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2020.03.25 06:34 FloridaMuslims

*MODERATED* Welcome to a place where Muslims from all over our beautiful state, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, St. Petersburg, the Keys, Palm Beach, Daytona, Pensacola, Brevard, Tallahassee and beyond can congregate to list upcoming events, share halal restaurants, post photos and celebrate each others good works inshallah. 😊

2012.01.10 22:00 buchec18 Nonpoint The Band!

Welcome to the Reddit home of Nonpoint! A place for the fans to check out, stay up to date with band info and just chat and share things that exemplifies how awesome the band is. Thanks for visiting and Rock on!

2023.05.29 13:17 biszumletztentropfen Used PC for photo/video editing and gaming

I hope it's not too off-topic, but I cannot decide on a system (second hand). Would be cool if someone here could share opinions.
The most demanding tasks are photo and video editing (Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz etc) and a bit of gaming (currently something like Assassin's Creed, Hogwarts Legacy). I would also like to have something that's at least more or less on par with the Xbox Series X. Currently I'm using a Thinkpad T590 with an i5-8265U and an NVIDIA MX250 for photo editing and I'm a bit annoyed by the slow processing speeds especially of AI sharpening, masking and denoising (Topaz & Lightroom). What's also a bit of a relevant factor is power consumption when idling or doing non-GPU-intensive tasks, I couldn't really find out if there are very significant differences in the systems below.
All of the systems below include 32GB RAM and a 500GB SSD. € to $ is roughly 1:1.
PC 1 CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X GPU: MSI RTX 2060 Super Gaming X MB: Asus ROG strix B450-F Gaming PSU: ? Else: 2TB SSD + 3TB HDD Price: 535€
PC 2 CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X GPU: RTX 2060 SUPER 8GB MB: GIGABYTE B450 AORUS ELITE PSU: ? Else: Nice be-quiet tower, Wi-Fi included Price: 570€
PC 3 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: RTX 3060 12GB MB: GIGABYTE B350M DS3H PSU: 425W Else: - Price: 615€
PC 4 CPU: i3-13100F GPU: RTX 3060 12GB MB: MSI PRO B760M-P DDR4 PSU: 650W Else: Looks like a cheapish tower, no fans apart from CPU and GPU cooler Price: 635€
PC 5 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS OC 8GB MB: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX PSU: 400W Else: - Price: 635€
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2023.05.29 13:06 Critical_Tie_2460 Clean Your Restaurant with Professional Help

It is a good idea to employ a best and affordable Restaurant Cleaning Services Fort Lauderdale Fl occasionally because it’s nearly hard to keep up with all the cleaning that has to be done. You can search the internet or the phone book for a restaurant cleaning service. Call around to other locations if you have no idea what the going rate is or what specific cleaning services are offered.
Clean Your Restaurant with Professional Help
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2023.05.29 12:52 Onemoniter Don’t Sacrifice your Kid’s Future, Download an Android Spy App

Don’t Sacrifice your Kid’s Future, Download an Android Spy App
In the world of digital revolution, it is seen that most of the kids spend lot of their time on the internet. These kids are losing their creativity and seen suffering from anxiety, self-obscenity and a patient of depression at a very young age. Don’t let your kids sacrifice with their career for the modern gadgets. The Android Spy app gives you a parental control over the Digital world of your kids. Android Spy app provides you a control panel through which you can secretly monitor all the chats and calls done through various social media applications installed on your kids’ smartphones.
Teenagers wants to explore new things on from the internet word. As they don’t have the ability to distinguish between the right and wrong they end up trapped into a cobweb and its not easy for them to get out from that. Career and future are always seen to be affected when they are more into social media applications. Kids are seen to be more focussed on their looks rather than being on book just to post them on their social media to just pretend that they are cooler enough.
Virtual World every Kid’s Dilemma
There is no doubt that digital world comes up with advantages of a connected world but at the same time it comes with negative impacts like cyber-bullying, sexual harassment to young boy or girls. Teenagers are seen much addicted towards social media which is making them vulnerable for the cyber-stalkers to catch their prey easily. With all these consequences it is no point to argue that the virtual developed by cyber professionals are a dilemma for children’s future.
According to Forbes, children who are born in the period of 1995-2013 are considered to be Generation. Children who are born in this period are more indulged in technology and the internet world at very young age, so this is the reason why they are considered as Generation Z. The Kid’s of age group 14-23 are seen to be more prone to diseases like shorter attention span, substandard memories and lastly, they are seen to be disconnected from the real social skills. There are various fascinating features of social media which leads children to live in the world of fantasy. It made covers the negativities with all the fairy tale element which makes their eye glued on the internet. There are many negative effects of these social media application which is no less than a nightmare for the younger minds. Android Spy app They can be listed as:
  • Deadly game addiction more dangerous than drug
The addiction of drugs can be cured through medication or may be some changes in kid’s daily routine and habits but addiction of games which let your child being busy on their phones can’t be cured easily. Games which involves tasks and bloodshed are making kids more aggressive than before.
  • Stalking
As internet connects many users to each other the kids are conversing with strangers in a frequent manner. These stalkers are considered as predators for the kids as they use such manipulative phrases to gain your kid’s trust. Once your kid have a comfort level with these brutes on the internet world they meet them in real life just for their gains which can may be sexual or materialistic. As they know about your child’s daily routine or about their location they can also harass them with their physical presence and may they keep your children busy in chatting with them that they can’t concentrate on their books.
  • Cyber-bullying
This activity is seen to be very common with the teenagers. The raptors of virtual world practice the same but they will harass you virtually by posting offensive comments or posts on your timeline. Or if some image has been exchanged by your kid they can use it for unethical or mean activities which can affect your child’s mental health and it may lead to a cause of depression.
  • Self-Obscenity and blind dating
It’s a social trend nowadays to exchange pictures with your mates in a compromising way or having some personal photos stored in your album this can be used dangerously to bully or blackmailing any kid. The blind dating trend or uncommitted sex are going viral these days. This is one of the major curses of the internet world which can have a serious effect on your kid’s future.
Use of Parental control app to save your child from all these consequences
As discussed earlier it is very important to have an eagle eye on your kid’s virtual activities. With the help of Onemonitar app an Android Spy app you can completely monitor each and every application installed on your kid’s smart phone. A spy app for android gives you a complete access over your child’s virtual world. It comes up with various features which are listed below:
  1. Call logs and Call Recording: The call log and call recording feature of your Android Spy app provides you the basic and necessary details of the calls made by your child in a day. The spy android app comes up with hidden call recorder for android which will send you a link of an audio file. By downloading the file, you can listen to the calls. And call log feature will provide you the name and number of the contact with the duration and timestamp of the call.
  2. Social Media Application Chat tracker: The chats which are done through social media applications like WhatsApp, Hike, Line Facebook or Skype are seen by your end once you install the Android spy app. It will provide you the message which has been sent or received with the name of the person and timestamp. The spy android will show you the image file which is exchanged during the chats over these platforms.
  3. Photos and Surround sound Recording: From your control panel provided by Android spy app you can remotely access the MIC and the Camera of your child’s Mobile. You can remotely give the command to record or capture the image immediately if your feel something fishy in your child’s behaviour.
  4. Location Tracker: The location tracker feature of the Android spy app is proved to be a life saver for most of the kids. Spy app for android provides you the exact location of your kid by sending you a map link through which you can easily find the way to your child.
Apart from all these features the Onemonitar app comes with various other features of parental control which can help your child from being secured from virtual predators. You can download the app by visiting the website and can look for various subscriptions offered by them.
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2023.05.29 12:29 acrylicmole People. Probably people, Karen.

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2023.05.29 12:19 powerriteelectric Outdoor Lights Fort Lauderdale

Outdoor Lights Fort Lauderdale
Outdoor Lights Fort Lauderdale
Other installers use tape and glue that won’t last longer than a few years. Lanai Bright’s patented technology integrates directly into your existing lanai structure. The result is seamless: no tape, no glue, no mess.
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2023.05.29 11:25 throoowawaay112 17 // i have body dysmorphia and i'm not sure where i stand

17 // i have body dysmorphia and i'm not sure where i stand
i feel like i look different in every photo. if you're wondering why the time stamps are so far apart it's because i don't get my photo taken very often. i tried to include pictures that are both good and bad. constructive criticism is appreciated. i am currently losing weight
i've heard i look quite similar to jennifer morrison and it's boosting my confidence a bit but idk. can someone tell me if that's true or not?
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2023.05.29 11:08 Lee_Benj003 Tired of fragile smartphones that can't keep up with your adventurous lifestyle? Discover the Cat S75, an unstoppable 5G smartphone designed to conquer the toughest environments. Are you ready to experience the power and resilience of the Cat S75?

The Cat S75 is not your ordinary smartphone. It's a rugged beast built to withstand extreme conditions, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and hardworking individuals. Let's delve into the incredible features that set this phone apart from the rest.
Unleash the Power: A Chipset that Never Backs Down
Powered by the remarkable Mediatek Dimensity 930 chipset, the Cat S75 delivers unrivaled performance and efficiency. No matter how many apps you have running simultaneously, this powerhouse keeps everything running smoothly and lag-free.
Space Galore: More RAM and Storage for Your Adventures
Say goodbye to storage anxiety! With ample RAM and internal storage, the Cat S75 provides abundant space for all your files and photos. Never miss capturing a moment or worry about running out of room again.
Stay Connected Anywhere: Say Hello to 2-Way Satellite Messaging
Imagine being able to send and receive messages even in remote areas where there's no cell network. The Cat S75's 2-way satellite messaging capability brings this dream to life. Stay connected wherever your adventures take you, without limitations.
Built to Withstand Anything: Durability at Its Finest
The Cat S75 is a true survivor. It's drop-proof, dust-proof, and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. No matter what obstacles nature throws at you, this phone will keep going.
Endurance Matters: Battery Life that Goes the Distance
Never worry about running out of battery again. The Cat S75 comes equipped with a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery that keeps you connected for days on end. Stay in touch, stream your favorite content, and navigate with confidence.
The Cat S75 is the ultimate companion for those seeking a rugged smartphone that never compromises on performance. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a hardworking professional, or simply someone who values durability, this phone is a game-changer.
Pricing is reasonable, with the Cat S75 available for pre-order in the US at $599. For customers in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, the phone starts at €599 (approx. $630) or £549. Act now to secure your pre-order through select carriers and retailers in the EMEA region.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary smartphone designed to withstand the elements while keeping you connected. Experience the Cat S75's power, durability, and 2-way satellite messaging capability, and embrace a new level of smartphone resilience. Pre-order yours today!
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2023.05.29 11:01 AutoModerator Angie Bellemare / "The Daily Grind Planner" - Week Of May 29, 2023

Instagram: @angiebellemare & @thedailygrindplanner
Angie Bellemare, just another basic AF Disney-obsessed white bitch who shills for Beachbody for a "living". No, she doesn't appear to have an actual personality and her everything about the first glance at her instagram feed screams "daddy issues" and "always picked last for kickball".
Snark on this caricature of an 11 year old girl who lives in the body of a seemingly 40-something year-old woman here ⬇️
Please don’t post screenshots of comments.
Do not encourage anyone to contact anyone else and do not discuss or post any communication that you may have had with this individual. Keep it factual and as always, the HunSnark Rules apply.
The Snark-CliffsNotes on Angie Bellemare, courtesy of u/Bubblegumejonz:
"Started beach body very early on. Upline is janelle summers. She got in early enough to create a large down line. She has a very active YouTube channel when she posts over the top decor hauls, early morning routines and overall bullshit with the subtle undertone of recruitment via her “fit gym”.
Lives in a giant, modern home. Visits a giant modern cottage and a giant modern house in Fort Lauderdale. Giant cottage and Florida home belong to her loaded in-laws, of the Farm Boy grocery store $60 million deal.
Recently built a house in Golden Oak on Disney property. House valued at around $3million.
Over the top lifestyle with endless hauls of crap goods. Says it’s all because of beach body, but really it’s family money.
She’s married to the petit Andre who does nothing but game all day and geek out of Disney. They don’t seem to have any friends or hobbies outside of being big Disney weirdos.
Edited to add: she was the 2021 top hun. In her daily planner she makes success club 300 her weekly or monthly goal. She recruits a lot of people through her for gym, which is really just her beach body group but she’s so shady that she rarely says beach body in her posts or videos. At first you get sucked in by her rich girl videos that seem kind of fun, but then when you peel a few layers back you realize she’s just a beach body hun."
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2023.05.29 10:48 Ok_Actuary7582 Fractured Minds, Short Film screenplay (Its my first time writing a screenplay so I would pls like some feed back, thank you!)

Title: Fractured Mind Genre: Psychological Thriller INT. POLICE STATION - DAY Detective Michael Harris, sits at his cluttered desk, studying a crime scene photo. Determination fills his eyes. The case is about a murder of a well-known Therapist and Psychiatrist, Dr Peterson. The case is over 10 years and deemed to be unsolvable, Michael always liked a challenge. INT. MICHAEL'S OFFICE - DAY Michael meticulously organizes evidence on a board, connecting photos and strings with precision. He finds a small bottle of medication buried deep in his drawers. CLOSE UP on the label of the medication bottle, revealing it to be for treating his dissociative identity disorder, for a Patient named Victor Mania. INT. THERAPIST'S OFFICE – DAY (FLASHBACK/DREAM) Victor sits across from Dr. Rachel Peterson, a compassionate therapist who listens attentively. They discuss his progress and treatment plan. DR. PETERSON: Victor, it's crucial that you continue taking your medication. It helps stabilize your mood and reduces the frequency of dissociative episodes. Victor nods, his gaze fixed on the floor. VICTOR: I know, Rachel. It's just... Sometimes it feels like the medication blurs the edges of who I am. Dr. Peterson leans forward, showing empathy. DR. PETERSON: I understand your concerns, Victor. Finding the right balance can be challenging. We'll work together to adjust the dosage if needed. It's important for your well-being and the progress of our therapy. Victor sighs, a mixture of relief and frustration crossing his face. INT. MICHAEL'S APARTMENT – NIGHT (FLASHBACK/DREAM) Victor (Michael) stands in front of a bathroom mirror, hesitating before taking his medication. Doubt and fear cloud his eyes. INT. MINDSCAPE - NIGHTMARE SEQUENCE Michael's mind morphs into a twisted labyrinth, where medication bottles float in the air. Each represents a different version of himself, and he must choose which one to consume. INT. MICHAEL’S OFFICE – NIGHT Michael wakes up in confusion at his desk. Checks the time and see’s he must by heading home. INT. CITY STREETS - NIGHT Michael walks through dimly lit streets confused and wondering who was Victor? As he walks to his apartment. It starts to rain. You can hear traffic in the background. INT. MICHAEL'S APARTMENT – NIGHT He lays in bed, drifting away to sleep. INT. MICHAEL’S BATHROOM – NIGHTMARE SECUENCE Michael takes a deep breath, grasps the medication bottle firmly, and swallows the pills with a glass of water. INT. THERAPIST'S OFFICE – DAY (FLASHBACK/DREAM) Victor discusses his struggles with the medication's side effects with Dr Peterson. VICTOR: The medication helps, but sometimes it makes me feel detached, like I'm merely observing my own life from a distance. Dr. Peterson jots down notes, her expression thoughtful. DR. PETERSON It's essential to remember that medication is just one piece of the puzzle, Victor. Our therapy focuses on understanding and integrating all aspects of your identity. She hands Michael a journal, encouraging him to document his experiences and emotions. DR. PETERSON Writing in this journal might provide additional insights and help us fine-tune your treatment plan. Together, we'll find the delicate balance between control and self-discovery. Michael takes the journal, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. He walks out of the office and reads the name ‘Dr R. Peterson’ (gasp) And he wakes up. INT. MICHAEL'S OFFICE - DAY Michael finds a stack of old therapy journals, dust-covered and forgotten. He opens one and starts reading, emotions washing over his face. He is victor. He is insane. INT. THERAPIST'S OFFICE – (FLASHBACK/DREAM) A young Michael sits across from Dr. Peterson, pouring his heart out. She listens attentively, offering guidance and support. INT. MICHAEL'S MINDSCAPE - NIGHTMARE SEQUENCE Michael stands face to face with his alter ego, VICTOR. They engage in a psychological battle, their identities merging and colliding. INT. BATHROOM - CLIMACTIC CONFRONTATION Michael gazes into a mirror, his own reflection distorted. He sees Victor's twisted smile. His realization sends shockwaves through him. He killed Dr Peterson. INT. THERAPY ROOM – DAY (FLASHBACK) Michael engages in intense therapy sessions with Dr. Peterson, delving into his traumatic past. He unravels the source of his fractured psyche. INT. MICHAEL'S CHILDHOOD HOME - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT A YOUNG VICTOR, 10 years old, hides behind the couch, tears streaming down his face. MICHAEL, his alter ego, looms over him with a sinister grin. MICHAEL No one cares about you, Victor. You're weak. You'll always be alone. YOUNG VICTOR Please, Michael, leave me alone! Michael's face contorts with rage, and he lunges at Young Victor. The scene cuts to black, leaving the outcome ambiguous. INT. MICHAEL'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Michael jolts awake from a nightmare, sweat-soaked and breathing heavily. The weight of the memory grips him, his mind tormented by the past. INT. MICHAEL'S MINDSCAPE - PRESENT Victor stands face to face with Michael, his alter ego. The room is shrouded in darkness. VICTOR Why did you do it, Michael? Why did you take over and stop me from having control? MICHAEL (firmly) Because your chaos was destroying everything. I had to protect the innocent. I couldn't let your darkness consume us. Victor's confusion turns to anger as he confronts his alter ego, his eyes burning with defiance. VICTOR No! I won't let you define me anymore. I won't let you control my actions. Michael's laughter echoes, growing louder as he fades away, leaving Victor alone in the darkness. INT. MICHAEL'S MINDSCAPE - FINAL SHOWDOWN Michael and Victor clash in a metaphorical battle. They fight for control, their struggle symbolic of Victor's fight for his true self and Victor finally takes control of his own mind again. INT. COURTROOM - DAY A packed courtroom watches as Michael, torn between identities, takes the stand. Lawyers argue the complexity of his mental state. INT. COURTROOM - DAY The trial reaches its climax. Victors confesses to the murder of Dr Peterson and tells the story of his path to insanity, how he went to therapy and was prescribed with medication but the meds pushed him over the edge and killed Dr Peterson he ran away but without the meds Michael took over and he re-joined society and the memory of his past left his mind but came and caught up with him. The jury delivers the verdict—Michael/Victor is found not guilty by reason of insanity. The courtroom erupts. INT. PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL - DAY Victor, now a patient, walks the sterile halls of the hospital. He carries a glimmer of hope, knowing Michael is still lurking deep in his mind. FADE OUT.
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2023.05.29 09:57 thepuzzlingcentaur Legitimate reviews suddenly removed because of fake bot reports

I apologize in advance for the long post, but I need to explain what happened in order for you to understand the situation.
I am mostly asking for advice. Is there a way to directly contact support and see if they can stop false flags against my account?Here is how it began and how am I certain of it.
A lot of my reviews (some of them years old) were quietly removed/delisted without any notice and I cannot even complain about it. I only noticed it after my few hours old review was suddenly removed without reason despite being already liked by someone. how I suddenly have a much fewer number of reviews. I received absolutely no notice, no mention what was wrong and I see that I can normally complain about delisted review.I think I know exactly what happened.I am talking about both highly positive and negative reviews. They were removed despite being informative, legitimate and having photos of dishes/apartments that prove that I was using the services of the places I reviews. I was already forced to repost several reviews, but what really pissed me off is a removed review that I left for a small family business (bed and breakfast) that offered highest praises, along with photos that were viewed hundreds of thousands of times (lots of tourists). That review was there for years and was legitimate.Only one negative review that was delisted was very harsh and emotional, BUT it has been there for years as well. And I am certain that nobody reported me for that review. No.
Here is what happened and the only only way it could have started. Last year, one family business (restaurant) was reviewed bombed everywhere across the internet by one sad individual with nothing better to do. It was horrible to witness, local news and blogs wrote about it, a lot of the reviews were full of hate speech based on ethnicity (same thing as racism) and only because the owners were ethnically Russians. Those weren't some horrible people who waved Putin images in refugee faces, no, those were ordinary people that lived here for years, but one hateful bigot with nothing better to do decided to pick on them. A lot of us reported fake accounts and posted positive reviews. I explicitly mentioned my activity in reviews and said publicly that Google needs to protect that business. And so they did, I see that newer reviews are not allowed. Fair enough.This is relevant to business, it was necessary mentioning that it was targeted by hateful people who never visited the place and how it was highly ranked before false reviews.A few days ago I saw that review was delisted for breaking some rules. Fine, I could have accepted that, even though part of the hateful reviews remained (some were removed).What I cannot accept is that after posting the mentioned review, I am being obviously targeted by bots who make sure that google takes down my reviews automatically? Even when photos are posted, even when I post 5 star reviews on hair salon. 100% legitimate reviews.Wtf.I like supporting small, family business. But this is demotivating.
I know it was one sad individual, that can be easily traced, he is not the smartest guy.
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2023.05.29 09:53 ok-computerthrowaway My (17M) girlfriend (17F) is showing very little interest in our relationship.

My girlfriend is showing very little interest in our relationship.
My girlfriend (17F) and I (17M) have been in some sort of crazy on and off relationship for about two years now, with almost no issues between us apart from some family problems and mental health battles. Before she's been very open about how much she is attracted to me, saving photos and commenting on how I look etc. But recently she's just had little to no interest in anything to do with me, she doesn't compliment me anymore, she doesn't save any photos of me anymore, she doesn't really start conversations either. All of my advances to talk last about 20 minutes before she goes to sleep or wants to go do something else instead of just talking, which is understandable, but she used to just be so happy to talk for hours upon hours. Maybe I'm just obsessing over her or something, I have so many photos of her, I try to talk to her at least once a day, I'm open with her if I'm not doing okay, but she still seems to be slipping or something.
I know it sounds kind of miserable to be complaining about such things but they're kind of little things that made me feel more confident I guess, but I'm not sure how I can bring it up to her without sounding like I'm calling her a bad girlfriend, because she's really amazing.
TLDR: My girlfriend is showing less interest in the relationship and I'm not sure how to approach the issue.
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2023.05.29 09:06 ranasx2 Trapeze

When are there more single guys in Trapeze in Fort Lauderdale…what day of the week)?
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2023.05.29 08:39 icky_vicinity23 McCarthy is controlled

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2023.05.29 08:38 Zeplight [H] Too many games [W] Paypal

The keys on the list are global unless otherwise stated. Paypal fees if any is on the buyer side. Prices are in USD and inclusive of Paypal fees.
My IGS Rep Page:
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2023.05.29 08:28 Chick-Fil-A_Guest I get annoyed when my parents text me...

Some background.. I'm a 24F, just finished a 5 year active duty contract in the army. I initially joined to actually get away from all of my family because they make me feel like an odd one out. I was pressured by my mother into going to college before I joined the military. It made me absolutely miserable. She knew all I wanted was to work my ass off. I told her I wanted a break, and she said I could pay rent, go to college, or move out. So, I did college for about one semester while living at home. It was probably one of my major low points to date, and I happily spent any time not at college, at work. I flunked most of my classes. My mother and I have never gotten along. I mainly talk to her as to not have her stressing out my dad over stupid things.
So, 24F, 5 years Army, almost 4 years of that overseas. I regularly call once a week to satisfy my mother. I almost never talk to my dad (he works beyond full time and my mom is part time). My mom will text me some days, and I just respond nicely, tell her to have a nice day, so on, so forth. She'll text me throughout the evening, expecting me to answer every single photo, and every single text. I say, I talked earlier, I don't see the problem. We can say all of the text and stories on the phone call. She'll text me "all ok?" Damn near every 10 minutes till I answer. This shit reallllly pisses me off. Then I get a text from my dad saying to please answer for her sake, then I feel guilt tripped. Even when I text back, it's not enough. It feels like I'm never trusted to do shit, even though I've happily lived in my own for 5 years. I go back in the next month or so for good. I'm actually scared to live with her, even if it's just till I find an apartment. Her and I used to fight every morning before school. Made my childhood shit, and I wound up spending most of my time in the woods alone. Does it seem wrong for me to be pissed? I just want to be trusted. I don't stare at my phone all day like my mother. I have a boyfriend I live with, a dog who's got a whole slew of sensitivities and sick almost weekly, and I'm very outdoorsy.
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2023.05.29 08:07 DaAli3n My SFFPC History and questions for future builds

Hi all!
Apologies in advance for how long this post is going to be as well as how bad the formatting and linking is - first real post.
I've had this idea to catalog my history with SFFPCs for a while now.
I also have a few questions hidden further in regarding a possible future build that i'm looking at maybe attempting in the next few months.
  Lets begin the trip down memory lane: Build #1 - mid 2014 No Pictures for the build on this one sorry - not much worth documenting either, very simple build!
PC Part Picker Link: (
This PC was the first computer I had ever built with basically my first pay check. Realistically I was building it just to prove to myself that I could and that I wasn't going to break any parts. The long term goal for this PC was to become a youtube / facebook machine for my brother and it worked perfectly. lately i've been using it as a slave pc to run minecraft servers for the lads and it still trucks along with no issues!
Summary: This pc was easy to build and still works today very well with basically no maintenance over the course of its life. It was never meant to be a high power machine and works well as an exertainment machine / server for minecraft. Yes I know I should probably repaste it.  
Following this up was my first "gaming" PC: Build #2 - mid 2016 No photos for this build either sorry. But again, the build was pretty simple with nothing particularly worth documenting. The Corsair case was a dream to build in and had heaps of space for parts and mounting. This PC was built when I was going to a lot of LANs hence the 'portable' case choice!
PC Part Picker Link: (
This PC was and still is a beast. Disregarding the issues with gtx 970's not actually having 4GB of VRAM and instead having 3.5GB + 0.5 GB this PC proved to be an amazing 1080p gaming machine. Specifically this was mostly because of two factors:  
  • The i5 6600k was a monster! I heard lots about how only having 4 cores and no hyperthreading meant this little CPU was a weak competitor when compared to the more capable 7700k. But for what I had lined up? This CPU was perfect and never let me down. This CPU was incredibly easy to overclock, ran cool compared to many higher spec'd parts at the time and was a single core performing beast. This CPU was overclocked (easily) to basically 4.9Ghz for its entire life which allowed for it to be competitive with much newer CPU's all the way up to and past a stock i9 9900k (gotta love the 14 nm villain arc intel went on). Yes you read that right, with a hefty overclock my little of i5 6600k was out performing brand new (stock) i9 9900k cpus! (but only in single, duo and quad core workloads, anything more and it would fall over. I also had to seriously adjust memory timings to get up to the 9900k which had them running at unsafe voltages for long term use as well)
  • Super fast SSD for quick load & boot times! I know a 250GB SSD is tiny by todays standards especially as the only drive in the PC but back in 2016? This was manageable and provided a massive performance increase in a market full of PCs still using HHD as boot drives.
In addition to the above there were serval things about this PC that I absolutely loved:
  • The Corsair 380T case was AMAZING. The side panels have a metal cover over the main plastic bulk of the panel, the metal part could be removed by bending the clips holding it on and allowing a thin filter material to be added in. For anyone looking to build in the 380T I 100% recommend doing this! Basically the only maintenance was to run a vacuum over the side panels and no dust ended up inside the case at all.
  • Having the i5 6600k under the 240 AIO allowed the i5 6600k to pull full TDP (plus the rest from the overclock) and stay at about a maximum of 65 degrees C (149 F) well within a safe operational range.
Now days this PC is living out its retirement at a friends place who couldn't afford a PC and still running strong clocked at a solid 4.7GHz. Which is more than enough for the games they are playing. Not suitable for much more than 1080p 60fps in most modern games (medium settings if that), this PC still stands out as the best PC i've built so far. I also did push the CPU as much as physically possible - Upping the voltage, clock and bus clock (a little trick from the generation to squeeze out a few more points in benchmarking) to make the CPU hit about 5.1GHz max. While stable this also bumped up temps to about 95 degrees C (203 F) which was not sustainable long term.
Summary: This PC was a beast for the price and delivered amazing performance - the only regret I had at the time was not getting a 7700k or equivalent for hyperthreading but in hindsight this was not an issue and this PC was still able to deliver years of fun!
This brings us to current day: Build #3 - early 2021
PC Part Picker Link:
This is where the fun begins. This PC was built with the goal of "No compromises" and I like to think I delivered! With a fully custom water cooling loop for both a 5950x and 3090 this PC is able to play basically any modern game at 1440p 240hz while maintaining reasonable temperatures. Originally this PC was built as an air-cooled PC with the goal to be water-cooled later. Most of my comments will focus on the water-cooling process.
But before we move on here are my air-cooled comments:
  • The Asus TUF GAMING OC GeForce RTX 3090 only just fits in the case. This required the front IO panel to be removed and for the case to basically come apart to allow for the 3090 to slide in sideways before wriggling into the PCIE slot. Doable but a tight fit.
  • Everything was so much simpler when everything was air-cooled! This goes without saying but i'd 100% recommend that anyone attempting this seriously consider just leaving everything air-cooled. What follows this is not for the faint of heart.
Now we get serious, and by serious I mean everything gets janky - you have been warned. Firstly, the GPU block didn't fit the case and this caused a lot of headaches. For more clarification please check the photos. Secondly, space was tight inside the case. Again, check the photos to see how little space there was inside the case. This meant that tubes between water cooling components were just jammed wherever I could fit them.
I watched a lot and I mean a lot of videos and tutorials about what would fit and what parts to buy etc. The number 1 source of my information was Optimum Tech on youtube. He has many videos showing in beautiful detail how he builds powerful ITX systems. 100% reccommend. And he's another Aussie lad!
The entire build process is basically documented in the photos that i'm currently trying to upload to imgur. Once I get the upload sorted i'll link to it here so you can follow along my adventures.
Photos Part 1 Photos Part 2
There is a bit of extra information in the photos so please give it a read if you're interested but i'm happy to answer questions if you have them so post away!
Summary: While a pain the ass to build, this no compromises PC destroys every single game I throw at it. It stays at reasonable temps with a mild undervolt on the 3090 and PBO applied to the 5950x.
This brings me to the section where I actually get to ask questions about a possible new build. If you've stuck with me this long, thank you and I hope you've enjoyed my history with ITX PCs.
Possible Future Build: Build #4 - mid 2023?
PC Part Picker Link: (
Please see my below reasoning on why i'm currently looking at these parts: Note: i'm looking to build in a Louqe Ghost S1 case.
Part Reasoning
AMD Ryzen 5 7600 Low power and super efficient CPU to provide amazing CPU performance in a TDP that can be easily cooled by a low profile cooler. Not a fan of how AM5 x series sits at 95 degrees C and no real low power intel option to compete (sub 70W)
Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 Best low profile cooler that can fit in the Louqe Ghost S1 case
Asus ROG STRIX X670E-I GAMING WIFI I was looking at cheaper motherboards but read several reviews that the ones available here in Australia had poor VRM design and cooling implementation. This motherboard also is confirmed to fit with the chosen cooler Noctua Website
G.Skill Flare X5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL32 Good compromise between performance, lowish profile and price
Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB Simple, easy, powerful, reliable and not a bad price here in Aus but might swap if something else comes along
Inno3D Twin X2 GeForce RTX 4070 Based on the case compatibility list on the Louqe subreddit and the 4070 review performed by Value king the Inno3D Twin X2 seems to be one of the best options that both fits the Louqe case and has good build quality
Corsair SF750 750 W 80+ Platinum Pretty standard choice for ITX builds as far as I can tell. I've used it before and love the quality
Now that you've got the background we can get into the meat of my questions for this hypothetical build:
To get the most out of my 7600 should I lap the CPU or delid and direct die cool? I want the CPU to easily sit within its thermal limits while having some headroom to play around with settings and squeeze the most I can out of. A return to the era of the 6600k again, low power with lots of room to tinker and wring out all the performance I can while staying cool. Even going so far as to play with memory timings again.
My thoughts at this stage are as follows:
Direct Die Lapping
Allows for liquid metal to be applied directly to the CPU die for best possible thermal transfer Allows for the IHS to soak the heat from the tiny core on the 7600 into a larger surface before absorbing heat into the cooler.
Liquid metal has shown in the past to provide massive temperature reductions in similar applications Is much less likely to damage the CPU itself and still offer significant improvement to temperature.
The 7600 cores are so small and so off center that i'm concerned only 1 or 2 of the copper heat pipes in the cooler would actually make contact. This combined with the difficulty of balancing a cooler on the CCD & IO Die as they're both small not both centered could lead to insignificant gains. Lapping could be combined with liquid metal if really required to try and get even more performance gains from the 7600.
I've also not seen any videos or posts from people using either the lapping or direct die methods on a 7600 - as the part is so low power this makes sense but I was trying to consider all options before committing to one or the other. I did see one video of someone trying to use the direct die frame and liquid metal with a 7600x unsuccessfully which has also not helped with my trepidation: Actually Hardcore Overclocking
It is also worth noting that Thermal Grizzly and Roman "der8auer" also sell products for both lapping and direct die modifications so both are fairly easily accessible to me.
To be clear, the goal here is to fit super efficient parts into the stock Louqe Ghost S1 without needing a top hat for extra cooling or crazy internal fan placement to get extra airflow. I'd love for both the 4070 and 7600 to both have enough airflow to perform optimally without having to modify the case and add extra fans.
Questions? Comments? Drop them below and i'll try to answer anything I can!
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2023.05.29 07:34 Sea_Pumpkin303 AITAH for not wanting to send letters and make calls for my grand aunt

familydrama #aitah

For the past few weeks, I (21F) have had to help send letters and make calls, on behalf of my grandaunt (63F). My grandaunt has been having issues with her neighbours living above her apartment as they constantly throw rubbish onto her front porch. She has tried to reach out to multiple authorities and no-one has taken the issue seriously enough to solve. This has been going on for one and a half years now.
My mother (47F) is her landlord, however she is extremely busy as a single mother with 3 jobs. Thus, my mother has asked me to sort out this issue for my grandaunt. I have had to visit my grandaunt multiple times throughout the weeks to collect details, compile photos, make phone calls and send letters to authorities. Still nothing has been done.
Today, she has been sent a form to fill out and send to another authority. Without even looking at the form, my grandaunt is now asking me to come to her place and fill it in person. It takes me 40 minutes just to drive to her place and I am tired of having to do this frequently just to handle matters that I believe should not be my responsibility. I’ve asked her to send a photo of the form and I can instruct her on how to fill it over the phone.
She did not like this at all and just wants me to come to her place and get it done myself. The form itself is not difficult to fill as most of it asks for basic personal details like address, phone number etc. My grandaunt is well able to write these things. It appears to me that she has become used to getting the help and does not want to attempt anything herself because of the expectation that I will do it.
Because all of this takes up my own free time, and I am just expected to get them done or else I am called selfish, I have decided not to help her further. So AITAH?
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2023.05.29 07:31 Sea_Pumpkin303 AITA for not wanting to send letters and make calls for my grand aunt

aita #familydrama

For the past few weeks, I (21F) have had to help send letters and make calls, on behalf of my grandaunt (63F). My grandaunt has been having issues with her neighbours living above her apartment as they constantly throw rubbish onto her front porch. She has tried to reach out to multiple authorities and no-one has taken the issue seriously enough to solve. This has been going on for one and a half years now. My mother (47F) is her landlord, however she is extremely busy as a single mother with 3 jobs. Thus, my mother has asked me to sort out this issue for my grandaunt. I have had to visit my grandaunt multiple times throughout the weeks to collect details, compile photos, make phone calls and send letters to authorities. Still nothing has been done. Today, she has been sent a form to fill out and send to another authority. Without even looking at the form, my grandaunt is now asking me to come to her place and fill it in person. It takes me 40 minutes just to drive to her place and I am tired of having to do this frequently just to handle matters that I believe should not be my responsibility. I’ve asked her to send a photo of the form and I can instruct her on how to fill it over the phone. She did not like this at all and just wants me to come to her place and get it done myself. The form itself is not difficult to fill as most of it asks for basic personal details like address, phone number etc. My grandaunt is well able to write these things. It appears to me that she has become used to getting the help and does not want to attempt anything herself because of the expectation that I will do it. Because all of this takes up my own free time, and I am just expected to get them done or else I am called selfish, I have decided not to help her further. So AITA?
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2023.05.29 07:22 OkturnipV2 For the Swifties next weekend

Friendly neighborhood Uber driver here with some unsolicited BUT possibly time saving advice.
Whatever you do, try not to get an Uber or Lyft directly to and from Soldier Field for the concert. The traffic will crush your soul. And even more devastating will be trying to get a ride afterwards. Just don’t.
Here’s what you’re gonna do. It’s very simple. And it will save you so much time.
Set your destination for a tiny little green space in the prairie district called “Battle of Ft Dearborn park” (I was gonna upload a pic of it on google maps but I forgot this sub doesn’t allow photos). It’s an unassuming little park, not much goes on except for one beautiful shortcut to Soldier Field.
Follow the signs for the 18th street pedestrian bridge. There will be a path. The bridge will take you over the metra tracks and dump you in a parking lot across from Soldier Field. From there it’s a short walk to the stadium. Total walking time from the park to the stadium is 10-15 depending on your stride (and your excitement as you laugh at all the donkeys stuck on the highway)
When you’re done just do the reverse and call an Uber or Lyft when you’re over the bridge back into the neighborhood. It’s very safe and very quiet. More and more people are learning about this easy pickup but not enough to make it unmanageable. If you find hordes of Swifties waiting at the park, there are multiple condo/apartment towers you can schlep to and call from there.
I’ll be out of town so I won’t be driving those nights, but y’all be safe and have fun. Lmk in the comments if you have any questions
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2023.05.29 06:53 aduckthateatsfruit I miss a less convenient life

I hate social media, I don’t want to be overstimulated by so many different things. I hate having to use 5 different messaging apps just to keep in touch with different people.
I wish I can still comfortably use a dumb phone, and the only way to connect with people is through a phone number. Call and text, that’s it.
I wish texting is harder and more boting, so that people are more likely to meet up in person. If I want to show someone a photo, I wish I need to actually be with them so I can see their expressions.
Reaching other people has never been more easier but I still feel so far apart from everyone. Now everyone hides behind a screen. Facial expressions and body languages turned into lifeless text bubbles with their names on top.
I’m sad
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2023.05.29 06:23 porn_Coast_186 AITA for sending my dad privet photos

me f22 dad m62 i have a OF and just found out my dad follows me and is very happy with what he is seeing and i just found out most of my request for dity pics are from him we have exchanged photos multiple times up until i received a message from my mother saying (i know everything you are not my daughter and i am divorcing your dad maybe you can get with him instead) i had no idea what she was talking about i was confused so i replied with (im confused don't text me if you have a problem with me) me and mom f44 dont have the best relationship but i get a text back from her saying (you and your father sending dirty pictures back and forth is disgusting i did not rise you like this.) i absolutely went ballistic on my dad it is now ripping my family apart. AITA?
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2023.05.29 06:19 dodecohedron SnapBridge is an embarassment

I'm supposed to be taking long exposure photos of Mt. Whitney with my Z7 and thought I'd just casually set up my smartphone to serve as a remote shutter controller - how hard could it be?
Good God.
File transfer and Remote Shutter are, for some arcane reason, not controllable completely with either Bluetooth or WiFi, but rather, those functionalities are apparently sorted between the two connection types? I'm not sure if I need to have just WiFi connected, or if it's both at the same time? I literally want the full file transfer and remote shutter functionality of the app - preferably with Bluetooth, but apparently Nikon's software engineers are living in 2006 and can't tell my camera "HIT THE SHUTTER" via a 50 Mbps data transfer standard.
As if that weren't annoying enough, even just getting the connections established was a massive pain - Bluetooth repeatedly gave me an "Out of Range" signal (when I'm standing a foot away from the camera), and WiFi gives me the "Connecting to WiFi - please wait" warning... indefinitely?
There was one, singular instance (after 45 minutes of trying) when I FINALLY got the remote shutter to work, only to find that - for some profoundly stupid reason - I can't use my 64 base ISO?
I almost threw my phone AND Z7 off the cliffs of Whitney Portal.
Seriously hoping the Z8 has better smartphone integration - it's about damn time.
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