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2023.05.29 15:18 Sunscreenboyfriend I (26M) caught my (24F) of 6 months cheating and I'm struggling to trust her again

Hi, as above I flew out to the US from Ireland for mu girlfriends graduation 2 weeks ago, while drunk she asked me to get her phone and play music, when I opened her phone I found the DMs to a guy she had slept with the same day we met that she promised me there was no feelings and no further romance after that, but I saw pretty quickly she was flirting with him from then on and all through the 6 months of our relationship.
Some extra info is I was uncomfortable with him from the start and she claimed she was going to stop being friends with him and he understood why I wanted him gone and he respected it and that if he disrespected me on the relationship she'd block him, but they flirted the entire time she told me she was removing him?
The next day she claimed it was nothing and that she wasn't even thinking and just liked the attention and me finding out has made her cop on about how much I mean to her, but I found out later she did have feelings for him before and she didn't even block him until 3 weeks after this all happened after I asked why he even had the opportunity to reach out to her after all this.
The same week I confronted her about her friend expressing how much he was in love with her everytime he messaged her and how she never pushed back or stopped him and how uncomfortable that made me, in fairness she did tell him to stop and that I was her boyfriend and if he didn't stop he'd be blocked and she did ask me if I wanted him blocked then and there.
To be fair to her she last night screen recorded her entire phone, every messaging app and dm with any guy friends of her own volition to try and gain some trust back, but I realised she had admitted to the second guy that other friends flirted with her that she never pushed back on and felt bad bc she was continuing to keep that from me, she had no idea that was in the screen recording, and when I called her out she said she didn't tell me because we were in a bad place and didn't want to make it worse.
She has blocked the first guy, told the second guy to stop and he even dm'd me apologising, has agreed to tell any guy who even trys to flirt that she has a boyfriend and even asked me to move in next year, but mu convern is EVEN if all this happened because she just didn't think and liked the attention, if he default state isn't to tell guys flirting, coming on to and coming after her now during our relationship and I have to ask her to do it then what's stopping it happening again from now until then or even when we live together?
I love her, deeply and I want to trust her and live with her, and bar that she treats me like a king, she even offered to send immediately screenshot and recordings the second I get iffy or insecure,
But I'm scared, I'm terrified of committing, moving and trusting her again just to get betrayed over again.
What should I do? Should I trust her? Should I just leave while I'm ahead? My brain is mush and I need a second opinion, I'm supposed to fly back to the US in 2 months.
TL;DR! Caught my girlfriend cheating, and lying to me consistently for over a week and not sure what to do.
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2023.05.29 15:17 mossie_creature I made a woman cry

So I had a table a long time ago with a nice couple who were at the restaurant during our dying down hours. Everything was pretty quiet at this point, we were close to closing, and I was bartending so I had started my cleaning duties for that.
Well this couple had been extremely pleasant, I offered different items to upsell the check and they were happy I was giving suggestions, I made them several drink refills, they were very polite and just enjoying their night but they were pretty quiet. I didn’t mind though, I was busy cleaning up and closing down the bar.
After I give them their meals I say, “Alright you guys, if everything looks okay I’ll leave you to it. If you need anything at all I’m just cleaning behind the bar here so you can wave at me or call me over if you need something, but I’ll still be keeping an eye on you guys and checking up a few times.”
I usually only offer this towards the end of the night since I’m kind of distracted with scrubbing things down, doing dishes, and other bar related things. But this couple was content with just quietly eating their meals, they didn’t need anymore drinks or anything so I just cleaned.
When I noticed they had finished their meals, I went over and offered a dessert for them to try (upselling ofc) and they happily said sure, so I went and grabbed it for them. I also grabbed 2 new spoons since I had cleared the table completely.
Well, I had my nails done at this time and I’m not quite sure how it happened, but when I sat down the plate with the dessert I went to hand the woman her spoon.
Somehow, the spoon slipped from my fingers as I was handing it to her, and it flung and pelted her right (kind of hard) in her chest. I immediately went from professional service voice to panicked unexpected voice and rushed together “OHMYGODIMSOSORRY, I swear I wasn’t trying to throw that at you!”
This sweet woman just started laughing and laughing and laughing until she was crying uncontrollably at her table, and when she finally caught her breath she said,”That was the funniest thing to have ever happened to me at a restaurant!”
She started laughing and crying again so I started to chuckle once I knew she wasn’t upset, and her partner was just smiling while he ate his cake and he said,”If you knew the day she had today, you’d know how much it means that you got her to laugh this hard.”
I just chuckled again and said,” well I’m glad I could make you laugh, did you hear that panic in my voice? I was so worried that I would have accidentally upset you” which caused her to laugh/cry even harder and say between laughs “that’s whats making me laugh so hard! You sounded so panicked compared to your service voice!”
After I laughed and apologized again for assaulting her with a spoon by accident, I decided to just leave them be at this point to enjoy the rest of their meal and as I was cleaning up some more behind the bar, the woman was still laughing and eating her dessert. She laughed all the way until her and her partner walked out of the door!
The guy left me $50 with a note thanking me for making his wife’s day better and to not throw spoons at anymore customers.
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2023.05.29 15:16 AtlasExiled I've been put off relationships and don't know how to be comfortable with trying it out again

So back in high school(when I was 17) I went out with this girl for a while, it was the most committed relationship I had ever been in and I was head-over-heels in love with her. I was confident that I would only have eyes for her for the rest of my life and I was happy for it, because at that time, she was all that I felt I needed. I felt like, even if the whole world turned against me, as long as I had her it would be enough. All the way from the start, there were tons of red flags. She had a victim complex and it turned out that she was a massive lair. She would still talk to one of her exes(who creeped on her our whole relationship) and she would actively try to make me jealous by acting extra buddy buddy with other dudes(including her ex) I guess to make herself feel valued by me. She would ignore my feelings and would seldom give me any time with her despite my efforts. She would divy up her free time to be about 4/5 hanging out with her friends and 1/5 hanging out with me outside of school. Her reasoning for this went that because, out of all of the people she could cancel regular plans with, I was the only one who wouldn't get mad so it was okay. So consequently, it was rare that we would hang out just us more than once a month, and even then often she would let one of her friends or her sister tag along on the days we would have scheduled for just me and her. It really sucked, but that little time we had for just us made me feel like a million bucks each time. Our sex life was pretty trash considering we were both virgins at the beginning of the relationship combined with her past sexual trauma. It turns out sex just didn't sit well with her, she didn't like it and she didn't want to have it. She didn't communicate that with me for months until we broke up. I tried to talk things out but she just never give me the time of day. I'll never forget it, I told her about something she was doing that was hurting my feelings and she dead ass said "I don't care". That relationship drug on for far too long after that little interaction because I still loved her so much. I was jaded enough to think we could work it out and that everything would be fine as long as we were together. It was weird, a few weeks before the relationship ended she randomly walked up to me in the hall at school and told me "don't worry, you didnt rape me" I thought that was fucking bizarre because it was stating the obvious to me. I should have broken up with her way sooner, but I let it drag out until she broke up with me. After the breakup I was destroyed, totally heartbroken, just blaming myself for not being good enough. Fast forward a few months after the breakup, I am still not recovered, I still really love her, we hadnt talked since the break up. I wake up one morning to a mountain of texts from a bunch of different people. It turns out that at her latest birthday party, you guessed it, she told everyone there that I had raped her and all of those texts were people asking me about the situation. I was flabbergasted, I didn't even know what to think. I kept questioning myself almost gaslighting myself into thinking that I really did rape her and for a while I felt like the biggest piece of shit on the planet. I was terrified, I thought my life was over. I even texted all of her friends that I personally knew and not one of them told me that they believed it, they knew she was full of shit. Unfortunately, though, one of our mutual friends, my so called best female friend that I harve ever had took her side, believed it like the word of god and didn't even try to get my side of the story before never talking to me again. That really hurt. I probably went into too much detail, but it makes me feel better to type a lot of it out because it was traumatic.
TL;DR: My ex emotionally abused me after I fell in love with her, falsely accused me of rape, and I lost a ton of friends, it really hurt, I'm still recoiling.
I'm 23 now, ever since that experience I have not been able to really motivate myself to try and get into another real relationship. I did get into one but it didn't last because I just didnt know what I wanted, I thought I was over that last relationship, but I didn't know and my indecisiveness led to me not being good for the girl I was with. I messed that relationship all up, I really regret it. Now I just focus on college and don't get out very much anymore. I almost feel scared to get too invested like I did. But I still want to get into another relationship eventually, love is the best feeling life has to offer, better than any drug. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut being complacent, wasting my youth. Its like I haven't even tried in so long, hell I don't even know how to try anymore. Does anyone else feel this way? Any advice? I always thought that if I just let time go on, then I would just forget all about my negative experiences, but it doesn't work that way.
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2023.05.29 15:16 FisherMan-village PARSIQ and AI like ChatGPT unravel high future potential….

The popularity of blockchain technology has already created a demand for user-friendly data analysis tools,and, in the meantime, artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT is pushing this demand a bit further (to take Artificial Intelligence to the next level by using blockchain technology). While talking about data blockchain technology, the name ‘’Parsiq’’ will appear in the first line because Parsiq’s technology can give any real-time and historical data of the blockchain industry instantly. As a result, it can undoubtedly be said that Parsiq’s data center is going to be the nucleus of any AI-based technology and products.
Even though artificial intelligence has been in discussion for the last decade, the recent release of ChatGPT has taken its popularity to another peak. Tech giants ranging from Twitter and Google to crypto exchanges like Binance are adding ChatGPT features to their services. No doubt,artificial intelligence will make our lives easier in the near future. On the other hand, blockchain technology is showing us immense potential in the fields of finance and the virtual world. So, the blend of these two industries is creating the next chapter,‘’Blockchain & AI,’’which has the challenge of delivering any complex data in the quickest possible way in real-time.
And Parsiq can smartly take over the onerous task of AI through their Tsunami API products. On the other hand, when all popular centralized Web2 companies want to shift to the next version of AI-based technology, Web3 data solutions will appear. Parsiq will be the trump card then because Parsiq provides data indexing and data storage solutions for Web3 projects to leverage key data sets that exist in the decentralized space.
From the 2022 roadmap of Parsiq, it’s clear that Parsiq has been making attempts to ensure a next-level experience for their users by analyzing the Web3 industry thoroughly, which is present now. It’s because Parsiq provides developers, dApps, and protocols with access to the full spectrum of data on supported blockchains with the 2022 release of its Tsunami API. Later on, the release of Data Lakes added a dimension to it as it refines the API by providing customer-tailored data for each of the protocols supported by the lake. Web3 Solutions and the technologies mentioned in the previous line are fueling the data industry by opening the realm of data for customers and other third parties.
Tom Tirman, the CEO of Parsiq, has announced that they have a small team full-time researching AI, an immense number of use cases where it can be used. He also confirmed that they want to merge ChatGPT and other AI technologies with Parsiq. He believes that Parsiq Tech and AI are a match made in heaven.
So, it’s crystal clear that the Parsiq team has taken the AI data industry very seriously, as Parsiq has a role in this industry to play by delivering critical data instantly in a user-friendly way within some seconds.
Of late, recently we have seen that LilAI (a smart automated management-based project) was rightly answering any Parsiq-related questions asked in normal language on the Telegram bot channel by using Parsiq’sproduct. LilAI is a burning example of how platforms can use PARSIQ to launch their products to market promptly and efficiently.
Indeed, data is the new oil because upcoming innovative projects ranging from finance to AI-based companies will need Web3 data where Web2 data is immobilized. So, in this decentralized data center industry, we can designate Parsiq as the biggest data server in the Web3 industry. Isn’t that so?
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2023.05.29 15:16 doc_blue27 The Recaps That Have Shocked Me the Most So Far

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to gauge what they’re going to think about each episode. When it became evident early on in the podcast that they were actually going to be legitimately critical of the show, I naturally started trying to predict how they were going to feel since I’ve seen every episode an indescribably endless number of times. And keep in mind the first two seasons are my favorite seasons. These are the recaps that have been the most shocking to me.
Kid Gloves- Although they weren’t crazy about FatheSon Game or It’s a Wonderful Night, this is the first one that they really ripped apart and it really caught me off guard. They’d been enjoying season 1 a lot for the most part, which was making me really happy because, please don’t shoot, but it has always been my favorite season. And I’ve always strongly defended it and was worried they weren’t going to like it. But, they surprisingly had been loving it. Then comes this episode, one that I’ve always really loved, and even during the great scene where Allen talks about being a boxer in the navy, they didn’t say a single positive thing. It’s not one of the very best episodes of the season, but how much they hated it just seemed really odd to me. Especially Will being legitimately upset about it. The whole time I was just like “really, dude? Over Kid Gloves?”.
Back 2 School- Has always been one of my very favorite episodes of the whole series. It’s a great introduction to the show’s new tone, and the characters of Mr. Turner, Harley, Joey, and Frankie. They love all those characters, yet the entire recap just focused on the number of different characters that were being introduced, as well as the fact that it felt like a different show. I think there’s a lot to appreciate in the episode that they didn’t at all, because they were so fixated on how different it felt from season 1. Which yeah. It’s quite different. But I feel like they were biiiiit exaggerative.
Pairing Off- Now this is literally my favorite episode of the entire show, and always has been. I think the bedroom scene between the boys and the parents is essentially the best scene in any sitcom. I’m glad they at least said some positive things about that scene, although I still think it’s far more deserving than what they gave it. But during the rest of the episode, they were again just completely focused on how it was different from season 1, and it became very frustrating. Yes it’s an episode kind of about sex and wouldn’t exist in season 1. But it’s also really, really great.
The Beard/The Turnaround- I’m just going to group these two together since they’re back to back and I have the exact same thing to say about both of them. After being repeatedly wrong in season 2 regarding what episodes they were going to dislike, I kept finding myself looking forward to these two episodes. They’re the only two in season 2 that I genuinely dislike, and especially considering the cast’s frequent complaints regarding sexism and the writing of the female guest stars’ characters, I was certain that they’d dislike them too. Once again, I was completely wrong. Shockingly, everyone really liked both episodes and essentially said nothing negative about either. And obviously even had the actress on the podcast who played one of the characters in question.
On the Air- Just when it started to feel like they were never going to genuinely dislike an episode ever again, Rider and Will both hate on a really fun and harmless episode. It isn’t one of the best of the season, but like Kid Gloves, the amount of hate towards it just felt odd.
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2023.05.29 15:15 wdmcarth Daily Bullpen Usage: 05/29/23

Last updated: 05/29/23 09:14:31 EST


Note Description
Italics Pitched previous day or twice in last 3 days.
Strikethrough Pitched back to back days.
Bold Recent transaction.
L3:## Number of pitches thrown in last 3 days.
*** SP first start.
** SP yet to reach 5.0 innings in a game.
* SP yet to surpass 6.0 innings in a game.


ARI COL Ryne Nelson* Miguel CastroL3:25, Andrew ChafinL3:16 Scott McGoughL3:33 Austin AdamsL3:8, Kyle NelsonL3:31, José RuizL3:27, Kevin GinkelL3:32 Drey Jameson
ATL @OAK Michael Soroka*** Raisel Iglesias Nick Anderson Collin McHughL3:42 A.J. MinterL3:8, Jesse ChavezL3:25, Joe JiménezL3:37, Kirby YatesL3:15, Lucas LuetgeL3:43 Dereck RodríguezL3:28
BAL CLE Tyler Wells Félix BautistaL3:15 Yennier CanoL3:15 Bryan BakerL3:14 Mike Baumann, Cionel PérezL3:15, Mychal GivensL3:8, Danny CoulombeL3:3, Keegan AkinL3:24 Austin VothL3:62
BOS Kenley JansenL3:13 Chris MartinL3:7 Josh WinckowskiL3:35 Kutter CrawfordL3:27, Joely RodríguezL3:18, Justin Garza, Nick PivettaL3:54 Corey Kluber
CHC TBR Marcus Stroman Mark Leiter Jr.L3:16, Adbert AlzolayL3:1 Michael FulmerL3:38 Michael RuckerL3:36 Brandon HughesL3:41, Jeremiah EstradaL3:39, Julian MerryweatherL3:37 Javier AssadL3:70
CHW LAA Michael Kopech Kendall GravemanL3:6 Joe KellyL3:41 Reynaldo LópezL3:20 Keynan MiddletonL3:21, Aaron BummerL3:8, Gregory SantosL3:25, Garrett CrochetL3:46 Jimmy LambertL3:29
CIN Alexis DíazL3:40 Lucas SimsL3:27 Ian GibautL3:29 Alex YoungL3:8, Buck FarmerL3:12, Fernando CruzL3:15, Eduardo SalazarL3:31 Kevin HergetL3:20
CLE @BAL Logan Allen* Emmanuel ClaseL3:32 James KarinchakL3:16 Trevor StephanL3:24 Eli MorganL3:16, Enyel De Los SantosL3:20, Sam HentgesL3:23, Nick SandlinL3:19 Xzavion CurryL3:28
COL @ARI Karl Kauffmann** Pierce JohnsonL3:6 Justin LawrenceL3:33 Jake BirdL3:36 Brent SuterL3:22, Daniel BardL3:19, Brad HandL3:21, Matt CarasitiL3:32 Peter LambertL3:43
DET TEX Matthew Boyd* Alex LangeL3:12 Jason FoleyL3:14 Will VestL3:25 José CisneroL3:16, Chasen ShreveL3:8, Tyler HoltonL3:28, Mason EnglertL3:31 Tyler AlexanderL3:37
HOU MIN J.P. France Ryan PresslyL3:23 Bryan AbreuL3:27 Hector NerisL3:19 Ryne StanekL3:9, Phil MatonL3:24, Rafael MonteroL3:17, Seth Martinez Parker MushinskiL3:22
KCR @STL Josh Staumont*** Scott BarlowL3:27 Aroldis ChapmanL3:27 Taylor ClarkeL3:14 Josh StaumontL3:48, Amir GarrettL3:28, Carlos HernándezL3:28, Jose CuasL3:45, Nick WittgrenL3:14 Mike Mayers
LAA @CHW Griffin Canning Carlos EstévezL3:14 Chris DevenskiL3:13 Jacob WebbL3:58 Aaron LoupL3:13, Chase SilsethL3:35, Ben Joyce, Sam BachmanL3:47 Tucker Davidson
LAD WSN Bobby Miller* Evan PhillipsL3:22, Brusdar GraterolL3:36, Caleb FergusonL3:24 Yency AlmonteL3:26, Shelby MillerL3:18, Victor GonzálezL3:12, Justin BruihlL3:36 Phil BickfordL3:43
MIA Dylan FloroL3:24 Tanner ScottL3:32 Huascar BrazobanL3:20 Matt BarnesL3:27, JT ChargoisL3:33, Andrew NardiL3:28, Steven OkertL3:38 Bryan HoeingL3:28
MIL Devin WilliamsL3:26 Peter StrzeleckiL3:29 Joel PayampsL3:15 Hoby Milner, Elvis PegueroL3:37, Trevor MegillL3:14, Jake Cousins, Jake Cousins Bryse Wilson
MIN @HOU Sonny Gray Jhoan DuranL3:12 Jorge LópezL3:22 Brock StewartL3:13 Emilio PagánL3:28, Jovani MoranL3:9, Griffin JaxL3:12, Cole SandsL3:16 José De LeónL3:46
NYM David RobertsonL3:15, Adam OttavinoL3:6 Brooks RaleyL3:17 Drew SmithL3:28, Jeff BrighamL3:45, Dominic LeoneL3:32, Tommy HunterL3:16, Stephen NogosekL3:29 Josh Walker
NYY @SEA Domingo Germán Michael KingL3:22, Clay HolmesL3:28, Wandy PeraltaL3:25 Ron MarinaccioL3:30, Albert Abreu, Jimmy CorderoL3:14, Matt Krook Ryan WeberL3:50
OAK ATL Paul Blackburn*** Trevor MayL3:16, Austin PruittL3:29, Richard LoveladyL3:8, Lucas ErcegL3:16 Sam MollL3:9, Shintaro FujinamiL3:11, Garrett ActonL3:35, Sam LongL3:26 Ken WaldichukL3:16
PHI Craig KimbrelL3:41 Seranthony Domínguez Matt StrahmL3:43 Gregory Soto, Connor BrogdonL3:18, Jeff HoffmanL3:41, Andrew VasquezL3:38, Yunior MarteL3:27 Dylan CoveyL3:30
PIT @SFG Rich Hill David BednarL3:29 Colin HoldermanL3:14 Dauri MoretaL3:18 Robert StephensonL3:10, Jose HernandezL3:34, Roansy ContrerasL3:22, Rob ZastryznyL3:12, Yohan RamirezL3:25 Cody Bolton
SDP Josh HaderL3:15 Nick MartinezL3:29 Steven WilsonL3:22 Tim Hill, Tom Cosgrove, Brent HoneywellL3:32, Domingo TapiaL3:12 Drew CarltonL3:36
SEA NYY Bryce Miller Paul SewaldL3:15 Justin TopaL3:36 Trevor GottL3:21 Matt BrashL3:9, Gabe SpeierL3:17, Tayler SaucedoL3:41, Juan ThenL3:23 Chris FlexenL3:21
SFG PIT Anthony DeSclafani Camilo DovalL3:29 Tyler RogersL3:16 John Brebbia Taylor Rogers, Scott Alexander, Jakob Junis, Ryan WalkerL3:16, Tristan BeckL3:77 Sean Manaea
STL KCR Adam Wainwright* Ryan HelsleyL3:33, Giovanny GallegosL3:5 Drew VerHagenL3:7 Andre PallanteL3:24 Génesis CabreraL3:3, Jordan HicksL3:23, Chris StrattonL3:25 Steven Matz
TBR @CHC Taj Bradley* Pete FairbanksL3:9 Jason AdamL3:43 Colin PocheL3:25 Jalen BeeksL3:50, Kevin KellyL3:33, Jake DiekmanL3:17, Calvin FaucherL3:24 Joe La Sorsa
TEX @DET Nathan Eovaldi Will SmithL3:26 Brock BurkeL3:9 José Leclerc Jonathan HernándezL3:14, Josh SborzL3:11, Joe BarlowL3:12, Cole RagansL3:28 John KingL3:26
TOR Jordan RomanoL3:36 Erik SwansonL3:44 Nate PearsonL3:20 Tim MayzaL3:14, Trevor RichardsL3:24, Adam CimberL3:26, Yimi GarcíaL3:20 Anthony BassL3:21
WSN @LAD Trevor Williams* Kyle FinneganL3:22, Hunter HarveyL3:19 Carl Edwards Jr.L3:46 Andrés Machado, Mason ThompsonL3:19, Chad KuhlL3:48, Erasmo RamírezL3:9 Thaddeus Ward


Date Team Player Category Description
5/29 CHW Liam Hendriks INJURIES Will be activated from 15-Day IL
5/28 PIT Cody Bolton PROMOTION Recalled from minors
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2023.05.29 15:15 kristihurley 8 ways to remove rust from iron quickly and easily

8 ways to remove rust from iron quickly and easily
If not taken care of properly, iron and metal furniture in the home is very susceptible to rust stains.
Well-maintained metallic and metallic furniture can increase the selling value of your property.
Then what if all the iron and metal furniture in the house is extremely rusty?
Because it is not easy to prevent rust spots.
Visit us:
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2023.05.29 15:15 autobuzzfeedbot 4 Biggest Signs Of Fast & Furious 10's Behind-The-Scenes Drama In The Finished Movie

  1. Fast X's Action Is A Step Down From F9
  2. Fast X's Pacing Is A Major Problem
  3. The Rock's Return In Fast X's Post-Credits Scene
  4. Vin Diesel Hardly Appears With The Existing Cast
Link to article
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2023.05.29 15:14 Ok-Inspection-1576 Social life in Kuwait

Everyone, my warmest greetings!
How is social life in Kuwait?
How easy it is to meet people just by being in public? Is it socially acceptable for locals? Are expats keen to that as well?
What about parties? Alcohol?
Dating scene? How does it happen there?
My biggest setback now moving to Kuwait is that I personally know no one there and that is basically a big problem for me.
Hit me up with your experiences!
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2023.05.29 15:14 EuliMama When does 'teething' end?

My daughter (6mo) recently cut her first two teeth. The first cut on the 17th and the second cut on the 23rd. Her pediatrician suggested to give her acetaminophen and nurse on demand at night. I asked for how long and her response was to stop when she's "done teething".
So like, wtf does that mean? I asked for more specifics and the ped looked at me like I grew a second head and just reiterated "when it's done".
For context my daughter is a biter and has acted like she's teething since she was born. I noticed her new tooth before noticing a major change in daytime behavior. She been fussier, sure, but my daughter is always going through waves of fussiness, she's just a spicy baby by nature. The biggest change since this started is her waking up more frequently at night. We had her down to only two wakes a night and now it's 3-4 again.
I'm worried about making these comfort nursing sessions a habit but don't know when to stop. So when is teething "done". Is it done when the tooth is completely cut? Or when it's fully grown in? How long does this typically take and when do you cut off the medication?
I'm not asking for a chart on when each tooth appears, I've got that. TIA
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2023.05.29 15:14 practicalwoman Planning to appear for match 2025.

Hey guys I need your valuable opinion here. I’m an IMG from India.
From the time I joined Med school, my biggest dream was to do my residency in the US. My dad was very supportive about that and I had prepared for USMLE right from my second year. But unfortunately dad passed away during my final year after which I took a break for a while and somehow I managed to get back my degree. Also after that my family wasn’t too keen to send me to the U.S so I had to drop the plan.
I got married this year and my partner has been extremely supportive of my dreams and encouraged me to start my journey. Suppose I’m starting from scratch right now with my steps and USCE and all the other steps required, what are my chances for appearing for the 2025 match?
Also I hope if you guys could be kind enough to help me draw a timeline needed to appear for match 2025.
I do not have any research experience and I know work experience from home country doesn’t count but I have worked and volunteered in many places for the past 2&1/2 years. My YOG is 2021.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 15:13 em3921 2 men stole our camera in Rome Italy at our hotel‘s parking.

We are in Italy and in the morning while checking out some random guys stole our camera from our car. My husband was putting the luggage in the car and the car was unlocked. There was a random person in the parking who started asking something to my husband. While my husband replied him his friend came from behind and stole the camera out of the passenger seat. This happened literally in the span 20 seconds. When my husband notice they both were gone. He told the hotel reception the weren’t helpful at all about the situation and started saying we aren’t responsible for the parking even though it was there private parking. The manager wasn’t even showing the security footage. Upon insisting she showed the footage and everything was caught on camera. We could even see the face of the man who stole the camera from the car after that the guy tried to pick the suitcase but left. But the manager was insisting the he didn’t do it and was making excuses for them. Then we called police from there they noted everything took details and told us to report to the nearest police station. We went there the women couldn’t speak English she sent us to another police station. At this second one they said it’s an immigration police station go to another one. I told the police woman there about the situation oh it’s just a camera and then they gave us another address and there we were told the samt thing that it’s not a complaint center go back to the nearby police station. At this point we just gave up. The whole situation was fucking bizarre and the response of hotel staff and the authorities was the worst. Tbh we knew we weren’t going to get the camera back but we saw the faces of those assholes on security camera and we really wanted to at least report them so they don’t do this to somebody else. This was such a special trip for my family and we are so sad that we lost all the pictures on camera.
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2023.05.29 15:13 CaspianX2 Axolotl for Nintendo Switch - Review


Genre: Platformer
Players: 1
(Note: This game is included in the Rafa's World + Axolotl + .cat Milk bundle, along with .cat Milk and Rafa’s World)
Axolotl, sometimes referred to as Axolotl is Dry, is a challenging Platformer released on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022. The premise is fairly simple - players take the role of a pink elephant, who they must guide to a watering hole before their moisture meter runs out.
The presentation here is pretty good. This game uses colorful pixel art visuals, backed by a catchy dreamy tune. The only real issue with this presentation is how monotonous they are, with each level of the game set in a visually-identical desert.
The gameplay here is almost pretty good. There’s a lot of similarity here to the game Celeste, in that this is a challenging Platformer where players have a jump, a wall-jump, and a multidirectional air-dash that they can only use once before having to recharge it by setting their feet down on solid ground, though there are mid-air recharges that can allow you to use multiple dashes mid-jump.
Unlike Celeste, Axolotl never really moves beyond these simple gameplay mechanics, though that’s not really this game’s biggest problem. There are two other major issues here. First, this game’s difficulty level is all over the place, but mostly extremely hard, spiking early and often, with occasional cakewalk levels for no apparent reason. It definitely feels like this game’s designer was absent the day in class where they taught proper difficulty progression.
However, what really kills Axolotl is that the jump button here also acts as a dodge button, making it all too easy to accidentally dash in mid-air when you had no intention of doing so. As if this was bad enough, the jump button’s use as a dash is inconsistent, meaning you can’t even depend on this dual assignment. In a game where precision controls are going to be absolutely vital, this is disastrous.
I suppose if this were a budget-priced game, it might be easier to forgive these flaws, but this game’s $7 price tag just seems far too high for what’s on offer. Oddly, a Compilation including this game plus two others, Rafa's World + Axolotl + .cat Milk, is available for only $0.75, a much more reasonable price, which is bizarre since that bundle also contains two other games. If you’re interested in Axolotl and think you can look past this game’s flaws, I highly recommend you get that bundle instead.
tl;dr – Axolotl is a challenging Platformer where players control a pink elephant, who must get to a watering hole before time runs out. This game plays much like the more popular challenging Platformer Celeste, but suffers due to poor difficulty progression and poorly-designed controls. However, probably this game’s biggest problem is that its $7 price tag is too high, especially when the Rafa's World + Axolotl + .cat Milk bundle that includes this game is only $0.75. With this being the case, absolutely no one should buy this game here, and those who think they can tolerate its flaws are better getting the bundle.

Grade: D

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2023.05.29 15:12 Pretend-Photo9964 2 flashing ufos caught on cam in broad daylight

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2023.05.29 15:11 prettydamnmad About section of a manager/leader that monitors people’s bathroom breaks and fearmongers unpaid interns

About section of a manageleader that monitors people’s bathroom breaks and fearmongers unpaid interns
I’m wondering if people see this about section just as insane and stuck up without knowing the full extent of how batshit crazy this woman is.
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2023.05.29 15:10 Pretend-Photo9964 2 flashing ufos caught on cam in broad daylight

2 flashing ufos caught on cam in broad daylight
I caught two flashing ufos in broad daylight they was moving as slow as possible through the sky I zoomed in as much as I could in took screen shots so I've merged the screen shot and the video together so you can see they was very high in the sky the flash was very bright especially during the day you guys look at the video zoom in if you can and tell me what you think something defo up the I live in oldham england so got some good video there anyway have a look like and show your friends share in the community for all the believers out there play the video zoom in as much as you can and see how it moves I slowed the video down and you can actually see it move rapid from one spot to to other and the one on the right you can see flash also but I eas concentrating on the one on the left but very strange aerial footage
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2023.05.29 15:10 TTcandyMania [F4M] Who’s here from Indiana, let’s have some fun chatting together!

So I have an idea. Who’s here is from Indiana? But you don’t have to be from Indiana! But anyone who is from there, would anyone know of Taylor Turchi? Let’s talk about Taylor and do something fun regarding her in this roleplay. Maybe a Pictionary game. Can comment on pictures of Taylor answering fun and creative questions that I ask. Being elabroate and detail would help. If this sounds fun , let me know!
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2023.05.29 15:09 xuniversox Insta360 X3 - Is more like a Handheld Decent 4k 30fps WebCam !

Okay so had the 360 for a-bit and my conclusion would be that it's mostly like a decent handheld webcam without the wire and the 360 is pretty terrible unless your in some very good lighting and good at post-editing otherwise it's dreadful even then it's questionable.
My biggest complaint is the CMOS Sensor, the framerate issues on 360 and the terrible 360 1080p from a 5.7k 360 video problem (whatever that is about).
Will still use this handheld singular lens it's decent for that *seemingly so* will see today... but yeah as a 360 camera think it needs improving badly.
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2023.05.29 15:07 chasnichok Can non residents buy and rent out a property in Denmark?

Hey everyone!
I’m a bit surprised in a good way by the house prices in Denmark.
For example, this one is cheaper than €95k, it is located in less than 1 hour commute from Aarhus (second biggest city) and I guess can pay out its own mortgage from the rent (3 rooms for 3 students, €250-€300 each).
So here are the questions: Am I missing something that would break the math? Is it possible to get a mortgage for non residents? What might be some hidden costs? Is it better to buy directly on your name or structure via some EU company?
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2023.05.29 15:07 Strong-penis69 Sertraline or lorazepam

Disclaimer: not medicine bashing (Rule 5), only looking for suggestions, will consult a medical professional soon (Rule 7)
To keep it brief:
Have had a really bad break-up. Its been a month and the panic attacks and anxiety just dont seem to stop. I thought of waiting it out but i seem to be making no progress so im considering medication now.
I have 2 options - Pfizer Daxid (sertraline ie. Zoloft in my country) and Ativan (Lorazepam). Im not sure which of the two to take. Access to the first one is a lot easier. For the second one, i might have to wait a few days.
My biggest problem wirh sertraline is that it takes really long to work. Ive heard the first 2 weeks are rough and im not sure if i can afford to go through that because i have exams in 2 weeks so benzos (like ativan) that work instantly seem to be a better idea since i dont plan on medicating for the long-term anyway.
I also have an internship in july which will prove to be the most important month of my life and i dont want to be on medication that time nor do i want to be suffering from the kind of anxiety i have right now. If i take sertraline for the next 4 weeks will it be possible for me to quit without facing any withdrawals in the month of july. If its not possible to face withdrawals, should I just continue sertraline again for the next 4 weeks ie. for the month of July as well so that I dont mess the internship up? I'm also worried whether sertraline would affect my cognitive abilities because I really have to give it my all in this internship. My plan with atavin on the other hand is to take it in extremely low dosages for the month of June (or whenever I start feeling better without medication, whichever is earlier) and remain medication-free during July.
Please help me make a choice. Thanks.
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2023.05.29 15:06 Scary_Ad_8919 My son saved by a Korean grandfather

I am Mason, the mother of an 8-year-old son who currently lives in Songdo, one of the cities in Korea. Divorced from my American husband and living in Korea with my 8-year-old son, Luke, I am spending precious days every day to the extent that I feel that this time is the happiest in my life.
But just three months ago, I felt this happiness more precious because I was a heartbreaking mother who had to agree to remove my son Luke's eyeball and make a choice.
In particular, Grandpa Homin, who met with Luke and now plays the role of my father, is a very grateful person who settled safely in Songdo and delivered a new life to Luke.
Born with malignant eye cancer in his right eye from birth, Luke was my precious son who had to live with eye cancer as soon as he was born because he was born to my mother for no reason. Actually, my husband and I were a couple who had serious pregnancy problems even before we had Luke. Before we made plans for pregnancy, I lived with only one pride that I had good physical strength and strong health, but I was shocked after conducting various tests before I got pregnant and receiving the results.
My body had various nutritional imbalances and various internal diseases that were not suitable for having a baby, and I ended up having to treat all these diseases and get pregnant, so my husband and I got pregnant quite later than we originally planned.
In fact, from the process of treating all the diseases to get pregnant, I was so tired that I thought about giving up treatment and not getting pregnant with my husband, but if I had made that choice, I would never have seen Luke's face, the reason I'm living now.
But at the time, my husband continued to disagree with me about how to conceive with such an unhealthy body, and eventually avoided living with me, saying that a person with a bad body like you should never have a child even after the hospital ruled me completely cured. As I was diagnosed with complete recovery at the hospital, I felt very unfair, but at that time, I had no choice but to agree with my husband.
But the child was such an important factor for the other purpose of their happy lives that my husband and I were able to have this Luke so hard three years later.
Contrary to my husband's initial opposition to absolute pregnancy, I had a child in my stomach and I loved it when I heard the doctor say it was my son, so I gave birth to my husband and my son, dreaming of a happy family.
But as my stomach got bigger and bigger, my husband started not to come home under the pretext of having work every time, and even a month before I gave birth, he just left me alone for the absurd reason that he decided to go on a trip together.
And in the end, my husband was in the hospital just before I gave birth when he met another woman without me knowing, and he was caught by my brother who was walking around the street again. However, my husband proudly asked me to get a legal divorce, saying it was a good thing that he was caught.
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2023.05.29 15:06 Mr_Boss_Man1 First catch on my first boat trip ever!

First catch on my first boat trip ever!
Caught two porgies out in li sound, just got this little 12 ft aluminum boat and took it out the first time yesterday.
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