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Everyday Carry. What essentials do you carry on a daily basis?

2009.12.21 17:44 HYPEractive Everyday Carry. What essentials do you carry on a daily basis?

What do you carry on a daily basis?

2010.02.18 13:47 mabogie Workout: in fitness we are one

All are welcome to discuss working out in all its various aspects; discuss routines, nutrition, ask for help or support, and share your success with others! Please be kind to all.

2008.05.28 00:26 Recognition of Life and The Universe in Spiritual Harmony

/spiritual: A community for people to share and learn from one another in the spirit of caring and improving ourselves and our world.

2023.05.29 13:48 ThrowRA-hello12 My (23f) bf (27m) is not the man I want to spend my life with.

he's broke, aware of it and does not even do anything about it imo. i kept telling him to find another job cause the job he has right now does not give enough hours despite getting paid beyond minimum. he kept telling me he wants to have a business relating to his job rn but he's scared to take a risk of getting loan or anything. he would just play video games after work and more of home buddy person. I like going out (discover new food, adrenaline activities or etc) whenever I asked him if he wants to come with us he just complained on how expensive my activities would be and he wouldn't have fun but if it's his interested he would spend his money. I like to give him the benefit of the doubt cause he's my first boyfriend and I don't know why I'm so obssessed bout one lifetime partner. I want him to be the end game because he's my first boyfriend but I feel like I've mentally check out myself in our relationship after he broke up with me.
we broke up because of my crazy jealousy I kept snooping and finding things to get angry about. tho, I'm not complaining cause I'm still working on my permanent residence right now. Once I've put my life all together. I will re-assess my relationship with him. I'm planning to go back to school two or three years from now and if he still the same person I don't know what to do anymore.
I don't know if that's the right thing to do. we're not even officially get back together but he's introducing me to some of his online friends as girl friend. As far as I've known some of his friends that I've known too knew about us. he doesn't even want to talk bout money or financial situation cause it will just ruin his day but we can't keep ignoring our problem by playing around.
I don't know if staying till I get settled and wait for him to grow up is the right thing to do or just move on and work on myself? I can't imagine my life without him cause I've known this person for over three years. I don't know what I would feel if he'll be dating someone else but at the same time I can feel thay my intense love for him before we broke up is not the same anymore. I'm not sure because I got mature or have no feelings for him anymore.
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2023.05.29 13:47 Paublos_smellyarmpit Neckbeard thinks that women bad

Neckbeard thinks that women bad
i just wanted to find a good debate server too :(
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2023.05.29 13:47 Ben10-fan-525 Why is it so hard to write MJ?I did see Comicstorian video about it but like why not just keep a status que how it mostly worked in Sam Raimis Spiderman?She is his motivation.Yes she is waiting for him and gets captured but..she doesnt need to be in the battlefield to help.Some stuff is just simple.

Why is it so hard to write MJ?I did see Comicstorian video about it but like why not just keep a status que how it mostly worked in Sam Raimis Spiderman?She is his motivation.Yes she is waiting for him and gets captured but..she doesnt need to be in the battlefield to help.Some stuff is just simple. submitted by Ben10-fan-525 to Spiderman [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 13:47 imnotokay213 am i really nonbinary?

hi! from the beginning i want to apologize for my grammar in english, its my third language and im only 17 soo...
back to the topic, i need a real advice from my trans fellows. i was assigned as woman when i was born, and i really wasnt thinking about it. never. and since i can remember i was 'one of the boys' and all of that 'manly stuff' that we were doing with the boys together was really appealing to me. but it wasnt like i dont like spending time with girls - i just didnt think about gender in general (and still does) when it comes to realtionships with others. it was probably cuz girls in my area werent likely to play games etc., which boys were. all of that changed when i had swapped the environment, which was 2-3 years ago. i started to see that people are differentiate genders with every assumption they made. and i didnt like it. i still dont want people to think i am a woman. and i really dont know if this is because of the bad stereotypes on women, or i am just not one of them. since those years when anyone call me a woman i want to cry and tell them the truth. but i cant. i started to feel comfortable with my body due to the medication i currently take, and i really like the 'feminine' clothes. but i also wear these 'masculine'
really, i need advice. my biggest dream is to just be born as a male. pls tell me if cis people are having those thoughts... and if i am really nonbinary, why would it came to me in my 14 - 15 and not before?
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2023.05.29 13:46 c2x2p Battery problems all of a sudden on a V2+

Hey guys so usually my battery monitor tells me around a day average is about .545 to about almost 0.6 an hour and I charged my watch yesterday morning and I woke up today and the battery was in the '50s for some reason I have no idea why. I did have like 11 app updates yesterday which was unusual that they all came out with an update at once but I don't think that would have been the problem but over the past couple of weeks I went from basically using around 10% a day to 15% a day and then last night it was almost 50% a day any ideas?
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2023.05.29 13:46 ZestyBells Troubleshooting Azure Serverless Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

Troubleshooting Azure Serverless Issues: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding how to troubleshoot Azure Serverless issues is critical for those using Azure Serverless Solutions. This article delves into the process, focusing on Azure Serverless Functions, Azure Serverless Computing, and Azure Serverless Services.

Azure Serverless

Introduction to Azure Serverless Solution

Azure Serverless Computing is the next evolution in cloud computing, allowing developers to create and deploy applications without fretting about the underlying infrastructure. In addition, it helps to scale and allocate resources as per demand automatically, making it a favorite among developers.

Understanding Azure Serverless Functions

Azure Serverless Functions is an event-driven, compute-on-demand experience that extends the existing Azure Serverless Services. These functions can be triggered by a wide range of events, providing a flexible and robust platform for your applications. Troubleshooting Azure Serverless Functions is essential to maintain smooth and efficient serverless operations.

Why You Might Encounter Azure Serverless Issues

You may encounter issues with Azure Serverless Services. The challenges can be many, from deployment errors and performance concerns to connectivity issues. Understanding these can help you identify and solve them quickly, keeping your Azure Serverless Computing environment running smoothly.

How to Troubleshoot Azure Serverless Functions

* Check Function Logs

The logs in Azure Serverless Functions offer a wealth of information for troubleshooting. Ensure that the logs capture detailed information, which will guide and help you identify the root cause of the issue.

* Use Azure Serverless Monitoring Tools

Azure provides numerous built-in tools like Azure Monitor, Application Insights, and Log Analytics to troubleshoot Azure Serverless Solutions. Use these tools to monitor your Serverless Azure functions and identify anomalies in the performance.

Solving Common Azure Serverless Computing Issues

1. Deployment Errors

Deployment errors are common in Azure Serverless Computing. The cause can range from incorrect configuration and missing dependencies to setting conflicts. Check the error logs and troubleshoot accordingly.

2. Performance Concerns

In Azure Serverless Services, performance issues might be due to a lack of resources, inappropriate function configurations, or inefficient code. Monitoring tools can help identify such problems.

3. Connectivity Issues

In Serverless Azure computing, connectivity issues can arise due to misconfigured networking components, firewalls, or security groups. Always double-check these settings if you're experiencing connectivity problems.

How to Avoid Azure Serverless Issues in the Future

Proactive monitoring, the correct configurations, and efficient code can help avoid most Azure Serverless issues. In addition, regular audits of your Azure Serverless Computing environment, coupled with a keen understanding of Azure Serverless Solutions, will ensure a smooth serverless experience.


In conclusion, troubleshooting Azure Serverless issues isn't an arduous task. You can efficiently manage and resolve most issues with a good understanding of Azure Serverless Functions, Azure Serverless Computing, and Azure Serverless Services. Remember, Serverless Azure solutions are designed to make your life easier - so don't let the occasional problem discourage you.
Our guide to troubleshooting Azure Serverless issues should provide a good start in understanding and resolving common issues. As always, Azure offers comprehensive documentation and a rich community of experts for more advanced scenarios.
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2023.05.29 13:46 WraithOfDoom An Annoying Relationship Problem or A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Greetings wonderful people of Reddit, I have a social-based conundrum for you. I'm a fairly well-known and well-liked guy at my university (in the UK), especially within the theatrical sphere, belonging to both a musical theatre society and a straight drama society (with intentions of expanding elsewhere). I have good friends who like spending time with me. I also have Asperger's Syndrome (neurodivergency ftw) But I can't shake the feeling that I would never be their first choice. I always see them (this is a lot of them) hanging out with other people in such a jocular and friendly way that I fear I wouldn't be able to replicate that. In this way, I've noticed that there's a possibility I might have become slightly overfriendly/overzealous. And yet, at the same time, I always struggle with what to say to them when our paths do cross. It's not like it's awkward, but it seems (I understand this is all predicated on a purely subjective experience) as if we skirt around the same conversation topics. It feels almost as if, if people are connected by some invisible force in a room together, that my connection is weaker, that conversation is more awkward and doesn't flow as easy, that I'm always on the outside, looking in, even though I am part of the group. The overarching thought is the fallacy of: because people SEEM to have a weaker connection to me than others, to SEEM to talk to me less, they don't like me. This is all bullshit, but my brain sometimes can't shake the fact that despite having all these friends and connections, that my presence to them is a helpful lackey at best and an annoyance at worst. This isn't constant, not is it important, or wise, as I understand, to even classify or rank things in such a way. Yet I keep finding myself trying to think of explanations as to why certain people would get along with each other more than I. This also predicates, as I have realised, an unnecessary and false assumption: that I should be everyone's best friend. This is complete bollocks. I banish those thoughts from my mind whenever they arise, as well as any other intrusive thoughts surrounding this (don't let them win!) So is this all a self-fulfilling prophecy? Do I subconsciously make myself more awkward because I feel more awkward? Do I give off off-putting signals that look like I'm begging for attention? Because that's one of my personal paradoxes. I don't like 'pick-me's' or people who crave attention, but I feel that I either am one or may be becoming one. Phew. Even that was nice to write, took a lot off my chest. But I'm asking your advice on the following: how do I stop these feelings, change the logical response and stop that social anxiety, as I have literally just realised it probably is?
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2023.05.29 13:45 ash_kat Flash forward scenes spoil it

First of all hi. I’m new to the fandom but did watch the first season of Lost when it aired, then stopped for unknown reasons. Finally made the decision to finish the series and I’m so glad I did because it’s an incredible show! I’m on S4 currently and loving it.
My only gripe is the flash forward scenes. What compelled the writers to do this??? I don’t mind some of the spoilers after the 6 get off the island (like Kate avoiding jail time or Hurley in the psych ward…or that only 6 of them escape the island). But I can’t believe they spoiled character deaths, especially Charlie and Jin’s! And it’s assumed Claire dies too since Kate is raising Aaron back in the real world.
I know there are more twists and turns ahead and I’ve heard that this isn’t necessarily the end of these characters, but at this junction in time it has soured the season for me and left a pit in my stomach…now I’m just waiting for Jin’s inevitable death which is going to break me. Why, why would the writers do this? And does anyone recall how it was received by the audience at the time? Kinda defeats the purpose of a devastating death scene if we already know it’s gonna happen. I just watched the ep where Sun and Hurley go to Jim’s gravesite with the baby and I’m so sad :(
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2023.05.29 13:45 Britanniafanboy Why does this excerpt use "le" instead of "lo"

I found this sentence on Spanishdict here
La Sra. Hernández le advirtió a su jefe que iba montar la marimorena como no la dejen contratar a las personas que quiere.
The boss of Sra. Hernandez seems to be the direct object of this sentence unless I am mistaken. He is the one recieving the action of being warned. So why is it "le" and not "lo"?
Without extra context, which of these would be correct to say?
Sra. Hernandez le advirtió. or Sra. Hernandez lo advirtió.
Also, does anyone have any recomendations for how to comprehensively learn DOP and IOP inside and out? Everytime I think I'm close to understanding it I'm knocked back a peg.
Thank you
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2023.05.29 13:45 TurbulentVillage4169 Queries about WWE match rules

I would like to apologize in advance if I come across as a bit ignorant as part of my questions below, I suppose it all can be attributed to the fact that I have only just started watching wrestling recently, upon the insistence of my friend. And while I have more or less enjoyed what I have been able to see until now, I did have a couple of queries in relation to rules followed in most WWE matches, that I was hoping the good people of this subreddit, can help me with.
  1. From what I have been able to see, wrestlers routinely throw each other into the steel steps outside the ring during matches, which never results in a disqualification, however, when the same steel steps are yanked off their usual spot by a wrestler, to use as a battering ram of sorts to meet oncoming wrestlers with, it automatically results in a disqualification. Can someone explain the logic behind such an event?
  2. When a wrestler retrieves a table from somewhere, for instance, and ends up putting their opponent through the table in question, the outcome is a disqualification, but if wrestlers put each other through the announce tables in the sides of the ring, the matches keep on continuing anyway. Why does such a thing happen?
  3. Based on what I have seen in other combat sports like boxing and stuff, the rope break rule is usually implemented when it is adjudged that the pugilists contesting the bout are wrangled together in a heap, which renders them unable to proceed further with the contest, which is why pugilists are made to break up upon being locked up in the ropes, so that they can proceed further with their fight. However, in WWE, even when the wrestler is locked up in a submission hold completely, or if the wrestler is basically out of it upon being hit with a finishing move, they can easily escape the predicament they are in, by nonchalantly placing a foot or a finger on the bottom rope. Does this rule make sense in your eyes?
  4. Why don't championships change hands by disqualification? Upon researching the subject, I discovered that apparently WWE and UFC (which I watch sometimes) work under the same umbrella, and in UFC a guy called Aljamain Sterling won a title via disqualification, so any clarification on the subject will be welcome.
  5. And on a parting note, I also remembered something little, that may not mean much as a question, but certainly something I am happy to accept advice on. Every wrestler has a finishing move, which is touted as the wrestler's most dangerous weapon in their arsenal. But why do the wrestlers being hit with the move, continue kicking out of the move, if the move is indeed a finishing move? I get that wrestling is scripted, but shouldn't the authorities be trying to protect the sanctity of finishing moves, if they are going to be referred as such?
Thanks in advance for taking the time to go through my post, and I hope I have given a few laughs to people that think I am completely dense and stupid when it comes to wrestling haha. Feel free to give me suggestions and advice in relation to how I should proceed consuming wrestling further, peace!
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2023.05.29 13:45 Mos_Taken gift card in progress

gift card in progress
Ordered a gift card yesterday, still hasnt showed up in email and the status is "in progress" Yes, its been 24 hours. anyone know why?
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2023.05.29 13:44 Ok-Entertainment7533 DegenWin Token ($DWG) ICO: Join the Community-Owned Casino Movement, Launching 25th May!

Greetings, fellow degens!
Welcome to DegenWin - the active community-owned casino!
DegenWin is not just another project; it's a fully licensed and operational platform!
Connect with like-minded individuals on DegenwinCasino and let's spark innovation and drive positive change in the casino industry together!
Here's why you should be excited:
1?? Passive Income: Hold $DGW and earn up to 50% of the monthly revenue!
2?? Sports Betting: Enjoy over 40,000 monthly events, including a wide range of sports and e-sports.
3?? Poker: Play Texas Hold'em with your fellow community members!
4?? Slots: Choose from over 2000 slot games for endless entertainment.
5?? Transparent Token Allocations: Our fair and transparent system ensures proper allocation for ecosystem & staking, airdrops, liquidity, founders & team, athletes, advisors & ambassadors, and marketing.
6?? Industry Revolution: DegenWin aims to revolutionize the casino industry through collaborations with other projects, redistributing revenues to stakers and athletes, establishing a sponsor pool for athletes, and conducting regular massive buybacks.
7?? Wide Chain Support: We support all major blockchain networks, ensuring platform growth and accessibility.
Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Join the DegenWin community today at DegenwinCasino and let's revolutionize the casino industry together!
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2023.05.29 13:44 Emocucumber Why is pretty boy a thing but handsome/manly woman isn't?

Like when a man is said to look beautiful and feminine-ish it's kind of a compliment, these days metrosexualish kinda feminine soft men are preferred. While in many cultures like in East Asia feminine looking beautiful men have always been preferred
While you won't see the same for women. It's considered an insult for women to look manly and there are negative conotations attached to it like being hairy or big or having strong features.
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2023.05.29 13:44 Confident-Cupcake164 One scammy industry that is so scammy and have frustrated me for years

One industry is so scammy it defies my understanding of libertarianism
That is the insurance industry in my country. Claim ratio is so low anyone me buying it can expect to pay 10 to 1000 times than if he pays for healthcare himself.
The product was so bad there is no way they can sell any of their shitty product without deception and force.
So what do they do?
Under regulation in Indonesia the company make it easy for their agents to lie.
Fees are not written clearly. Most customers that read the polis terms cannot see the major fees.
Also they have this component called unapplied premium. It will greatly increase fees without any benefit whatsoever. This is how those that buy even low amount insurance can end up paying huge fees.
Their agents sell insurance privately. Soft lying is often not enough to trick some customers so they try to sell privately so when agents lie the case wasn't viral.
If asked publicly on things that cannot be evaded by soft lying none of their agents would answer.
For example if you asked agents publicly what are the fees and where it is written. No body answer.
They don't want to admit that they sell something costing 1000 times than normal. They know their product is so bad if customers know about the hidden fee they won't buy and feel disgusted.
Interestingly Indonesians do not have choices when it comes to getting cost effective insurance. Someone create a start up where people can collect money and pay for those who are sick. So at least the claim ratio will be reasonable. Those start up then don't get licenses.
Because the commission on selling this scammy product is so big they can make other bizs force their customers to buy their shitty products too.
When I buy my house for example, the agent told me that I have to buy insurance. I was boiling mad when I learned that it's not true. I got my money back and don't want to prolong the issue. But that convinces me that the whole insurance industry in my country is a scammy business
And that makes me rethink a lot about libertarianism.
The idea that businessmen are good and politician are bad is gone. All businesses will scam and force when they can get away with it and when it is profitable to do so.
Ancap believes that private security contractors will want to maintain trust of their customers and don't shit on them. We don't know that.
What's really frustrating is it's hard to convince anyone that this is really fraud.
So they put another bullshit on top of their fraud.
They claim that all the money is really invested and customers will make more money if they keep investing.
What happened is some money is indeed invested. But that's just normal mutual fund. While mutual fund took 2% fee they took fucking half (i.e. 50%). The insurance aspect is of course negligible.
Of course if you wait 1000 years even money that has been cut in half will have the interest grow back to make up for the loss. But the present value of the money now is still half. And having this concept of present value means it's something most judges and most customers don't get it. Of course they don't even bother going through this in public.
They also said really really bizarre things like the money going to fees are not gone and customers lost money because they close their insurance early. It's A FUCKING FEE. OF COURSE it's gone. Their agents try to portray it as there is the penalty for withdrawing early. Of course when pressed and asked which part of the deal say there is penalty for withdrawing early, no one answers?
But a foundation once sue them on behalf of customer and the judge order that foundation to pay for defamation because the foundation cannot proof that customers are "hurt". Why not? It's a "good" investment that may make more money "long term".
People protesting and accusing them of fraud may be the one going to jail for defamation and people need a certain law skills to understand what they can say or not. To be save, should be done anonymously.
Key material information is the price. It's deliberately obfuscated and their agents claim that it's all invested. Basically, they will defend that all the money is "really" invested and probably have some bullshit acrobatic explanation for that either.
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2023.05.29 13:44 WorkingReasonable359 Best privacy and anonymity practices for day to day use?

So apologies i sound dumb im very new to all this kinda stuff but I have decided to get myself a vpn properly now to I guess mask my public IP for general day to day Web surfing and what not but from my understanding most of these VPN's are just around to collect user data. I am currently using Private Internet Access. I want to implement something that I know is not quietly scraping information out of me and something I know is secure and private. Now I don't do anything illegal but the internet is becoming a more and more hazardous place to be without some additional protection. I have looked into hosting my own VPN server on one of my raspberry pi's but this use case does not achieve what I want (masking public ip) and only allows me to access my home network when I'm away from home. I had a little bit of a search into proxies and privoxy but I don't think this will slow everything down and be a headache trying to implement additional privacy being that it is unencrypted http and being limited to an app by app basis.
I have also had a look at VPS's and its all a little bit overwhelming as there are so many different avenues to all of this but at the end of the day nothing helps quite like talking directly to people who have the knowledge that I don't have to point me in a direction I can then go and research.
Or am I just being over cautious here? Is it totally fine to just run PIA or some other VPN. If there is a service that provides more privacy and anonymity that I can self host I would be very interested
So if anyone could help me by pointing me in the right direction i would be forever grateful. I want to protect myself on my Macbook and phone when online.
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2023.05.29 13:44 PassportSituation Miguel should win the sekai taikai

Miguel deserves the win. Of the two, miguel is the better fighter. He easily dispatches robby in every fight they're in.
Miguel looks much cooler than ribby when they fight. When I watch robby fight I'm like wtf? But when it's Miguel I'm like yeah bro. His flying tornado kick is beloved the world over.
Miguel has bigger muscles than robby. We see this demonstrated when johnny is trying to recruit girls to eagle fang and we see Miguel kissing his guns yo attract girls. I was extremely turned on in this scene.
Miguel is a nice guy. Sometimes I think robby can be a bit mean so it's good to see Miguel get the win because he's a really nice and friendly guy.
Miguel would have a better victory celebration. I picture it like this. All the cast of the show are at the encino oaks country club for a party to celebrate Miguel's victory. Miguel is really happy, everyone is having a nice normal time and nobody is being weird or awkward. Suddenly the room goes dark, only the stage is illuminated and a piano starts up. Everyone is captivated. The stage is covered in smoke and an alluring voice starts singing a rendition of 'New York, New York'. Everyone is looking at each other puzzled. They know that voice. Who emerges from the smoke? None other than John Kreese, formerly of Cobra Kai dojo, wearing a tux and looking really quite classy. The camera pans to Daniel and Amanda who have been attending the party. Until now it's been a normal night for them. Daniel turns to amanda and whispers 'what's this wise guy doing?' And she gives a half assed look of agreement. As the song goes on John Kreese starts to sing directly to amanda, looking her right in the eyes. While this happens she is wearing a sparkly cocktail dress and I must say she is looking a million dollars. John Kreese eventually starts walking towards amanda who by now is smirking very sensually at him. Daniel has his head in his hands while this is happening.
So yeah that's why I think Miguel should win the sekai taikai. Let me know what you think! Ps I promise I'm not a robby hater, I just think he's sometimes a bit mean!
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2023.05.29 13:44 NoobFromChina RIP YaphetS (YammerS/PIS)

PIS committed suicide today and the information was confirmed by Haitao, a Chinese Dota commentator.
PIS was my hero since I started playing DotA when I was 17. His Shadow Fiend is the reason I started playing Mid.
He posted his suicide notes in Weibo and I translated them. However the images are highly compressed and I can't use image to text convertor. I have to type every single character down and translate them. I was bursted into tears when I was doing so. Please if anyone had suicidal thought, go and seek immediate help.
Australia (Beyond Blue): 1300 22 4636 (Lifeline Australia): 13 11 14
US (National Suicidal prevention lifeline): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Here is the translated notes:
In the main post:
This is a scheduled Weibo post. After all these years, I still can't let go of the hatred in my heart. I can't find reconciliation within myself either. I know I have wronged many people. It's all because of me, the beginning and the end. Let it end.
In the images:
I was born in a small city in Hebei in 1997, in a residential compound belonging to a typical working-class family. My father is a retired soldier who transitioned to work in China Railway (中铁), and our family settled here. My mother, originally from Hubei, came here with my sister and got married to my father through a mutual introduction. Both of them had previous failed marriages, and this one was also destined to fail. However, I was born in the second year of their marriage.
As far as I can remember, during my childhood, I mostly lived with my mother. Due to my father's work on construction sites, he was often away for long periods. This resulted in very little time spent with my father during my childhood and adolescence. Additionally, my father was introverted, had a peculiar temper, and didn't talk much with me. We would only meet once a year or sometimes every two years, so when I was very young, I kept asking my mother when my father would come back. I longed for my father's presence, but I hardly received any fatherly love or feedback.
Living in this residential compound with many children, one would expect my childhood playtime to be joyful. However, for me, it was all nightmares and pain. I distinctly remember how the adults in the compound looked at me differently when I was very young. Many parents didn't allow their children to play with me. Initially, I thought it was because our family had a poor financial condition or maybe I was a bit mischievous. It was later when I grew up that I found out the real reasons, which I will explain later. Despite the challenges, I eventually managed to integrate into the circle of children my age. Although I still faced bullying, it didn't bother me much. The most painful experiences were being bullied by the older kids, who were probably already in junior high school when I was still in kindergarten. One summer, I vividly remember coming out of my house, eating strawberries, and being noticed by the older kids. They lured me to the former staff building with their toy guns, saying they wanted me to play with them. Once there, they held me down and forced me to drink their urine while prying my mouth open. I ran back home crying and vomiting. Another time, three or four people cornered me in a corner of the compound and made me perform oral sex on them. I resisted that time and my cries attracted adults, so they let me go. Later, as I grew up, I realized that I was not the only one who was being bullied at that time. There was also a girl my age who went through unimaginable things. Moreover, many of these older kids were children of China Railway executives, born into powerful and influential families. But they were truly like beasts. I will never forget these memories.
As time passed, it was time for me to go to primary school. Due to my poor comprehension ability compared to children of the same age and my lack of concentration as a child (possibly due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), my first-grade exam results were very poor. I only remember having Chinese and mathematics as the earliest subjects. While many children achieved excellent scores, I barely passed in one subject and failed in another. When I returned home, I was scolded and beaten. That was the first time I started resisting learning from the bottom of my heart. I said I didn't understand... I hadn't learned... My mother believed that I wasn't paying attention in class. My parents themselves had a low level of education, especially my mother, who couldn't help me with my studies. Later, they spent money on tutoring, and my grades improved slightly in second and third grade..
In grades four, five, and six, there were changes in the homeroom teacher. During this time, some kids started demanding protection fees, and if you didn't pay, they would beat you up. As a result, I got into fights more frequently. I was called to the office and falsely accused of starting trouble. I was also bad at expressing myself and couldn't defend myself properly. The teacher didn't believe me, and in the end, I was the one who got beaten up and punished. The corporal punishment by teachers in the small city's school was really outrageous. They would actually hit you, slap your face, hit you with a soft pencil, or use a stick. It was during that time when my grades were already average, and I started hating studying. I didn't want to go to school anymore, I didn't want to attend classes. I started pretending to be sick and skipping classes. I completely lost interest in studying, and it was probably in sixth grade when something happened. The classroom door lock was broken, and coincidentally, I was cleaning after school. Some students were fooling around and broke the lock. Later, they went and told the teacher that I did it, and they even testified against me. The teacher didn't believe what I said, and in front of many teachers in the office, they kept hitting my palms with a soft pencil until they were all bruised, asking me to admit it quickly. It was then that I truly understood what it meant to be coerced into confession. In the end, I couldn't bear the pain anymore and admitted to it. I even bought a new lock to replace the broken one in the classroom. After that, I didn't want to go to school anymore. Some might ask why I didn't talk to my mother about it. It was because there was already a rift between us regarding my academic performance. In the eyes of my relatives and family members, I had already become a poor student and a bad child. I didn't study properly and started sneaking off to internet cafes. I didn't care anymore and didn't want to say anything to them.
After entering junior high school, in the first and second years, our physical education teacher served as the homeroom teacher. Since I hadn't laid a good foundation in elementary school, I continued to hate studying in junior high. I would disrupt classes, talk back, and get into fights. During the first two years, corporal punishment and long lectures at home accompanied my education. This period was also my rebellious phase. My father returned to work, and they would argue all day long at home, which was true. They would argue all the time, every moment of the day. The old-style building had poor sound insulation. The entire neighborhood could hear the sound of our arguments, and in addition to the school issues, I would have endless arguments with my family. On one hand, I didn't want to attend school and face punishment, and on the other hand, I didn't want to go back home. I was already feeling a bit depressed. During that time, I would skip classes, go online, play Dota, stay up all night, and sleep in school the next day. It was during this period that I learned a devastating truth, not to mention how I found out, but I discovered that I wasn't my parents' biological child. I was the illegitimate child of a relative, and to cover up their mistake, they brought in my father as a substitute and got married. I was born quickly in the second year of their marriage. That's also why, since I was young, the kids in the neighborhood would always bully me, and adults would look at me with strange eyes, including the children of many parents who initially didn't let their kids play with me. I truly broke down at that moment. It was also during that time that I developed depression, and I started hating myself and my family more and more. I really didn't want to live during that period. One day in the second semester of eighth grade, I bought sleeping pills. At that time, the control over sleeping pills wasn't as strict as it is now. I attempted suicide, but I didn't take enough, so I didn't die. Later, a teacher visited our home and conducted a home visit, asking me about the reasons. I didn't say anything. I just said I wasn't happy and that life had no meaning. The homeroom teacher was probably afraid of taking responsibility, so the attitudes of all the teachers toward me changed afterward. At the very least, they didn't bother me anymore when I slept in class. After moving up to ninth grade, aside from changing the homeroom teacher, the other subject teachers remained the same. During this time, I encountered the second great teacher in my life. The first one was Mr. Cai in the first three years of elementary school. This teacher's last name was Tian. He was our chemistry teacher, and maybe it was because of what happened in my eighth grade... As I write this, I'm finding it difficult to control my emotions. After taking over our class, he had individual conversations with each student. He was the first and only teacher who wanted to be friends with me. He always encouraged me, saying that I wasn't any worse than anyone else and that I should be confident. My depression improved a lot during my ninth grade year, and I studied diligently. However, because I had fallen so far behind before, I couldn't catch up. In the end, I didn't pass the high school entrance exam, and I left home to study in Shijiazhuang. I didn't want to continue living in that city or return to that home.
The three years of studying and living in Shijiazhuang were among the few happy times in my life. My depression rarely occurred during this period. With a completely new environment, new friends, and classmates, I actively engaged in my studies. I joined the student council and became a department head. I played basketball, exercised, and played Dota. Overall, I felt fulfilled. The only regret was that during the final stage of the semester, I had my first official romantic relationship, but it ended in betrayal. Afterward, I didn't date anyone for the next five years.
After graduation, I interned at a China Railway unit, which happened to be in Shijiazhuang. At that time, Shijiazhuang was constructing a subway, and since I studied surveying, I decided to stay. It was my first time entering the workforce, and many things shattered my preconceptions. There was hypocrisy and flattery in the workplace, colleagues engaging in office politics, data manipulation, construction companies cutting corners, and project managers having affairs behind their spouses' backs... The world turned out to be different from what I had imagined. In the first half of the year, I worked diligently, but in the latter half, I started contemplating what I really wanted to do, and my enthusiasm for work diminished. After the completion of the project I was involved in, I resigned directly. I left Shijiazhuang and became a commentator.
My depression completely erupted in mid-March 2019 when my father passed away due to illness. He had been tormented by the disease for several months and eventually succumbed to the pain. During his last few days, I stayed by his side, watching him and reflecting on his two failed marriages and the mistreatment he endured at his workplace, only to be plagued by the disease until his death. After the funeral, in April, I returned to my rented house in Shanghai. During that time, I would spend the entire night talking to myself in the house, painfully banging my head against the wall. Every day, when I looked into the mirror, I felt an intense disgust towards the person I saw. As I grew older, I resembled my biological father more and more, and I couldn't even count how many times I had hurt myself in front of the mirror. This state of mind persisted until recently, where I would only take a bite of food every two or three days, experiencing headaches and various sleep disturbances. Sometimes, I would even have uncontrollable fits of laughter and engage in self-talk. I'm really not doing well.
In recent years, I have started squandering money to fill the emptiness in my heart. I can't find meaning in life, and I can't reconcile with my past either. Many people have told me that it's not my fault, that I shouldn't blame myself for the mistakes of others, and that I should live my own life. You could also say that this is my way of escaping from reality, that I'm a weak and useless person. Well, so be it. Without me, this family that should never have existed wouldn't have come into being. There wouldn't have been so many things that should or shouldn't have happened. This family emerged because of me, and today I will end it by taking my own life. Everything from the beginning has been wrong, and I hope this mistake can be corrected now. My inner pain can finally come to an end. Today, when I leave, I will leave with a smile. Every second in this world, many people are born and die. Without me, the world won't be lacking anything. I don't want to come to this earthly realm again in my next life, and I hope that in the future, you won't create a tragic family for the sake of your own selfish desires or to cover up your own mistakes.
Please forgive my selfishness and cowardice, and please forgive my pain and struggles. Goodbye.
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2023.05.29 13:43 2a911322137h6 I/We can only ever argue about being a system/traumatized

Can a part of a system vehemently deny being a system while also using plural pronouns? Do any of y'all know why this keeps happening? This belief in being plural goes off and on in waves. Something happens- there's a chunk of time missing from memory, or a flashback, or voices, or even the mention of 'system' while looking through the internet. And all of a sudden, there's immediate pushback of the very idea. 'You're not traumatized enough to be a system.' 'You just suck and you're a selfish asshole.' 'The very fact that you're self aware proves that you couldn't be.' 'Uh- you're just something I made up. In my own head. You're actors. You're pretending to be someone other than me because you fucked up by telling other people in real life and you don't want to seem like a terrible person.' Like... what the fuck? It's literally easier to think you're plural than whatever elaborate schemes one could possibly want to do by pretending to be plural for so long. If we were not a system, how could we explain the dread of looking in the mirror and seeing a face that isn't ours? Or the feeling that we're generally more detached from reality on a daily basis than not? How else does one put into context the years of bullying, familial issues, and constant loneliness, as not affecting the psyche at all? For fucks sake, there are journals that we have that are inevitably scribbled over with notes and arguments like it's an especially unfriendly military operation between prior warring nations! It's exhausting. Why is denial so annoying??!
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2023.05.29 13:43 Vixen_xyz I keep receiving ridiculously low offers

Anyone else feels annoyed for the amount of time spent checking on users who offer the minimum price they can? I listed an Apple Watch yesterday night. Never used, pristine condition, 80€. I’m receiving dozens of offers at 48€, which is the lowest they can offer. I would consider any offer between 60 and 80, but why would they make such a ridiculous offer? While of course the system allows them to do so and it’s their right, I feel like I’m wasting my time really. I buy from Vinted and I never go THAT low when I make an offer, I feel like it would be insulting and disrespectful of the seller’s time. I think it’s great to recycle things that other people don’t use anymore and I’ve bought second hand my whole life, so I love the concept, but these rules are ruining my experience on the app.
Sorry for the rant!
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2023.05.29 13:42 Brave_Ganache6000 21/F/UK-FR

I am an ordinary 21y/o adult who has a favourite cooking pot (I’d be happy to share pictures and to tell you why this pot is awesome if you are interested haha).
I study law with no intention to practice it whatsoever. I simply enjoy learning about it but would like to keep it as a hobby as to avoid the effects of routine transforming passion into stressful boredom over time. In my free time, I enjoy spending time helping out different charities, I notably spend hours in animal rescues. When I am not there grooming horses and walking goats, you can usually find me either in my room aimlessly writing lines that will rarely be read, or at the local rink, softly gliding around the ice.
I would describe myself as someone spontaneous, clumsy, and kind. I find a lot of joy in the small things of life and love to write endless lines about them.
I am looking for a penpal with whom I can exchange email/snailmail full of little trivial things. I would love to be this stranger with whom you feel you can share anything, knowing that you won’t be judged but appreciated for it. Tell me about the drama going on at your workplace (I’m a sucker for drama, but only when I am not involved), about how your holiday went (tell me about the warmth of the sand, the smoothness of the snow, the way your friend Clara fell head down into a puddle, ...), about how pretty are the flowers boarding the path of your morning walks, or how you found yourself a new obsession for cabbages (naturally, as there is hardly anything as beautiful as a person talking about something with great passion, regardless of what said interest is).
So if this is something you would like to share with me, feel free to send me a message. I would like to exchange emails at first, but I do also greatly appreciate the depth and authenticity of a good old letter.
Hoping to make a genuine connection,
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2023.05.29 13:42 Loostreaks Egweine as ( spoilers) doesn't make any sense...

I've heard reasoning behind it, and in the books, but it seems very contrived, and missing a few key points.
- Her ( former) ties to Dragon Reborn
This could be seen as both positive and negative. Some Aes Sedai would find it useful for manipulating him, others would think it makes her more biased and less rational in dealings with him. Even more after Rand's amnesty ( where a lot more would be opposing him). Besides her, Elayne and Nynaeve are as likely, if no better, candidates.
- She was not present at the split of the Tower.
True, but so are hundreds of more qualified, experienced Aes Sedai.
- She could be manipulated and used as scapegoat ( if rebellion fails).
That seems very contrived. Why place someone in position of power in order to manipulate them, when she has no claim to it in the first place and you can simply take that place for yourself? ( She's not like a young heiress with blood right to it).
On top of that, in broader sense of things: Rebels lack everything Elaida has.
They have almost no resources. They need soldiers. They desperately need recognition and alliances with other countries. They need other sisters to join them( ( roughly a third are undecided).
Egweine is a poono candidate on all of those fronts. She brings nothing to the table. If you were one of Aes Sedai who was outside of tower during a split or a ruler that needs to make a choice who to ally with, who would you side with?
Some runnaway accepted/young girl you've never heard of, or Elaida/well known powerful Aes Sedai with decades of experience, ties to other sisters, and political influence?
She also has zero political knowledge or experience, skill in rulership/management, diplomacy, barely any knowledge of Aes Sedai, or in channeling. From the outside perspective, it makes Rebel Aes Sedai look like a joke ( or simply gone insane).
Plus the rule, "it isn't explicitly stated that Amarlyn has to be an Aes Sedai" is pretty absurd: for organization that puts huge emphasis on discipline, rules and rigorous training of it's recruits..while having practically no requirements for the highest position in it's hierarchy?
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2023.05.29 13:41 TheGoodAlexx Inconsistencies to real life in Old Minecraft that bug me.

First, the low amount of predators. The only real predator is the wolf, which only hunts sheep. All other animals are livestock + squids, which doesn't make sense since it would cause a huge imbalance in the environment. Furthermore, animals literally cannot be bred, and hatching eggs spawns adult chickens? That genuinely makes me mad, like what the heck? Not to mention how only PIGS drop meat! Why?! That's far from realistic. There's also how the rose is literally a single flower instead of a bush. I'm so glad Modern Minecraft fixed that because that freaking sucked and I don't understand how people are nostalgic to an UNREALISTIC clump of pixels. Also, for some reason, dandelions are just called "flower?" What?? At least put yellow flower or something! Notch bothered to name the rose but not the dandelion? Finally, there's how the moon doesn't have phases. No need to elaborate on why this makes me mad.
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