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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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The official subreddit for NFL football cards and football card collectors!

2023.05.29 14:43 MyColdDeadHeart I saw you

We were sitting near each other. My first response was that you simply didn’t want to talk. As time went on I realize you were presenting yourself as someone different. Perhaps that is why you didn’t want to speak. Perhaps I never knew the real you. Perhaps you don’t want to know me.
No matter what- you have 2 different persons inside. When you are ready for me to meet another part of you, don’t be afraid. If I can recognize your energy, clothes and makeup can’t hide. I’m not sure why you do what you do but everything seemed complicated. I hope you enjoyed the iced coffee.
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2023.05.29 14:42 KSAnnihilation PSP Battery Brand Test and Review for OSTENT 1200 mAh and 1400 mAh (AliExpress)

PSP Battery Brand Test and Review for OSTENT 1200 mAh and 1400 mAh (AliExpress)
Brand Name: OSTENT
Marketplace: AliExpress
Capacity: 1200 mAh and 1400 mAh for PSP 2000/3000
(USD) $10.14 per 1200 mAh battery, and $10.98 per 1400 mAh battery.
App: PSP Battery Timer
Tested on three PSP 2000 models and one 3000 model.
Test parameters:
CPU Clock: 222Mhz
Backlight Auto Adjust: OFF
Backlight Auto-Off: OFF
Auto-Sleep: OFF
WLAN switch: OFF
Backlight setting: Max.
It seems that I've been duped in the last review. You see, when searching for slim batteries on the OSTENT official store on Ali Express, I found only one listing of unlabeled batteries. These batteries were advertised by OSTENT to last 4 hours, but they do not. In fact after testing I found them to last a pathetic 2 hours. Only recently have I found a listing for 'High Quality Real Capacity' OSTENT slim batteries that actually had the OSTENT label printed on the battery. My last experience with OSTENT left a bad taste in my mouth, but for the sake of finding a reliable battery, I carried on and bought these 'High Quality Real Capacity' ones.
The packaging somehow got even worse than last time, this time there wasnt even the foam wrap around the batteries, the batteries were just in a thin plastic sleeve (that half of the batteries fell out of during shipping) and they were all tumbling against each other in a padded envelope. Miraculously, there doesnt seem to be any major damage dealt to them. Again, if you can, buy these from Amazon instead.
Currently I've tested two 1200 mAh OSTENT batteries, and two 1400 mAh OSTENT batteries.
All Batteries were functional on a basic level. The battery percentage accuracy is decent, it still drops faster when its at a high percentage and drops slowly at the last 20%, but not to the sharp degree of some other brands. Three of the batteries consistently show 100% after being charges, although one would only charge to 99%.
Backlight was at max setting in all tests. Note: The battery percentage might show higher values (10%+) in the test pictures, in this case the device shut off when the battery reached empty, then when turned back on after a while the battery percentage seems to go up a bit for some reason (it ends up going back down to 0 after only a couple of minutes) This seems to happen to me with all PSP batteries, even OEM.
Test 1 - OSTENT 1200 mAh on the white PSP 2000: 4 Hours 53 Minutes
Test 2 - OSTENT 1200 mAh on the pink PSP 2000: 5 Hours 2 Minutes
Test 3 - OSTENT 1400 mAh on the black PSP 3000: 5 Hours 43 Minutes
Test 4 - OSTENT 1400 mAh on the black PSP 2000: 6 Hours 21 Minutes
Test 5 - OSTENT 1400 mAh on the white PSP 2000: 5 Hours 48 Minutes
Test 6 - OSTENT 1400 mAh on the pink PSP 2000: 5 Hours 48 Minutes
Test 7 - OSTENT 1200 mAh on the black PSP 3000: 5 Hours 14 Minutes
Test 8 - OSTENT 1200 mAh on the black PSP 2000: 5 Hours 25 Minutes
These are the top of the line for unmodded PSP batteries. These OSTENT batteries completely blew any other slim PSP battery brand I've tested out of the water. They lasted so long they almost competed with the fat 1800 and 2200 mAh OSTENT batteries. The 1200 mAh will reach 5 hours, and for less than a dollar more the 1400 mAh can push all the way to 6 hours. There werent any major variations between tests and they performed consistently for the most part, even the battery that only charged to 99%.
Since I only received these recently, long term reliability is not known yet.
Once again, OSTENT with the false advertising and horrible packaging, but massive performance when it counts. These are the best slim batteries I've tested and it's not even close. Theyre a little pricier than other options but well worth it. Find them on a marketplace like Amazon if possible, and perhaps theyll be packaged more securely. I know I'd planned to test more battery brands in previous reviews, but these are just so good that I find myself satisfied for now. I have a backup in SUNLYTOUR batteries as well if I cant get ahold of them. I'll report on any issues I find using these with time.
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2023.05.29 14:42 kolaner My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!

My new tutorial on how to use leg rides (or whatever that's called) and actively hooking with your legs from top. Enjoy!
So, here I am. Last time I posted on reddit was at purple and it seemed to have resonated quite well.
Just some background: Using my hands has become extremely painful due to arthritis, torn ligaments, overall wrecked tissue, so I had to resort to becoming a bit creative. This has completely changed my passing style and I actively try to pin my opponents/partners legs with mine before transitioning into scoring positions. Been working quite well with my students so I thought about sharing Part 1. Think of it as "playing guard from top position".
I don't have a wrestling background but I assume that much of that stuff must have a name in folkstyle. As you'll see, I'm not consistent with my terminology because I simply don't know better, lol!
Filmed it in march, wanted to film it last summer and took me nearly 3 months to upload it. Work and daddy duties I guess.
I will eventually upload a Part 2, if not Part 3, focusing on the Nogi-stuff.
I hope some of you, especially intermediates can benefit from the content.
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2023.05.29 14:42 JustMacy69 I can prove that Poisons Mark is the best constellation

I can prove that Poisons Mark is the best constellation
Try to find a better constellation
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2023.05.29 14:42 Small-Spread Mac Studio M1 Max vs Mac mini M2 pro

I am looking to buy a new Mac but I am conflicted between the Mac Studio and the M2 Pro Mac mini. I got a Costco deal for the studio for $1,500 and 2 years of warranty, but I can also spec up the Mac mini to 32gb RAM and get to about the same price $1,600 but only a single year of warranty. I value the 32gb a lot, but if I go with the studio I will be missing HDMI 2.1 which I need if I want to drive my C2 to 120hz (don’t mind 60hz, but high refresh is preferable). I don’t really care about BT 5.3 or 6E since I will be using wired headphones and Ethernet.
Workflow would be mostly coding and scraping for financial data with maybe video editing on the side. I will be paying with the Apple Card, so I can get 3% off for the M2 mini (also adding the education store discount) but I have another cc that gives me the same 3% even in Costco, so no issue there (+ the Costco membership cash back). I am very tore apart between these two, so which one would be the overall best choice?
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2023.05.29 14:41 Next-Aide-640 Could my hubby be in psychosis?

Advice please 🙏
My hubby has been getting treatment for depression for 4 years. His been on some pretty heavy meds for a few years now and I think one of them may have caused drug induced psychosis.
So these are the changes over the last 4 months: - He has a sudden interest in Angel numbers and synchronicity (we have been together 15 years, he was in the police and has never shown an interest in religion or spirituality before). - he talks a fair bit about coincidences - he has lost close to 15kg. Unless I put food in front if him, he would only eat cereal. - he is in his 40s and all of a sudden he is getting tattoos. He has never liked tattoos. - he talks quite slowly, but our conversations are scattered and the topic jumps all over the place. - some days he is better than others. Some days he is really coherent and his 'normal' self but other days it is as if he is slower and delirious or high. - his health in general has gone down hill too. He has stopped exercising all together and has boxes of chocolate that he stores under his bed. - he has stopped socialising altogether and doesn't do any of his hobbies anymore.
His obviously not in a good way but he won't let me go to his doctors appointments.
Do any of you have advice for how I help him? I love him so much but he gets so defensive. He has stopped talking to his family and friends because they have all said something to offend him. I am getting worried.
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2023.05.29 14:41 trifoid I need your help!!!

Hello guys.
I'm starting a business and I'm assessing whether I should have a physical location during these early stages of development or should I just stick to my online presence. The problem is that having a physical location is that it means I have to incur costs that I don't like and I feel that I could continue with an online presence really well. The question of trust take a pivotal role in this question. Do you guys trust a brand with no physical presence and would you buy a product from IG or an e-commerce store if the business seems legit? Check out my Instagram account (@ tekmartke) and tell me how you feel about it. Any tips on improving would be much appreciated and don't hesitate to comment down below.
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2023.05.29 14:41 kblocker123 I yawn so much every hour

I’m a personal trainer (which is good for me because as soon as I sit down I nearly fall asleep.) I yawn 5-10x an hour and clients get SO offended. Just a few know I have adhd and don’t bat an eye. It’s exhausting trying to explain to people so most of the time I just don’t.
Does this happen to anyone else? And how do I make it seem less offensive 😂
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2023.05.29 14:40 Eldenman90 33[M4F] uk looking to make female friends

Hey im richard i live in the uk and dont really have any contact with women because i work in a male dominated environment and my social circle is all male so would be nice to actually talk to a women rather then a man for a change lol
a little about myself i like to game on the ps5 to chillout nowhere near streamer or on it all the time just enjoy chatting online with friends or playing a good story based game, i go to the gym with my friend just to keep healthy. I do like socialising with friends whether its gaming, going to the pub or out on day trips.
If you want to get to know me then DM me whether its a short chat, friendship always up for chatting 🙂
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2023.05.29 14:40 speciallydolxn i am obsessed with my boyfriend’s ex…

i (18F) and my boyfriend (19M) have been together for acouple of months now, throughout these months and even when we first started talking i’ve been slowly obsessing over his ex. Now this isn’t without reason, my boyfriend has multiple exes and i’m completely okay with them but this one is the one that’s stuck. Let’s call her Lily.
I live in a small town, which means I see his exes on a daily basis. Lily is the same age as me and we went to the same school so I saw her all of last year. Her and my boyfriend dated in 2021 and broke up a month or two after getting together, I heard rumours back then of why they broke up and it was because she was talking to multiple other boys that my boyfriend had issues with which caused him to break up with her. She ended up getting with one of these boys shortly after they split.
If it had ended there I really don’t think I would be this obsessive over it but it didn’t end there. My boyfriend saw me at my work place last october when I served him and after that he kept on asking one of my friend’s who’s dating his best friend to set us up. At the time I was not looking for a relationship, but he was still very persistent throughout the months leading up to december.
During december I went to a party and my boyfriend happened to be there, he looked really good. One thing lead to another and we ended up kissing before the night ended. After a week or so he asks my friend for my snapchat and she gives it to him… he adds me 2 weeks after that. The thing is he broke his phone acouple months before this so he was using someone else’s each time. He didn’t message me until half way through january, but then he ended up ghosting me and not messaging me until over half way through february (he said this was because he had no phone and just bought a new one) and we talked every day after that until we eventually got together.
Now here’s the thing, I found out he was hooking up with Lily all through december despite the fact he was talking about me to his best friend the entire time. After we kissed he probably went home to Lily in his bed, we kissed at the start of december and he was still hooking up with her throughout the month. My friend told me that he had been trying to get her to leave his house near the end, but a part of me feels like he only said that infront of her because he knew she would tell me. When I asked him about it he said he was the one who broke things off with her.
Ever since I found out about this it won’t leave my mind. I have no issue with Lily personally, she’s so beautiful and she’s always been nice to me but this entire thing that happened with her and him just won’t leave my head. I feel like they’re the type of exes who get back together each year after every split they go through like they’re drawn to eachother especially given the circumstances they ended on the first time. He reassures me that I am the only girl he wants and I want to believe it so bad but I always have her in the back of my mind. She’s gorgeous I do not blame him for going back, but it still makes me feel so insecure even tho I know it’s wrong for me to feel this way. Lily and her ex had broken up not long after she started hooking up with my boyfriend, so she had went straight to him after and he knew that.
Today i saw a message from a blocked account on his phone and they had video called the same day he added me on snapchat and it just brought everything back. I feel like this is really bad for my mental health and needed to get it off my chest, I just really don’t think i’ll get over it.
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2023.05.29 14:40 siusiusiublack 32 [M] California- Currently in Hong Kong, Family based in Sacramento, here for some serious relationship

First time post something here. Nice to meet you guys. I am a lonely man living in Hong Kong. Family is living in Sacremento, California.Really considered for relocation for a long time. After 30( I am currently 32 ). I know that I want my future partner will be white girl. I really enjoy dating white girl, I think they are so beautiful, that my soul is knocked with them. But I also tired of dating expat here in Asia. It is dilemma that the easiest way to date an expat is to club, white girls love clubbing so much😢. But due to clubbing, all expat that I date here is not serious.. they always says fuck is fuck .. doesnt mean to be togather. All I want is just to find a partner to do little things togather. Like walking alone the beach, cooking, singing .I dated mostly European here , I dated British, Latvian , Turkish, Canadian, Spanish. But none of theme work out . I think is because the expat population here is too few, so I cannot meet girls that has the same thought with me.Thinking to move to Uk or US. In high chance will be US, because my family is there. If go to Europe will be alone.If I move to US, will live near River Grove Circle , Sacremento. Any one lives nearby here ? 😂Here are things that I want to do with my partnerLet visit L.A Malibu and sing Miley’s Malibu togatherI need to visit Hermosa peer where they tool the scene of lala land. And I want to take picture and do the post just like what Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone did in Lala Land!here is my picture

My height is 177cm , weight is 69Kg , a bit skinny
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2023.05.29 14:40 PollutionSame7997 Red Pill ideologies popping up

I detest what red pill has done to my interpetation of women. Due to trauma growing up and not having a strong father figure I leaned towards strong masculine figures like Jordan Peterson initially and then Andrew Tate once I downloaded tiktok. The likes of Tate never made me feel any better but it seemed as though it helped explain my experience in the past (even though I know this is due to low self esteem). However I can’t help but jump to these red pill ideologies in day to day life. For example, i had an argument with a girl I liked over how she acted in front of other guys and instead of telling her truly how I felt, that her behaviour was inappropriate and that I was pissed, I mediated the situation and apologised for me being overly attached due to the trauma I experienced during childhood. Maybe that was slightly relevant but I blew it out of proportion so as not to have her remain pissed at me. (I gave her the cold shoulder treatment after a guy had asked to go to the store to get beers while we were drinking and they disappeared together for an hour and a half, a guy who was very obviously trying to hook up with her) Immediately it went through my head that I was a low status male because I didn’t stand my ground. Things like this always spring to mind even though I know it’s ridiculous. How did ye guys deal with these invasive thoughts?
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2023.05.29 14:40 youknowit1998 Does it seem like these carts are legit from this dispo?

So I live in NY and the only thing near me is reservation dispensaries I'm going on vacation about an hour and a half from upstate canna co. I've been wanting to try carts but I would only want ones that are legit, i didnt see these brands on the fake list any help is appreciated. Does it look legit? Don't know if anyone on here has been there. I can't post the link to the store due to rules.
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2023.05.29 14:39 Dependent-Mousse-235 Fashion and Holowear tickets

It's probably a common subject and almost everyone is probably sick of hearing it.....but for the love of Arceus, can we get something to spend these god damn tickets on.....Or at least let us sell them or something....Spinning the energy rewards to bypass the "Hey sorry, you can only get 2100 coins per week, new pokemon costs 14k? Guess you better play for 7 weeks then" by getting the coins from the spin and kapow....Double detective Garchomp in a 5 spin....Like really? But for real Tencent for the love of god, update the damn Ticket stores that haven't changed since release, im sat on 550 Holo and 1361 Fashion, let me spend the damn things SOMEWHERE or exchange them for gold.....I know I'm not alone in thinking this.
P.S. HINT HINT WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE Listen to your playera
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2023.05.29 14:38 No-Contribution-8882 Dick's shoplifting

I was at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday afternoon in Rio. The store alarm went off for a long time and some of the customers around me told me that a guy and a girl had loaded a few carts full of equipment and clothes and then just made a run for it, pushed them out the back door and dumped everything in a waiting getaway car and drove away. It seemed like it would be a story, but I didn't see anything about it. Anybody else see this or hear about it? Makes me wonder how much property crime gets reported.
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2023.05.29 14:38 RealNmSis GAMMA - Reaserchers quest question

So I was gathering samples for the ecologists in various places, now I am doing the ones in the Red Forest. I've done most of the previous ones without issues but now for the life of me I cannot find the dead guy with the PDA in Western tunnel. I've searched the one near the bridge that gets "blown up" in Clear Sky, but didn't find him there, so reluctantly I went north to clear out the Sin and Monolith near the Forester's outpost. Searched the mines as they are on the west side of the map as well, but I was not able to find him either. Anyone who has completed the questline is willing to share the body's location? I really don't want to clear out these mines again if I don't have to.
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2023.05.29 14:38 Earthsophagus D'Leon's / Abelardo's / Lina's Burrito style -- is it a Omaha/Lincoln distinctive style?

I've never had Burritos in southwest, but previous places I lived (Seattle/Boston) and on trips I've taken, I've never seen burrito places with anything similar to what these three chains sell.
Before 2012, I thought it ordained that restaurant burritos are filled mostly with rice, with some mandatory beans, a grudging portion of meat, salsa sourcream.
Good burritos from these places are 14 oz of seasoned meat, slurried into 1.5 oz of fat & grease, pico, guac. No rice/beans/sourcream. The grease at the end of the burrito pools impressively in the last saturated bit of stretchy bland flour tortilla. The tired onions from the guac linger on the breath like a night of illicit love on the conscience.
My enthusiasm is specifically for the carnitas burrito.
Of course some people think they are disgusting, kind of people who wear matching socks and drive in one lane. But for the cognoscenti no other style of burrito sates gluttony with similar authority.
Can you get similar burritos on West Coast? other places? is it something that evolved around here?
Lina's on 90th and Lina's on 13th (opened in April, 1/4 mile south of Zoo on the east side) are my favorites in Omaha, D'Leon's in Lincoln south of airport was my initiation and forever holy to me. The Abelardo's at 108th & Q in Omaha used to be great for blast of grease and onion warming a cold car at 7:30 AM.
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2023.05.29 14:37 GamersAreDumb7 Exploration in Elden Ring isn't good

A big problem I had with the game was that the exploration isn't rewarding to me, which makes me question why it needed to be open-world to begin with. The open-world really just takes more away from game than it adds to it in my opinion.
The side dungeons feel very same-y in their layout, enemies, aesthetics, and overall design with very few exceptions. The feeling of similarity is made exponentially worse by the near universally mediocre bosses you find in them, which is made EVEN WORSE by the fact that these already mediocre bosses are repeated constantly.
Most of the rewards you obtain from these dungeons aren't very useful either. They're mostly just spirit ashes, which are useless if you don't use them and still not that great even if you do, since spirit ashes are horribly balanced and ones like Tiche and Mimic Tear completely invalidate the existence of the rest.
My least favorite part of these side events by far though is how they make the main game less special. Why in the fuck is Godrick repeated in an evergaol? Why is Astel repeated in some random ass dungeon in the Consecrated Snowfield? Why is Mohg repeated in the sewers? These encounters are unbelievably stupid and make major bosses feel less special and unique. Imagine playing through Dark Souls 3 and encountering a one-to-one repeat of the Twin Princes in a shitty side dungeon, imagine how fucking stupid that would feel.
So what's the point of this side content? The dungeons aren't fun to explore, the bosses are garbage and repeated, the rewards are terrible, and they actively make the main game feel worse. It's all very quantity over quality to me, which is the exact opposite of what I come to From Software for.
I really hope their future titles aren't open-world, but given Elden Ring's commercial success, I unfortunately think I will continue to be disappointed.
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2023.05.29 14:37 Strussled Spawning Rooms Randomly for Infinite Map [Need Direction]

I'm trying to setup a basic system where I make like 2-3 dozen areas/rooms by hand, and then as you move through the area the game spawns in one at random when you start to get to the edge of the one you're currently in. It's a very basic idea, but I'm new to Unreal (coming from Godot), and I'm not really sure what the most efficient way to store/spawn/place rooms like this is. You can do it in Godot, but Godot's 3D & Online features aren't up to snuff imo, so I've been learning unreal these last couple of months.
In Godot I could literally just place an invisible object at the corners of each map, and set an area around it that if the player came within that area it'd pick a random map from the directory of pre-made maps and plop it in at that connecting point. I assume something similar is doable in Unreal, but I'm not as familiar with it's workings so I don't really know how to setup that kind of system, or if it's even the most efficient way to do it in Unreal.
Also, googling for tutorials has so far only got me videos/lessons about "Open World Creation" and "Procedural Biome Generation" and that kind of thing; none of which seem to match my intentions.
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2023.05.29 14:37 TheRealestBigOunce How do i actually improve at the game?

Hey guys! I've been playing this game for a solid 30-ish hours and i am seriously struggling with it. I primarily play top and mid lane with my pool of champions including: Swain, Mordekaiser, Akshan, Shen, Sion, Sett and Tryndamere.
Every game i play feels like an uphill battle against my opponents, because i feel like i am going up against people far more knowledgeable and experienced than me. Most wins i feel like come down to me having the better team than the enemy and getting carried into a victory. Now, that's all besides the point. My real issue is that i've had difficulty finding practical advice on how to actually improve. I've heard the usual: "oh just focus on cs!", "Watch your replays!", "bro just play smarter"
Maybe it is all valid advice, but i've had difficulty applying it effectively. How do i CS better when the enemy laner is poking me down and killing me or the enemy jungler is ganking me? How do i analyze my replays when i don't know what i'm doing wrong or what i'm supposed to be doing?
I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit incoherent and like i'm rambling, but i am seriously struggling on finding good practical advice for my games and actually applying that advice. Any help is much appreciated
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2023.05.29 14:37 RDUppercut I accidentally kicked my cat halfway across this room this morning

So, I woke up at like 5am. As soon as I open my eyes, I feel it: the tightening in both calves, a prelude to the inevitable cramps that follow. Instinctively, I jump out of bed to stand up, trying to get ahead of the pain that was coming.
Unfortunately, I did not realize in those moments that my cat had been sleeping at the bottom of the bed near my feet. So in my dash to get up, I accidentally punted her, and sent her flying. Thankfully she didn't hit anything, she just landed on the floor on her feet like cats do, but I imagine it was quite the shock for her to go from peacefully sleeping to airborne like that. Rude awakening for sure.
I apologized profusely and gave her treats, but she's still mad at me. I feel SO bad about it. She'll get over it, though.
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2023.05.29 14:36 Strussled Spawning Rooms Randomly For Endless Map [Need Direction]

I'm trying to setup a basic system where I make like 2-3 dozen areas/rooms by hand, and then as you move through the area the game spawns in one at random when you start to get to the edge of the one you're currently in. It's a very basic idea, but I'm new to Unreal (coming from Godot), and I'm not really sure what the most efficient way to store/spawn/place rooms like this is. You can do it in Godot, but Godot's 3D & Online features aren't up to snuff imo, so I've been learning unreal these last couple of months.
In Godot I could literally just place an invisible object at the corners of each map, and set an area around it that if the player came within that area it'd pick a random map from the directory of pre-made maps and plop it in at that connecting point. I assume something similar is doable in Unreal, but I'm not as familiar with it's workings so I don't really know how to setup that kind of system, or if it's even the most efficient way to do it in Unreal.
Also, googling for tutorials has so far only got me videos/lessons about "Open World Creation" and "Procedural Biome Generation" and that kind of thing; none of which seem to match my intentions.
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