from short to long trips. Before the increase in electricity prices, the cost per 100 km was slightly more advantageous compared to gasoline, but today it is the opposite (except when charging from a domestic socket).
I am delighted with this car considering the price at which I acquired it. The positioning is unbeatable, and there are good deals to be made to drive this luxury sports SUV at the price of a "regular" SUV. With a domestic electric socket, choosing the plug-in hybrid is a good middle ground. It's just a shame that the hybrid management is not more refined. Perhaps future updates will address these teething problems.
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2023.05.29 15:01 Ali2829 What’s your favorite and least favorite Moral Orel episode and why?

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR SEASON 2 AND 3: Personally, my favorite episode has to go to Season 3 Episode 4 Alone, hits so hard to home and was one of the only episodes that made me shed a tear. While season 2 episode 5 Offensiveness, was pretty boring, and the ending of the episode was weird, but at least we got lots of screen time for Censordoll.
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2023.05.29 15:01 thirdbenchisthecharm Just finished season 2

What a fantastic show. Absolutely written so well and emulates our culture so well. Well aside from the whole hitman stuff lol can't relate.
Can't remember a show that made me genuinely feel so many emotions in such a short amount of episodes let alone one set in Australia.
Season really have off that darker vibes and Mr Shoestring is in the worst emotional state after everything piled up. Here's hoping season 3 is as good
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2023.05.29 15:00 walktheline7891 New contest for Coach to enter

New contest for Coach to enter
Link to thread should anyone want to expand on my info.
Photo of post also attached. Getting an actual TUG comp for Coach Travis to enter would be biblical.
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2023.05.29 15:00 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/22/2023 - 05/28/2023 - OTAs are Back!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Washington D.C.
Arizona Cardinals:
After some decent news the last couple weeks for this organization there wasn’t really anything great from this week besides maybe the fact that if WR DeAndre Hopkins was a distraction to the team he now no longer is one. It will be interesting to see how things play out this year.
Atlanta Falcons:
It sounds like the situation with Keith Smith should get resolved rather quickly and was more of a misunderstanding than anything else. It will be fun for this young team to have joint practices with Miami and it will be a good way for their defense to get an initial test from an elite offense. I am sure the Dolphins won’t reveal all of their tricks but either way they will have to worry about guarding an elite offense with elite playmakers.
Baltimore Ravens:
It is crazy to think about how just about a month ago the news around the Ravens was all negative and that it seemed like the relationship with Lamar was fractured. Now here we are and Lamar seems about as happy as can be and is excited about the offense that is being installed under new OC Todd Monken. It will be exciting for him as well to have WR Rashod Bateman back who I still think can be a key playmaker on the team. It appears the Ravens could be set for big things even in a tough division.
Buffalo Bills:
Great to see the that S Damar Hamlin was back out practicing. I know it has been some time since his collapse on the field but it still feels like yesterday that I was watching that game in complete shock at what I had witnessed and worry for him and his family. WR Stefon Diggs being absent at OTAs is not a big deal to me. QB Josh Allen has a lot of other guys he needs to get familiar and work in with anyways and a lot of star players don’t attend OTAs to either get rest/recovery or to do their own workouts with their private coaches. I imagine he and Kincaid will be deadly this year and who knows they may even have WR DeAndre Hopkins joining them as the Bills were one of two teams that inquired and had talks about a trade for him.
Carolina Panthers:
Not too much news here other than what we saw and heard from OTAs about Bryce Young getting to take most of the 1st team reps. It appears that he looked good and his teammates were saying great things about him. It is tough to judge any quarterback though in the offseason because no matter what folks always say their young or new quarterback is looking amazing and things are progressing nicely. I will say though I have heard the most good things coming out from camps about him and Anthony Richardson of the Colts.
Chicago Bears:
Good news for Chicago fans who are excited for their move. It seems that things are proceeding nicely with the process of moving to a new stadium. Also, great to hear that Chase Claypool may be able to make more of a difference this year. It would be hard to be less effective than what he was last year for this team. I still believe he can be a major impact player like many expected him to be when he entered the league. It will be key for him to become Fields’ go to receiver over some of the other talent they have on the team.
Cincinnati Bengals:
This team has a lot to do in terms of contracts that they need to get figured out. The team view Tee Higgins in very high regard and so does Joe Burrow as they should. They also really want to get Logan Wilson signed. However, what will come out to being the biggest of the contracts they do this offseason is that of Joe Burrow. What will continue to make things tough here is the longer it takes for Justin Hebert to get his deal done because Burrow will likely be the last of the 4 quarterbacks to sign his because it is presumed he will get the most money and has an agent who like to wait til the last minute.
Cleveland Browns:
All good news for Browns fans so far. The team is looking good and their appears to be a lot of good vibes coming out of practice. WR DeAndre Hopkins is even considering coming to Cleveland for the chance to play with his old QB. Also, WR Elijah Moore is looking crisp and at least for the moment it appears he is much happier. It will all depend on if he actually gets the ball thrown to him during the season though.
Dallas Cowboys:
Not too much news here which is good for this franchise because they are almost always the center of attention. The main thing I took away from this week was just that things seems to be going well with McCarthy and Dak working together on the offense but that there have been some growing pains at least initially getting used to new systems as expected.
Denver Broncos:
It appeared to shock just about everyone when the news broke about K Brandon McManus getting released because he had become a fan favorite over the years in Denver. QB Russell Wilson has lost a lot of weight and it is evident just from seeing him this offseason. I didn’t think his weight was the issue hindering him last year but hopefully he can feel he is playing at a healthier weight. What I think most Denver fans were excited to see was RB Javonte Williams back on the practice field. He is going to end up being the real difference maker this year and whether this team competes with the top of the AFC or not will largely depend on him making the rest of the offense’s life easy or not.
Detroit Lions:
A lot of news here. Let’s start with the bad news. It appears that they may be having more penalties come down on their team/players due to the league’s gambling policy as their is an ongoing investigation into a 5th player from the team. Also, David Montgomery and Malcolm Rodriguez left the field with injuries. It is still early though and they appear to be minor injuries so hopefully it won’t affect them in the long term. Now some good news. It sounds like WR Jameson Williams is progressing nicely and the team got a new kicker in Riley Patterson from the Jaguars who should help the improve there. Lastly and maybe the biggest news is that Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was at OTAs hanging out with coaches and players. Many are hoping those good vibes carry over into the season.
Green Bay Packers:
Exciting news that Green Bay will get the draft in 2025! I was thinking they would try and stick to more southern states but they clearly are willing to go North with Detroit and now Green Bay being the hosts of the next two. HC Matt LaFleur appears to be being honest with everything and trying to temper expectations a bit with Jordan Love taking over. This could be to help take pressure off of Love and also just be the flat out truth that with any young quarterback it is going to take some time.
Houston Texans:
I am not surprised about DeMeco Ryans hesitancy about pursuing Jadeveon Clowney. First of all he just may not want to reveal his cards to others in the league about what he is thinking. The other thing is that he is one that likes for his defense to have an identity and a really good work ethic. I am not saying that Clowney can’t fit that mold but it just makes the selection process for what Ryans wants on defense that much more thorough. The other news that surprised some but something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is that QB Davis Mills will compete with Stroud for the starting job and is viewed as a desirable QB to other teams around the league. I know his stats haven’t been the best but I am not sure any of the young quarterbacks would have done well with what the Texans organization has been the last couple years. At the end of the day CJ Stroud will end up being the team’s starter due to draft status and probably will be the more talented, better option.
Indianapolis Colts:
Overall things seems to be good for the organization. The main thing we are all waiting on is when Shaq Leonard will be able to get back out there and start practicing. It makes sense not to have him practicing now since things are optional anyways. The hype has been there for QB Anthony Richardson thus far and it appears he may be closer to starting right away than a lot of people thought.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
Not too much news out of Jacksonville other than the change at the kicker position. Things got busy and they were able to trade K Riley Patterson to the Lions rather than release like the reports had said prior. Then they went out and got a proven veteran in K Brandon McManus who had just been released from the Broncos squad. This team is going to be interesting this year and will go as far QB Trevor Lawrence can take them. Does not hurt to have the veteran kicker for the big moments that could be coming for this organization.
Kansas City Chiefs:
HC Andy Reid who normally is pretty quiet and doesn’t get too involved was in front of the media a lot this week it felt like. First, he is not a fan of the new kickoff rule and it appears most coaches are not. Second, he talked about how the team will not be using a FB because they are being phased out of the NFL and he feels that the TEs they have on the team can play the role when needed. Overall it seems things are going well for the Chiefs and things could be a going a lot better here soon as they appear to be a top option for WR DeAndre Hopkins and one the few teams that had trade talks before he was released.
Las Vegas Raiders:
It appears there is never a dull week with the Raiders. The news this week about Jimmy seem to add context potentially to what Davante Adams’ comments were about recently. With Tom Brady recently joining the ownership group here it makes us all wonder if the injury is not cleared up is there a way for him to un-retire once again…only time will tell.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Big news here getting the deal done with Austin Ekeler even if it still only keeps him around for 1 year. Thankfully now he should be semi-happy for that one year before he can go out and chase a big contract if he wants to.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here really. Sounds like Matthew Stafford has taken Stetson Bennett under his wing and started to work with him and help him learn more about the transition to the NFL compared to college.
Miami Dolphins:
I loved seeing Tua wearing the helmet cam. I had not thought about it before but it should be great for him to be able to show McDaniel exactly what he is/was seeing out on the field to add context and allow McDaniel to better coach him and understand what is going on. I think this should be something all quarterbacks do and especially the top ones because it could gives coaches that much more information and a better understanding of how to help young quarterbacks in the future.
Minnesota Vikings:
All signs appear to be pointing towards RB Dalvin Cook getting released. In other news it will be good for the defense to develop the aggressive mindset that Brian Flores wants and should bring in the attitude from Miami that wad established during his time there that was so effective and led to them winning games.
New England Patriots:
The Patriots seems to always be up to something. It sounds like they were penalized the 2 days of OTAs and fined because of a meeting that Joe Judge held that lasted more than the permitted amount of time. Other tough news came when Raekwon McMillan got injured.
New Orleans Saints:
What a story. TE Foster Moreau finds out he has cancer in a physical with the team a couple months and gets ahead of things and is now practicing with them at OTAs. Interesting story here about former HC Jon Gruden working with the team because during his time with the Raiders many said that he and Carr did not get along. This team has a big opportunity to take over the NFC South and is probably the bet setup to do it with the team they have.
New York Giants:
It seems that everything is going great except the Saquon Barkley situation. There isn’t much new insight into it either after HC Daboll refused to speak on anything contract related. In good news it seems like TE Darren Waller is really enjoying being with the team and working with QB Daniel Jones. This is a team to me that is going to play inspired football like they did last year no matter what is going on because their HC.
New York Jets:
I imagine Jets fans held their breath when they saw Aaron Rodgers get injured as well as Allen Lazard. The good news is that those are not going to be issues in the long run. However, it reminded us all that QB Aaron Rodgers is not a young guy anymore and there is always the possibility that he like any other player in the NFL can get hurt. Hopefully the deal with Quinnen Williams can get done sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to the joint practices with the Bucs because they have a solid defense and it will be fun to hear how they fare in the early phases of implementing a lot of things from both Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Jordan Davis is going to be a key piece for the team this year in my opinion so it is great to hear he has made major strides. He is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his sheer size and the more he can be weaponized the better.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Great move to get Markus Golden. He can be dangerous in this defense and is only one season removed from a double digit sack year. Also, good to see that Robinson and Pickett appear to be getting along. I am curious to see who shakes out to be the #1 receiver on this team but have a feeling it will end up being Pickens because of how good he was last year and the chemistry he and Pickett already have. A QB likes it when his receiver makes life easier and bails him out. Pickens has already done that on multiple occasions for him.
San Francisco 49ers:
It is official the 49ers will host the 2026 Super Bowl! After speculations and rumors it finally became official this past week. Also, there was a lot of good QB news this week with all 3 of the QBs on the roster. Sounds like Brock Purdy is healing properly and as expected, Trey Lance is looking really good in OTAs along with Sam Darnold. Once again this offseason no one is sure who will be starting for the team come week 1.
Seattle Seahawks:
Good news for Seahawks fan that Tariq Woolen will be back around training camp time after his procedure. Other than that there was not much news here. They got a solid rotational/depth player in Artie Burns though.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Great to see that Tampa has joint practices with the Jets. They have a tough defense and it will be good for Baker and the offense to get some work against that defense early on. The Bucs have some great weapons on the offensive side of the ball to really compete with those top defenses and if they can all stay healthy this team could be a dark horse team to watch. Overall this should be a good all around team.
Tennessee Titans:
Interesting to see that S Kevin Byard was not at OTAs after earlier this offseason it was rumored he was asked to take a pay cut. Definitely a situation to watch. The main news that came from OTAs is that QB Will Levis appears to be looking good and some folks think he could be putting pressure on Tannehill early on and moving himself up the depth chart.
Washington Commanders:
Feels like a lot happened with the Commanders. First off, I think QB Sam Howell is in a great spot to learn and develop this year with mentors like Jacoby Brissett and then his OC Eric Bieniemy. They will hold him accountable like has already been happening and help bring out the best in him. Now it definitely is an organization surrounded by distractions. First off the trademark application for the team’s name was denied and they hope to get something figured out but could lead to another name change. Also, the team is still working through the Josh Harris bid and there need to be some adjustments in order for it to get accepted by the other NFL Owners and the league. These distractions even though they may not always be good for the team they probably do help a young quarterback because he is not the only thing to talk about at this point in the offseason.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Washington D.C. - TACOS 5 DE MAYO)
Don’t really have a great picture of this place but that may be a good thing. Often times I find that the places least advertised and that are holes in the wall is typically where you get the best Mexican food. This place is about a 10 minute drive from the stadium and probably closer to 15-20 minutes on game days depending on the time you go. Personally I recommend the Tacos Al Pastor. Those are basically a marinated pork taco that is slightly spicy with some sweet pineapple flavor in it. You cannot go wrong with Tacos Al Pastor and are by far my favorite. The other thing to keep an eye on is the Pupusas. While Pupusas are from El Salvador this place actually does a pretty dang good job of making them. For those that don’t know what Pupusas are they kind of resemble a stuffed pancake but are made of corn in most cases stuffed with either just cheese, cheese and beans, or cheese and pork. My order here would be 3 tacos al pastor and a cheese and bean pupusa. Enjoy!
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