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2023.05.29 14:02 FNInternetExplorer I’m a college student looking for a car I need some advice…

First off the reason I asked this subreddit and not any of the car subreddits is because they mostly recommended cars not available in the kingdom.
Anyways my college is 15 minutes away, and I want a cheap and reliable car, I won’t be using THAT much, 80% of the time from my house to the college,
I am also looking for a car that doesn’t use a lot of oil, anything in the 30k-80k price range would be ideal but I can go up to 100k, should I get a used car or a cheap new car? Thanks in advance
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2023.05.29 14:02 dreftzg [Daily News] TAG Heuer Gives The New Monaco A Skeleton Dial, Aquastar Revives Their First Dive Watch With The Model 60, De Bethune Shrinks Their New DB28XS And Alpina Has A Very Interesting Startimer Pilot

It's Monday and I have a bone to pick with TAG Heuer. They announced their new watch right as I clicked publish on the news update. I guess you're already caught up on it.

What's new

TAG Heuer Releases A Trio Of New Monacos With Skeleton Dials Ahead Of The Big Race
Hey, thanks a lot TAG! The exact second I sent out the Friday edition of It’s About Time they decided to announce a new watch. And not just any watch, that I would be cool with waiting until Monday to write about it. It is a trio of new and very different TAG Heuer Monaco Skeleton Chronographs, one of the first times they put a skeleton dial in the Monaco, but it’s also a release that coincides with the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. So here I am, writing about it after the race is over.
Never mind, it’s still a nice watch. Excluding the V4 editions that had a different case and was driven by belts, a unique piece in carbon made for Only Watch 2021, and the very exclusive “Riviera” edition, TAG Heuer has never made a production Monaco with a skeleton dial. And looking at these watches, it looks to have been a mistake on TAG’s part as the watches really do look fantastic.
The base dimensions of the watch remain the same - 39mm wide and 14.7mm thick, but not much else is the same. The case in the skeleton model is made out of sandblasted titanium to make it much lighter. While I see why some people would want that, I adore the weight of the original model. You know when you are wearing one.
TAG calls this watch a skeleton, I described it as a skeleton but it, in fact, is not actually a skeleton watch. It would more appropriately be described as an openworked Monaco, as it has a partial dial that reveals a slightly reworked movement. But even as such it looks great - all sharp lines and angles. The watch comes in three editions - Original Blue with an untreated titanium case, blue dial, white and red accents and a blue strap; Racing Red, an untreated case, black dial with red and white accents and a black strap; and Turquoise, with a black DLC coated case, a black strap, a black dial with turquoise-coloured accents and sub-dials, a colour also being sported on the column wheel and rotor.
Inside is the familiar Calibre Heuer 02 with some slight improvements, with an 80 hour power reserve. Apart from the colors, all the straps are the same, a mix of rubber and leather with a titanium folding clasp.
All three are part of the regular collection and are not limited. The Original Blue and Racing Red editions are priced at CHF 10,500, and the DLC-coated Turquoise edition at CHF 11,000.
Aquastar Revives Their First Dive Watch With The Model 60, The Most Classic Of Skin Divers With A Great Price
We are in the golden age of brand revivals. Aquastar, for example, was founded in the early 60s in Geneva by Frédéric Robert, a diver, sailor, pilot, mathematician and watchmaker after Robert took over his fathers watchmaking business JeanRichard. Over the next ten years, Rober filed a number of patents that are still relevant today, like inner rotating bezels, multiple dive decompression bezels, a new crown sealing system and the friction bezel ring…
When Robert retired, the brand was bought and sold by a number of companies and ended up being revived in 2020 by Rick Marei, who is known for building up Doxa to the powerhouse it is today. And ever since then they have been putting out fire releases. Their newest one is the Aquastar Model 60, which brings back the brand’s first-ever diver with modern specs.
All of the modern releases from Aquastar have been based on the Deepstar, but the Model 60 gets a completely new case. It’s based on the original Model 60, introduced in 1957 as JeanRichard7s first diver with a water resistance rating of 100 meters, and it was seemingly the earliest watch to use a skin-diver-style case. The Model 60 is also famous for being worn by Don Walsh to the bottom of the Mariana Trench while inside the Trieste submersible.
The stainless steel case of the Model 60 measures 37mm wide, 47mm lug-to-lug, 11mm thick and with a 19mm lug spacing. Speaking of the lugs, the watch comes on a tropic strap and can be had with an optional beads-of-rice bracelet with a safety clasp, or a nylon strap. Water resistance is 200 meters, and the sunburst-finished steel bezel is bidirectional.
The dial is what you would expect from a vintage diver - black with printed white minute track and hour markers, filled with “Old Radium” Super-LumiNova. The hands are the same as the Deepstar aside from the addition of a central seconds hand with a lume pip. Inside the watch is the La Joux-Perret G100, which features a 68-hour power reserve and is adjusted to four positions.
The Aquastar Model 60 will be a regular production model for the brand, and will not be limited. The Model 60 will start at $990 and rise to $1,290 at some point. The bracelet will cost an extra $159. Also the first 100 buyers will get a liquid-filled compass that can be attached to either a Tropic or nylon strap. However, considering the amount of press this watch has gotten over the weekend, I imagine they sold the first 100 already.
The New And More Compact De Bethune DB28XS Starry Seas Is An Ode To Calm Seas
De Bethune watches are really something very special. The DB28 line especially. The floating lugs, delta-shaped bridge and crown at noon all give it a very futuristic look while remaining supremely elegant. The newly introduced DB28X Starry Seas takes all of these traits and gives them a huge makeover, despite looking practically the same - it shrinks it down radically to 39mm and gives it a beautifully serene blue dial with a world-first random guilloché pattern designed to evoke a starry sea.
The DB28XS is not only the smallest model in De Bethune’s family but inherits the slimmer, more stylised profile of the DB28XP models. With its diameter of 38.7mm (down from almost 43mm of the DB28) and thickness of 7.4mm, this petite newcomer is small and slim but also light, thanks to the polished titanium case.
The dial, which relies on a heat-blued titanium base that De Bethune has become known for, is decorated with the world’s first random guilloché pattern invented by De Bethune. Whether this means that De Bethune invented a random guilloché pattern or whether it is the fact that De Bethune has applied a random guiloché pattern to a blued titanium base needs clarifying. But there’s no denying that it’s a beautiful dial, as the wavy pattern is interrupted with sprinklings of white gold that mimic stars. A silver-plated rounded chapter ring bearing transferred Arabic numerals for hours and a blue dotted minute track frames the wavy dial. Time is indicated by two custom-made and hand-polished titanium openworked hands.
The watch comes on a supple dark blue alligator leather strap with light blue top stitching and a titanium pin buckle. De Bethune have not said whether this will be a limited model or when it will be available, but it’s expected to retail for CHF 77,000, excluding taxes.
Alpina Has A Very Interesting Startimer Pilot Heritage Manufacture
Alpina is really starting to annoy me. I don’t want to take them seriously, on account of the name they share with the people that make my skis, and I’m not a huge fan of a number of their watches. But every now and again, they release a watch that’s just so great… Wait until you read all the specs and the price of the newly introduced Aplina Startimer Pilot Heritage Manufacture, an attractive vintage-inspired pilot’s watch.
The barrel-shaped case measures 42×40.75mm and lacks traditional lugs, with the strap going deep into the brushed case, with a crown at 4 o’clock. The dial is splendidly simple, with a deep blue color, a white minute track and beige luminescent hour markers. The rectangular hour and minute hands get the same beige lume. You can get it on a very vintage brown calf leather strap with white stitching.
But what’s really special is what’s inside the watch. A number of Alpina watches have had third party movements, but this one gets the AL-709 in-house calibre, an automatic movement presented in a becoming golden hue. Visible via an exhibition caseback, the movement at first glance resembles a manual movement due to its oscillating mass sharing the same golden tones as the automatic device bridge and mainplate. Subtle graining, blue screws and perlage are all augmenting the model’s overall appeal.
But what makes it even more special is the availability of 188 pieces and the price - just €2,850. And now this presents me with a question. This is obviously a very attractive watch - it looks great, has a good size, has an in house movement and does not break the bank, while still being limited which should, in theory, increase its desirability. I only now found out about the watch from the article in Escapement. In fact, this has been available since January. Why hasn’t it sold out yet? Is it just not attractive enough? Is it the name? It can’t be the value for money, or am I mistaken?
Respected Independent Watchmaker Andreas Strehler Launches New Brand And Watch With The Strehler Sirna
Andreas Strehler is one of those watchmakers that is a leader among independent watchmakers and for good reason. He has mastered everything from fabrication to finishing, but then would not budge from the polarising design of his watches that many argue kept a lot of customers from him. And I love when someone is so stubborn. To be clear, his previous watches were not ugly monstrosities. They were elegant timepieces marked by a distinctive papillon, or “butterfly”, movement architecture and resulting cushion-shaped case, and Strehler has become known as the independent watchmaker’s watchmaker, having developed the HMC 341 perpetual calendar movement for H. Moser & Cie and the Dragon Lever escapement for Precision Engineering.
Stehler has now decided to expand to a wider audience and has launched a new brand known simply as Strehler, which aims to reach a wider audience with more accessible designs and prices. The brand’s opening act is the Sirna, named after the town of Sirnach in northeastern Switzerland where the manufacture is based.
At launch, the Sirna is offered in a single reference that features an elegantly proportioned, 40 mm steel case with a concave case band and ergonomically formed lugs. The crown is inlaid with a blue titanium disk that features Mr. Strehler’s signature Papillon logo. The patterned dial is also titanium, anodised in a beautiful blue. Designed by Eric Giroud, each dial is machined and laser-engraved before being individually hand polished.
But what’s really special is what’s inside - the in-house SA-30 movement that has some of the highest quality finishings at this price point. For example, the movement has an in-house gold rotor and ball-bearing rotor mount. Most brands, even those in the so-called “Holy Trinity”, typically outsource the production of rotors to a specialist.
The architecture of this 30mm calibre stands out with a series of circles for the bridges and the openworked rotor that match the curvature of the case. The large, free-sprung balance beats at 21,600 vibrations/hour and boasts 60 hours of power reserve. The decoration of this movement is refined, with hand-chamfered bevels, circular Geneva stripes, graining and circular-grained wheels, all channelling the movement’s elaborate design.
The Strehler Sirna comes on a supple brown calfskin strap with off-white stitching. The steel pin buckle is engraved with the brand’s logo. The price is set at CHF 20,000 (excl. taxes), which seems fair for an “independent watch” of this level. The watch is not a limited edition, but the production capacity is expected to be around 30 to 50 watches per year maximum.

On hand - a selection of reviews

A review of the Shinola Duck the brand’s light-duty, entry-level diver-style watch
Hands-on with the Maen Brooklyn 36 — an unusual panda with a champagne twist

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The Sofia II from Axia Time — high style with some substance
The Sofia II sits somewhere between a dressy and sporty piece, and Axia has sized it accordingly. The diameter of 40.5mm and lug-to-lug length of just under 48mm is a good fit on my 17.75cm (7″) wrist. It perhaps looks even larger than that due to the all-dial design and large polished lug facets. The combination of titanium, a thickness of 10.5mm, and lug tips sitting slightly lower than the case back all help the watch to sit securely and wear comfortably. But this leads to another dichotomy.
People loved the PRX giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away three Seiko Alpinists in that lovely green. The giveaway will be ending at the end of the month, so head on over to the newsletter before Wednesday, midnight CET if you would like to enter.
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2023.05.29 14:02 throwitaway5876 Why does it feel like somethings calling me?

Little about myself: 33M / current location: South Central United States /
Okay I know the title isn’t super descriptive but it seems to be the best way for me to explain what’s going on with me.
I can’t explain why but for some reason my body around 9 months ago swapped everything around on me and it’s going to sound nuts so pick away if you want.
At first it was just my sleep, I used to be the 6am in the morning to the 9pm and night kind of person with no problems at all. But for some weird reason just out of the blue it jumped from my normal to 10am to 2pm just like clockwork and hasn’t stopped since.
I have tried sleep aids, prescription and non prescription to try and get my body back into a rhythm. I’ve gone as far as the daylight integration and still no avail.
I’ve come to accept the time change but it’s interfering with my every day to day life. I can’t be up at 1 am in the morning working on my house. Or be awake to run the company I started so many years back.
But the wildest thing that blows me away is that my body’s somehow swapped to a Pacific Island time zone in a snap of a night and I have never been that far West. Most I’ve been is Idaho and that was a few years back.
My moms side of the family is or well was somewhat native or just residence of Hawaii at one time ( my mom was a few of some islanders that came to the mainland in California, where I was born San Diego) and my dads side Italian and Irish. My wife suggested maybe it’s some kind of internal clock or something.
What do you y’all think? Am I just never going to sleep normal again or resort to heavier methods to sedate myself? Or just go with the flow and follow that internal clock my wife keeps talking about calling me back to something I have no idea about?
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2023.05.29 14:01 Old_Rush1881 Please help and be honest

Hi. I have never posted in here and don’t use Reddit too often but I really do need to get something off my chest, and I need help and y’all’s opinion, and I’m hoping that this is the right community. Very long story short; I’m an 18 year old female, and my life has been kind of crazy. I’ve always been different ever since I was young, way too smart and emotional for what’s “normal”, and I have a diagnosis of very mild autism, high sensitivity, and anxiety disorder. That all has impacted my whole childhood insanely, and at home within my family it’s also been a rough rollercoaster. My dad’s has never really understood me, and he doesn’t understand anything of psychology. He only believes what he himself experiences in life, and anything else is bullshit according to him. If he has never felt it, it does not exist. Anxiety is all in the mind, he says, and anxiety is a choice. So, my relationship with my dad has been one big argument for over a decade already. My mom has always been understanding tho. But my school, education, relationships with friends, everything has been so impacted by all my disabilities. And I’ve seen so many psychiatrists and therapists, all sorts of medication, but I’m like extra-different. Nothing has ever helped me. My life has been a rough rollercoaster and I’m tired. Because I am highly sensitive and so emotionally sensitive, I have also experienced enormous trauma a number of times during my childhood. I’ve accidentally seen some horrible things on the internet, I’ve seen a little girl get raped among others, which is a huge trauma that has haunted me for years. And that has caused me PTSD. And yes, I officially have PTSD. I’m not just saying that. My GP even put on a waiting list for PTSD help but I don’t think it’ll help.
But I’ve been fighting depression for quite some time now. I’ve already had depressions every now and then, but ever since February I’m in a deep one. I’m just, I can’t anymore. I already think and experience life wayyy deeper due to my high sensitivity and deeper nervous system and the mostly melancholic emotions that come with it, but after all I’m just so tired of everything I’ve been through. And yes, I’m lowkey suicidal and on the verge of losing my shit. My own mind is just too much. My anxiety is too much. And my trauma’s are too much.
I’m literally holding on for dear life atm. I’ve been depressed for years, but now, I’m just, it’s really going downhill with me, mentally. But now, there’s one thing that really keeps me going, and it’s random, but it’s Axl Rose. The singer from Guns N Roses. And anyone familiar with GNR probably also knows that he’s had a pretty rough past too. But basically; he’s my whole entire world. Mostly because I somehow feel incredibly connected to him, psychologically and emotionally. Ax is just, I feel him emotionally. And I relate to his anger towards his past. And his pain. And even tho he’s famous and I don’t know him irl, he feels like my twin flame, me best friend, my partner, whatever. Everything. And also, he’s perfect. Due to my high sensitivity I have a VERY incredibly specific taste in men and people in general and I never really liked anyone. But him. Omg. He’s just, he’s my only real light in this world. And he is my world. And he keeps me going. One of the main reason that I wanna stay alive is because when I’m dead I can’t look him him anymore. And I couldn’t be busy watching shows on YouTube anymore and feeling a slight grain of happiness.
But he’s famous, and I can’t have him. And that’s also destroyed me mentally. I can’t even express the intense hopelessness I have felt for about 2 years now due to the fact that I can’t ever have him, and that he doesn’t even know me irl. And that’s pulled me even deeper into depression. But now, because I hadn’t been doing great for quite some time, also due to Ax, Mom has given me a pillow of him for Christmas. Last Christmas. And that’s kinda saved me. And I know this sounds stupid and so mf sad and I’m so ashamed of myself and the only reason why I’m talking about this rn is because Reddit is anonymous and I don’t know y’all, but this way I feel like he’s still here with me. I take that pillow everywhere in my backpack and it just generally comforts me. Because, he comforts me. Like, some people like me have service dogs or something like that, I’ve got him now. In pillow form. I’ve been dealing with panic attacks too and he manages to calm me down, and he’s just, this pillow perfectly replicates him. He’s like some kinda service dog and personal buddy and comfort, but a pillow. He’s just, Axl, for me. He’s just Axl, but as a pillow. But now I just feel soooo fucking sad and pathetic because of it. Like, this is so sad. And I feel like throwing up all the time because I’m so disgusted by myself because of how incredibly fucking sad this is.
I hate myself for being 18 years old and being this emotional attached to a fucking pillow of a dude I can’t get who doesn’t even know I exist. I really hate myself. And on the other hand that makes me even more suicidal. I even self harm because I feel so fucking sad. Is this okay? Is this normal? Do I need to turn myself into a psych ward? Mom says I’ve been a lot calmer and happier ever since last Christmas and that I suddenly go outside of the house now all by myself as long as I got that pillow of him in my backpack but wth. This is so sad. And I’m probably just insane. But overall, I do feel a lot better and more at peace, but I’m also like, WTH. He works better than any meds I’ve ever gotten tho. But I’m so sad.
Please just be honest, is this okay? I mean, it’s helping me and I’m doing so much better and I’m calmer and even my anxiety has gone away mostly because of how much he comforts me and I also don’t experience too much of trauma flashbacks anymore and overall I’m just happier in life and I feel like I can still share my life with him this way and that’s the reason I’m starting to appreciate life again, like, it has meaning again, and I’m happy, sort of, but this is just so sad.
And I honestly would almost rather just give up and die at this point than be this pathetic.
This is also probably illegal. Even tho it’s just merchandise.
But overal my life is okay rn and I’m happy, sort of, I kinda have him now, in pillow form, but I’d also just rather die than be this sad and emotionally attached to an inanimate merchandise object that replicates someone who doesn’t even know I exist.
But on the other hand, having that pillow cures most of my problems. But it also caused one more, and that’s hating myself for it.
I should probably just gobble a whole bottle of painkillers.
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2023.05.29 14:01 AppropriateCloud9573 I just need to hear what rando internet strangers think of me

I hate myself and I feel like such a loser. I have two friends, one of which is my partner, and also a couple of good acquaintances I mostly met online. I have been trying for years and failing at making more friends. It makes me feel like such a loser. I waisted most of my teenage years, I’m 20 now I need to live while I’m young and I’m not doing that. All of my friends I have but one, I met online. This includes my partner I met them on tinder. Everytime I try to make a friend or think I’m making one, it just ends up not working out for me. I lie to ppl telling them I have more friends than I do, including my partner so they don’t see what I loser I am. I don’t think I do anything wrong. I’m a nice person, pretty shy and awkward. That makes it harder making friends but I see why and awkward ppl make friends all the time so what is wrong w me. My partner knows I have a couple friends, and assures me I’m not a loser that I’m just now getting on my own feet and leaving my abusive situation. They also say it makes sense why I struggle leaving my room bc I was forced into it my whole life and I have severe mental illnesses (severe depression, anxiety, cptsd, and possible borderline). I got sent to an abusive boarding school for over two years ages 14-17. Before then, I was homeschooled raised in a cult and never allowed to leave the house and now have underdeveloped social skills that have been drastically improving since I became an adult and moved out and socializing with people. But I have been an adult for two years now, and made only two irl friends that lasted more than a couple weeks. I’ve known my partner a year now, and my other friend 3. I work everyday, a full time job. I met so many ppl I wanted to be friends with, they were usually friendly w me as well but just didn’t care to get to know me even though I tried to get to know them. Everyone else who left the boarding school has friends by now. Anyone in my situation would have been able to make more than two irl friends. I just feel like such a loser and like I’m waisting my life. I joined a sport even to try to make friends, didn’t work. I’m going to try and volunteer places for the community, maybe that’ll help but I have my doubts cuz nothing helped yet. I find I make friends online very easily, but I just feel like a loser if someone were to find out that’s how I make ALL my friends. I want to meet ppl organically. Ugh. It’s been two years. Maybe I made some progress but I could do so much better. Am I just being hard on myself? What can I do? I barely have motivation to try anymore so I just sit in my room and play video games if I’m not hanging out w my partner. They would think I was so stupid if they found out they’re the ONLY person I regularly hang out with.
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2023.05.29 14:01 ThrowRAogyedmxx My (24F) husband (23M) changed after getting married

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well.
So we've been together for 2.5 years, married for one and we have a cute baby girl of 2 months.
When we first met 4 years ago he was a much more joyful person and one of the characteristics I admired was his optimism and sense that he could conquer the world. He also trusted God deeply which calmed me. It was unrealistic at times, but at least he seemed happy. He always struggled with his self-esteem though and, granted, he never hid that from me.
However, after getting married all this optimism vanished, especially after I got pregnant. He talks on and on about a well-payed job he didn't get (he went to the last stage of interviews, but they didn't call him at the end) and that he needs to find a high-paying job to support our family. It seems he thinks he needs to do this alone when I'm more than willing to work as I have in the past. I've been looking for remote work in order to stay with our child, avoid putting her in daycare and he knows this!
He also has upcoming interviews and physical tests, but he already has this mentality that he won't get the job, just like he didn't last time. I'm his wife so obviously I'm biased, but he is an extraordinary person and everyone sees it except him. He's charming, well-spoken and intelligent. People are naturally drawn to him. He started a new job (not as high-paying as the other) in February and his colleagues already want him to stay there and he only can if he goes through those series of interviews.
He also compares himself constantly to our friends and thinks he is in some kind of competition with them, when he is the only one who sees it as such. For the record, we have a really good life for people our age, even though in our friend group there are others who are better off than us. We are living in my mother's vacant apartment and we only pay the bills, no rent, so we are very well off. He is ashamed that we are being helped by so many people though... "If it wasn't for others' compassion, we'd be in a terrible situation." Well then, thank God and those people for helping us, don't be ashamed, right?
It's really frustrating because he has what it takes, but consistently sabotages himself by not trying or giving up too easily. All his life he has been told that talent was enough and he has never had to try to accomplish anything he wanted. Of course, the job market, heck, life is different and you need to work hard to get what you want. I've talked about this unrealistic expectation of him and he just seems to think that because life is unfair, it's better to give up at the start.
Finally, our sex life has been struggling and it's clearly taking a toll on him. After I got pregnant, I just didn't feel like doing anything at all. The first trimester, I felt disgusting, the second was alright and we did do it a couple of times, the third I was with back pain or there were logistical problems due to the size of the belly and we didn't do it much. Now, post-partum, I'm still waiting for the appointment and, of course, we have put it on hold. I honestly don't really feel like doing it since there is a baby constantly glued to me either breastfeeding or wanting comfort. We're young and I understand he has his needs, so it feels like I'm a shitty person for denying him for so long.
Most of all, I did not expect him to go on a rampage towards God. His mother died after battling cancer and now he completely despises Him. His anger is completely understandable and I can see where it comes from. I can't imagine losing my mother with our age, but it seems he says terrible things about Jesus in order to hurt anyone who believes in Him. I do and so it hurts. It's fine if he stops believing, but he shouldn't mock those who do. In my own house, I find myself avoiding mentioning any religion whatsoever over fear of upsetting him. I stopped praying in front of him even and maybe that's my own fault. I don't know...
Sorry for the whole wall of text and thank you for reading. What can I do to help him? My parents divorced and I absolutely do not want to make my child go through the same as I did. So, communication is the only answer here. My question goes more in the general direction of what can I say to him that will encourage him to strive forward? What can I do to help his self-esteem?
TL;DR husband has unrealistic expectations of life and has changed after marriage and I want to help him get back on track to the happier person he used to be.
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2023.05.29 14:00 NoobFromChina RIP YammerS

I made a stupid mistake on my previous post of typing the wrong ID.

YammerS was a Chinese Dota2 commentator. He posted his suicide notes in Weibo and I translated them. However the images are highly compressed and I can't use image to text convertor. I have to type every single character down and translate them. I was bursted into tears when I was doing so. Please if anyone had suicidal thought, go and seek immediate help.
Australia (Beyond Blue): 1300 22 4636 (Lifeline Australia): 13 11 14
US (National Suicidal prevention lifeline): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Here is the translated notes:
In the main post:
This is a scheduled Weibo post. After all these years, I still can't let go of the hatred in my heart. I can't find reconciliation within myself either. I know I have wronged many people. It's all because of me, the beginning and the end. Let it end.
In the images:
I was born in a small city in Hebei in 1997, in a residential compound belonging to a typical working-class family. My father is a retired soldier who transitioned to work in China Railway (中铁), and our family settled here. My mother, originally from Hubei, came here with my sister and got married to my father through a mutual introduction. Both of them had previous failed marriages, and this one was also destined to fail. However, I was born in the second year of their marriage.
As far as I can remember, during my childhood, I mostly lived with my mother. Due to my father's work on construction sites, he was often away for long periods. This resulted in very little time spent with my father during my childhood and adolescence. Additionally, my father was introverted, had a peculiar temper, and didn't talk much with me. We would only meet once a year or sometimes every two years, so when I was very young, I kept asking my mother when my father would come back. I longed for my father's presence, but I hardly received any fatherly love or feedback.
Living in this residential compound with many children, one would expect my childhood playtime to be joyful. However, for me, it was all nightmares and pain. I distinctly remember how the adults in the compound looked at me differently when I was very young. Many parents didn't allow their children to play with me. Initially, I thought it was because our family had a poor financial condition or maybe I was a bit mischievous. It was later when I grew up that I found out the real reasons, which I will explain later. Despite the challenges, I eventually managed to integrate into the circle of children my age. Although I still faced bullying, it didn't bother me much. The most painful experiences were being bullied by the older kids, who were probably already in junior high school when I was still in kindergarten. One summer, I vividly remember coming out of my house, eating strawberries, and being noticed by the older kids. They lured me to the former staff building with their toy guns, saying they wanted me to play with them. Once there, they held me down and forced me to drink their urine while prying my mouth open. I ran back home crying and vomiting. Another time, three or four people cornered me in a corner of the compound and made me perform oral sex on them. I resisted that time and my cries attracted adults, so they let me go. Later, as I grew up, I realized that I was not the only one who was being bullied at that time. There was also a girl my age who went through unimaginable things. Moreover, many of these older kids were children of China Railway executives, born into powerful and influential families. But they were truly like beasts. I will never forget these memories.
As time passed, it was time for me to go to primary school. Due to my poor comprehension ability compared to children of the same age and my lack of concentration as a child (possibly due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), my first-grade exam results were very poor. I only remember having Chinese and mathematics as the earliest subjects. While many children achieved excellent scores, I barely passed in one subject and failed in another. When I returned home, I was scolded and beaten. That was the first time I started resisting learning from the bottom of my heart. I said I didn't understand... I hadn't learned... My mother believed that I wasn't paying attention in class. My parents themselves had a low level of education, especially my mother, who couldn't help me with my studies. Later, they spent money on tutoring, and my grades improved slightly in second and third grade..
In grades four, five, and six, there were changes in the homeroom teacher. During this time, some kids started demanding protection fees, and if you didn't pay, they would beat you up. As a result, I got into fights more frequently. I was called to the office and falsely accused of starting trouble. I was also bad at expressing myself and couldn't defend myself properly. The teacher didn't believe me, and in the end, I was the one who got beaten up and punished. The corporal punishment by teachers in the small city's school was really outrageous. They would actually hit you, slap your face, hit you with a soft pencil, or use a stick. It was during that time when my grades were already average, and I started hating studying. I didn't want to go to school anymore, I didn't want to attend classes. I started pretending to be sick and skipping classes. I completely lost interest in studying, and it was probably in sixth grade when something happened. The classroom door lock was broken, and coincidentally, I was cleaning after school. Some students were fooling around and broke the lock. Later, they went and told the teacher that I did it, and they even testified against me. The teacher didn't believe what I said, and in front of many teachers in the office, they kept hitting my palms with a soft pencil until they were all bruised, asking me to admit it quickly. It was then that I truly understood what it meant to be coerced into confession. In the end, I couldn't bear the pain anymore and admitted to it. I even bought a new lock to replace the broken one in the classroom. After that, I didn't want to go to school anymore. Some might ask why I didn't talk to my mother about it. It was because there was already a rift between us regarding my academic performance. In the eyes of my relatives and family members, I had already become a poor student and a bad child. I didn't study properly and started sneaking off to internet cafes. I didn't care anymore and didn't want to say anything to them.
After entering junior high school, in the first and second years, our physical education teacher served as the homeroom teacher. Since I hadn't laid a good foundation in elementary school, I continued to hate studying in junior high. I would disrupt classes, talk back, and get into fights. During the first two years, corporal punishment and long lectures at home accompanied my education. This period was also my rebellious phase. My father returned to work, and they would argue all day long at home, which was true. They would argue all the time, every moment of the day. The old-style building had poor sound insulation. The entire neighborhood could hear the sound of our arguments, and in addition to the school issues, I would have endless arguments with my family. On one hand, I didn't want to attend school and face punishment, and on the other hand, I didn't want to go back home. I was already feeling a bit depressed. During that time, I would skip classes, go online, play Dota, stay up all night, and sleep in school the next day. It was during this period that I learned a devastating truth, not to mention how I found out, but I discovered that I wasn't my parents' biological child. I was the illegitimate child of a relative, and to cover up their mistake, they brought in my father as a substitute and got married. I was born quickly in the second year of their marriage. That's also why, since I was young, the kids in the neighborhood would always bully me, and adults would look at me with strange eyes, including the children of many parents who initially didn't let their kids play with me. I truly broke down at that moment. It was also during that time that I developed depression, and I started hating myself and my family more and more. I really didn't want to live during that period. One day in the second semester of eighth grade, I bought sleeping pills. At that time, the control over sleeping pills wasn't as strict as it is now. I attempted suicide, but I didn't take enough, so I didn't die. Later, a teacher visited our home and conducted a home visit, asking me about the reasons. I didn't say anything. I just said I wasn't happy and that life had no meaning. The homeroom teacher was probably afraid of taking responsibility, so the attitudes of all the teachers toward me changed afterward. At the very least, they didn't bother me anymore when I slept in class. After moving up to ninth grade, aside from changing the homeroom teacher, the other subject teachers remained the same. During this time, I encountered the second great teacher in my life. The first one was Mr. Cai in the first three years of elementary school. This teacher's last name was Tian. He was our chemistry teacher, and maybe it was because of what happened in my eighth grade... As I write this, I'm finding it difficult to control my emotions. After taking over our class, he had individual conversations with each student. He was the first and only teacher who wanted to be friends with me. He always encouraged me, saying that I wasn't any worse than anyone else and that I should be confident. My depression improved a lot during my ninth grade year, and I studied diligently. However, because I had fallen so far behind before, I couldn't catch up. In the end, I didn't pass the high school entrance exam, and I left home to study in Shijiazhuang. I didn't want to continue living in that city or return to that home.
The three years of studying and living in Shijiazhuang were among the few happy times in my life. My depression rarely occurred during this period. With a completely new environment, new friends, and classmates, I actively engaged in my studies. I joined the student council and became a department head. I played basketball, exercised, and played Dota. Overall, I felt fulfilled. The only regret was that during the final stage of the semester, I had my first official romantic relationship, but it ended in betrayal. Afterward, I didn't date anyone for the next five years.
After graduation, I interned at a China Railway unit, which happened to be in Shijiazhuang. At that time, Shijiazhuang was constructing a subway, and since I studied surveying, I decided to stay. It was my first time entering the workforce, and many things shattered my preconceptions. There was hypocrisy and flattery in the workplace, colleagues engaging in office politics, data manipulation, construction companies cutting corners, and project managers having affairs behind their spouses' backs... The world turned out to be different from what I had imagined. In the first half of the year, I worked diligently, but in the latter half, I started contemplating what I really wanted to do, and my enthusiasm for work diminished. After the completion of the project I was involved in, I resigned directly. I left Shijiazhuang and became a commentator.
My depression completely erupted in mid-March 2019 when my father passed away due to illness. He had been tormented by the disease for several months and eventually succumbed to the pain. During his last few days, I stayed by his side, watching him and reflecting on his two failed marriages and the mistreatment he endured at his workplace, only to be plagued by the disease until his death. After the funeral, in April, I returned to my rented house in Shanghai. During that time, I would spend the entire night talking to myself in the house, painfully banging my head against the wall. Every day, when I looked into the mirror, I felt an intense disgust towards the person I saw. As I grew older, I resembled my biological father more and more, and I couldn't even count how many times I had hurt myself in front of the mirror. This state of mind persisted until recently, where I would only take a bite of food every two or three days, experiencing headaches and various sleep disturbances. Sometimes, I would even have uncontrollable fits of laughter and engage in self-talk. I'm really not doing well.
In recent years, I have started squandering money to fill the emptiness in my heart. I can't find meaning in life, and I can't reconcile with my past either. Many people have told me that it's not my fault, that I shouldn't blame myself for the mistakes of others, and that I should live my own life. You could also say that this is my way of escaping from reality, that I'm a weak and useless person. Well, so be it. Without me, this family that should never have existed wouldn't have come into being. There wouldn't have been so many things that should or shouldn't have happened. This family emerged because of me, and today I will end it by taking my own life. Everything from the beginning has been wrong, and I hope this mistake can be corrected now. My inner pain can finally come to an end. Today, when I leave, I will leave with a smile. Every second in this world, many people are born and die. Without me, the world won't be lacking anything. I don't want to come to this earthly realm again in my next life, and I hope that in the future, you won't create a tragic family for the sake of your own selfish desires or to cover up your own mistakes.
Please forgive my selfishness and cowardice, and please forgive my pain and struggles. Goodbye.
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2023.05.29 14:00 Responsible-Till-654 I am gonna miss her

Hey so i don't know but i am already missing her
So i have a childhood friend, we aren't that close in a online fashion , like we don't chat a lot or call each other that often but when we meet we vibe a lot and last 3-4 years our friendship grew much stronger and we meet atleast 12 times a year
So the thing is that she is going to Mumbai for her ug studies and i don't know why I am Missing her so much , our meets will decrease to once or twice a year during her holidays I wouldn't be able to go to their house parties as she wouldn't be there and we don't even text eachother and moreover i can't even say i am gonna miss her bcz we have a very platonic friendship , plus she is gonna have a lot of new friends over there
Even my mom today was asking me are u gonna miss her or not and i had to pretend that it didn't matter to me
Life is sometimes hard , everyone has to leave some day
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2023.05.29 13:59 jrjocham How would you suggest I prime my newest town?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about finally expanding my primary game and adding expansion packs. I took all your suggestions, as well as recommendations from a couple of youtube videos out there, into account and narrowed down my choice to seven expansion packs. Everyone has their own opinions on what items and features they need in the game, and these are the expansion packs that make sense to me.
Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Pets, Master Suit Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff, and Town Life Stuff.
These selections make sense for the way I play. I set up a town with all its conditions in place and then play the longest marathon game I can. I stick to one town; I have no interest in traveling to other areas, islands, or cities that some of the expansion packs offer, so I didn't choose any of those for this update.
And now that I have them all installed and ready to go, the next step is to prime my playing field. Before ever creating by sim, I want to make everything else first. And I welcome any of your suggestions for the following categories:
1: The town - I could stick to the default sunset valley since I already know that map pretty well, but knowing what towns might be included in those expansion packs, can you recommend a city similar to sunset valley but better? I do like the country feel of the village, where there are wooded areas and waterfalls, and getaway spots. Nothing high traffic city based.
2: The Premade Structures - some buildings I'm going to build myself, but for the most part, ill pick a lot of the previously made structures waiting to be placed. I know where I want my sim to live. So every open plot of land other than that location should be filled. What kind of buildings do you suggest I add to my city? This is one of the reasons I got the town life stuff expansion pack. Other than the grocery stores, restaurants, and art galleries already existing in sunset valley, what else should my town have? I want every empty lot filled with something that adds to the game.
3: Townies - If I'm going to fill every lot with a house, then I should create families to fill those houses to make my city a lot more interesting. So suggest to me a character or a family I should start. For example, in a run-down house, I plan to create a crime family. Every family member would be in the crime profession and be modeled after all the stereotypical no-good hooligans you might picture being in such a family. Maybe I'll make a posh family filled with we'll dressed, exceptionally beautiful, but exceptionally dumb people you could think of. I'm playing around with the character traits here. Pick a personality trait or two (Grumpy and Insane) and create a character around it. Grumpy Carl can always be seen walking around the neighborhood muttering to himself; stay away from him cause he could go off on you if you're not careful. See—compelling characters to fill my town with. So have fun and suggest a character and what traits and professions you feel would mix well to create such a character.
I welcome all your suggestions.
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2023.05.29 13:59 orientwatches_org Exploring the Beauty of the Orient Automatic ER27005W Watch

Exploring the Beauty of the Orient Automatic ER27005W Watch
Certain timepieces stand out in the world of wristwatches due to their impeccable craftsmanship, dependable performance, and timeless elegance. The Orient Automatic ER27005W watch is one such remarkable creation. This timepiece has captured the hearts of watch enthusiasts all over the world due to its sophisticated design and precision engineering. In this blog post, we will look at the unique features and qualities that distinguish the Orient Automatic ER27005W watch.
The Orient Automatic ER27005W watch is powered by a remarkable automatic movement that sets it apart from the competition. The watch is powered by Orient's well-known in-house automatic movement, which is renowned for its dependability and precision. This self-winding movement ensures accurate timekeeping without the use of batteries because it is powered by the natural motion of the wearer's wrist. The second hand's smooth sweeping motion adds an extra touch of elegance to the watch, making it a sight to behold.
The Orient Automatic ER27005W watch has a classic and sophisticated design that will appeal to both traditional and modern tastes. The watch has a polished stainless steel case that gives it a refined and luxurious appearance. Its 41.5mm diameter and 12.1mm thickness achieve the ideal balance of presence and wearability. A beautiful white dial with contrasting black Roman numerals, baton hour markers, and elegant dauphine hands complements the case. The inclusion of a date window at 3 o'clock enhances the overall design of the watch.
The ER27005W watch is no exception to Orient's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Every aspect of this timepiece reflects the brand's commitment to excellence, from the flawless finishing on the case to the precise alignment of the dial elements. The sapphire crystal on the watch is known for its exceptional scratch resistance, ensuring that the dial remains clear and unblemished over time. The stainless steel bracelet rounds out the look, providing a comfortable and secure fit for daily wear.
The Orient Automatic ER27005W watch is a versatile companion that can go from formal to casual settings with ease. Its classic design and neutral color scheme make it appropriate for a wide range of outfits and occasions. This watch will make a statement of timeless elegance whether you're attending a business meeting or enjoying a weekend getaway. Furthermore, with a water resistance rating of 50 meters, it provides durability and dependability that can withstand everyday activities.
Finally, The Orient Automatic ER27005W watch is the ideal combination of style, craftsmanship, and functionality. Its exquisite design, combined with a dependable automatic movement, distinguishes it as a timepiece that will truly stand the test of time. The Orient Automatic ER27005W deserves your attention whether you're a seasoned watch collector or someone looking to invest in a remarkable wristwatch. Accept the allure of this exceptional timepiece and wear it with pride, radiating sophistication and precision wherever you go.
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2023.05.29 13:59 Bulky-Session-8952 First synth just for playin and zone out: Moog Grandmother

Saw a Moog Grandmother for 1300CAD (800USD ish)
Would be my first synth.
I'm not a pianist, but i know my way around a keyboard.
i do a lot of instrumental music a la RJD2, Dilla, house music too.. Moomin', Christopher Rau etc. However, i have a lot of synth VSTs that cover most of my needs on the sound choice, so my first intent is not to get a synth for music production but for:
-Jamming with friends.
-Zone out with my headphones in the living room making ambient and spacy stuff for 20mins at a time (meditation lol..)
Would the grandmother be a good choice or i should start with something else? I heard the Korg Minilogue is cool too?

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2023.05.29 13:58 kai_komet Best festivals (in US) for the experience of just going there and chilling outside and walking around (?)

In the past I haven’t really gone to very many festivals or concerts because I am on the autism spectrum and i get anxious and overstimulated being in large crowds in a confined space, (I have been to Lights all Night 2019 in Texas tho) but I just went to Sonic Temple 2023 in Ohio on a whim with my friend who had an extra ticket, and they all went inside to the field/pit and i just stayed outside on the grass and chilled in the back and it was a really fun experience for me even if i was just chilling and walking around by myself! So i was wondering what other festivals and events in the US are really good for the whole experience in the like just chilling outside and walking around and stuff as opposed to being in the crowd moshing and crowd surfing ? Sorry if this sounds ignorant because I’m not necessarily that cultured in music events, and I don’t want to be “taking away a ticket from a real fan” or anything, I just had a really good time and want to go to more festivals and events for the experience!
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2023.05.29 13:58 No-Office-8830 I’m done

I’m done
I’m done with trying to be a better person , I’ve always caused problems at my house . I’ve caused my parents to always be late to work . I’m not responsible enough .
Maybe I should do it yk , I’ve attempted but stopped , maybe it’s better to just stop living at this point . Maybe If I did it , it would be more relieving g and rewarding .
Overthinking , I keep overthinking about every part of my life , I’m not smart , sociable , entertaining and not making my parents proud . It’s just that , nobody really cares and I’m starting to realize that.
I think it’s a sign , there’s no point in life . Im never get a job , I don’t have a strong personality . Not social and entertaining .
This is a sign for me . I guess it’s time.
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2023.05.29 13:57 ChickenBurp Bike rental to Devin Hrad

Currently in Bratislava right now and I was wondering if there was somewhere I could rent a bike to cycle to Devin castle for the day? Thanks
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2023.05.29 13:57 kiannicholine Graduating soon and considering working overseas

I'm 23 and will be graduating by June 24 with a degree in Political Science... so it's a given that I don't have much job opportunities here. I could work in the government but my chances are slim because I have no connections. I actually plan to teach. But I also plan to work overseas for maybe a year or two so I could buy my own house and lot before I would have to settle with a 'small' salary once I decide to come home and teach. Now the question is, would there be any opportunities for someone like me overseas with the degree I have now? If it's not in Middle East then much better (because I'm kinda scared). 🥹
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2023.05.29 13:57 Odpea Primitive fun oneshot(probably)

Thank you to u/Far_masterpiece_7739 for proofreading and suggesting edits
this is my first story on NoP and hopefully my first good one, excuse the dates, i just put the date i went to the fair i describe in the story and put it in the year the main story takes place, for reference this is meant to be before the bombs dropped.

Memory transcription subject:Talik, Venlil exchange program participant
Date[Standardised human time]:13.05.2136
As My exchange partner and I stepped out of his house and into his car I was quite unenthused about where we were going. We were headed to a steam fair, yes an actual real life steam fair, this is something a yotul would enjoy, and I was no mere uplift.
[2 hours later]
It took half a spheking paw to get here, ugh, at least it was a chance to listen to more of that wonderful, though oddly named, human music, of the metal genre, my current favourite song being full circle by Five finger death punch, an odd and very predatory name, but it seems the same is true for a lot of human music. As we pulled into the seemingly random field there was an old man, in what my human had told me was a hi vis jacket, making strange hand gestures at us that my human somehow understood, we drove into another field, this one full of semi orderly rows of many different types of cars, we then got out and walked through the long grass towards a green booth of some kind in front of a small also green bridge, there were two middle aged human women in the booth, after my human paid £10 we were allowed in, at first it was less than impressive to our left was a man in an oddly coloured suit and purple top hat on a large stage, in front of us was a large empty area fenced off with rope, and many older vehicles were off to our left along with some “bouncy castles'' as my human had explained to me before and several stalls selling various items.
We went over to the left, past the stage and several food stands that smelled absolutely incredible, we made our way to a large horizontal wheel that suspended five other horizontal wheels that each had three sets of seats suspended from them, my human decided this would be a good way to “break me into it”, I decided against pointing out the very predatory language, and agreed to go on, my human gave the ride operator £3 and we both got on, my human being the bigger of the two of us had to sit next to the padded wall likely to reduce the effects of inertia, after a short wait for it to fill up, the ride started to play some music and slowly spin each the top one spinning the opposite direction to the others, the ride slowly got faster and after about a minute the operator announced, over the PA of the ride,that it was “time for turbo mode” and to “squish your partner”, and so I did, I allowed myself to slide across and bump into him at speed, I hit him harder than I intended, and apologised, he said nothing and simply pushed against the centrifugal force pushing us into the padded wall and moved us both to the opposite side of the cart, and laughed saying that he barely felt my impact “of course you didn’t, you have the most messed up physiology I have ever seen” I laughed out smiling in spite of myself.
After the ride stopped we moved past a giant vertical wheel, that my human called a Ferris wheel, and a large tower with a slide running around the outside, called a helter skelter my human said, and on to what my human said was one of his favorite rides ever, the swinging boats, from where we stood they looked quite tame, something was wrong, my human was an “Adrenaline junkie” as he and several of his friends had called him, meaning two rectangular boxes with seats in them just hanging there was clearly not all there was to the first steam powered ride I had seen at this steam fair, as we ascended the stairs to get on I saw an old man in amongst many valves, levers and gauges, my human paid the man £3 and one other person was on the ride with us, we were at one end and she was at the other, she smiled at us and laughed at my concerned face after my human gave some obscure hand sign, I should really learn the human hand, face and head language, just then I noticed a sign that read “all riders do so at their own risk” I was now very worried, I didn’t say anything though as I knew that my human would never intentionally endanger me, just then an ear peircing screeching sound started, causing me to Jump in fright, we were then told to hold onto the netting behind us and put our feet on the bench in front of us, then the box we were in started to swing, and I realised what they would do, after about [20 seconds] we were swinging so far that the box, or boat as my human had corrected me several times now, went from horizontal to vertical, with every swing, my human and the other one on the ride were smiling and laughing with each other while i firmly closed my eyes, my human noticed my discomfort and spoke, as softly as he could to be heard over the sound of the rushing air, comforting me and making sure i was ok, and trying to lighten the mood with a small joke here and there, eventually I felt brave enough to open my eyes and see the open sky on the other side of the netting, then we swung back and i was looking down at the human female smiling comfortingly at me, then i felt the air rushing in my face as we swung back and i couldn't help but bleat in surprise, this caused both humans to “awww” simultaneously quickly followed by the human female saying “jinx” and them both laughing, this time i joined in too.
About a minute later we were off of the ride and i felt like the ground was moving under me for a few seconds after i got off, right next to the boats was a small booth with several confectionaries on the rear wall and several very old looking weapons on the counter, there was a human mother helping their child to aim one of them at the confectionaries and then a small pop was heard as a cork flew from the end of the weapon and i saw a small pink cuboid with a green being called a dragon(that looked like if someone recoloured an Arxur and made it more square) on it, labelled “CHEWITS” fall backwards off its shelf, the woman running the stall then collected the tube from the trough at the bottom and passed it to the child who ran off happily, with his mother in tow. My human decided to challenge me at this game, I foolishly accepted and quickly wasted £15 of my human's money to only glance at a very large tin of biscuits, my human on the other hand had hit all bar 1 shot and we now had several boxes of confectionery.
The next ride we went on was called “THE SUPER SKID CARS” according to the sign above the ride entrance. My visual translator had a hard time with that one due to the very odd font. My human said he used to love riding these with his mum when he was a child, and that he was somewhat surprised such an old machine was still in service, (frankly I was surprised any of these machines were still in service at all). My human told me that these were a precursor to “waltzers” and said that based on my reaction to the boats it may be for the best if i watched first, i agreed, as my human was about to get on, he saw one of his friends, she was called Summer and she was a very lovely person, once you got past her shell of self loathing depression and their exchange partner, Janak was her name, after the two of them had hugged, we collectively decided that the humans should go on and we would watch to decide if we wanted to join them the second time, so my human and Summer went on together, the ride worked by a large central wheel spinning with several carts facing inward being pulled around by it, with a break pedal that would slow the cart enough that it would rotate about its hinge to the point that it was facing the direction it was traveling, when you then let go of the break it would fling the cart around at high speed to face the other way and repeat, all the while a human song was being played quite loudly, the one playing while our humans were on was dancing in the moonlight, our humans were singing along, and quite loudly, until the ride sped up causing summer to scream slightly and then laugh with me,Janak and my human , as they were flung so hard that they bounced back and forth several times, this continued for a little while more with Summer squealing in delight at every swing, my human singing and laughing along all the while.
After summer got off we all walked back around to the food stalls, where Janak and I had the leaves of a lovely vegetable called a lettuce, according to Summer, slices of a purple vegetable with white stripes in rings through it, called a red onion, according to summer, this prompted me to ask why it was called a red onion if it was purple and white, both humans looked at me and laughed at that, before my human said “sometimes human names are very on the nose, and other times, not so much, don’t worry about it.”, all while laughing, our meal was then wrapped in a thin-ish flat disk of strayu, I asked how humans had strayu in large enough quantities to sell like this, so soon after meeting us, this caused summer and Janak to laugh and my human to look confused, Janak explained that the humans had many different types of strayu, called bread apparently, and that they developed it independently and much, much earlier on in their cultural evolution than us, he also said that it tasted, different, not necessarily bad, but definitely not the same. The humans had chosen a bratwurst hot dog each from a german food stall, run by the british catering company, whilst mine and Janak’s was from a greek stall, also run by the british catering company.
After eating we went up to the stalls to the right of the entrance, where, my human bought a new wallet, and I bought several human confectionaries, at the end, there were several very primitive cloth tents, with people walking around in clothes that were very clearly not of this century, and they all carried weapons, such as knives, swords and axes. My human got quite excited at this and went over to speak with a group wearing helmets, chainmail and animal skins with jewellery woven into it, they had a table full of axes and swords with shields around it and spears poking out of the ground nearby, one of them holding a Dane axe!, after a lengthy conversation with a few of them we walked away with a card containing contact information, so that my human could join their re-enactment group. The central area was now host to two humans on motorbikes performing stunts and various tricks, while an announcer spoke to the crowd, as we walked down the backside of the central ring and towards the boats again we saw several small and quite slow steam engines making their way in our general direction, after we passed them I saw a dog, a truly fearsome beast tied to the front of a colossal steam engine, with, what i assumed to be the engine’s owner nearby talking to a woman with another dog, after we passed them we decided to have a go at the plate smash stand, Janak, summer and myself did terribly but my human hit every shot bar one, then we kept on moving, Janak and I had decided to go on the “THE SUPER SKID CARS'' with our respective humans. IT WAS A HUGE SPECKING MISTAKE!!!! A few seconds in, I was clinging to my human’s arm crying, he was holding me, softly stroking my head and speaking soothingly to me. About a minute in, i was able to open my eyes and sit there, still clinging to my human, as he continued to hold me, i noticed that he too seemed to be on the verge of tears, although i suspected for a different reason, after a while i got used to the speed, and asked my human to start swinging us, he did and i screamed in delight, it was so much fun, we sung along to a song i don't know the name of and moved so fast, i could feel my stomachs shift and shake around inside my body, after the ride finished i was so high on adrenaline that i felt like i could do anything, the same could not be said for Jamak, he looked utterly petrified and on the verge of throwing up. We returned to the shooting area and this time we only spent £5 each and i missed every shot, but it was fun, my human only got a tube of CHEWITS this time, but we still had fun, we then made our way back to the ferris wheel, we all went on and once we reached the top we stopped and i thought that something was wrong, until i looked down, now i'm braver than most venlil but this height was insane, however i now knew why we had stopped, a man and his son were getting on, however as i leaned back it caused our seating pod to rock back and forth, this made me freeze in terror as i pictured us falling and going splat on the ground below, and then we were moving again, and then we were on the ground, but we were still moving and then we were high in the air again, after this cycle of up and down had repeated another three times we finally got off, my whole body quivering with the after effects of terror, Jamak was clinging onto Summer’s arm and refused to let go as she lugged him around.
We made our way back to the boats and we all decided to go on, all except Jamak of course, at least he had let go of summer by now, this time i kept my eyes open the whole time and several of the other humans on board were screaming in delight, it was hilarious, my human, summer and i were all laughing, and as the boat slowed down, my human let go of the netting and put his feet back down, then the operator told him to put them back up and to keep holding on, so he put his hands up to hold on again and as he went to put his feet back up, the boat sped up again leading to my human hanging vertically and as we came back down, summer an i tried to hold him in place and check to see if he was ok, but he just wouldn't stop laughing, after the ride had stopped and we had gotten off, he finally stopped, and loudly exclaimed “DID YOU SEE THAT, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME, HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!” this prompted summer to loudly exclaim “suicidal cunt, your going to give me a heart attack one of these days!”, this caused him to chuckle again and say “you’re one to talk aren’t you? And I'm way more likely to have a heart attack than you, genetic disorders, remember?”This went on until we reached the car parking field, where we went our separate ways, i was buzzing the whole way home as we listened to even more music and chatted, once we arrived home my tiredness hit me like a stampeding mazic and i fell face first onto the sofa.
When I woke up my human had bought me a glass of apple juice and was sitting next to me with one of his dogs on his lap, the large German shepherd Labrador cross breed, named Leela. She was huffing happily as my human rubbed her stomach. It had taken quite a while to warm up to the large and loud beast, but now she was a brilliant addition to my little herd and I can't imagine living without her here.
“Thank you, for the day out, it was wonderful, and I’m sorry for the way I acted about it this morning.”
“That’s fine, I had fun, and it seems you did too, that’s all that matters, that we both had fun.”
“You're the best friend a venlil could ask for, you know that right? I love spending time with you Oscar, even if you don’t love me, just know that I love you…. sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
“Hey, hey” Oscar said, softly, as I started to cry. “Just because I’m aromantic, doesn’t mean I can’t feel love, just not romance, I still love you, just platonically, now come and give me a hug, you silly sheep!” He said happily.
“I'm not a sheep, you stupid ape!” I responded jokingly, feigning indignation.
“I love you oscar”
“I love you too, Talik, now let’s get some dinner, we have to go back to work tomorrow.” and with that he stood up, finished his apple juice and walked into the kitchen.
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2023.05.29 13:57 WindFanWater Help: Random water drops from evaporator coil into air induct

Hello everyone,
I have an issue that is bothering me and I am hoping someone can help me. I am having water drops from my evaporator coil come down inside the air intake box randomly. I am saying randomly because it does not always do this and the water dripping is not in one single spot. Also it is not a lot of water however it is enough that I noticed it once it happened one day.
2021 had a whole system replacement of my A/C with a Trane
I live in central Florida
The air filter instead is located on the air intake vent instead of under the the opening of the evaporator coils on this model. I have never had an ac designed like this but was told at the time of installation it will allow the changing of the filter to be easier.
System was service a few months ago and a diagnostics done. (No clogged drains, the water is dripping outside fine, the coils are not frozen, no visual issues were found.)
The house is cooling without any problems.
There are no water leaks that can be seen around the bottom of the unit itself.
Technician feedback: The coolant looked low about a pound. (Note I later had someone check the ac coolant levels and the system is in the green this is not the issue.) Fan may need to be increased in power (he was not able to make the adjustment while there). Suggest a leak test be done which I have been putting off just due to the funds.
In the mean while I have put puppy pads down on the bottom of the intake box and weighed them down for when the random water drops fall they do not wet the installation in the intake vent.
I also timed the how long the fan ran after the outside unit shut down and it was approx. a minute.
Can anyone provide me with any insight to this issue. My brother and I have been talking and he is wondering if it is a fan timing issue (not running long enough after the outside unit stops to pull all the water into the drain pan.) Our second guess is it is not a ac issue but normal humidity condensation that is usually not seen. Due to the location of the filter being typically under the coils and not like this unit which is on the vent itself. Again this does not happen every time the ac is running and is more like to happen during high humidity days I have notice.
Thank you for your time and feedback.
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2023.05.29 13:56 ReggedTinn I hated my mom ever since my dad passed away. I could not stop feeling anger when i see her face

I was 18 and my dad had terminal cancer. Mom was his fulltime caregiver till he passed away. When we sort through his belonging and also some clutter from the house, my mom found my older sister diary that she used to keep. My mom started reading and I felt that she was invading privacy, I tried to take it from her, but she scolds me for it. I argue how she could be so inconsiderate, and she just got angry at me but still keep reading and making comments about the stuff my sister wrote. I cried because mom did the same thing in the past and I wrote my rant in my diary about school and she found it and confront me about it. It was my outlet for things I never was able to say or retaliate others. I never kept any diary after.
A week after that, we had a roadtrip to finalize some paperwork with my paternal aunt accompanying us. On our way home, they were talking about my dad's passing that leads to conversation saying "Nowadays, kids would right away put this behind them and recover quick in a few days. Unlike us in the past who grieve much longer months or even years." I sat in the backseat angry at this but I didn't say anything. Thinking on how these thoughtless words come straight out of my mom who used to be a nurse.
The next thing I happened to overhear my mom talking on the phone with her friend in a room about the details of my dad's struggle when he was seriously ill. I was angry because she didn't disclose much information to me but blabber away to an outsider. I wasn't able to meet my dad in those months but only on twice. First time is when my friend drive me to the hospital and i have a short conversation and how my dad promised to teach me how to drive. Second time is months later, he was unresponsive and stared blankly and tired with not much energy left. He died the following week.
My sister came back from studying abroad and it was my turn to go away. I left to study 3 years, return home to my room occupied by my sister. It became "her room". She asked for my consent before and I have given my approval but only if she return it to me after i came back. She did not keep her promise and my mom sided with my sister. I had to give up my room and used a spare room that was used as storage. I salvage a few furniture to use. I held such strong attachment to the room that my sister took from me is because we lived in the same bedroom with our parents up till we are 17 or 18. We had to queen bed and shared wardrobe and space. When my sister left to study, my dad cleared up the room that is supposed to be mine and the spare room my dad had planned to get it a makeover but he was had gotten sick. When i wanted to renovate the spare room or buy new furniture, my mom told me not to waste the money.
I noticed some of my old clothes went missing, my mom had thrown them away because I probably won't wear them anymore. A wallet my friend gave me on birthday and handbag that is a souvenir from my parent ended up used by my mom, without my knowledge. She said I don't use them much anyway. To me they were memorabilia. I ended up with fewer stuff than I originally had.
I felt like I was punished for being obedient. Whenever I think of it I cried. And when I got angry and told them off, they talk me down. Not understanding the point why I was so upset and it was just such a small thing to get upset about in their eyes. My mom dared to throw my stuff but doesn't do it to my sister and even make spaces where I originally had for her. My sister gets angry for anyone who moved her stuff but she can't see it from my point when I got angry. I know one day i will choose to no contact everyone and live alone. I'm sorry dad, eventhough you always told me not to get angry at mom, I can't do it.
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2023.05.29 13:56 lesothose Our (M27/F27) dog sitter (F30s) renovated our bathroom without our knowledge while we were on our honeymoon

When my wife and I (M27/F27) go out of town, we always try and hire the same dog/house sitter who we will call Danielle (F30s). After first hiring Danielle through a dog sitting app over a year ago, we have continued to use Danielle because she is amazing with the dogs, goes above and beyond in her duties, and seems to care a lot about us, our dogs, and our home. One of the things she does is try and always have our house spotless when we come home. We've tried to tell her that she doesn't need to do all that, but she always insist. We try and always leave her a nice tip for everything she does. Having her watch our dogs in our house while we're gone gives us a lot of peace of mind when we are out of town. She also often tells us how much she loves our dogs and our home and how she always wants to dog sit for our dogs.
We have only met with Danielle in person once when she initially visited our house before she dog sat for us for the first time. Since then, all of our communication has been through text message such as booking dog sitting services. This is to say that we don't have much of a relationship with her in real life outside of dog sitting.
Despite the lack of a face to face relationship, Danielle still likes to text my wife because they have similar interests. She will text my wife about interior design a lot because my wife is into interior design, and has done a great job with designing our home, and Danielle has her own interior design business. Danielle will often text my wife about interior design work she is doing and also suggest projects that she could do at our house. She gives us suggestions for our house and when she dog sits for us, will sometimes rearrange things in our house. The text messages are fairly one sided with my wife not responding as often because she's not a great texter but also because she wasn't looking to be that close with Danielle. My wife would always decline the offers for projects because with the wedding and honeymoon, we did not have a lot of cash lying around.
But Danielle is also a very open person and will also share with my wife details of her life such as her stress and anxiety. Before our honeymoon trip, she told us that her fiancé had cheated on her and she was in a rough spot with her bills and rent. We try and be supportive but since we don't really have a close relationship, there's not much we can do besides send a supportive text message.
Because of her situation, Danielle told my wife that she would have to raise her prices and asked if that was okay with us. Her prices were already very reasonable and we told her we had no issue with the increased price. We also told her that we could pay for her upcoming dog sitting for our honeymoon ahead of time if that would help. She declined saying that she would rather be paid 50% when the dog sitting started and 50% when it ended because she had a financial system in place.
We went on our honeymoon to Europe with only a few hiccups. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we left for our honeymoon half a week later than we intended (although we still paid Danielle for the entire two weeks we had intended). Everything seemed to be going well and she sent both of us lots of pictures of our dogs. She also continued to text my wife separately and asked if she could stage our house for some photo shoots for her business and that she would put everything back afterwards. My wife told her that of course she could, trying to be as supportive as possible.
Danielle also continued to text my wife about other interior design stuff, which my wife didn't always respond to because we were on our honeymoon and my wife didn't have international service. One of the things she texted my wife about was how she was exhausted and crying over this project that she was working on. Towards the end of the honeymoon, she also told us she broke her foot and wouldn't be able to do as much around the house. We tried our best to reassure her that she already does so much and not to worry about it.
We finally got home from our honeymoon today and sent her a text letting her know. It was an exhausting 16 hour day of travel that started at 4 am Europe time. After texting Danielle, my wife saw the guest bathroom and realized that it had been completely renovated. Danielle had painted all the cabinets, put up wallpaper, installed new bathroom handles, replaced the lights, and bought new shower curtains and a bath rug. We were shocked because we had no idea Danielle had been renovating our bathroom. My wife was incredibly sad because the guest bathroom was her space, to take baths and do makeup, and she did not like the design at all. To be clear, we never gave permission, or even knew, she would be renovating our bathroom. We decided to deal with it the next day because we were so tired and just wanted to rest.
However, Danielle kept texting us asking what we thought of the bathroom and we could tell she was getting increasingly anxious. We finally decided to text her that we appreciated the work she put in and that the bathroom was pretty, however it wasn't our style and this crossed a boundary. She immediately became apologetic and said she would come by and take down everything she installed to try and return it and she would try and return our bathroom to the way it was. She kept blowing up our phones sending text messages one after another. We told her that we would figure everything out together but asked if we could just talk tomorrow since we were tired.
She informed us that she had spent $3,000 on the renovations and done 11 days of work. She continued to blow up our phones and then told us that she was having the worst month of her life and just pay her for the dog sitting and we could go our separate way but that she did need to pick everything up to return because she was very poor and just got evicted. We became increasingly concerned about how unhinged she was becoming but decided to just send her the money she was owed. We continued to tell Danielle we could figure everything out together.
We debated whether to send a tip with the payment, but we were still so tired we decided to wait until after we got everything figured out. When Danielle got the payment without a tip, she got hostile and continued to blow up our phones and began leaving voice messages for us calling us out for "being rich" and "having a house and being able to go on vacations" (we are middle class who saved up for our honeymoon, not exactly "rich"). She demanded that we let her come tomorrow to pick up everything she installed and also that she wanted a friend to come with her for support so we wouldn't leer over her as she worked. After deciding on a time, she finally stopped texting us saying she was tired of being taken advantage of and never wanted to speak with us again after tomorrow.
Here is a link of the text messages because I probably sugarcoated them:
Also, Danielle left us a handwritten note that said "[OP's wife]! I adore you. Get good rest tonight and let's talk bathroom tomorrow. <3 Y'all are truly wonderful and I am so appreciative that you have me here and to watch your sweet babies!" We also saw that Danielle posted a renovation video of our bathroom and some pictures of our house to her Instagram.
I am flabbergasted by this situation and never expected it coming home from my honeymoon. I don't even know what Danielle expected from us as regardless of if we liked the renovation, we don't even have renovation money. How am I supposed to handle this situation? I'm not heartless and obviously want the best for Danielle, but I am lost at how I should approach this situation and what I may or may not owe Danielle.

TLDR: Wife and I got back from our honeymoon and found that our dog sitter spent $3,000 and 11 days on a bathroom renovation we never knew about. Dog sitter is upset we didn't like it. Dog sitter now wants to come back to our house, get everything she installed to return, and never speak to us again.
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2023.05.29 13:55 ZealousidealAverage7 All the sibs won in their own way

Roman finally released himself from being a “Roy”. He went all in for CEO and realized it only brought out the worst in him. By the time he got to Mom’s house it was like he was coming down from a bad trip.
Shiv did what she needed to do to save her brother. If Kendall was willing to lie to his siblings about unaliving someone then what else would he have done as CEO? Kendall was quickly spiraling into Logan which isn’t who he is.
Kendall has to finally let WayStar go. Becoming the CEO essentially became the man’s legacy and he never fully had the job. I think the water represents the unknown for Kendall. Of all the siblings he’s the one who really doesn’t know who he is like we don’t understand the ocean. Now he’s free to do that.
Sn: idk why fans make a big deal out of Tom being CEO. He’s more of the traditional corporate CEO. Just a figure head there to command a high salary and take PR blowback. He’s not gonna actually make things move like Logan.
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2023.05.29 13:55 Technical_Yoghurt333 AITA for not having a talking to the mother of my child’s possible sibling?

There’s no way to simplify this but I’ll try, I (f/25) refuse to have a relationship of any kind with my daughter’s (f/1yr) fathers’s new wife/gf/baby momma. It’s very confusing, I don’t know what she is. So for context, my daughter’s father has been absent in her life since I was 3 months pregnant. We had a relationship and were even engaged at one point but his alcoholism, temper, attitude, demeanor, his..everything became an issue. We lived together briefly at the beginning of my pregnancy but once he started drinking it all went downhill. One night, we got into an argument while he was drunk and it got heated so I just said I would leave for the night since I didn’t feel safe and i would come back when he was sober, he cornered me against a couch while very drunk and wouldn’t let me leave the house until I threatened to call the cops several times. After I was in my car, he kept pulling on my door and yelling at me to stop and just kept making it difficult for me to leave. I finally left that night and I stayed with my mom, we later talked and we came to an agreement where he would stop drinking until after the baby was born, I had hopes he would leave alcohol all together by then. The very next weekend, he was drunk again but he left the house this time and didn’t come back. I called him the next morning to see where he was and he claimed to be at the beach with his buddy’s gf, “picking rocks”. No buddy, just him and the buddy’s gf…I’m sorry but that didn’t sit well with me, I asked him when he would be back and he said he didn’t have a set time to be back home. He was supposed to work that day but chose to call off as well. I talked to my mom and she told me this would only get worse and that he wouldn’t change so I decided to leave him. I moved out that same day, I called to let him know and he started off by saying, I was already going to suggest you stay at your mom’s for a couple weeks but this works too. That was my final sign. I left and took all of the things I paid for which was most of everything we had minus his things and the few things his mother had bought. We kept in contact for the sake of the baby and I was determined to make things work for that reason. We were together technically but trying to work on things apart. I wanted to see some real change before the baby arrived to actually go back with him. He never changed and things got worse. He stopped calling, I had to initiate contact and it would still take him hours to respond. I would call him when i had drs appts and he would ignore them, i would text and he sometimes would respond, other times I had to wait for hours to get a simple response.I had low blood pressure which would cause me to get super dizzy sometimes when I stood up too quick or moved too fast and I passed out one time while at work. I worked at my aunt’s restaurant and my uncle was working when it happened. He saw me acting strangely while prepping and he knew something was wrong after I stopped responding to him so he rushed over to me when he saw me going down and managed to catch me before I fell completely. I fell but I didn’t fall as hard as I could have, had he not caught me. When I came to, he made sure I was okay and asked if I wanted to stay or go home and made me eat just in case it helped before letting me go back to work. I texted my ex about it all right after it happened and it took him 6 hours to respond, and he had the audacity to blame me and say that if I was a better mother I would have my dr do something about it before I killed our baby. My dr had addressed it prior to me passing out and recommended i drink more fluids and add more salt to my diet but that it was going to be normal because of my blood pressure and that there wasn’t much else i could do. She said to sit down or get low to the ground when i felt like i was getting dizzy. She even sent me to a cardiologist and she said the same things. A few weeks later I found out he had been cheating the whole time we were together and was sleeping with other girls. All of that just confirmed that we weren’t ever going to work. As the time came for the baby to arrive, he started pushing the topic of him being in the room while I was in labor and pushing. Since we were no longer together, I was strongly opposed, I said he could be at the hospital but not in the L&D room. He kept pushing and even tried to scare me into it. He claimed his “multiple” lawyers would order a DNA test to be performed on the baby while in utero to prove he was the dad so a judge could force me to let him be in the room. I simply wouldn’t allow it. It poses unnecessary risks to the baby and to myself. No way. He kept pushing but I called his bluff and so he stopped with that tactic and started bashing me on fb about how evil and monstrous and selfish I was, and how “Jesus and monk like” he was trying to be about the whole situation and that he would fight tooth and nail for his daughter and not falter and I was “keeping him from his daughter” who wasn’t born yet. (All quoted from his essay about me) I couldn’t believe him, I stopped acknowledging him as it was just becoming too stressful for me. On top of dealing with him, both of my grandparents that helped raise me in place of my absentee father passed 5 months apart from each other. It all started to take a toll on my health and i lost my sight in my left eye from lack of blood flow. It was some sort of panic attack combined with my low blood pressure and so I had to go to the hospital and stay there a night while they did tests to see what happened, the conclusion was functional vision loss and they weren’t sure when it would go away. He didn’t know about that. I was struggling a lot and he just didn’t care before so why alert him of that. I tried to block him out the last month of my pregnancy (not that there was much to ignore, after he bashed me on socials, he went radio silent) and eventually had our daughter and was really focused on my recovery as well as being a new mom to my baby girl. He showed up to my moms house with his father unannounced 2 weeks after I gave birth and she stopped him at the door. She went out to talk to him and his dad so that I wouldn’t get upset or anxious, She was worried about my health so I stayed inside with the baby. She spoke with them and told them simply that he should reach out to me via text and to try to work things out for the baby. Not to just show up unannounced. He then tried to bash me and say that he was and that I was ignoring him, which was a lie, I told her ever single time we were in contact and so she knew he was lying. She told him to try harder in regards to being a better person and called him out on some things he did. He stopped arguing at that point to save face for his dad. She came back in and he never reached out after that. I later moved out to my aunts on my dads side because some things happened with my mom that made it impossible to live together. My aunt convinced me to reach out to my ex and to try to make things work for the baby. So I did. I tried to talk to him about mediation and lawyers and child support, he claimed to be on board and when I offered for him to meet her, he told me he had “errands to run”. Later I found out the errands were to go grocery shopping for food to make dinner for his new gf. I stopped trying after that. I asked him to sign away his rights and he denied. He claimed he would never and that he would see me in court. I eventually started dating again and found my now husband. He and i started dating and it all just clicked into place. I fell in love with him and Hes just so good with my daughter and treats me so well. He treats my daughter as if she was his own. He’s known her since she was 3 months old so she quickly grew attached to him and We ended up getting engaged a few months after and i moved in with him before he went away on deployment. (Yes it seems sudden but this is all the complete opposite of my ex and he actually makes the effort to be involved in my daughters life, i know I found the one) Around Christmas I decided to push my ex again for him to sign away his rights. I wasn’t going to force him to be around her and at this point, after months of no contact or even an ounce of effort on his part, I didn’t think I was wrong in asking. I asked him to sign away his rights repeatedly. I wasn’t even asking for child support, I just wanted to be free of him coming back in her life later when it could become more convenient for him. My daughter deserves better than that. He denied and said that he would never…yet again…. He said he would take me to court and take her away from me. I called his bluff every single time. This kept up for months and still to this day. She is now 1 and 4 months. He now has a new wife/gf/baby momma. She reached out to me in January of 2023, 5 days after new years saying that I don’t know who she was but that she was dating my ex and that she hated to reach out like this, but she was worried about my safety and the baby’s safety. She said that he choked her and spit on her while he was intoxicated and that the police were called and that she made the mistake of not pressing charges, but that she just hoped we were safe and wanted to give me a heads up. I told her to call me and she did, she sounded sincere over the phone and I told her that that was the reason for my leaving. She said it all made sense after I explained everything. I offered for her to speak to my lawyer and eventually a judge so that it was no longer my word against his but hers as well and she seemed to agree wholeheartedly. She said he was an alcoholic and that he wasn’t fit to be a parent. I took her word and we agreed to stay in touch. The next day she texted me to tell me that she was pressing charges after all and getting a restraining order against him. I congratulated her and about a week later she blocked me. I found out that same week that she and him were back together. I was so mad. I felt betrayed and vulnerable. I couldn’t believe she just went back just like that. My fiancé and I decided in that time as well to tie the knot in February while he was on leave. We got married and after he went back, a few weeks later I found out I was expecting. My husband and I are so excited! We’re having another baby girl. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago and I notice that she (my ex’s new thing) had unblocked me (her name in my fb messenger went from fb user to her name on fb) I clicked on it wondering why she unblocked me all of a sudden and I see that she was now married to him since January 25th and that they were excitedly expecting a boy and that they were starting a book collection for the new baby with books from both of their childhoods. I couldnt be more sad and disappointed as well as disgusted. How do you go back to him after what he did to you and add a baby to the whole thing? How selfish was she? How could you acknowledge one child but not the other? She saw how he was treating my daughter, You can’t possibly want that for your baby too? I was confused and mad but chose to ignore it all. What can I do? Nothing. Not my mess, why stress…She chose what she wanted to do. All I can do is wish her well. A few days later she messaged me apologizing for blocking me and going back to him. She said he was a wordsmith and that she fell for his empty promises yet again. She apologized for not back me up legally and that she felt terrible about it all. I truly didn’t feel bad for her. She did this to her self and now she wants to come back and pretend she didn’t just marry the guy? Like she knew what he was capable of? How did you not see that coming? I told her I seriously could care less what she had to say and that I didn’t believe her. I asked did you not marry him and get pregnant by him?? Like you’re his wife? Shouldn’t you be having his back? You did this to your self. She responded with I know why you might be weary and I don’t blame you. I’m “really sorry” and I understand why you might not want to speak. I told her more or less to fuck off and that I couldn’t speak with her anymore. I asked her did she not marry him and is she not having a baby with him and her response was legally yes we’re married but we’re separated and I’m having a baby…what? So I signed off on that note and sent the gif “Sorrows, sorrows…prayers”….iykyk…so now that bring the question of the hour up….I’m being told by a cousin of mine that l vented to that I shouldn’t have responded like that and that I should have been nice and that she probably wanted to vent and bond. “Technically” her son is my daughters sibling….I’m sorry but I don’t feel responsible for making sure that they have a relationship. I don’t even know if that’s even really her sibling, furthermore, why is that my job? Her dad doesn’t even know her! Not my fault either. I can’t be held responsible for rounding up all of his potential kids and making sure that they have a relationship. Also how do I know that she (the new thing) isn’t lying? How do I know she isn’t going to go back to him? I don’t trust her. Im trying to protect my baby. AITA? Am I being too harsh?
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